• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Dec 6, 2013
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 633 Ratings

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  1. Dec 6, 2013
    Micro transactions kill this latest entry into the genre dead and with such slow progression in the career you can see how they want to milk you for more than the premium cost of this game. On a positive note the circuits I have seen are fantastic, shame it sounds like you are driving a toy car around them.
  2. Dec 7, 2013
    Gt6 is ok, but I get the feeling that I would have been just as well deleting my gt5 save and starting that again.
    One thing I find very bad about the game though is that you cant install most of the data onto your harddrive like you could with gt5, makes for slow initial loading of races/tracks
  3. Dec 18, 2013
    I looked very forward to Gran Turismo 6. I was not disappointed. This game is really great. Sure, it's not the best racing simulator out there, but it's a really great driving simulator. Then again, I'm not a car fanatic, so I would have no idea. Bottom line, this game is really fun to play. Except if you play this in split-screen. Gran Turismo 6 is the worst party game to ever exist in the history of mankind. Get something else like Need for Speed or Dirt for that. Seriously, your friends wlil hate you for making them play this game with you. Expand
  4. Dec 26, 2013
    Looks great but the controls are terrible. Had to change almost everything to make it playable. Every vehicle I tried handled like I was driving a school bus while drunk. Sounds were about on par with PS1. The menu system was also needlessly convoluted. This is a terrible showing next to games like Forza 3 and that game is several years old.
  5. Dec 27, 2013
    Just received Gran Turismo 6. So far am very disappointed.
    Graphically identical to GT5, and still tons of non-premium graphic cars.
    No 3D support despite GT5 having 3D support...
    Chucked straight into races with no ability to change controls, so stuck using X instead of trigger to accelerate...

    Really regretting buying this.
  6. Jan 10, 2014
    Jogo muito ruim...nunca vi nada tão escroto, ainda parece playstation 2 .
    Jogo nunca melhora em nada, fisica zoada...não sei pq esse game ainda existe!
  7. Feb 11, 2014
    Been playing this turd for about twenty hours and I'm wondering when does the racing start? All I've been doing is chasing cars around the track on crappy tires. Boring. Many cars, many tracks, zero fun. Go back to Gran Turismo 3 and start over. In what racing world is it always rolling start, always in last place? I've played EVERY Gran Turismo and this one is by far the least fun. I thought GT5 was bad, but I'm NEVER wasting my time or money on another GT game like this again. Expand
  8. Feb 19, 2014
    Biggest disappointment of the GT series and a blatant move to ripping the users off with in game purchases of game money. The seasonal events that were good sources of income to buy your dream car are now all time trials so one off rewards and not that good. GT6 top prizes £250K vs GT5 prizes of £1M. I find "free" apps annoying enough when you can't get anywhere without having to buy a pack of something, but when you have paid £50+ for a game you don't expect the developer to be pulling the same stunts, especially when there is nothing new or innovative in this version and it doesn't even run on a PS4 so the improved graphics don't really shine.

    We were left hanging for the full release of GT with the prologue release keeping us hooked and the wait was worthwhile. I never left my racing seat for month when it came out. GT6 has barely been touched. I've kept my PS3 specifically for GT6 so I guess it will now be going on Ebay to pay for the PS4 games.
  9. Jul 3, 2014
    Gran Turismo 6 is more like an upgrade of Gran Turismo 5 rather than a new game. I made this review after playing more than thirthy hours. Some things have been improved, others have turned out to be worse. Things that have been improved are graphics in overall, there is a new UI (not per se better than before) and the handling of the cars feels better with a steering wheel with gas/acceleration pedals. There some new things, such as Vision GT, in which real car manufacturers design concept cars which you can drive in the game. There some new events, such driving on the moon, coffee breaks and the Goodwood Festival of Speed. There a lot more tracks and older ones are looking better. There are 1200 cars, but only 300-400 are detailed and you there are like 30 Mazda Miata's with little to no difference in between them. But this compensated by the fact you have a few more options of changing the exterior of a car. There a quite lot of things which are worse than before. You can buy credits with real cash, but you need like 150 euro's to buy one car which cost 20 million credits, if you buy 7million credits for 50 euro's. Otherwise, its much more expensive. B-Spec, in which you are team manager leading a race with driver AI's, has been removed. Although the feature wasn't fantastic, it offered variation and way to earn credits while doing something else. The online events are now only drifting events and time attacks and the reward in credits have been severely reduced, probably to persuade you to buy credits with real credits. The carreer mode is quite blant, most races you have a rolling start and you must drive from the back of the pack to pole position within 2-5 laps, with only a few night races, fewer rally events and some coffee breaks. There are also some issues which shouldn't be in a racing game / driving simulator, such as: The AI drivers are too easy and there is no way to increase difficulty, expect by choosing a car which performs worse. You can be much faster than the AI in the same car. The headlights and tail lights don't function well in while driving in the dark, you can barely see the road ahead, and the rear of the cars are dark while driving 0-10m behind them. Headlights of the car behind you are barely visible. Crashing does not affect the performance of your car, you only lose some time. The cars don't sound like real cars or like the car in real life. They are also quite awful to listen at and sometimes you can't hear when you need to change gear. In cockpit view, you are sometimes blinded by the sun and forced to change your viewing point. Some interiors, especially of some new cars, are a lot darker than they should be. In overall, this game gets 4 from me and I recommend you to buy it when it's cheap, or when they release a version with all dlc added to it, but that should take a some time. Expand
  10. Jan 2, 2014
    Let's start with positive aspects: New cars and tracks are always a plus. This includes some fictional cars designed by Polyphony and real-world manufacturers. Also, previously pre-order only cars from GT5 are also here. The garage now includes a stockyard for cars you don't intend to use, so it's easier to avoid changing into a car you keep as a collector's item. Customisation is slightly enhanced; you can buy racing brakes and skip stages in engine tuning and weight reduction, among others. There's a greater selection of rims and aerodynamic parts, if you choose to alter the look of your ride. You can buy any of the cars from the new dealership in any colour available with no mileage, meaning you don't have to wait hundreds of in-game days for one you need in the used car lot (Though, retaining the used car lot may have been useful in obtaining a car cheaper, but with previous mileage). Some of the cars are also cheaper than in 5. There is now visible statistic tracking (If there were any in 5, I never found them). Paint chips have returned but are now infinite-use; you just need to pay use them. If this is your kind of thing, you can also buy racing suits and helmets to customise your driver. Loads times are significantly shorter and your cursor freezing while it loads is almost gone. You can choose what colour you get whenever you win a car. Leveling up is gone completely; now you just have to complete races to advance in career mode. Better than 5 overall.
    Neutral aspects your mileage may vary: Downforce no longer affects Performance Points (PP). There is now nitro injection you can install to boost acceleration, though mostly not needed. Microtransactions are in effect, but they are unneeded if you play the game often; they're only for buying credits.
    Mildly annoying aspects: Remember how after winning each group if races, get get a reward car? Well, now it's reduced to getting one whenever you finish half or one of the sections (b, a, ib, etc.). They don't even tell you what reward to expect, aside from credits. Paint chips are harder to come by; you don't get any with the login bonus anymore. The "default" button on some of the tuning parts is gone completely, meaning if you messed up a tune, you can't reset it. They only tell you three of the "typical opponents" in each race, giving you less of an idea what to expect. They don't even tell you what PP they're set at, but instead the make (because THAT'S useful information)! Credit rewards in career mode still low; the cars they make you buy (plus any tuning) often cost more than what you win in total for the specific races you use them in. Tuning parts have increased in price. All this designed probably to encourage aforementioned microtransactions. Whereas in Gran Turismo 5 had everything available (to view) from the beginning (albeit unlocked), here, you must pass licence tests to unlock new races and modes. Also, more tire screeches can get tiresome. They tell you what car to buy first.
    Terrible aspects that should revoke your programming licence: You're not allowed to view or tune a car you are not currently using, meaning that in order to even look at one of your cars, you must change it to be your current one. Your headlights are as useful as a candle. On some tracks they work nicely, but on others, the fact that they're on changes visibility by zero. NASCAR and kart races should NOT have been in this game. At all. The primary problem with these is that you must use a car on equal power to your opponents, which is fine. But that means since you start at the rear of the pack, it's too hard to catch up and maintain the lead with the limited laps given. Also, PP and tire limits in career races? With a 70% power limit in NASCAR. Why!?
    My top three grievances (in no particular order): 1) The times you are expected to finish in the time trials are ridiculous. The earlier ones are pretty lenient, but there are some that are impossible unless you do everything pixel perfectly. This is exacerbated by the mission races that have opponents on the track that do nothing but serve as obstacles on the narrowest parts of the road. 2) The AI They cheat. A lot. They almost never spin out, but they can use the PIT manouevre on you all they want, which is extremely prevalent in NASCAR races. If you rear-end them, you get a penalty (disqualified in time trials or reduced speed in S races). But they rear-end you? YOU spin out and THEY go on their merry way. Or YOU get a penalty for THEIR crummy driving. Or both. Also, why are there shortcut penalties in career? In online games, I understand, but who the hell cares if a shortcut is taken against cheating AIs!? 3) The physics Pressing left on my control stick should NOT make the car go right and vice versa (no, it's not a problem with my controller). Or straight. Cars 100 cm tall should NOT flip over when they hit bump on the road 2.5 cm high. Cars should NOT be magnetically attracted to grass/dirt and walls.
  11. Mar 10, 2014
    j'aime pas ce jeu car j'ai une xbox one donc je vais descendre la note sachant que je l'ai testé 2 fois 10 minutes, vu que moins de gens ont la one forcement forza c'est fais descendre sur des critiques. Ai-je raison?
  12. Feb 25, 2014
    The game itself is O.K but the graphics are ordinary and the difficulty is highly contrasted. The play-through is terrible and it should have kept the old engine sounds. I understand that there will be updates to improve the game and i'm sure they will, but I still regret ever getting it. It is underwhelming as a game and it gets me very angry because it only takes a millisecond for everything to go completely down the drain. So yes, I am giving it a 1, because it is awful. Polyphony digital, i expected better than this. Do better next time. Expand
  13. Jun 27, 2014
    I have had every Grand Turismo Game from the very first one all the way back since the late 90s all have been great games realistic & graphically superior to most driving sims, by far the best out of the bunch is Grand Turismo 5 ,Grand Turismo 6 is lacking a lot it feels incomplete, were do I start ? Soundtrack is abysmal the worst ever for the series, the menu set up looks straight from PS1,driving performance is poor getting rid of the Bspec mode bad move, Prizes seemed to limited especially when completing the Career mode challenges and what’s with the stars total rubbish! This game is a cheaped up arcadey version rushed to the shelves id never thought I’d say this simply the worst Gran Turismo ever by far Grand Turismo 5 is the best driving sim ever this one completely sucks utter garbage and a waste of money a total disappointment. Expand
  14. Aug 28, 2014
    An enormous disappointment, because the sixth installment of what was once the world's premier console racing game not only has fallen far behind the industry leaders, it's actually slipped relative to its predecessors. Poll after poll shows that the most popular (and in this reviewer's opinion, most fun) game of the Gran Turismo series was GT4, which came out at the end of 2004; since then the game's graphics have been improved (though not enough to keep up with the industry leaders) but Polyphony Digital has managed to suck almost all of the enjoyment out of playing the game.

    Specifically what's wrong? I'm not talking about the issues the series has always had, such as the designers' frustrating (to non-Japanese players) obsession with Japanese cars, which still make up a disproportionate number of those available (though the balance has improved greatly and the selection really isn't too bad any more). Nor do I mean the oft-talked-about "standard" cars, those whose graphics models haven't been updated since the PS2 days and that therefore look primitive (and lack interior views completely). The former issue is something every Gran Turismo fan has learned to live with; the latter isn't really a problem considering how many premium cars (i.e., those whose graphics are reasonably in keeping with the hardware) there are.

    No, what brings me to type this review isn't so much the stuff that PD has never gotten right, it's the things they had done well and that have now gotten worse. The most obvious of these is the events and features that are missing completely. Did you enjoy rally events in GT4 or 5? Too bad — they're completely gone. (But the shop still sells dirt tires...) Did you like the endurance races? They're gone too. Did you enjoy getting prize cars after winning a series or a long endurance race? Those have been largely eliminated, unless you want to play online (a feature that I am not commenting extensively on, as it isn't available to everyone as part of the game itself, but I'll note in passing that nearly every aficionado of online play finds PD's system nearly unusable...). And the simple interface of GT4, with everything in view at once? Gone, replaced by an ugly set of menus that aren't so much nonfunctional as... well, just bad.

    Oh, there's one thing that they've added (back), after it disappeared with GT5: license tests. Yes, no matter how many racing games (including Gran Turismo) you've played, GT thinks that you shouldn't be allowed to race a fast car until you've shown, repeatedly, that you know how to find a braking point, an apex, and so on. I've never met anyone who thinks the license tests are in any way a positive addition to the game, but Kaz (Kazunori Yamauchi, the game's lead designer) is obsessed with the technical aspects of racing, so licenses are back, whether you (or anyone else) likes them or not.

    Ah, but the racing — that's where it's at, right? GT has always been the premier racing game, so there's where it should shine... except this is actually where it falls flattest. For one thing, most of your early forays into racing will be in dull, slow cars — from the beginning you are forced to race PD's idea of what is best for a brand new driver (whether you are one or not). I guess there are joys to be had racing 80 horsepower front-drive econoboxes... and you'll get to experience them, a lot, of you want to graduate to anything faster. Woo hoo.

    Once you're actually racing something worthwhile, the disappointments will become even more acute. I didn't think it was possible for an AI to be worse that that of previous GT games, but PD managed it — the opposing cars drive on rails, rubberband at times, and commit random inexplicable errors that mean that any competent driver should blow them a way in a "fair" race. Except that qualifying is also gone, so that race starts with you far behind the leaders. Oh, and be careful as you pass everyone (as you will if you don't completely stink at this), because they also like to knock you off the track without warning, even on straightaways.

    So much else is missing too. There's no car damage (well, technically there are minor visual indications of damage, but they have no effect on the driving). Nothing to keep you from wall-riding and cutting corners. No rewinding. No trading cars among users. Ridiculous restrictions on what color you can paint your cars. Sounds that, without exception as far as I can tell, do not at all resemble those of the cars in question. Questionable tuning dynamics. And on and on.

    We're told, repeatedly, that many of these issues will be fixed in updates that are coming "soon". Well, even if they were coming tomorrow this review is of the game that you can buy today, and that game stinks. Further, GT6 has been out a year and almost no significant flaw has been rectified; none of us is holding his breath.

    Gran Turismo was once both a fine simulator and a fun game. It's no longer either.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 81 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 65 out of 81
  2. Negative: 0 out of 81
  1. Mar 4, 2014
    In some ways GT6 feels like a robust expansion pack, but there are enough general improvements and additions that you'll find this release makes GT5 obsolete. A fine return to form at the tail end of the generation.
  2. Without a doubt the best GT in the series thus far, but held back by aging game design and time-delayed DLC features. [January 2014, p70]
  3. Feb 13, 2014
    Gran Turismo 6 continues the familiar path, not taking any risks but delivering solid, fun driving experience. Standard cars still really need a major update though. [Jan 2014]