God of War III PlayStation 3

  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Mar 16, 2010

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  1. 100
    Kratos slices himself amazingly through Gods and their Minions. God of War 3 is the Olympus of action games.
  2. God of War III may be a journey with familiar-looking aspects but it is so epic and brutal as you might expect, and even a little more.
  3. 100
    One thing is clear: God of War III is phenomenal. It succeeds for a plethora of reasons that go well beyond its beautiful graphics. Unlike the competition, it doesn't take several hours to get going, or burden the player with laborious upgrades.
  4. 100
    It will stand out as the perfect end to one of the best action series in a long time. If it truly is the end.
  5. PS3 owners should be elated to know that his final quest for revenge is a visually spectacular, challenging, rage filled, high quality one.
  6. 100
    This is how you do an action game. This is how you do a sequel. This is how you finish off a franchise.
  7. But for now there're very few games that can match God of War 3's cinematic sensibility, its dynamics, its carnage.
  8. On a purely technical level, it's one of the most impressive games the PS3 has to offer: It shifts perspectives effortlessly across a number of highly detailed environments without so much as a hiccup and with almost nonexistent load times to interrupt the experience. But in a broader sense, God of War III serves as an example of how to deliver astonishingly varied gameplay in a cohesive package.
  9. This game earns our highest accolade because it is a thoroughly entertaining ride from go to death throe. It finds a perfect balance between taxing platforming, cerebral puzzles, and glorious set-piece battles that loosen the bowel when you realise they're in-game graphics. Top that off with masterful camera work – that makes us totally rethink our hatred of fixed-camera action games – and you have a sequel that easily eclipses anything out there and reclaims it's rightful place at the pinnacle of its genre. [April 2010, p.61]
  10. 100
    This is the definitive action game. This is a game that stands on the shoulders of giants, and stretches even further.
  11. Nothing short of a masterpiece. A thrill-ride of intense action and breathtaking set-pieces guaranteed to put a goofy grin on your face. A must have for any PlayStation 3-owner.
  12. Kratos' legacy of brutality and chaos ends with a remarkable bang. The game is brimming with unforgettable, jaw-dropping moments that will stay with you forever.
  13. God of War III is beautiful. It's bloody. It's brilliant. But it's not perfect. [Apr 2010, p.44]
  14. 100
    God of War 3 is the most balanced. It's not quite as focused as GOW1, nor is it as lengthy and moment-packed as GOW2, but it's the most consistent and varied of the three, and when it's at its best the first two can't touch it.
  15. Kratos is given a wonderfully epic farewell that would truly be a shame to miss, and every aspect of the game, from the controls, to the combat, to the presentation, is as close to perfect as perfect can be. Even if you've never played a single game in this series before, God of War III is a game you must play if you have the opportunity. You owe it to yourself, and the team at Santa Monica Studios, to play this game.
  16. While not a huge leap forward for the franchise, God of War III refines its already-fun gameplay to near-perfection while delivering the clever puzzles, high production values and pure, rage-fueled brutality fans expect. Add a memorable cast of characters and buckets of gore, and Kratos's last adventure is also his best yet.
  17. Not even in my wildest dreams could I have imagined such a powerful, cinematic, and breathtaking conclusion to the saga of the Ghost of Sparta.
  18. This is a video game developed at the very highest level and takes what I thought was possible to new heights. God of War 3 is easily the best PS3 game I've played and sits comfortably as one of my favourite games of all time.
  19. Fans of the God of War series will eat this up. It's violent, visceral, and truly an epic game in both presentation and action.
  20. Without question, God of War III sets the new gold standard for action games, clearing and then raising the near-impossible bar that was set by its previous installments. For many years to come, this will be the game by which all others in the genre are compared, and I suspect we won't see anything like it for quite some time.
  21. When it comes to the crunch, God of War III delivers on many levels, just as the previous two titles. However with the inclusion of next-generation graphics and gameplay, God of War III transcends its predecessors with a surreal and bloody gaming experience that makes you feel like you are part of some Greek epic.
  22. You know, outside of the minor points I made earlier, God of War III just plays like a dream; a really, really awesome dream. It's hard not to be giddy about how amazing this game, this series, has been.
  23. I can't praise this game enough for everything that it does so effortlessly. The adventure will run you about 8-10 hours, and chances are you will go back for another round with your acquired goodies in tow. God of War III is the epitome of what this generation is all about: lavish visuals, marvelous gameplay, storytelling that is unlike any other, and an overall presentation that simply cannot be beat.
  24. A fantastic game that should be played by anybody with a PS3 that has a craving for some brutal combat and plenty of vengeance.
  25. Both an amazing technological achievement and an exuberant gaming experience, God of War III deserves a place in your game collection. If you've been asking yourself what the Playstation 3 is really capable of and thought Uncharted 2 was as good as it gets, wait until you pop this bad boy in your PS3.
  26. Saving the best for last, God of War III requires NO install and the load times are fairly short, few, and far between. That's pretty amazing for a game that takes up over 35 Gigs of space on the BluRay disc.
  27. God of War III is a pure extraordinary action game, where the developers have achieved a perfect mix between story, gameplay and visual aspect. Its without a doubt the best possible ending for this acclaimed trilogy, and a must buy for every PlayStation 3 owner.
  28. 96
    The last part in the trilogy is one of the best PlayStation 3 games ever. Kratos is back and he's pissed off at Zeus and the other Gods. In this third part Kratos fights against the biggest enemies ever and that all in brilliant graphics with brilliant audio and a lot (and we mean a lot) of blood and gore. Everybody should buy this game!
  29. The intense satisfaction bestowed by the credits rolling after the last struggling sequence testifies the nature of God of War III: a masterpiece, a glorious testament from one of the most iconic characters of our media. Unforgettable gameplay sequences, over the top graphics and an almost flawless gameplay make it a title to have, at all costs.
  30. It's awesome. Did you expect anything different? The story seems a bit all-over-the-place but the more you ruminate on it, the more it actually has an amazing context.
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  1. Aug 22, 2010
    God Of War III is the only game i have played more then 7 times non stop.The graphic in the game blow me away,the smoothGod Of War III is the only game i have played more then 7 times non stop.The graphic in the game blow me away,the smooth gameplay,gore,violence,EPIC opening.All you need in an action game.This might be the Game Of The Year for the PS3 System.If you have been following God Of War franchise since the 1st God Of War.There is no point in saying "pass" to this game. Full Review »
  2. Jun 5, 2011
    Absolutely amazing game. The graphics, gameplay, characters, sound, environments, art-style, set-pieces, pacing, boss-fights, story and pureAbsolutely amazing game. The graphics, gameplay, characters, sound, environments, art-style, set-pieces, pacing, boss-fights, story and pure epicness are all masterfully done which makes for one of the best, most memorable gaming experiences ever. If you have a PS3 buy this game, it's as simple as that. Full Review »
  3. Jul 23, 2012
    This review is written by somebody that has played GOW 1 and 2 and I'm being 100 truthful in this review.
    This game is dated, it's everything
    This review is written by somebody that has played GOW 1 and 2 and I'm being 100 truthful in this review.
    This game is dated, it's everything we hate in game today, button mashing, quick time events and lots of just stupid mini puzzles and confusing level design + fixed camera.
    Yes it is epic at times, but in the end you'll just spend most of the game mad at all the problems, and most epic moment you wont even be able to enjoy because they are quick time events, so you'll just be looking at the little markers on the extremes of the screen.
    I wish I'd never bought it, I only got it to see how it ended.
    For me this was a true Greek tragedy. 4/10
    Full Review »