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  2. Negative: 5 out of 34
  1. Heroes over Europe is a thrilling and uncomplicated arcade flight simulation that takes you to the happenings of WWII. Unfortunately the graphics are kind of dowdy, but fans and amateurs will still have a lot of fun.
  2. Heroes over Europe is an entertaining title between action and authenticity.
  3. If you are a simulation fan, then Heroes Over Europe is definitely not for you. However, if just like to have fun with a decent action game, you will be happily surprised as the use of bullet time and the breathtaking challenges hundreds of meters in height will be almost worth the while.
  4. 80
    Heroes Over Europe--sequel to Heroes Over the Pacific--offers armchair aces yet another reason to climb back into the cockpit, provided you already have a love for the genre. [Sept 2009, p.84]
  5. Good graphics and entertaining missions but somewhat short.
  6. As an arcade blaster it does a reasonable job, but repetition ensures that even the ridiculous-but-fun Ace Kills get old quickly.
  7. Where Il-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey brings something fresh to the table in a crowded genre of WWII-flying games, in no small thanks to its realism, Heroes over Europe doesn't. Adding the Ace Kill doesn't change anything about the blandness of this title. Heroes over Europe needs a change fast before people stop caring.
  8. Heroes Over Europe is a capable flight production that is high on fun factor but a little low on flash and lasting appeal.
  9. 75
    For those not fussed with the simulation scene, or want a good compromise between action and authenticity, this is your bill. It's not going to set the world on fire, win wars or change the genre – but it's fun, popcorn escapism.
  10. Multiplayer modes are limited, though the dogfights and team battles for up to 16 players are still quite fun. It's satisfying taking down an enemy plane when you know there's a human cursing you out from his burning cockpit on the other end.
  11. 72
    If you love intense, hectic dogfights, you will not be disappointed by Heroes over Europe. The authenticity of the planes is rendered beautifully, but this is marked contrast with the appalling ground detail. Take the difficult controls into consideration, since they will not sit well with everyone.
  12. 70
    The humorous dialogue and quirky cut scenes are enough to keep you entertained, but the steep learning curve and frustrating checkpoints will kill the arcade vibe.
  13. Heroes Over Europe is a nice air combat action game a la Ace Combat set mostly during the World War II, where you can control the Allies airplan across a variety of well known WWII battlefields in the skies over Europe.
  14. Heroes Over Europe could have been so much more... The arcade approach to its gameplay has huge potential, but this very approach ends up affecting its structure with far too many unrealistic outcomes shaking your wings as you fly and fight in the crimsom Ubisoft skies.
  15. 63
    Heroes Over Europe has become a decent flight game. But you should consider Il-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, if you’re looking for more serious simulation flight action.
  16. 63
    Heroes over Europe is an arcade flight game. It takes you to the critical fights from World War II. The complete package isn’t great. We have seen the gameplay before, the graphics are poor. Only the audio is pretty good.
  17. 60
    For all it offers in terms of forgiving controls, it lacks in diversity of handling across the available plane models, making the tedium of its mission goals and awkwardness of its special attack features all the more pronounced.
  18. An incredibly lackluster game.
  19. Heroes Over Europe offers some enjoyable arcade dogfighting, but it lacks the depth and excitement needed to keep you coming back for more.
  20. Heroes Over Europe is a stripped down game and will be fairly forgotten with all the great games coming out this fall. Only the die-hard WWII and airplane fans will find this a great game to fly with the Spitfire or the Messerschmitt. The rest of the world will find this game very disappointing and probably won’t be interested. The missions are mostly the same and aren’t very exiting. The Ace Kills can be taken out of the game, and the game is not very pretty.
  21. 40
    If I haven't already made it blisteringly clear, I'd advise avoiding Heroes over Europe.
  22. It's a fun arcade experience, and really easy to pick up and play, but the fact that the mundane objectives will start to bore you after a couple hours makes this one hard to suggest.
  23. If Transmission Games had put a little bit more effort into the title and taken it out of WWII and into a world of their own design, they could have been more creative with the story, style, weapons, and gameplay.
  24. Unimpressive graphics and animation make this an experience that is better than average, but really not much more than that. [Nov 2009, p.71]
  25. Its action isn't really very good. [Nov 2009, p.124]
  26. The overall tactile quality is of a PS2 title that has migrated to a more powerful system and finds itself surrounded by far tougher birds. [Dec 2009, p.126]
  27. With Logitech's new flight sticks coming out and the fast and furious pace that the game goes, the next version of it could be an even sweeter flight to take-off with. Until then, try before you buy.
  28. A decent game, released at completely the wrong time. [Nov 2009, p.92]
  29. Strange missteps abound in Heroes Over Europe, but glimmers of fun WWII arcade flight shooting shine through from time to time. [Oct 2009, p.90]
  30. Heroes over Europe is an enjoyable and entertaining title during the first hours, but in the long run it becomes increasingly repetitive and limited in its gameplay experience.
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  1. AnonymousMC
    Sep 23, 2009
    in this game you have about three things to keep in mind. 1: you're going to get distracted by how BEAUTIFUL everything is. 2:in this game you have about three things to keep in mind. 1: you're going to get distracted by how BEAUTIFUL everything is. 2: you're going to get pissed off because the game is HARD and you're going to see dudes flying in and out of your screen, like in real life, and you can't just press some magical button and make it all OK. and 3: the better you get, the better the game gets. all in all, it's a bad ass experience and i highly recommend it to anyone who is into flight sims and even people who have never touched one. Full Review »
  2. ReddB
    Sep 22, 2009
    Do not pass this up. If you do, you
  3. LoniM
    Sep 21, 2009
    Beyond all of the pretty glitter presented in this game is a deeper experience. Sure, the action can be brutal and almost savage (WWII air Beyond all of the pretty glitter presented in this game is a deeper experience. Sure, the action can be brutal and almost savage (WWII air combat is a much more up close and personal, and more visceral experience than locking onto a target that is 2 miles away like modern air combat). But you can also make great use of cloud cover, enemy contrails, even the position of the sun, for some deeper strategizing and surprise attacks. The dive bombing is cool, I Full Review »