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  2. Negative: 3 out of 9

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  1. Oct 31, 2011
    I don't feel Hellboy derserved the low ratings it received. Hellboy is a Teen rated Hack and Slash game based on comic book hero. What should we expect? Being a hack and slash game I think the first thing one should expect is this is going to be a game based on one to three buttons with very little challenge. The next thing, being both hack and slash in design and Teen rated one should guess that this is going to be a short game and probably pretty easy to complete. The other thing we should think about is that this game was intended as a cross marketed product for Hellboy fans, not so much a videop game for every Tom, Dick and Harry. It was intended as an introductory video game product Hellboy fans who casually may decide to pick up another Hellboy product. When you factor all this is then Hellboy did a fantastic job. It should not be evaluated as a Call of Duty replacement for everyone out there gaming. It just isn't what this game is about. I both enjoyed and dreaded this game at the same time. It was way too simple for me but technically it was pretty solid and was virtually flawless in matching its design. I would like to say that the Hellboy character shines though in this game and I like this best. The other thing i liked was that this game resembled Gauntlet Legends and Medievil, both which were top notch games in their day.. For this reason I'm not going to bash this game I'm going to stick up for it. I'm not going to recommend it but it is a great game for the right crowd so just make sure you as the player are suitable to the game before you try it. Its an easy hack and slash that is done quite well. Critic ratings below 50 suggest this game is terribly broken but it is not. It just isn't complex and was not given fair judgment for what it really is, an introductory game. Expand

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 23
  2. Negative: 13 out of 23
  1. 80
    It's a solid and enjoyable title with enough action and plot to keep you interested over the long haul. [July 2008, p.77]
  2. That its online component is limited to a linear and moderately laggy co-op mode - and therefore feels even more ponderous than the single-player game - does little to spirit this comic book tie-in from gaming purgatory. [July 2008, p.80]
  3. Even as the story and gameplay falter, it's hard to argue with the joy of smashing open walls and hunting down demonic threats. [July 2008, p.84]