• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Jan 17, 2012
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 22 Ratings

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  1. Positive: 17 out of 22
  2. Negative: 3 out of 22

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  1. Jan 24, 2012
    When Gran Turismo 5 first came out in late 2010, it felt a little unpolished and perhaps hurried when compared to the earlier games of the series. The game was pushed back so many times, fans were becoming impatient, so I can't really blame Polyphony and Sony for cutting a few corners to get the game out to the fans. Patches have made up for this and have polished the game to another level. That is exactly what this release is all about: All the patches up to Gran Turismo 5: Spec 2.0 are included on the disk, along with some DLC valued at around $20. At a $39.99 MSRP, this release is clearly the option for those who do not yet have the game, as well as the select few with very slow or no internet to update the original game.

    For the game itself, I don't believe much of a review is necessary. There are plenty of reviews on the original game, and most of that applies here. It is still the racing game to have, with a plethora of cars and tuning options. The graphics and details are amazing in the game, with the exception of the "standard" model cars. These models have varying levels of graphical detail, most of which are quite disappointing. Many complain that the game can be too easy. This is not so. It can be both easy and challenging, based on how difficult you want it to be. It is not so much of a difficult setting, as to how excessive you tune your car to be in comparison with the other racers.

    The DLC included with this game is all available for purchase on the PlayStation Network. It includes new cars, tracks, paints and driver apparel. The latter two feel much more like fluff, but I don't mind it's inclusion. The tracks, well the one track, is the most important item of the DLC in my opinion. It is the real word track Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, which is wonderfully complex track and a fantastic addition to the game. The car packs are nice as well, but most are simply variations on cars already in the game.

    The patches really polished this game and made it closer to what many of us expected. With a lower price and included content, it is the best time to enter into this fantastic racing game.
  2. May 7, 2012
    The xl edition of Gran Turismo 5 is simply fantastic. It is a big improvement from the original version of GT5. The xl edition includes several updates such as Spec 2, Car pack 2 and others. And the result is the refined gameplay. The greater number of cars, added tracks, lots of new features and that Red Bull X2011 makes this game addicting. I simply love this game. Overall, this game is worth it for your money and also, patience. But I believe that this game deserves better. Collapse
  3. Sep 9, 2012
    For simulation racers on the ps3 you basically have this and Shift 2 unleashed to pick from.On the other hand you could play your GT4 in 1080i and have the same game on the ps2,sell your ps3,buy an xbox 360 and get the far,far,far better forza 2,3, and especially 4.There is really no comparison when it comes to comparing and and all past racing games to Forza 4,it's brilliant in a way that were not even ready for yet.GT 5 is a good game but so was GT 1,2,3 and 4.Your just getting more of the same boring driving with not even an attempt to realize that we are way past the car washes and oil changes that don't make a bit of difference.But a 360 so you can truly see where we are with driving simulators up to date.This game is like looking in the trash and seeing the most beautiful garbage you have ever seen before,,,seriously! Expand
  4. Jun 5, 2012
    This version of GT5 is more cleaned up and adds polish to an already great game. The selection of cars is overwhelming and finding what car you want to use can be a blast!
  5. Jul 5, 2012
    It is a good game but Sony and Polyphony really dropped the ball this gen with this series.
    First of all, if you don't have a 360 or hate Microsoft for whatever reason you might as well buy this. This review will not change your mind.
    Presentation- Well the case is nice. In all honesty the load times and install are terrible. The menu system is cluttered and the option menu for controls
    and music and such is hidden. The music in the menu sounds like something off of a Sears Shopping Network.
    Graphics- Mixed. Sometimes it is the best looking racer and sometimes...well? The premium cars are great but most cars look like a PS2 reject. The premium choices are dumb, the tree's and spectators look like cut outs at times, there is pop-up in some courses that are empty and bland yet, there is none in the most visually impressive tracks. Why? Aside from the cars and lighting, It has fallen way behind Forza 4 and even Grid at times. The lighting is very well done here.
    Sound- Sounds like a racing game and this is what is a downer. You hear stories of Polyphony spending ludicrous amounts of time on sound design and you never notice it. There is also a Soundtrack but again.....I didn't notice. And I was not gonna search the menu's to find out who was on it.
    Cars- The Premium cars are great. The others are not. Clearly they are hear to make the box look impressive with the "We have this many cars!" ad. I guess they want to please everyone but one question? With this many years of development time, How did Microsoft get a larger number of cars that have a premium look and car interiors? Long lunches?
    Tracks- Again, developers need to quit using the same assets over and over. Real world tracks usually are not very fun to race on. The good tracks here are sadly the same ones we have seen since the original. The new tracks do nothing for me either. They look good but when the same tracks are in Forza, Shift, Grid.....It just gets old. Gran Turismo's fantasy tracks or whatever you wanna you want to call them really has not been upgraded much from the PS2 versions. Again. What has Polyphony done all of this time? The new tracks in Forza and Grid are much much better.
    Online-Again. They have fell behind.
    Extras- B Spec sucks, I don't care to wash my car, the License test are fun for the most part, the garage is nice, deep, and detailed. But again, The exterior customs are a joke compared to Forza 4. And the models in Shift 2 with the different vinyls and stickers are better to look at when taking pics and replays. The Top Gear license was wasted here as well. The Nascar and Go Kart races sections of the game are cool bonus levels and the dirt racing is a nice edition. But all of these suffer from boring tracks with graphical glitches. Again, Why? Also- The damage is decent but Shift and Grid do it way better. Also the night racing is cool but done better in other games as well as the weather. But GT5XL has all of them in some form and for the most part does a pretty good job.
    As for the most important thing- Control is fine. The steering wheel control is flawless. With a controller every car has its own feel and the DS3 controller does a good job. No complaints. Also- The enemy AI is still the same old thing. It is like they drive a perfect line and when you bump them or spin them out they get back on it again. Fun factor? Not much. The career mode has a structure problem. There is not any variety in the racing but there is a good amount of racers on the track compared to competitor's games. But the mode is just set up to bore you and the long load times bore you before you get bored with the racing. If only they would mix it up some.
    Bottom line- It is a good racer with plenty to do but it is just so damn boring. Buy it on Thursday and them play it Thursday night when it finally finishes installing. Polyphony Digital did add plenty and patch it up and down to try and make it a better racing experience but they have just let the genre pass them by it seems. I do not care if they spent six weeks or 6 months perfecting engine sounds. That is not gonna make the game any better, Realistic? Sure. Fun? Nope. The racing here is great but it is a shame I am still driving on these real world bore fest and the same original from the PS1. I should also mention the game will do a number to your hard drive space. Not only has it's main competitor (Forza 4) beat it in almost every category, But PGR, Grid , and Shift 2 have beaten it where it counts. The tracks that make using the cars fun and the fun of playing the game either online or the modes the games provide.
    Let's hope we do not have to wait 5 or more years for the next version and Polyphony throws there bad habits out the window and approaches GT6 in a different way.
    For hardcore GT fans only......
  6. Oct 11, 2012
    This version of Gran Turismo 5 contains the 2.04 update of the game, plus some free DLCs (the main one includes two new tracks: Spa-Francorchamps and a night karting circuit). And finally, here the game looks complete, polished and full of features. If you don't have GT5, this edition is a must-have. If you already have it, you can buy the DLCs via PlayStation Store.

    The game itself?
    The old GT we love, plus the extra online challenges, which are becoming harder and harder, but they are a great way to win money and new cars on the game. Expand
  7. Nov 14, 2012
    After having a go with this for a weekend I have decided that Polyphony should really be ashamed of themselves. This game took forever to make, they released this new version and it is still a mess. Why do all the tracks grass look the same? Why are 2/3 of the cars still the PS2 versions? Why is the career still more boring then court? Why is the car designer still a joke compared to Forza' Actually Forza 3 set a pretty high bar and Forza 4 completely rewrote the console sim racer. I am not sure what Polyphony Digital and Sony are doing but they seem to be in park. If you are bored making racers go do something else. 7 years and they still can't match up with Grid or Shift? They look like armatures compared to Turn 10 now. How the mighty have fallen. The game itself is a decent game and would score a 7. But the career is a boring choir. But when the faithful wait 6 or 7 years and get an incomplete game with cardboard tree's and then they bring out this version and there are still PS2 looking cars on the track next to the best looking cars on console? No. Just no. Sony and PD dropped the ball. And this is just crap. Even the tracks look recycled now. Recently Microsoft release Forza Horizon. It is almost like Microsoft is mocking them now. Strangely enough this game sold tons. More proof that gamers do not pay attention to reviews. Maybe they should? Expand
  8. Apr 13, 2013
    Everything that can be said about Gran Turismo 5 XL has probably already been said. It has day and night courses, a staggering number of cars to choose from, damage modeling, user generated tracks, several game modes including: A-Spec, B-Spec, Arcade, Drift Trial Mode, Time Trial Mode, local multiplayer, online multiplayer, and even a Photo Travel Mode to take pictures of your beloved cars. Although the XL version should have simply been the L version since it doesn't include all the DLC currently available for the game. This is definitely the best Gran Turismo of the series so far.
    Although it does have a number of flaws, most of which stem from expectations that weren't met. Creating your own tracks leaves too much to be desired; I had hoped the track creator would have given me the ability to recreate the Nürburgring but instead the tool is over simplified to the point of being completely useless. Damage incurred should have been realistically, unforgivably brutal instead of superficial and modest. The AI from B-Spec can be infuriating, especially on the smaller courses in an event with few laps, even with an over powered car. Although the addition of ever changing online events provides enough depth to make you forget about these shortcomings.
  9. May 7, 2012
    The xl edition of Gran Turismo 5 is simply fantastic. It is a big improvement from the original version of GT5. The xl edition includes several updates such as Spec 2, Car pack 2 and others. And the result is the refined gameplay. The greater number of cars, added tracks, lots of new features and that Red Bull X2011 makes this game addicting. I simply love this game. Overall, this game is worth it for your money and also, patience. But I believe that this game deserves better. Collapse

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