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  1. Nov 21, 2012
    A hitman game where you spend 80% of the time not assassinating people, and 15% of the time watching the people you're supposed to assassinate get killed in cutscenes. Nice linear piece of crap. The creativity aspect of other hitman games is mostly gone. Contracts mode is the only redeeming factor. It's interesting that the best part of the game is the part with no story and just killing.
  2. Nov 27, 2012
    If you are a CoD fan then you should give this game a try - because it is designed for you. The game will hold your hands through from the beginning to the end and it is designed for a literally dumb audience. With the press of a button you can use wallhack and see where all the gaurds are about to go, and you instantly have hints within the corridoor shooter levels where literally everything is scripted. If you expect a true Hitman title then you will most likely be dissapointed, though. Absolution shines in graphics, improved stealth system, animations, lightning sound, and a few other features. But it falls short in many other areas and it literally throws much of what makes a hitman game a hitman game - out of the window - while it embrace and directly copy and paste features and even partly formulas from batman AA, splinter cell conviction, and even Red Dead Redemption with its 'draw gun' minigame and other games. The storyline is uninteresting, uninspired, contains a lot of childish and rather idiotic characters telling a lot of cliché lines. (exmple: Dexter Blake, the great villian, had a masterplan to sell genetically superior kid assasins for 10m bucks each.) The levels in the game is often very small and streamlined and you often have to sneak in pre-defined, corridoor-like paths. Weapon, dumpsters, gaurds, cover - all of it is place at convinient places. More focus on stealth and kills, and almost no focus on strategy and creativity. The type of gameplay has more in common with Splinter Cell Conviction than Hitman. Disguise system is broken. Gaurds can see through walls at times. Your cover gets blown all the time because everyone - and I mean everyone - for some reason raises suspicion against you. You can't choose what type of equipment and weapons you want to use. You can't pick locks anymore. You can't look through keyholes. You can't open or close doors. You can't save the game manually. Sniper rifles and other weapons are magically drawn out from thin air. Weapons and dumpsters are placed at very obvious places. Gameplay is extremely linear and offers almost no challange. In terms of innovation this game does not impress me. They've copied and pasted features from other games, such as xrayvision (Batman Arkham Asylum), draw-grun function (RDR) and many aspects from Splinter Cell. They abandone the unique hitman formula and made it to another generic game. This game shines in the visuals, but lacks in many other ways, and its pathetic to see how much it lacks in innovation compared to previous titles. Expand
  3. Nov 21, 2012
    This game is an awful liner point to point piece of crap. All the things I liked about previous Hitman games have been removed. There is no longer a map that shows details about levels allowing you to plan and execute badass hits. No, you get **** quick time events and cut-scenes. Disguises are totally useless and instincts is stupid baby **** I really hate this game and I'm upset that I lost 60 bucks. Blood Money was amazing! This is very restrictive and it's too story driven, I don't even care about all that crap! I just want to strangle people not press X to win!!!!! Expand
  4. Nov 22, 2012
    Don't be fooled by shiny graphics of Hitman: Abomination (or Assassin's Conviction: Saboteur & Lynch - Retardation), there is nothing good besides graphics. Gameplay is totally broken & dumbed down, its not even hitman anymore, everything we loved it for was removed, only some barely working rudiments was left. It is yet another Conviction, but worse, everything you hated in Conviction, Saboteur, Assassin's Creed and Kane & Lynch in terms of Stealth and gunplay is here, concentrated in extreme doses that may kill you. Also lensflare madness, started by Kane & Lynch 2 and continued by Syndicate is here, head of 47 shines like supernova explosion to blind you from truth - THIS GAME IS UTTER TRASH. It not just abandoned old Hitman gameplay, its simply broken everywhere and doesnt work, and its so primitive and generic. Let me list you few of many game design flaws: 1) Saves doesnt work, once you restart checkpoints every NPC & object will be respawned, your stats would be reset to state of beginning of level, so you better to restart level completely and dont die or exit until you finish it. 2) Disguise doesnt work, its connected to stupid INSTINCT MANA that could be gained by killing and hiding bodies, or not gained at all on professional modes. Without using instinct, which magically removes suspicion, your cover will be blown in 5-10 second from 30 meters. So you are forced to use instinct in any mode, but cant on pro modes, and without instinct there you would not be even able to blend into area. It only barely working on easiest mode. 3) Pro modes and especially PURIST - broken and rushed addition, game was not designed with these modes in mind, these modes not balanced at all, they simply locking features for retards, without even thinking that game designed that way so it cant be played without INSTINCT, and without thinking to compensate somehow lack of these features. It cant be played on PRO mode if you want to use disguise, blown covers makes game really frustrating, and pushing you to reastart, which will lead you to flaw 1 - broken saves. On pro mode you will have only option to use covers Conviction style. 4) 80% of game is linear stealth cover shooter, only about 20% of levels reminds old Hitman games sandbox, but they all made using generic objects and repetitive pattern, lacking about 80% features you had in previous game, so its simply boring, primitive and most likely you will screw up trying to go Silent Assassin way. 5) AI is deaf and blind, totally dumb, glitching a lot. They dont see and dont hear anything except for you in disguise or killing. 6) You cant select inventory for levels and only limited to very few objects you can find on level. Most of unlocks and tools useless and can be only used in contracts mode. 7) Due of nature of stupid prerendered cut-scenes, where 47 appears only in his suit or any pre-defined suit, once cut-scene over you will loose your disguise and default suit will magically appear on you, same happens with guns, you enter the room dressed one way, but after cut scene you dressed another way. Really stupid, even cheapest games from 90th era never had such a flaw, Hitman 1 was better than this. 8) Scoring makes no sense, its not what it used to be in previous game. You are encouraged to do not stealthy things and some stealthy things not awarded at all, other non stealthy things not punished. 9) Level design is very bad, it may look good it terms of art, but its really bad in terms of gameplay logic. Every possible guard have always dumpster nearby to hide their bodies, how handy... for retards, very few, like 3-5 objects that allows you kill somehow are available per level, generic dumpsters, fuseboxes, pits, balconies, there is no unique content that we saw in Blood Money or previous Hitman games, every gameplay object is just a copy-pasted repetitive trash. 10) Whole instinct gameplay is retarded and must be removed from game, but instead it was not even removed from purist mode. 11) UI is huge, ugly and was designed by captain obvious, why in the world you need to have giant icon of equipped weapon or disguise if you can just look at hitman's and see his weapon and suit? 12) You cant peek through keyholes (surely, u now have magic wallhack cheat to replace that) 13) You cant even close doors, they only closed automatically 14) Worst thing - most of your assassination targets are killed in FREAKING CUTSCENES, or not, actually most of time you will see cutscene where BEST KILLER IN THE WORLD, FAILING TO KILL HIS TARGET 15) Story may look like good one, but in fact its typical set of hollywood cliches and yet another plagiarism, this time they ripped off LEON THE KILLER movie. 16) Realism was lost completely, no briefcase, weapons spawns of Hitman ass, ammo picked up by legs. There are more issues, i cant compact them in 5000 chars limit. This game is near 5 of 10, but since it called Hitman, and since its not Himan at all, only 0 of 10. Expand
  5. Nov 24, 2012
    Hitman Absolution is a big disappointment, they had so many years to make this game and improve it, so that it would surpass it's predecessors. Hitman Absolution is to me, the worst Hitman game ever made. The storyline is bad, the game is way to short and the gameplay is awful. In the Hitman games you are an assassin taking care of contracts, in Absolution are are a runaway from the law playing a babysitter for a girl named Victoria. I thought they would have gone beyond their predecessors after so many years but they haven't. The game also forces you to blow your cover from time to time and engage enemies and it is unsatisfying eliminating enemies in this game. When you shoot them the bullets does not leave any bullet holes only some red marks on their bodies. Also, when you shoot them they fall to the ground like marionette dolls that has recently gotten their strings cut off. The game doesn't even offer you the luxury to close a door. Expand
  6. Nov 26, 2012
    Well, this fell flat on it's heavy butt. Hitman is supposed to be about assassination, stealth and it should require a bit of brains to play it. I found it much more tempting, and easier to just gun everyone down. It's a beautiful game, but the story is beyond awful. It lacks direction and completely lacks any re-play value. I owned my copy for 12 hrs. That says a lot.
  7. Nov 30, 2012
    Hitman: Absolution is not by any means a bad game, but you have to compare it to earlier games in the series, and when compared to Blood Money, it's just a game that doesn't cut it. Gone are the smart ways to conceal or smuggle weapons into areas with guards or metal detectors, gone is the freedom of exploration one would have with different disguises (but even then there where restricted areas), gone are the customization and load out options before each mission, gone are the biggest sandbox levels with tons of exploration and accident options, gone is the map function (hello instinct), gone is the Hitman we knew and now we have a new Splinter Cellish game. Collapse
  8. Nov 21, 2012
    It is beautiful to look at...but that is where it's beauty ends. A travesty of a game that is just a mash up of every other quick time event,stealth game out there. Might as well have called it Splinter 47: Assassins Conviction.

    IO have seemingly thrown away everything that made the Hitman franchise so wonderfully unique. Terrible
  9. Nov 24, 2012
    I've been an Hitman fan forever an I agree with what a lot of you are saying ur it's still a fun game but shouldn't be named HITMAN, but they missed the mark by far on being a great Hitman game...One thing that bothers me is why even change disguises they notice you just as quick if your a dressed to blend in or if your still in your suit unless your a cook but the list could go on an some have already made those points...You should be able to choose your weapons as a real Hitman as well, I miss that safe house. The game is entertaining if we're named somthing else but I am very disappointed in it, I looked foward to it for a long time, make a patch or an upgrade or a new Hitman to fix this please !!! Jus look at Blood Money an learn, do what you gotta do an fix this ...Did Square Enix even have any Hitman fans workin on this because it's like you didn't have a clue of the old Hitman games or how they were made an what made the games great, all the details that made them the best game ever you've takin out of Absolution??? Expand
  10. Nov 24, 2012
    This hitman sucks, blood and money was and is my favorite game ever, but this!? wtf is this **** so **** small place, not fun and all almost no freeroam and game makes everything for you.. you can see everything with ur instincs and cant explore the place at all.... this game even has no weapon upgrades, u cant choose a weapon... AND IT EVEN DOSENT HAVE CONTRACTS... this game sux so bad. Only why it is good, it has funny mission with hippies and awsome graphics. Expand
  11. Dec 7, 2012
    I liked Hitman Blood Money so much i bought it twice, once on Playstation 2, then again on Xbox 360, still play it today. I bought Hitman Absolution on day of release and traded it in already it was that bad. All they needed to do was take Hitman Blood Money and improve the AI. Instead they took all the fun of Hitman out. Last game i ever buy from IO
  12. Nov 30, 2012
    So disappointed in this game. Markets itself as a stealth game with so many ways to deal with your enemies, but it is extremely linear and lends itself more to shooting to have fun with it. The disguise component doesn't work. When you take a disguise, you never are hidden. Also, any enemy you deal with, there always is a dumpster nearby to dispose of them; nothing creative here. I am half way through this game and patience and stealth are punitive, and tedious. So now I am just blasting my way through, trying to finish this to turn in and get a good price for an exchange for Far Cry 3. Major problem is the way they marketed this game. If they wanted a stealth game, give the player the chance to be disguised. But my best advice is to realize this is just another linear shooting game for most players. There's pretty much one way to get through each level and there's nothing innovative here. The game looks nice and the best part about it is shooting people, which it doesn't want you to do. Wish I wouldn't have paid full price for this. Love third-person games and had high hopes for this, but wasn't worth the full price. Just another linear experience. Expand
  13. Dec 8, 2012
    This is NOT a Hitman game. The levels are small an not really sand box ,the AI is bad, the story is bad, 95% of it is just BAD!!! You spend most of your time making your way from door to door avoiding people down narrow path ways to trigger the story.
  14. Dec 31, 2012
    Could have been great, isn't. The game on the joke is pretty good but the little frustrations at the beginning become major by the end. Disguises, pointless, They see you anyway. Stealth, pointless, more fun to shoot them. Missions, not very engaging, you really don't have to think too hard. The worst part is it's too easy. I got the platinum trophy in no time. Once you've done a few contracts tbh they become a little bit on the same side. I loved Blood Money and couldn't wait for this. But this is everything that game isn't. Not a lot of replay value as a lot of the missions are linear to say the least. Blood Money levels had days of replay because of the ridiculous amount of ways you could kill people. All in all, could have been brilliant. Just misses by putting in a main mission so linear it's like playing Final Fantasy 13 all over again. Expand
  15. Dec 15, 2012
    This game absolutely sucks. Everything that was good about hitman has been removed. A waste of money. COD kiddies will love this game, serious gamers will hate it.
  16. Jan 11, 2013
    This product is a piece of crap, if you don't believe me just click on

    IT'S UNPLAYABLE!!...I'll never buy again something from Eidos or Square Enix.
  17. Mar 16, 2013
    This game got stupiest AI i ever seen in modern games. Even trash COD got more intelligent targets to kill Story bored. Plz don't buy this trash.
  18. Jul 22, 2013
    I'm not the only one who has had this problem; the game can randomly crash and delete all of your save files, and Eidos have not bothered to patch it. It happened twice to me and I've given up. Don't waste your money.
  19. Apr 15, 2013
    Simply the worst Hitman in the series, it's not even really a Hitman game. All the fun of Hitman, the big open sandbox levels that encourage exploration are gone, weapon select at the start of each level is gone, the cool music from Jesper Kyd is gone. Hitman games were always game play over story, Absolution is story over game play (it's not even a good story). Most of it encourages sneaking about without being seen trying to make it from one door to the next, it's just no fun and nothing like a Hitman game. Expand
  20. Jan 15, 2014
    A shame to the spirit of the series. Hitman Absolution betrayed everything. You do not longer try to kill a specific target, you are forced to run away from police in corridors and have no freedom. Storyline went wrong too, and has become too "americanized" in the wrong way.
  21. Mar 14, 2013
    I made an account just to let people know to avoid this, or atleast only rent it. This is basically just Kane & Lynch 3 with lousy stealth system.
    This game doesn't succeed in anything, not as a shooter nor as a stealth game, and it certainly does not succeed as a mix of both. Broken, below average & very forgettable game.
    You dont have missions, you just go through rather linear and
    boring story which you can complete in one evening.
    People have to be pretty braindead to give this better reviews than they did for Kane & Lynch.
    Horrible all around.
  22. Apr 15, 2013
    A poor addition to the Hitman franchise. Hitman was a series that didn't need changing, it was as if IO Interactive have never heard of the old saying "If it's not broke don't fix it" Everything that made Hitman so great and unique has been removed and replaced with material copied from other gaming franchises. As a result Hitman Absolution is very similar to Splintercell Conviction rather than a Hitman game. The big open sandbox levels have been replaced with heavily scripted linear levels so it can tell a story. Previous Hitmans were all about gameplay, Absolution is more about a story. The story was like it was written by Steve Stiffler from the American Pie films, very childish sick gross out trying to be edgy but fails. In my opinion games should always be about gameplay, if i want a story i'll watch a DVD or go to the cinema. The less i say about the broken AI the better. Expand
  23. Apr 15, 2013
    I'm still playing Hitman Blood Money 7yrs on, every level is such a joy to replay through again and again. Unfortunately the same can't be said about Hitman Absolution. It's not like a Hitman game and the levels are very linear story driven trash that aren't even worth a second play through. AVOID this game, rent it or buy it second hand, don't waste your money. Hitman Blood Money is a masterpiece, Absolution is a total disaster that has killed a once great franchise. Expand
  24. Aug 6, 2013
    After playing the Hitman HD Collection i have to say that this game is a major step down in almost every way. It looks much prettier, but the levels are far far smaller than previous games, this one is much more about the story than it is about the gameplay. I loved how previous Hitmans allowed you to select your weapons before dropping you off in a huge sandbox of fun that allowed you to explore and do as you wish. With Hitman Absolution the story forces you down narrow paths and small linear levels full of cutsences, hell even some of the hits turn into cutscenes which takes away the point and a huge part of the fun. I don't want a cutscene to take over and kill a target for me i want to do it myself. Not being able to select your own weapons before each level also takes a lot of the fun away. After play Hitman Contracts and Hitman Blood Money i was super excited for Hitman Absolution, but sadly it just didn't feel anything like a Hitman game. Expand
  25. Aug 10, 2013
    As a Hitman fan it was literally painful to play through this game. I followed the buildup of this game from the very start. As soon as IO Interactive muttered the words "Agent 47 is now on the run" something inside me said that Absolution was going to be bad. It turns out my inner feeling wasn't wrong. It's not that it's a 'bad' game, it's an 'ok-ish' Splintercell Conviction clone with some bugs and stupid broken A.I. But as a Hitman game it is very bad, the worst in the series in fact. They have taken everything that made Hitman so fun and special, threw it in the bin, then replaced it with a linear story driven action game. Playing through it was like watching a terrible B Movie, it was so bad i just had to keep watching/playing through. Expand
  26. Apr 26, 2014
    Disappointing, just disappointing. when i first played absolution i was too overcome with
    "newgame-syndrome" to realise the issues with this game. for one its short, very short. although it may have the average amount of levels in a hitman game, the actual levels themselves were too short and easy. it gives less choice in how you carry out your hit than ever, and for a stealth game it
    sure is easier to run in with a shotgun and shoot the place up (thats not a good thing, you're practically bullet proof. i've taken to going around with a screwdriver and gore-ing everyone in my path), also there is no consequence for massacring everyone as once your done in one area, you may open a door to the next section of the level and it is like nothing happened. the AI's are pretty dumb as it is, but im pretty sure they should hear a shotgun going of in the other room. Now i know that this next thing is probably me moaning but when i read "make your own contracts" i thought it would be like far cry 3 create a map mode, not replay the same mission over and over again just lodge a bullet in someone else's head this time around........mode. now on the con side the graphics are good, and hitting the unsuspecting goon in the head with a wrench never gets old, and the mission "end of the road" is a blast. along side that are dual-wielding any pistols, knife (or screwdriver) throwing, the new cover system and taking hostages.

    all in all, despite the cons listed above, Absolution is a buggy, disappointingly short and easy, needlessly cursey mess with a uncaptivating and kinda stupid story ( i mean HIT-NUNS for god sake) and although the online portion of the game is new and fun, it quickly gets old.
  27. Nov 30, 2012
    Hitman: Absolution is not by any means a bad game, but you have to compare it to earlier games in the series, and when compared to Blood Money, it's just a game that doesn't cut it. Gone are the smart ways to conceal or smuggle weapons into areas with guards or metal detectors, gone is the freedom of exploration one would have with different disguises (but even then there where restricted areas), gone are the customization and load out options before each mission, gone are the biggest sandbox levels with tons of exploration and accident options, gone is the map function (hello instinct), gone is the Hitman we knew and now we have a new Splinter Cellish game. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 30
  2. Negative: 1 out of 30
  1. Jan 24, 2013
    Hitman: Absolution proves to be another notable entry in the series. It may house a ho-hum plot, and you'll hate just about every character you come across, but the open nature of the approach is good enough that you'll overlook those blemishes.
  2. Dec 16, 2012
    When playing to its strengths, Hitman: Absolution is a genuinely great game. Overall, though, it feels slightly disappointing, simply because it doesn't spend enough time playing to those strengths.
  3. Dec 6, 2012
    It's easy to recommend Hitman Absolution, a game that provides chills and emotion although lacks the charisma and polish that you expect from this kind of production.