• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Dec 6, 2013
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  1. Dec 9, 2013
    I have the whole GT series, I also use a G27 & play "Other" racing titles on PC/Xbox360 (Not Forza)
    I have the "Anniversary Edition" of GT6 & just about the only things that are better than GT5 are the quicker menus & loading, the graphics are only slightly better & there was already nothing wrong with the car handling in GT5 so I struggle to get my head round all the "Hype" it's getting
    & finally we get Spa & Mt Panorama without having to pay extra for it as I resent spending more on a game I've already paid £59.99 for.

    Now for the things that in my opinion SUCK:
    The miserly amount of credits for winning races, the frankly horrendous UI looks like a frikkin iPhone app, there is no more "Community" or visible "Friends" list, the re-introduction of licences to progress they were tedious & boring in earlier versions & they're no different now just same old, same old & there's still the same problem with the sound of the cars, not with the engine sound as such that everyone seems to be about but the fact that whenever you go near another car your engine sound disappears completely. Add to this the little things like getting taken to a replay of your race by default & the fact that you can no longer turn the annoying suggested gear notification off in the game options.

    Basically all I've got for my £59.99 are the 2 tracks that should have been in the game from the get go, NFS Shift 2 Unleashed on either Xbox 360 or PC is as equally good as "ANY" of the Gran Tourismo series & it's been out ages & is "STILL" as good as GT6 but that's just my opinion......
  2. Dec 14, 2013
    What can I say. I have been playing Gran Turismo since GT2, and this has been the biggest disappointment I have had. I loved every other rendition of the series but this fell flat for me. I don't know if it is that I have been pampered with Forza but I see no advancement in this game whatsoever, and feel more like this is a slide back for Polyphony, I have played these tracks before, and see little or no improvement from GT5, if not even from GT4. The graphics are on par with what I received from Forza 1, but that was almost 10 years ago. It is really depressing because I really want to like this game. It was the GT series that brought me into racing games. I spent my time recovering from heart surgery playing GT5 non-stop. What is sad is that I constantly have the urge to just jump over to Forza 5 (which was the sole reason I bought an X-Box one for) even though it is very limited in cars and tracks.

    I will not compare this game to Forza 5 though. They are completely different generations, but Forza 4 is not. GT6 does not feel like a true racing sim anymore. I have gotten use to the level of detail that turn 10 puts into the behavior of the cars, their responsiveness, and the level of skill required to truly master driving them. Each car handles completely different and you need to get used to it, but GT6 does not. What is the use of having thousands of cars if they all feel the same. I also find myself falling back into old lazy driving habits in GT6 due to little or no consequences for dirty driving. Hit a car, it is alright, your car still performs correctly.

    As for the courses. These feel like the same ones I have been playing since GT4 with the same feel and environments surrounding them. I don't find myself amazed at the views like I do when I am racing on Forza 4 at times, because there is no sense that I am looking at the real view I would get if I was on this racetrack. As for environment, I am still up in the air.

    I am still excited about some of the prospects of GT6, especially with the upcoming gps tracking ability that will allow me to drive around town and create race courses with it, but I would have thought that GT6 would have been better than this.
  3. May 18, 2014
    Não há um salto gráfico em relação ao 5(é melhorado em poucos detalhes), mas o dinamismo nos menus, o sistema de habilitação, os loadings, tudo foi aprimorado dando muito mais prazer ao jogar. a física continua fantástica e é muito mais fácil de perder o controle do carro (mesmo com as assistências ligadas) que seu antecessor. Muito bom
  4. Dec 29, 2013
    The GT series has been going downhill since GT2. Compared to Forza the handling is slightly better especially the modelling for inertia but the racing and gameplay is lacking. Most GT6 races are simple overtake all the cars to win much like a challenge from GT5. You are always the fastest but are just trying to make all the overtakes before the flag falls. It never feels competitive. What ruined it for me was the online challenges. I barely got my novice licence when I completed a few challenges and got millions of credits. That took away all the fun of the fighting for the small upgrade that will allow you to get to the next race up. Again GT2 had a great balance but GT6 is very poor. Last but not least the cars don't sound right. If this was a super NES I would forgive it but it isn't and I cant. Someone said GT6 cars sound like vacuum cleaners and they are not far off the mark. Forza is ahead here but all genres could improve in this area.

    Overall disappointing but consistent, could do a lot better with fresh blood. If you own 5 then don't waste your money on 6 just for slightly better handling cars.
  5. Jan 21, 2014
    Gran Turismo 6 is definitely a quality game. You get a nice driving simulation as always and a fantastic selection of cars. The problem is that the tracks are nearly all the same and the game feels just the same as Gran Turismo 5. It can be enjoyable if you are bored and don't have much else to do. However, if you do not have a steering wheel for your ps3, don't get the game. It is just so dry and repetitive. Without the added spice of a steering wheel, you will get bored very quickly playing it. Expand
  6. Feb 17, 2014
    Disappointing, but still a good Gran Turismo experience
    The Gameplay has become more realistic with it's new physics engine, making the driving feel more like you're driving the car, I even like that if you go off track, the car will get dirtier, HUGE improvement, Sadly, doesn't apply in all cars. The Moon missions even emulate the gravity in the moon, the coffee break challenges give a
    nice opportunity to have fun with your own car. But.... Some of the cars don't look good, it gets worse with it's awful traction sounds, I was like..."That is not how a Bugatti Veyron sounds like" The graphics look more downgraded than GT5, the shadows look worse and it looks less bright. Still no damage, Really? THIS IS PS3!
    The huge dealership is a better improvement, easier to find a car you need, the career mode is even better.
    The arcade mode SUCKS, only a small selection of cars, less custom features for your race and less racers. 8 instead of 16 in your race.
    Overall, if you're a racing fan with a PS3, Stick with 5, this is a disappointment, but still, this game is good, just good.
  7. Feb 25, 2014
    The game itself is O.K but the graphics are ordinary and the difficulty is highly contrasted. The play-through is terrible and it should have kept the old engine sounds. I understand that there will be updates to improve the game and i'm sure they will, but I still regret ever getting it. It is underwhelming as a game and it gets me very angry because it only takes a millisecond for everything to go completely down the drain. So yes, I am giving it a 1, because it is awful. Polyphony digital, i expected better than this. Do better next time. Expand
  8. Feb 28, 2014
    GT6 is just the latest of what have been an amazing line up of racing games over the years. I love starting and mastering the simple stuff... a Honda Civic and then working my skills and my bank account up to an Nissan GTR Spec V and then on to the big boys like a Bugatti Veyron. The graphics, controls, sound effects, music and anything else you can think of is all there. Waiting to be driven to a million RPMs. Expand
  9. Feb 28, 2014
    Great game, a pretty large improvement over GT5. Although yes, there are still standard cars and God-awful sounds, the simulation is the best I have ever experienced. Easily my favorite GT game.
    Once PD gives the game better sounds, the Community and Quick-Race modes, plus all the other things they promised would be later implemented in the game, I will give the game a 10. For now, I
    think it deserves a 9. Expand
  10. Sep 24, 2014
    When it comes to simulation in driving in Video Games, Gran Turismo 6 is no.1 for sure. After recently having a battle to what I like more Forza or Gran Turismo. And after playing Forza 5 and 4 and GT5. GT6 makes me a PS fanboy of a sort. With its massive selection of cars, tracks, and it's beautiful day and night cycle. With rain, gravel, snow and dirt tracks, it's a very varied experience. But no game is perfect. This has it flaws.

    - 1200+ Cars
    - GT6 career mode is varied and diverse.
    - driving, turn everything off, Apex everything, become a legend.
    - tracks, a huge selection, including my personal favourite. Bathurst.
    - sounds are amazing.

    - the game freezes a bit too much, especially after races when you claim victory
    - the graphics are pretty, but some tracks and cars don't have as much attention to detail.
    - blackout cockpits is just lazy.

    Overall running at a stunning 1080P 60FPS on the PS3, presumably the last on this gen, it's an amazing game with flaws that don't hold it back too much.

  11. Ozy
    Nov 5, 2014
    Gran turismo is the best race simulator you can find out there. Must have a wheel for the absolute experience. What i hate is everything other than the actual racing. The game menu's online menu's waiting time - just the overall set out of the menus really suck! No jokes, if i were to sit down now for an online race, it would take me at least an hour before im actually racing. Why? well either i have to work on my car, win money to by a new car, find a game online, join a group who are about to finish up, etc etc etc. I hate to say this but GT needs some sought of arcade online racing - the shuffle race was good where is it now? Apart from taking the game seriously - it really needs a simple side too. Gamers should be able to sign on and race as quickly as COD online. Expand
  12. May 11, 2014
    el gran turismo 5 era mejor que el 6 por que tenia el 3d para las pantallas que lo soportaran y era mas realista en los controles y tenia conectividad con el psp pero aqui lo que destaca el la jugabilidad y modo de responder de los vehiculos y los carros y sus circuitos son buenos pero no llegara a ser lo que fue el gran turismo 5 pero es buen jueg
  13. May 3, 2014
    Let's resume that quickly, this is Gran Turismo 5.5 . Nothing Else, an upgrade. I would like to be the same thrill that was when i switched from Gran Turismo 2 to 3.
  14. May 20, 2014
    im not the worlds biggest fan of the gt series i have only played two five and six and i have to say six is a massive improvement on five but the only thing missing is a damage system most of the races are too easy i just chose my beefed up ferrari and just bash and crash my way to the line and most of the time that works still a bunch of fun but until damage comes in its only an 8
  15. Jun 18, 2014
    As a huge fan of the series, this is the best version on PS3...load time improvements are the first thing I noticed over GT5. Car physics certainly feel more realistic and I don't think the micro-transactions take away from the game at all. They are simply there for people who don't have the time/patience to earn credit the hard way...not a big deal. I'd say GT2 is easily my favorite probably followed by a tie between this and GT4. My only complaint is there is nothing really exciting and new feeling. It feels like the same GT as it has since the beginning but they need to do something more...smarter tougher AI would be a good start. The AI feels just as dumb as it was in GT1 Expand
  16. Jun 27, 2014
    I have had every Grand Turismo Game from the very first one all the way back since the late 90s all have been great games realistic & graphically superior to most driving sims, by far the best out of the bunch is Grand Turismo 5 ,Grand Turismo 6 is lacking a lot it feels incomplete, were do I start ? Soundtrack is abysmal the worst ever for the series, the menu set up looks straight from PS1,driving performance is poor getting rid of the Bspec mode bad move, Prizes seemed to limited especially when completing the Career mode challenges and what’s with the stars total rubbish! This game is a cheaped up arcadey version rushed to the shelves id never thought I’d say this simply the worst Gran Turismo ever by far Grand Turismo 5 is the best driving sim ever this one completely sucks utter garbage and a waste of money a total disappointment. Expand
  17. Jul 4, 2014
    While I've only played GT5 for less than 20 hours, I can say the improvements made to GT6 were in my case worth while. Previously on GT5, rally races resulted to a strange 'hollowed wood' knocking noise on my Logitech G27, possibly caused by improper use of the FFB (force feedback). Not only has that dissipated, the general feel of the wheel and responsiveness seems to have been improved and is now more enjoyable. in addition the UI has been cleaned up dramatically; it's now much more organized and easily navigable. While I can't say that this installment has brought in many new innovative features, just having the force feedback signal somehow repaired was well money spent in my case. Expand
  18. Aug 28, 2014
    An enormous disappointment, because the sixth installment of what was once the world's premier console racing game not only has fallen far behind the industry leaders, it's actually slipped relative to its predecessors. Poll after poll shows that the most popular (and in this reviewer's opinion, most fun) game of the Gran Turismo series was GT4, which came out at the end of 2004; since then the game's graphics have been improved (though not enough to keep up with the industry leaders) but Polyphony Digital has managed to suck almost all of the enjoyment out of playing the game.

    Specifically what's wrong? I'm not talking about the issues the series has always had, such as the designers' frustrating (to non-Japanese players) obsession with Japanese cars, which still make up a disproportionate number of those available (though the balance has improved greatly and the selection really isn't too bad any more). Nor do I mean the oft-talked-about "standard" cars, those whose graphics models haven't been updated since the PS2 days and that therefore look primitive (and lack interior views completely). The former issue is something every Gran Turismo fan has learned to live with; the latter isn't really a problem considering how many premium cars (i.e., those whose graphics are reasonably in keeping with the hardware) there are.

    No, what brings me to type this review isn't so much the stuff that PD has never gotten right, it's the things they had done well and that have now gotten worse. The most obvious of these is the events and features that are missing completely. Did you enjoy rally events in GT4 or 5? Too bad — they're completely gone. (But the shop still sells dirt tires...) Did you like the endurance races? They're gone too. Did you enjoy getting prize cars after winning a series or a long endurance race? Those have been largely eliminated, unless you want to play online (a feature that I am not commenting extensively on, as it isn't available to everyone as part of the game itself, but I'll note in passing that nearly every aficionado of online play finds PD's system nearly unusable...). And the simple interface of GT4, with everything in view at once? Gone, replaced by an ugly set of menus that aren't so much nonfunctional as... well, just bad.

    Oh, there's one thing that they've added (back), after it disappeared with GT5: license tests. Yes, no matter how many racing games (including Gran Turismo) you've played, GT thinks that you shouldn't be allowed to race a fast car until you've shown, repeatedly, that you know how to find a braking point, an apex, and so on. I've never met anyone who thinks the license tests are in any way a positive addition to the game, but Kaz (Kazunori Yamauchi, the game's lead designer) is obsessed with the technical aspects of racing, so licenses are back, whether you (or anyone else) likes them or not.

    Ah, but the racing — that's where it's at, right? GT has always been the premier racing game, so there's where it should shine... except this is actually where it falls flattest. For one thing, most of your early forays into racing will be in dull, slow cars — from the beginning you are forced to race PD's idea of what is best for a brand new driver (whether you are one or not). I guess there are joys to be had racing 80 horsepower front-drive econoboxes... and you'll get to experience them, a lot, of you want to graduate to anything faster. Woo hoo.

    Once you're actually racing something worthwhile, the disappointments will become even more acute. I didn't think it was possible for an AI to be worse that that of previous GT games, but PD managed it — the opposing cars drive on rails, rubberband at times, and commit random inexplicable errors that mean that any competent driver should blow them a way in a "fair" race. Except that qualifying is also gone, so that race starts with you far behind the leaders. Oh, and be careful as you pass everyone (as you will if you don't completely stink at this), because they also like to knock you off the track without warning, even on straightaways.

    So much else is missing too. There's no car damage (well, technically there are minor visual indications of damage, but they have no effect on the driving). Nothing to keep you from wall-riding and cutting corners. No rewinding. No trading cars among users. Ridiculous restrictions on what color you can paint your cars. Sounds that, without exception as far as I can tell, do not at all resemble those of the cars in question. Questionable tuning dynamics. And on and on.

    We're told, repeatedly, that many of these issues will be fixed in updates that are coming "soon". Well, even if they were coming tomorrow this review is of the game that you can buy today, and that game stinks. Further, GT6 has been out a year and almost no significant flaw has been rectified; none of us is holding his breath.

    Gran Turismo was once both a fine simulator and a fun game. It's no longer either.
  19. Sep 28, 2014
    All I have to say is best real racing game of 2013. Probably my most favirate game on the PS3. Just wait in the future and there will be some awesome new updates coming up. The game would be better.
  20. Sep 29, 2014
    + Very good racing physics
    + Nice graphics
    + Online is OK (for now)
    + A lot of cars and tracks
    + Quick loadings and menu

    - Very poor sounds
    - Too many "basic" models of cars
    - Veeery slow improvements in updates (developing not useful things such as car data acquisition, while everyone engine sounds like a vacuum)
  21. Nov 11, 2014
    This game is the best gt on ps3
    it have over 1200 cars (400 premium), a total of 100 track on 30+ location, best physics on console, full time transition and weather.
    there still the sound, damage and AI thats still lacking.
    True score: 8.7
  22. Nov 20, 2014
    Gran Turismo 6 is evidently an improvement from its predecessor, but it can still at times feel unfinished at times. I believe this era is one to forget for Polyphony Digital, and perhaps to start fresh for the next. The circuits available are much more appealing to real drivers, and some cars look gorgeous, however I think the game could've been released for Playstation 4.
    enthusiastic racing fan should definitely pick this up, as the physics are exquisite. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 81 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 81
  1. Mar 4, 2014
    In some ways GT6 feels like a robust expansion pack, but there are enough general improvements and additions that you'll find this release makes GT5 obsolete. A fine return to form at the tail end of the generation.
  2. Without a doubt the best GT in the series thus far, but held back by aging game design and time-delayed DLC features. [January 2014, p70]
  3. Feb 13, 2014
    Gran Turismo 6 continues the familiar path, not taking any risks but delivering solid, fun driving experience. Standard cars still really need a major update though. [Jan 2014]