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  • Summary: Green Day: Rock Band allows players to step onto the stage and into the shoes of Green Day, the multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning band that jump-started the punk-pop revival and has continued to pave the way for American rock music into the 21st century. Taking on the likenesses of Green Day members Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool, players progress through the story and history of Green Day, gaining access into the band’s media vault, where they can unlock more than 100 collectible images, and more than 40 minutes of rare and unreleased video from interviews, outtakes and performances. [MTV Games] Expand
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  1. With Green Day: Rock Band, just as with The Beatles: Rock Band, Harmonix has proven themselves adept at creating a musical experience that distills down the unique strengths of a band and plays to those strengths to near perfection.
  2. A must buy for fans, but not as accessible or rich as RB: Beatles. [Aug 2010, p.92]
  3. It's Rock Band, but with Green Day songs. If you like Green Day and you like Rock Band, you're going to like Green Day: Rock Band. Go figure.
  4. 75
    The game avoids taking any necessary risks, focusing instead on presenting raucous concerts in the same carefully constructed way all of the Rock Band games have. But, honestly, both lapsed and longtime Green Day fans should enjoy this brief tour through the band's hits.
  5. The package doesn't reach the bar raised by Harmonix's first single-band outing.
  6. Green Day: Rock Band is everything you would expect: the great concept of Rock Band, combined with a soundtrack of Green Day-songs. A solid game.
  7. We can rate Green Day: Rockband with a 6 just thinking of fans' love or of those looking for an easy game to begin with the series. But we need to warn those who loved The Beatles episode that its magic and creativity is nowhere to be found in this game.

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  1. Mar 9, 2012
    Great Game. I love green day there a classic band and this game proved it. It's prbably the best rock band even better than the beatles one, I consider this one of the most classic game since the Mario PArty Series Expand