• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Sep 12, 2007
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 484 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 54 out of 484

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  1. Aug 6, 2010
    It was a good game with amazing gameplay, but it could have been better with more gameplay options. I like this game in general. if you have 5-6 hours to kill, try it out.
  2. Apr 12, 2011
    For a 2007 game this is a gem, for playing it for the first time in 2011 it lacks multiplayer and is a bit short. This game has simply GREAT cut scenes and voice acting, the list of stars in this game is amazing. The levels are beautiful and the combat great fun, with a compelling story too. Great!
  3. Oct 7, 2010
    a fun god of war looking clone that looks amazing in the graphics department . the game is about 6-7 hours long so its abit on the short side . not alot of replay value eather unless you wana 3 star all your missions for some bonus content . the combat feels epic though and there are sceanes where you will see what looks like 1000s!!! of enimys on the screen at once which reall makes you feel like you are in a epic battle. the story and voice acting is great all though abit over the top which does fit for the game. there is a decent varity of moves and combos but coulda used some new wepons and custimizable gear for nariko woulda been nice. there is some break up in the hack n slash when you play as Kia and use the cross bow which i found alot of fun . i loved the slow motion shooting and guiding your bolt into some guys head. the real problem is there is no enimy varity they all look the same for the most part with just afew higher ups . you would think they coulda added some more skins . the boss fights are great and the game is a fair challange at first time through but after that i could destroy every thing with ease . there is a hardcore mode which will amp up the challange . its a good game just not enough there to make it a great game. Expand
  4. Jun 18, 2011
    Almost perfect!

    The game is SO beautiful!

    Its an old 2007 game, but even as I played it in 2011, its still so much better than most of the games out there. Sure, there's lot of button meshing battles, but it only happens because the player hasn't spend enough time exploring and learning the huge number of moves. If one is willing to study those 100+ skills, the gameplay can be as
    rewarding as your Ninja Gaiden, God of War & Devil May Cry fighting games. But I digressed. This old game is pure Gold! Why? Because its so gorgeous. The story is original. The atmosphere, mode & music of the game is just so captivating. However, the thing that strikes me most is how unique and believable those in-game characters are. Flawlessly depicted emotions, personality and facial expressions (not to mention smooth fighting actions)! This motion-capture and facial rendering technology of Ninja Theory is ahead of its time.

    I want so much to be a part of the story.

    I'm just sad there's no Heavenly Sword 2.

    Gaming is more than you typical mindless COD shooters. We should more of this kind of "Works of Art".
  5. Apr 28, 2011
    i picked this game up as a budget buy since the psn is still down, i figured i'll give it a try. i'm in the 2nd act, and i already want to turn it off. so far the story is not all that great, the fighting is boring. over use of the sixaxis, i understand this was one of ps3's 1st games and they wanted to show off the sixaxis, but it 's really ridiculous. the graphics are okay, not great. the cutscenes are like watching a bad 70's japanese movie, lips move, and the dialogue comes when the lips stop moving. the best part about this game is that i can get my money back for it. don't get me started on having to block while in a certain stance. Expand
  6. Aug 15, 2013
    I thought it was a pretty solid game. The difficulty level was just right, there was enough variety in the levels to keep me entertained, and the story was fun. It's not the greatest game ever, but well worth playing.
  7. Aug 8, 2012
    It is pretty good game.
    Pros : Good voice acting, fun game play, stylish, impressive characters, Cons : Very short.

    The game is short, if you happen to see this game on bargain, buy it. If you can rent it, please do rent it. You will only need a few hours to finish this, but this game still deserves your attention and your money.
  8. Jun 10, 2012
    Heavenly Sword is one of the best adventure games the PS3 has to offer and shows why the PS3 is the best choice for gamers this generation. Graphically this game still stands up to new releases almost 5 years later. Combat is very addictive and the game guides you through with a suitable difficulty curve. Whilst not overly challenging, the AI is varied and tactical enough to see that you will die a few times before you reach the end. This is especially true for boss encounters, which range from the enjoyable, well-thought out fights to the not so fun to play, repetitive ones. The story in Heavenly Sword is incredible and will invoke emotions from the gamer quite a few times before the credits role. The voice acting in this game is fantastic from main characters and side characters alike, and there is a lot of humour mixed in throughout. This is a must buy for all PS3 users . Expand
  9. Nov 25, 2012
    While it certainly has its flaws, they are minor and certainly not large to discredit this as a must-have for any PS3 system.

    The story consists of a revenge plot with a strange twist: our heroine has some major issues with the people she's avenging. The story provides enough of a plot to explore Nariko's character but mostly stays out of the way of the hordes of enemies and outlandish
    bosses that you get to slaughter. Rarely does this get said about a game, but: the acting is magnificent! The cutscenes were directed by none other than Andy Serkis, noted for his portrayal of Gollum in the "Lord of the Rings" movies and Cesar in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," known as the best motion capture actor in the business. Serkis also plays the game's chief villain, the despicable King Bohan, a complex villain with heavy doses of heartlessness and insanity. Nariko is portrayed by Anna Torv (think Olivia Dunham from the TV series "Fringe"), and she does a great job of bringing us a badass heroine with some deep emotional flaws that you can't help but love. The game is told mostly in flashback, with some very bizarre monologues taking place during major breaks in the action that very few actressess could have pulled off convincingly in person, much less in motion capture. In many ways this game is like an interactive film.

    But, I know most of you out there could care less! "How does the game play?" you are pleading. Short answer: great. Nariko has many options in combat with moves that require a bit of technical ability to execute mixed in with moves you can get by smashing square over and over again. While it is possible to beat the game "button mashing," it is certainly more satisfying to take the time to learn at least a few of the combos and employ them strategically as it will make the game much easier. Nariko has three stances with the Heavenly Sword (which is what you spend most of your time wielding): speed, power, and ranged. There is no guard button since Nariko automatically blocks attacks that she is capable of blocking in her current stance. Enemies glow with a colored aura when they attack, signaling which stance you should be in to successfully block the attack. For those with good timing, there is also a counterattack option, which becomes an automatic kill when executed in a short enough frame. Defeating enemies fills up your superstyle gauge which allows for the use of level 1, 2, or 3 superstyle attacks. These devastating attacks can literally level armies! These attacks, her myriad of combos, and counterkills give Nariko a gleeful ouch factor that adds to her smooth and visually pleasing combos resulting in a character that is mesmerizing to play.

    As much as I love this game, I found myself giving it a lower score than I wanted to for a few reasons. First of all, there is some button mashing. There are some levels that require a level of knowledge of Nariko's fighting style to do well, such as when five enemies blitz you at once or some ninja chick pulls a reversal of your counterattack, but the majority of them can be mashed through if one is determined enough. The game features beautiful graphics (others have disagreed with me, they must have a poor video connection or something), but works against them in a couple of ways. First, there is no free-rotating camera. You can press the left and right triggers to force the camera to pan a limited direction one way or another, but it snaps back very quickly when released, making some camera angles difficult to deal with. The game also features quicktime sequences. While normally a good thing, the graphics are so pretty and the action so well scripted that I find myself wanting to just watch them and not press the buttons. Also, the response times are very quick, making a new player forego seeing the big sequences in lieu of watching the bottom of the screen for buttons. Lastly, the game is short. This was of course reflected in the lower pricing, but it is such a shame to come out of such a fun game craving more.

    Heavenly Sword is a must-own just to see the marriage of cinematic and videogame production techniques. However, those who start it won't be disappointed with the gameplay or effects either. The most credit, however, needs to be the fact that the game gives us Playstation fans a new and likeable console-specific action heroine.
  10. Sep 24, 2011
    this is a beutiful game in almost every aspect except for one it is so repetitive that you dont really feel like finishing the game. this game has beutiful graphics amazing voice acting a great fighting system and an enchanting story but even though the story is amazing i found it was not worth the dull and repetitive gmaeplay. basicly as you play this game a pattern starts to form start in one area fight some bad guys move to the next area fight some bad guys short mini game involving the use of the sixaxis controler then cut scene this would not be so bad if the fighting wasnt the exact same thing every single time a wave of ennemies attacks you defeat them and move on to the next wave of ennemies. you dont feel a sense of accomplishment more like dread i constantly thought ok i killed them now to kill the exact same people over again in about 5 seconds. everything about this game is beutifly done but if the parts that im actually playing arent interesting then what is the point of playing in my opinion skip over this game Expand
  11. Nov 17, 2011
    Cripes! R.S.I. anyone? I can't stand button punching games and I know if you hit square, square, triangle, square or any other combination using any of the other buttons in conjunction with each other at certain times or intervals you will get a pretty cool fighting move BUT that gets boring after a while. This game looks lovely, the cut scenes are probably the best I have ever seen in a game (actual facial expressions!) and the voice acting is superb but the game-play is a yawn-fest. And if you haven't got game-play - you've got nothing. If you love games such as God of War and (the dire) Darksiders, you will probably love this. But style over substance does nothing for me. Sorry Nariko - you look beautiful but that just isn't enough. Expand
  12. Dec 17, 2013
    This game is perfection. The story is told in such a cinematic way, the animation, graphics and acting is simply amazing and the best I've seen in just about any game except maybe Quantic Dreams games. This game is strictly for entertainment though and that's what it delivers. The action is similar to God of War but even more fluidly. There are no puzzles, which is a good thing, but there are other ways in terms of variety. Sometimes you have to shoot a canonball or shoot an arrow and you control the arrow with the sixaxis. It works pretty well but not perfectly. The game is too short but you get a hell of a ride. Expand
  13. May 16, 2013
    the characters in this game are very vivid till this day... amazing performance...

    the combat system is also nice but i agree with all the naysayers about framerate issues and the motion stuff...

    i still recommend it the story and the characters are very original and the game should be 5 dolar max atm.
  14. Sep 4, 2012
    Ok game, it's pretty crappy! Boring controls, it's your average hack n' slash. Nothing new, amazing landscapes and graphics but that's about it. The combat system gets boring within the first ten minutes and very minor combos you can perform. Characters are fun, yet very stereotypical.
  15. Oct 8, 2012
    This game is beautifully designed. Beautiful landscapes, remarkable fortresses, epic battles. But the problem here are the quicktime events. The game doesn't respond to it. First time it doesn't respond, the boss automatically gains life becoming stronger. Avoid the game
  16. Mar 24, 2013
    I gave this game a solid 7 because, it has less pro's than con's.
    The only parts of the game that I managed to enjoy were the boss fights and some of the twing twang challenges.
    It's buggy, the controls are a mess, terrible voice acting (especially the main character) and it's really really small.
    Like 8 hours of gameplay if you go at a normal pace. 6 if you're in a hurry.
    The inflated
    score is because it was one of the first games that release on the PS3 and people were impressed at the time.
    Although a sequel to this game would be interesting.
    This game as a lot of raw potential.
  17. Jan 15, 2013
    This game should have sold better than it did. Ninja theory need to be commended for creating one of the best PS3 games ever made. The story is clearly leaps and bounds ahead of something like Shakesphere.
  18. Apr 21, 2013
    Wow, quite impressive. Heavenly's main character ends up being the least intersting entity in her own game. That particular effort to produce a strong female character goes straight to hell when the game starts up... and she's DYING! Dying because of a lame Soul Edge clone, no less. She's mean-spirited, downright annoying whenever she speaks, and she controls like a mother! thanks to the clumsy fighting mechanics. You want her to die! A lot! Points to Serkis' King Bohan for stealing every scene, not that he had any competition... Expand
  19. Aug 20, 2013
    this is a nice piece of work from the beginning to the end amazing and addictive game play the plot was great as well and the graphics are amazing.
  20. Jul 17, 2014
    Horribly dated and downright unplayable. It had a little bit of potential but it's another case of a rushed launched title and God of War clone. 1/10
  21. Sep 14, 2014
    Not a bad game but also not the flawless masterpiece. On the positive side: The fighting system fells refreshing and the characters and voice acting are pretty good. The graphic and soundtrack are fine and create a fitting experience. The story is O.K. and the villain is very enjoyable. On the bad side: The game is relative short, the controls are not perfect (not broken more unfitting for me) and sometimes the game fells repetitive. Overall it is an enjoyable but short experience. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 64 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 47 out of 64
  2. Negative: 0 out of 64
  1. What MotorStorm has become to racing and Odin Sphere to action role-playing, Heavenly Sword is now to 3D action: Perfection. [Sept 2007, p.17]
  2. 90
    So, while it doesn't eclipse the greatness of the original title that inspired it, Heavenly Sword is still a fun, engaging, and most importantly, exclusive PS3 title that Sony fanboys can brag to 360 fanboys about.
  3. 70
    Heavenly Sword's presentation is stellar and nicely ties the action sequences together, but we just wish that the same amount of care that went into these cutscenes were applied to the game's pacing.