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  1. Mar 19, 2011
    I have to completely agree with the negative reviews submitted here, so much that i subscribed to metacritic in the hope to warn other gamers of this atrocity. Firstly, Single player campaign, to put bluntly, GASH, too short, poor graphics, dialogue, lack of originality, empty, cliche ridden characters, just poorly designed really. It's glitch ridden, full of invisible walls, and at times i've had to reboot my ps3 because my character freezes in one fixed position and i'm unable to shoot or run, if i look around there is nothing obstructing me, i'm just locked. Oh, and the game has frozen on 3 separate occasions too. Online i was hoping for more, but again it's a mess. Having on countless occasions emptied entire magazines into enemy opposition, only for them to turn round and kill me with ONE SHOT, i have no other course of action other than to trade in this piece of **** Again online i have experienced being unable to move, thus being gunned down whilst i'm wide open, getting killed by, er ........... NOBODY!, literally, respawn in a building, walk a few feet then crumple in a bloody mess, no killcam, no, YOU WERE KILLED BY MR SO AND SO, just dead. What the **** up with that? So please, save your money, buy something else, KZ3, Black Ops, whatever, just not this, people knock COD, yes it has flaws, few don't, but compared to this steaming pile of ****e it's a **** masterpiece. Expand
  2. Mar 16, 2011
    i didnt really enjoy this game the campaign is too short for my liking and the graphics arent the best but that would be forgivable if the online play was any good. i was looking forward to another shooter game that could rival CoD and Bad co but this is not going to be the game that changes how ppl feel about CoD and i hate to say it but stick to CoD and maybe just give this game a rental try
  3. Mar 16, 2011
    When you cannot open ANY door in the game by yourself. When you don't care about characters or storyline even in the most dramatic moments...well, that game have some issues
  4. Mar 16, 2011
    First impression: great concept, poor execution. Diving in, the first thing I notice is that the dialog is cheesy and the story progression is predictable- somewhere between the movie 2012 and a late night infomercial. If you like either, you might not mind. The plot has all the basics: a hot chick, a tough guy, and certain promise of driving a vehicle, flying some kind of aerial combat mission, and a sniper level... then of course, the predictable story hook: getting you angry and in search of revenge, and feeding you some immediate action... But overall the game falls short of carving a new niche for a FPS. As far as the gameplay mechanics- Maybe I'm de-sensitized from some exciting recent shooters which offer unique tools like cover and team tactics... But in playing the first few levels, it feels like the game has gone back a few years in gameplay development, borrowing from games like Half Life or Rainbow 6... but overall it feels like some OG Doom game or something similar. Nothing comparable to Modern Warfare 2 or Medal of Honor (though I'm sure each have their critics too). Overall it feels like "just another shooter" with a cheesy, predictable story, B-side dialog script and acting, and poor gameplay mechanics. I guess THQ thinks we will be satisfied by giving us a new setting and decent graphics to shoot in to tie us over until the next shooter comes out... they got my $50 that I wish I didn't spend, so I guess I'll play it until the next game comes out. But I won't be waiting on pins and needles for the next offering from THQ. This one's a dud. Expand
  5. Mar 16, 2011
    Stop encouraging them. Buying games like this just encourages them to keep doing it. It is a popular scheme nowadays to just copy another game entirely, hype like no other, add a pre-order bonus, and rake in the launch day money.

    They will NOT patch, they will act like the game doesn't even exist.
  6. Mar 15, 2011
    Single played is only 5-7 hours, and horribly designed.
    And I don't want to play with some smirmy **** called "Multi-Players."
    Games with good multi-players (TF2, GMOD, Assasins Creed : Brotherhood, ECT ECT) At least have decent single-Player.
    Don't buy this ****
    If you can stand the **** called "Multi-Players" And can stand a terrible, short, and awkward campaig- Infact this isn't for you
    even if you can, Because you're **** insane! Expand
  7. Mar 17, 2011
    Concept: 10
    Graphics: 2
    Verdict: 3.5
    Absolutely one of the worst games I've ever played. I think it's almost as bad as ET for the Atari 2600.
  8. Mar 15, 2011
    Great, bold storyline. Eventhough the campign is short, I think it's just the right duration since multiplayer compensate the lifespan of the game. Hope THQ makes a sequel for it. Keep it coming!
  9. Mar 16, 2011
    First time to deal with online passes - very angry. Just another way to sap more $$$$ out of the end user. So, everyone in my house has to pony up another $10 ???!!?!. Forget it! Last THQ title I'll be buying!
  10. Mar 16, 2011
    This game is absolute ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not the kind of person that ever cares about rating things and what not but i pre-ordered this **** and waited for a new shooter with an awesome story and what did I get...the worst game I have ever played thats what! I created this account on here just to complain about this game because I'm so pissed at how much hype they put out there and rendered preview videos that make it look better than it really is. The graphics are HORRIBLE! The physics are HORRIBLE! The guns are HORRIBLE! The sounds are HORRIBLE! The dialog is HORRIBLE! I could go on all ******* day! **** you THQ and KAOS! I'm not the only one that feels this way too. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU"RE STOCK DROPPED SO MUCH THQ? ******* IDIOTS! Expand
  11. Mar 15, 2011
    Homefront is a fine game if you give it a chance. The graphics and sound,( voice acting in particular) are poor compared to bombs like BFBC2 or KZ3, and the capaign is shockingly short. I find the excellent multiplayer makes up for this though - once the controls sink in and you begin to adapt to the shoddy graphics there is a lot of fun to be had here. And no, its nothing like COD. Comparing games like BFBC2 and Homefront to COD is akin to comparing Gran Tourismo to Ridge Racer...HF is a squad based game, if you run around by yourself like a headless chicken hunting for kills you will be dead continuosly. Over HF does a great job in recreating large scale battles in a (somewhat) fresh environment, 32 players on a map is something we dont see too much of on console, vehicular combat, drones etc are easy to control and offer a satisfying experience regardless of skill level. Expand
  12. Mar 15, 2011
    The single player is a bit short, but that is not what I purchased the game for. I got it for the multiplayer experience and must say I am quite pleased with it. Looking forward to many hours of fun to come!
  13. Mar 18, 2011
    Rogue Mar 18, 20110 Let me begin by saying I was a big fan of Frontlines Fuel of War both single player and multiplayer. When I heard KAOS was developing another game I was hoping for a sequel less the glitches, lag, etc. Like many of you I was checking the status of this greatly anticipated game on youtube for videos and various other websites for any information I could get. When the release date was set counting down the days began only to have it pushed back. Okay I thought, I'd rather see a delay then for them to release a game of poor quality. I was wrong, regrettably very wrong! Homefront could have been great; Homefront could have been ground breaking both in premise and game play. Like I said earlier; Frontlines was fantastic, so good in fact some of the "Big Guys"copied ideas from it such as drones etc. The battle point system was a great addition instead of kill streaks which more than likely will and should be copied by other developers. The single player is way to short, the graphics are average to say the least and the movement of your character is like he has a 20 pound dump in his pants! His movements are slow, methodical and not crisp or sharp like other FPS games. Multiplayer is a joke, that's if you can get in a game at all, joining friends is virtually impossible. It went from dedicated servers to P2P because they underestimated the online attraction; they're in the gaming industry right? MP is what many people play day in and day out and these guys are not prepared? All 16 player games will now be hosted on P2P not dedicated. Multiplayer is a camper / sniper haven make no mistake, the weapon selection is poor and the fact you can't add more than one attachment to your weapon is a joke. No sight and silencer, pick and choose WTF! All the while your character is still running around with a dump in his pants. Overall this game is a failure in every way, with such high hopes it pales in comparison to other FPS games past or present. Save your money and rent if you have to. Don't spend 60.00 or even 20.00 for this game, soon enough it will be in the bargain bin or on ebay for 8.00 to 10.00 dollars. Complete and utter fail KAOS you should be embarrassed and ashamed! Expand
  14. Mar 18, 2011
    Whoops accidentally posted the Dragon age 2 review. Well anyway the basic summary from the PC mag I read said great on PC but watch out for poor ports on consoles. THIS IS A FACT.
    I played this on PS3 and it sucked, repetitious unhelpful dialogue ie. shoot the hummers, see previous statement multiple times. You will ask yourself there arenâ
  15. Mar 15, 2011
    i am really enjoying playing a good game that isnt COD!!!! i like the larger maps and vehicles, im new to it because ive never played battlefield or anything like that. the campaign is short but i look at it as more of a tutorial for the multiplayer, and honestly i actually like shorter campaigns.
  16. Mar 15, 2011
    I must applaud to THQ for creating a game that's risky yet touches emotions. Never thought anyone would recreate the classic gameplay of Half-Life and give it a new twist. Despite the graphics not being competitive with Battlefield and COD, it was the least of my concerns since the campaign was so unique and inspiring with multiplayer features topping recent FPS games.
  17. Mar 15, 2011
    Wow! This game is brilliant! I love the graphics eventhough they are not the best I have seen, they are definitly atmospheric and also the story is very exciting. The characters are very well chosen and they make this game feel "real" and dramatic. It's like a movie you cannout stop to watch. It reminds me a bit of the TV series Jericho.

    For me one of the best singleplayergames since
    Half-Life. Or even better, due to the characters. Expand
  18. Mar 22, 2011
    I wrote a review earlier giving the game a 8 but i had to delete that review and now it gets a 1 this is because the story is short only 5 hours max, but now the Multiplayer mode is unplayable, youll either freeze when you get in a match or youll sit in a empty lobby till you idle out, freeze again, or get kicked cause there wasnt enough people to play wiht....i was holding out for the first patch which came with no impact, if anything it made the freezing worse...and now they said thier next patch will be out when its ready, which means it hasnt gone to sony for approval yet so at least another week. At this point all of my clan mates have traded the game in, im now the only one and im going to trade it in as time the next patch comes out the game will have nobody playing it anymore. Collapse
  19. Mar 22, 2011
    Oh My, it took me only 3 hours to play the single part, and so I spent even time to look at the graphics in the pitches, but I feel cheated, the game is not 66 $ worth, which I have given for it in Denmark, highest 15 $ worth, I wonder why there are pirates when it comes to games, and so even with Steam, so I can not even resell it.

    I do not buy more games that requires a Steam account.

    This game is a failure, can you get your money refunded from the company, should be an option when they screwed people. Only buy this game if you can find it for 10-15 $
  20. Mar 21, 2011
    garbage ass game.... this **** had me so hyped only to figure out the game mechanics are **** horrible... give me a couple of days and i could program a better game than this piece of filthy **** seriously **** this ****
  21. Apr 8, 2011
    Another game that I genuinely wanted to like... but couldn't. I was hoping for a title that would break the CoD stranglehold on the FPS market. Instead all I got was yet another sad clone. The gameplay is EXACTLY the same as CoD, EXACTLY. Only difference here being slightly stronger story potential. Slightly and potential, being the operative words here, and when you consider the "attempting to be controversial" trash that has passed for CoD fare lately, that's not hard. Unfortunately, the promise of the story is never fulfilled... the game ends, cliffhanger style, just when things start to get interesing... an obvious alert to a potential sequel. A sequel I won't be playing. Let's be honest, though, if this was titled CoD:Homeland... all of the pro reviewers would be singing it's praises, lol. Expand
  22. Mar 17, 2011
    First of All, I'm really tired of seeing people rating a game "0" when CLEARLY, it does NOT deserve it. Just because you can't open the doors, or the length of the game is short, or you just personally don't like the story, doesn't mean the game is a serious "0". All aspects of the game need to be taken into consideration. This is NOT the best FPS out there. its "O.K."! The graphics are mediocre. The sound is 'alright'. The story has a good concept, but it doesn't quite catch my attention (personally). Online is Actually pretty good! I can see a lot of hours being spent online because the variety is great. GOTY? Negative! ....But definitely worth some time if your looking for a FPS to play. Expand
  23. Mar 22, 2011
    This game seems like a rushed project intended to capitalize on a unique idea. Homefront's story is an interesting ad fresh concept with extremely poor delivery. Other than the story, very little about this game is new or interesting. It has the exact same controls as Call of Duty, except you are fighting Koreans and Japanese rather than people of the Middle East. The outline of the story is neat, but the characters and level design are incredibly boring. A rental at best. Expand
  24. Mar 18, 2011
    I have to agree with most, that the story is very original. I went into this game with high hopes, but from the first 15 min of gameplay I have to admit I was very let down. The graphics look like a game that should've been released during the second year of the current generation consoles. The audio is underwhelming for me as well. The gameplay was nothing new and the AI is absolutely ridiculous. Multiplayer is the only saving grace for this game and unfortunately it doesn't stack up to BFBC2 which is my game of choice. I can only recommend this game as a weekend rental. Expand
  25. Mar 16, 2011
    First time writing a review on metacritic so please bear with me a little and take the time to read the review.

    Homefront. Yes, it is another First Person Shooter. Yes it is made put out by THQ and not by the likes of EA or Activision. I have a feeling if it had been people would be praising it more than they are. In a world dominated by first person shooters like Call of Duty,
    Killzone, Medal of Honor, and that Halo franchise on the other console, it's hard for most people to not be going into a game expecting those other games. I give Homefront some major props for being slightly different and focusing on the single player story even though it is essentially a five hour campaign. It has what all the other COD games lack. Heart. A lot of what I am hearing people complain about are the graphics, the short single player, the sound...Since when do video games have to have such a high level of gloss to them to be good? Doesn't anyone remember the Pac Man era. It wasn't about graphics it was about how much fun you had playing the game. And that is where Homefront stood out for me. The gameplay is very familiar to anyone that has ever played a first person shooter so picking it up and playing it out of the box was simple. The thing that it has going for it though is the fact that it's actually fun to play. Even though the single player is short I was still enjoying every second of it. Then there's the multi player. The best way to describe it is by saying COD, Medal of Honor, and Battlefield had a child together. The only thing I was disappointed with was the fact that they didn't include destructible environments like those from Battlefield. This is my final comment. To gamers out there that feel their games need high levels of polish, go screw yourselves. You obviously don't understand that it isn't the graphics that make a game. It's the playability of the game. Black Ops is broken on so many levels yet people were hailing it as the best COD game to date. I am sorry, it's the worst COD game to date if you ask me. Homefront is a nice addition to the world of First Person Shooters and I hope they do make a second one and work out some of the minor flaws the first one has. Expand
  26. Mar 22, 2011
    This is an all time low for me. I really gave this a shot, played through the campaign with an open mind before i was going to try the multiplayer. The campaign was short, buggy and crappy designed. I could head from the street into a house first, then Connor would shout at me as he finally entered the house: "Get inside the house!". This stupid choreographic errors are all over the place. To top it all, they use voices/actors from South Park, which didn't exactly add to the "seriousness" the game tries to offer. I was initially thinking of giving this game a 4 for the single player. Then come the MP. It's at times kinda OK, I was just trying it out to get the feel of it. So I was deciding to start playing it a bit heavier, and register the "Battle Code" included in the box. I entered the code, and it wasn't accepted. Invalid code or wrong entered or something was the message. But I was certain I checked the code was entered right, and it was a brand new game, preordered to boot. And the effing code was invalid! So I thought "OK, I don't need the extra XP, and just kept playing. But then, after reaching level 5, I couldn't level up any more until I entered the "Battle Code"! I have written twice about this. So far no reply other than "Thanks for contacting us" from a noreply email. This made me quite sick of the game, and I went back to GameStop. Of course they tell me to contact the maker (THQ). Sick of the game I just "traded" it in and got $20 back for the crap.Due to the MP part of the game flunking big time, I give this crap a total of 1 out of 10. Save your money, and don't buy this game. This "Battle Code" idea is a very, VERY bad idea. And No!, I don't want to buy a "Battle Code" on eBay. My guess is that hackers cracked the codes, selling them on eBay, rendering codes in gameboxes unusable.
    Btw gets a 0 (zero) for their total lack of response and effort to try to solve this mess.
  27. Apr 2, 2011
    This is the shortest game i ever played.....I can't believe someone actually said it was a 7 hour gameplay where its no more than 3 hours. poor graphics, incomplete storyline, average sound effects, the only thing acceptable are the controls where it really doesn't make a difference. Never tried the multiplayer and i don't think i will.....if your bored of all other FPS games out there, rent it out, otherwise don't bother your not missing anything Expand
  28. Jun 19, 2012
    This game feels like it was purposefully made with its flaws, so that it could be called "Modern FPS games in a nutshell". Why? Because the game shares almost EVERY problem 99.9999% of the modern FPS games share.

    Lets start with singleplayer. Way too linear? Check. Stupid AI? Check. Way too scripted? Check. Way too short? Check. Ok, that went quick.

    What about multiplayer? Vehicles
    too powerful compared to other battle point rewards? Check. One-wait. This is going to take too long to just list. Let me shorten that by checking only two things. Way-too-low-skill-gap-made-by-creating-the-damn-kills-way-too-easy-to-acquire? Check. This game sucks? Check.

    But it has dedicated servers! Lets uncheck "This game uses only p2p system." Uncheck. But it still sucks!
  29. Mar 21, 2011
    Overall concept is awesome, execution is not. I found that a real shame as now no one else can use this type of storyline to make a better game..
  30. Mar 15, 2011
    This game is pretty cool, I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. The A.I. is absolutely horrible. Your teammates are completely worthless, (they are super slow, and seem to always be in the way). The game is super short. No complaints there though, it ended when it started to get repetitive. The multiplayer is actually the best part of the game. I just feel that the campaign had an enormous amount of potential. Oh and the weapons are cool too. But I suggest renting before buying. Overall a good game, perfect for a game to rent and beat. Expand
  31. Apr 30, 2011
    I struggled to get on with it but that may be down to me just being bored with FPS's now. It had some great set pieces and harrowing levels with real punch BUT it just didn't resonate with me. Maybe it helps to be American to have that inner feeling of oppression and defense of one's country. Were it based in the UK it may have felt more relevant and less OTT.
    I am awaiting an FPS which
    isn't just a COD clone. Could Battlefield 3 be it? Expand
  32. Mar 16, 2011
    I give Homefront a generous 8. and i will start with the campaign. i am an avid fps shooter fan, i try to play them all, and with that said i beat homefront in just under 3 hours. if your good at shooters this is going to be one of the shortest games you have ever played. the graphics are really bad, the voice acting is ok, and the premisce of the story is awesome. unfortunately this story needed to be one of the best, since it was written and inspired by red dawn and apocalypse now, my biggest problem is that i am so sick and tired of the silent protagonist! nothing rips you right out of the story like a mute emotionless doll, also there isnt a whole lot of dialog to this game to begin with which is unfortunate. the gameplay is solid. (you may have to tweak sensitivity) this game also has fairly realistic damage, it only takes a couple shots to kill someone. if you dont play multiplayer this game is easily a 5 at best. but onto the multiplayer. the multiplayer is great! im going to use comparisons to describe homefronts mp. take battlefield bad company 2's lvl design, mix in call of duties adictive class and leveling system, and throw in some new twists and you have yourself a really good online shooter. now the twists are things called battle points that you earn for doing things for your team, or racking up kills, you spend theses points in battle to buy rpg's,flak jackets, predator missiles, uavs, and so on which is pretty cool. they also have a game type where one of your team mates is the leader and they can issue squad commands and pair team mates off to go complete tasks. I really suggest renting this game, because its not for everyone, this really is a good game and if it sounds like your cup 'o' tea it might be worth a purchase. i bought it and I dont regret it one bit Expand
  33. Jul 26, 2011
    very nice game, i have finished it for two days ago and want to do it again! about multiplayer? i havent words to describe it!
  34. Apr 1, 2011
    What a disappointing game this turned out to be. I was so looking forward to this and after that final trailer I was hooked. I started out playing MP and loved it! However I was shocked by how bad the graphics were. I thought Black Ops graphics were bad but this took it to a lower level. This game looks like a year 2000 game. Play a couple of FANTASTIC hours of Killzone 3 SP or MP and then come back and play Homefront and you will be shocked! I was having fun and then 2 level ups later the lock up/freezes started. These freezes made me hard reset my PS3! 17 freezes later I started to really worry about my PS3's health. So at level 10 I stopped playing MP and started looking at the forums. A ton of gamers like me were experiencing the same problem. The wait for the patch started. Finally a patch came and made the freezing worse. 25 freezes and the MP is unplayable. I cannot tell you how many times I sat in a lobby by myself waiting for players. It also froze on my many times while I was waiting in the lobby! I was so disappointed and angry. With MP dead I started the SP campaign hoping they would get a patch out by the time I completed the SP. I started SP on Guerrilla mode which is the hardest. There were only a few areas that I had trouble with. The SP was extremely short and I took my time. I was able to only get near 6 hours out of the SP on the hardest mode!!! The story had a great start and then just fizzled to a lifeless mess. The Characters were horrible and the pacing was atrocious. You could never run ahead of your friends because you would instantly get killed. If you waited for them it would take forever to get to the next segment because they would walk and I am talking about a very slow walk! I didn't care for any of them and just wanted to get through the game. The banter between my teammates was very poorly written. The game had the worst abrupt ending that made me think that they didn't have any idea how finish the game. I immediately read 2 days after I got the game that they were already making Homefront 2 and that they would make the SP longer if the players wanted it. I am sitting here reading this crap and thinking why not put the effort into the first game before you start making or talking about a sequel!!! Seriously the end of the game was bad. It will take Homefront 1 and 2 SP portions to equal a true "1 Game" SP experience. Well, I finally got fed up and returned the game after a week of 30 PS3 freezes. Thankfully A*mazon was able to give me a full refund. A*mazon is my number 1 place to buy my games after this fiasco. Please if it says KAOS Studios DO NOT, DO NOT BUY THE GAME! This company took the Massively Multiplayer idea of raking in the premier first weeks money and then moving on. Right now, even though I don't have the game, went to their forums and there is still no fix for the freezing and lonely lobby issues. EPIC FAIL!!! Oh yeah, I gave it a 1 because when the MP worked I had a great time. Expand
  35. Mar 16, 2011
    i picked the game up today & beat the SP Campaign with in 5 hours. for me this was disappointing because this game was hyped for it's story driven SP campaign mode. however, the story itself is really good, just a few hours too short. i really hope they do a really expansive DLC for the story mode. there will be sequels! i then played a few hours online multiplayer. like with any game it takes a little time to get used to it. overall i'm having fun with it. the maps are larger, more players on a map means that people can't camp out like in COD:BO. i like the fact that you can play in vehicles. one thing i don't like is that i have to spend BP=battle points to use my rocket launcher or drones, and etc. i like this game, can't say it's great and can't say it's horrible either. however, i can say it's fun. let's face it people HALO, COD, BF all had to start somewhere. just remember play the game and decide for yourselves if you like it or not, and there will always be people who have something positive and something negative to say about anything and everything. Expand
  36. Mar 16, 2011
    Bad: Alright the bad, its simple the story line is not the greatest in the world you dont open doors you don't interact in any way and you feel your just a camera with a gun and not a person, you dont feel the belonging and the satisfaction in what your doing. the story is great but its the little suttle things that break the single player. Good: Although the story line lacks in immersion and emotion there are some parts where i found my self going "woo!" even though it was very few times. The multiplayer is solid and fun,the new way kaos spun the whole fps style of game is a fresh change from the run shoot run shoot game of call of duty etc. etc. its satisfying to play and you can quickly lose time playing it. The map design is good, the maps let you have more then one way to approach your enemy and if your not smart you can get caught with your pants down quickly. As i see it the guns are balanced and there all fun to use. as you can see the multpiplayer is the reason to get this game.

    Other notes: this game over all is a 9/10 in my book the multiplayer is simply just fair and caters to a lot of play styles. this game only has one downfall and its the single player and to the point of graphics im not even doing a review on them because in all honestly it does not hinder or help the gameplay and im ashamed of so called gamers that put in account that graphics ever counted in games. well there is my review that wont even matter. as a wise person once said haters gonna hate.
  37. Mar 16, 2011
    The story line is great, but the graphics arent up to date, however this was the same with cod black ops and other games so that is no problem at all (so people who still think its bad, shut the hell up ;) no really, dont say anything )The rest of the game is great as well, gameplay works good, multiplayer is great, perhaps even better than cod because of the vehicles. A sequel is wanted :D
  38. Mar 16, 2011
    This is no way a bad game, it also is in no way an amazing game.

    Homefront main selling point was supposedly the campaign being written by the great John Milius (Red dawn, Apocalypse now), but it seriously falls short both in content and overall feel. You're supposed to be a guerrilla fighter against insurmountable odds, but often you mow down loads of enemy forces with ease and we reach
    the common place CoD style objectives and run through of the campaign saturating the market. If you can appreciate what they try to do both story and game wise, you'll enjoy the campaign.

    Multiplayer is where the title shines boasting both common and new ways to dominate online. Think Battlefield feeling like Call of Duty and that's what you get with the multiplayer component. Expect a balanced and great multiplayer that draws a lot from modern shooters, while taking out the negative aspects.

    It's worth picking up based on the multiplayer alone if you're that kind of customer, but if you plan on picking it up for the singleplayer expect to be disappointed by its length and depth.
  39. Mar 17, 2011
    I am loving this game. Sure the campaign is short and extremely scripted, but that doesn't make it any less fun (for me at least) to play while it lasts. It's not significantly shorter or more scripted than CodBlops and I care more about the story line and characters here than the garbage in Cod. Where the game really shines is in multiplayer. Launch week "Servers overloaded" growing pains aside, I've had no problems getting into games. The maps are huge, the in game battle points system is great and makes the matches very dynamic. As a side note - dear god people...turn off your friggin' headsets if you're not talking to other players on the team. I don't need to hear your wife yelling at you to turn of the console, or your kids screaming in the background...I certainly don't give a crap what music you're listening to while you play :( Expand
  40. Mar 17, 2011
    Avec une durée de vie dans la moyenne des FPS actuels, une histoire intéressante (et ça c'est relativement rare dans le genre), des doublages français réussis, Homefront ne pèche à mes yeux que par des graphismes un peu en retrait. En revanche les niveaux traversés sont vraiment sympa et l'ambiance résistance est vraiment bien retranscrite. En définitive, je suis plus que satisfait de mon acquisition malgré les réserves des tests de "professionnels" Expand
  41. Mar 18, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am so glad I got this game. I had some doubts but..
    Single player _ i don't care, seems to be ok but I dont care about the story in shooters.

    Multi- man it rocks.

    Graphics are not that bad to be honest, I don't get the fuss about it.

    BUY IT if you are after online exp.
  42. Mar 17, 2011
    I think this games story is trying to tell us something. For us (Americans) will take us for a ride of the unthinkable, a US invasion by the Korean Union or something. I find this story to be very interesting. I can only hope the game is as good as I imagine it. By the way this was a remake of the old 80's movie Red Dawn.
  43. Mar 18, 2011
    Homefront delivers on the Multiplayer game. That alone deserves a 10. The Single Player campaign was short, but poignant and in today's linear progression SP campaigns, was expected. Just, the MP game is so much fun. Addicted.
  44. Mar 19, 2011
    Single Player seems a bit generic but still quite fun, but mulitiplayer is where ith shines. Fast paced but balanced and quite tactical. I would put it somewhere between mw2 and bfbc2.
  45. Mar 21, 2011
    Its time to push the hype to the side of the plate like some cold vegetables and get stuck into the roast beef that is Homefront the Game! You know what I mean :o)

    The review scores have been low mostly and the hype surrounding the subject matter has dominated the pre-release headlines - so is it any good? Well the answer is - sort of.

    The single player campaign is as gritty as the hype
    has suggested and the story does not pull its punches. Within the first hours of playing you witness executions and are introduced to a desperate group of resistance fighters who are rescuing you, Jacobs, some hot shot pilot who is the only man for a job that I haven't been told about yet.

    The graphics are nothing special (Think BattleField Bad Company 1 and you are close) though the presentation is clear and I have had no problems with navigating around the various environments in the first few levels.

    Gameplay is basic FPS formula, and the enemy is challenging enough but I don't think the AI is that intelligent. This feels more like Bad Company that COD in game play with some limited freedom as oppose to being herded down a tunnel of on coming gunfire.

    The highlight so far is the Goliath - some sort of overgrown RC car that you can use to take out tanks and gun nests!

    The multiplayer is buggy - lets get that straight - it took literally an hour for me to eventually get a game and even then the console froze forcing a reboot about half a dozen times. Lets assume this gets fixed and move on rapidly..

    I only played the Team Death Match equivalent mode - so i could focus on getting used to the controls and various loadout options. The class / load out system is very good and works similarly to Call of Duty in that you can customise weapons with scopes and grenade launchers etc. You can also customise per load out your kill streak rewards. Though in HomeFront its not a killstreak reward - you collect BP Battle points which you can spend on perks, upgrades or other options such as spy drones air strikes etc. These points can be saved up throughout the game and you don't lose them when you die; so you can still benefit from and experience using these little extras even if you can't string 2 kills together.

    It is early days yet but I think the game has a future in my console - once they fix the multiplayer bugs.
  46. Mar 31, 2011
    Well, the singe player is short ,and the graphics are not awesome,but they are OK. They have tried to do something different with the story and that's all for the better as **** boring doing the same stories over and over again, unlike many other well know FPS they have tried to bring some kind of emotion to it. E.G Seeing a kid cry, hanging corpses, a mass grave. Some say this is too much,but that's what happens in real war,but the polish could have been better. However, on the multiplayer after a few hiccups, i can say this is way better than Call of Duty.Yes it is bigger and better than CoD full stop! It borrows from BFBC2 and makes CoD better,what it lacks in one area, it is certainly made up for in the Multiplayer.
    If you are rubbish at FPS this is fine as you earn your perks just by taking part.No more running and gunning, although you can if you wish and It is pretty well balanced. If you like Vehicles, Tanks,Drones, Heiicopters, Bombs ,RPGs, Sniping, they are all within the players reach, unlike some other FPS where you have to get those kill streaks.pretty hard if youre not good at FPS
    This is Pretty good game,fun to boot and i think this is way better than CoD.
  47. Mar 21, 2011
    Well were to start. When i purchased this game on the PS3 i wasn't expecting a combination sort of product of COD and Battlefield. I was however expecting a game that changed the dynamic of FPS titles and set itself apart from other FPS titles out there. This game however did not do any of that in my eyes. Well were to start. When i purchased this game on the PS3 i wasn't expecting a combination sort of product of COD and Battlefield. I was however expecting a game that changed the dynamic of FPS titles and set itself apart from other FPS titles out there. This game however did not do any of that in my eyes. I'll begin with the Single Player (SP): It was a drag campaign that felt more like a chore then any kind of experience, the AI element was a mixture of bad and good (mostly bad), the story progressed around you as if you were the only member of the Resistance fighting the KPA (Korean People's Army), there were many scripted battles that really became annoying and the dialogue sequences didn't really fit in well (NPC's talking to them self's while you were in another room), strangely as a major role in the Resistance movement your character never speaks a word. As one progresses through the story it becomes obvious that each new story mission is actually just a repeat of the last, you'll end up getting into a fight with KPA and they'll send masses of men and vehicles (in scripted form) against you and you'll repel them while having to run around the area looking for ammo from every dead opponent as ammo is incredibly sparse. Now to the aspect of this game that had me most intrigued the Multi-Player (MP). The MP is as basic as it gets, you have a standard and tired XP promotion system that awards points on your performance in-game, however the element that sets homefront apart form other FPS's is the Battle Points (BP) system, this system awards players in-game with points according to every action you perform (Kill, Assist, Capture etc). This points can be used then to purchase all manner of upgrades for you soldier such as Drones, UCAV's (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle), 4x4 Jeeps, APC, Tanks and Helicopters. This removes the Battlefield style rush for vehicles as every player can now have a vehicle if they can afford to buy it. However even with this new feature the MP gameplay is pretty bad (bad hit detection, camping for BP, minimal splash damage, no bullet penetration, Etc Etc) and the lack of MP game-modes regrettable, there are 5 playable game-modes: 1: Ground Control (GC) 2: Team Deathmatch (TDM). 3: Skirmish (GC and TDM with less players). And The Battle Commander Mode (BC) which is the above game modes with less players and an AI controlled commander issuing you Orders or Target Bounties on the Enemy Team. Well thats basically it. This game did not live up to the Hype THQ put around it and it certainly will not replace COD or Battlefield as the main FPS on the market, not if it contines like this anyway. Hopefully if a sequel is planned Kaos Studios will learn form their mistakes and get this game into the current generation of Platforms not the last generation.

    Here's some basic Pros and Cons:

    - The Single Player (SP) Story is something new and fresh.
    - The Environment in which the SP takes place brings you into the mindset of the Resistance.

    - The Multi-Player (MP) Battle Points (BP) system is entertaining.
    - Lots of Weapon Attachments and Camo's available.
    - MP Weapon Attachments are available after certain kill counts with weapons.
    - Vehicle Warfare however limited is fun.
    - Battle Commander Gives MP some extending play time.

    - Single Player Story is too short and doesn't immerse you into the world of the Resistance.
    - Single Player AI is tired and stupid.

    - MP gets boring and repetitive rather quickly.
    - Limited choice of weapons in MP.
    - No Epic Vehicular Warfare.
    - Camping and Excessive Sniping.
    - No Bullet Penetration.
    - Minimal Splash Damage from High-Caliber Weapons.
    - Terrible Hit Detection.
    - Horrible Weapon Damage System.
  48. Aug 24, 2011
    Let's get straight to the point, Homefront is not a "0" game. Any reviewer who has awarded this game a "0" is clearly under the influence every FPS title should be Battlefield, COD or Killzone. However, if you paid the full RRP price for Homefront then its perfectly understandable for you to be feeling robbed, espeically if you purchased the game for its single player because there's not much of it! That's not to say it's a bad game. I got this game for a relatively cheap price and even then I still wanted more from the game, in a single player sense as there really should be more game time, put it this way if you think COD MW/MW2 are short then your in for a rude awakening here. The idea behind Homefront is very brave but kind of genius! It's a breathe of fresh air from certain other FPS, its the year 2027, America has fallen and is now controlled by a the two unified Korean nations who have established themselves as the most dominant superpower in the world. Join the resistance and fight for freedom as "home is where the war is." And after all the big build up and hype you will be left with the thinking, really? Thats it? The game stops just s its seemingly get started and its hugely frustrating because you will find yourself engaged in Homefront as it is really immersive. The concept is wonderful its just the execution that is lacking like many have said however the atmosphere that KAOS have managed to create is gritty, heartfelt and shocking right from the beginning from when your passing by innocents being executed in the streets and hearing a child break their hearts afterwards it was a bold move but it pays off as you get the sense of how horrific times are. The history/back story shown at the beginning of the game is also fantastic giving you an insight into the rise of Korea. That aside, its far from the most attractive game. Sure there are some great locations to play through but the graphics department is lacking. Importantly because of how short it is, its enjoyable while it lasts. It plays a treat like most other shooters its solid enough and sticks to tried and trusted formula. The shooting system is simple and engages you from the off, so there can't really be any major complaints regarding gameplay other than the lifespan, one mission see's you controlling a plane overseeing an important task which brings variety, whilst a couple of missions see you take control of Goliath, a semi-autonomous attack vehicle. Its far from boring, aside from the few cliches thrown in with characters (the patriotic, egotistic Connor) although the only complaint I have is it that it takes to long for you to really get a connection with the characters, i.e very near the end! Fortunately multiplayer is the opposite. It's superb! Hugely engaging it will have you entertained for hours on end it really is some truely excellent stuff. Again, there are no significant modes added however Homefront does have its own individual innovation with a battle points system which is rewarding as you can purchase new weapons and vehicles by taking on objectives and getting kills. You really can't go wrong online with Homefront it pushes itself up their with the very best and is a worthy competitor. Overall, i'm not disappointed with what Homefront had to offer in single player but just offended really by how short it turns out to be because the potential is there for a solid game and just when you really start to get going it ends, from nowhere! That being said its a good alternative and something refreshing, if THQ can learn from the mistakes and a sequel is made, they could very much be on to a winner because the online side is solid and spectacular. To put it simply if you crave a FPS for its storymode then Homefront isn't your answer, rent it if you must because its worth a look however if its multiplayer that wets your appetite then dive in because you can't go wrong here. Expand
  49. Mar 24, 2011
    You get home, open the box, insert the disc. Within 2 minutes of trying to get into a Multiplayer online game, it FREEZES. Pop over to the forums Nothing works. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME, JUST ONE MASSIVE HEADACHE SINCE RELEASE !!
  50. Mar 25, 2011
    Homefront hade some high expectations but does not deliver.Presentation is horrible with some very bad graphics.Characters here yoiu will hate and you wont be able to stand them.campaign is way too short and stupid.Online is horrible and boring and you will be doing the same thing over and over.This game is a giant waste of time.Gameplay is repetitive.However it does deliver a compelling story.Overall it is stupid and a big waste of time.DO NOT BUY OR RENT THIS HORRIBLE GAME. Expand
  51. May 20, 2011
    so disappointed in this game. no more dedicated servers and it's still unplayable online, it looks terrible (really terrible) and the campaign is frustrating and short. it reminds me of the old woody allen joke: "the food at that restaurant is awful." "i know! and such small portions!"
    if you can get into a game online it feels like homefront wants to be MAG (which is one of the most
    awesome online FPS ever, IMO) but comes nowhere close. one aspect of HF's online play that i did find cool was the drones. also the points/in-game rewards system was much better than COD's (the best for my money is medal of honor's system which utilizes game points, not just kills, for streak rewards.)
    overall there are some good ideas here but the end product is just a waste of those ideas.
  52. Mar 29, 2011
    one of the best multiplayer games i have played....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Expand
  53. Apr 1, 2011
    I have to say I am totally shocked about the review I have been reading. I broke down and bought it despite all the horrible review and I was so glad I did. Not one issue can I complain about except that it was pretty short but not as short as I was expecting. No problems when it came to the frame rate, hit detection was on point and guns had a nice sound to them. I can honestly say I did not have any glitches that made me want to write about it. No it didnt implement any new ideas but to see Amercia in such a devastating and ridiculous situation was very enjoyable. I would say its your typical FPS with unique story and without a doubt, worth a run though at least once. Expand
  54. Apr 10, 2011
    **READ THIS** Ok so this game has the shortest story mode I've ever played on a video game in my life. but i didn't really care because i like multi player better BUT when i played this game online it was a disaster. When you play online 80% of players go on roofs and camp with snipers. This game has way too many places to camp thats what ruins the multi player expirence if you are interested in this game because you hate campers on COD games this game is no different its like MW2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 had a bastard child.. i would stay away from this game unless you can deal with the anger of getting killed from 5 miles away by a sniper when you barely spawn. spawns on this game are WAY TOO PREDICTABLE this game is too easy to camp and also your constantly getting spawn trapped. Expand
  55. Apr 19, 2011
    Mainly directed @ thegospel, i have never had that problem, i have never had invisible walls or my character freezing or having to use a whole clip on an enemy to kill them, i haven't really had anything at all that has gone wrong with yours so maybe you had a faulty disk. Sure the single-player is way too short and the graphics aren't the best but they have tried to make a different storyline to all the other main stream FPS'. On the other hand though the multiplayer is great, sure there were a lot of connection problems online and my ps3 did freeze a couple of times but THQ have just released a big update which i have found has sorted everything out online, for me anyway. I still think that its worth playing, maybe not as good as the other FPS' butfor its first try at mainstream FPS I think that THQ have had a good go at it and hopefully they will have fixed and polished out any faults that were found in this game Expand
  56. Jul 7, 2011
    I just picked up the game today and looking at some of these comments alot of these issues have fixed. So far the only glitch I have encountered are my stats getting reset randomly during online play. That is lame but you can fix it by backing up your game profile to a usb drive every now and then. Otherwise I have not froze once, enountered much lag or anything game breaking. Honestly this game is for multiplayer gameplay as the singleplay is laughably short and stupid. So with that being said it is its fun experience and something new from the mega casual copy and pasted call of duty clones on the market. If you find this game on sale I recommend you pick it up right away as they are planning on patching the game further and are coming out with DLC soon! Expand
  57. Apr 27, 2011
    Wow. I had such anticipation for this game. I am a member of an adult gaming community of over 1000 members. Over 40 of us were getting this for PS3. We all ran out and got it and within 3 days half of the 40 had completely given up on this game. Between poor party making, poor servers, terrible lag, and being unable to join a match at all, the experience was more than just frustrating. So as one of the few who ended up keeping the game in hopes the issues would be fixed (they still aren't), I experienced the far too short and outdated graphics of the single player campaign. I would NOT buy this game if youre in the market for a new game. While the multiplayer definitely has potential, the problems far outweigh the good. Matter of fact, this may be the last game I pre-order.....EVER. Expand
  58. Aug 1, 2011
    This game is very under rated. Yes, the campaign is short, but its really good, and story driven. But the real fun lies within the multiplayer. It is very fleshes out, lots of guns, perks, and customization on the guns. The only problems i have is the graphics could be a lot better, needs more maps, and its sometimes hard to find a match with enough people to play. But a very fun game.
  59. Jul 23, 2011
    I don't understand why there are so many negative reviews here, I like this game. Yeah, the single player campaigns quite short, but at least there was a unique storyline. How often in games are Koreans the bad guys?! Although the ending was poor, I was sat there saying to myself 'was that it?'.
    Multiplayer saves the single player really, good level design and a good mix of vehicle and
    hand to hand combat make it a pleasant experience. Ground control can be a little unfair as the team who gets the first round win pretty much always wins overall. The 'battle points' system rather than killstreak rewards is also another good feature as it rewards team players more for their actions, such as kill assists and aiding the capture of a control point. A good job I'd say. Expand
  60. Aug 17, 2011
    People have told me that Homefront was a great game, even better than Call of Duty. Well, it's sure not. Homefront is probably one of the most horrible shooters I've ever played. I was very disappointed with the game, so I ended up trading it in. The Campaign is super unrealistic. It's about a resistance force that's fighting the KPA (Koreans People Army) who invaded the United States. Throughout, you will see that the United States is basically run down and the KPA is basically in charge of everything. You'll even see gas prices at $18 a gallon. The Campaign wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good. Even on the easiest difficulty, expect to get killed a lot. Sometimes it takes up to 20 shots to kill an enemy. Most of the missions were pretty boring. The game did have a ton of potential to be good, but the game was 100% flawed. The Multiplayer mode is another sad impersonation of Call of Duty. It's not even close to being as good as a Call of Duty title. I had many problems with Multiplayer. First, the lack of weapons. With only about 15 primary weapons and only 1 secondary weapon (a default M9 handgun), the game didn't have any variety, and the weapons would eventually get pretty boring. The only good thing about Multiplayer is the vehicles. I did like the way you could drive tanks, operate machine guns on tanks and humvee's, and even fly helicopters with machine guns attached. That is basically the only half-decent thing about the game. Another important part of a Multiplayer game is the maps. Although only a few, the maps offered in the game lack in detail and are rather small. The game also has only three basic game modes. To advance past level 5, a battle code is required, which comes in the box. Sometimes the Battle Codes don't work, and require you to purchase them from the PlayStation Store, which sucks for some. Homefront isn't even worth buying. It had a ton of potential, but it was flawed in many, many ways. If ever a second Homefront, let's sure hope that THQ learns how to make a good shooter game. I highly recommend playing a demo before buying, if you do ever consider it. Just a really bad game from start to end. Expand
  61. Aug 27, 2011
    Terrible game. I beat the multiplayer in one day, and it was boring and a rip off of MW2. Played the multiplayer, it was mediocre, but it takes more than a crappy campaign and mediocre multiplayer to make a good game.
  62. Oct 11, 2011
    Everyone Talks about Call Of Duty, Halo Or Medal Of Honor, but really what they should be thinking about is HOME FRONT, which in my eyes is the best FPS ever made
  63. Nov 10, 2011
    Do not buy this game. Graphics are really bad, horrible character models, lighting effects, textures, and environments. Sound effects are quite awful as well. Vehicle combat is fun, and the multiplayer is balanced. However, it has alot of glitches and feels laggy most of the time. Playable, but easily forgettable campaign that has been overhyped to the max. A cheap call of duty knock off with a touch of Battlefield (vehicles). Expand
  64. Dec 1, 2011
    The game is broken doesn't work half the time freezes up and would of been an okay game maybe if they could of worked out the bugs but they just gave up on the game no support for it anymore it's dead in the water now
  65. Jan 2, 2012
    the story may be short. but the levels are awesome.. the controls are great and homefront has my favorite campain of any fps game. the multiplayer is just as good. despite almost no game modes if you just play team deathmatch youll be fine
  66. Dec 31, 2011
    The story is really cool. Graphics are bad and controls are wonky but you can assimilate to them easily. The multiplayer has some nice touches but for me don't match up with the BF's and CoD's. Solid game, just not the next blockbuster they were hoping for
  67. Nov 18, 2012
    Generic, not so fun. The gameplay feels sluggish. Graphics are horrible. Its just not very fun. Story isn't too interesting either.
  68. Sep 14, 2013
    I was at my local gamestop recently and they had a local bargain bin and in it I picked up this game for $3.14 figuring that at such a low price, I couldn't foresee a reason why I would get some enjoyment out of this game. I mean I only paid $3.14.

    Start playing the game and the plot immediately strikes me as straight up retarded for a variety of reasons, mostly relating to the fact I
    pay attention to Asian politics. Yet the game's story itself is equally as bad as the setup. You start out with a black protagonists, who and shocker here, doesn't say a thing...ever. From there you are subjected to stupid set pieces of "Evil North Koreans" committing atrocities. I suppose this is supposed to make the games heroes relatable, but it just comes across as an annoying set of bs that I can't skip. Then the game goes even stupider in the rescue attempt which should have literally killed you. Miraculously you survive unscathed and follow them as they make bad decision after bad decision in one of the worst Call of Duty Clones I have ever played.

    Honestly the only thing this game has going for it, is some pretty decent guns and even those are overshadowed by the horrible regenerating health system that won't let you take more than a couple shots before having to duck behind cover. This wouldn't be a problem, but the game is la shooting gallery, die and you can enjoy having to gun your way through the same 20-30 NPCs again.

    In the end, the story is bad, the game play is barely passable and for me just unenjoyable, you are forced to go along with every stupid decision that the characters make, and ultimately it isn't worth your time. Sure I got the game cheap, but the time I have to put into this game feels like a waste. Just straight up avoid getting this game, there are better uses of your time, like chewing $3 worth of gum while looking at 14 cents.
  69. Apr 18, 2012
    Homefront is an enjoyable fps with a good story, but there are a few problems with it. The campaign is short like almost all the new fps games. This is disappointing because the plot is interesting. However the campaign has a lot of memorable moments. Gameplay-wise the game is fun just don't expect anything different from other fps games except the story. Same with the graphics, it looks good but it isn't revolutionary. Expand
  70. Apr 27, 2012
    They should've made the story longer. 3 hours makes it a little off and updated graphics. Honestly it looks like Fallout and Oblivion and those are already showing their age. Well since it is a 32 player game I guess that they had to cut down the quality in order to have the 32 cap work I guess but there is lag issues still but they are some what fixed.
  71. Mar 24, 2013
    10-Presentation; Well written story, amazing atmosphere, and well built characters with interesting dialogue and personality. The menu's are well laid out.
    7-Graphics; Nothing new or exciting. Looks dated.
    9-Sound; Amazing sound effects, great voice acting, and excellent music make this the best sounding shooter I've ever played.
    9-Gameplay; Excellent levels and controls, and great AI
    and mechanics.
    8-Lasting appeal; The single player is short, but the multiplayer will take months to unlock everything. And the hidden newspapers throughout the campaign add to the replay value.
  72. Aug 24, 2012
    I have to completely agree with the negative reviews submitted here, so much that i subscribed to metacritic in the hope to warn other gamers of this atrocity. Firstly, Single player campaign, to put bluntly, GASH, too short, poor graphics, dialogue, lack of originality, empty, cliche ridden characters, just poorly designed really.
  73. Oct 11, 2012
    Essentially, the plot boils down to North Korea vs. USA. North Korea, in the near future, begins intensifying its nuclear arms management, and eventually threatens South Korea to the point of annexation and unification, leading to the formation of the Greater Korean Republic. This radical change of hands in the Far East goes unopposed as the rest of the world deals with severe problem involving the global economy: peak oil is reached, forcing a surge in international gas prices. The United States and allies are forced to retreat from military actions in the Middle East, causing a surge of territorial clashes between middle-eastern governments, both over land, values, and oil. In the US, things become dire as gas prices rise and oil quantities dwindle, leaving the US military and government paralyzed to do anything but try to take care of itself via the National Guard. All the while, the Greater Korean Republic strengthens its totalitarian hold on East Asia, claiming territory on the mainland, then invading Japan unopposed by allied coalitions. Before long, the KPA invades the US mainland in its crippled state, dominating the western coast and heartland, irradiating the Mississippi River, and ousting the American government entirely. You play as... some guy. I honestly can't remember his name, but it's something underdramatic and anglo-saxon; you don't even have the opportunity to see your character in so much as a mirror, and your mute self has no definition whatsoever - quite boring, I must say. What is known is that you're a pilot in Montrose, Colorado, post-occupation, and caught up in a KPA roundup of American citizens for the war-effort. You're fortunately sprung my Resistance leaders, and then join in a clandestine effort to reclaim San Francisco from Korean hands in cahoots with a still active cell of the US Army. Gameplay is very much like a theme-park-rollercoaster-ride. Go here, get on this vehicle, oh now you're not there anymore, pick up that gun, look out bullets, oh geez a grenade, crawl here, shoot that, et. al. It's all very simplistic, and nothing you haven't encountered before in any FPS. And let it be said that the Guerrilla (or extra-hard) difficulty mode is the most frustrating thing you will ever play thru, as enemies only aim at you, and seem to have superhuman accuracy and damaging abilities (the game is best played on Normal or Hard). The graphics are lovely, but what game doesn't have lovely graphics these days? The sound is actually quite fascinating, and it felt like quite a bit of time was spent into some of its nuances. There's one scene in particular where you can look on as Montrose is gunned down and bombed out by Korean helicopters, and the explosions and gunfire in the distance is quite haunting. The real appeal to this game is definitively its campaign mode. With the same writer as the award winning films Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn, the plotline delivered is outstandingly well conceived, and is actually extremely eerie how plausible this Korean takeover is, if give the thought under the game's circumstances. A wealth of backstory is delivered through collectable news clippings, which is a bit of a downside. However, the game is extremely well conceived, written, acted, and delivered, with excellent use of juxtaposition, so the plentiful action throughout the game never seems too overwhelming. At times, the game pushes on modes of cliché a bit too strongly; however, these downsides are forgivable for the dense backstory and the relief in an FPS from the fusillade of space marines cluttering up the gaming market. One of my favourite features in the whole game was Goliath, an automated ATV with a mounted turret and RPG-launcher. You use it in several scenes, and it gives you a strong feeling of superiority whenever you're in control of such a wickedly cool piece of futuristic military hardware, given the option of controlling the rockets at whichever targets you choose. The only downside of the great campaign is its shortness. While this speedy game seems like an eternity on extra-hard difficulty, it's a mere breeze on any other mode. I enjoy how the game never really repeats itself and stays exciting throughout. But by the time it ends, you may feel a little put off by its length, and craving more. Although, I'm sure there are bound to be new incarnations of this game in the future... way to plan out those sequels, there, THQ. Expand
  74. May 31, 2013
    Homefront shows potential for competing with the Call of Duty or Battlefield series but falls short due to some major issues. The campaign is too short and unlike cod your enemies are not Russian ultra-nationalists. I was not able to get emotionally attached to the characters and the graphics don't compete with the latest games but overall i enjoyed every last bit of it.
  75. Aug 12, 2014
    One of the worst games I have in my shelf. The story is short, it's not catching, graphics are bad and I found the idea of using Koreans as the evil ones very childish, because I see it as an attempt of the developers to make this game 'special' in some way. Let me explain better: usual FPS' evil character are Russian, and that's fair. I love Russian people, but I say that because I can see a reason for using Russians as enemies: since Russia and America have always been in competition/war in the '900, I find it fair to use Russians as the 'evil ones' in American games set in '900 (or they just shifted the idea to modern days). But why Koreans? The reason is not even explained in the game, there's just a war. Fight it. Kill them. Game completed. Expand
  76. Mar 22, 2011
    I wrote a review earlier giving the game a 8 but i had to delete that review and now it gets a 1 this is because the story is short only 5 hours max, but now the Multiplayer mode is unplayable, youll either freeze when you get in a match or youll sit in a empty lobby till you idle out, freeze again, or get kicked cause there wasnt enough people to play wiht....i was holding out for the first patch which came with no impact, if anything it made the freezing worse...and now they said thier next patch will be out when its ready, which means it hasnt gone to sony for approval yet so at least another week. At this point all of my clan mates have traded the game in, im now the only one and im going to trade it in as time the next patch comes out the game will have nobody playing it anymore. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 60 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 60
  2. Negative: 6 out of 60
  1. May 24, 2011
    The story is way too short and the multiplayer doesn't deliver the fun you know from the Call of Duty or Battlefield games.
  2. May 17, 2011
    I'll admit that I've played games that are technically worse than Homefront, but I have not played a game that irritated me as much as this in a very long time.
  3. There isn't really a climax. It just finishes, coitus interruptus-style. [May 2011, p.114]