• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Nov 24, 2010
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  1. Nov 27, 2010
    If you've ever played a GT game before you know what to expect. But unfortunately things haven't changed with the times. The AI is BAD it will just try and plow through you! For the most part all you have to do it upgrade the car with limited upgrades available to beat the competition. There is no mechanical damage and very little cosmetic so this game will make you a sloppy driver because there is no punishment for driving like a madman. The online seems tacked on, there is no leader board and no classes to keep the races even and no credits to earn for single player. The visuals are ok, not as good as the screen shots made them out to be. There are bad shadows and some of the older tracks look strait from the ps2. And the sounds are hit or miss, but you can use custom BMG if you want.
    I have no idea what PD has been doing for this long but this game almost feels 5 years old. Try before you buy!
  2. Nov 24, 2010
    I love Sony and all its franchises, but i waited too long for this game, had dreams making LOVE with GT5... And... For what? I've been fooled... But you may say "it's still a good racing game", right? Yes, it's, but nothing near with expectations and Sony's promises. I'm really disappointed.
  3. Nov 25, 2010
    Crashing a supercar into a wall at 200mph results in what sounds like someone kicking a carboard box and results in no damage at all. By making 200 of the cars "better" than the other 800 you're left feeling like its an unfinished game and after 6 years thats just not acceptable. Visually, this game is a thing of two halves. The cars that have the "Premium" treatment are beautiful, problem is they're alongside some very ugly looking PS2 generation cars and the tracks are dull and lifeless. The stadiums are full of cardboard cut outs and the trees look like their from the PS1 era, they're basically X's if you were to look down on them. Its not good enough. Not played the 360's compliment of racing games so I'm not a fanboy BUT I remember PGR2 from the original XBOX being more impressive than this and that was about 6 years ago... Expand
  4. Nov 24, 2010
    Frankly am extremely disappointed from what I was hoping would be an absolute classic. The gameplay feels like it hasn't changed at all from previous incarnations, and lacks any real innovation in a genre that has so much potential. Graphics are a real disappointment, with shadows and particle effects looking particularly bad; frame tearing and dropped framerate during the races and replays, as well as most of the tracks looking like slightly touched up versions of their PS2 counterparts.

    From a game promising to really push the Playstation platform, all I felt it did was highlight its failures, and really show its age. Here's hoping that the next iteration (if there is one) tries to break the hard and fast mould it's created for itself.
  5. Nov 27, 2010
    I've been playing GT since version 3. I waited patiently for GT5 and what a let down it is. Nothing has been fixed from Prologue. There is screen tearing, slowdown, pop up. In a remarkable act of incompetence, Polyphony have actually managed to break online multiplayer. The whole interface is ill thought out and acts as a huge barrier between player and game. Vehicle damage is a joke. Only 20% of cars are new. Rehashing of old tracks is poor - Trial Mountain in particular.
    Weather is limited and does not seem to affect handling. There is no effect of weather on your car - ie, they don't get dirty. Even raindrops don't splash on cars.
    The so-called course maker is a deception, as it only allows you to massage some presets.
    The museum is an utter waste of time to anyone but car-nerds.
    I have already sold the game at a small loss and I doubt I will ever buy GT again. Kaz has made himself a discredited laughing stock and Sony must realise that they are becoming a 3rd rate gaming company.
    I give GT5 0/10 for being unfinished and far behind the competition, as well as being an insult to the magnificent GT3.
  6. Nov 24, 2010
    1000 cars yes, but only 200 cars are "premium". Meaning for the other 800 you can't even swap wheels. Damage is only visible on "premium" cars, and is barely noticeable and extremely unrealistic. The single player campaign is dated, same boring "Sunday Cup" style championships. AI is dreadful, other cars don't react to you. You don't need skill, just upgrades, generic ones too (no brands / no engine swapping) - and what ever happened to brake upgrades?

    Ridiculous load times between menus (takes forever to go through simple menu to menu). And a monster initial install of 8GB to speed up track load times.

    Online mode is clunky to get into. Controls and graphics aren't really too far removed from GT4 to be honest (especially on the 800 "standard" cars).

    All in all, disappointment. 5-6 years to build a game that feels like its predecessor, and barely delivers on any of its new promises. I was so disappointed that I returned this game for a full refund. Please read reviews before purchasing and don't believe the hype like I did.
  7. Nov 24, 2010
    Thoroughly disappointing! This was supposed to be the racing game to end all racing games! Instead I find it to be great yes, but not amazing and certainly not the best driving game I've played! Owning both GT5 and Forza 3 (I have both a PS3 for myself and my son's Xbox 360 in the house) I would argue that Forza 3 is the superior game. The graphics are incredibly similar though using slightly differing artistic styles (GT5 maybe has better lighting but Forza certainly doesn't seem to have noticeably less detail - in many instances it looks better) and when it comes to gameplay Forza wins hands down. It's just more fun to play, has shorter loading times, a better single player mode and an all round better experience. GT5 just feels a little unwieldy and not the perfectly tuned racer I expected. This is a game remember? We expect more than just good graphics - most current gen games nowadays have them as a given. Expand
  8. Nov 26, 2010
    five years for that! GT5 is not finished.
    GT5 is the PES of car games, i will not buy it, for sure.

    i can 't believe they worked five years for that result
  9. Nov 27, 2010
    Horrible. Developer was to lazy to even allow you to change the breaks. Only 200 cars fully rendered the rest look like crap. They had 6 years to make it look good and they couldn't even finish it with all the delays. Might of been better if it had never been released. I will stick to forza and need for speed hot pursuit.
  10. Nov 27, 2010
    What an absolutely horrible game, just terrible. Please do not waste your money on buying this game. What baffles me is how it took them so long to put out a piece of **** like this!
  11. Nov 27, 2010
    What a waste of 60 bucks. I should have known they would try and make these controls so realistic that they would just would not feel fun. Returned it already. If you masturbate to cars spinning around in neutral white space it might be your game. For me, i like fun, fast racing games. GT5 just ain't for me. Get the new NFS you can actually have fun then.
  12. Nov 27, 2010
    After a few laps and the resulting eyesore...the game appeared to have been signed off by a 5 year old...not that of a Kazunori Yamauchi! FOR SHAME! This reeks of a fat cheque thrown your way to ensure every PS3 owner has a copy of GT5 in their xmas stocking! We've all been taken for a ride...a 6 year ride of spit and polished high-res teasers only. This is not GT standard mate...EPIC FAIL Sony and Kaz! Collapse
  13. Nov 26, 2010
    So bland it's unbelievable. After 5 years of waiting we get this? Stick with the newer franchises. I doubt there will be a Grand Turismo 6. If you have a PC check out some of the driving or better yet racing sims there. Richard Burns Rally is great. Live For Speed is great. GT5 is a huge disappointment.
  14. Nov 26, 2010
    Sure it's a detailed and compelling racing simulator, but it's hard to not feel disappointed after the time it took to make, especially since Forza 3 stole the spotlight.
  15. Nov 30, 2010
    Half a decade to make- 80% cars have no interior view- weak Ai- unrealistic damage-Low quality graphics for most cars-
  16. COT
    Nov 30, 2010
    First off I've been a huge fan of the GT series ever since GT1 with my favorites being GT2 and GT3. I also track my race car on track days in the real world. I've patiently waited years for this game to release and actually bought a PS3 a while ago simply for it. My hopes were to be able to get my racing fix with GT5 since I can't get my car on track as many times as I'd like with my current budget. Unfortunately this game is just awful. The actual driving is quite fantastic and I'm pretty satisfied with that, but the game itself is shameful. I'm actually heartbroken and feel betrayed. I'm probably one of the many that ended up buying Forza 3 to pass the time until GT5 came out, little did I know that I'd just return to Forza in the end. Even though Forza has its many flaws and is quite disappointing in its own ways, I still believe it is a far better game. It's unbelievable that they're advertising this game as having more than 1000 cars when they fail to mention that 80% of them are just direct ports from a game that's 7 years old. And it shows. -pathetic AI-
    -inconsistent frame rate and screen tearing-
    -paper thin modifications-
    -lackluster tuning- ( no brake or ARB options )
    -dismal and unfortunate looking standard cars- ( the whole standard vs. premium idea is idiotic to say the least )
    -bad selection of premium cars-
    -unfortunate looking and limited tracks-

    and many many more. Just read the mixed and negative reviews, they're more or less on the money. All in all I would definitely give this game a much higher rating if I didn't care so much, but alas I'm no casual gamer where games like NFS are a good enough racing experience. Just overall very very disappointing to see that my favorite racing franchise of all time has come to this.
  17. Dec 1, 2010
    6 years of development for nothing. It is sad how people call this game realistic when it's clearly not. It is not even fun. GT5 excels only at failing,
  18. Nov 30, 2010
    What happens when a developer produces a game in 1 year, and then goes on vacation for the next 5 before finally releasing their product? While I'm sure that's not what happened with Polyphony Digital and GT5, it certainly gives us a glimpse of what the outcome of such an act might be. The game feels pieced together in the worst way. Before I get into the meat of the review, I'll simply state - I've played every GT up until this. Any further attempts to assure you of my status as anything other than an Xbox Fanboy would be wasted, I'm well aware. I'd like to say that GT5 is a flawed but excellent game. I can't. What it is is a flawed mediocre game. The driving physics no longer stand head and shoulders above the competition, the car selection, while immense, is deceptive - how many variations of the Nissan Skyline do we really need? And to make matters worse, cars are split between "Standard" and "Premium" varieties. The standard vehicles look like they were rendered 5 years ago, early in the development cycle. They would be passable if this were a launch title. The Premium cars look considerably better, with a level of detail that's hard to appreciate outside Photo Mode. There are far more standard than premium cars, sadly. The backgrounds and tracks are likewise bi-polar - some seem to be taken directly from the PS2, with only a hi-def makeover for improvement, right down to the 2D trees and skyboxes.

    And the driving? It's the equal, but not better, of any racing game on the market. But where other racing sims succeed, GT5 fails, for the first time, to distinguish itself, for while the driving physics are superlative as ever, the opponent AI is worse than ever. Other cars seem, at most times, to not even acknowledge your presence on the track, attempting to drive through you on their racing line far too often. And when a collision does occur, it's as if the other car is bolted to the track - good luck trying to get the better of a close scrape, regardless of whether you're in a 1,600lb GT and your opponent is in a 1,040lb hatchback. You will spin out, they will not.

    In the end, the things that made GT great are still there, at times. But much of the game feels and looks 5 years old, and the competition has more than caught up. This is no longer a worthwhile offering from a developer that once commanded the genre.
  19. Nov 30, 2010
    Boring and bland would describe it best. I have a PS3, and a 360 like most adult gamers. Forza 3 is still the best racer out there by far.
    The graphics can be really bad at times, and inconsistent. Menu's are joke. Get a good car, and breeze through all the races.

    What a shame.,,

    I can't wait for Little Big Planet 2!!!
  20. Nov 26, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. No custom soundtracks.Tracks are nothing special **** view is stupid Premium cars look no better than Forza 3 ,Drifiting is unrealistic, unlike NFS, Visually nothing special ,Sixaxis does stuff,Damage modeling is only on race cars, Citreon C4 WRC isn't for snow ,All tracks were optionally dirt tracks on GT4 Forza 3 is the best race game of the generation Expand
  21. Nov 28, 2010
    85 meta score is a generous scoring.its clear that now there is competition from other sims in this generation of consoles,GT has been caught with its pants down.the only evolution in this game has been the addition of online play and prettier cars.albeit, broken online play and inconsistent pretty cars.which are suspected ps2 HD versions ported.it seems this lack of evolution is consistent which the whole japanese gaming industry right now.but GT5 is a massive let down after so many years.and the only people crowing about it as a 10/10 game are sony/gt5 loyalists.im sorry to say..if your a big racing sim fan..then there is only one choice..forza 3!!! critical acclaim has it as the best racer available today bar none!!why? besides the fact that it scores A LOT higher here,it evolves between each game and gets better.kaz may as well have taken prologue and released an update..and sony are really good at updates i get them all the time! Expand
  22. Nov 29, 2010
    I don't understand what they've been doing all this time, six years and only 11 tracks with weather? The game feel half assed Quality over quantity. I rather 600 premium cars that ps2 looking ones.You don't even get money for winning races online but the deduct damage from you for getting hit in an online race.
    Gran Turismo 5 looks great on the outside but when you finally sit down to play
    it you will find that it lacks some online features that you would think would be standard. Want to invite your friends to your game? That isnâ Expand
  23. Nov 29, 2010
    I'm really disappointed with this game.A cumbersome user interface, bad AI ,800 cars that look like a goddamn ps2 game and only 11 tracks with weather after 5 years.You have backgrounds that look like cardboards and jaggy shadows everywhere.You even made people pay for a demo to promising all cars would look good yet all we got was a lie This isn't ps2 generation anymore polyphony, please step your game up. Expand
  24. Dec 1, 2010
    800 cars that look like a ps2 game, crappy tracks, and no damage and the idiots will still eat it up.
  25. Dec 1, 2010
    GT5 reminds me of hurricane Katrina.A big impact in a terrible way.
  26. Mar 15, 2011
    Oh dear. How the mighty have fallen. I confess, as a kid, on the original playstation, I played GT and GT2 pretty much non-stop. Gran Turismo is a series of true prestige and class, and as i have always said, it is the best racing series to grace any games console, ever. Period. But is that still the case? GT3 and GT4 are two of the most immersive racers I have ever played, and despite the lack of quality in GT Concept, it remained that way until the release of the full version of GT5. I never played GT5 Prologue, simply because I had an Xbox until GT5, and i was enjoying the limitless wonders of the Forza series. Anyway, Forza is besides the point for now. Gran Turismo 5 starts with an opening movie that has some of the best graphics ever seen in a video game, truly excellent. However, it then goes downhill. The graphics are a major concern in this game, when you watch the opening movie or any of the trailers, the graphics look gorgeous, and it appears that they are going to surpass that of Forza Motorsport with ease, however, when you actually get around to playing the game they are actually offensively poor. There are two catagories of car in the game; Premium and Standard. All very well one may think, but as the starting budget of the game is 20,000 â Expand
  27. Dec 2, 2010
    GT4 or GT5 HD? Below average graphics, dated gameplay , optional licenses, bad online , bad sound, bad menus ... THE WORST GT IN HISTORY! I just dont give it a zero because Sony had the balls to launch this crappy game worldwide.
  28. Nov 29, 2010
    How can they claim this is a driving simulator when you have no damage?
  29. Dec 1, 2010
    The Taylor Swift of racing simulators, and i'm not talking about her looks.
  30. Dec 10, 2010
    How I have grown tired of the fan boy-ism the reality is that this game is average at best and mind blowingly bad at worst.

    The game suffers from many problems...
    A. Considering every past GT title has had some form of actual customisation it feels very hollow that you can't even change the the wheels on the majority of the cars (all of the "standard" model cars which is over 800 if you
    wanted a rough idea), adding one of three spoilers that can be added to just about any car in the game doesn't fix this problem, if anything it serves to remind you of how much time Polphony Digital has wasted.

    B. When you add the titles "Top Gear" and "WRC" to your game it gives the impression that they are going to be fun, or at least interesting, how wrong you would be to think such a thing. I swear if I get disqualified one more time for passing a long the bevelled corner of a car or for going half a meter off the track because I was cut off by the incredibly stupid AI (we will discuss that later) PB will open its door one day to the smell of burning manure. The kart racing component of the game starts off fun (and can still be salvaged in multi player), but quickly turns sour once you realise that it suffers from an immense case of catch up car for the AI.

    C. I know that in actual sports racing lots of laps makes the race more competitive due to the physical strength of the drivers being tested, but when a lot of the longer races are performed on tracks that lack any sort of advanced cornering the game becomes incredibly mind numbing. There is one race on the Autumn track where you have to do 10 laps and I was forced to pause every 2 minutes and go grab a drink or watch the TV because I got just that bored (no word of a lie).

    D. You would think that with 13 years of experience in the development of racing simulation that PB would understand that in real life people don't try to re arrange the side of your car if you miss judged the corner, however this isn't the case the AI will do all sorts of silly things like breaking on a straight when there are no obstacles in sight (not even other cars) or over steering five times in a row instead of merely stopping and correcting themselves. While on the topic of AI I think I might take a moment to discuss the "B-spec" part of the game, which entails you directing an AI "driver" in a race, my main problem with this game mode is the players AI always seems to be a pansy and will do things like not over taking or just straight up accelerating into the rear of the car ahead for 3 seconds before breaking hard (this problem becomes so crippling that in some races if you can't get a head in the first few corners that you will spend the entire race losing positions due to your driver refusing play aggressively, it got to the point where my Veyron came 7th in a race on the second tier starting tournament, without crashing once).

    E. I really want to point out the games atrocious sound track, but it supports custom music so its not like you can really say that its a deal breaker.

    The reality is that the game isn't terrible at first glance, but I can't help but feel that the six years of work since the last game doesn't seem to have been well invested especially considering the leaps and bounds the last games took when it comes to development. I fear that the most notable feature of GT5 is its online multi player, but even then it is hard to like a game where its saving grace is a mode that is rampant in most titles this generation. If any one is wandering the only reason I haven't brought up the graphics it is because they are like the games simulation mechanics, in the right light it is beautiful but more often than not you are looking at card board cut out observers and terrible texture mapping.
  31. Dec 1, 2010
    Like a typical Japanese developed game to.Fixating on what they're good at, and ignoring the progression that has happened in other games. And a lack of online leaderboards is just a joke.If i could give this game a negative score i would.
  32. Dec 5, 2010
    deserves to be in the landfill with Atari's ET
  33. Jan 5, 2011
    As I sit here watching a trio of my B-Spec drivers do their best to dig out of seventh place, 2 laps down - this despite being in a superior race car - in a 24 hour race at Le Mans, I ask myself, "Why I am still bothering with this game"? And make no mistake about it, this is a game, not a sim. This is my first console driving game, as my prior experience has been with PC sims such as Papyrus' original NASCAR Racing (in DOS!), Grand Prix Legends, and ISI's rFactor. I approached Gran Turismo 5 with an open mind and a hope that the consoles might finally have matured to the point that it would be an enjoyable title in which to log many virtual miles. To say my experience has been mixed would be an understatement.

    What can I said that hasn't already been repeated a thousand times? The premium cars are beautiful, most of the tracks are lovely, and the driving model is above average, for a console. Unfortunately, that's all offset by tragically done standard cars, horrendous AI, and ridiculously bad design decisions (seriously, these menus are awful).

    Most grating, in my experience, are not necessarily those pieces included in the title, but rather the things which are as yet still missing. Basic features like replay controls and car **** for ALL cars. Honestly, it's 2010, racing sims have had replay controls since the 1990s. Supposedly, the next 150MB+ patch will finally provide this functionality, but too little, too late on that front, in my opinion.

    My other massive gripe is with the lack of a save/fast forward function in endurance races, particularly those lasting longer than 4 hours. This seems to be an intentional, and inarguably idiotic omission. B-spec drivers must race for 4, 9, and even 24 complete hours, in which they will inevitably use an absolutely mindless strategy so as to maximize their chances of failure, unless of course you give them a car so vastly superior to their competition that they cannot help but win, i.e. the Red Bull X2010 at Le Mans. Worse, you, the human driver, cannot hand the car off to AI teammates, so the lack of a save feature means you will literally have to drive 24 complete hours yourself. When nature calls, or exhaustion overcomes you, your only choice is to pause the game, returning at some later time to continue on. In the meantime, your PS3 idles, uselessly consuming power and burning through its finite service life. Absolutely, astonishingly, ridiculously stupid design decisions! It is baffling that such a choice was made and speaks to the poor leadership exhibited by the "legendary" Kazunori Yamauchi.

    If this game is evidence of Mr. Yamauchi's supposed genius, I would ask that the IQ test be readministered. In my opinion, the games lead designer is the person most responsible for the games numerous failings. From the monotony of grinding through levels to unlock cars, to the completely incompetent AI, and the laugable menu layouts, it would seem Mr. Yamauchi's 5-year pet project is truly a mess. I can only imagine what a catastrophe Gran Turismo 6 will be. Fortunately, we won't have to worry about that until 2015 or beyond. All told, I was highly disappointed in this title. After 5 years in development, 5 YEARS, and all the hype coming from PS3 fanboys, I was expecting something special. What I got was an half-cooked "could have been", rather than the masterpiece so many led me to believe it would be.
  34. Feb 26, 2012
    This game was frustrating!! Graphics were good, but not as good as so many people said they were. A little disappointing. The game just wasn't fun. I had more fun playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. The download takes forever. The game just wasn't streamlined and was an average racing game. Nothing special about it.
  35. Apr 2, 2011
    GT5 is the embarrassment of not only the racing genre but the video game genre.6 year for nothing, might as well call it buyer's remorse general 5.How is it possible the score has dropped drastically for each sequel.And to make it worse they charged people for a **** demo.
  36. Dec 3, 2010
    Im scratching this game and taking it back to Gamestop first thing in the morning. No custom paint? No custom decals? No damage? This game does not meet my expectations, on top of that the servers are down. ARGH, I preordered this game 2 months ago HOPING for something to show up the 360 but I got to be honest, this game is no better than Forza 2. I am sick to my stomach. I have both PS3 and 360 and generally prefer the PS3, in fact im a PS3 fanboy in most cases but this game just plain sucks. Expand
  37. Dec 5, 2010
    GT4.5 when i say that i said it all.
  38. Oct 9, 2011
    What a ridiculous release! A half finished game which brings nothing new to the table. I waited 6 or so years for this and for it to be such a disappointment is beyond me. Did they really import the cars directly from the ps2 version? Sorry Sony but you've been outdone by Microsoft's Forza chain.
  39. Dec 6, 2010
    This game is really crap. The positive reviews here are only from PS3 fanboy people and they want to fool you into buying this piece of crap. My real rating is 1, but I give a 0 because of those deranged and worthless PS3 people giving wrong reviews with false acclaim.
  40. Dec 7, 2010
    Unfinished game that falls flat on so many levels it's hard to swallow. True GT fans like GTUniversity and true Playstation fans like Playstation Magazine are slamming the game for what it is, especially now with competitors that have been out for a year with 3x less dev time and resources, like Forza 3, who are much better in most categories. On the contrary, it seems only PS3 fanboys are praising the game. Kaz and PD have dissapointed beyond belief. Expand
  41. Dec 13, 2010
    I love Sony and all its franchises, but i waited too long for this game, had dreams making LOVE with GT5... And... For what? I've been fooled... But you may say "it's still a good racing game", right? Yes, it's, but nothing near with expectations and Sony's promises. I'm really disappointed.
  42. Mar 10, 2012
    This game seriously bores the **** out of me. Being the first Gran Turismo I've played, I have to say, not my kind of game. It feels "too realistic". Hell, I like a little action in racing games. The opponents look as if they don't even try to pass you. On top of that, I can't seem to get used to how the physics are in this game. The soundtrack is just horrible, and I hate how the game changes the track for every new menu you go to. Really ****ing stupid. Then again, I'm too used to fast paced racing games. Expand
  43. Mar 12, 2013
    Horrible game. Bad music, loading screens that last an enternity. unrealistic and innacurate. Great example right now is a seasonal event 500pp classic muscle car. The course is in Madrid and its over before you start. Whoever designed this 1960's classic have never driven one. These 1960's muscle cars handle like current day muscle and they only handle like that for the compute not the user. Even though this is a video game I still expect good customer service. Not to get cheated with a race that is impossible to win. I work full time and dont have time to design specs. I just want to play and win cars that should be in the dealership without having to wait 10,000 days to appear in the online dealer. I am strongly considering going back to XBOX because two Forza's ago blows this game out of the water. Thats another problem with this game, you cannot customize cars unless you are happy with spray painting rims. Also in certain races you are given penalties for almost anything. This game is not for the aggressive driver who likes to take chances and push the car harder which is what I thought a racing game should be about since it is a game and you wouldnt want to do that in real life. I feel that the designers of this game have failed the customer and ripped us off. I want my money back. Expand
  44. Feb 1, 2011
    Before I begin, let me say I love my PS3 and I'm an avid racing fan, I play all racing games from sims to arcade racers. That said, one word sums up my experience with GT5 - mediocre. I have played this series since the very first entry on the PS1 and each one has gotten incrementally better, that is not the case here, however. This is essentially GT4 with a few gameplay additions, some of which don't pan out so well. Graphically, this game is all over the place. Sometimes it is stunning, other times not so much. The game has an over-saturated color palette which takes away from the realism. Also shadows are jagged messes. There is an awful lot of screen-tearing, even in the little pre-race ticker at the top of the screen. New tracks look pretty good but older ones have been ported over from previous titles, their appearance only bumped up a bit by the higher resolution. Track-side objects are one-dimensional cutouts and textures are very last-gen. As opposed to adding to the polygon count of an object, a flat texture is merely draped over a crude shape ( guardrails, etc. ) and we're expected to be blown away by these things. Text on track signage is jagged and blurry. If you want to see just how poor this game looks when you aren't blowing by at high speeds, just open a replay, pause, and walk around the track. This, however, isn't the worst part. Cars, the reason for playing a racing/driving game, are the biggest letdown here. Everyone boasts "It has more than a thousand cars, that's way better than Forza." Wrong. Each and every one of the cars in Forza has the same quality and attention to detail, all can be tuned and upgraded, and all have an in-car dash view. In GT5, cars are split into premium and standard models. Only premium ( there are only 200 ) cars can be tuned, are truly current-gen in detail, and have a dash view. The other 800 are ported over from the PS2 games and they show it. These cars are blocky, poorly textured, and stick out like a sore thumb when racing alongside a premium model. Sure, Forza has less cars, but at least their quality is the same across the board. The menus are antiquated relics, they are page after page of poorly-implemented and confusing static screens. The soundtrack is a nauseating mix of smooth-jazz and lounge music with some terrible rock thrown in for the kiddies. You can use your own background music but it is so difficult to do so you might just turn off the BMG altogether. Opponent AI is laughable, picking a strict racing line and sticking to it, running you off course if you are where they need to be. This game also doesn't obey the laws of physics some times, if you ram another car, they don't budge, in fact, it slows your car down. If they bump you, however, you'll go flying off-course, only to be stopped by invisible walls mind you, or your car will come to a stop. Tuning and damage modeling are basic at most, and not available for all cars. B-Spec is touted as a sort of RPG where you control AI drivers from the pits. This is also very basic and incredibly boring. The Course-Creator is nothing of the sort, it merely lets you make some changes to existing tracks. All in all this is the same game you've been playing for years. No upgrade in the driving mechanics, the basic formula remains the same, and the visuals are hit or miss. This is not a game that should have taken half a decade to make and it is certainly not worth the wait. It is a very vanilla experience that only the most devout GT fans (not to be confused with fans of driving genre as a whole ) will enjoy. Half a decade and over sixty-million dollars later we are given an incomplete game steeped in tradition, who's Japanese developers are too stubborn to accept that they are lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of design and not humble enough to learn from mistakes and take cues from others as to what works in today's market. This is too little too late for me, and this sloppy approach to gaming and total lack of care for what we as gamers want and deserve is really insulting . Expand
  45. Jun 13, 2011
    A decent disappointment. I was reading some of the reviews, and it's spot on, the game is outdated in EVERY facet! From the SLLLLOOOOW game play, the partially ridiculous handling of some of the cars (the Elise in the Top Gear Challenge, or the NASCAR challenges), to the ludicrous tedium of going through a "career" mode, and how overly-priced most of these "premium" cars are. Also, please include that you are basically playing "find the car" in the used car lot (the GT4 used car lot was a WAY better way of doing this), and that is only for the 800 sub-standard PS2 ported "standard" cars. The upgrades are incomplete, and the AI is driving on a track, and regardless of how you race, the AI will continue along their predisposed tracks until you jam them from behind and spin out. And who can forget the atrocious "B-Spec" mode...Just imagine this...You've spent most of the day racing against mentally-inept AI, just to spend countless hours TELLING a mentally-inept driver HOW TO DRIVE! It's the most aggravating portion of this game! INCLUDING when you have a car that YOU have decimated everyone in A-Spec to have the same idiot AI you had to drive around, controlling your car and driving it into everything!

    But it does have some good points. The premium cars look amazing...But again, i would rather have 500-800 premium cars, than 200 premium cars and 1000, or so, PS2 HD ported cars. The tracks are few, but they like good PS2 HD ports. Like I said, it's a decent game...But it's a HUGE disappointment, I agree with someone's opinion on PD, that they just haphazardly put together most of this game in 1 year, then spent the rest of their 6 years on Sony's pocket-book traveling the world, hyping their game.

    So, rent first. You might like it...But with FM3 out, I don't think this game isn't up to that level of goodness (as it should be).
  46. Dec 15, 2011
    Weak effort. The game got so much hype and for what? Game feels dated, and it proves that the Japanese devs cant compete against the west anymore, or at least thats how i see it. This game sucks.
  47. Nov 12, 2011
    I was a huge fan o gt series, but GT5 just sucks hard. The car sounds like a vacuum cleaner, many cars dont have interior view... omg. They just arruined the game.
  48. Feb 18, 2012
    I will not even lie to any of you reading this. If you have never played on any other console or a pc, why bring up another consoles exclusive? Anyway back on track, this game is GT4 with slower menus and upscaled graphics. Don't even try the fanboy dog crap as it does not wash. I own a PC, PS3 and i also had a xbox360 before selling it. Forza 3 was more exciting albeit it has less cars and maybe not quite as much depth.
    Graphics are awful, do you remember GT4? if you really are going to defend a game at least do it with truth.
    I game mostly on PC and gave the PS3 to my father.
    He thinks it is worse than GT4.
    Car models are awful, i drove 1 car the RUF CTR2 and went into the **** veiw, where it has a none existant interior....
    For real fanboys keep playing your games as us who actually play good games dont give 2 flying cows what you think.
    This game is awfully rushed and has no ooomph to it.
    Dissapointing for a fan of the GT series.
  49. Dec 29, 2012
    Weak graphics, the gameplay is exactly as the previous series with the same maps being present. The load times between menus are ridiculous (it takes forever to go through simple menu to menu). Visuals suck. Damage is only visible on "premium" cars - which are only 200 out of the 1000 the game supposingly has - and is barely noticeable and extremely unrealistic. You can crash a supercar straight into a wall at 250mph and just listen to a weak, gentle, "boop" sound and leave it with only a scratch - you call this "Advanced Visuals" Sony? Now on the gameplay, I will be brief and point out the major problems, among the many it has, impossible to write them all down. So, the gameplay: it SUCKS. In the "Licenses" Mode most of the 'licenses' are almost impossible to complete with a 'Gold Trophy.' I've spend, totally, more than 5 hours trying to reach for the 'Gold' and it was near impossible, having half of them on Silver, repeating them again and again, the same routine, like the game was design that way so that you couldn't hit the Gold (I am not new to this kind of games, I'm playing since Gran Turismo 1.) But, that's not all, another monstrosity: some Licenses and some Special Events require you to not touch other drivers or you are disqualified. A good idea, I won't argue, but when you drive in a narrow road with 20 others cars, it is IMPOSSIBLE not to touch someone, even slightly. Ok, say I may be a loser and bump on someone, the fun part is that when OTHERS bump on to you... YOU get disqualified... WHAT THE F*CK Sony?! I did a 15 minutes course and found myself losing, after all my hard work, and hundreds of tries to avoid others when a f*kin driver bumped on to me at a corner near the end... this is ridiculous (I slammed on the floor and broke a PS3 controller because of my anger, the game is terribly made, looking more like unfinished.) Visual effects suck, sounds are terrible, the game follows the same model as previous GTs... I loved Gran Turismo but this is enough... I am playing since GT1 and couldn't wait for GT5... a HUGE disappointment. I do NOT recommend the game... in one word, it is 'disappointing.' A big shame really. The company had more than 5 years to make it look good and they couldn't even finish it... I am definitely NOT buying upcoming series, and seriously, if they are like this, it is better not to release anything... Expand
  50. Nov 26, 2012
    This game is a joke, even with the g27 it is really really poor. I think the sfx remember you of the summer when you can hear all the electric garden equipment, ps1gt2 supra still sounds better than this pile of you know what. Sorry PD but forza has stole your crown, & it pains me to say it but the gt series is finished, & i loved all the other gt games' YES GAME NOT SIM PLEASE. Standard cars would look bad on a C64 or even a ZX81. Yes its an update sim maybe but not a driving sim although it does a good job of simulation driving you up the wall. 3/10 (5000 years to make and it still needs updating) Expand
  51. Dec 15, 2010
    Poor AI, lifeless feel, as exciting as dry toast.

    Yes it's pretty, yes it has a large variety of cars and tracks.....and yes it has toilet break loading times.
    No it doesn't engage the player, no it won't have you or your mates fighting for the controller next.

    Add it to your 'old collection' of games and then go out and get Hot Pursuit and have some fun.
  52. Apr 25, 2011
    Gran Turismo 5 ,uummm in aword "Disappointing".My preferred genre is racing and every racing game that has been worth playing i've played.Gran Turismo 5 after waiting for approx 6 yrs is well under par, besides graphix the rest of the game is highly questionable.Presentation of menus is a mess ,AI is "STILL" a joke and the overall racing xperience is unexciting to say the least.I prefer NFS shift 2 by along way forget simulator the game is a blast , fun to play , great graphix ,handling needed tweaking , but now this is a great game and i'm sure it wasn't 6 yrs in the making, well done EA.Polyphony don't do another Gran Turismo game unless u fix all the wrongs ,maybe we will see the ultimate gran turismo xperience on the PS4????? Expand
  53. May 9, 2012
    What? Wait, what? Is this even the game of the series. Gran Turismo 5 is awful, boring and not realistic at all. It is complicated and is already the same game. Gran Turismo 4 was better in many ways, because was a masterpiece, then what, this awful game released . TERRIBLE!
  54. Sep 1, 2012
    this is the worst racing game I have played since days of thunder on nes. the graphics look awesome for 1992, and the ai and rule set are as consistent as polar ice in August. I have never played a gran turismo game before, so maybe this one is less terrible than the previous version, but it certainly looks and plays much worse than need for speed 1 on Xbox, way way way worse. considering iIcan buy need for speed 1 for 5 dollars these days, I would say gran turismo 5 is worth about 20 cents, if you also include the fact that it is technically a blue ray disk. in fact, I think a corrupted and unplayable version of the disk might be more valuable. Expand
  55. Nov 27, 2010
    After a few laps and the resulting eyesore...the game appeared to have been signed off by a 5 year old...not that of a Kazunori Yamauchi! FOR SHAME! This reeks of a fat cheque thrown your way to ensure every PS3 owner has a copy of GT5 in their xmas stocking! We've all been taken for a ride...a 6 year ride of spit and polished high-res teasers only. This is not GT standard mate...EPIC FAIL Sony and Kaz! Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 82 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 66 out of 82
  2. Negative: 0 out of 82
  1. Feb 18, 2011
    We love Gran Turismo dearly but it isn't the game we hoped it would be. [Feb 2011, p.72]
  2. An unusually complex driving game that demands real dedication and only fully reveals its true power once you've put the mileage in. [Jan 2011, p.108]
  3. Feb 7, 2011
    GT5 is pretty much exactly what everybody expected it to be. Overhyped maybe because of the unprecedented delay in its release, but spot on with its goals.