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  1. Sep 17, 2013
    Perfect Game for the Current Generation.

    I played a lot of games with a lot of hype built around it, and I'd say this is the first game to truly exceed my extremely high expectations! Everything R* tried to accomplish, they hit a bullseye with. The scope of Los Santos is the largest of any game made, period. The world is full of possibilities and things to do, unlike GTA IV, and it is
    endlessly fun like GTA San Andreas. The characters are the most developed and interesting in this one than all of GTA (Next to Niko Bellic). The story has some of the best set pieces and hilarious interactions, seriously, this is one of the funniest games I've ever played. Playing the game is exhillieratingly fun and Epic, everything feels refined and realistic such as the Car driving which is now completely enjoyable.

    The score is brilliant, graphics breathtaking, gameplay over the top ridiculously fun and the amount of hours you spend on the game just flys by. This is not only my favourite in the GTA franchise, but one of my favourite games of all time.

    You done it again Rockstar Games, job well done!
  2. Sep 17, 2013
    This game is great for an open world experience but when it comes to raw gameplay, it grows boring. Gameplay is such a key aspect of a video game and this one's grows tiresome before long.
  3. Sep 17, 2013
    It's a big impressive game but when it comes down to it it simply isn't that fun. Grand Theft Auto fans will likely be pleased but it didn't convert me.
  4. Sep 18, 2013
    GTA5 is essentially what GTA4 should have been. However the gameplay grows boring after a while. And it got to the point that playing a psychopath senselessly killing people made me turn off the game. I'm sure it will please fans of the series but it definitely not GOTY like so many say
  5. Sep 17, 2013
    The journey of the three protagonists and their pursuit of the dollar in the beautiful, sun-drenched state of San Andreas is a breath taking experience. Quite simply put, this is the best video game I have played for the current generation of consoles.


    It seems as though the user score is being attacked by disgruntled PC fans. For the time being, i'd disregard the user score.
  6. Sep 17, 2013
    What an absolutely incredible game.

    I luckily received the game early to review it for a smaller gaming journalism website and I legitimately feel that this is the best game i've played in these eight years of the seventh console generation, perhaps even of all time. I hope I don't lose any manpoints but I am happy to tell you that at a certain point of the game (avoiding spoilers) I
    shed a tear. This isn't just a video game, it's artwork.

    Regardless of the consoles it has been released for, this game isn't just a 'taste' of next-gen... it IS next-gen.


    (Be wary. It seems that the trolls are out in droves and giving it a negative userscore to lower the average. Likely PC users who won't have a chance to play the game for a very long time. My heart *bleeds*.)
  7. Oct 2, 2013
    Don't listen to the fan boys, I'm re-reviewing after initially giving this game a solid 7. The single player is good value, apart from the low frame rate everything else is pretty fun. Online mode is a joke, once you get online lots of people can't for obvious and understandable reasons it's nothing more than a fancy lobby for death matches, racing minigames and mindless robbing of stores. You do these activities to earn money, to buy cars, houses, garages to set you up for the heists which are not included just yet. A free DLC at a future date will be released with this content available.

    The combat is awful, auto aim, and free roam is like a ghost town, 16 players in a map so large. It can only really be played with friends.

    Not what i expected.
  8. Sep 18, 2013
    One of the things I really liked about the GTA IV was driving with the cars and crashing them.... now in GTA V driving cars feels boring and unrealistic and when it comes to wrecking cars... I mean it feels like GTA 3 or san andreas. And that is why I hate this game 0/10.
  9. Sep 17, 2013
    Best gta game ever made massive, detailed map and lots of entertaining stuff to do. Those who cry about graphics think again its open world you see it, you can go there. It is still looking 2x as good as gta iv. And also it is running on 7 year old hardware.
    As a gaming platform i prefer PC, and i think it will be great loss for humanity not to have version for this platform. But then
    again it doesnt change the fact that this game is awesome. Expand
  10. Sep 19, 2013
    Not even game of the year for PS3, that belongs to TLoU which is an original franchise. This has all been done before! With less glitching and pop-in. Dark Souls has way more challenge, gameplay, and more story for one character than GTA V has in its entirety!
  11. Sep 17, 2013
    In 2008 I was severely disappointed by a game known as GTA4. It had extremely high reviews but was plagued with many issues. The cars controlled horribly, like slippery boats. There were many steps backward in customization. Only a few outfits were available and you couldn't really change Niko, the main character. Pop-in textures were common and really hindered the actual gameplay. The game just wasn't as good as its predecessor, San Andreas. Now we have GTAV, a game that brings back all the features that made the series great in the first place. I can tell you right now that this is the most ambitious game ever. It has introduced a large amount of new features and fixed nearly every issue that GTA4 created. Now the cars have tight handling. The controls are 100% responsive. This even includes the gunplay, which feels smooth and comfortable. The amount of content and world to explore will keep you playing forever. Add in the awesome narrative and missions with actual variety and you get a nearly flawless experience. One of the best games ever made. PERIOD. Expand
  12. Sep 17, 2013
    This Game's truly a masterpiece. Everything seems smooth and belonging together, starting from the excellent 3 characters, their personality, their voice, their movements, just everything. Then teh World, this unbelievable huge, content-stuffed masterpiece; you can find something new everywhere, there's so much to discover, it's like chasing butterflies in skyrim, same goes for GTA V. Every second you spend in the Game is fascinating and seems unique, the missions are a huge amount of fun and they finally managed to improve the variety greatly!
    This Game's definitely one of the best games i played in the last 15 Years!
  13. Sep 23, 2013
    If GTA5 was an interactive screensaver I would give it a 10/10. However it's supposed to be a game.
    On one hand Dan Houser is quoted as saying that Rockstar North is committed to being true to themselves. On the other hand Dan is quoted as saying that they are making the games easier to control to expand their audience. I've always been a huge gta fan because the games have been fun and
    infinitely replayable. GTA5 is not fun. GTA5 is not replayable. 1 star wanted level for swearing at someone. Arcade vehicle physics a gorilla could master in 10 minutes. Cars that fall apart by just driving over gutters. The l1 camera is atrocious. Why does it pop out 2 metres from the car when driving in car. Am I expected to aim with this garbage? The bullets always hit the roof of the car in front of you and not the driver. It's like zero thought was put into the gameplay quality of the game, and sacrifices were made simply to make it more cinematic. I don't care if I can see the characters in the car when looking backwards. If i'm looking backwards I want to see what's behind me, not the inside of the car. The missions are too controlling and often that results in mission failure for strange reasons. Some missions hold your hand every step of the way and tell you what to do, while others have little or no information besides "stand on the yellow dot". Anyone giving this game a 10/10 is delusional in the extreme, or is not very good at most modern games. GTA5 should have been released for $2.99 on a tablet, and not full price on a console. There should be two main settings in every game. One for the people who know absolutely nothing and are happy to press one button at a time (the current state of GTA5), and one for the hardcore crowd who want a fully functional sandbox to play around in. R.I.P GTA. Expand
  14. Sep 25, 2013
    A widespread of land that is Los Santos gives you the chance to do things you're not legally capable of doing in real life. The graphics are better, the space has increased and the functionality of the game has improved. Nothing can be said about GTA V except "hard work and patients really pays off." Rockstar has grown to become one of the best video game creators in history and with their latest installment in the franchise, we wonder what they will come up with next? Expand
  15. Oct 1, 2013
    I must revise my original 10/10 review, sadly. On October 1, 2013, Rockstart unveiled the online component of GTA5, and it is nothing more than a microtransaction rip-off scheme, just like so many other promising but ruined games of this era. What may have been the best game ever made, reveals itself to be nothing more than a pay-to-not-be-terribly-inconvenienced scheme designed to frustrate the player into shortcutting a horrible and boring grind in favor of buying your way to in-game success. The game gives you a choice: Boring, repetitive grind for in-game cash....or just buy your way to "fun" with your real money. This explains the incredibly high prices of in-game stuff....and the difficult time you have earning money. It is designed to be too boring to play without spending on microtransactions. And why not, from a corporate perspective? The customer pays once...then again and again! Brilliant, if you're an accountant. Terrible if you are a fan of full, complete, and immersive gaming experiences. The single player campaign is fun though. GTA 5 just has zero replay value now, unless microtransactions are removed. Expand
  16. Sep 17, 2013
    This is by far the best and most ambitious title i have played this generation and its a mayor improvment over GTA IV. Combine the best parts from San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, some Max Payne 3 add some new extra features and you got this game. The level of the detail and the effort to make this game is mind blowing. It cant be any other than a 10/10 game.

    I was hyped about
    this game and it exceeds my expectations. Expand
  17. Sep 17, 2013
    Best multiplatform game for the current-gen consoles! It's one massive story that if you don't get sidetracked (and you get that easily) spans over 25+ hours without even touching the sidequests. Considering that the game runs on quite 'old' hardware it can be considered a masterpiece in terms of content and graphics.
    Things i've been missing were:
    -Sniping the moon doesn't change it's
    size anymore
    -The unrealistic vehicle overtakes (on bikes). But you can have most of that crazy open world stuff with saints row 4

    Things that made me smile:
    -Retro-like cheats (I loved those button combos as a child and now they are back! Get ready to remember those in no time)
    -All those small details that make this game great. The whole world creates an illusion where every piece fits together and after a short time you'll get to love it

    This massive open world masterpiece sucks you in and devours your time like no other multi platform game before. Must have for every current-gen console owner.
  18. czg
    Sep 20, 2013
    This is a first impression review. I try to remain balanced, but hell, why shouldn't I just went it?...

    In all honesty, I think this game is, well, a rather misplaced, overblown piece.
    I have played with GTA3, Vice City, GTA4, TBOGT, and I wonder: where is the writer who the characters of those games? Because the ones in this game are clearly inferior even to the mute protagonist of
    the good ol' 3.
    The humourless figures of Michael and Franklin are even more aggravated by the retarded brutishness of Trevor. IT IS NOT FUN to play a psycho, who is just, well, a psycho.

    Then there are the controls and the difficulty curve. I am not a pro gamer, though neither a casual one. Simply, when I play a game I like to relax. However, in GTA5 you need constant retries to finish a mission from the beginning of the game. On Easy difficulty. I know, I'm lame, but y'see, there are people who play games for relaxation, as they have other things to do during their day. The game's difficulty curve is choppy, too.

    And finally, that comes from the most expensive game ever?! Wow. It seems to me that the testers had to be all hardcore and most importantly, retarded GTA fans. It seems they and the production team have became so self-obsessed that no one considered that the game may need more, much more depth, and with an 18 y.o. PEGI rating it has to appeal to the adult gamers and not just to desensitised teens.

    But, since I am also a film and 'story' fan, let me rant a bit more about the characters...
    The choice of playing three characters is a brave new innovation, so there's no mistake there. But they are kind of lacking... why? Well, Michael is the only one who you can consider balanced. Franklin could be okay, but his secondary buddies seem, again, simply retarded. Why would a smart kid like he continue to run with the ragged bunch of Lamar and the other retards? But all right, the two of them are just slightly inconsistent.
    However Trevor and his acquaintances are not. Trevor is a shallow bully, who only likes to hurt people, abuses all of his 'friends', who are, guess what, also poor, backwards and retarded people... Well, nice. Like we don't meet them in everyday life. The problem here is that since Trevor is an actual depiction of a real life thug (no empathy, selfish, deceitful, violent), his victims are really victims, and this offers no escape from reality and thus I feel inclined to turn off the console. Heck, if you watch Joe Pesci's psycho characters in Goodfellas and Casino, at least they get capped after 2 hours. But here, I am supposed to stick with a guy like that? For a 100 hours?! No, thanks.

    Finally, a closing accord about, yes, women. I am no big feminist, but still, female characters are supposed to be better developed. Even in a game that 'embraces the thug masculinity', which is utter marketing BS anyway. Even if they are only on the supporting cast, they need to be more than what is in the game.

    The visual execution is good, in times even flabbergasting, but there are serious problems with the game's spine or rather with its soul.
  19. Sep 17, 2013
    Wow! Just wow. I can't fully review it as I have only had it a matter of hours. However. It is better than GTA4 in every way. Driving is better, Shooting is better more like Red Dead). The graphics are better, the map is bigger...well you get what I am saying. Changing between characters gives a real opportunity to explore more than just a single viewpoint of a mission of situation. It also allows you to travel around a lot quicker. Although cabs are now included from the start and they arrive pretty quick don't get me started on cabby AI thing Rockstar haven't cracked yet) You can also go anywhere from the get go no bridges with police guarding them hehe). The general feel of the world is more fluid and believable than GTA4 Although the cleaner graphics do sometimes mean it lacks the same atmosphere 4 had hard to explain but sometimes in 4 is was so bright it made me happy The stories are good so far) some of the other characters are rather annoying Lamar and such) but they are still believable. It is great to have a dog and watch him maul streetpunks. I have to stop here however as I haven't done much more. Oh and missions are now auto-saved so none of the whole 'lets drive for an hour only to die' moments. Multi-player isn't around until OCT 1 ETA) so I can't comment...but if it is half as good as the single player then I'm hooked for years. I just hope they have better game modes DOM SABO or assassination games modes please). So overall yes I am just 10% in but so far it is epic. If it all turns to crap which I can't see it doing then I will gladly eat my words. So far the main protagonists aren't as likeable as Nico Belic but hey I am a stubborn man and need a few hours in their skins to like them. 10/10. Epic. Expand
  20. Sep 17, 2013
    This game has the same problem GTA IV had, the world may be large but the game has nothing to do other than the activities, i will adjust my score when the MP comes out.
  21. Sep 17, 2013
    OK, the game overall is pretty ok. The story is perfect but what the game lacks is improved gameplay (gameplay is not as swift as eg in RDR) and mainly the visuals... Graphics is bit oldish, but that would not bother me much, what bothers me is REALLY TERRIBLE FRAMERATE... yes, I cannot take that Rockstar released game with such bad framerate. Along with enslaved those are probably games with the worst framerate on PS3... Pitty Expand
  22. Sep 17, 2013
    Perfect sequel in the GTA series and one of the most anticipated games of all time. Rockstar is one of the few developers that deliver and live upto the hype. I can't call it the best in the series since it depends on one's opinion but its on par with Sanandreas and the other major Gta titles that made Gta what it is today...

    A solid 10/10
  23. Oct 6, 2013
    By far the worst online launch for a video game in the history of all online launches. If not being able to connect the first couple days and having a completely broken PS3 version, any progress that was made afterwards was met with having my character deleted. This is an open beta product and we were swindled into thinking this was a completed product.
  24. Oct 17, 2013
    Most depressing game I've ever played. I had high hopes for the game after all the hype. The magazines etc must be kidding us! They have obviously just gone along with public opinion with their biased 'best game ever', and 'groundbreaking' reviews. I've seen better graphics, better gameplay, storylines etc elsewhere. This GTA thing has been done to death now...Drive around, shoot someone, steal some money, goto a clothes shop, buy a burger, swim around, use the cheats....Nee naw nee naw, some (as the game puts it) swearing non stop YAAAAWWWWNNNNN....They just promote it to make money ...One big cash in. The game is rubbish!
    Ok so the latest GTA game, number 5... First off, EVERYTHING you do in this game takes AGES. This is very clearly a game for people with no life whatsoever. Installing the game takes ages, you will spend hours trying to be able to save the game because it throws you into one boring mission after another (which entails driving around a massive landscape that all looks the same in a boring car (which all steer the same)). You complete the mission which goes on and on with endless chit chat and a (as the game puts it), saying 'pus£y as£ motha£u£in homeboy hoe' and 'move chor bi$ch as% fatherfu&ker homey' and 'whut id it wit choo (and such things non-stop throughout the game). It will do your head in that much you would rather the main characters got killed instead. Just a bunch of idiot main characters with nothing about them to like. You will murder, steal etc and all the time not give a toss about the person you are playing as...Just pointless. The game is racist, sexist, full of filth, corruption and murder. It's seedy and depressing. It's not a true representation of real life at all. When have you ever heard a rea; 'coloured' guy talk like these idiots they dig out for games and movies? It's like having Samuel Sackson in die hard 3 and an angry coked-up Eggie Murphy shouting in your ear for hours on end... And again it's been done and been done better before. We had all this nonsense in San Andreas with 'CJ'. 'Hey dat man chillin in ma crib homey' stupid talking rubbish. Again; It's impossible to relate to the characters because they are rapists, idiots, thieves and murderers (and worse)...Just scum. The radio drives you off your head and how anyone with an actual real life can play this game I will never know....I mean it's so unnecessarly detailed you can even choose the ringtone on your fake phone in the game or take photos with the phones camera, check texts, messages online etc. It's just too much for a game. Fake girlfriends, fake friends etc etc. Wtf? Get a life folks! The strip club is a joke. I mean if they are going to have all that stuff why not just go the full hog and put in detailed sex etc instead of beating around the bush with a bit of tittie here and there? The game is just a cop out. It can't even do the violence and sex thing right without shi&&ing out. As I said, EVERYTHING takes ages in this game. I went to play it online thinking "I've got an hour to kill (before i went out to live in the real world"...But It went on and on and on with some coloured guy showing me around (another idiot) saying this, that, sh^& hoe bit&hin motha&^ka that for hours again, only to drop me somewhere in the world with more criminal activity to do as I controlled another lowlife (myself this time which i created with the character creation which is also totally rubbish (you pick your granny and grandad and their granny and grandad to get your looks). I played the game for a few hours (which was pretty good going) and after all the drugs, violence and utter boredom I was begging someone to take me into the shops to trade the (sh%t) game in...I couldn't wait! The main characters are cowards too which makes it even more unbearable and when angry go into little girlie hissy fits etc...They reminded me of wanabees on x factor getting told they can't sing and then they go all spotty and teenage and display their little temper tantrums....Just pathetic. I usually buy these games to drive around the virtual world with my steering wheel. On this game the wheel doesnt work (it works with every other car game). Nothing of use actually works in this game. Even the cheats are rubbish. No lock wanted level, nothing. Your forced to just play the dull, sick storyline. Who wants to play a game hearing throughout non-stop some bit$% as£ hoe, complain about their sad life all the way through a game? There are 3 characters in this game...3 whingers that do nothing but complain about their rubbish pathetic lives and see violence and behaving as an idiot as the only way out. They all have mental issues and see phychologists, take drugs, drink etc. Hardly a cheery game and not something I would pollute my mind with. I took this back to the shop the next day, sorry I ever bought it. Everything about this game bored me stupid
  25. Sep 17, 2013
    This is simply a brilliant game. Rockstar North have invented the wheel all o er again. Never has a sandbox game had this much content and life and at the same time wonderfully stunnig graphics. And of course GTA V is misogynistic, racist, violent and tabu.... It's a satire. And with a story critisizing not just the aftermath of the economy crash but the whole political system it manages to be smart, entertaining and funny. Buy-play-enjoy. Expand
  26. Oct 5, 2013
    Its a fun game but some aspects really annoy me, the main one is the framerate, some places i had to turn on the auto aim because i was wasting to much ammunition, maybe my console is getting old, the game has some bad textures what is ok since how BIG the map is, the driving is very sensible but good, some cars models are "indestructible" they dont take much damage compared with others models, if you like to explore you will find several hours of fun otherwise you will get tired easily even doing the campaign. The multiplayer isn't working no matter how much i try. Expand
  27. Sep 17, 2013
    This is absolutely the best game i have ever played in my 24 years of living. For all those who are bashing the game are literally brain dead and dont know a true masterpiece go play saints row aka knock off infamous. This game does absolutely everything right!!
  28. Sep 17, 2013
    I am a seasoned gamer and a middle aged man by now. I have seen and played many games by now.
    I don't really like playing with a controller (I prefer kb+m) or playing on a console.
    For this title I simply don't care.
    The game is so good, so rich, so full of story that controls, graphics (surprisingly beautiful for an aging PS3) just don't get in the way of full immersion.
    I challenge
    anyone to do a better game, I don't hesitate to give it a full 10, just for the sheer amount of content that's in it in day one.
    In the days of DLCs, freeemium, getting such a vast expanse of a game to play with is just pure bliss.
  29. Sep 17, 2013
    Until now, my favorite game in this generation was Red Dead Redemption. Now, its GTA V.
    Rockstar thinks about every little details to make it better. I dont know how a game can be this huge and this perfect at the same time.
  30. Sep 17, 2013
    I know there are a ton of positive things to say about this game, but i would like to point out what I feel is its biggest weakness. The look sensitivity is too way slow, even on the highest setting. Any possibly of this game winning over FPS fans seems doubtful in its current state due to this oversight. This disappointing blunder severely needs to be addressed in a future patch. At some points the limitations of current-gen gaming already make me hope for an announcement from Rockstar of a PS4 version of the game. That, with the aim sensitivity fixed, would truly be your perfect-10 game. However, this is still one of the best games available on the current-gen systems. 9.75 out of 10. Expand
  31. Sep 17, 2013
    Best game of the outgoing generation. Definitely.
    The variety in the game just rolls over. It has everything: car chases, great music, great story, and as many different animals. Which have previously generally been in the series. In general I advise you to buy, and if you do not buy, you lose a lot.
  32. Sep 23, 2013
    Quite possibly the most disappointing release I've ever experienced.

    I could have easily given the game a 7 or 8 but after the hype of this thing its just pathetic. I have played every single GTA since the first one. This is the worst one ever made. Here's the main issue, this game is not fun... People can sit there emotionless and list all the "features" of the game but it can have
    it all it wants, it doesn't make the things your listing fun to do. The driving physics have been completely destroyed. You could be drving a SUV or a Ferrari, it doesn't make a difference at all. All the cars go extremely fast, and you don't even ever need to brake to go around a turn. Just let go of the gas and turn. Every vehicle is the same cartoonish ride. Its as if they've taken every single feature of previous games, ruined them, and then put them into the game. The unarmed combat system is destroyed. Shooting is the same as ever. I mean dear god... I thought GTA 4 was going to be my least favorite GTA game ever but... no sir. GTA 5 is a pointless shell of a game. The easiest way I can break this down for somebody who is looking at these reviews for the purpose of being actually concerned about the quality of the game, I can say this with 100% full confidence: Red Dead Redemption is a better game. Sleeping Dogs was better. and GTA 4 was better in my opinion as well. The only good thing about this game is the story is quite different for a while then previous GTA games, but quickly devolves into the same old stuff. This is really quite dissapointing for me as I can't really think of any other game company I like more than R*. They've made quite a few of my favorite games of all time. They just dropped the ball on this one to please the masses i guess. I really do not like this game... Its boring.

    Now, when GTA online comes out that might be a little more "interesting" considering the way the game is designed. It seems like they may have sort of neglected the single player in a lot of areas in order to focus on the online element.
  33. Sep 17, 2013
    Ladies and gentleman, this is GTA V, the best game ever made! I don't know if Rockstar had some help from God or aliens or other force majeure, because it seems to be impossible to create this game only by hands of a man. And no! This game ain't overrated. This game is deserves the highest ratings and
    rewards. Man, in this game even the sky is awesome! I salute and congratulate Rockstar,
    they have made a totally miraculous piece of art. Peace and good gaming! Expand
  34. Sep 17, 2013
    This is simply one of the best games ever and the best game in the series cant be better buy this game and play it as soon as possible this is a must must play game
  35. Sep 17, 2013
    GTA V brings just what the fans of the series hoped for; a huge open world you can explore with plenty of interesting additions and three interesting characters you can control. The game not only provides a truckload of fun, but it also showcases the obstacles troubled people like our three protagonists have to overcome everyday, both emotional and physical ones. The graphics weren't what I expected to be honest, but I am guessing Rockstar had to tone them a bit because of the limitations of the hardware.
    Overall, this game provides us with an engaging story, a vast open world to explore with lots of spare activities to do and three awesome characters each one with unique abilities and vehicles. The only reason why I wouldn't suggest it is that maybe you just might get too addicted to it and drool all over the floor after 60 hours of gameplay.

  36. Sep 17, 2013
    Awesome game, truly awesome!!!
    The world is massive massive massive! The actual map, the amount of missions, the variety, the outcomes, everything!
    The ONLY downside is vehicles handling is still a bit poor (But i play a lot of racing games so have a high expectation)
  37. Sep 17, 2013
    WOW just wow the best game i've ever played... this game will throw me in my cave again for the winter haha! seriously the game have sooooo much variety and sooo much things to do!!
  38. Sep 17, 2013
    This is the best game of the decade, hands-up. GTA IV is like an average game in front of GTA V. Tons of content, customisation, vehicles a gripping storyline and 3 crazy protagonists. Unmissable.
  39. Oct 14, 2013
    The GTA series always gets astonishingly high reviews from the same critics every single time. Even GTA IV, which was so awful in pacing that the devs decided to put in *MANDATORY* hanging out with your completely unlikable "friends" to play darts, or bowling, or other things that were apparently what Rockstar believed would create classic GTA moments.

    Unfortunately, ever since San
    Andreas, the GTA series has not improved. There is no room for argument here. It hasn't. San Andreas did practically everything right that could possibly be done in a GTA game. It was complex, well-written, and just freaking fun.

    Then came IV, which got rave reviews across the whole planet. Except it was so obviously a step back from San Andreas that even after buying the entirety of it with the expansion, I was still working my way through it waiting for the fun to happen. Something that justified the emphasis on "realism" in things like driving (because in the Vice City/San Andreas times, the #1 complaint was, of course, the lack of realism in the driving physics, as cars were just way too easy to control, and that was something the series desperately needed. Yes, that's sarcasm, because that concept alone as a "feature" was astonishingly stupid.), the mandatory bromances (they didn't even let you hang out with girls? No reward for even putting up with those things? Not even so much as a cheap dating sim mechanic? Just, here are some people you never want to see again, forcing you to go out with them. Yeah, that was executed brilliantly.), and the idiotic story that not one person can even joke about enjoying.

    So, despite that IV was clearly worse than San Andreas and lacked a massive number of features that SA had that were awesome, it got better reviews. Okay, whatever. I've never heard anyone in the history of time mention it as a classic, something that redefined gaming to the level that was stated in the reviews, but I know that happens sometimes when the hype reviews itself.

    So, here comes V, and the monstrous hype-machine to go with it.

    And, my goodness, did they hype this game. It was everywhere. You couldn't ignore it. It was so pumped up worldwide, they might as well have announced that DLC was a thing of the past, being the dumbest idea that still worked and resulted in games often costing twice as much as their originals for "complete editions".

    Now that would be something to hype. But here's the thing with GTA V: Not one person really says *WHY* it's good.

    That's the really astonishing part. Everyone talks about the scope, the scale, the scenery, the graphics, the improved targeting system that was basically Red Dead Redemption's, the nice little features like not needing to drive from place to place to re-do a failed mission (it only took them FOUR past games to figure out that that was annoying), and lots of *little touches* to the basic formula. Not a lot really changed. It's still GTA, for better or worse, depending on how you look at it.

    But that's the problem. It's still the same GTA you've been playing and, oddly enough, still doesn't come anywhere close to San Andreas. Rockstar realizes they don't actually have to change anything, nor should they, because people see that Roman numeral next to Grand Theft Auto, and that's enough for people to go completely insane and buy copies on day one.

    The thing is, these people are crazy. They are stone-cold nuts. I can't be kind about this, because these people lack basic pattern recognition on a level that is staggering. I've yet to hear a single aspect I must be missing that justifies the exosphere-high reviews, as if GTA now has the last game it'll ever need--that the formula's been perfected, everything's come together, and something beautiful has happened.

    Well, I still have yet to see anything besides another sub-San-Andreas GTA game without any really exciting features or even real improvements over anything besides the scenery and a few basic improvements to the controls and interface. To put it simply, it's stupid. It's a stupid game. It wastes its potential carelessly, without regard, but it doesn't take a genius to know why: Rockstar knows they don't really have to put any effort into "improving" the game. That's not the selling point. The selling point is that there's another GTA game, even bigger in scope, even prettier. The fact that the mechanics are still virtually identical doesn't matter, really. People will buy it. And they have. Which makes people with pattern recognition skills like me a little sad, and not very hopeful about the future of console gaming.

    When GTA improves significantly, I'll totally praise Rockstar for it. There's certainly more than enough room to make improvements. Until then, though, V is only another game in a downhill series. That's all it is. The GTA Online tragedy that screwed absolutely everyone over aside, that's really all there is to it.
  40. Oct 6, 2013
    Con la cabeza fria, y despues de pasarmelo muy bien jugando al juego, veo realmente claroscuros en esta entrega. Unos graficos muy buenos( no así lo que se prometia), un mapa no tan grande como se decia, una duracion extremadamente corta, misiones faciles de correveidile.......porque el juego es facil con ganas, 5 golpes tiene el juego de los cuales solo 3 son importantes y se nota en demasía la capada al offline para agrandar su nuevo producto: GTA Online, y es que en eso se a convertido GTAV, en 2 juegos, dejando la parte offline muy tocada. Un juego que se pasa todo el mundo que se vicia en una semana, eso es GTA V, ya no es ese juego que dura meses y meses...........o sí, si pasas por el aro de tenerte que contentar con que¡ es que el online esta muy guapo!. Muy triste, un paso atras. Expand
  41. Sep 17, 2013
    hands down best game of the year! better yet this is one of the best games i played in my life. great storyline and exciting gameplay. this tops anything that came out this year so glad i bought it day one! i think a lot of people are going like this game.
  42. Sep 27, 2013
    I bought GTA V hoping that Rockstar will deliver an amazing story and gameplay in a huge open world just as it did in my favourite Red Dead Redemption. But it did not. I tried very hard to like the newest GTA but after 10+ hours of playing it just came to me that this game is really not that good. Sure, the map is big and there is plenty of activities to do, but those activities are feeling like a mini games lacking polish (to be honest, most of them are just dumb or boring). Driving is far from excellent, and if you wish to drive cars on your PS3 there are a lot of better games at that. Shooting is awful! RDR had it way smarter. The game has no atmosphere. Its all colorful, driving/killing for fun game. No regrets, no remorse, no responsibility, no consequences. The game is 18+ but it doesn't deliver the content for the mature player (except for bad rape or dog fingering jokes and some nudity). The gaming season is starting and I suggest everybody to choose something other than GTA V. Expand
  43. Sep 18, 2013
    One word: MASTERPIECE. Believe the hype: this is the greatest GTA, and the best game out there. The amount of content in this game is really, in its literal form, AWESOME. My only gripe? There aren't enough hours in the day to play this game.
  44. Sep 17, 2013
    The game has it all, it's basically the best aspects of multiple games all wrapped into one. The mechanics like fighting are greatly improved and much smoother now and the dialog is very entertaining and humorous. There's so much to get into and the AI is polished as well. It's definitely the game of the year. With GTA V being as good as advertised, I'd imagine GTA Online which comes in a couple of weeks will put the game well over the top and add even more time worth of game-play. There's simply nothing to dislike about this game. A huge ovation to Rockstar for being a company willing to actually put all it's time and effort into a game without seeming like there holding back one bit to milk a future project. They went all in with every idea they had and set a high standard for other game developers to follow. Expand
  45. Sep 17, 2013
    It appears to be a lot of nay sayers in these review, I'm never opposed to adversity, but when it comes from the mouth of the ignorant, It's simply belligerent. Not a single one of the bad reviews gives a solid reason, they all simply complain about the graphics or having to play as a "bad-guy misogynist", and then afford the game a 0. I'm absolutely glad they aren't real reviewers. The game is not only great for a GTA game. It's great for a game period, The map is gigantic of course, and it isn't mostly just filler like some games I know, *cough* skyrim. The gunplay is fantastic for and OtS game, very responsive, the game is long, and will offer alot of replay value, not to mention the free gtaonline that releases to us later, all in all It's generally hard to get me to admit spending 60 on a launch title is a good idea, but this game is worth every penny. Expand
  46. Sep 17, 2013
    Great Work, Rockstar.

    New game big company "Rockstar" gave a great twist to this year with its latest release, the "GTA V" certainly was improved to its maximum capacity, the graphics editing astonishing at the "PS3", the gameplay is improved considerably, also here is notice the effort and commitment of the company to the fans of the series "GTA", I will most certainly "Rockstar" will
    hit home to the "PS3", this game gave him a great end to a generation of "PS3", well if you subsequently create more games for "PS3", but what is inportant that left a great impression to the fans of GTA. Expand
  47. Sep 17, 2013
    Certainly the best game for this generation. Overall the games is perfect, the physics, all the activities and things to do. The story is great, and the script is awesome. Simply the best game of the series.
  48. Sep 17, 2013
    Well what can i say, this is one of the best games i have ever played, rockstar have excelled them self's again, if you liked San Andres and IV you will love this game
  49. Sep 17, 2013
    It can't top two hot chicks making out in front of you. I mean, two really hot chicks, and you know them both. The only way that gets better is if they bring you home. The game is pretty cool too, I guess.
  50. Oct 5, 2013
    This game is good but not great and the online sucks gameplay is stale story is soso I played 3 games this year that were better and the ending lol why have multiple endings the choices at the end do not fit Franks character
  51. Sep 17, 2013
    GTA5 versus. GTA IV:
    Better graphics
    Better controls
    Better story
    Better alter egos
    The best GTA game so far.Period!
    Hope vision of GTA6 on Playstation 4 will make me another step forward.
  52. Sep 17, 2013
    How do you define Genius?? The answer must be GTA V!! The experience of this game defines what this generation of consoles is best at by trial and error learned over the years and proves it with a satirical, dark universe that is propelled by the stories of the three main characters--- in this case the sum of the parts is the total enjoyment that is so much fun....Be warned though, you will be enthralled by challenges that are never repetitive and so entertaining and you will be truly spoiled.... Expand
  53. Sep 21, 2013
    After the initial "9 year ago" opening scene, I thought Rockstar might have actually tried something different this time, but once the actual game starts you are treated to more of the same... start at point A, collect that/kill him at point B, return to point A.
    Admittedly this is a first impression after two seperate one hour session, but that was all i could manage before I totally
    lost interest. Maybe it might be better in a year or so, when I come back to it with very low expectations. But for the foreseeable future it is going to be gathering dust on my bookshelf. Expand
  54. Sep 17, 2013

    You gotta be stupid to not buy this... Seriously, go buy it now. So much to do, so much to see, GTA Online looks epic.
  55. Sep 18, 2013
    This aint your father's it's been stated already, the major difference with number Five is the ability to change main characters, opening new missions and side missions. It is still basically Grand Theft Auto centering on stealing cars, gunfights, revenge, more f-bombs than Scarface, and not PC in any way shape or form. But the gameplay and graphics are polished to near perfection. Expect to spend a LOT of time exploring this baby. Expand
  56. Sep 17, 2013
    The transmission between the characters is well made, the city and the surroundings look absolutely stunning, the story line is compelling. Gta V simply is one amazing game!
  57. Sep 17, 2013
    Sep 17, 2013
    First of all, I really liked the game, and I'm not a hater... but I think that getting a 10 is too much for the game overall. The amount of things that you can do is tremendous, but also the amount of bugs. Regarding graphics, they are "good" (for a 256mb console), but I cannot give them a 10 remembering graphics of metro:last light, uncharted 2/3, gears of
    war: judgement or the last of us.

    Finally, the IA is not very good, and there is a lot of scripted issues along the game. So that's why I think that a 7/10 is appropriate.
  58. Sep 17, 2013
    All these people about graphics: Buy a better TV, ****
    GTA V brings the good things back from older GTA's. We liked SA for the story and the things you could do when you were not on a mission, so they brought it back, but even better. The things you can do give you unlimited fun!

    The world of GTA V is huge! So you knew they actually put some time in developing the world, since it
    looks beautiful. It surprises me that consoles from 2005/6 can handle that.

    The story is awesome. It gives you the feeling of SA, since you team up with friends/gang-members from time to time. Also, since there are 3 protagonists, it makes it even more exiting.

    The (bad) user score are just butthurt PC fans, about the graphics being bad because it's console. It are not the best graphics, I agree, but for old consoles they are just amazing and beautiful.
  59. Sep 17, 2013
    Loving it, so much better than the really very poor GTA 4. Loadning times are kept to a minimum. GFX scale up to close to 1080 (they aren't I'm sure but close), controls are spot on. And the stuff to do. 13 hours play so far. I've played tennis and golf, rode a bike up the pier, played the stock market, bought cars, clothes and businesses, raced, had a lap dance (ahem, that is pretty XXX) swam, driven a boat, been to the shooting range, been on a hunt (complete with stupid headgear)...
    Got to add the the "mini" games are hardly mini at all. The golf and tennis are almost release worthy games in themselves, the stock market is mondo impressive. I'm looking after a dog FFS! (and improving his temprament via my Ipad) And it's all FUN, you feel like you are progressing. Yeah I'm reviewing after 13 hours play. Brilliant
  60. Sep 17, 2013
    It hasn't only reached my expectations, it has blown them away. This is like the best game ever, no I'm not even kidding I think this is the greatest video game ever made. Congratulations Rockstar games!
  61. Sep 17, 2013
    People need to stop yelling GOTY at this game, because that title belongs to The Last of Us. GTA V is a great game, but it just doesn't have the same level of polish and immersion as the TLoU. Period. That being said, the world is massive and there's a ton of stuff to do. R* did manage to improve upon many of the mechanics presented in GTA IV, but at times, it will seem a bit repetitive.
  62. Oct 20, 2013
    GTA5 is a very bad game, on many levels. There's only a couple of funny missions, the rest is totally lame (do yoga and click on pop up, really guys and the top of the worse in this poor game is the control... i'v never seen a gameplay like this... Mockstar should have play to other games like just cause 2 or Sleeping dogs: so they could learn some tricks (the shooting phases on car is a nightmare in GTA5 and so is the gameplay of few vehicule like the helicopter).

    the only good point: it's big... but so empty.

    and i don't talk about the online part...
  63. Sep 17, 2013
    While it's certainly not perfect, but HUGE and corrects a lot of the things that were wrong with the previous entires. If you're a GTA fan you will feel right at home with this in all of it's updated, fully realized glory. A fully explorable ocean is pretty sweet too.
  64. Sep 17, 2013
    This is no doubt the best in the series, but like any game. It can't be perfect. You start off with Michael and Franklin for the first few hours. Everything isn't unlocked from the beginning, you unlock activities by completing missions with the three protagonists. I have been playing for merely six hours and I have uncovered a small fraction of the map and I'm only 7 completed.At the very beginning it throws you into the action. The mechanics are much much improved from previous games and has a Midnight Club/ Max Payne vibe to it. (Previous Rockstar games) The controls will take awhile to get used to. Even if you played GTA IV for hundreds of hours...You'll still have a hard time adjusting. The controls are a bit more tight and fluent and the cars have appropriate weight with them...If your at all like me...All you wanted to do was to drive around in sports car getting to know your surroundings. There are countless things to do in Los Santos...All within a 20 year period. (Grand Theft Auto timeline) It took me an half hour just to play two games of tennis, and I enjoyed every second of it. I spent a while doing taxi fairs just so I could scrape up some money and get Franklin a haircut. If you loved any of the previous Grand Theft Auto game, you will with this one. There are some texture pop-ins sometimes but that really only happens if your going real fast in a vehicle. I can't tell you what is all in the game, for this is just a written review. But, I hope this helped what you think of Grand Theft Auto V. If you have any questions, just ask and i'll be able to answer them. Expand
  65. Sep 17, 2013
    Best multiplatform game for the current-gen consoles! It's one massive story that if you don't get sidetracked (and you get that easily) spans over 25+ hours without even touching the sidequests. Considering that the game runs on quite 'old' hardware it can be considered a masterpiece in terms of content and graphics.
    Things i've been missing were:
  66. Sep 20, 2013
    Ridiculously overhyped. Having played GTA IV, I had very high expectations for this game, especially given that Rockstar had 5-6 years to develop this game, it was disappointing. The shooting mechanic is as broken as ever, aiming at targets that are nowhere near me while I am being shot by a cop 5 feet away from me, and the small reticule is basically useless. The driving does not feel any different although that is not entirely a complaint as there was nothing really wrong with it. The graphics and textures look subpar compared to other releases of this year and even last year. The game is good, I am not denying that, but I am just denying it all of it's overdone praise and hype. Not a huge step from GTA IV, not impressed. Expand
  67. Oct 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've played GTA since the third installment up until this new one. This is the worst one yet. R* is going the way of EA with souless games and trying to squeeze every cent they can out of you with DLC and microtransactions. If you plan to only play single-player, you should skip this one. The campaign is a total of 69 missions and once you complete them your already at over 50% complete with the game. Remember all those cool 'odd jobs' in previous installments? Pretty much gone except for the taxi missions.

    - Not enough heists. What is the point of improving your crew member's skills when you barely get to use them?

    - Grove Street was totally different. I barely recognized it from SA. If it wasn't for the cul-de-sac I wouldn't even know that it was Grove Street. Plus, the Ballas are now living there and there isn't an explanation why that is; which brings me to my next point.

    - No gang territory. I loved taking over gang territory in SA. With GTA V you can't start gang wars, take over territory or recruit members. I wanted to retake Grove Street for the GSF but it will forever be Balla turf now. There were about 4 missions that involved the 'hood'. Way too short. One of the missions Trevor just decides to go down to Grove Street just for the hell of it. Literally for no reason.

    - There is a casino in GTA V but you can't go inside and gamble. Another feature missing from SA.

    - Purchasable properties You can buy them but cannot go inside? The missions for the 'properties' you own are mostly delivery missions that serve no purpose. It doesn't matter if you ignore them or not, you just won't get payed your $1k that week. There should be sub-missions for your properties which improve them.

    - No purchasable safehouses. Franklin starts out with a house in the hood but then moves out to Vinewood. No longer can I buy a house in the hood, walk out the door and start shooting rival gang members like in SA. Now I have to drive from Vinewood all the way down to the 'bad' part of town, or take a cab and just steal a car when I get there. They saved all of the purchaseable safehouses for 'GTA Online'. So, if you only want to play singleplayer or don't have an internet connection, R* is basically saying screw you.

    - The world map is bigger than SA only because of the ocean. I would have much rather preferred more land. Rockstar claimed that the world map for this game would be bigger than Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV combined with "the oceans, land and enterable locations." Well, the ocean is boring and there really is no point in being underwater and the enterable locations are very few and far between. There is A strip club, one, and about 15 gas stations that are all copy and paste. If you've been in one gas station you've seen 'em all. There are a bunch of clothing stores but they are copy and paste aswell, with just 3 different types. Suburban, Discount and a high-end one. There are also a few banks to go into but you can't do anything with them and they are also copy and paste. For Rockstar to claim that this is the biggest world yet just because of the ocean is very misleading advertising.

    -On a random encounter mission, you had to transport a guy to the airport and when you got him there he tells you to buy stock that isn't listed on the stock market webpage.

    -Vehicle Customization is back and was a major feature missing from IV.

    -Stock market is a waste of time after you've completed the assasination missions. Also there isn't an option to short sell stock when you know the CEO for example will be assasinated.

    -The movie studio was too short-lived.

    -Fast-food resturants are still around but you can't interact with them at all or even go inside.

    If you have ever played GTA: San Andreas you will know this game sucks but if you started playing GTA with IV you will think this game is the best in the franchise. Well, it isn't. The story sucks, the gameplay sucks, the characters are boring, the driving is very old style, overall just the worst GTA. After 5 years and over 260 million dollars this is the best R* can come up with? I guess paying for reviews on all those gaming sites aren't cheap.
  68. Oct 6, 2013
    Anyone who has played Dead Space 2 may remember a certain set piece which left Isaac suspended upside down. The player then had to fend off a bunch of attacking necromorphs with inverted controls. Earlier this year The Last of Us copied that very sequence and now Grand Theft Auto V lives up to it's name by ripping it off again. Copying shooting sections from DS 2 is a very bad idea for GTA V because GTA V has far weaker shooting mechanics.

    It's not just Dead Space though suddenly I'm seeing elements I've seen before in Call of Duty and Uncharted. In terms of mission design Rockstar have played it safe here to the obvious delight of the mainstream gaming media who appear to have had their 10/10 reviews ready to go to print before the first prostitute had been whacked.

    Grand Theft Auto V is not a true sequel. In reality it's Grand Theft Auto 4: San Andreas. The driving and shooting has been tweaked to make cornering and aiming easier but you can tell it's the same game engine underneath. The jokes are the same too. Republican Space Rangers, Cluckin Bell, e-Cola, to GTA veterans like myself it just feels a bit too familiar and not as funny this time round.

    Did I mention there's a few cutscenes? There is, occasionally some gameplay breaks out. The script is terrible. It's mostly shouting, swearing, moaning and arguing with hardly any comedy at all. And there's so much of it and it's so constant it wears you out. With the focus very much on the three hateful characters you play as, the satire of GTA's past is pushed into the background with just one radio talk show.

    The game is full of half baked ideas. 'Stealth mode', suddenly GTA needs a stealth mode. Activating stealth mode see's your character creep around slowly like an 90 year old with a dodgy hip. Yoga could have been a rhythm action score attack mini-game instead you just press the buttons your told to pointlessly. Car mods and weapon upgrades again feel underdeveloped. Races aren't real races, rubber band AI stops you pulling away or getting left behind. Just don't crash and you cross the finish line first. Golf and tennis are to easy. Even getting a lap dance see's your chat up lines run out and repeat well before you've finished wooing the stripper making it a chore.

    Triathlons are the worst. Running swimming and cycling all require the same input of pressing up on the left stick and hammering the X button. It doesn't matter how fast you press either you will run at the same speed. You will overtake and be overtaken randomly by your AI opponents to give the illusion you are in a real race. Your not though just keep going, you will win. One of the triathlons lasted 28 minutes and busted my hand up pretty good so thanks for that.

    I can't say GTA V is a bad game. There was a brief spell during the middle when the map was still half blocked out and the other half was bustling with activity that I felt I was enjoying it. It's not broken, it's competent and above all else it's boring. It feels slow and clunky compared to other open world games which have now surpassed it. You can't really blame Rockstar for playing it safe though, they had a lot of money riding on this and they knew that more of the same would get the job done.
  69. Sep 17, 2013
    This is the best free roam game of this generation. Skyrim just its pants while playin this game. It covers a vast area. The city is just the beginning. Liberty City in gta4 is just a little bit bigger than los santos, but when you compare it to the whole entire map it like 10x bigger. One minus about it is the graphics. rockstar is mostly using the same engine. Overall gta5 is perfect for any gamer. It shines number 1 as the best sandbox game ever made. It might even win game of the year 2013. Gta online is going to be the best!!! Expand
  70. Sep 17, 2013
    Great game! Nice physics, interesting story and characters. Robbery-missions are superb! Car's physics is easier than in GTA 4, but driving is more funny. You always have something to activities. Tuning are more diverse than in last NFS. Control is simple when you are driving or walking, but hard when you are shooting. The only thing that spoils the impression graphics. If you haven't PS3, don't worry. You will enjoy nice graphics in PC on the future. Expand
  71. Sep 19, 2013
    This as to be the BEST GTA ever made by rockstar and if they keep to what the say and give us free updates and DLC this game will get better and better over the years to come!
  72. Oct 3, 2013
    Well i wont be bragging recklessly for GTA V like the most of the fans are doing actually,i'll be honest.GTA V is a good game with massive map and tons of activities but it quickly gets boring after a while.I dont know why but it really bored me to death after playing through a repititive storyline jobs like go there,drive to that,kill that,,blah blah and once trevor appeared i literally turned off the game.Personally i am a huge fan of R* games and even now obsessed with the excellent titles like Red dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 and they never get boring.The driving in GTA V feels lame and playing as a Psychopath Trevor killing people for no reason was a real pain in the bu**.GTA V may have earned U.S $1 bn in 3 days but its no different than GTA IV in a sense that it quickly becomes boring Expand
  73. Sep 25, 2013
    overall gameplay good, but due to the recent microtransaction news i feel online play will be ruined by people buying weapons and making it unbalanced for a game i've already paid for its a joke, trading it in sharpish and getting Diablo 3.
  74. Sep 17, 2013
    Outstanding game worth every freaking penny!!!!!! Outstanding in every aspect from graphics story to every little detail the city the countryside full of details and and enormous map that more than lives to it's expectations for you to explore. Best Grand Theft Auto Sequel. R* made another AAA title.
    A MUST for every gamer. Do yourself a favor and play it.
  75. Sep 17, 2013
    GTA V is the best game i had ever played. Big, beautiful world, wonderful gameplay. At PS3 framerate is good (in my PS3 after 6 hours of playing). 10/10
  76. Sep 19, 2013
    Rockstar has done it again. First off, the visuals are spectacular! A great open world experience that pulls the best elements from previous games in the series as well as Red Dead Redemption. The driving and shooting mechanics have been improved tremendously, but it still feels like a GTA game (Which is a good thing.) The upcoming GTA Online is certainly going to add a whole new dimension which will keep it relevant long after the XBox One and PS4 have released. Expand
  77. Sep 26, 2013
    Great script corrupts absolutely murdered approach to gameplay. The game went back arcade elements, the police still appears from nowhere and knows exactly where the years. In the missions, as there is only one version of the action: the one that came up with the designers. If you have not guessed their plan to fail. No freedom of action. No use of modified cars they still disappear, and their take on the job in 90% of cases it is impossible. AI traffic has not changed since the days of GTA 3.

    Damn Google translator. From Russia with vodka, punks
  78. Sep 17, 2013
    about 10% into the game.. completed 1st heist... up to the heist cash was hard to come by, especially for Franklin... thus far, a well rounded game... only improvement I would make would be the tageting 'dot'.. it's a little small... maybe the 'holo-graphic dot' would have been better...

    love the humor and spoofs at "the american dream"
  79. Sep 17, 2013
    A near perfect came. Minus the shooting while driving mechanics. A complete redemption from GTA 4. Moving between characters is easy. Great graphics, good story so far. Contacts not irritating like GTA 4. A must buy.
  80. Sep 19, 2013
    This is one of the best games I have played. Ever. The amount of Detail Rockstar put into this game is absolutely staggering. I have never felt more immersed in a video game in my life. This is all serious. I am in love with this game. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Rockstar put out the game, and it lived up to the hype!
  81. Sep 30, 2013
    He is 150% right on this one. Marcus nailed. But by the way, I bought GTA V played 25 hours expecting to find some relevancy and all I've got were useless and pointless missions. There are a couple of funny moments here and there, but this is the kind of game that you play and feel numb. It's too much information and pointless missions. GRAPHICS are amazing and there are funny moments, but that's it.

    I'm getting really bored playing at the point to quit and return the game.

    I'm not the kind of guy who buy GTA just light up the chaos. I like the story mode and how its develop but I didn't get interested on this. NICO BELIC RULES!
  82. Sep 17, 2013
    This game will never end.

    The most amazing game this current get has ever encountered. The graphics are incredibly optimized for the PS3 and runs very smoothly! Just mind blowing
  83. Law
    Sep 17, 2013
    Thank you based Rockstar, thank you for making me hyped for a game. I missed this feeling, with nowadays games, which get boring after a while, finally I can spend some time in a really well-made game. Loving the game so far! It's definitely the best GTA to date! What was missing in SA what was missing in IV has been added in GTA V! This game is a masterpiece. Hands down Rockstar, you did a really good job. Expand
  84. Sep 18, 2013
    Having played a few previous GTA 3 and GTA Vice City, I can say that I had never been impressed with Grand Theft Auto. Often, the open world would leave me bored as I would not be drawn into the story enough to keep moving forward. Combined with the time necessary to travel, repetitiveness of the missions, I felt as though I would never play open world games again.

    After much time
    though, I saw the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. The trailer looked stunning featuring planes, scuba diving, and multiple playable characters. After reading about the improvements Rockstar, the developer, has made in other games (Red Dead Redemption, Midnight Club, and LA Noir) I knew that it would be unfair to write this off as "just another GTA". Upon putting in the disc (PS3), you are greeted with an 8GB installation. This took about 15 minutes on my PS3 Slim, your mileage may vary though. The game immediately begins with the characters in a fantastic tutorial that not only introduces some characters, but also gets you intrigued by the plot early. The tutorial is interesting and fun, though the tutorial text in the upper left of the screen was hard to read on my screen (1080i on a 42" Plasma TV). This was easily supplemented fixed by the print manual or the iOS "GTA Manual" application but did lead to an unnecessary death rather early in the game.

    Upon playing this, you immediately will notice that many of the controls have been refined in comparison to previous GTA games. The shooting feels much tighter (it's easier to aim clearly and quickly, switching weapons is simple and doesn't get in the way), the driving is better (cars and trucks feel as though they drive like the type of car they are. Sports car handle amazingly while a tow truck is much slower and harder to maneuver). This makes for a much more enjoyable experience and thus far in my travels have fixed the issues I have had.

    Unlike previous games, this also features one huge update, a quick save/autosave which fixes the need to drive for 15 minutes each time you fail a mission. Now, you can pick it back up and keep trying making the game more involved and less repetitious.

    The graphics in Los Santos, the city in which GTA V occurs, are fantastic. Explosions feature depth and clarity, the characters are well detailed and thus far I have not seen any technical issues where textures appear randomly. The views from the different parts of the city are amazing as well, with nice sunsets and sunrise, beautiful villas, and more.

    The audio is fantastic as well, featuring Dolby Digital surround sound, which uses all the speakers to create a wonderful and involving soundtrack. Whether providing off-screen directional cues, subtle background noise, or enveloping you in your favorite radio station, Grand Theft Auto V provides a wonderful soundstage.

    Overall Grand Theft Auto V feels like a new game. With the revised controls, improved graphics, and new mechanics, I feel like this game address most if not all of the biggest issues I have with open world video games. The story thus far is captivating and enticing and is keeping me coming back for more. I would highly recommend this game even if you do not consider yourself a huge fan of previous entries into the series. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I am.
  85. Sep 18, 2013
    Possibly one of the best examples of open world game design to date.

    Grand Theft Auto has always been a game franchise that pushes boundaries, not only in their controversial subject matter and take on plot and story following the (mis)adventures of criminals and their cohorts, but also the technical way they achieve their vision in the medium. Starting with their first forays, they
    pushed new limits in the way a game can be (and possibly should be) designed and have not stopped in their continuing process of evolution since.

    Many have argued which game is their favorite in the franchise for either story and/or mechanics, and there is no doubt that argument will continue with this entry into the series, but what cannot be argued is this game may well be the next step in evolution not only of the series as a whole, but the potential future of open world games.

    Continuing the more "real" approach to the game that Grand Theft Auto 4 took, this game, in some ways, is more realistic than any previous game. There are moments of over the top action and scenes which play out more like a movie than anything one might encounter in real life, but it is still a game, and sometimes fun over rules real.

    Fun is a key word that the developers obviously held high in the making of this game. There are a great deal of activities and diversions to partake of in this game as well as random side missions and missions that are stranger than sense might allow (aptly named Stranger and Freak missions). The main missions are well designed (tho still fall prey to many "flaws" in mission design, such as forcing you to chase someone to kill them when they reach their destination instead of just letting you use your equipped gun to blast them on route, or simply forcing you into a specific vehicle when another might be better) and the story is such that you remain invested in the characters as they develop.

    That may be the main draw of this game. The characters are so interesting all of them, from main, to side, to extras on the street that you want to see them develop. You feel interested in their weird over the top, and sometimes disturbing lives and want to see "how it all ends". Whether you want it to end well or end badly for each character is personal taste.

    Again, you end up with one of the best aspects of the whole game. Personal taste. Whether it is how you complete the missions, when you decide to do them, which side activities you do, how you dress, what cars you drive, or the hair on your head (and face), personal choice is exemplified in this game. The mission structure is so well designed that it makes the open world feel far more open and at the same time inviting. Whether you are out in the country, up in the mountains, or in the main city, you will always feel the freedom to do whatever you want however you want (even if it is simply a game of golf).

    The mission structure does not suffer from the absolute open design in this case either. Unlike some games that have tried to give you absolute freedom to take missions in any order you want, but fail at various points, this game has a way of making it feel compelling when you do the missions, but not restrictive when you choose to take them. The story never suffers from the order in which you choose to complete it and in some ways, completing things in a different order might give you different perspectives and lead to new ways to attempt missions.

    Replay is high for this game in the franchise. Not only can you replay individual missions by using your in game phone, but the game offers a scoring system for each mission that rates your completion on various factors, leading to built in replay. In addition, you may want to go about playing from a new save multiple times as the open nature of the structure allows for differing perspectives on the overall play through. Without spoiling it, I will say that you should play through every available mission at the beginning of the game between Michael and Franklin from one perspective first, then on a second play from the other... it leads to some interesting views on missions.

    Overall the game is a vast improvement in not only the franchise, but in the genre first made famous by the Grand Theft Auto name. We can only hope other developers (and Rockstar too) pay attention to this games successful points and start a new trend in designing future games in the genre.

    If you want a comparison, Grand Theft Auto 4, meets Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Meets Red Dead Redemption (without the old west themes).

    Note: I cannot in good conscience give this game a 10 as it has some flaws that probably could have been remedied that have plagued the genre since it's inception. Not fixing these after so many years is just not forgivable at this point... a shame too, because otherwise this game is nearly perfect.
  86. Sep 19, 2013
    A great game with many hours of gameplay. I wont go overboard and give the game a perfect score as most people here seem to be doing, or lowball it with a really low score it doesn't deserve. The game is much improved over GTA IV in a few different areas. Mainly the graphics, driving, and stat additions.

    While driving is improved and the vehicles are much better to control instead of
    sliding around everywhere annoyingly, I am slightly disappointed at the arcade style damage and crashes. I can drive around and slam into other cars/objects all day and my car hardly takes a dent nor is any health drained.

    Graphically I have no issues with the game and they are improved quite a bit. I am also not experiencing any framerate issues like others are complaining about. Maybe that has something to do with having an older model playstation or something? Driving, running, shooting, and the cinema scenes are all very smooth for me.

    Besides the driving my other major gripe is the story/characters you control. The characters are not likable at all, and the dialogue is just awful. It's basically as someone else summed it with Franklin using the N word in every sentence(gets very old), Michael being a whinny prick, and Trevor a psychopath. They could have toned down the cursing as well as it just makes the characters in the game seem unintelligible in spots, and just plain unintelligent for not using better words.

    Overall the game is fun, and you will easily get your money's worth even with those few gripes as the open world and other aspects are all great. The online aspect is not out yet, but it's supposed to be a significant aspect to the game which will help as well.
  87. Sep 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well thank god I DIDN'T buy into the hype. This game even not all hyped up failed to meet expectations. The 3 characters Trevor especially was WAY beyond over the top and just stupid and irritating. The Soundtrack don't even get me started talk about pure GARBAGE worse soundtrack yet. Trevor kills of Jonny from The Lost expansion in the first 20 seconds of first seeing Trevor that's some BS Jonny would trash him. The Heist were a HUGE let down there is all of what 4 MAYBE 5 that you get to plan and that's IT?! The mission are fun and the game is beautiful and fun but NOT even remotely worth game of the year I don't care about sale those mean nothing other then people buying into mass hype. Bioshock Infinite and Splinter cell blacklist are FAR more fun in my opinion and id get them over GTA 5. I will say that online hant been release YET BUT if it is ANYTHING like GTA 4 online it will just morph into a damn mass kill fest and get incrediably old very fast. To me this felt like a glorified GTA 4 with a GARBAGE sound track bad driving physicis and glitchy garages (car saves) and 3 main characters that I couldn't ever follow or ever connect with because I couldn't even lable them as anti-heros or protagonists that are all just complete scum.

    These are just MY OPINIONS don't get all butt hurt and offended because I DIDN'T like the "best game of 2013"

  88. Oct 8, 2013
    I just cant find any incredible things in GTA V despite of its highly anticipated game, i dont think this should be the game of the year (for me), i dont say that i waste 60 bucks with this games, im just not happy on what changes i saw on this latest gta series, it is still boring eversince, i am only happy at the graphics that i dont think old hag console can handle HDR lighting but anyway rockstar made another job well done Expand
  89. Oct 11, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Rethinking my opinion of Grand Theft Auto 5 now that it's been two weeks since i've beaten it and thought about the game/storyline. First off will be the negatives. Gameplay is very rough, such as the terrible input lag during aiming that's somehow worse than GTA4's. Cover play is just as clunky and looking at the AI during combat, i see it's not that different either. Repetitive side activities such as golf, jobs or others aren't that fun and feel like a grind for stat raising. Graphics look only slightly different than GTA4, there's just no murky screen filter anymore.
    There are 3 different endings that you chose. It's literally press A, B or C on your phone when the choice comes along. Ending A and B are both pointless when C is a huge Deus Ex Machina that makes the whole point of half the storyline invalid to create a super cheesy happy ending. The humor of the game is completely juvenile thats over the top in use, and dialogue is very bland and at points annoying. (I know GTA is known for this, but it's so obvious and crudely done now.) This includes most of the storyline speech as well.
    The Map is huge, most likely 4x the size of Liberty City in GTA4, but there's a catch. All of this huge countryside that takes up half of the map is covered with trees and practically nothing to do, save a handful of badly written boring side activities. (Collect 20 of these, 30 of these, 50 of these, etc.) Vehicle control is the best it's been in the series, but then there's magically flipping your car now with the left stick and still being able to drive into a brick wall going 90 mph almost unscaved.
    Each character in the game has little to no likable traits. Trevor is a Psychopathic who breaks the laws of physics too open, and can't stop threatening others or bringing up a previous event all the way to the end annoyingly. Michael being the only slightly interesting character, but his dysfunctional family is completely overdone in satire and have some of the cheesiest moments of the game. And finally Franklin, who is basically a CJ clone when it comes to his goals, which is the typical 'get out of the ghetto into serious crimes' approach many black characters are sadly written into with GTA games. Any connection these characters feel to each other matters none in the end and at times seems completely non-existent.
    Now to look at the positives. The 3 character approach is fresh in GTA, and gives players more accustomed to squad play something similar to work with. Customization for almost everything is stepped up in GTA5, this includes cars, clothes, hair, tattoos, weapons and more. This adds a little more immersion and personalization to the game. The murky color filter from 4 is gone thankfully as stated at the beginning. Slightly better face models for characters and view distance being sort of better nice touches. Sounds in this GTA are a step above previous titles, immersing you much more.
    The heist system is very approachable, and a few of the predetermined story missions are interesting and fun. Design of the whole map is great, even if left contentless mostly. Statistics similar to that of GTA:SA are back and characters also have a unique special ability to give them an edge. Property ownership is back in GTA5, similar to that of Vice City Stories, allowing players to rake in currency to spend on the massive amount of purchases ready.
    This review was written after 40 hours of playtime and all single player content was completed. I have no urge to play the infamous multiplayer or to replay the story again.
  90. Sep 17, 2013
    I will say that the story line is very innovative. The massive world became a instant escape from reality so much to do play tennis play golf (which Ive never been so excited to actually play golf) Driving was very fluent and easy to control I hate playing the others where im crashing everywhere. The gun play is easy and comfortable for a non gun gamer. It has decent amount of replay value I hope the Online changes my mind on that. I dont really consider a goty for me persay but I do think its one thats it up on that list. Expand
  91. Sep 20, 2013
    This game is perfect. Anyone giving it a rating under an 8 either hasn't played it or is blind and deaf. Just playing for half an hour you can tell how much hard work was put into making this game and that is what I appreciate most about it. Most of the games that are released these days do not have the polished feel of Grand Theft Auto V. I did not experience any bugs or glitches during my play through of the main story (which I just completed) or the side missions. There are plenty of things to do and random events that occur while you traverse the city and countryside which can shake things up in a good way. I recommend this game to anyone here on metacritic, you will not regret buying this game. Expand
  92. Sep 18, 2013
    The game is great and the story is a lot better than I expected. Plenty of things to do, so many that I was not even sure what I should take on first when I got past the intro mission. The game is amazing and most of the negative reviews are idiots looking for attention or PC Elitests who are mad they didn't get such an amazing game for PC.
  93. Nov 9, 2013
    Graphics are soooo bad. Look at the face of the shrink in the beginning. Then go play Beyond Two Souls or The Last of Us and look at the textures and faces. Sorry, in this time period, I can't play a game with faces that look that plastic and fake with horrible lighting. Also, the gameplay was horrible. I don't want to run around doing that crap.
  94. Sep 20, 2013
    Absolutely stellar sandbox action with three fantastically funny protagonists who mix together well with their humor and hijinks in a dark satirical take of California.

    Everything that could have been improved on in GTA IV has been, everything that needed to be brought back from San Andreas has been. It's without a doubt the best GTA game in the series so far. The world is jam packed
    with activities ranging from sports, street racing, submarine diving, rampages, strangers and freaks to meet, collectibles, random events, you name it. Even for the island's vast size it doesn't feel like any part is really wasted.

    Without a doubt my new favorite entry in the series.
  95. Sep 17, 2013
    With Consistent story that flows well and amazing features def the game of the year. Hours of gameplay and that just the first. When online is added will be able to have thousands of hrs of gameplay
  96. Sep 17, 2013
    GTA V A Bright New Future

    For me I have always loved Grand Theft Auto games, my first game being Vice City, and then going back in the series to GTA 3, and then of course San Andreas and GTA 4. I have always gone back to Vice City when wanting to play a bit of casual GTA. For me Vice City was a hassle free fun open world game at the time something really quite special, from the music
    to the cars to the compelling story line it has always been a deep rooted personal best when it comes to gaming. Most recently in the series GTA 4 was impressive the new world was a tall new world and was exciting to explore, but it always felt 'dark' to me, there's no other way to explain it, just 'dark'.

    So when I saw the gameplay and trailers of the latest development of Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar I was excited, it seemed they were really taking a massive leap forward in the open world game. And when I received my game today my expectations were met. The game is bright and open, the map is dense yet personal, getting to know the areas around Michael's and Franklin's house's has been a joy. The city feels alive, the free ways feel real, and the desserts are superb to explore.

    The brightness has well and truly been turned up, but it's not just the stunning graphics and huge new world we have to enjoy. We now have three characters, to begin with it felt complex and slightly annoying having to switch characters in high octane situations, but bit by bit, mission by mission it's starting to feel a little more fluid, I'm not there yet and it still feels slightly confusing, but I am sure as the missions get more complex the enjoyment from switching perspectives will increase. The three characters are so different and interesting in their different ways. I must admit I wasn't massively looking forward to playing with Trevor but his 'different' personality has become something you just want to explore more and more. Michael continues to be my favoured character. I really enjoyed the growing dynamic of Franklin and Michael, and seeing it develop into the first heist was great.

    I have enjoyed the driving and find the mechanics enjoyable and realistic, I can see why some do not like these, but I just think it's a case of getting used to it. There are so many different cars and other road traffic to see and drive. I thought the amount of different looking buses was amazing, as small a detail as it may be it just felt nothing had been ignored. The roads are highly detailed in the city, and feel real to real life cities roads the road markings for example have been developed further. In addition the road driving AI are much more realistic and add to the experience.

    The missions are different and interesting, however can sometimes be slightly tedious and mundane but still excite in many areas. And it's all worth it for the heists, were I thought they freedom given to players is a class act from Rockstar. I was also very impressed with how choosing different crew members not only had a real difference on the outcome but also a difference on the dialogue between characters, very interesting indeed!

    The small mini games are fun and put GTA into a league of it's own. I loved the triathlon game and am looking forward to developing my skills further. Tennis and Yoga also exsist. With access to stock markets and transport and real estate markets adding an extra dimension to an already jam-packed game. With GTA you really do get a full game, there is no skimping from Rockstar, no corner cutting, and it is fully worth their long waits between games, when you get such a polished and finished game.

    For me Grand Theft Auto is the pinnacle of gaming, it is a game that has thought of just about everything, Rockstar haven't rushed a game out to try and make money with minimal improvements (Saints Row 4 springs to mind here) They have spent a great deal of time and money and resources to making a stunning looking, and compelling to play gameplay. For me GTA is the best all round game I have ever played, it perhaps doesn't come close to other games in certain areas, for example dialogues and emotion goes to The Last of Us. But Rockstar have delivered on what were monumental expectations, for me GTA V will always go down as a game changer. It's very fitting that perhaps the best game ever of this current generation will be this generations swan song. It's been a long ride Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 but we meet the end of the road with this amazing ending. Rockstar have excelled as per usual.
  97. Sep 18, 2013
    Hats off to Rockstar North whom have taken the lessons learnt from San Andreas, IV, and Read Dead Redemption to create a game that is extremely well crafted and incredibly polished. Although the game mechanics are amazing, the sandbox world is beautifully rendered and the storyline amusing, I cannot help feeling I have played it all before, and here lies perhaps the games only negative. There is little new or surprising elements in the gameplay; no new standout, amazing technological breakthrough. It can best be compared to the new iPhone 5s, which is a little bit faster, has a slightly improved camera and is a touch better looking but is still essentially the same as my old iPhone 4. Perhaps the hint is in the title, GTA V, which implies it's the continuation of a theme and my expectations for some glimmer of true originality are set too high. Instead I should just sit back and enjoy the game for what it is, the best iteration of the title to date where every aspect is implemented to its fullest potential. Expand
  98. Sep 18, 2013
    Just amazing, marvelous sandbox and probably the best game that exists. The story is very exiting and with three characters this game is just stunning
  99. Sep 19, 2013
    This is by far the best and most ambitious title i have played this generation and its a mayor improvment over GTA IV. Amazing game, would definitely recommend it to everyone. It's a game you can play for hours and have nonstop fun!
  100. okk
    Sep 19, 2013
    Definitely worth $108 dollars,probably the best game of the year.the only bad thing is it can be predictable at times.Aside from that, it is an excellent game.

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  1. Nov 14, 2013
    The best way to bid farewell to the retiring consoles is to spend dozens of hours having fun in Los Santos: robbing, abusing illegal substances, breaking all laws and enjoying everything else that GTA V has to offer. And after we finish the game, we should all say loudly: ‘okay, Rockstar girls and boys, it’s high time to make a truly new GTA, not just a gigantic DLC’. [12/2013, p.36]
  2. 100
    GTA V fulfills the idea of a gaming sandbox, where you can entertain yourself in many different ways - and also experience a superbly written story of three gangsters, if you want. [Issue#234]
  3. Oct 16, 2013
    Gigantic and stupidly detailed, GTA V is everything we hoped it would be. Individual components could be a touch better, but when a game does literally everything, nobody can expect perfection across the board. That it even comes close is incredible. [Issue#236, p.62]