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  • Summary: Packed with favorites from the movie and comic book worlds, Iron Man 2: The Video Game offers gamers a chance to choose between Iron Man and War Machine, as they battle through hugely destructible indoor and outdoor environments. Tony and Rhodey both come equipped with their own distinct assortments of fully customizable, earth-shattering weapons, as well as vicious melee combat moves, all of which will come in handy against the likes of Crimson Dynamo and other classic Marvel foes. [Sega] Expand
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  1. Superhero games are supposed to be power fantasies. So far, the Iron Man games haven't done much to inspire my dreams, but at least they're not giving me nightmares anymore. If Sega keeps tweaking the formula, next time it might actually convince me that it's fun being Iron Man.
  2. While Sega surely got the gameplay and control mechanics down, they seemed to have fizzled out at the mission creation.
  3. 50
    It's not entirely broken, it is entirely pointless. [Issue#193, p.95]
  4. Games based on movie licenses get a bad rap for a reason. Iron Man 2 is one of them. Graphics are choppy, environments are dull, and everything feels slow. Avoid.
  5. 39
    Iron Man 2 the movie is pretty cool, but the game is the complete opposite. The graphics are poor and look like those of a PlayStation 2 game and the audio isn’t great either. The gameplay is repetitive and there is no atmosphere in the game. Don’t buy this game, it’s too bad and that’s a shame.
  6. One of the worst games this year so far - a soulless movie tie-in with a broken control scheme, crappy graphics, repetitive missions and a terrible story. Just stay away from this heap of rusty scrap metal and go see the movie instead.
  7. 16
    Sega Studios San Francisco's final game, Iron Man 2, based on this summer's movie, combines the worst pitfalls of both genres, leaving me with one simple conclusion: Iron Man 2 the videogame is not for anybody.

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  1. Apr 28, 2014
    i know, i know, why an 8/10?!! this game is one of the most fun in my collection, especially for trophy hunters like me. the gameplay is excellent, that is what makes the 8 in the score. however, the graphics are HORRIBLE and there is a lot of lag whenever a cutscene wants to start. i would have given the iron man 2 movie a 9/10. But this game is still really fun (at least in my opinion) Expand
  2. Jun 10, 2011
    The game was just down right horrible. Everything about this screams garbage. I would get locked on to stuff in the distance while trying to kill enemies right next to me. The camera was the worst of the whole game. This game should only be played if you are a trophy hunter but even then it's a maybe. They are easy to unlock but the game is a headache. Expand