• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Mar 12, 2013
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  1. Mar 12, 2013
    I am one hell of a GoW fan, and so it hurts me deeply to see such a disappointing, utterly unnecessary... thing.

    The game is poorly paced, thanks to a complete lack of any motivation getting you through pretty setpiece to underwhelming boss fight, with extra annoying monsters to pad the gaps. The bestiary is lacking (think Silent Hill: Downpour), and its limited assets keep swapping
    elements and/or color. The Blizzard School of Enemy Design, I see...

    Music is good, though easily forgettable, and the sound, my God! the sound keeps getting cut during cutscenes, resulting in a audiovisual experience. Or the game bugs. That's a nice touch.

    I don't know about multiplayer, because I certainly wouldn't touch the thing, but let me tell you that if it shows the same lack of polish the solo campaign does, well...

    All in all, it should be noted that Ascension brings absolutely NOTHING new to the table. Everuthing it does, it was done better by previous GoW titles... Even by previous rip-offs. It is a cut and paste job straight from the GoW 3 Scrapyard, complete with a boring story and too few interesting sights to behold. I never thought I would see the day Chains of Olympus was going to be out-sucked. Todd Pappy should retire. That is all!
  2. Mar 12, 2013
    For starters. The game seems just unfinished. The audio is quite flat for 5.1 surround. I honestly had to keep checking my sound system display to make sure it was outputting to all the channels. The graphics are, of course, over-the-top for vistas and cutscenes, but for the platforming and combat there is something just off about everything. Kratos moves in such a wooden manner that [evade] is pointless. Likewise, [double jump] is completely broken. Don't expect much reliability, accuracy or timing with that one in a boss battle. Don't expect precision from either if you are being swarmed.

    And that leads me to my main issue with the game: the difficulty settings are astronomically skewed. If you initially select Hard, be prepared to do a lot of the same stuff repeatedly until you just happen to luck your way past a fight. Why? Because of the above issues meet an egregiously reprehensible respawn implementation in the game. Apparently, the developers are so in love with their sweeping set pieces that they want us to experience them over and over and over and over ad nauseam et infinitum. Their idea of scaled difficulty is to overwhelm Kratos in a small area with defective defenses against a multitude of leveled-up enemies who cannot be avoided vertically And laterally. Death is quick and often. Restart is also brilliantly without full health and often before a long intro (to an even minor battle) that is not skippable! And some of these "cutscenes" you have to actively trudge through for no reason just to get back to the point of inevitable reset.

    I am all for a challenging experience but it has to be well-designed. And it cannot impede progress in the narrative. Easy Level typically means an all-offense approach will get you through. Normal Level requires some avoidance and some defensive tactics. Hard more defense, combos, wise upgrades. Insane hard plus precise timing, stealth, wait-and-see strategy. And all of those are fine if the gameplay mechanics of the release function and do so with balance to the enemy AI. Seriously, Santa Monica should have spent the wasted time of a multiplayer into polishing the interactive campaign portions which actually feel like a bad stiff multiplayer. One of the worst sins of game-making is undue repetitious gameplay in story mode; in multiplayer it is expected. But in this campaign, it causes a player to walk away from the console.

    Plus, even if it were working, it is just the same old familiar GOW you've done five games before. And in this latest one, you'll be repeating enough as it is.
  3. Mar 12, 2013
    Glitchy,feels rushed, boring! And I'm a huge God of war fan! I'm not sure what happened here. The game looks great but it's not a God of war game. Today is a sad day.
  4. Mar 13, 2013
    God of war: ascension in one word: Boring! The combat is slow and unresponsive and 4 hours into the game i still had no idea what was going on or what i was supposed to accomplish. The story is weak and poorly paced, by far the worst god of war game imo. I have not tried the multiplayer so that might make me want to play the game again... But i will probably never bother to complete the single player part of the game, just not worth it. Expand
  5. Mar 17, 2013
    what a bad god of war poor story poor combo and rage system lack of weapons and no replay value. i max all my weapons health and magic in my first playthrough. obviously this game was rush out to just to make a quick buck extremly poor effort
  6. Mar 12, 2013
    I was excited to see what new was there in the new GOW, sadly the game felt the same as the old one it was nothing but mash this, kill that, after all these years i expected the combat to change but it was the same more or less.

    The game was slightly better than DmC but overall felt like a beat em up than hack & slash the chain blade weapon is slow this time around giving the illusion
    AI being challenging a bit, the sound effects are good,but i overall didn't like the too dramatic scripted boss battles, the world feels empty & hollow at times & i couldn't wait for the demo to end, sorry this is the truth, IMO after so many years of GOW sony could have improved the game

    If you weren't into god of war before then you wont be now, with the Online MP said to be underwhelming, i don't find anything appealing about the game

    In the end it's just another button masher & gore game for fans of such thing, which is a shame really since santa monica have developed quite the repute, mainstream gamers & GOW cult gamers will love it, not sure about people like me who want challenging grunt enemies, fun combat with loads of weapons, live surrounding which lets you soak the atmosphere & less brainless button mashing
  7. Mar 15, 2013
    bought it for the mp. never played anything so unbalanced, chaotic and frustrating like this game... hope they will bring up some patches. actually, its just nice for a few rounds/evenings, but at some point you recognize its less depending on skill than it looks. it depends mostly on your weapons "L1+square" & "L1+triangle" skills, and a little bit of luck (at some point enemys are done with less than 2 combos)...you will get kicked out, one-shoted, seeing others getting your kill, getting no kill cos of animationbugs, or getting a kill without doing anything, or things like unblockable light attacks, etc pp. resumee: unless some patching mp is nothing serious Expand
  8. Mar 18, 2013
    another rush-for-money game.
    sony is going to be another "EA".
    i like sony at past but at this generations they are "all copy-followers".
    "gow 1-2" were great in "story and gamplay",they showed us the strength of "ps2".
    "gow3" was good and cool,but this,,,,this "illegal son of "gow"" is aweful and poor.
    i am sorry for money i paid for this.
  9. Mar 15, 2013
    This is my first foray in this franchise and it is a big disappointment. Coming from games where there is plenty of fight, eye candy and free of movement, this came feels like a brawler on rails with bugs, frame rate issues, and boring action. The game is just about mashing the controller. Few fights are fun, many are just mashing without having a clue of what is going on.
    The script and
    story fight and fight. A game i might never finish out of boredom. Expand
  10. Mar 14, 2013
    Was looking forward to this so much,I'm completely disappointed in this,the others were so much better!!I'm a huge God of War fan,but this game just seems rushed,the worst of the series!!
  11. Mar 19, 2013
    The plot was not as compelling as previous titles, despite the fact that an obvious attempt to humanize Kratos was clearly made. The graphics are excellent. The standard gruesome, visceral gameplay returns as the driving force behind this story's campaign. However, with an emphasis on abilities trumping that of new or secondary weapons, the game very easily devolves into button-mashing through the campaign with only one weapon, creating a very uniform and lackluster experience. The sheer epic scale of previous God of War titles has been scaled back, and the in-game camera can be unreliable and often times oddly placed, leaving the player helpless and at the mercy of this poor gaming design. The Trial of Archimedes, before the patch, that launched with the game was clearly frustrating and was completely out of tune with the rest of the game's difficulty, format, and style. It broke the flow of the story, and only served as an impediment to reaching the game's conclusion rather than as a challenge to overcome. The multiplayer is a nice addition, but nothing that really stands out. It definitely won't keep large crowds playing the game in the long run. Overall, God of War Ascension was a decent game with a few flaws and a multiplayer addition that doesn't offer anything new to the table because it's a button-mashing and repetitive experience with little to no strategy involved. Expand
  12. Mar 14, 2013
    As a die hard fanboy of this series, it is painful...utterly heart wrenching, to think that a GoW game could be this...bad. Not even average...just bad. Sure the graphics are pretty, and set pieces are still jaw dropping (though nothing like Colossus, Poseidon, or Chronos). But the story line has been completely axed. There is an undertone of story, but Kratos' battle with the Furies happens without context. You are dropped into the middle of the story, hoping you'll assume some of the finer details on your own. Plot hasn't always been a huge driving force for the GoW games, but after Ghost of Sparta, we know that a stellar plot is possible in this universe, so when they miss out on an opportunity, it hurts ever the more. The combat has been broken from previous games. The block/parry system has been completely revamped, and by revamped, I mean to say it is utter garbage. Where a skillful GoW'er would dodge and parry with ease, the requirement of pressing L1+X to parry, and the floaty timing of the maneuuver makes parry cancelling combos basically impossible, and it feels like crap. Hard to believe SSM thought this was a good idea. It isn't, and its awful. The Rage of the Gods meter has been replaced with a straight up Rage meter...and what's that you ask: "So what? Rage modes have always been about last ditch effort, damage bonus boosting anyway!"...Wrong. In GoW:A, if you don't have a full Rage meter, you have exactly 2 combos at your disposal: and ]-Triangle...and occassionally you'll get the ]-Triangle combo, but it is accomplishes nothing more than the other 2. Those looking for those longer 5 6 hit combo strings that could be chained together with a well timed Roll or Parry will be saddened to learn these are only possible when your Rage meter is filled...which is a seldom occurance since the meter itself will empty when Kratos is hit by enemy attacks...which is ALWAYS. Trial Archimedes: you've probably read about it. It is indeed as bad as you've heard, and probably a lot worse. Reviewers seemed to be going easy on this section of the game, but because it presents a knee-jerk change of pace and difficulty, it makes you concentrate more on what degenerative brain disease the developers had while making this game than on the game, plot, and set pieces in the game. It is a text-book example of bad game design. Todd Papy has publically stated that this part of the game was tuned and "balanced" by himself personally, which should plant at least one wish for the future of this series in your subconcious Please don't let Todd Papy anywhere near it.

    The Furies: they're pretty cool, but they aren't given their due diligence when it comes to character development. We are introduced to their species as a concept (the Primordials), but we never explore how the compare to say Gods, or Titans. They clearly aren't mortal, as they can be killed without God or Titan weapons/magic. This is something we should see explored in future games, though a change of scenery, away from ancient Greece would be nice. Kratos: Still cool, still a bad ass, still super. A good character through and through, and probably the only saving grace in what is otherwise a terribly delivered plot. He has boxer briefs now, so there's that. Orkos: A character made up for the game, based on Horkus from Greek mythology. A cool back story, again, one that is not expored enough. The surface is scratched, but that simply creates an itch to learn to more. More that just isn't there. Also, why didn't they just call him Horkus? Also, making Orkos a fury is a good way to remind the audience that this isn't traditional Greek mythology, in case it wasn't already clear from Kratos being the half-brother of Hercules. Also, the whole Apollo Helios contradiction is addressed subtly. Bottom line: A game with a lot of good-in-theory elements that are just poorly executed. The well-paced opening of the game on the Hecatonchires is of a scale previously unseen in the GoW franchise (awesome), but the game does not maintain this level of scope for the remainder of the game, and the once fluid combat system the crux of the GoW gameplay formula has been broken down into a freedomless button masher cheapened by poor responsiveness.

    I would have given every GoW game preceding this a 10/10 for being perfect in each their own way, and treading new water for the series. So it literally breaks my heart, like losing a cherished family member, to see this game turn its nose up, pretending to be of their ilk. It is not. I blame Todd Papy. Oh yeah: multiplayer sucks balls, avoid it. It is obvious from the SP that the resources and manpower usually used to polish the main game has been diverted into the MP, no matter what Mr Papy tells you.
  13. Mar 26, 2013
    Frustrating would be the word to best describe GoWA. Kratos should have remained in infamy by walking off into the black at the end of GoW3. Some things need to die just for the sake of dying. Others have said it much better (and far kinder) than I could even try. The only thing I will retain as I walk away from this game is carpal tunnel syndrome from the stupid and relentless button mashing required to kill something.

    I don't envision finishing the game.
  14. May 26, 2013
    can't change the difficulty, this really sucks to much to continue the game when you are stuck somewhere. now im no more interrested to complete the game.
  15. Mar 30, 2013
    A completely unnecessary difficulty spike in the last stage of the game makes this game total sh!t. It was mediocre before, and got unplayable by the final level. Boring combat, uninteresting story, overall not a good game like previous GOW titles.
  16. Mar 16, 2013
    You get the feeling right from the start that this game was pumped out by their 'B' team, while the heavy hitters are working on a new title for the PS4. The controls seem to take a step back, with the new parry system being counter-intuitive, and general lack of ways to keep mobs at arm's length. As others have mentioned, pacing is 'off' at best. You start off with no real development, or any reason to go forward, other than the game's linearity pushes you there. It takes several hours of marching forward for no clear reason before you're given any real plot to attempt to motivate you.

    There are very, very few monsters compared to previous titles in the series, and outside a handful of world weapons you can pick up, you only have one weapon. That's right, your blades are all you have. No upgrading an amazing sword or bow with unique move sets. I hope you really, really enjoy your blades. The puzzles can just be frustrating, and often the QTE battles and puzzles jump between giving you prompts on what buttons to press, and not telling you what you need to do next, which can end up with you re-doing a battle/scene a few times to sort out exactly what the system wanted. Again, not something I mind, if it's going to plop you back at the start of the scene, but instead these are often insta-kill, which means time spent at loading screens, which is just bad design.

    And last but not least, with your lack of variety in weapons, and shoddy defensive skills, you will eventually be shoehorned into a 'trials' area that you have to pass to continue, which pit you against 3 massive waves of mobs, with no means to heal in between. This would be a fun challenge if you had a variety of weapons, or a good skill set to manage the encounter. Instead, the encounter has been deemed bad enough that Santa Monica is patching in a change to 'fix' it. As I doubt they'll be patching in new weapons or skills, this will just be dumbing down the encounter, which to me means that their QA team wasn't on the ball either.

    I've also run across one system crash and one skill related glitch, which are things I find unacceptable in console games. Be warned if you're a fan of the previous titles, and you've taken off your rose tinted glasses, you may be in for a huge disappointment with this one.
  17. Mar 23, 2013
    The problem whit God of War is that it's always the same game copypasted over and over, and now it's really flame, too much easy and the gameplay doesn't change from the other titles...
  18. Mar 20, 2013
    não vejo graça nesse game, ele tá morto e a sony não vê!
    caralho, vamos lá, queremos novos ips, sony fala tanto de jogos exclusivos
    Esse kratos já está morto!
  19. Mar 28, 2013
    The new block parry move is totally and that is all I can really say about this game. the PSP games were better than this. Its just so fricking boring.
  20. May 11, 2013
    And here we are again
    god of war Ascension
    this game is good but gets boring quickly
    no-one can relate to the main character by any stretch of the imagination
    the newest game in the GOW series is just another mindless hack and slash game
    i would rate this game much lower if the innovative online mode wasn't here
  21. Aug 14, 2013
    After playing all the other God Of Wars (except the portable versions) this game was horrible.
    It felt like a cash in of Call Of Duty where nothing changes. Granted not a lot of the God Of Wars change much but the story was so boring. Countless times playingthe game i started dozzing off in my chair and had to turn off the game. The eemies took 30sec to 1 min. each to kill on normal
    difficulty and there was nothing engaging about the story or character to continue through like the other games. I got 5 hours in and took the game back to gamestop. I felt so horrible doing this but i felt like i was forcing myself to complete this game instead of enjoying the experience. This is the worst God Of War in my opinion.
    Nice graphics boring gamplay horrid story
  22. Mar 15, 2013
    Jogo totalmente desnecessário, incluíram conteúdo que foi cortado de God of War 3 e acabaram inventando um jogo mediano que peca em história. Somente foi dado foco ao multiplayer. Parece que estou jogando um DLC de God of War. O game existe partes BEM CHATAS (SO BORING) que deixam o jogador desmotivado. Não digo difíceis, mas momentos de extrema apelação dos inimigos, principalmente no modo hard. Expand
  23. Apr 26, 2013
    Over all. NOT impressed.

    I know its bad to judge a game based off of its predecessors but, This is no where near GoW1-3.. Its a step back. WEAK story & Combat never changes.

    GoW: Ascension gets a 4 simply cause of Multiplayer. Multiplayer is very satisfying and fun for me. & the only reason Im actually happy I bought GoW: Ascension.
  24. Jul 20, 2013
    Hello everyone. I play value per hard difficulty as to the single-player campaign. This is the first sound stutters often and even non-existent. Secondly, the combat system is terrible, the opponents are attacking chaotic. Attacks can be blocked only in part, the opponents can easily kratosowi stop almost any attack, and Kratos can only stop these attacks simply an enemy and only if there are six or less. Cutscenes feature crazy character models disappear from the screen. Overall, the game is a piece of junk. Gow 3 when the game is a masterpiece! Do not buy God of War: Ascension. Expand
  25. Jul 11, 2013
    GoW:A -aka -How to destroy a good merchandise with a crappy and unfinished product.
    The game has nothing new to show, but in the meanwhile, it makes worse what was good in GoW 3. Enemies are just or boring or totally overpowered, fight mechanism is so bad programmed that evasion and block are both useless with weak and strong opponents. (There's a late patch to solve a dramatically hard
    (and boring) level...did the tester tried this game before its release?!)
    And, please, please, STOP with the damned Deadly-QTA. Really. QTA were ok when used to show some cool moves against huge opponents. They can't be used in the middle of nothing just to give you some cheap deaths and make the game play a little longer. It just sucks. Plus, the story is a nonsense, cut-scene are boring and without the well-known GoW epicness; characters other than Kratos are horrbile. (Kratos' wife seems to be copypasted from GoW 2)
  26. Aug 17, 2013
    I love GOW... But this one let me down... The camera was so far pulled back at times you couldn't even see Kratos... GOW 3 was so awesome and than this came out made me wanna cry.
  27. Sep 22, 2013
    Not up to the expectations. Really poor work done!!! Its the worst. Its worse than GOW 2 & 3. Its almost same. Mostly all the same. Only a minority of new things are done. Giving it one over 10 for its storyline which is it only plus point in the game of all other aspects.
  28. Jul 11, 2013
    GoW:A -aka -How to destroy a good merchandise with a crappy and unfinished product.
    The game has nothing new to show, but in the meanwhile, it makes worse what was good in GoW 3. Enemies are just or boring or totally overpowered, fight mechanism is so bad programmed that evasion and block are both useless with weak and strong opponents. (There's a late patch to solve a dramatically hard
    (and boring) level...did the tester tried this game before its release?!)
    And, please, please, STOP with the damned Deadly-QTA. Really. QTA were ok when used to show some cool moves against huge opponents. They can't be used in the middle of nothing just to give you some cheap deaths and make the game play a little longer. It just sucks. Plus, the story is a nonsense, cut-scene are boring and without the well-known GoW epicness; characters other than Kratos are horrbile. (Kratos' wife seems to be copypasted from GoW 2)

Generally favorable reviews - based on 89 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 89
  1. Jun 16, 2013
    God of War: Ascension does exactly what you would expect from a God of War title.The sheer amount of violence and tension is simply breathtaking, especially when taking place right on top of a giant creature. The entire experience is accompanied by stunning graphics and an impressive soundtrack. While the multiplayer is somewhat disappointing, it is apparent that Kratos is still this generation's most fearsome warrior.
  2. May 7, 2013
    You can point out that Ascension failed to make a real step forward. You can argue that the multiplayer mode is a foreign body, a strained attempt to find innovation in the wrong place. That’s true, but in my eyes the foundation built by the previous God of War games proved to be strong enough to sustain what I hope is just the calm before the storm that Kratos will unleash on PS4. And damn, Ascension looks unbelievable! [CD-Action 05/2013, p.64]
  3. Ascension shows a warrior who is miles away from being the ultimate and flawless killing machine we all know and love. He is more like an unguided projectile here, trying to cope with all the injustice delivered unto him. [April 2013, p.62]