• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2012
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 43 Ratings

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  1. Dec 29, 2013
    Alone these games are masterpieces! In this collection, not so much. The box art advertises 5 games in total, and 5 games there are. But what the box art does not mention anywhere is that two of the games are on a download voucher. The two psp titles, Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus, are digital copies. Not only that but they take up nearly 20gb of storage to download them; murder on your hard drive if your using an older 80gb model like I am. Another thing to consider is that the voucher clearly shows an expiration date. My date was March of 2013. That makes this "saga collection" a complete gamble. You may buy it to only receive three of the promised 5 games. What makes this even worse is that the developers have shown that they clearly are capable of producing a physical form for the two stated games, as they had previously released them in their own collection called the "Origins Collection" prior to the release of the saga collection. My final word is to avoid this collection. If you want to enjoy this series as the masterpiece that it is, purchase the GOW 1 & 2 HD collection, GOW 3 solo, and the Origins Collection. They are fairly cheap these days and they guarantee you all 5 titles to enjoy.
    Purchase this Saga Collection at your own risk.
  2. Aug 25, 2013
    I bought this in the extra controller bundle. For what I got it was definitely a bargain deal. This was my first time playing a God of War game. I completed the first 3 full games. I haven't played the two psn games since you have to download them. Which is quite misleading given what the box tells you. You get 3 games on disc....you have to download the other 2. So please note this review will not include those two games. Right, first off make sure this isn't the first playstation game you ever play. I made that mistake. I ended up having stopped playing it after finishing the first 'level' in gow1. Then the next couple months I played other games on the ps3....got used to the controller...knew what the buttons were etc. Then finally I decide to give it another chance and holy hell there was a huge difference. Lets start by saying God of war 1 and 2 both look absolutely stunning in this hd remake. This is how all HD remakes should be made. It felt like I was playing a ps3 game through both experiences. It was only during the 'movie cutscenes' that you are reminded that this was a ps2 game. The in-game cutscenes are all in hd, which is great, so you hardly notice most of the time. God of war 1. A good game make no mistake. It consists of the formula: fight, puzzle, cutscene etc....with the occasional boss battle tossed into the mix. The gameplay becomes pretty predictable halfway through. You do some fighting and then you have to do a puzzle....do more fighting....then its another puzzle....then a boss.....then it repeats. What will drive you through this is the story. Kratos is such a great character. He has such an interesting past....I played the game and went through the fighting and puzzles just for the sake of progressing the story. The puzzles here are ruthless though. Most have 0 margin for error and have to be done in 1 specific way. Other issues: invisible walls almost everywhere you go, falling deaths especially near the end of the game are a little bit too cruel for comfort. Right, God of War 2....this is where we hit the main problems. God of War 2 is essentially God of War 1....you do exactly the same things...you are driven by the exact same goals. It feels like you are playing the same game over again. Then comes God of War 3. Which opens with some amazing cinematics and epic fights and gets you all hyped up and......guess what? it is exactly like the other two god of war games! It literally became a grind fest...where I just wanted to progress the story. I hated the ending to the third game....it was a terrible ending. Basically starting at the last quarter of Gow2...alot of the plot twists...they seemed stupid. They made no sense. Alot of the story in general seems to be designed to facilitate 1 on 1 fight sequences. Which isn't always a bad thing...but when it never strays far from the basic fighting formula it becomes boring. Will I buy the new GOW? If it goes on sale for really cheap...maybe. I highly doubt that the game mechanics have changed enough to make it any different from the first 3. And Playing God of war 3 or 1 or 2 all over again just doesn't appeal to me especially when I have to dish out cash to do it. This was written as a spoiler free review. So the main reason I'm not backing up my comments with facts from the game is it would spoil things. But everyone has a different perspective. Kratos is an interesting character. He is a ruthless killer to the point where he becomes a complete through alot of the games. Yet there is some humanity left in him, and it's interesting to see it manifest itself however slowly...and then it wilts away and were back in the suicidal kind of void of despair in the back of his mind. The puzzles in gow2 and 3 are easier because they are more predictable...since they are similar to gow1's. gow 1's puzzles will leave you thinking a bit since they require a very precise and specific way of doing things that isn't always apparent. 8/10 for value, solid gameplay, and interesting and worthwhile story (through at least half the experience anyways). Expand
  3. Mar 20, 2013
    5 games for $40 thats the best deal ever. I only played through the first game but I can tell its going to get better and better. Havent had much time to play because im focusing on some other games but imma play it tonight and enjoy it.
  4. Mar 12, 2013
    One of the most epic sagas in gaming history. All 5 games with memorable moments of epic spectacle. The scale of the action and spectacle is unmatched by any other game or series. For the prize it's at, it's a bargain. This review is for people who have yet not played these games. Believe it or not the games do not feel outdated at all as I played them myself for the first time on the PS3 and found that they are better than any other action games out there. This series is at the peak of many things including that of spectacle, set pieces, gore, violence, and sexual content. This collection also comes with two parts for a video Director's Live, where all the different directors of the God of War games come together to discuss them. Two of the 5 games also come in the form of digital codes which means that buying this collection pre-owned is risky because of the likelihood that they have been redeemed and thus the collection would only be 3 games. To the extent that it is relevant, a new copy of this game is also packaged with a free 1-month code for Playstation Plus. A great deal overall. Expand
  5. Dec 7, 2012
    Love it! Bought this mainly for God of War 3, but since it came with all 5 God of War titles, I've been rocking out on it. I had originally played the first one on PS2 I was happily drawn into the story. Can't wait for the 6th title to be released.
  6. Sep 14, 2012
    Thanks Salman, Nice to know :) Now 10/10 from my side tooooooooooooo ....................................................................................
  7. Sep 14, 2012
    Amazing collection. I am a big fan of GOD. Graphics, story line everything is spectacular. By the way shahid you can download the other 2 games if you will create a US account and change afterwords :-)
  8. Sep 9, 2012
    Before this game I had only played I, II, and III. When I heard this collection was being released I couldn't wait to get my grubby little paws on it. I have only played through Chains of Olympus, and it has not disappointed. This is a must own for any GOW fan.
  9. Aug 30, 2012
    Just bought the God dof War Saga. I have played the games before and was excited to get the whole collection. The one thing that I had an issue with is that the two psp games were not on the disk, but instead you get a voucher code to download the game. The two games take up almost 20gb on my hard drive, which whatever, but no where did I see on any website, or the box for that matter that the games were going to have to be downloaded. Expand
  10. Aug 29, 2012
    Great Collection with triple A games abound. A must buy for any fan of the series that doesn't have all the games or a collector!! There's no reason not to own all of these masterpieces and at this price its a steal!!!

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