• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Nov 24, 2010
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  1. Nov 26, 2010
    Firstly I'll set my stall out - I'm no X-box fan never owned one or played on one, but I've played on all versions of the GT series. Most gripes have been covered already, the menus are cumbersome, the in-game music is shocking (thankfully you can turn it off!) and the 'standard' cars are annoyingly sub-standard. The premiums are so nicely rendered with care that it feels such a let down with the rest. Then the 'premiums' - why, oh why, do we need a Suzuki Cappuccino '05 AND an '07 version?? They are exactly the same, even the trim is identical! Not sure how many other duplicate 'premiums' are about (no doubt the usual glut of skylines). Now, I suppose we should know what to expect from this series, going through licenses and repeating the Sunday cup until you have enough for a decent motor but come on its the 5th main installment and its lacking the excitement of recent next gen games, such as nfs shift. Not saying that was perfect but I had great fun playing that, and playing GT5 just feels stale in comparison. This just doesn't sit right with me (especially as i forked out on the signature edition!). Why does a game 6yr or so in development feel incomplete, rushed and so disjointed? It even has one of my most annoying bugbears - trophy design... couldn't they show some imagination and design individual icons? Not asking for much there surely, in all that time. Its double standards - saying they wanted the perfect sim, going into so much detail, yet so many things are not. I still have my doubts the physics are that realistic too, it drives well for the most part but some challenges (mainly on the top gear events) seem unnatural. I'm hoping a bit more time and perseverance will open up more challenging and exciting racing but at the moment I feel a bit let down. Expand
  2. Nov 27, 2010
    If you've ever played a GT game before you know what to expect. But unfortunately things haven't changed with the times. The AI is BAD it will just try and plow through you! For the most part all you have to do it upgrade the car with limited upgrades available to beat the competition. There is no mechanical damage and very little cosmetic so this game will make you a sloppy driver because there is no punishment for driving like a madman. The online seems tacked on, there is no leader board and no classes to keep the races even and no credits to earn for single player. The visuals are ok, not as good as the screen shots made them out to be. There are bad shadows and some of the older tracks look strait from the ps2. And the sounds are hit or miss, but you can use custom BMG if you want.
    I have no idea what PD has been doing for this long but this game almost feels 5 years old. Try before you buy!
  3. Nov 24, 2010
    While it is easy for developers to create a game surrounded around sex and violence simply to cash out on a quick buck, Polyphony Digital does the exact opposite. They spend 5 years making one single game that does not involve anything the current videogame industry is obsessed with (zombies, apocalyptic environments, open world gameplay, first-person shooters, etc...) and it does is executed in an extremely classy way. Gran Turismo 5 couldn't feel more refreshing to the gaming-enthusiast, especially when a market is saturated with macho-men titles. Yes it is a blockbuster sequel, but that does not make it feel any less awesome. Expand
  4. Nov 24, 2010
    Ignore most of the other reviews people. 10's and 0's are obviously coming from fanboys. If you're considering getting the game consider this: 1) Generally the visuals aren't better than Forza 3. There are special moments, but there are also moments that don't look good at all. 2) The damage system is very poorly implemented. You can crash into a wall at 200km/h and you'll be fine. 3) The single player mode isn't a cohesive experience.
    4) Porsche is not in GT5. Polyphony didn't think it was necessary to create a single RUF model from the last decade - a license that they have from a manufacturer of Porsche clones.
    5) Steering with an analog stick is hell.
    6) Playing online with your friends is a bit of a chore.
    7) The main menu is really slow.
    8) The standard models don't look that bad.
    9) The music is uniformly bad.
    10) Customisation options are very limited.
    11) A bunch of your favourite cars and tracks are probably not in this game

    IGN said it best when they said it's a 10/10 sim wrapped up in a 5/10 game. Decide which of those figures has the most meaning to you.
  5. Nov 24, 2010
    This game is EPIC,online is great,just enjoy.its the best out there.
    the damage is really good and the level system is new and defo something they should keep.
    This destroys any xbox game by far.
  6. Nov 24, 2010
    First of all I set out to play GT5 with one thing in mind, is it as realistic as PD claims it to be, unfortunately many gaming sites will review this as a game, it is not, yes it is a piece of software you put into your PS3, but being an automotive engineer and an avid gamer I can assure you that this is as close to realism you will ever get without leaving your living room, I could compare this to Forza 3 but that would not be fair to the Forza series. PD's GT5 stands head and shoulders above anything offered on PC or any other platform for that matter. GT5 starts with beautiful depiction of the evolution of the motor car right up to the final product, Jumping right into the menu for me it could have been a bit more simplified, a complicated interface which can be a bit frustrating at times but not to worry, you do get used to it. It is only when you are behind the wheel in a race when you first realize that GT5 is nothing short of astonishing, apart from the most amazing visuals you will ever see in any game on any platform this gen, it is the physics and feel of the car that is the heart of GT5, unlike Prologue you can actually feel the weight of each car, each having its own feel to, it intensifying the experience especially behind the wheel each of the 200 premium cars. GT5 is the complete racing simulator, if you are looking for a game, then GT5 probably isnt for you but if you are looking for the most realistic experience as close to driving a car you will probably never own then GT5 is the only way to go that being said every PS3 owner should buy GT5 even if it is just to marvel at the visuals, for every true racing fan and petrol head it is a must buy. Expand
  7. Nov 24, 2010
    I love Sony and all its franchises, but i waited too long for this game, had dreams making LOVE with GT5... And... For what? I've been fooled... But you may say "it's still a good racing game", right? Yes, it's, but nothing near with expectations and Sony's promises. I'm really disappointed.
  8. Nov 24, 2010
    It appears this game is being attacked by Xbox 360 fanboys who can't take the fact that Gran Turismo has always been and continues to be the racing king. This game is brilliant. Ignore these retards who are giving it 0's. Remember this is a driving SIMULATOR, not Need for Speed where you can go from 0-100 in 5 seconds and flip a car over by gently nudging it. Forza 3 has got nothing on this game. The graphics may not seem too special if you are playing on a non HD television, but this is the sort of game that needs HD for it to shows it's true colours.

    On another note, it upsets me to see exclusive games such as this one, attacked by rabid fanboys who are upset that they can't play the game so they give it a 0/10. You people need to get a life.
  9. Nov 24, 2010
    I was anxiously waiting for this game and, somehow, it let me down. The front-end menus are terribly cumbersome, loading times are bad enough, online gaming is limited and there are not enough options to customize the lobbies.

    Having standard and premium cars together is atrocious, simply put. You can not drive from the interior camera on the standard cars, and there are 700 of them. Only
    premium cars offer **** views (around 300 or so). Both can race together and it gets ridiculous, since standard cars are lower res, jagged and with inferior lighting and shadows.

    The driving itself is really really good, specially with the premium cars and their unbelievable graphics, but everything else screams "dated" to me - options, menus, online, progression. It's a shame.
  10. Nov 24, 2010
    It is here.
    GT5 is the driving simulator. you wanna race, you play gt5, amazing game amazing cars amazing visuals amazing everything this is the game you need buy it now
  11. Nov 25, 2010
    Crashing a supercar into a wall at 200mph results in what sounds like someone kicking a carboard box and results in no damage at all. By making 200 of the cars "better" than the other 800 you're left feeling like its an unfinished game and after 6 years thats just not acceptable. Visually, this game is a thing of two halves. The cars that have the "Premium" treatment are beautiful, problem is they're alongside some very ugly looking PS2 generation cars and the tracks are dull and lifeless. The stadiums are full of cardboard cut outs and the trees look like their from the PS1 era, they're basically X's if you were to look down on them. Its not good enough. Not played the 360's compliment of racing games so I'm not a fanboy BUT I remember PGR2 from the original XBOX being more impressive than this and that was about 6 years ago... Expand
  12. Nov 24, 2010
    I,ve benn playing the game for 8 hrs now. The game is Incredible amazing .While it is easy for developers to create a game surrounded around sex and violence simply to cash out on a quick buck, Polyphony Digital does the exact opposite. They spend 5 years making one single game that does not involve anything the current videogame industry is obsessed with (zombies, apocalyptic
    environments, open world gameplay, first-person shooters, etc...) and it does is executed in an extremely classy way. Gran Turismo 5 couldn't feel more refreshing to the gaming-enthusiast, especially when a market is saturated with macho-men titles. Yes it is a blockbuster sequel, but that does not make it feel any less awesome Expand
  13. Nov 24, 2010
    A wonderful racing sim probably the best one for this generation of video game consoles. Graphics are top notch and unrivaled for a racer, each car is highly detailed and wonderfully crafted. 16 cars in a single race has to be one of the best things about this game, take your friends to the track and show them your driving skills. The track editor is easy to use and I have a feeling we are going to see some amazing user made tracks releasing soon. Dynamic weather and night/day cycles are a great new touch for the series and are implemented very well, sadly not all tracks support the feature but enough do so that you get your fill of it. Over-all I'd say if your a hardcore care enthusiast this is the game for you just get yourself a racing wheel and hit the track. Expand
  14. Nov 24, 2010
    This game is the best racing simulator you can find. That doesn't mean it's perfect. I can see some people being let down a little, but that will go away once you dive into this experience that is as deep as you dare let it be. The few flaws and annoyances I found were the slightly slow menus and loading times and while generally the music is great some tracks feel too out of place. The game sounds are superb and so are the graphics, this game will floor you specially if you can play it on a 1080p TV. If you are a fan of past iterations of Gran Turismo or cars in general this game was made for you. Expand
  15. Nov 24, 2010
    Not a perfect and flawless game like everyone was waiting for. Yet the game is great and deliver. Nothing come as close as GT5 so far on the PS3. Well back to playing the game!
  16. Nov 24, 2010
    Okay, what are some people on about? I've played the s*** out of this game in less than a day, and I can honestly say that this is the biggest and best Gran Turismo in the series. Everything is beautiful and as close as you're going to get to 'real' in a video game, the cars all handle differently depending on what and where you're driving and in order to complete the whole thing I'd say it would take more than a year so you definitely get value for money. I don't get users who question the game's physics/graphics - wait a sec, they all mention Forza 3 on Xbox in their reviews, hidden agenda much? And I don't understand critics who say it's dull - I suppose they're used to reviewing arcade racers by the truckload in the 5 years wait for GT5. Gran Turismo, how I've missed you! Expand
  17. Nov 24, 2010
    this is the true simulator.
    casuals play nfs. fanboys play forza. racing enthusiasts play gran turismo. buy this GAME., go now it is an amazing game great graphics
  18. Nov 24, 2010
    Frankly am extremely disappointed from what I was hoping would be an absolute classic. The gameplay feels like it hasn't changed at all from previous incarnations, and lacks any real innovation in a genre that has so much potential. Graphics are a real disappointment, with shadows and particle effects looking particularly bad; frame tearing and dropped framerate during the races and replays, as well as most of the tracks looking like slightly touched up versions of their PS2 counterparts.

    From a game promising to really push the Playstation platform, all I felt it did was highlight its failures, and really show its age. Here's hoping that the next iteration (if there is one) tries to break the hard and fast mould it's created for itself.
  19. Nov 26, 2010
    A solid racing game, but not worth 6 years waiting and all the hype. Some tracks and all the standard cars look awful, the models look like direct rip from gt4. I wonder where did the producer spent the money and time on. GT should be a game that set new standards for the industry, but this game doesn't deliver.
  20. Nov 24, 2010
    I've been playing the game for roughly 11 hours now and it's officially a let down. For a console simulation the game has taken the genre to new levels however PC simulation still rules. While I feel an increase in overall communication with my cars it also has this arcade aspect to it.. The lack of modifications & premium models really ruined the replayability of this title for me. The fact that most of our favorite cars are either not in the game (2006+) or older standard models PD was too lazy to allow mods on. I mean we can't even change the wheels on standard cars. PD and Kaz clearly were in the bubble too long drinking the Koolaid to notice the genre passing them by. The game smelt of moth balls last release, unfortunately this one was no different.

    Sony fanboys are some of the worst and GT fanboys are the cream of the crop.. I imagine they are in disbelief right now even as they play this game for themselves. It's hard to believe how a game almost six years in production could feel rushed. The game is a 7.8-8.2 just out of respect for PD.. I however would like to give it a 6.. I chose a 7 as a happy medium.
  21. Nov 27, 2010
    I've been playing GT since version 3. I waited patiently for GT5 and what a let down it is. Nothing has been fixed from Prologue. There is screen tearing, slowdown, pop up. In a remarkable act of incompetence, Polyphony have actually managed to break online multiplayer. The whole interface is ill thought out and acts as a huge barrier between player and game. Vehicle damage is a joke. Only 20% of cars are new. Rehashing of old tracks is poor - Trial Mountain in particular.
    Weather is limited and does not seem to affect handling. There is no effect of weather on your car - ie, they don't get dirty. Even raindrops don't splash on cars.
    The so-called course maker is a deception, as it only allows you to massage some presets.
    The museum is an utter waste of time to anyone but car-nerds.
    I have already sold the game at a small loss and I doubt I will ever buy GT again. Kaz has made himself a discredited laughing stock and Sony must realise that they are becoming a 3rd rate gaming company.
    I give GT5 0/10 for being unfinished and far behind the competition, as well as being an insult to the magnificent GT3.
  22. Nov 24, 2010
    1000 cars yes, but only 200 cars are "premium". Meaning for the other 800 you can't even swap wheels. Damage is only visible on "premium" cars, and is barely noticeable and extremely unrealistic. The single player campaign is dated, same boring "Sunday Cup" style championships. AI is dreadful, other cars don't react to you. You don't need skill, just upgrades, generic ones too (no brands / no engine swapping) - and what ever happened to brake upgrades?

    Ridiculous load times between menus (takes forever to go through simple menu to menu). And a monster initial install of 8GB to speed up track load times.

    Online mode is clunky to get into. Controls and graphics aren't really too far removed from GT4 to be honest (especially on the 800 "standard" cars).

    All in all, disappointment. 5-6 years to build a game that feels like its predecessor, and barely delivers on any of its new promises. I was so disappointed that I returned this game for a full refund. Please read reviews before purchasing and don't believe the hype like I did.
  23. Nov 24, 2010
    This game is tough to recommend as a great video game--I'm not sure that it is. However, it is a great racing/driving simulator. That may sound weird, but if you are not a serious racing fan, I'm not sure how much you will enjoy Gran Turismo 5. If you ARE a racing fan or just love cars, you will surely be delighted with what Gran Turismo 5 has to offer. If you are just an average gamer looking for an easy to get into racer, you may be better served by an arcade like title, maybe something like the upcoming Dirt 3. This game has a lot of content, as you may have already read. You know the stats: 1000+ cars, 70 track variations/layouts, etc. There are a lot of events, license tests, special events, A-Spec Mode (you are the driver), B-Spec Mode (you are managing a race team)...I could go on, but you get my point, hopefully. The graphics are right on, the sound is good, and the gameplay/physics are the best in the business (in my opinion). Now for my nitpicks and why I deducted a point: The overall game doesn't feel as polished as GTs of the past....I can't put my finger on it, but somehow it just feels uneven in spots. The menus are FAR too cumbersome, they do have some charm in the My Life section, but overall could have been better. The online has some issues, not with the racing, but with how it manages racing with friends, the lobbies, and some issues with setting up race restrictions. I won't go into detail, but if you buy the game, you'll see what I mean. If I'm really nitpicking, some of the track side foliage looks off when compared to the car models, which look incredible. Also, I've seen some inconsistency in shadows. These faults, while mostly small, I feel are enough to deduct a full point. In the end I feel that Gran Turismo is the best non-arcade racing game to date. Gran Turismo 5 will not be leaving my PS3 for the foreseeable future...there is a lot of great racing to be had here, and I am going to enjoy every minute that I can.

    Graphics: 9.5
    Sound: 9.0
    Gameplay/Physics: 9.5
    Content/Replay Value: 9.5
    Menus/Modes: 8.0
    Overall Polish (how polished the finished product feels): 8.5
    Overall: 9.0
  24. Nov 24, 2010
    Best racing game,ever. That's all you need to know, now do yourself a favor and buy this game, you will not be disappointed. The graphics are freaking amazing, just jaw dropping, the number of cars is freaking huge over ONE THOUSAND! There's also NASCAR,RALLY, and GOKARTS. Then the mind blowing number of feautures, dynamic weather effects, night racing, great looking **** view, realistic damage, over 100 tracks, and a very robust, engaging, and fun mutiplayer and single player mode that will keep you hooked for months, probably years. This is one of the most feature packed games of all time. Expand
  25. Nov 24, 2010
    Thoroughly disappointing! This was supposed to be the racing game to end all racing games! Instead I find it to be great yes, but not amazing and certainly not the best driving game I've played! Owning both GT5 and Forza 3 (I have both a PS3 for myself and my son's Xbox 360 in the house) I would argue that Forza 3 is the superior game. The graphics are incredibly similar though using slightly differing artistic styles (GT5 maybe has better lighting but Forza certainly doesn't seem to have noticeably less detail - in many instances it looks better) and when it comes to gameplay Forza wins hands down. It's just more fun to play, has shorter loading times, a better single player mode and an all round better experience. GT5 just feels a little unwieldy and not the perfectly tuned racer I expected. This is a game remember? We expect more than just good graphics - most current gen games nowadays have them as a given. Expand
  26. Z-U
    Nov 24, 2010
    zxe355, granturfailsmo5, xynta123, zxtole, zircon and perhaps others seem to bee all the same person. Same style of **** writing. I'll place a 10 here to counter his ****
  27. Nov 24, 2010
    It's the most exiting game I have ever seen!He is wonderful it's really the ultimate driving car simulation!
    If you have a PS3 buy it! The gameplay is exceptionally good!(9.9)
  28. Nov 24, 2010
    Gran Turismo 5 is a time thief. You will lose your appointments, you will cancel dates, heck, you will probably lose you job trying to explore the magnificent amout of gorgeus content this pretty racing game has to offer.
    The graphics are insanelly beautiful, the gameplay is as true to real life as a videogame can be and the fun factor is mind blowing (online matches are looking perfect).

    Welcome to racing heaven. It is finally time to buy a PS3.
  29. Nov 26, 2010
    five years for that! GT5 is not finished.
    GT5 is the PES of car games, i will not buy it, for sure.

    i can 't believe they worked five years for that result
  30. Nov 27, 2010
    Horrible. Developer was to lazy to even allow you to change the breaks. Only 200 cars fully rendered the rest look like crap. They had 6 years to make it look good and they couldn't even finish it with all the delays. Might of been better if it had never been released. I will stick to forza and need for speed hot pursuit.
  31. Nov 24, 2010
    The racing experience is just what I expected. Racing and winning with skill makes you enjoy playing and the way the cars handle is so much better than Forza's which felt like a semi arcade racer to me. Many games cannot touch GT5 in driving physics and realism. There is a huge amount of content and even 3D support, though the game has some imperfections but it doesn't ruin the core gameplay, which is what this game should be all about. The amount of Forza and X360 fanboys and their behavior is outrageous. Metacritic should remove user scores permanently. The said people above clearly have no life. So hey, everyone that actually has a PS3 blu-ray console, go give this game a 10 because, well you know. Expand
  32. Nov 27, 2010
    What an absolutely horrible game, just terrible. Please do not waste your money on buying this game. What baffles me is how it took them so long to put out a piece of **** like this!
  33. Nov 24, 2010
    Wow, only been playing for about 3 hours, but it certainly has the feel of Gran Turismo that i have grown to love...only with really high end shiny graphics. so many haters reviwing this game, now i have heard of fanboys boycotting metacritic to place negative reviews on games that they don't get to play, but this is terrible...and it is blatantly obvious in this case as there are so many 0 out of 10 purely to mark the average score down. i really don't understand why they would waste time doing so, it's gran turismo!!! so where i probably would have given this game about 8.8 out of 10, purely because i have had to wait so long to play it, i'm going to give it a 10 to help give GT the score it deserves. so to all you Xbox Forza fans....be gone with you!! sure Forza is also a great game, i personally had many hours of fun with it but now its GT's turn. if you are a fan of a good racing simulator, you have hears of GT, must play this in full HD for an amazingly lifelike drive. Expand
  34. Nov 24, 2010
    The best racing game,ever. he probado el juego por solo una hora, pero debo decir que aunq no me hayan gustado algunos pequeños detalles, a mi parecer un solocoche premium se ve mejor que todos los coches q el forza tiene. eso si para las colisiones mejor debes comprarte un burnot o un forza porq esos si se abollan, aunq se abollan como en gta. simplemente si eres amante de los autos, no puedes ni dudarlo tantito basta que compres tus ferrari,o lamborghinis y veras q el juego no tiene comparacion con ningun otro juego de coches. simplemente gt5 rullez. Expand
  35. Nov 24, 2010
    If you're looking for racing, there is no substitute for GT5. This game looks real, and the physics mimic the real world. The quality and quantity put into Gran Turismo 5 is unprecedented. I recommend GT5 at the highest level.
  36. Nov 24, 2010
    Gran Turismo 5 is a fantastic racing game for PS3. Over 1000 cars, NASCAR, kart racing, head tracking, 3D, and the list goes on. Any racing game fan should definitely pick this game up! Many reviewers are saying that the damage is not realistic and that there is minimal damage hasn't played the enough. As you level up in the game, there is more damage done to the cars, and the AI get smarter. Anyone that's on the fence about getting this game should definitely go pick this up! Expand
  37. Nov 24, 2010
    First of all, let me state that I'm a pretty avid racing simulation fan. Currently, I'm playing rFactor, but I've also, played GTR, GTR Evolution and a little bit of iRacing. Those are all true racing simulations. So I can say that, without any doubt, GT5 is not a "real" racing sim. The visual aspect is purely amazing at times. Even with the standard cars looking a bit sub-par, along with a few of the courses I tried, there is no other racing game out there that looks as good as this one. The sound is not perfect, but definitely solid. The physics...well...here comes the problem. I've noticed a great improvement to the feel of weight, and body roll to the car, but every single car still seems as if it's riding along on a set of rails. I find myself panicking when I slam on the brakes and send the car into a seemingly endless slide only to realize that the car can simply pull back into the turn as if it had never happened. There is no sense of oversteer in cars which clearly should have it(I got my hands on a Dodge Charger), while understeer seems to be present in every car. And while Polyphony has a done a great job with the braking aspect, I can't help but to see glimpses of the horrid physics in GT4 shining through. Along with the clustered mess of the menu and the mundane career mode, a game that had so many years of work put into it, is well...disappointing. Even so, this game can be fun, and gives you plenty of variety including night, weather, and online races supporting up to 16 players. However, the lack of consistency in the physics leaves a lot to be desired. Expand
  38. Nov 27, 2010
    What a waste of 60 bucks. I should have known they would try and make these controls so realistic that they would just would not feel fun. Returned it already. If you masturbate to cars spinning around in neutral white space it might be your game. For me, i like fun, fast racing games. GT5 just ain't for me. Get the new NFS you can actually have fun then.
  39. Nov 27, 2010
    After a few laps and the resulting eyesore...the game appeared to have been signed off by a 5 year old...not that of a Kazunori Yamauchi! FOR SHAME! This reeks of a fat cheque thrown your way to ensure every PS3 owner has a copy of GT5 in their xmas stocking! We've all been taken for a ride...a 6 year ride of spit and polished high-res teasers only. This is not GT standard mate...EPIC FAIL Sony and Kaz! Expand
  40. Nov 26, 2010
    So bland it's unbelievable. After 5 years of waiting we get this? Stick with the newer franchises. I doubt there will be a Grand Turismo 6. If you have a PC check out some of the driving or better yet racing sims there. Richard Burns Rally is great. Live For Speed is great. GT5 is a huge disappointment.
  41. Nov 26, 2010
    Sure it's a detailed and compelling racing simulator, but it's hard to not feel disappointed after the time it took to make, especially since Forza 3 stole the spotlight.
  42. Nov 24, 2010
    This game is one of the decade defining games. Over 1000 cars, albeit not all them are premium. However, the attention to detail is just overwhelming. A solid and smooth experience. Recommended for everyone interested in driving games and simulators, hell, recommended for everyone owning PS3.
  43. Nov 24, 2010
    DO not listen to forza fanboys.
    200 premium cars is still more then any forza or nfs game. and the 800 standard are still MUCH better looking then other racing game. this is THE DRIVING SIM. its here, get used to it
  44. Nov 24, 2010
    The best racing game/sim to date. While some graphics are mediocre other graphics are so good it'll make you wanna smack your momma. 12 hrs. In and I want to keep racing. I loved Forza 3, but GT5 is not about visual modifications to your cars but about making them faster. This is a new pinnacle in racing software. If you own a PS3 then you should own this game.
  45. Nov 24, 2010
    GT5 is the most realistic looking racing game ever. Having played forza3 quite a bit (on my 360) which just gets boring after about 3 seasons of play, not to mention its total lack of a weather system (it just seems to be sunny all the time) and over use of colour. i can honestly say that GT5 kicks forza3's ass in just about every area......big style not only in the graphics department but in the gameplay as well. Anyone that has given GT5 a bad score, obviously haven't played the game at all or are just jealous 360 fanboys. i give GT5 9/10 and i believe that it will sell ps3 consoles by the lorry load. Best racer available on any console. Expand
  46. Nov 25, 2010
    Truly disappointing, definately not worth the wait. The graphics have the same flaws the prologue had 3yrs ago; flickering shadows with jaggy edges, aliasing issues on backgrounds. The graphics are inferior to Codemasters GRID in every way and that's 2yrs old! The Arcade mode has a very poor selection of cars and tracks; no San Fransisco, no El Capitano, very few of the original tracks that made the previous games, very few American Muscle cars. In GT Mode you can't even buy the cars fratured in the pre-release videos. I wanted to drive the 1969 MkII Dodge Charger that I saw in the videos, but I can't find it anywhere. The GT Mode sees the return of "Manager Mode" (now called Spec B) no-one ever used it! It's hard to see what PD have been doing for the last 3yrs. Add to all this the Japanese obsession with ritual (buy a car then unpack it from the delivery truck just so it shows up in your car list) and this game really is a fail. It's just too dated and of too poor a quality to be taken seriously! Expand
  47. Nov 26, 2010
    I could't help thinking to myself last night whilst playing, Six years, 60 million dollars, what the **** have they been doing with the time and money. At the moment I would have to say it's a huge disappointment. The graphics engine has not been improved one bit from the one used in Prologue (still screen tearing when in **** view) and that game is around 2 years old. The 800 non premium cars look awful (PS2 GT4 graphics), and many of the original tracks are very bland. The menus are ok but some of the loading times are terrible. Handling is good (but is it that important if your playing on a pad to have a handling system that is apparently brilliant), damage engine is poor. Forza 4 can take a breather, you won't have to aim very high to beat this. In fact Forza 3 is a better game than GT5. I would also like to point out that I am not a Sony fanboy idiot or a 360 fanboy idiot. Expand
  48. Nov 30, 2010
    Half a decade to make- 80% cars have no interior view- weak Ai- unrealistic damage-Low quality graphics for most cars-
  49. COT
    Nov 30, 2010
    First off I've been a huge fan of the GT series ever since GT1 with my favorites being GT2 and GT3. I also track my race car on track days in the real world. I've patiently waited years for this game to release and actually bought a PS3 a while ago simply for it. My hopes were to be able to get my racing fix with GT5 since I can't get my car on track as many times as I'd like with my current budget. Unfortunately this game is just awful. The actual driving is quite fantastic and I'm pretty satisfied with that, but the game itself is shameful. I'm actually heartbroken and feel betrayed. I'm probably one of the many that ended up buying Forza 3 to pass the time until GT5 came out, little did I know that I'd just return to Forza in the end. Even though Forza has its many flaws and is quite disappointing in its own ways, I still believe it is a far better game. It's unbelievable that they're advertising this game as having more than 1000 cars when they fail to mention that 80% of them are just direct ports from a game that's 7 years old. And it shows. -pathetic AI-
    -inconsistent frame rate and screen tearing-
    -paper thin modifications-
    -lackluster tuning- ( no brake or ARB options )
    -dismal and unfortunate looking standard cars- ( the whole standard vs. premium idea is idiotic to say the least )
    -bad selection of premium cars-
    -unfortunate looking and limited tracks-

    and many many more. Just read the mixed and negative reviews, they're more or less on the money. All in all I would definitely give this game a much higher rating if I didn't care so much, but alas I'm no casual gamer where games like NFS are a good enough racing experience. Just overall very very disappointing to see that my favorite racing franchise of all time has come to this.
  50. Dec 1, 2010
    6 years of development for nothing. It is sad how people call this game realistic when it's clearly not. It is not even fun. GT5 excels only at failing,
  51. Nov 30, 2010
    What happens when a developer produces a game in 1 year, and then goes on vacation for the next 5 before finally releasing their product? While I'm sure that's not what happened with Polyphony Digital and GT5, it certainly gives us a glimpse of what the outcome of such an act might be. The game feels pieced together in the worst way. Before I get into the meat of the review, I'll simply state - I've played every GT up until this. Any further attempts to assure you of my status as anything other than an Xbox Fanboy would be wasted, I'm well aware. I'd like to say that GT5 is a flawed but excellent game. I can't. What it is is a flawed mediocre game. The driving physics no longer stand head and shoulders above the competition, the car selection, while immense, is deceptive - how many variations of the Nissan Skyline do we really need? And to make matters worse, cars are split between "Standard" and "Premium" varieties. The standard vehicles look like they were rendered 5 years ago, early in the development cycle. They would be passable if this were a launch title. The Premium cars look considerably better, with a level of detail that's hard to appreciate outside Photo Mode. There are far more standard than premium cars, sadly. The backgrounds and tracks are likewise bi-polar - some seem to be taken directly from the PS2, with only a hi-def makeover for improvement, right down to the 2D trees and skyboxes.

    And the driving? It's the equal, but not better, of any racing game on the market. But where other racing sims succeed, GT5 fails, for the first time, to distinguish itself, for while the driving physics are superlative as ever, the opponent AI is worse than ever. Other cars seem, at most times, to not even acknowledge your presence on the track, attempting to drive through you on their racing line far too often. And when a collision does occur, it's as if the other car is bolted to the track - good luck trying to get the better of a close scrape, regardless of whether you're in a 1,600lb GT and your opponent is in a 1,040lb hatchback. You will spin out, they will not.

    In the end, the things that made GT great are still there, at times. But much of the game feels and looks 5 years old, and the competition has more than caught up. This is no longer a worthwhile offering from a developer that once commanded the genre.
  52. Nov 24, 2010
    Most of the reviewers on here cannot even speak English, So get off the site and go to one in your language. The others are either people who haven't even played it and are just here to bash it. None of you have even played through 24 hours of the game. What a complete joke this review system is. Basically, It's just 13 year olds with unrestricted access to their computers complaining how "technical" and "slow" the game is. Go buy Need for Speed Fake Pursuit or Call of Duty Bandwagon Ops..That's if mommy can get off of work early to drive you to Gamestop. Expand
  53. Nov 30, 2010
    Boring and bland would describe it best. I have a PS3, and a 360 like most adult gamers. Forza 3 is still the best racer out there by far.
    The graphics can be really bad at times, and inconsistent. Menu's are joke. Get a good car, and breeze through all the races.

    What a shame.,,

    I can't wait for Little Big Planet 2!!!
  54. Nov 24, 2010
    i haven't played this yet but looking at the other user reviews at least 10 of the 0's are the same guy on a bunch of accounts, based on the grammar. so I'll give it a 10
  55. Nov 24, 2010
    It's easy to see that Gran Turismo 5 was over the head most of the people that "officially" reviewed it. Seems that GT5's unprecedented realism didn't hit stride with people who bank on guns- cop chases- sex- or the name forza to recommend a game for the American crowd. Gran Turismo 5 is game aimed at car and race enthusiasts, those have always been the fans of the series- and yet it seems the only thing that is constant in every review (outside of it having outstanding graphics) it that they all say is "Fans of the series will not be disappointed.".... No Sh!t.... Well i'll go ahead and say it, THATS BECAUSE THAT'S WHO THE GAME WAS MADE FOR- car and race nuts that don't require the usual American treatment of sex and violence to be entertained. Don't review a game that you don't fall into the target market of and then turn around and give it average scores because it was to complex and realistic for your taste. This isn't the Xbox 360 crowd that's full of 10-18 year olds wanting to blow something up, it's a Sony crowd that banks on the no frills realism of GT5. Expand
  56. Nov 24, 2010
    This game is the best racing game period. Do not compare it to arcade racing games like NFS because this game is about precision. I am going to talk about the flaws and how they are not really important and how they totally donâ
  57. Nov 24, 2010
    Xbox 360 lowlife scums are attacking this game as we speak. They come here to pretend that they've waited so long, they own a PS3 for this game and praise Forza 3? How low can you get, that's fanboyism at its best. Read, you haven't even tried this game, and you probably don't even own a PS3. Rating a game like GT5 0 out of 10? Are you f*cking stupid? That doesn't even make sense. This game is awesome beyond any racing sims I've tried in my entire life, and trust me, I've tried many.

    It's f*cking sad to see people bash such a great game simply because they think their console is superior. STOP pretending you've been waiting for this game when you're a 360 fanboy, STOP pretending you own a PS3 to make you appear less of a fanboy, AND STOP bashing another game on a serious review site. I've had it.

    I'm gonna rate this game with honesty, like any other game it has flaws, but they're extremely small, I would have rated it 9 out of 10, but because lowlife fanboy scums are rating it low, I'm giving it 10 out of 10 simply for being the best racing sim game ever made in history.
  58. Nov 24, 2010
    What the **** is everyone whining about. Yes the loading times between menus is a little too long and the AI is a little sterile (what game isnt really, and if it is they are random and can **** you up). This is a master piece, the driving simulation is epic (yes its been on pc for a while, but the in car effects and feeling of being in the **** is unrivalled adding to it). we dont even need to speak about the graphics, amazing, and the night racing, effects, special stages(epic!), all the added extras like top gear track, , so ****ing much. yes the terrain is a little bland, but you are pushing serious **** with those premium cars. and **** you if you think the non-premium cars ruin the game, they can hardly model them all, 2018 release. and they are ok anyway. I havnt done much online, i hear its a bit dodgy, but as long as i can get a race and its not laggy (prologue was fine) im all good. If you a driving fan, shut up, get a ps3, this game, a G25 or G27, a nice tv, and enjoy the best driving game ever made Expand
  59. Nov 24, 2010
    Gran Turismo 5 is simply the best racing game of this generation bar none. I can tell you I have played a lot of both great arcade racers (Need for Speed:Shift, Forza Motorsports 3) and simulators this generation and Gran Turismo 5 outshines all others in every aspect!
    Graphically this game destroys the competition, earning the title of best raccing game graphics on any platform. That's
    right, there's no game even on PC that looks better, boasting 500,000 polygons per car versus, for example, forza 3's 170,000 and Need for Speed Shift's (when maxed out on the PC) 200,000.
    It is not only the new benchmark in graphics for a racing game, it also has one of the best physics systems in any game in recent years. The realistic rollover, stalling, tyre wear based on humidity and pressure in the air, real time damage, backfiring, engine and mechanical damage all help to make it the most realistic true-to-life handling racing game of this generation (It's definitely up there tied with iRacing and beating out Live For Speed) Not only that but the sounds are incredible too! There's been a massive improvement over Prologue, with each individual vehicle emitting its own respective grunt and transmission whine which, when you tune the car, changes the engine note completely just as in real life.
    As far as gameplay is concerned... Almost 70 tracks including Top gear test track, Nurburgring, Monza, track editor, day/night cycle, weather cycle, lifelike and complex AI, 1037 cars including appearances from Nascar, F1, F2, karting and more, Special drivers appearing in stages like Top Gear's Stig, Joey Logano, F1 champion Vettel, Sebastian Loeb and more. Not to mention split screen, 16 player online, extensive photomode (up to 8mp pictures) replays instantly uploadable to youtube in glorious HD, B spec career mode (much like a racing manager) A spec career mode (a gruelling series of challenges, will definitely take you a while to complete this one!) GT life community, car museum, car tuning, car painting and there's probably even things I've missed out ;)
    The game is overwhelming in content and quality, far surpassing any racing game or simulator this generation. A must buy for anyone even remotely interested in cars.
  60. Nov 24, 2010
    Percent waited five years to have no part in the outstanding quality it said. The time change, and specifications are quite unfortunately halfway weather change. This long period of time to waste, I would suspect eyes were doing. GT GT believer like I'm doing is more meaningful if there is no other game, but particularly adhered to buy. I collected the car and painful word.
  61. Nov 26, 2010
    It's a good game, don't get me wrong. But Gran Turismo 5 should have been a brilliant game, and for a game that's been in development this long, it does feel particularly unpolished. The graphics are quite inconsistent, really. Cars that look very close to the real thing, spoiled by shadows that are worse than most PS1 games. A series of excellent premium cars, but an abundance of "average" cars. Also, less customisation of cars than I've come to expect from the series.

    But it is probably the best racing sim at the moment. Plenty of tracks, plenty of cars, goes great with a quality steering wheel set. I'm sure I'll spend plenty of time playing it. And if they ever patch those annoying shadows, I'll probably bump the score up by one.
  62. Nov 26, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. No custom soundtracks.Tracks are nothing special **** view is stupid Premium cars look no better than Forza 3 ,Drifiting is unrealistic, unlike NFS, Visually nothing special ,Sixaxis does stuff,Damage modeling is only on race cars, Citreon C4 WRC isn't for snow ,All tracks were optionally dirt tracks on GT4 Forza 3 is the best race game of the generation Expand
  63. Nov 26, 2010
    As IGN said, it's a 10/10 simulator in a 5/10 game... but to me that doesn't somehow add up to an 85% score. In fact, it's not even a 10/10 simulator, as the collision physics (whether with a wall or with other cars) are terrible. That wouldn't be so bad if collisions were rare, but the AI is unaware of your presence and will run into you over and over again. So much of the game is unpolished that it is difficult to see where the 6 years went- surely not just on the graphics of photo mode and the premium cars?

    Oh, and if you only have a controller and not a wheel, seriously do not bother. Without feedback there's no feel in the driving at all.

    Disappointment of the year.
  64. Nov 27, 2010
    This game is more like Gran Turismo 4.5, not much better than the last GT, which definitely hurts this game. I own both xbox and PS3, and I can for sure tell you that Forza 3 is way better than GT5; From the sounds in Forza, to the modeling of the cars, to the easiness of menus. WTF were the developers doing for the last 5 years, are you kidding me, you couldn't get the sounds for the cars in all that time..... I do how ever like the driving physics of this game, they are very realistic, and that the only thing that saved this game for me. I would buy this game to own and play, it definitely came of the pedestal for me and was replaced by Forza. Expand
  65. Nov 24, 2010
    GT5 is the real deal, there is no competition. Everything about this game is just pure perfection. The driving is incredible, the music is incredible, the graphics are incredible... The pace is just right for beginners because you don't start with the damage system right away so you'll have time to adapt before being punished with your car breaking down. The damage system greatly affects your car's driving and considering the game itself it's pretty hard for a beginner to start with the damage system would be overkill so, PD did right into incorporating it depending on your driving level.

    The add to the equation the weathernsystem, day/night transitions, snow, rally, Nascar and you'll see that this game is the complete package and that there's no game that offers more for you 60 dollars.
  66. Nov 26, 2010
    I was underwhelmed with the racing experience on GT5. Sure, the graphics are pure eye candy but that alone does not make a great game. Arcade Mode on Professional provides miserly challenge .. that more often than not, you can win by a country mile by the time you cross the checkered flag.

    The challenge on FM3 is far better - if i could pin it down, it would be that the racing is much
    closer, the challenge that much harder and there is always the excitement of taking defensive / offensive lines. On GT5 its all very sterile .. you can even bump into the AI to slow you down into corners and get away with it. FM3 is less forgiving and you would be spinning your way off or damaging your gearbox or engine. Don't get me wrong, I use the Force GT steering and i thoroughly enjoy the steering and force feedback when you aquaplane or losing grip on GT5. It's enjoyable as a tech demo to show off the game's graphical prowess as you navigate around the circuit .. great graphics .. good handling etc. It is definitely a competent game. A superly great game for a lot of folks I reckon. But it wasn't for me. But after being spoiled by FM3, GT5 comes around as rather tame. And I really had high hopes that the bar would be raised. But it hasn't - except maybe in the visuals department. And I confess that I am disappointed. Expand
  67. Jio
    Nov 24, 2010
    I love this game!!! People who love forza will love this game. Gran turismo 5 is the best racing game of this generation. It may not be the revolutionary game everyone was expecting, but it stayed true to its origins. More is along the way as Yamouchi said that he will keep adding more like better damage, and patches which means that the game will have long replay value and will keep getting better. A must have for any racing fan. Expand
  68. Nov 24, 2010
    Mission accomplished Kazunori Yamauchi! A brilliant game not selling out to western type "arcade" race games and sticking to your guns to make one of the best race games this gen! Can Metacritic please filter out the fake hate reviews here? Grow up people.... If you own a ps3 or thinking on getting one go pick this one up! 10/10
  69. Nov 24, 2010
    the game game really lived up to the hype, you can see clearly here that only the haters rated it low, no wonder they are all 0 scores, so damn obvious
  70. Nov 29, 2010
    The claims that the bad reviews are rom 360 fanboys are silly. I have all PS3, 360, and Wii, and each is great. Gran Turismo 5 however, is not. All you have to do in order to realize this is watch Gamespot's interview with one of the game developers! The entire hour he is demoing the game he is pointing out flaws. Lowered graphics on the majority of the cars (even the shadows have horrible aliasing on the "premium models"), no real damage of any kind, no interior views except "premium" cars. The load times are long, a lot of environmental textures just look like flat images that pass by, and the AI is completely unaware of your presence on the track. The "upgrade" options are laughable, being as generic as paying for an "engine upgrade" that doesn't even tell you how it will change the specs of your car. That's pretty much your main performance upgrade. If you're looking for a really detailed sim racer with lots of upgrade and customization options, Forza is far and away the better game.

    That being said, sometimes the game does look beautiful, and with the sheer number of cars and the detail that goes into their handling, you have to give them some credit. It is probably the most realistic racing sim out there (yes, I own Forza 3 as well), and I will definitely play this game through, but the whole time I'm doing so I will be wishing that Polyphony made better on a lot of their promises.

    My rating does not detract for "clunky menus" or "bad music" (the music is actually a nice change from your standard racer, although I guess not for everyone), because honestly, they don't affect the game at all.

    So far I've only completed all of the "Beginner" racing events, so perhaps things will get more exciting as I go on, but I'm not expecting much except for things to go faster.
  71. Dec 1, 2010
    So I had high hopes for this game. Loved 2,3 and 4 and the PS3 has been missing this game for the two Forza releases the 360 got bestowed. It's a massive disappointment. Deeply flawed, stuck in the last decade and early 2000 at that. This game was rushed to release somehow after spending 5+ years developing it. The menu is inhibitive, clunky and soul destroying. There is no real direction, the special stages feel like they're tacked on because the a-spec is not enough. I have no idea what they were thinking when they created the b-spec, it just doesn't make sense as a game - especially as they seem to make you do (watch) more laps than the a-spec.
    The one thing that drags this game out of 4 score territory, is when you get to race some decent cars against decent opponents. It's a real trill. The Ferrari 430 Scuderia special was immense.
    However this game screams of the the fact Yamauchi has no idea what modern games are and no respect for gamers. When you get a new car - you have to manually accept it and then get subjected to all the loading screens, etc to see the car drive up to you on screen, then loading screens back to the main menu. It might make sense if you got a nice motor, a Koenigsegg or something. But to have to do that to everything, Lupos and Yaris alike is insane.
    Colour me disappointed.
  72. Nov 24, 2010
    Simplemente el mejor simulador de carreras si es verdad que los coches standart no están tan bien como deberían igual que el online (cosa que no se pueda solucionar)pero los coches premium son un lujo a la vista y en los niveles más altos es un autentico reto con un buen implemento de los daños que alteran la mecánica una novedad en la saga, las opciones son de lujo igual que los menús muy bien diseñados, las cargas si es verdad que son lentas pero para nada empaña la gran obra maestra de yamaguchi, simplemente un gran homenaje a los apasionados del motor,gracias poliphony. Expand
  73. Nov 24, 2010
    It's a real shame that metacritic is full of bull**** reviews, mainly on PS3 games. All the B.S comes from xbox 360 fanboys who are mad that they don't have a PS3. Its hilarious really. That they are so sad and angry with there xbox, that they give epic games, such as Gran Turismo 5, a terrible review.

    Forza 3 is a racing simulator, and to say that Forza 3 is better than Gran Turismo 5 is
    a complete joke. Not a funny one either, it just shows how ignorant people can be. I'm not going to go into too much detail about how great this game is, but just know that all the bad reviews are a load of bull, though you should still read the bad reviews, as they are funny. One of them said that "Grand Theft Auto 4" was a 360 exclusive. LMAO. Haha ok, now onto the short review.

    Graphics, 10/10, this is the BEST looking game I have ever seen. IT beats Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, and God Of War 3 in terms of graphics. You will basically be asking yourself if this is real car footage, or if its a game. ITs not real, but it sure as hell looks like it.

    Gameplay 10/10, the game feels amazing, as if you are really driving a car. I recommend picking up the "Logitech G27 steering wheel" which makes the game even more realistic. Sounds, there amazing, what all can I say? It sounds like your in the car, it sounds like other cars are around you, going at the top speeds. Even better, theres a song list in the game with 100+ songs, and if you don't like any of those songs (trust me you will like them) Then you can listen to music off your own hard drive.
    Sounds are a 10/10

    I would like to put more detail into this game, but I am sorry that I don't have the time! I need to go play my copy of Gran Turismo 5. All you need to know is that I give this game a 10/10, thanks for reading, enjoy the best racing simulator ever released, Gran Turismo 5! (fanboys can ATTEMPT to enjoy Forza 3, but we all know they'll Dreaming that it is really GT5)
  74. Nov 24, 2010
    This game is really good, it's not perfect but its no way that bad as some stupid people claims. What are these people thinking? The sheer content of these game already deserve an 8. Giving game a zero is just plain stupid. Even if its as bad and as dumb as your useless mind, there's no way you should give a game a rating of 0. You should at least give credit to the developers for creating game for us gamers. But as i can see these people are just xbot fanboy or just plain stupid. To all the haters of the game out there, go enjoy talking trash about GT5 while we enjoy playing it, you pieces of trash. Expand
  75. Nov 24, 2010
    This is, quite simply, the most stunning racer of this generation by far. In terms of graphics, sound, physics and content, GT5 DESTROYS the competition. It leaves games like Race Driver: GRID, Forza Motorsports: 3 and Need For Speed Shift looking and playing like last generation Playstation 2 games. GT5 has set the bar extremely high and it's very doubtful sh*tty companies like turn 10 or EA will ever reach that level. Expand
  76. Nov 24, 2010
    O melhor em sua categoria, imbativel! Pena ter tanto SONY hater aqui akAKAKkAk São cegos que nem querem enxergar o obvio, GT é o melhor e é um fato.
    Ainda não peguei o meu, mais com certeza passarei muitas horas jogando esta obra de arte.
  77. Nov 24, 2010
    5 hours in. Best GT yet in my opinion. they've brought alot of the things from the psone versions back and then added more. i think it goes without saying this game is getting trolled pretty bad so the user score here doesn't do it justice. if you like gt 1 -4, you'll love gt5.
  78. Nov 24, 2010
    Amazing Game everything I expect from a Gran Turismo game. Physics are amazing, Has drafting, Nascar feels right. premium cars look fantastic. Loads of modding option. Just a great all around game
  79. Nov 28, 2010
    85 meta score is a generous scoring.its clear that now there is competition from other sims in this generation of consoles,GT has been caught with its pants down.the only evolution in this game has been the addition of online play and prettier cars.albeit, broken online play and inconsistent pretty cars.which are suspected ps2 HD versions ported.it seems this lack of evolution is consistent which the whole japanese gaming industry right now.but GT5 is a massive let down after so many years.and the only people crowing about it as a 10/10 game are sony/gt5 loyalists.im sorry to say..if your a big racing sim fan..then there is only one choice..forza 3!!! critical acclaim has it as the best racer available today bar none!!why? besides the fact that it scores A LOT higher here,it evolves between each game and gets better.kaz may as well have taken prologue and released an update..and sony are really good at updates i get them all the time! Expand
  80. Nov 30, 2010
    Simple The game is visually stunning cars look amazing, but the menus, the slow load time, the poor damage system, the A.I., and the sound track! all work to knock the Score way down for me. when there are so many racing games out there right now that handle all these things so much. for example I went off the rally track and hit some string and sticks on the side of the road and bounced back on to the track This is not what I want after 5 years of waiting, its perfect line nerf racing. This is the same GT youâ Expand
  81. Nov 28, 2010
    I'm a car guy that grew up in the NES days with only a handful racing games, and none were even close to being a sim. The GT series came out and quickly became my favorite series. After GT4 released other devellopers stepped up and improved on the formula. With six year of devellopment, I got to play a Gran Trismo with rehashed AI (yes, even the unlocked 'smarter' AI is quite terrible), rehashed wobbly physics and 800 rehashed GT4 cars. Even the premium models aren't as consistent as the fanboys imagine, but that's just a small part of the game.

    The environments, what I actually look at from inside my car in a race, don't match the cars at all. While the new city based tracks are gorgeous for the most part, they don't capture detail like Project Gotham Racing 4, which is three years old. The real tracks like Laguna Seca, Suzuka and Curcuit de la Sarthe are not only hard to look at but in some cases don't even resemble the actual location beyond basic layout..

    Tuning and customization are next to non-existant. In the years since GT4, other devellopers have introduced high levels of tuneability and modification. I'm not just referring to the ability to toss a Ghostbusters logo on a car either. Other titles in the genre let me change everything from wheels/tires, to aero parts, cam profiles, to the fuel system used. It's all just a change in numbers to the physcs equation, but the point is if I want to drive a modded VW Golf in a race against a Z06, I now have that option. GT5 removes these option, essentially moving backwards in a genre GT created on consoles.

    The visuals are terrible. To clarify, indeed they are at times gorgeous, the photo mode turns out fantastic shots and the dedicated bullshot generator (photo travel) means I will never have to buy another car magazine, at least not for pictures of the 200 cars it allows me to take pictures of. The environments I went over, but the smoke effects, weather effects, and general cobbled-together look of this game is absolutely terrible at times. Never have I seen such a pretty game look so ugly 5 seconds later. The worst offender is the frame rate and screen tearing, which actually affects the gameplay (London) The AI drivers are all idiots. I kept hearing "oh but they get smarter when you level up!" I'm not seeing it. I did notice one AI car swerve to avoid me after I clipped a wall, but the next 6 all piled into me and each other. They just kind of sat there pushing me into the wall (litterally, my car was partially in the wall) while the other cars continued the race. Sadly this isn't an isolated case in my game. I also noticed I'm still allowed to plow into AI cars and use them as a guardrail at will with no consequence.

    Physics and control. This to me is the absolute most important part of any 'simulator' above everything else. These are not new physics, these are still a step below what we had in GT3 before it was dumbed down for GT4 to make room for all the extra visuals. With such a supposedly impressive physics engine running, where is my telemetry data? I get to watch my tires turn red or green, that's about it. I can't read tire pressure/temps/wear/friction etc like in other games not to mention look at what part on my car is taking wear. This information is important so I can tune it to fix those issues before my next race... Oh that's right it would be useless to me anyways since I can't actually do anything to change my car's handling. This genre and the physics engines driving them have evolved since GT4, but apparently Polyphony has been too busy flying around the world playing with cars on Sony's dime to bother making a video game. Granted this is a console 'sim' like Forza and thus I do not expect infinite points of customization, but I would at least expect the game to offer a fraction of what Forza 3 brought to the table(or even Forza 1 for that matter) What an absolute shame.

    The extras destroy the game. Kart racing is both watered-down and the tracks created for them are among the worst looking things I've seen on the PS3. The weather effects could have been great (like in PGR4 again) but they offer no real substance and frankly look just rotten. The track editor is not worth typing about, and finally the damage modeling. We have different variations in the game, some have to be unlocked for some reason. The cars aren't actually damaged though, they simply deform or have parts fall off. No downshifting early and blowing the motor, no failing brakes, etc.

    I really want to give this game a 5 as I truly believe it is just that, completely average. I gave it a 6 just for all the content and the fact that there is a somewhat solid game under the garbage that got dumped on it at the last second before they shovelled it out onto store shelves before Xmas. This game was a mistake that took Polyphony SIX years to make. I'll always remember GT fondly, up until this release.
  82. Nov 29, 2010
    I don't understand what they've been doing all this time, six years and only 11 tracks with weather? The game feel half assed Quality over quantity. I rather 600 premium cars that ps2 looking ones.You don't even get money for winning races online but the deduct damage from you for getting hit in an online race.
    Gran Turismo 5 looks great on the outside but when you finally sit down to play
    it you will find that it lacks some online features that you would think would be standard. Want to invite your friends to your game? That isnâ Expand
  83. Nov 29, 2010
    I'm really disappointed with this game.A cumbersome user interface, bad AI ,800 cars that look like a goddamn ps2 game and only 11 tracks with weather after 5 years.You have backgrounds that look like cardboards and jaggy shadows everywhere.You even made people pay for a demo to promising all cars would look good yet all we got was a lie This isn't ps2 generation anymore polyphony, please step your game up. Expand
  84. Nov 30, 2010
    Gran Turismo has always been, for me, the premiere and class leading realistic driving game. Being involved in the automotive industry and media for most of my professional career, expectations for Gran Turismo 5 were very high. GT5 was suppose to be the be-all end-all of driving games. So how did it do?

    GT5 definitely nails the driving simulation aspects. The driving physics are
    absolutely great and completely unforgiving. Extreme precision is needed to move your car down a track quickly and I really like that. The premium vehicle models and tracks look amazing. The vehicle selection is plentiful. If you're a car nut, GT5 gives you a lot to love, but the game as a whole goes rapidly downhill from there.

    The menu system is confusing, inconsistent, and generally a complete mess. The damage model is almost entirely invisible and doesn't affect the performance of your vehicle. The progression system is outdated and uninspiring. About 800 of the 1000 vehicles in the game are low quality models carried over from previous games and look terrible. The vehicle upgrade and customization systems have little to no depth.

    Just when you think nothing else could go wrong, something of epic proportions does. When I'm really driving, whether it's competitively or casually, the one thing I always feel is the passion, excitement, and ownership of every action I perform and every situation I experience. It's an event that truly moves my soul. Some could argue you could never get that feedback from any game and they have a point, but there are games that somehow show this is possible. Forza Motorsports 3 makes you feel connected on an emotional level to your vehicle because you have to build a relationship with it through Forza's extensive upgrade and customization system in order to perform optimally. When you get it right, you feel that connection.

    And there in lies the biggest problem of all. Yes, GT5 drives accurately. Yes, GT5 looks amazing. Yes, GT5 has so many cars and tracks that it makes your head spin. But at the end of the day, what you have here is a technical marvel that's entirely soulless and simply lacks the fun you should be having. Not only are you disconnected from the game, you get the sense the developers are completely disconnected from what the gamer wants. They spent so much time making this thing driving perfection, that they completely forgot about the emotion. I wanted to love it so much, but Gran Turismo 5 turned out to be one of the most disappointing games I have ever played.
  85. Dec 1, 2010
    800 cars that look like a ps2 game, crappy tracks, and no damage and the idiots will still eat it up.
  86. Dec 1, 2010
    GT5 reminds me of hurricane Katrina.A big impact in a terrible way.
  87. Mar 15, 2011
    Oh dear. How the mighty have fallen. I confess, as a kid, on the original playstation, I played GT and GT2 pretty much non-stop. Gran Turismo is a series of true prestige and class, and as i have always said, it is the best racing series to grace any games console, ever. Period. But is that still the case? GT3 and GT4 are two of the most immersive racers I have ever played, and despite the lack of quality in GT Concept, it remained that way until the release of the full version of GT5. I never played GT5 Prologue, simply because I had an Xbox until GT5, and i was enjoying the limitless wonders of the Forza series. Anyway, Forza is besides the point for now. Gran Turismo 5 starts with an opening movie that has some of the best graphics ever seen in a video game, truly excellent. However, it then goes downhill. The graphics are a major concern in this game, when you watch the opening movie or any of the trailers, the graphics look gorgeous, and it appears that they are going to surpass that of Forza Motorsport with ease, however, when you actually get around to playing the game they are actually offensively poor. There are two catagories of car in the game; Premium and Standard. All very well one may think, but as the starting budget of the game is 20,000 â Expand
  88. Nov 29, 2010
    Ok, so as to not rehash everything written about the game from bad menu's, THE DAMAGE....oh come on where are you, the total lack of mechanical faults and wear and tear on the cars, or the rubbish AI.

    It is a reasonable driving game non the less. Does it live up to expectations and the HYPE not even close, and i mean they are not even in the same race which is where the blame should
    rest. With so long in the making everyone expected big things with improvement thats would blow your mind, and if you pay homage to that then of course you could give the game nothing more than a ZERO and im sure so many of the reviews come from that view point.

    If you put all that aside and just look at it from the merit of the game it is then, it has some crisp graphics, moments of a great racing game and feeling of competition but it is so often clouded with the feeling of an imcomplete game that after all this time is still buggy, unpolished and not on par with other games in the genre. All things considered, the sound is the biggest let down by far, with dynamic crashes sounding like nothing more than a plastic coke bottle hit you in the hit, engines that resemble cards stuck on the spokes of your bike ( ah chlld hood memories ) and a sound track that is just a resume for people to find there place in the job que down at the local supermarket.

    I feel disappointed and robbed of the expierence that should have been a great game, but after the hype and constant delays should we have really expected that this would result in something great, as I cant remember a time where something game, movie, tv show, anything was delayed and the final product was worth the extra wait.
  89. Nov 25, 2010
    I have waited so long for this game as with every one else and all i can say is that this game is incredible... the graphics and the sheer amount of things in GT5 is brilliant. i cant understand why people are comparing this to need for speed, they are tottaly different racing games... GT5 is for the petrol head out there. if you dont like and have never liked GT then its not going to change your opinion of the series, but if you love GT and cars then this is your heaven. 1000 cars may seem abit extreame but more is better and the cars look amazing...the game has a nice bit of humour too..(the car wash) and being able to race your car round the Top Gear test track is a brilliant touch.. This will keep you entertained well into next year... Expand
  90. Nov 26, 2010
    To be honest I am a bit disappointed with the User reviews in general. A lot of user give this game a 10/10 - clearly not correct and other give it a 0/10 - also not correct. Let's face it one has to take the good things and the bad things and sum them all up which leaves you with at least an average rating. The premium cars are good and some of the tracks look awesome, On the other had there is a lot of recycled stuff in this game and that is not so good. However, one has to review this game for what it is and not what it should have been and could have been and therefore I will rate this game as an average for the time being. I also expected more but - since I wanted a racing game - I bought GT5 to have some fun with it and some frustrations. Sorry don't own an XBOX and therefore can't compare to Forza 3! It could well be that Forza is the best but then again does this help me - not really! By the way, everyone whant to drive the premium cars all the time anyway - how much time do we really spend on these standard cars - as little time as possible! we all want the Zondas, GT40 etc. and they look awesome! Expand
  91. Nov 25, 2010
    Really am disappointed all the xbox flamers are trying to lower the reviews. All in all the game is awesome. The only complaint I have is that shadows could have been done better. The loading times are long (however i saw last night they expect that to be due to online overload even for single player as it is still connected to the online servers). Those are really my only complaints. The single player is basically right out of GT3/4 with many, many added tracks and cars. The graphics (besides shadows) are awesome. Physics are A+ as well. I really do not know what people are complaining about. Heck the online is even good (which I expected to be horrible ala GT5P). If you are a fan of racing or a fan of any of the previous GT games this is a must buy 10/10. Expand
  92. Dec 2, 2010
    GT4 or GT5 HD? Below average graphics, dated gameplay , optional licenses, bad online , bad sound, bad menus ... THE WORST GT IN HISTORY! I just dont give it a zero because Sony had the balls to launch this crappy game worldwide.
  93. Nov 27, 2010
    Ok, where do I start? ... Alot of things just let this game down, 800 Cars with bland textures that (and I'm not joking) look like a PS2 game, a menu system that can confuse the best of them ( I wanted a Japanese classic car for a race and could not find one anywhere) and AI that sticks to there racing line NO MATER WHAT! Apart from that lot ^ this game HAS kept me up night after night for a few good reasons. 1: The photo mode creates outstanding realistic photos (But, only if the car is premium) 2: Top Gear Test track 3: Video Replays... for those of you who "live" racing games this game satisfies, but... it lacks the polish...every time I play I just keep thinking PGR4 did this same thing if not better, and that was a few years ago. In the end its a mixed bag for me, great this, bad that (I think if they (PD) had of just made the 800 "standard" cars more detailed I would have lived with the rest and given it a higher score :) Expand
  94. Nov 30, 2010
    Simply the best driving simulator ever! It wasn't meant to be like a Burnout or NFS style game. If u like simplified arcadey-style gameplay then by all means play those titles and stop knocking GT5. However, if u consider yourself a petrolhead, a motoring enthusiast or even a fan of the series, then you will definitely love this game. Everything has been majorly improved and expanded upon from the previous GT titles. The game continuously tests you, makes you think, sweat, and then rewards you. For the sheer amount of days or weeks of enticing gameplay contained within, GT5 is already worth your money. And when you want to take a break from the serious battles versus the sometimes relentless A.I, there's Karting, the Top Gear track, racing online with your mates (which I've played for hours against a friend thousands of miles away and, since the latest patch, it's flawless). There's also a photo mode for a change of scenery and GT TV for the die-hard petrolheads. I doubt that any of the negative reviewers ( twitch-gaming kids? lame-brained twits? Xbot trolls? etc) have even unlocked the rally races on GT mode. The rally cars handle superbly and the rallies play better than the rally game Dirt (and that's a bold claim!) The game has a few minor issues like occasional tearing and sometimes odd A.I, but the promise of regular patches based on the opinions of people who play the game via the PS blogs online, means that GT5 will continue to improve and EVOLVE. There's also a ton of FREE DLC coming our way!
    All in all I'm extremely happy with my purchase, GT5 is a great game to enjoyably pass the time when it's too cold to move outside in the bitter weather.
  95. Nov 25, 2010
    I am not a `hardcore' racing game fan but I suspect the majority of people thinking about buying this game are not either so perhaps these impressions will be useful to a few who read this. I confess that much of the sophistication of GT5's driving probably goes over my head, and I may be more likely to notice presentation before the difference between good and great driving physics.

    think that a player's enjoyment of the game will depend really on their preparedness to look for the positive aspects of the game and `block out' some of the less positive ones. At the moment I'm actually puzzled at some of the stuff I'm seeing. Upon starting the game one is greeted by an extremely classy introduction to the game. All seems good! Proceeding then to the GT mode, which has traditionally been the main part of Gran Turismo games, one would think that the first race a player would enter would be an impressive showcase for the game. This is not the case though! It is on the track Autumn Ring, which in my view looks dreadful- a track surrounded by what seem to be carboard cutouts of trees, set against a harsh lighting which only seems to exacerbate the impression. All the while, the player may be driving around this track in a car which looks as good as anything ever seen in a video game. For reasons I don't really understand, this side-by-side existence of the superb with the surprisingly bad seems to pervade how the game looks. I think I was not alone in expecting to see something incredible in the graphics department from this game. Surely the long development time was going to lead to this! There're `wow!' moments for sure, but also many things, like the track mentioned above (something else which comes to mind is zombie Jeff Gordon's inability to lip-sync with himself, I hope that never happens to me) which look a lot worse than things found in a game such as Dirt 2. Why the inconsistency? This inconsistency is not just present in the appearance of the tracks of course, as mentioned at length in other reviews. And so, even though I'm thoroughly enjoying most of this game, it is very difficult to avoid moments where things, for lack of a better word, look unfinished. Was this game rushed out? I'm really not sure. Still complaining about the tracks, I note that many of the odd graphical touches exist for tracks which are in both GT5 and GT5 Prologue. In the three years between the games, the developers clearly saw no need to fix what, to them, wasn't broken. It seems then that if you're able to think more like Polyphony Digital do about games, then this game is more likely to be an incredible experience. If though you would like a polished, consistently visually impressive showcase like Uncharted 2 is for its genre, be prepared to be disappointed. Expand
  96. Nov 29, 2010
    How can they claim this is a driving simulator when you have no damage?
  97. Jan 20, 2011
    I'm currently at level 23, 70+ cars on garage and passed "the first half of the game". For someone who doesn't know a thing about cars (I don't have any in "real world") and even don't know how to drive a real one this game totally caught me. For someone who wants a driving simulator, this game is perfect. If someone starts to nag about the static crowd in the landscapes, or low res textures, then you haven't understand what is a simulator is, as we are not playing a virtual reality game, just a game who can make you feel and actual physics while racing and can make you love cars even if you don't know a thing about it, like me.

    The graphics are amazing, the sound impressive, the experience and the FREE dlc that PD have been given to us demonstrates that this is not a earn-money franchise like Call of Duty, but a good product oriented on one thing: Satisfy the gamer.

    10 points for Yamauchi and PD, they really act and not just promise.
  98. Dec 1, 2010
    The Taylor Swift of racing simulators, and i'm not talking about her looks.
  99. Dec 10, 2010
    How I have grown tired of the fan boy-ism the reality is that this game is average at best and mind blowingly bad at worst.

    The game suffers from many problems...
    A. Considering every past GT title has had some form of actual customisation it feels very hollow that you can't even change the the wheels on the majority of the cars (all of the "standard" model cars which is over 800 if you
    wanted a rough idea), adding one of three spoilers that can be added to just about any car in the game doesn't fix this problem, if anything it serves to remind you of how much time Polphony Digital has wasted.

    B. When you add the titles "Top Gear" and "WRC" to your game it gives the impression that they are going to be fun, or at least interesting, how wrong you would be to think such a thing. I swear if I get disqualified one more time for passing a long the bevelled corner of a car or for going half a meter off the track because I was cut off by the incredibly stupid AI (we will discuss that later) PB will open its door one day to the smell of burning manure. The kart racing component of the game starts off fun (and can still be salvaged in multi player), but quickly turns sour once you realise that it suffers from an immense case of catch up car for the AI.

    C. I know that in actual sports racing lots of laps makes the race more competitive due to the physical strength of the drivers being tested, but when a lot of the longer races are performed on tracks that lack any sort of advanced cornering the game becomes incredibly mind numbing. There is one race on the Autumn track where you have to do 10 laps and I was forced to pause every 2 minutes and go grab a drink or watch the TV because I got just that bored (no word of a lie).

    D. You would think that with 13 years of experience in the development of racing simulation that PB would understand that in real life people don't try to re arrange the side of your car if you miss judged the corner, however this isn't the case the AI will do all sorts of silly things like breaking on a straight when there are no obstacles in sight (not even other cars) or over steering five times in a row instead of merely stopping and correcting themselves. While on the topic of AI I think I might take a moment to discuss the "B-spec" part of the game, which entails you directing an AI "driver" in a race, my main problem with this game mode is the players AI always seems to be a pansy and will do things like not over taking or just straight up accelerating into the rear of the car ahead for 3 seconds before breaking hard (this problem becomes so crippling that in some races if you can't get a head in the first few corners that you will spend the entire race losing positions due to your driver refusing play aggressively, it got to the point where my Veyron came 7th in a race on the second tier starting tournament, without crashing once).

    E. I really want to point out the games atrocious sound track, but it supports custom music so its not like you can really say that its a deal breaker.

    The reality is that the game isn't terrible at first glance, but I can't help but feel that the six years of work since the last game doesn't seem to have been well invested especially considering the leaps and bounds the last games took when it comes to development. I fear that the most notable feature of GT5 is its online multi player, but even then it is hard to like a game where its saving grace is a mode that is rampant in most titles this generation. If any one is wandering the only reason I haven't brought up the graphics it is because they are like the games simulation mechanics, in the right light it is beautiful but more often than not you are looking at card board cut out observers and terrible texture mapping.
  100. Nov 24, 2010
    Unfortunately, I can't see it in my mind to give this game a 10/10, 9 is the best I can give it, GT5 has been everything I hoped for it, but what holds it back from being the totally immersive experience is it's menus. While publications have given it a 7.5 like gin just for such reasons I refuse to think that a game should be penalised for it's presentation so heavily when it isn't the part of the experience your supposed to be playing it for. I've nicked it for 2 points for the discrepancies between the premium and standard cars and it somewhat cumbersome menus and sizeable loading times. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 82 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 66 out of 82
  2. Negative: 0 out of 82
  1. Feb 18, 2011
    We love Gran Turismo dearly but it isn't the game we hoped it would be. [Feb 2011, p.72]
  2. An unusually complex driving game that demands real dedication and only fully reveals its true power once you've put the mileage in. [Jan 2011, p.108]
  3. Feb 7, 2011
    GT5 is pretty much exactly what everybody expected it to be. Overhyped maybe because of the unprecedented delay in its release, but spot on with its goals.