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  1. Oct 5, 2013
    Rockstar Games and the GTA series helped make the open world action game genre what it is today, and because of that both deserve our respect. I'm just going to go ahead and say that this is just a review of the single-player experience only and not GTA online. I will reference GTA online in this review briefly, but will go more into depth about it with a separate review for it that you can read when it is posted.

    GTA V's city of Los Santos feels alive, brimming with personality and activities. The story and characters are excellent and fully fleshed out. You may be playing as scumbags, but they are the kind of scumbags you can sympathize with and actually are actually likable characters despite their numerous personality flaws. There is some crazy funny stuff going on in Los Santos, stuff so bizarre and hilarious that honestly a lot of it wouldn't have looked out of place in a Saint's Row game. Just turning on your TV or radio and a commercial could pop up with some of the most hilariously un-subtle social commentary you'll ever hear, making for some intentional comedic gold. It's moments like these that help GTA V set itself apart from other games in the genre that its predecessors helped create, but inconsistencies with the gameplay make it feel like GTA is lagging behind recent competitors in the open world genre.

    The story missions are packed with some cool moments and tense shoot-outs, and the game is fun overall, but too often did it feel like the events leading up to these moments were just busy work used to extend the length of the game in some of the dullest ways possible. At one point the game tasked me with mopping, MOPPING! Who wants to do that in a video game? Cop chases are another frustration of mine, I can't tell you how many times I've almost escaped the cops only to have one cop car spawn right in-front of me alerting all cops to my new location and keeping the chase going. It's irritating to no end. Most of my other complaints are minor but did still hurt my opinion of the game. The graphics are a little dated, the radio stations never play anything good, and travel time can be a little too long at times. GTA Online is also still buggy, but you can read more about that in its individual review when I post it.

    All of these flaws bring GTA V down, but they don't make it a bad game. It's still packed with enough fun and impressive moments to make it a good game, it's just not as impressive or as fun as a lot of the other open world games out there. But if you're looking for an open world crime game with a fantastic story, or are just a fan of the series, then you may find GTA V worth your time. Just don't expect anything particularly impressive as far as gameplay is concerned.
  2. Sep 30, 2013
    Just immaculate. The characters are interesting, the missions are fun, and the graphics are outstanding. The game is just so addicting that you never want to turn it off, which shows just how good it truly is.
  3. Oct 2, 2013
    This game really blew me away when I first started playing. The graphics, music selection, tight controls, insane level of detail, and some of the best satire I've ever experienced. The plot and story seemed interesting. Overall, everything about this game is pretty much top notch, except for the story. Its a decent story and has some interesting developments and twists, but in the end it wasn't satisfying. It started out strong, but just dragged on towards the middle and end. Also, the missions got pretty repetitive with the driving. It started to become a chore to play the game than fun. Overall, the social commentary is what makes this game amazing though. Its satire at its best and its so relevant to our modern day culture. Expand
  4. Nov 17, 2013
    It's been 5 years since we last heard from Grand Theft Auto IV, but now how in the world did they come up with #5? Damn. It's a whole new experience to wind down the Seventh-generation era as I'm about to buy one of the games that should be no doubt Game of the Year. You've got your Bioshock, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, but after so much critically-acclaimed games this year this is the big one. Grand Theft Auto V. I'm getting a bit nervous on which GTA is the best, IV or V? After seeing the new GTA V trailer at E3, I was stoked and how exciting is this work of art. Rockstar did it again. First was Red Dead Redemption, then L.A. Noire, then Max Paine 3, and finally Grand Theft Auto V. I would agree that 2013 belongs to the Rockstar in all of us. The story is amazing, the explosive missions, the acting, I've never seen anything like this before. Never in my life as how beautiful open-world sandbox games can be. It's like "Blade Runner" meets "The Fifth Element." This is a must-own game. I know the eighth-generation is here and now, but we don't have to wait any longer. I'd say don't wait for the holiday traffic, just race down to GameStop and buy it before it's gone. Expand
  5. Sep 16, 2014
    For all its hype and anticipation, GTAV plays exactly like every other GTA game I played before it, this is both a good and bad thing. Traffic/NPC AI seems to be the same as it was fifteen years ago, activities are still boring/tedious and exist on a scale of escalating frustration. Controls are a little rigid and clunky, characters get stuck on bannisters/objects and will take cover behind the wrong thing. In most every other aspect, GTA excels. I loved the characters (well, Trevor), the heists were excellent fun and truth be told I couldn't put the game down until I finished story mode. Expand
  6. Oct 6, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto V is a landmark in both culture and gaming. Rockstar have taken all of their current generation games and put everything that made them good into one game, its not just good its damn near perfect.
    The story follows three main characters; Michael, a middle aged father who hates his children and is in a loveless marriage with his sexually promiscuous wife. Having been in
    witness protection for 9 years after ratting out his friends in a bank robbery he is growing tired of the easy life and wants some excitement back in hope of re-kindling his youth. Franklin is a wannabe two-bit gangbanger living in the poorest part of Los Santos who wants to make it big by any means necessary. Then there is Trevor, Michaels ex colleague and the only survivor of the bank robbery from 9 years ago, when he finds out that Michael is still alive he brings both he and Franklin together for a series of robberies that will get Michael out of a midlife crisis, Franklin set up for life and to give Trevor something to do besides mercilessly maiming, torturing and killing people.
    Los Santos is a huge and highly detailed game world, one of the best looking games this generation. Plus GTA V isnt just a 3rd person action game, each gameplay element from racing, sports minigames, life simulation and even stock markets have been intricately placed into the game to make it last for not only weeks or months but years, all of which are of a very high quality and could easily make up their own individual games worth of high scores.
    GTA V simply cannot be summed up in a 5000 character limit so I may as well cut it at just over 2000. In short buy this game, you are doing a disservice to yourself and gamers everywhere if you do not play this game, I can guarantee that you will find at least one thing that you like in this game and if you dont then nothing will ever please you.
    GTA V is a game that not only defines this generation of games but defines society as it is today, something everyone, whether game or not, should take a moment to look at and realise how terrible we really are and that despite our best efforts, we will never change.
  7. Oct 23, 2013
    I've completed 80% of all the challenges this game offers, and got the achievement for exploring all of the map. I was quite underwhelmed by the story. I expected something fresh. Like a sudden china town mission or catching a whale or something. But it stayed way within the GTA formula, using some non-exceptional settings spread around the map, and it never felt like anything was really at stake.

    The shooting mechanics are not deserving of a game world of this caliber. You can read about that before you buy the game if it matters to you.

    The side missions were often more 'wacky-fun' than the main ones, and they made me like the game more. The best thing about GTA V is the satire, which is uniquely expansive and cynical. Oh and the soundtrack might be the best GTA soundtrack ever. So many lyrics that comment on the game. So many hidden gems from recent music history.

    The worst thing about the game (GTA games infamously have one element that sucks) was diving for collectibles. Outside of the main missions, I spent one full hour diving for 30 x 'nuclear waste' and it might have been the most boring fetch quest I've ever played.

    I've played the game for about 40 hours and I could still keep playing it for more achievements, not mentioning Online which is 'acceptable' despite crazy loading times and often mediocre sessions. A game that ticks all the right boxes but nonetheless plays like yesteryear's. A bit like a really big Fifa game with a new campaign and new amazing stadiums. It could just benefit from a game-changer, like when planes were introduced.

    All in all, a very polished and ambitious GTA game. Maybe the most ambitious, and certainly the most expansive and detailed. But also the one where each gameplay element doesn't feel as rewarding as back in the old days of difficult gameplay.
  8. Oct 21, 2013
    Among the greatest games I've ever played. The character switching is phenomenal, the story is awesome, the graphics are jawdropping, the score is rich and the gameplay is so phucking fantastic. There is just so much to do. It's amazing.
  9. Oct 25, 2013
    GTA V is everything you could want and more in a game. Rockstar have delivered the ultimate sandbox experience! It more than lives up to the hype and as such is without doubt is utterly unmissable. The game was arguably the most anticipated off all time and as soon as the action starts you'll know straight away that you are in for something extraordinary. Baring in mind the next gen consoles are fast approaching, this is the last hurrah on the current gen and it's one that you will savour for many years to come. GTA IV at the time was regarded as one of, if not the, greatest game but for me GTA V eclipses it's predecessor. Ditching the dark and gloomy Libery City in favour of the rich, classy, vibrancy of Los Santos, GTA V isn't just better than IV but so much bigger and beautiful. Infact, it's colossal! But what's so impressive is how detailed every last component is. The possibilities are literally endless. It's so open that you will never struggle for something to do. That's the beauty of GTA! The characters Rockstar create are always awesome, Niko was and is still a much loved creation but the ever innovative guys behind GTA have gone even bolder and braver and given is the luxury of 3 lead characters. And all 3 are amazing! Each to their own they have their own personalities but when they come together it's simply sensational. Trevor Phillips is possibly the greatest video game character ever made. Steven Ogg is outstanding in his stellar portrayal. He's an aggressive, rude, crude, violent, egotistic psychopath but absolutely hilarious from his introduction. The other playable characters are Michael and Franklin. Both, particularly Michael are excellent, are good but not quite Trevor, who i'm sure will be remembered for years to come. The gameplay is has refined and tweaked and despite some minor gripes the epic and exhilariating fun that is here to be had it's impossible not to overlook them and just become engrossed in such an exceptional experience. The driving aspect is one key area where there has been an overwhelming improvement. It was frustrating last time out but this time round it's enjoyable and the simplicity of it means going for a spin was never more relaxing. Then single player focuses mainly on heists and how all 3 main characters intertwine with one another which produces some truly magnificent missions to be had as you explore Los Santos to it's bare bones. The set pieces are stunning throughout and often leave you in awe. What's also genius is the way the characters interchange, being able to change between the 3 leads is brilliant and the it's always brilliant to see what scenario your character is when you change from one to another. To top it all off, GTA Online is now available and the problems have been addressed. They've even added some funs out of generosity! Online is going to better and bigger. It's a certainty! And you have to remember that it's in it's early stages and that makes it even more intriguing and impressive. The opportunities Rockstar will supply everybody online with is very much a fantastic prospect. Create your character, join a clan, play with some mates, do some missions.. You'll never run out of things to do!

    All in all GTA V is just an unbelievable package. Rockstar have once again delivered the essential game and presented the current generation consoles with one of the greatest games of all time! It's epic fun. With endless possibilties ranging from the gigantic world of Los Santos, the incredible story, 3 genius and enthralling characters, a great and an ever expanding online mode... Grand Theft Auto V is another landmark moment for gaming and a game that anyone with a console should own!
  10. chw
    Jul 17, 2014
    Grand Theft Auto Five is the best video game I have ever played!! It's full of realism which makes it an incredible video game.
  11. Sep 25, 2013
    What could I possibly say? Nothing, really. I just need to add my solid 10 to the table. It's another GTA and it's the game everyone expects it to be. The only major difference is the possibility to change characters, which is something very fresh and works well. This game is gorgeous, fun, hilarious, crazy, creative, and even though it's only out for PS3 and XBOX players, I guess PC players should prepare themselves because this game running on a PC is going to be epic. I read something on the internet that perfectly defines GTA 5: "it is so realistic it is almost boring". It's pretty much it. Expand
  12. Dec 27, 2013
    Rockstar made of the greatest games of all-time! Grand Theft Auto V is a MUST BUY for all PS3 and XBOX 360 owners! So many things to do! Amazing graphics! Fun missions! Great character switching and absolutely fantastic multiplayer!
  13. Jun 20, 2014
    This Gta have the best story mode and the best online play of all.Great characters,awesome graphics this is one of the best video game ever.The online play is full off mission cars and others.I highly recommend it.
  14. Mar 24, 2014
    Grand Theft Auto V is an improvement over its predecessor in almost every possible way! I believe that this entry in the series will go down as the instant classic that IV was supposed to be! By far the most remarkable thing about this game is its presentation, every single thing all the way down to the smallest detail is rendered with the utmost quality and care. The gameplay is also tuned to perfection, you can see elements of both L.A. Noire as well as Red Dead Redemption in it. The only two things that really took me out of the experience were one the story, which has its moments but ultimately falls flat compared to Red Dead or L.A. Noire. It's not the story was bad or that the missions weren't fun, it just failed to hit me on the emotional level that those two games did. Secondly, is GTA Online. Again, it's not bad it just got really boring really fast and didn't keep me addicted and coming back the way that Red Dead's online did. Still GTA V is an absolutely phenomenal game when looked at as a whole and will definitely will be remembered for years to come! Expand
  15. Sep 20, 2013
    Every aspect of GTA V is exquisitely crafted.From a technology standpoint through to the magnificent soundtrack,I was in awe throughout.Visuals,dialogue,mission structure,activities,radio stations and side missions are all so excellent that I can only imagine the work that went into this title.While I would have loved a fourth,female playable character,and wouldn't have missed the torture scene one iota,I cannot fault this exceptional game. Expand
  16. Nov 20, 2013
    Jugabilidad: El juego es divertido, entretenido y engancha, por lo tanto, perfecto. Tecnología: Tiene muy pocos errores, es muy fluido y los tiempos de carga son cortos, genial teniendo en cuenta sus dimensiones jugables. Gráficos: Son excelentes, pero algunas cosas me decepcionaron, como por ejemplo las imágenes de fotos en ventanas de casas y tiendas para fingir interiores...pero supongo que al ser un juego con un mapeado tan inmenso no se lo tendré en cuenta. Sonido; Este es el apartado donde más lo criticaré, es lamentable que no esté traducido, pero lo es mucho mas por subtitularlo de una forma tan penosa, apenas se distinguen las letras y menos en mitad de las persecuciones. Innovación: Muchísimo mejor que el aburrido IV, con mucha variedad y muy innovador, es el mejor juego que he podido disfrutar junto a The Last Of Us y Tomb Raider. Espectacular e imprescindible. Expand
  17. Sep 29, 2013
    It's huge, detailed and beautiful. Excellent game before we step up to the next generation. The best GTA so far. There is so much to do in this game; long story mode, side missions, exploring, different activities like golf, driving, tennis and parachuting... Excellent pacing and great variety in the storyline. Improved and fun gameplay. Many radio stations to listen and other great music. This is the best sandbox game out there! Expand
  18. Apr 20, 2014
    grand theft auto games get an instant 8 out of 10 just for all the fun you can have from messing around in them, but characters and story of this game are awesome. Trevor, Michael and Franklin are some of my favorite video game characters especially Trevor. the missions are a lot of fun for the most part and I actually wanted to play through the story unlike grand theft auto 4 where I just wanted to cause havoc to the city. there is more than meets the eye with this game that's for sure and is in my opinion the best game in the series. Expand
  19. Oct 3, 2013
    if you see the score for the critics review, you've thought this was the best game ever made. It's an amazing game, but I would'nt say it's close to a 10 as all the critics say. I respect that rockstar could've just tried the same formula like in all the others gta's; but decided to change it up with three characters in the game; which brings variety in how you do missions. However, I just did'nt get attached to the characters and story like i did in gta 4; mainly because you switch between characters. The story is good but not great. The gameplay was also tweaked with new special abilities, which was a good change of pace. The driving feels a lot easier to handle which is not really an improvement or neccesarily a bad thing. The huge world is huge, however I never found the drive to fully explore inside" blaine county, nor hunt animals. I also felt like they juiced the cops too much ,and it's no longer fun to mess with them. Everything else is what you expect, repetitive strangers and freaks except for a few, long story, relatively good missions, beautiful cars and graphics, fun to drive around and explore. It's GTA, they never had a bad one and this is a great game just not a "masterpiece". Expand
  20. Nov 14, 2013
    Graphics: Amazing graphics, definitely an upgrade from GTAIV, some of the best water/graphics on PS3. 10.

    Sound: Triple A voice acting, amazing soundtrack/variety of radio stations, gun sounds are more realistic, this is a believable GTA. 10.

    Gameplay: The best sandbox open world game to date, the amount of freedom is only surpassed by future GTA games. The game's innovative
    new mechanics allows you to control 3 characters that you switch back and forth from. There's too much to say, and not enough words on paper that can describe this game, it really is top notch. 10.

    Story: The story is interesting and will keep you coming back to finish it. 10.

    Replay Value: Do I even need to talk about replay value in a GTA game? This is a game we only get every 4 to 5 years, and there's a reason for that. 10.

    Overall Score: 10 out of 10.
  21. Oct 8, 2013
    Since the first time i have played Grand Theft Auto San Andreas i loved it and the open world games became one of my favorite type of games.

    Well everyone knows Grand Theft Auto so i won't talk too much about the basics and i will skip right to the game and what new features it brings.

    We have a large and interesting games that will make pass weeks or even months to explore it and
    discover every secret, stunt jumps and stuff to collect. The underwater/ swiming is perfect, the sharks are terrifying and will make you think twice before stepping in the water.

    We have TONS of activities, side missions and challenges to 'pro' (get a gold medal).

    A great story with 3 characters, something never seen in the GTA universe and a lot of crazy but awesome characters. The story involves drug and stealing that people are already used to see in GTA.

    Well i don't need to say much more. You have a game that you will play for a huge time (like Red Dead Redemption) and i great online mode.

    Great game, and one of the best games of this year! It's a must have for everyone that likes third person shooters, GTA games, racing and open world games.
  22. Sep 17, 2013
    Look, I'm not going to act like there is NO flaw at all with the game. No game is perfect, but this REALLY the closest you can get to a perfect game. GTA V is seriously the most ambitious video game of all-time. I just can't imagine how will this be toppped, even on next-gen! Yes, you can improve the graphics, but will you be able to produce a game that is as full of content as this game. I doubt it. Rockstar might though! GTA V is almost perfect. 9.9/10. Go buy it! Expand
  23. Oct 1, 2013
    Excellent game, possibly best GTA yet. First GTA with awesome graphics, shooting/cover system first time right in a GTA title. Best sandbox game yet, most believable world yet and the classic GTA atmosphere/humor in every tiny little detail and then some. Full of secrets and easter eggs.

    Cons: You' ll drive A LOT and it gets a bit repetitive, though there is the fast travel via taxi
    mode which is way better used than in GTA IV. The story has some excellent dialogue, though the overall picture isn't the most compelling one ever. Also, it could have used more heists, which is probably one of the title's highlights. Lastly some odd developer's choices such as the missing "restart mission" or the missing objectives the first time you play a mission (for the gold medal). But... minor things in a ocean full of awesomeness.

    My 2nd best game of this gen (behind The Last of Us) and probably one of the best games I've ever played.
  24. Sep 17, 2013
    Serious butthurt from some PC fanboys here. Why? I'm mainly a PC gamer, but I do have a console and well, I bought this game. It's perfect. It might not be if you care too much about graphics, but I personally don't, and they're amazing for a game this big running on a 7 years old hardware anyway. This game is massive, ambitious, beautiful, funny. Everything. This game is almost perfect. Buy it ASAP! Expand
  25. Oct 12, 2013
    Si este tipo de videojuegos va a comenzar con la nueva generación de consolas, estoy totalmente impresionado. Recuerden que esto es solo mi opinión, o sea, que este fue el mejor título de Grand Theft Auto de todos los tiempos y uno de los mejores juegos de la historia. Ojalá que Rockstar siga realizando joyas como ésta y su gran historia como sus personajes simpáticos (y a veces arcaicos) sigan en nuestras memorias hasta el final. Grand Theft Auto V es uno de esos (simplemente) videojuegos adictivos y apasionantes que no querrás soltar jamás. Expand
  26. Aug 27, 2014
    What to say? Rockstar is probably the best gaming developer there is. I mean, when you play a game like this you immediately take conscience that you're in front of something special and perfect in every way.
    STORY AND CHARACTERS: I admit that i was sceptical with the fact of an alternating gameplay between three characters. Forget it it only enhances the experience and My God Trevor...

    PRESENTATION: Los Santos is alive in every sense of the word. You have to love it. Period.
    GAMEPLAY: GTA at it's finest.
    ONLINE: Did not played that much but i believe to be an extension of the campaign.
    A masterpiece.
  27. Sep 17, 2013
    Loving it, so much better than the really very poor GTA 4. Loadning times are kept to a minimum. GFX scale up to close to 1080 (they aren't I'm sure but close), controls are spot on. And the stuff to do. 13 hours play so far. I've played tennis and golf, rode a bike up the pier, played the stock market, bought cars, clothes and businesses, raced, had a lap dance (ahem, that is pretty XXX) swam, driven a boat, been to the shooting range, been on a hunt (complete with stupid headgear)...
    Got to add the the "mini" games are hardly mini at all. The golf and tennis are almost release worthy games in themselves, the stock market is mondo impressive. I'm looking after a dog FFS! (and improving his temprament via my Ipad) And it's all FUN, you feel like you are progressing. Yeah I'm reviewing after 13 hours play. Brilliant
  28. Nov 22, 2013
    GTA V is a fun game, with a good story, interesting characters and has fixed my issues with previous GTAs (E.G Vice City, no motion blur, arrest mechanic is wallowed down, you keep your guns) and is hellbent on making you feel like a badass. This is the best action movie you will ever play. Wether it's blowing up a skyscraper, doing epic drivebys or just having a simple police chase, you will feel epic. So what problems do I have with this game? Lots of them. The game enjoys bugging out at times, which damages the gameplay experience, GTA V is also a convicted E.G the Merryweather heist, the terrible flying mechanics are also a major problem, and make flying feel clunky, and there are in total, only three or four heists where you actually get any money. GTA V is a game you should definately play. Expand
  29. Jul 10, 2014
    El juego se merece el 10 sí o sí. Las críticas negativas se deben al hype desmesurado que muchos tenían. GTA V es sobresaliente. Es todo un gustazo para cualquier fan de los sandbox jugar este juego. Yo el primer dia estuve 4 horas seguidas sin poder parar de jugar...
    La historia promete desde el principio pero es cuando Michael o Trevor están en pantalla cuando la cosa funciona. Franklin
    es algo mas simple (como ocurría con CJ en SA). El hecho de tener tres personajes me asustaba un poco al principio pero ha sido una gran idea, cambiar entre ellos es rápido y satisfactorio.
    Llaman la atención muchas cosas desde que cojemos el mando. Visualmente el juego parece de otra galaxia. Ver en PS3 una ciudad así de viva y un entorno tan grande y bien definido es un placer para la vista. La iluminación ha mejorado, los modelados de la gente están logrados, los coches lucen mejor y se manejan con mas facilidad, sobretodo para los iniciados en este tipo de juegos. También los vehículos acuáticos y aéreos se manejan mejor. El multijugador es bastante bueno. Tiene unos cuantos fallos, pero engancha y está compensado (aunque luego hayan algunos hackers que estropeen la experiencia). Me gusta mucho el creador de partidas aunque debería ser mas sencillo que la gente juegue a las que creas tú.

    Sin duda es un juego tan bueno que se hace corto, cuando lo terminas al 100% quieres mas y realmente no hay tanto que hacer como prometían. Menos mal que jugar con trucos es bastante distraído porque si no...

    Resumiendo, cualquiera que tenga PS3 o Xbox 360 debe tener este juego. Quien sabe cuando volveremos a ver algo así.
  30. Mar 9, 2014
    I think the critics exaggerated with the praises for this game. It is a good game, but that's it. I don't find it ground-breaking, I don't find it incredible, I find it just good.

    The fact that they made 3 characters is a great change from the other GTA titles. You get to see every character's story and how they interact with one another. Good move here.

    The gameplay is good, but not
    very. They improved the fighting/moving a bit, but they regressed at driving if you ask me (the cars moved better in GTA 4). Still, a lot of activities around the city, and the map is fairly big so there are a lot of things to try, but then again, nothing really, really impressive.

    The graphics are the low-point if you ask me. It looks like a slightly improved GTA4. Which is understandable, because otherwise it probably wouldn't have worked on PS3/Xbox 360, but still, why praise it for something that in the end is mediocre.

    Good game overall, had fun playing it. But not near the masterpiece that people are trying to make it seem.
  31. Sep 17, 2013
    Why do people like to troll the user scores of every single big game is beyond me! Why the jealousy!!?

    Anyway.. I'm talking as a fan so excuse me if I seem a bit biased, but believe me, this game is PERFECT! It's the best game I have played since Red Dead Redemption! GTA V is so ambitious it might frustrate you! So many things to do, a huuuuuuuuuge map, a very good and long storyline.
    Amazing graphics. Everything is perfect! Expand
  32. Nov 3, 2013
    Is this the best GTA game? Yes, by an absolute long shot. Is this the best open world game? Yes, by an absolute long shot. Is this the best story in an open world game? Yes by an absolute long shot. Is this best game I've ever played in terms of fun? Yes, by an absolute long shot. Then why do I give it an 8/10? Because (since it is a console game) has a whole bunch of problems. For example, fuzzy graphics at times, low res textures in some models, weird pop in glitches, and stereotypical porno women. Expand
  33. Oct 1, 2013
    I must revise my original 10/10 review, sadly. On October 1, 2013, Rockstart unveiled the online component of GTA5, and it is nothing more than a microtransaction rip-off scheme, just like so many other promising but ruined games of this era. What may have been the best game ever made, reveals itself to be nothing more than a pay-to-not-be-terribly-inconvenienced scheme designed to frustrate the player into shortcutting a horrible and boring grind in favor of buying your way to in-game success. The game gives you a choice: Boring, repetitive grind for in-game cash....or just buy your way to "fun" with your real money. This explains the incredibly high prices of in-game stuff....and the difficult time you have earning money. It is designed to be too boring to play without spending on microtransactions. And why not, from a corporate perspective? The customer pays once...then again and again! Brilliant, if you're an accountant. Terrible if you are a fan of full, complete, and immersive gaming experiences. The single player campaign is fun though. GTA 5 just has zero replay value now, unless microtransactions are removed. Expand
  34. Sep 17, 2013
    Perfect Game for the Current Generation.

    I played a lot of games with a lot of hype built around it, and I'd say this is the first game to truly exceed my extremely high expectations! Everything R* tried to accomplish, they hit a bullseye with. The scope of Los Santos is the largest of any game made, period. The world is full of possibilities and things to do, unlike GTA IV, and it is
    endlessly fun like GTA San Andreas. The characters are the most developed and interesting in this one than all of GTA (Next to Niko Bellic). The story has some of the best set pieces and hilarious interactions, seriously, this is one of the funniest games I've ever played. Playing the game is exhillieratingly fun and Epic, everything feels refined and realistic such as the Car driving which is now completely enjoyable.

    The score is brilliant, graphics breathtaking, gameplay over the top ridiculously fun and the amount of hours you spend on the game just flys by. This is not only my favourite in the GTA franchise, but one of my favourite games of all time.

    You done it again Rockstar Games, job well done!
  35. Feb 19, 2014
    What can I say about GTA that has not already been said, It has a giant open world with tones of stuff to do, 3 characters that Trever is the best and more activities then any other rockstar game out there, if you have not played this or think it is bad there is something wrong with you, pick it put and play it, you will not regret it
  36. Sep 20, 2013
    GTA V could easily be Game of the Year it has an outstanding story, gorgeous graphics and fantastic gameplay. The world is gorgeous there is so much to do. The story thus far is perfect in every way. The world feels and looks real. This is by far the best GTA game to date and is 10 times better than GTA IV. Forget and ignore the negative reviews they are clearly from very jealous and angry pc gamers because GTA V is not on PC. I would give GTA V a perfect 100 if I could. If you love playing video games then GTA V is for you my friend. Expand
  37. Nov 3, 2013
    Great game and story plus alot more in-depth than any previous GTA game I've ever played, without taking itself too seriously in the process while still knowing what it is.... thankfully also not as dull as it's predecessor!
  38. Nov 5, 2013
    GTA V is what GTA should be all about freedom, options, and expansiveness. With a cast of colourful and interesting characters, GTA V is humorous, detailed, and beautiful. The new in-game world has truly revolutionised open-world exploration and game-play, and the character switching feature is absolutely marvellous.
  39. Sep 18, 2013
    Grand Theft auto V has left me so mind blown that I can only describe it in singular non sequential words (Kinda) beginning with "Huge", the size of this game is like nothing else I've played on the ps3, With incredible detail to everything composing it's many environments.

    "Beautiful, not a single thing in this game is ugly, even things intended to be ugly, It's undeniable that this
    is one of the best looking games to come to console.

    "Insane" I've been playing for a day and I've flown planes between buildings, fought aliens with a minigun, gone on multiple drug trips and encountered some of the strangest game personality's in the history of the GTA series.

    GTA V is the best installment of The GTA series so far, and anyone not playing this game is missing out on one of the most beautiful, action packed and hilarious adventures they'll ever encounter!
  40. Jul 5, 2014
    Okay, I spent my time thinking about this. I had come to terms that GTA 5 in fact all Gta's aren't me to be realistic. No it's not, it's meant to be an exaggeration. Of Rockstars opinion of modern day life. They give stereotypes the depth they need, too feel familiar but interesting. Here is my review of Grand Theft Auto V.

    Well I'm not going to describe the story, everyone's
    herd of it already. But I'm going to tell you if it's any good. Well it's well written, in depth, lengthy and rich. Personally Michael is my favourite protagonist in gta 5. His touch of thievery expertise is great. His family troubles are realistic. His skill is great. Trevor is okay, but he's too crazy. The writers wanted to make Trevor a statement. I like how he gets the job done and tries to run his own business. Franklin, is not deepest, I don't really care about him. He's not a main character even though he's meant to be as important as the other 2. He's just not. A guy trying to get out of the hood but just shuts up and listens to Michael and Trevor for guidance isn't doing him any good. Overall the story is great, Michael is the real seller here. It has 3 endings but the one dubbed 'death wish' is the best one honestly, don't want to spoil it so I won't say no more.

    Graphics are great, colours are amazing, draw distance, traffic count. Etc

    Pretty much the same as every other gta. Unfountantly. While it isn't bad, it's not very different. Couple of tweaks. Like the driving, nice and arcadey, special abilities like slow mo. but the stealth doesn't work, suppressors and such. You can't crouch. But has hilarious physics that make driving off the cliff of my chilliard a blast.

    Cars sound great, with variation. Guns sound great and feel good. Nature sounds good. Radio tracks are as good as ever, with hilarious talk shows. Music for in game missions or cop chases, new addition in gta finally. Sound great and the radio list is as good as ever. Voice acting is well done.

    Very well done, crash physics are great.

    Lots of cars, guns, outfits, to buy. Activities to do like golf, tennis, hiking etc. side missions have a lot of work, like breaking 46 signs only to get like 10 bucks? It's frustrating. I have all these contacts in my phone, but I call and only goes to the voice mail. Hanging out with characters isn't good as 4 because there is a shortage of dialogue. And 4 had abilities unlocked after hanging out with them. So you get to know the characters better and you used to unlock discounted guns or free helicopter rides. But none of that here. Hunting is bad. Why can I skin? And sell pelts. Why in one location only? Why only 4 street races when I can mod my car and stuff. They have all these elements. But feels unfinished or un cared for. But the map is expansive. And it's amazing. Too bad the side missions aren't as useful. Side missions to freak into homes are rob specific stores for a 30 grand payout would be great.

    Things I didn't like worth mentioning.
    - no difficulty setting, needs to harder.
    - recycled gameplay
    - stealth doesn't work.
    - side missions are unrewarding.
    - no skinning of animals.

    Things I really liked.
    - graphics
    - Map
    - Michael
    - content.
    - music.

    Not a bad game. It's a great game for all out carnage. But lacks rewarding side missions like other games (skyrim) and has good elements but great. Or the ones id like.

  41. Oct 5, 2013
    Possibly the best game to date. It is hard to dislike the game. Everything has improved compare to GTA 4. Everything. Main characters are all jerk, but with enjoyable plots. Los Santos is also a very beautiful city. and large). I think I shall not dwell on gameplay too much, since the reviews should be on every gaming site. Thank you rockstar, for this gem. I will always buy another GTA title.
  42. Sep 21, 2013
    I've playing GTA since GTA 3 was released in 2001. After Vice city and San Andreas i was satisfied. I don't care about graphics. I consider the most important part to a game is how addicting and fun it is. Plus this game is huge its overwhelming. I have GTA's and i see no need for another.
  43. Sep 17, 2013
    A near perfect came. Minus the shooting while driving mechanics. A complete redemption from GTA 4. Moving between characters is easy. Great graphics, good story so far. Contacts not irritating like GTA 4. A must buy.
  44. Sep 17, 2013
    Simply the best open world game ever made -so far- R* pushed PS3 system to it's edges. Stunning graphics, acting and music. Awesome gameplay experience. And plenty of things to do in an open world. And everything you do is contributing to your playable characters skills. So playing tennis or other sports like cycling will help them be more strong.
    It's a live open world. Close to real
    world Might get confusing from controlling point of view at some points but your are going to overcome this.
    It goes beyond the story and side missions. You have a world to explore and gain experience and skills when you do.
    This is the best open world game in this generation and it deserves 10/10
  45. Oct 19, 2013
    A brilliant comeback for the GTA franchise, with a massive map, new characters (as well as the odd cameo), fantastic script. This game leaves you with so much to do, so much to explore and you can spend hours and hours on this game having all the fun you want!
  46. Sep 24, 2013
    Like others have said, GTA V is what GTA IV should have been. That being said, I wish it had been. I love GTA V. Everything has been improved and then some. Driving is more realistic. I can actually make turns going 25 miles per hour now. To add to that, Franklin's special makes driving even more entertaining. Motorcycles act like motorcycles now and can make pretty incredible turns and maneuvers. The addition of planes increases the wide variety of vehicles and machines to operate, much more than in GTA IV.
    The character animation also has been improved. There are now facial expressions and animation body parts (over-exaggeration). Even AI characters on the street look good.
    The world is also much bigger. When I say bigger, that is an understatement. The world is ungodly huge. Being bigger than San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption, and GTA IV combined, no wonder this game received a 95 or higher from almost every reviewer. That being said, this game is one of the greatest ever made. If you don't like brutal murder and swear words every other word, then buy this game because it's so much more. If you do like those things, you should already own this game.
  47. Sep 29, 2013
    Doesn't feel much different than GTA IV. Graphics are pretty outdated and the resolution is kinda low, gameplay is very much the same but the story is different and you have three characters to control this time around.

    All in all, a good game but it doesn't innovate, just a different wrapping to a familiar game. Still fun wreaking havoc.
  48. Sep 17, 2013
    Wow! Just wow. I can't fully review it as I have only had it a matter of hours. However. It is better than GTA4 in every way. Driving is better, Shooting is better more like Red Dead). The graphics are better, the map is bigger...well you get what I am saying. Changing between characters gives a real opportunity to explore more than just a single viewpoint of a mission of situation. It also allows you to travel around a lot quicker. Although cabs are now included from the start and they arrive pretty quick don't get me started on cabby AI thing Rockstar haven't cracked yet) You can also go anywhere from the get go no bridges with police guarding them hehe). The general feel of the world is more fluid and believable than GTA4 Although the cleaner graphics do sometimes mean it lacks the same atmosphere 4 had hard to explain but sometimes in 4 is was so bright it made me happy The stories are good so far) some of the other characters are rather annoying Lamar and such) but they are still believable. It is great to have a dog and watch him maul streetpunks. I have to stop here however as I haven't done much more. Oh and missions are now auto-saved so none of the whole 'lets drive for an hour only to die' moments. Multi-player isn't around until OCT 1 ETA) so I can't comment...but if it is half as good as the single player then I'm hooked for years. I just hope they have better game modes DOM SABO or assassination games modes please). So overall yes I am just 10% in but so far it is epic. If it all turns to crap which I can't see it doing then I will gladly eat my words. So far the main protagonists aren't as likeable as Nico Belic but hey I am a stubborn man and need a few hours in their skins to like them. 10/10. Epic. Expand
  49. Sep 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am at about 60% through the game, or game completion. No clue what that translates into storywise. I have been completing side missions and story missions pretty much evenly paced. Let me just say this, I love this game, it is one of the best, ever.
    But, there ARE some issues with it: First off, the graphics. They could be better, not on the PS3 or X360, then again my personal opinion is it should have been released for next gen, not current. The graphics are nice, don't get me wrong, but in this game the limitations of the hardware being used is the most apparent, ever.
    Second off: The map is huge, Ill give it that, but it I had been led to believe that there was more to be done. I don't know what I feel is missing, but something is missing, there are loads of side quests, I agree, but after one, two or three they all drop to a single common denominator, and it becomes just a thing to do. Entirely skippable, which I guess side missions would be, but I desired a bit more oomph.
    Third off: Controls; now for the most part the controls work, and work really well. But sometimes, and by sometimes it feels often since it is ALWAYS at the worst possible time it could happen, they up. Your character will spasm or do something you did NOT tell him to do, and then your dead. Not that dying really matters, 5grand and your good to go again, you'll even keep your weapons, but lose your car.
    Fourth: Cars don't get properly saved, so I have wasted a good 100k bucks on fitting and refitting cars, just to have them disappear, apparently rockstar is on the bug and will have a fix for it soon.

    Might seem overly critical, but in essence, these are minor things, at least for me, still felt they were worth mentioning. If you, like me, find that these things are minor, then get the game now. GTA V scores heavily on story, audio (VA included), gameplay (by and large, most control mechanics work really well, except for on foot and the ****ing choppers), size and scope, and also the idea of three protagonists. I have not at all regretted this purchase, and most others won't either. I will most likely get the game for PC aswell, when it comes out.
  50. Apr 5, 2014
    Story: 8.5 out of 10 Graphics: 9.5 out of 10 Gameplay: 9 out of 10 Fun: 8.5 out of 10 Controls: 10 out of 10 Ease to Learn: 9.5 out of 10
    Multiplayer: 7 out of 10
    Length: 9 out of 10
    Re-play: 9 out of 10
    Audio: 10 out of 10
    Bugs/Glitches: barely any
  51. Sep 17, 2013
    I will say that the story line is very innovative. The massive world became a instant escape from reality so much to do play tennis play golf (which Ive never been so excited to actually play golf) Driving was very fluent and easy to control I hate playing the others where im crashing everywhere. The gun play is easy and comfortable for a non gun gamer. It has decent amount of replay value I hope the Online changes my mind on that. I dont really consider a goty for me persay but I do think its one thats it up on that list. Expand
  52. Oct 20, 2013
    Excellent single player game. The characters are engaging and relateable. Everything controls great frankly there's not much to say. The single player is wonderful. GTA Online is horribly boring (I'm completely ignoring the ongoing technical issues, I've been able to play online a few times this past week). The trailer for online looked so much better than the online game itself. It's just awful. The single player make everything worth it. Not much more to say this is classic GTA, only better. It just doesn't make any progress in the online world. Expand
  53. Sep 17, 2013
    It hasn't only reached my expectations, it has blown them away. This is like the best game ever, no I'm not even kidding I think this is the greatest video game ever made. Congratulations Rockstar games!
  54. Sep 17, 2013
    All these people about graphics: Buy a better TV, ****
    GTA V brings the good things back from older GTA's. We liked SA for the story and the things you could do when you were not on a mission, so they brought it back, but even better. The things you can do give you unlimited fun!

    The world of GTA V is huge! So you knew they actually put some time in developing the world, since it
    looks beautiful. It surprises me that consoles from 2005/6 can handle that.

    The story is awesome. It gives you the feeling of SA, since you team up with friends/gang-members from time to time. Also, since there are 3 protagonists, it makes it even more exiting.

    The (bad) user score are just butthurt PC fans, about the graphics being bad because it's console. It are not the best graphics, I agree, but for old consoles they are just amazing and beautiful.
  55. May 1, 2014
    This game is amazing, they fixed most of the problems we had with GTA IV. What I liked about GTA V 1.Rockstar added some of features from the previous GTA's, and other games created 2. Even though they brought back the arcadish driving, it seems better because the car physics aren't boaty like GTA Iv's. I mean the driving GTA V may not be realistic as IV's but it's feels better. 3. Being able to control Franklin, Michael, Trevor at once was incredible. It was something I haven't seen Rockstar games do before.
    4. The cinematic game play was something I also never seen Rockstar do with GTA. There really any loading screens on the single player, after it loads up, and the cinematic gameplay make mission awesome.
    5. The NPC's, and the characters, are very responsive.
    6. The interactions.
    7. The customizations with the cars.
    8. The weapons being customizable.
    9. The online, was finally something could enjoy without role playing without police crew. Unlike GTA IV where you just drive around in a freemode bored, you actually get stuff done.
    10. The new LS looks amazing, and the whole entire map is huge and beautiful .
    11. The updates

    There are few things I didn't like about GTA V.
    1. Not being able to enter buildings.
    2. Maybe I liked GTA V more than San Andreas including the map, but they could of added SF LV.
    3. The launch of the online, even though it wasn't as bad as battlefield 4's, they should of seen this coming.

    My conclusion:
    GTA V has become my favorite GTA. I really hope rockstar, keeps up the good work. I know little bit of San Andreas fanboys wanted a San Andreas clone, (As usual) but this rules. I still like SA, but I like V more.
  56. Feb 17, 2014
    Grand Theft Auto V is the most overrated game of the year, if not all time. Let me make clear, I don't think it's a bad game, it just an okay one. GTA V does nothing excellent in a game that does hundreds of things. Instead it does them average. From tedious driving to unresponsive shooting, GTA V is a bore to get through. Its story line is complete garbage and is a sad excuse of a story. While some missions are fun, particularly bank heist, most of them are just filler to make the game longer. Once you beat the game there is no reason to go back to it. Yea you can play golf, ride a bike, or skydive, but after a couple times nothing new is offered. GTA Online is also falls into its own trap. When you is a world with 12 others you get killed time and time again from guys with nothing better to do. When you decide to do missions, they get very old very quick, due to the fact that they are extremely bland. GTA V is worth a playthrough, but once your done with the main missions and spend a couple hours online, you will be glad its over. Expand
  57. Oct 15, 2013
    The buggiest game I've played in years.

    At its core there is a brilliant game in here somewhere. When it does work it's a great game that's great fun and far more so than any other open world game. However, this game is bugged beyond belief. Clearly it was rushed out to try and come out before people invested in next gen consoles and it really shows. The game crashes during
    installs, it crashes during loading, it'll freeze as your driving down the street, your character will carry invisible weapons, you'll drive through walls that shouldn't be there. And this is just the story mode, lets not even talk about the horror that is the online mode.

    It's the sort of release that I'm sure will highly benefit from the fact that you can release patch for consoles in the modern era. But if this game had come out on Playstation 2 like this, the franchise would be dead,
  58. Feb 14, 2014
    Grand Theft Auto V, on all fronts, has finally met it's true potential as a rpg/shooter, finally blending the joys of both in tangent. With a more vibrant colorful boost up from GTA IV, more diversity of weapons and cheats, weapon customizations and the return of vehicle customizations that have been amped from the San Andreas predecessor, GTA V is a game for anyone willing to either go on a rampage or just soak in how alive the city feels, not only by the development of the buildings but also by the interactions of people that are just if not more dynamic than the interactions in Skyrim.

    Sure, GTAV faulted on it's GTA Online concept, but I'm glad that, despite that it was still a flop at launch, Rockstar actually had their head on a swivel enough to try to patch it as best as they could without expecting any sort of problems to be expected. For my experiences on the PS3 and in terms of Single Player, the Single Player has a lot to offer, with a 3-protagonist web that never interferes with the joys of gameplays, as each character get their own personal properties and garages to stack their items. The new introduction of the Heists is the highest selling point of this game, a new aspect that allow you to attack and diverge an operation in any sort of way you see fit, mostly in the prospect of benefiting the biggest payout to your main protagonists. The protagonists themselves also have their own situations and issues, being 3 diverse characters with their own prospects and woes. Points are slightly taken away for some of the disturbing imagery that comes about in the story mode, not to mention how the story mode loses a lot of gravity at the end and ends on a short note. The cheat system has returned to the combo mashing, which was somewhat of a pain since GTAIV had the phone dial up that made activating cheats easier, but I could see why they did return: You can make yourself invincible for 5 minutes. No fall damage, no bullet damage, no melee, explosion or fire damage. If one was able to just simply press the cheat at the end time, a person could make themselves invincible indefinitely. But anyhow, Cheat diversity has largely increased, with a lot more exciting cheats rather than the stock cheats. Weapons also have returned with a more satisfying arsenal, with stun guns, machine pistols, light machine guns and my favorite, the minigun. Also, these weapons can have modifications and tints to diversity your need for stopping power. Vehicles have increased in diversity, with even more exotic vehicles to test your limits. IN terms of the general area, Los Santos has a lot of callbacks to it's San Andreas counterpart, increased in size and moved some prominent areas, such as the Stadium and Grove Street. The river layout has become muchmore real and diverse, and Blaine County, serving as the secondary area, also is incredibly diverse with the first introduction of animal life in a GTA GAme since. (if you cant flying rats in GTAIV). This game, alone, is a fun ride that takes you on a new, grandiose tale through the american wastes of capitalism and egotism.
  59. Sep 30, 2013
    There is so much to do in Grand Theft Auto V. The missions and game play are very fun. For me, a game hyped this much I'm usually let down. But this game stood tall and was even better than I expected. The world is huge, with beautiful sights and fun activities throughout. Random activities are scattered through the world as well, which are fun little side missions for a bit of extra cash. The heists in this game are what really stood out too me. The heists were great, and now you can do heists with your friends online? Sign me up! This was an amazing experience and definitely should be on top of all your "To Play" lists if you haven't played it already. Expand
  60. Sep 24, 2013
    I was skeptical about this game because I had GTA burnout. Once the game began breaking sales records, I got caught up in the hype and had to pick it up for my PS3. Pros: the world is huge, lots to do, griping stories, crazy characters, etc. Cons: Driving is still meh as I find I constantly have to fight the camera to get a good driving view, combat is a bit better, but not much.

    Bottom line is this game is awesome and I cannot wait to see what Rockstar will be able to do on a PS4 or Xbox One.
  61. Oct 13, 2013
    This game is nearly perfect. So detailed and so magnificent. Gameplay is fun. However, there were several flaws in the game which I unfortunely had to take some points off and also confused me a little. Kind of away from what I expected. First, Some of the storylines are leaving me so many question after the credits rolled. The game left me so many mini cliff hangers and confuse messages. Trevor's apparently "love interest" just kinda...well I know she had to leave him because of her husband, but she often call Trevor once in a while and just wut. Am I the one missing something here? Or does the lady just want to annoy him for the rest of his life? (also he totally ignored Molly.) But enough about love, lets talk about the three main characters. Honestly, the pictures and the box art gave me a little bit of wrong idea of all three of their relationship, before I play the game. I thought they were like 3 best buddies and they all had big dreams and worked together since day one. So I thought they would be like super close. But I somehow could not feel the connection between the three of them. Especially Trevor and Franklin. I felt like they are just forced to work together and just all about business. Not just them, Franklin felt like he s kinda an errand boy and just want to get done. I think those two were the biggest flaws. Also, in-between the story, I thought there would be more. Like robbing the jewelry story I thought there will be more like that and Michael and Amanda's relationship. Rockstar procrastinate too long in the beginning. I thought there would be more right after he beat up the yoga I the only one? I think theres more but I don't want to point out all of them. But I did had a lot of fun playing this game, time went by like a jet. Expand
  62. Oct 14, 2013
    The GTA series always gets astonishingly high reviews from the same critics every single time. Even GTA IV, which was so awful in pacing that the devs decided to put in *MANDATORY* hanging out with your completely unlikable "friends" to play darts, or bowling, or other things that were apparently what Rockstar believed would create classic GTA moments.

    Unfortunately, ever since San
    Andreas, the GTA series has not improved. There is no room for argument here. It hasn't. San Andreas did practically everything right that could possibly be done in a GTA game. It was complex, well-written, and just freaking fun.

    Then came IV, which got rave reviews across the whole planet. Except it was so obviously a step back from San Andreas that even after buying the entirety of it with the expansion, I was still working my way through it waiting for the fun to happen. Something that justified the emphasis on "realism" in things like driving (because in the Vice City/San Andreas times, the #1 complaint was, of course, the lack of realism in the driving physics, as cars were just way too easy to control, and that was something the series desperately needed. Yes, that's sarcasm, because that concept alone as a "feature" was astonishingly stupid.), the mandatory bromances (they didn't even let you hang out with girls? No reward for even putting up with those things? Not even so much as a cheap dating sim mechanic? Just, here are some people you never want to see again, forcing you to go out with them. Yeah, that was executed brilliantly.), and the idiotic story that not one person can even joke about enjoying.

    So, despite that IV was clearly worse than San Andreas and lacked a massive number of features that SA had that were awesome, it got better reviews. Okay, whatever. I've never heard anyone in the history of time mention it as a classic, something that redefined gaming to the level that was stated in the reviews, but I know that happens sometimes when the hype reviews itself.

    So, here comes V, and the monstrous hype-machine to go with it.

    And, my goodness, did they hype this game. It was everywhere. You couldn't ignore it. It was so pumped up worldwide, they might as well have announced that DLC was a thing of the past, being the dumbest idea that still worked and resulted in games often costing twice as much as their originals for "complete editions".

    Now that would be something to hype. But here's the thing with GTA V: Not one person really says *WHY* it's good.

    That's the really astonishing part. Everyone talks about the scope, the scale, the scenery, the graphics, the improved targeting system that was basically Red Dead Redemption's, the nice little features like not needing to drive from place to place to re-do a failed mission (it only took them FOUR past games to figure out that that was annoying), and lots of *little touches* to the basic formula. Not a lot really changed. It's still GTA, for better or worse, depending on how you look at it.

    But that's the problem. It's still the same GTA you've been playing and, oddly enough, still doesn't come anywhere close to San Andreas. Rockstar realizes they don't actually have to change anything, nor should they, because people see that Roman numeral next to Grand Theft Auto, and that's enough for people to go completely insane and buy copies on day one.

    The thing is, these people are crazy. They are stone-cold nuts. I can't be kind about this, because these people lack basic pattern recognition on a level that is staggering. I've yet to hear a single aspect I must be missing that justifies the exosphere-high reviews, as if GTA now has the last game it'll ever need--that the formula's been perfected, everything's come together, and something beautiful has happened.

    Well, I still have yet to see anything besides another sub-San-Andreas GTA game without any really exciting features or even real improvements over anything besides the scenery and a few basic improvements to the controls and interface. To put it simply, it's stupid. It's a stupid game. It wastes its potential carelessly, without regard, but it doesn't take a genius to know why: Rockstar knows they don't really have to put any effort into "improving" the game. That's not the selling point. The selling point is that there's another GTA game, even bigger in scope, even prettier. The fact that the mechanics are still virtually identical doesn't matter, really. People will buy it. And they have. Which makes people with pattern recognition skills like me a little sad, and not very hopeful about the future of console gaming.

    When GTA improves significantly, I'll totally praise Rockstar for it. There's certainly more than enough room to make improvements. Until then, though, V is only another game in a downhill series. That's all it is. The GTA Online tragedy that screwed absolutely everyone over aside, that's really all there is to it.
  63. Nov 13, 2013
    Not counting the Online mode, Grand Theft Auto V is an impressive open world game from Rockstar North with a meticulously-crafted new rendition of Los Santos and Blaine County. There's plenty to do and see though, once again, various interiors are locked away (unless you choose to replay missions). However, there are some fantastic missions such as Hood Safari, Caida Libre and Fresh Meat. Overall, Grand Theft Auto V is a testament to Rockstar's impressive knowledge of current-gen tech and a blast to play. My second favorite GTA game (first being Grand Theft Auto III). Expand
  64. Oct 1, 2013
    I wa never a fan of Rockstar's GTA games...until I met GTA V...there are too much improvements to be highlighted so I'm gonna say 'she' is just great. If it was between 'her' and my girlfriend, I guess it wasn't meant to be babe...though some minor improvements can be made
  65. Sep 20, 2013
    Biggest problem I have with this is the controls. I mean driving a car feels like pushing an elephant. It just simply feels like S**t. That is what takes away from the fun. I want to be able to floor that sucker to get away from the cops but if you hit a car, wall, or hell a post then your dead in the water for about 10 seconds until you get the car rolling again. They really need to patch it and make it much more punchy. Expect power when I take the pedal to the metal. Other then that the framerate is terrible. I really hope they release it for next gen consoles. At first I didn't care for the story but it grew on me. They are pretty hilarious characters and the missions while repetitive (going from A to B and rinse and repeat) they are fun in their own way. I get the feeling the MP will be a blast so long as they have the right content for it. Just please fix the handling of the cars!! Expand
  66. Nov 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game itself is pretty good, one of the bests I've played this generation (I am a very sensitive gamer, most of the games I play, no matter how good they are to other people, deserve 7, 6, or less to me when I play them). I really liked everything about it, and the graphics are pretty good for it to be a PS3/Xbox 360 (in which both have limited hardware, which leads to crappy graphics, though the graphics in these game are not crappy considering it's an open-world game, in fact, they're great [not as crappy as other games] graphics). Seriously, I am honest and I don't like to overrate games; what killed the 9 for me in this game was the online. It just had a headache-giving matchmaking system. Let me explain it; not only the character creator was weird and limited, but the main point in the online mod, which is playing "Jobs" (which are basically game modes like racing, deathmatch, team deathmatch) is pretty much impossible to be done if you don't have a friend to play with that moment. Seriously, you click "Join Match" and rather than doing what it says it will do, it makes you host your own match. You invite everyone in the game and wait for people to join, but guess what; no one in the game EVER accepts your invitations or joins your game. Seriously, I waited 30 minutes waiting for someone to join the match, and guess what... exactly, no one joined. Not just that is bad, but there is an option that says "Find Crew Members To Play With" (a crew is basically an in-game group) well, my crew has 400k people in it. Perfect, I might finally be able to play with someone. I click "Join/Accept" and it says that I can't join them because my version of GTA is not compatible. For the love of God, my GTA is updated (because if you're playing online, you basically have it updated, otherwise you wouldn't be connected), and I am pretty sure it's impossible for some people to have a different version of GTA and be able to play it because the game forces you to update. This is obviously a bug or glitch and I am not sure if this happening because I own the PS3 version of the game and PSN is free (which I doubt is the problem). Anyway, I had good expectations for GTA Online, but sometimes, what has the best advertisement, turns out to be the worst out of something. Rockstar kept saying it was gonna be awesome on their ads, but it turned out to be buggy, glitchy, had problems the first week of release, and still has almost the same problems (except that you're now able to connect to GTA Online, unable to play with anyone, though). While I was reminding myself of all those problems in GTA Online, I was planning to give GTA 5 a seven, but I guess that's okay, GTA Online isn't what I have to focus on considering GTA 5 is full of content and fun. Seriously, you can't go wrong with the awesome gameplay, the "Freak Missions", the charismatic storyline, the charming characters, the attractions (like Tennis, the strip clubs, drinking at Michael's house or a bar, the roller-coasters, or simply doing stunts), the missions (which are part of the storyline, but seriously, I had to make this point separately because some missions like the one where you have to save Michael's daughter from the boat and she still blames you for killing their ''friends'' even though they were shooting you is really hilarious, not to mention the one where you have to save Michael's boat and he didn't care about his son even though his life was in danger). Seriously, I have A LOT more to say, just have fun playing this game if you ever get it or if you have it already. Must be a game-of-the-year for 2013!
    PS: Your characters die much faster and is more realistic in that sense, but it still doesn't ruin any of the gameplay, especially if you're careful. Also, it's harder to lose the cops (not really a problem). Sorry, had to say this but I didn't wanna ruin my long review by placing it in a wrong spot. Enjoy and have a beautiful thanks-giving! (Posted on November 28 of 2013, and yes, I know Metacritic shows the date of when you posted your review, but just in case!).
  67. Sep 26, 2013
    Así que nada es suficiente
    Y que yo soy la que miente
    Y que todo tú me diste
    Que tú siempre me quisiste
    Que tú nunca hiciste nada
    Que soy yo la que te hace sufrir

    Y le dices a la gente
    Que me buscas que me quieres
    Que sin mí de amor te mueres
    Y que solo son rumores
    Que fue todo un error
    Que por eso ahora estás así
    Suplicando que te escuche
    Y diciendo que todo cambió
  68. Sep 18, 2013
    This game gets a 10 because I can literally spend 4-5 hours getting sidetracked and have a complete blast. Not even including everything R* has made to keep me entertained. They have reverted back to the open-world fun that was dripping in GTA:San Andreas on PS2 and that is everything that I have ever wanted. looks GORGEOUS!
  69. May 11, 2014
    What's unique about GTA 5 compared to any other open world action game is having 3 main protagonist come together in this engaging and branching storyline. You start off as Michael, a retired bank robber whose life is now miserable thanks to his family. Then there's Franklin, a former street hustler who's trying to escape the hood and make some good cash, but his friends keep
    bringing him back into trouble. Finally, there's Trevor, Michael's old Canadian friend and a guaranteed psychopath. You never know what he'll do next thanks to his explosive personality. All the other supporting characters (Lester, Lamar, Michael's family, etc.) are also interesting with their own stories as well. Thanks to some excellent dialogue and voice acting, all these characters really come to life, especially Trevor's character. Steven Ogg does an incredible job as Trevor. As for the plot, Rockstar does a great job branching the plot between these 3 characters. There are some twist here and there, there is an interesting backstory with Michael and Trevor, and it's cool seeing how all 3 protagonist meet up and get forced into all these missions. This is by far some of Rockstar's best storytelling yet. 10/10

    It's your classic GTA gameplay with the added feature of special abilities for all 3 characters. Michael can slow down time while shooting, Franklin can slow down time while driving, and Trevor can go into "rampage" mode and deal double damage while taking half damage. The biggest highlight of the SP is definitely the heist missions which reminded me a lot of Payday 2. The new in-game stock market is a nice way of earning some extra money on the side. The driving here is significantly better than GTA 4's realistic driving. Now it's back to the classic driving that's fast and sometimes out of control (in a good way). The shooting is still the same as in GTA 4, There are more weapons this time around to play with, San Andreas's skill system returns, and the map is way larger than liberty city. The only complaint I had was that the cops were too annoying at times. Overall, Rockstar did a great job improving on the classic GTA gameplay while adding some new things in as well. Also, the strip club here is vastly superior to any other video game strip club ever made ;). 9/10

    The game looks good on consoles (could look way better on PC), but I noticed some pop-ins that happened at times, and the frame rate also occasionally dropped when the action was heating up fast. Oh if only there was a PC version. 7/10

    All the gunshots, car sounds, and city sounds are really good, but the biggest shocker to me was how good the soundtrack was compared to GTA 4. The radio soundtrack contains rock, punk, pop, old school rap, hip-hop, techno, and other varieties of genres to choose from. I personally really like the rock, techno, pop, rap, and hip-hop stations (beats Russian stuff). Great job Rockstar on getting better music this time around. 9/10

    This is where everything falls apart. The Online was not only broken at launch (R* should've prepared for the high amount of traffic on their servers better), but the Online gets repetitive fast. after the tutorial, you're off to do missions, races, deathmatches, parachuting, and capture (CTF) jobs to make $ and rank up (level cap is technically 1000, but you stop unlocking items at 120). You can also try to interact with the other 15 players on the map, but most of them will just shoot you on sight for no reason (luckily, passive mode will help you as it makes you ignore player fire). Besides jobs, there's not much to do in GTA online. But there are some REALLY frustrating things about the multiplayer: The cops are more annoying here than in SP (their search times can take up to 1 MINUTE), most of the missions are fetch missions, the auto-aim makes shooting others more easier than in Call of Duty, and all the exploits (money and RP glitches) and hackers broke the game's economy and competitive circuit even more. To top it all off, R* SEVERELY reduced the amount of $ and RP you get from missions, making the game a chore to level up if you're an "all legit" type of player. This is still better than GTA 4's multiplayer, but because of the way R* marketed this, GTA Online is a MASSIVE disappointment. 5/10

    Verdict: GTA 5 has an amazing single player mode with a disappointing multiplayer mode. The graphics are good, the soundtrack is great, and the mission variety is large (with most of them being entertaining to play). If not for the mediocre Online mode, GTA 5 could've been a perfect 10. But just like with Far Cry 3 and the Tomb Raider reboot, a weak multiplayer is what ruins the whole package.

    Rating: 9/10.
  70. Jan 15, 2014
    I'm going to get a lot of hate for this....but this game is nothing innovative, creative, or memorable. It's simply muscle power.

    Don't get me wrong, as of today, this is a very very good game. Super fun and addicting. Problem is, this is the definition of playing it safe. Rockstar had a massive amount of cash to blow, endorsements, major backings, hype, and what did they do? They
    gave us a half-decent story line, and a gigantic map to wreak havock. Boom, millions of violence-obsessed morons shout "game of the year!"

    In reality, games like this are going to, in the near future, become all to commonplace. As memory's grow on consoles and games become larger and larger, budgets become bigger and bigger, it will be less costly than ever before to make a game with a bigass map and an okay storyline.

    That's why I believe games like The Last of Us are so much more deserving of GOTY. If you gave Rockstar a frickin PS50 and 500 million dollars, they would still struggle to make a game as hard-hitting, emotional, and applicable to reality as TLOU.
  71. Oct 2, 2013
    GTA V has breathed life back into my favourite hobby and is the reason I have cancelled my PS4 pre order!
    I love this game, it is massive, vibrant, funny, violent and most of all FUN.
    Up until GTA V came out my PS3 had been gathering dust. I was bored of video games. GTA V is THE best game I have played since the N64 days. It's full of character and even away from the main plot, the side
    missions are interesting and a great way to earn some cash. The graphics aren't perfect but considering the scope and size of the game, they are top notch. The sound track is awesome and the voice acting is excellent. I have enjoyed every hour of this game so far. If you haven't played it yet, get it today, you'll love it. Shame the online isn't working yet but you can't have everything! Expand
  72. Jan 7, 2014
    brilliant game, it is worth good money, but not too much money. free roaming in los santos and blaine county
    is really fun but you need to complete 1 or 2 of the heists before you can have some money-spending, car-exploding fun. what is bad is the police are sooooo mean in this game. if you look at a police officer for too long, the officer will shoot you! if you explode your own car in
    this game, cops. also, hospital bills cost way too much. overall, the cops were more generous in gta 4, but the graphics in gta 5 are the most amazing graphics i have ever seen! and the missions are fun, the choice of 3 characters is a nice addition
    and open-world gameplay is better than ever. grand theft auto 5 is a new gta game with near endless possibilities, the only annoyances are the cops and the hospital bills...
  73. Oct 6, 2013
    Anyone who has played Dead Space 2 may remember a certain set piece which left Isaac suspended upside down. The player then had to fend off a bunch of attacking necromorphs with inverted controls. Earlier this year The Last of Us copied that very sequence and now Grand Theft Auto V lives up to it's name by ripping it off again. Copying shooting sections from DS 2 is a very bad idea for GTA V because GTA V has far weaker shooting mechanics.

    It's not just Dead Space though suddenly I'm seeing elements I've seen before in Call of Duty and Uncharted. In terms of mission design Rockstar have played it safe here to the obvious delight of the mainstream gaming media who appear to have had their 10/10 reviews ready to go to print before the first prostitute had been whacked.

    Grand Theft Auto V is not a true sequel. In reality it's Grand Theft Auto 4: San Andreas. The driving and shooting has been tweaked to make cornering and aiming easier but you can tell it's the same game engine underneath. The jokes are the same too. Republican Space Rangers, Cluckin Bell, e-Cola, to GTA veterans like myself it just feels a bit too familiar and not as funny this time round.

    Did I mention there's a few cutscenes? There is, occasionally some gameplay breaks out. The script is terrible. It's mostly shouting, swearing, moaning and arguing with hardly any comedy at all. And there's so much of it and it's so constant it wears you out. With the focus very much on the three hateful characters you play as, the satire of GTA's past is pushed into the background with just one radio talk show.

    The game is full of half baked ideas. 'Stealth mode', suddenly GTA needs a stealth mode. Activating stealth mode see's your character creep around slowly like an 90 year old with a dodgy hip. Yoga could have been a rhythm action score attack mini-game instead you just press the buttons your told to pointlessly. Car mods and weapon upgrades again feel underdeveloped. Races aren't real races, rubber band AI stops you pulling away or getting left behind. Just don't crash and you cross the finish line first. Golf and tennis are to easy. Even getting a lap dance see's your chat up lines run out and repeat well before you've finished wooing the stripper making it a chore.

    Triathlons are the worst. Running swimming and cycling all require the same input of pressing up on the left stick and hammering the X button. It doesn't matter how fast you press either you will run at the same speed. You will overtake and be overtaken randomly by your AI opponents to give the illusion you are in a real race. Your not though just keep going, you will win. One of the triathlons lasted 28 minutes and busted my hand up pretty good so thanks for that.

    I can't say GTA V is a bad game. There was a brief spell during the middle when the map was still half blocked out and the other half was bustling with activity that I felt I was enjoying it. It's not broken, it's competent and above all else it's boring. It feels slow and clunky compared to other open world games which have now surpassed it. You can't really blame Rockstar for playing it safe though, they had a lot of money riding on this and they knew that more of the same would get the job done.
  74. Oct 15, 2013
    If ever you needed a game that was not an exclusive to define the end of an amazing generation, look no further.

    Grand Theft Auto 5 is the sum of five hard years work and it shows. The sprawling world that is yours to explore is gorgeous and vast. With an amazing array of things to do and sights to see.
    The visuals are top notch and work so perfectly to put you right in this
    re-imagined version of southern California, everything from the beaches baked in sunlight, to the neon lit city by the night... The game is really a sight to behold.
    Gameplay mechanics, though still a little finicky at times, have been sharply honed since GTA 4. Things like moving from cover to cover and shooting, to driving and general mobility mechanics, have been hugely refined.

    The story, however memorable for each person, is most likely the weakest part of GTA 5. We are treated to three phenomenal playable characters, Michael, Franklin, and the hilariously over-the-top, Trevor, who all have their own agendas in San Andreas. The character development that takes place between the three is what truly kept me hooked on the story over the (around) 35hrs for a full play through. Though unlike other GTA games, the side-characters were not nearly as memorable, save for a few honourable mentions, like the extremely stereotypical gang banger, Lamar.
    That being said, with the addition of checkpoints (at last!) during missions, and the ability to replay any mission at any given time, on top of all the side-quests and bonus missions, there are definitely a fair amount of reasons to stay and explore San Andreas long after even the next generation launches.

    The multiplayer known as GTA Online, has now been up for about two weeks. There were some notable problems during the first three to four days of launch, including character deletion, matchmaking timeouts, and constant freezing. The community did not hesitate to lash out, not once thinking that even RockStar had anticipated issues from the sheer number of people that had eagerly been awaiting the online to launch.
    The issues were quickly resolved and RockStar have rewarded devoted players for the patience with in game currency.
    The Online totes its own story and new characters alike, and sees players creating their own avatar to explore the huge world alone or with friends. There is a massive amount to do online, from a simple free-roam mode in a player populated world, where you can make new friends or enemies while you cruise around in your custom ride, seeing the sights, or getting into trouble, to traditional death match modes.
    You can also create your own missions in the content creator, plan your own heists, rob a convenience store, or set a custom marker and challenge anyone to a spur-of-the-moment race across the state.
    With RockStar adding new content on a regular basis, and the promise of years of support, GTA Online is shaping up to be GTA 5's defining experience, as well as a new standard for online games.

    If you are one of the handful of people wondering why they should get this game now, with a new generation of consoles on the horizon, know this: Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the finest games ever made, and is the result of huge technical achievements and years of hard work. It is a masterpiece that needs to be savoured and experienced from start to finish.
    Though I will soon be moving onto my new PlayStation 4, GTA 5 is one of the reasons that I will be returning to my PS3, because it is just that good.
  75. May 20, 2014
    after spending what feels like months on this game i can say i really like this game if i could i would have given it 8.5 for a few reasons one the story is a little bit meh i thought there was going to be more heists and a lot of the other missions feel like its just build up to a heist and two im sorry but online is just boring and crap but some positives the heists that do happen are awsome trevor is awsome the driving, view soundtrack and the list goes on so gta v a million times better than 4 its just a little over hyped thats all Expand
  76. Jun 24, 2014
    Probably the only 10 I will ever give to a game. Everything is perfect. The storyline is better than most action movies, the humour is fun, the characters are really well chosen, the city is huge, the graphics are unbelievable for the PS3, you can spend hours on this game just doing anything.

    You want to go to that mission using a Titan and parachuting on a truck, or maybe steal a
    bicycle and take 20 minutes to reach the other side of the city ? Well you can, and that's what it is all about.

    Haters will always find that the sky is not blue enough, but who cares, if you can't enjoy this game, then you should consider selling your ps3. I mean you can even not play the missions at all and still have a good time doing races on-line, cause chaos and steal a jet.

    Conclusion : This is a perfect game, enjoy it as much as you can !
  77. Sep 18, 2013
    Seriously though, stop reading this and go buy the game right now. The next generation of gaming is here. I have to add more characters however, since it must be 150 long.
  78. Oct 3, 2013
    It comes to a point where "gaming", has evolved, it has evolved into something, not better, nor worse, but something different, Grand Theft Auto 5 it's the branch and justification on how games can, and will, talk about society at a whole other level, or even revolutionize the way we see technology to this date.

    Grand theft auto does not only jokes and critiques the whole, "american
    society" as we know it, but at the same time adds up several different in game mechanics and tweaks them like no other open world game ever has.
    One of the best things that Gta V increases it's his magnitude of the three dimensional world that presents to you by the name of "Los Santos", it's massive and each different area feels unique and special in it's on way. You don't necessarily need to be playing on a scripted sequence nor a unscripted sequence to enjoy the vast array that the city of Los Santos has to offer.

    Every activity, or mission, depending on how you want to call them, feels fresh and new, this happens because of the different areas where missions develop and present themselves, while at the same time keeping it's charm with crisp new dialog, every time you jump back in a different occasion into them. They really assimilate an illusion, and a reality that represents perfectly the effort and love that was put in the making of this "game".
    The missions and the characters are written and presented perfectly to, every single one of the main and co stars that appear in the game are lovable, and sometimes even identifiable, this adds up a huge feel of immersion that no other game manages to accomplish at such a scale as this game has.

    The game has his fare share of problems too, though most of them could give you the appearance that are mistakes that could've been fixed in a quick and efficient way, the vast majority of them tend to be there, for really complex reasons, that really make you question the design choices, that the team at Rockstar's headquarters had in their mind. Some of the missions feel, completely and utterly silly, and unnecessary, while some other feel extremely unique, and satisfying to accomplish. The real beauty of the game comes from the sense of maturity that handles, and the way it those it, the game it's mature for several different aspects and subjects that the game handles, and the way it handles them. They never feel unnecessary or dull, they always feel with a purpose and a reason in behind them being there, it's perfect while at the same time keeping the integrity of the criminality, and the brutality, of the reality, that some of this characters manage to have.

    Gta V never manages to break the experience and the illusion of being part of this terrible reality that can and will most of the times be comparable to our own society and the way it affects each single type of person, no matter what your political preferences are, or if you hate violence in entertainment, Gta V will always shine as being one of the best works of criminal entertainment and art, that has ever reached into our circle of appreciable culture, it's beautiful, terrifying, and brutal at the same time, Gta V it's a masterpiece, and a must play of anyone that has an interest in the series until now.
  79. Jan 5, 2014
    The best GTA since San Andreas. The city of Los Santos is an incredible place, and is really the greatest world ever created in a game. But GTA IV had a great story, and that is what is lacking in GTA V. I felt that the story was a bit forced, as when Michael destroys the home of tennis coach and eventually gets back to the assaults to make money, and from there the story involves well, but I really did not like the beginning and the end of the game actually, I hope they come up with a better ending next time, it was not bad, but it was nothing special either. The multiplayer is really good, but it constantly failing, but is actually a multiplayer that has never been done in any GTA game. Rockstar promised varied activities, but still does not reach the point of San Andreas, and even when we go out with friends, there is almost nothing to do with them. Overall I think it's the second best GTA game, and for me I would place it in number four on my list of Game of the Year 2013. Expand
  80. Oct 5, 2013
    SO AWESOME GAME!!! BEST GTA BY FAR!!!!!! Forget about the last of us and bioshock! This is game of easily the true game of the year! Or the game of this generation or even the best game of all time! Just the redefined gameplay, awesome world, awesome characters and the incredible attention to detail! Just buy it already!!!
  81. Oct 10, 2013
    Part V is the best GTA to date and had exceeded its high expectations. The three main character premise works well in both gameplay and story-telling. Rockstar fixed previous issues with added checkpoints, quick saves, and keeping your weapons when arrested.

    It is a good year of gaming but GTA:V will be many people's Game Of The Year, and it is well-deserved.
  82. Nov 19, 2013
    Technologically brilliant game that allows you to play 3 protaganists in tandem. Satirical and witty themes with properly fleshed out environments that allow freedom for non-linear exploration. The story is forgettable and lacks the plot depth and character complexities seen in some of the previous games from the franchise. The online portion is quirky, and when it does works properly it proves to be non-intuitive and generally unlikable. Overall I think Rockstar took a few too many steps in the wrong direction, but their game is still a worthy addition to the franchise and it's one of the few AAA games that is worth the money spent. 8/10 Expand
  83. Jan 4, 2014
    Gta V is a great game, you will play this game for much time, there is a lot of thing to do, it's also very funny and the graphics are amazing, you can choose a character to play and each one have different hobbies and personalities.
  84. Jun 3, 2014
    This game is terrible, the worst characters ever made for a gta game, worst gta ever made, no much improves, too agressive and ugly characters, poor storyline, i have the disgrace to play this game for the ps3, and the driving mechanics are a disaster, if you want to go hunt, you can't, you want a race, you can't, you can't do nothing in this trash of game. I think rockstar is destroying his franchises like max payne 3.
    Just one of the worst titles for the ps3.
  85. Sep 27, 2013
    I want to start out by saying this is a very good game. Overall, it is more enjoyable than GTA IV. However, I do not consider it as complete and as whole a game as Red Dead: Redemption.

    It is much more engaging, beautiful, and overall less bleak than IV. The graphics (well as expected), models and world building are beautiful and well researched.
    The dialogue is overall much better and
    as are many characters (though anyone is compared to Niko).

    I actually feel for Michael and his scum life, scum family and understand that is many ways, it is his fault for where he is in life, from his upbringing, to bringing up children in scum city USA and our new scum age. I legit feel sorry for him when that sad-dad music plays, but it feels anemic overall.

    Our three characters are great, but feel spread thin and so does the world. Yes, it is an open world game, yes it is fantastic to explore and beautiful, and yes you can do everything from yoga to submarine exploration, to a triathlon, to a stripped-touching minigame, to robbing convenience stores.

    It is just most of these things are utterly pointless and I will never do them again. The reward is either nothing (or arthritis in your dumb from the last 25 minute triathalon) or sooo largely incomparable to the prices in the rest of the world that they might as well give you nothing.

    It feels like, to me, many aspects of the game are half-explored, half thought-out and don't sync with others. Heists are the most glaring example of this wasted potential. Properties are entirely useless. The only one you made a profit on is Trevor's airstrip after 12.5 missions on the plane and dune buggy, the next accessible one is Smoke on the Water for Franklin, which will earn off the initial price in about 22 weeks of in-game days. Or (assuming each save is 12 hours?) 308 times seeing Franklin go to bed, clicking past the save screen, seeing Franklin wake up..

    I hear there is no reason at all to manage them, the weekly price doesn't change if you ignore them (except Trevor's I mentioned, which is mission based). There is one property that will take 5 YEARS of in game days to pay off (or 3650 saves)

    I'm getting real tired of writing this review/rant, so I am just going wrap it up.

    This is a well-made game, but not as much overall as RDR. This is a fun game, but the gunplay isn't as good as RDR and the driving is arcade-y and less rewarding than IV (you weren't breaking right people; don't handbreak, tap footbreak at the right moment!)

    There is plenty to do, but outside of around or shooting cops, largely many of them are pointless mini-games, rewardless, or something you'll never repeat.
    This is an incredibly well-made game that feels like overall the peak of what this console generations technology can achieve, but also like parts of it were designed by committees that didn't network.

    In closing I want to say that I really do enjoy this game and the characters are fun and interesting, but to me, this just isn't as complete a game as the most expensive video game ever developed should be like.

    Maybe there is a chance a patch could fix the content that doesn't jive.

    Also I am hoping these rumors of GTA Online being 7 dollars a month aren't true. I am just not willing to pay that, monthly fees, micro-transitions and MMOS encourage terrible, terrible behavior from developers.
  86. Jan 26, 2014
    Perfect end to the generation. Great story, acting, and full of laughs. If there's one complaint is that the gunplay is a bit lacking, but it doesn't detract from what is an amazing gaming experience.
  87. Sep 20, 2013
    This sure as hell is one of the greatest game of this year! Just keep getting better and better! Very nice story and gameplay, you really feel for the characters in the game and just keep playing!
    I can't even wait for the online mode, gonna be some crazy stuff
  88. Jul 3, 2014
    I have nothing to say. Great game. Great story. Great online. Free dlc's. Own creator. Races. Music and city is realistic. Huge open world. What else gamer needs? Idk, but everyone have to got. 10/10 masterpiece and best game of 2013 :)
  89. Sep 18, 2013
    This aint your father's it's been stated already, the major difference with number Five is the ability to change main characters, opening new missions and side missions. It is still basically Grand Theft Auto centering on stealing cars, gunfights, revenge, more f-bombs than Scarface, and not PC in any way shape or form. But the gameplay and graphics are polished to near perfection. Expect to spend a LOT of time exploring this baby. Expand
  90. Nov 2, 2013
    This game is a technical masterpiece. It has got the best storyline in the history of GTAs. The three characters are awesome together. Only bad thing is the Stunt Jumps. Those are a pain in the ass. Way too hard. Since that is not required (At least not all 50) in perfecting (100%) the game I do not count that as a huge bad thing. Still a 10/10.
  91. Sep 9, 2014
    i see some **** copy and paste the same bad review and give it a 0/10 purposely to reduce the user scores for this game. this is easily the best game in ps3. the graphics are awesome. 0% glitch. big world with no glitch is something very rare we see in games. some **** games like skyrim are getting better reviews than this great game which i cannot bear. this game definitely deserves a way better user score. i give it a perfect 10. Expand
  92. Sep 20, 2013
    I waited a few days with writing this, just because I wanted to play the game more before judging.
    But after 3 days of gaming I can say this...
    This is most definitely the swan song of this generation.

    If they can make games like this on the PS3 then Gaming on the PS4 is going to be heaven.
  93. Oct 23, 2013
    You know that feeling you get... that sad feeling you get when Christmas day is over and you realize that the day you've anticipated for so long has come and gone? That's how I felt when the credits started rolling when I completed GTA 5. This is actually the first GTA I've played. Yes, there are shocking moments, but this game is a masterpiece. It's my guilty pleasure for sure. The story is awesome and the gameplay is so fun. Worth every penny and more. Expand
  94. Nov 3, 2013
    All This is HD grand theft auto. I refuse to give this game a good rating when watchdogs looks ten time better. Lego City undercover Wii U has great overworld. Grand theft auto V is terrible.
  95. Jan 19, 2014
    Not as good as I expected. There is plenty of stuff in this game that I truly hate. Single player is kinda limited in open world approach. Heists could have been better. The Online is utterly horrible thanks to trolls and limited mission count. Other than that, everything's fine. Just try to get it. I don't say GTA V is bad. It's a great game, but GTA SA is better to me
  96. Nov 22, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto V as compared to all its preceedors had 1 thing a dog. i waited 4 long GTA games just to play with a dog companion :'D the game introduced a lot of real life happening into the game. the game is long and awesome to explore. the last exploration game i played that i loved was just cause 2. Gta 5 surpassed JC2 and i had spent hours exploring it and still haven't tired a bit. i'm more of a slow gamer so i'm exploring every detail side missions loving it all still haven't completed :p -1 for multiplayer as i didn't like it much Expand
  97. Oct 16, 2013
    Massive, immersive and VERY detailed. A true epic that will be setting the standard for open world games for years to come. The campaign is fun with plenty of interesting missions that add context to the impressive action and game play. The game is not perfect but, for what it does accomplish, giving this game anything less than a 10 would be criminal. The characters are kind of cliche and the story is not always as tense as it could be but these are minor issues in the grand scheme of things. There are some minor graphical glitches so I hope that they do release a PC and/or next gen version at some point (this game is worth buying twice). I'm not interested in multiplayer so my review does not contain information regarding that portion of the game. Expand
  98. Jan 9, 2014
    Brief Summary (Can’t comment on online play as my internet is crap) +Lots of content +Great characters +Interesting World +Huge Improvement over GTA 4 (though in my opinion that isn’t saying much) +Fantastic Game Play ?Mixed Story -Repetitive at times -Perhaps GTA is lacking originality Overall I would definitely recommend this game it is a lot of fun. However I feel that it doesn’t play well enough, in order to definitely steal the Sandbox crown, as GTA 5 doesn’t completely over-shadow its competition SR4 and Sleeping Dogs.

    Full Review
    Perhaps the best thing about GTA 5 is how much of an improvement it is over it’s, in my opinion, terrible predecessor. Variety in the world; good customisation with barbers, tattoo shops, west coast customs; the ability to buy property; good driving mechanics etc. all make a lovely return. As a result of such polish, combined with really good graphics, make GTA 5 a very immersive game, in which you can spend at least 40 hours playing through the story and interesting side activities, while never looking back.

    The second greatest thing, in my opinion about GTA 5, is that of the amount of variety, of things to do besides the main missions. From interesting side mission that involve you doing crazy stuff like chasing down ‘illegal’ (they are not actually illegal) immigrants; to tonnes of vehicle types, from cars, bikes, helicopters, planes, boats, even a submarine (though it isn’t that good). While dating has been removed, mini-games are still present like shooting gallery (my favourite), tennis (bit easy), golf, parachuting etc. help to make it so the lack of dating isn’t an issue. Furthermore the internet actually is worthwhile in GTA 5, as you can buy cars, boats and even make money on the stock market through your phone/ a laptop. All this helps to break the monotony that in my opinion has been the Achilles heel of the GTA franchise.

    The third best thing about GTA 5 is the new features, in particular the introduction of three characters, as oppose to the tried and tested one. This bold move by Rockstar, in my opinion is really well executed, as each character tells a different story. Franklin is the hard-worker criminal desperately tiring to break it in the criminal world. Michael is the depressing family man struggling to live life in retirement. And of course there is Trevor, the psychopathic killer who takes no crap from anyone and who is unpredictable. Some have criticised these characters for not being that relatable or likeable. While the latter is true at times e.g. in particularly Michael who never stops complaining. That said though, I feel it works to the games advantage that the characters aren’t relatable, as it makes their actions more impactful, as you develop a love hate relationship with them in particular Trevor. What is also good is how, for the most part, you can switch between each character at any time, and they each have their own money, guns, skills etc. All these plus points in combination with the solid cover and shoot combat system, taken from Red Dead, make GTA 5 easily one of the games of the year.

    Now we get to the story. This is perhaps where GTA 5 begins to lose some ground. Now please note I am not saying it is a bad story, in fact there are some really interesting moments, in particular the revelation of the back story between Trevor and Michael. Likewise the choices throughout the missions, in particular the heist mission, further help make the story more impactful, as it prevents you from feeling you are just killing the same genetic enemies, something which I feel plagued GTA 4. BUT, I would say that the first two endings A and B and rather poor, so I would definitely pick option C. Furthermore what makes the story mediocre for me is how by the middle part of the game you are working for the F.B.I, which for me kills the emotion because it means that the story doesn’t focus on the conflict between the characters. And unfortunately this section I feel is made way too long.

    However in my opinion the biggest issue with GTA 5 is its lack of originality. This can be seen by how a lot of the apparently new features, that aren’t in GTA 4, are taken straight from GTA San Andreas/Vice City. This includes the upgrading system, planes, the customisation mechanics, the variety of terrain, the ability to buy property and earn money of them etc. All this repeating of content makes the core components of the game feel a little too familiarly. I guess what I am trying to say here is that the game lacks originality in my opinion, and is certain silenced by its competition in Sleeping Dogs and SR4 in terms of originality. However this doesn’t ruin the game by any means as there is still hours of fun gameplay to be had. I only wish that for the next instalment of the franchise that Rockstar push the boat out a bit more.
  99. Aug 12, 2014
    This game is just awesome! It is like Read Dead Redemption in many ways, but for me it is more funny, there are so many things to do, map is so huge and so varied. All three characters are fine. Ok, I hate Trevor!
  100. Jun 13, 2014
    This is by far the best GTA game so far. Playing different characters is enjoyable. Open world, driving, missions, and all the regular demented GTA content, you gotta love it.

Universal acclaim - based on 50 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 50 out of 50
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 50
  3. Negative: 0 out of 50
  1. Nov 14, 2013
    The best way to bid farewell to the retiring consoles is to spend dozens of hours having fun in Los Santos: robbing, abusing illegal substances, breaking all laws and enjoying everything else that GTA V has to offer. And after we finish the game, we should all say loudly: ‘okay, Rockstar girls and boys, it’s high time to make a truly new GTA, not just a gigantic DLC’. [12/2013, p.36]
  2. 100
    GTA V fulfills the idea of a gaming sandbox, where you can entertain yourself in many different ways - and also experience a superbly written story of three gangsters, if you want. [Issue#234]
  3. Oct 16, 2013
    Gigantic and stupidly detailed, GTA V is everything we hoped it would be. Individual components could be a touch better, but when a game does literally everything, nobody can expect perfection across the board. That it even comes close is incredible. [Issue#236, p.62]