• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Feb 27, 2009
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  1. Aug 16, 2010
    I am disappointed by Killzone 2. Even though it has received rave reviews by the critics, i have to say, i find it quite difficult to come up with positive things to say about it.
    The graphics are pretty nice yes, but unfortunately, games like Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 are available on PS3 and they have much more eye candy. The graphics of Gears of War 3 on Xbox 360 (I own both
    consoles) are almost on par.
    And, well, that's about all the positive things i have to say about this game.

    The story is a total fail. From the start i couldn't understand what we were doing on Helghan and why we were doing it. I couldn't even understand why we were supposed to be the good guys. Sure, the enemies looked menacing with all the nazi-like styling, but apart from that, the gamer doesn't have a clue what is going on, because the story is non existent.
    Just like the story, the characters and their conversations are completely disappointing as well. I can't say much because i just don't remember anything. My brain has immediately deleted any relevant information because it considered it junk i guess... Uncharted's story and script is light years better.

    The controls are adequate. I didn't like the covering mechanism -there were times that even though i was supposed to be covering, the enemies could still see me and shoot me dead- and the unimaginative way the developers chose to use the dualshock's accelerometer.

    Overall, a mediocre game, way worse than Gears of War series, Call of Duty, Crysis or Half Life.
    Certainly the biggest disappointment of all the ps3 exclusives.
  2. Oct 23, 2010
    A great game and what's amazing is just how much the developers managed to improve from the first game. Which was not a bad game but at the time it seemed like a game that would not spawn a franchise but after this game you need to get ready for Killzone 3 and I myself cannot wait.
  3. Oct 29, 2010
    This is a great game on paper, I mean it looks stunning. Unfortunately the gameplay is really sluggish and the controls have been ruined. They removed all secondary fire from the original, which means the weapon designs no longer make sense (one assault rifle still has the grenade launcher from the first game, but it is now inexplicably useless).

    Also, the cover system is terrible,
    totally unecessary in game like this- I can see what they tried to do, but it ends up being very awkward an unsatisfying trying to lean, scope and aim all at the same time... Beautiful game, disappointing gameplay. Hopefully Killzone 3 will address these issues. Expand
  4. Feb 20, 2012
    LMFAO @ xbox fanboys rating this AMAZING game 0 , This is an Amazing game.. The BEST FPS game this gen, A little underrated too, i mean how can a game like this get an 7 or 8 while a **** game like call of duty gets a 9 or 10 , believe me.. you MUST buy this game.. Its really fun, the story is also AMAZING! You will really like this game, I highly recommend this game to everyone with PS3!
  5. Aug 21, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Killzone 2 manages to be an awesome game from the beginning till the end. The single player is more than satisfying, BUT the multiplayer is just something that will knock you out. I fell instantly in love with the whole game. I can easily say that Killzone 2 is the best FPS that I have ever played and I really mean it. Expand
  6. Aug 22, 2010
    Awesome singleplayer, addictive multiplayer, amazing graphics and gameplay. By far my fave first person shooter (FPS) out there. What more can i say? Cannot wait till Killzone 3, that will probably be the only game that will surpass killzone 2.
  7. Aug 26, 2010
    It baffles me how a game like Killzone 2 can be considered so great, the graphics are amazing, everything else is terrible. STORY: Pretty standard sci-fi story Space Marines kill bad guys, decent voice acting but can get corny at times. Annoyances abound when you figure out that apparently you're the ONLY Space Medic left so you're left to be the only person that can revive your teammate and when you die, your teammates cannot revive you, in single player, hearing "ZEV, I NEED HELP ZEEEEVVVVVV" gets old very quickly. CONTROLS: Mushy "realistic" controls which make the multiplayer in this game feel so terribly unbalanced and sluggish, I think this is actually supposed to be a "feature" but the acceleration on the sticks is insanely high, but the sensitivity is low leading to unecessary . coming from gaming on PC with mouse and keyboard using analog sticks with a ton of accelleration seems so frustratingly inaccurate it's a deal breaker right there. GRAPHICS: As I said earlier, the graphics are great, same with the sound design. Aesthetically it's a well made game, but control and story wise it's terribly disappointing. Expand
  8. Jun 9, 2012
    Unfortunately, I am one of those disappointed by the game. I loved the first part, despite the clunky controls, mainly due to the fact that the story was awesome. In this part we partake in an invasion of the Helghan planet. The graphics are very good, but the game, for me, fails miserably in another department - single player game play. Basically, you go from room to room (or from open-air area to open-air area), getting rid of the baddies and hoping to find a checkpoint before somebody kills you. If they kill you, you will most likely have to redo the last few places. Which results in excruciatingly repetitive gameplay. I'm not a big fan of the checkpoint system, but I also have seen games in which it works perfectly.

    The AI is another peeve. You'll hear them yell that they'll cover you, which is a synonym for "I'll get shot ASAP", "I'll ignore that guy with the turret", and "I'll stay here and watch the baddies kill you while doing the objective, so you can do the last 2 rooms again". Adds to repetitiveness and destroys immersion completely. Just as bad as games in which your team is virtually indestructible, so that you don't even have to shoot a shot to win a level.

    Controls aren't great either. It could be me, but the proximity of the grenade throw and the shoot button were irritating.

    The game has potential, but fails.
  9. Oct 22, 2010
    It is a great multi-player game. I think that network hit detection is one of the best I ever seen. If you go face to face with someone you and both of you shoot each other at the same time both will die. That just does not happen often in other games. I think that time to kill is about perfect. The game can be played in organized manner, but it is not forced onto the player. Good organized teams will have no problem dominating the map.

    Add to this a good set of well designed maps, several fun modes, ability of users to create your own custom online games, password protected games. You can play against AI bots and with AI bots and you can invite your friends to AI bot game as well.

    The single player story is fun. The end game fight is not fun and feels like a cheap way to make battle tough. If you read online on the final fight you will find that many people say the same about final fight.

    I have played major online shooter games:
    All of Call of Duty games starting with 4 (fun, but got worse with every release after CoD 4)
    Medal of Honor (crap) Resistance fall of Man (original). It is good, but it is not fun by now.

    Killzone 2 is by far my favorite online shooter game out of the listed above.
  10. Dec 8, 2010
    The single player is well paced and action packed enough to enjoy despite the lack of a strong storyline. The multiplayer is incredibly addictive. It's a skill based FPS and one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. There is a tough learning curve that is very rewarding once you master the controls, weapons, maps, strategies and ultimately other players in the online multiplayer.
  11. Jan 16, 2011
    Very unimpressed. I played this game for about 6 hours split over 2 different sessions, and absolutely can not stand the controls. I have quite a lot of experience in FPS's, and I would certainly rather play Golden Eye than this game. The controls are slow and unresponsive, the use of automatic weapons is a joke, and accuracy is of all weapons in general is like using a red rider BB gun as a sniper rifle. Over all, I would say that this game is not even worth getting used. Expand
  12. Jan 22, 2011
    Killzone 2's campaign definitely could have used a stronger narrative, and the controls aren't as smooth as other shooters, but the campaign is a blast, the game is gorgeous, the multiplayer is engaging, and the overall presentation is phenomenal. If Killzone 3 can improve the narrative and mechanics to some degree, it will be the shooter to beat in 2011.
  13. Jan 26, 2011
    This is my first metacritic user review. I signed up just to praise this game really. It's my favourite PS3 game (at least right now), and it's my favourite shooter across all platforms. It's just an amazing game. I've been playing shooters since the early days of Doom and Quake. I was playing Quake arena back in 1997, on dial-up, and Killzone 2 has been the best shooter experience I've had since then. The single-player campaign is great, and I thought that the story was not as bad as some have made it out to be. In fact, I liked it. Sure, Rico can get a bit annoying sometimes, but I think overall he does add something to the game. The multiplayer, called "Warzone", is where this baby really shines. First of all the graphics on this game are the best I've seen on almost every game out there. They are just as good as Uncharted 2, in my opinion. You combine this with great gameplay, realistic controls, a great clan and squad system, good physics, and you have a stunning multiplayer that will keep you busy for hours and days to come. You won't want to put the controller down. It's just that good. And yes I've played all the Call of Duties, but Killzone 2 I think is overall a better multiplayer. Expand
  14. Mar 7, 2011
    Killzone 2 is one of my favorite FPS games for two reasons. One of the most important reasons is that this game has very decent to exellent AI and they do not spawn at exactly the same place each time. Although not perfect the AI are capable of making intelligent decisions as a group and this allows one to also take different approaches and routes to take the enemy out. Especially on the highest setting this is very important to keep the game fresh and challenging. The second reason I love this game is the visuals - the smoke obsuring your view ect is unlike any other game and adds to the adrenaline rush of playing through it. Ironically this is also one small fault of this title. Despite awesome graphics there are lots of times the game very briefly pauses to catch up and although the catch up is minimal it does interfere with the immersion of the gameplay. Two other small faults hamper this game: your AI buddies do seem to get in your way quite often and some chapters start you off with really low powered weapons inappropriate for the situation. I find this quite annoying rather than immersive to the storyline. Apart from these small issues Killzone 2 is top in class. Apart from the FEAR series you will not be treated to such good AI that you actually feel you are taking on a real fantasy group of enemies with more than half a brain each which is typical of almost all other shooters. Expand
  15. Nov 9, 2010
    This game is not good the only thing good about it is the graphics the frame rate is not good and gameplay isn't good neither. And the multiplayer just isn't fun.
  16. Jul 2, 2011
    everyone to their own, Killzone 2 (whilst looking nice) is a clumsy,awkward controlled FPS with perhaps the worst and most irritating characters I've ever seen in a video game.
    I don't like the term 'overrated', so won't label this so. I know many like the game and I'm in the minority, but wasn't my cup of tea.
  17. Dec 27, 2011
    My first time playing a game in the Killzone series, and in my opinion it seems like the PlayStation 3's parody/rip-off of the Xbox 360's Gears of War series, from the focus strictly on action rather then plot, to the annoying overuse of the F word, the graphics are phenomenal managing to be better looking then a lot of games that come out now with only light areas showing age (I'm looking at you flamethrower fire trail), and the soundtrack is great, as is the sound of explosions and gunfire, but voice acting is passable at best, you can get used to the controls but I wouldn't really call them good but instead decent, the campaign is pretty good but mediocre compared to some other shooters, and is hindered by a lack of plot and unlikable characters, but like I said it's still pretty good, multiplayer is where it shines, all the issues with controls fade away, it's a blast and addicting and the reason you should pick this up, but with Killzone 3 out the multiplayer is slowly coming to an end, so in the end it's got some issues but it's still a good shooter that you can still have fun with, but there are better options available. Expand
  18. Nov 9, 2011
    I've always thought that graphics shouldn't define a gaming experience, however, with a title like Killzone 2 it's not hard to be persuaded for glitz over gameplay. Killzone 2 is one of those titles where the graphics and effects have a direct influence on the overall experience. The level of detail is absolutely amazing and when combined with the fairly competent shooting style and level design, it ends up being a thoroughly engaging and downright intense experience. Futuristic shooting has never been done so well and it's worth a play if only to ogle over the incredible visuals even if the story itself does sometimes reduce itself to laughable cliches and stock characters. Expand
  19. Apr 15, 2013
    Awesome fun truly a quality title with awe-inspiring visuals, great AI and enemies in general, wicked levels just quality!

    Love it highly recommended!
  20. Dec 14, 2011
    Bought this game for $20, and the only thing I didn't like about it was getting my ass kicked on elite difficulty or online. The controls aren't for everyone, but they add a new and interesting approach to gunplay that involves using your head more than you use the fire button. Could have used a toggle crouch option for the otherwise perfect first person cover system, but other than that, I didn't have any problems with the controls. Some say that the game-play can be repetitive, but I strongly disagree. The game-play is dynamic in that your character is rendered in real time and the game will periodically switch to a third person perspective. Your character even emits his own shadow from multiple light sources which are also among the best lighting effects in the history of gaming. There are many different enemy types and each one can provide a tough challenge even on recruit difficulty. The impressive A.I. bounds from cover to cover and flanks you if given the opportunity. Any dissapointments killzone 1 had were fixed in this game. Possibly the best shooter sequel ever in terms of improvements in quality. In terms of graphics -well- what can I see about killzone 2's visuals that hasn't already been said. The visuals are simply phenomenal and the frame rests at a smooth 30fps while screen tearing is non-existent. The artful use of excellent cell-shading and textures are beautiful. Sadly, the game features no co-op but the campaign and multiplayer provide a great experience. The campaign stays true to the killzone storyline and does a good job of keeping the player interested. The Helghast have a more dramatic presence and the ending provides a nice cliff-hanger for a sequel. The story could have used more depth as we no relatively little about the Helghast and ISA motives for war but otherwise the plot is easy to follow and the voice acting is good. The multiplayer is similar to games like team fortress or battlefield as it focuses on classes. Good teamwork and diverse use of classes are the key to winning online. Dedicated servers improve the reliability of the game, and the maps are fun to play. All in all, Killzone 2 progresses the killzone series forward and is a worthy sequel. Expand
  21. Dec 11, 2013
    Good shooter. Like the world created here. Although there is nothing new or special about it. It looks good, it controls well. I don't like the grey worlds though, there should be more color in this game.
  22. Dec 11, 2011
    This game is massively over hyped. This game may be a graphical milestone for the ps3, but the plot is nil. The mechanics are clunky and not very fun at all. Multiplayer is pretty much exactly what you have been playing since halo 2. Nothing new or interesting here, a lot of rehashed, poorly executed ideas.
  23. Sep 22, 2013
    Okay so it's September 2013 and I decided to play Killzone 2, a title that I only played briefly in 2009. Now I've been playing BF3, Crysis 2 on PC with max settings so I wasn't expecting much in the graphics department but I have never been so surprised before. This game looks amazing on my LG 55" LED tv. I also decided to play it with 3D turned on and woah. It's amazing. The gore, the weapons, the animations and all the details and amazing graphics just sucked me into this game. I played it nonstop from start to finish and can't wait to get Killzone 3.

    So this leaves me thinking, why exactly do we desperately need a new generation of gaming platforms? What exactly will they improve so much to be considered "next generation"? The leap isn't that big looking at the new titles that will come out. Do we really crave those extra textures so much? Because that's basically what it adds, and less loading times perhaps. The lighting is already perfected in Killzone 2. Sure connectivity and online play seems to be the new thing that grants it the title of "next generation" but this could be done on current aswell.. Oh well that went off track. Anyway, if you haven't played Killzone 2, you'll be amazed with what your PS3 can do.
  24. May 27, 2012
    Great graphics, but not much else.
  25. Jan 19, 2013
    Killzone 2 is the second installment in the Killzone trilogy and with newer characters so is Killzone 2 better than the original or is it another predictable FPS game lets find out. The story introduces us to Sev the protagonist of the game and is the character likeable yes he is, Rico, Templar also return in K2. So the campaign is excellent the graphics are mind blowing and the sound effects are superb. K2 however has its flaws like the glitches and the controls. So K2 didn't dissapoint me in the campaign and the multiplayer is great as well is will give K2, 8/10. Expand
  26. Mar 15, 2013
    @guywhohateskillzone You're a dumbass xbox fanboy! this game is way better and more realistic than any of your games. go take youe xbox and shove it up your A$$!

    ehem, now about the game. ITS FREAKIN beautiful ONE OF THE BEST LOOKING GAMES ON THE PS3. @guywhohateskillzone To bad xbox doesn't have any other games besides halo. who cares killzone halo!
  27. Jan 23, 2014
    I have been playing this game for awhile now and the more I play it the more I don't like it. the controls are terrible. There's is so much lag when you turn its almost impossible to kill someone.on top of that every gun is extremely inaccurate, there's is no point aiming down sights. Multiplayer is descent , the controls are a little better but most of time enemy camps outside your spawn, killing you every time you spawn. They are a lot better because of the unlocked abilities they have and you don't have anything. Expand
  28. Sep 28, 2013
    "Killzone 2" es un first person shooter con una historia, si bien no es muy original, pero su acción sólida y sus gráficos superiores lo defienden que da gusto. Este título es un logro tecnológico y actualmente tiene uno de los mejores multiplayers que he jugado. Si no lo han jugado les digo que les espera mucha acción y diversión.
  29. Dec 22, 2013
    Killzone 2 is a perfect showcase of the power of the Playstation 3. The single player is bold, and the multiplayer is ambitious. Both are very successful as well.
  30. Feb 21, 2014
    KZ2 is one the best first-person shooter games for ps3.It's gameplay is great and it's graphics make it looks like real.The story is awesome and it makes you fight through explosive battefields against Helgast.It's only disanvantage is the variety of weapons.There are only a little amount of kind of weapons that makes the game less interesting.But it ks not a reason for no buy it!!!For me it worth it Expand
  31. Jun 30, 2014
    If you like blowing stuff up (space Nazis in particular) then this'll be right up your street. I'm not much of an FPS man generally but occassionaly I get the hankering to play one and this was such a time. This featured the most immersive gameplay I've ever experienced in an FPS, the controls are slick, the sound effects great, and although the graphics are starting to show their age a little they're still more than adequate. Where it falls down a little is on the story front for me, I didn't feel the characters were that great (a little too stereotyped for my liking). The ISA (the team you play as) didn't have much going for it to make you really like them and the story was all pretty simplistic. I did like the Darth-Vader inspired bad guy Radec and his clearly Nazi inspired chronies however, their red faces contrasting to the general greyness of the game looked really bad-ass. That's another topic worth mentioning, the game is very grey, a little more variation in the levels would have been nice.
    Overall this was a hell of a lot of fun, with amazing gameplay but falls short of being great because of the simplistic unengaging story and generally forgettable 'good guy' characters.
  32. Jan 8, 2011
    thu game had alot of hype on it. i was really hoping for a better game. the story mode is ok bit the plot i couldnt atleast follow or care much about what was going on. the voice acting is pretty good the wepon selection is ok nothing really exciting for wepons. the fact that you get to carry only one main wepon and one pistol type sucked. the Ai enimy is pretty good and they will take cover and use tactics on you. the online starts off great when you play in the rookie rooms every thing feels pretty balanced and spawn camping is hard to do with the turrets ... although once you hit LT. status the online goes to hell . every game turns into a spawn campingfest . the games balance goes to hell as higher levels will just rocket you to death and are far more powerful then you. Expand
  33. Oct 28, 2010
    i dont think this game really lived up to its expectations the game play could of been better it meant it isn't the most enjoyable gaming experience. The story was decent enough i liked that wasn't perfect but good
  34. Apr 25, 2011
    Killzone 2 was one of the most hyped and anticipated games for PS3 when it was being developed, and in many ways it lived up to that hype. The graphics are the highlight here; the story, characters and game play are not the best I've ever seen, nor are they the worst, but they're not great. I didn't play the first game, so perhaps I was at a disadvantage with the story but I struggled to keep interest in it almost from the start. Bad guys come, you kill them, you move on. It's been done many times before and this game does it uninspired from start to finish. The characters are hard to like, one of them including profanities a couple of times in each sentence, although the main antagonist is easy to dislike he is not a memorable one. The control system is something I had trouble getting to grips with, and I felt there was a delay between my button press and the gun on-screen shooting. I changed the controls and it became easier, so if you're struggling try this too. Killzone 2 is a hard game to like, but I did complete it in 10-11 hours. 1/5. Expand
  35. Apr 2, 2012
    This game does have a certain charm to it. Its bleak, dystopian Helghan homeworld is well presented with realistic graphics and great sound. In the whole, you could say, genre of gun-metal grey shooters, Killzone 2 stands out as particularly compelling. It's just too bad this thing is a mess to play. The controls feel like you are constantly moving through mud, and for a first-person shooter this is a very big problem. The thing is just frustrating to play and kills feel more like strokes of luck than anything else. Too bad, this could have been great. Expand
  36. Aug 23, 2013
    At first I thought this was just another stupid FPS but after 30 minutes, I knew I was dead wrong. The gameplay mixes your average FPS with other great elements. Xbox may have Halo but Playstation has Killzone.
  37. Oct 12, 2010
    While Killzone 2 is by no means a bad game, boasting a great online system, excellent visuals, and high-action single-player levels, it is by no means revolutionary to its genre. The controls aren't very fluid and will often leave one frustrated, the single-player story features a done-to-death Space Marine theme, and the characters are boring and hard to grow on (not to mention that the acting is decent at best). Killzone 2 is a good game, but it isn't a must-have title, as Sony would have you believe. Pick it up if you're a fan of shooters, but don't expect too much from it. Expand
  38. Apr 27, 2011
    9/10 = Amazing = An Excellent FPS that looks stunning. A bit to slow for my liking. Some small issues I had with it were definately fixed in Killzone 3.
  39. Apr 26, 2011
    Killzone 2 can only be described as ''solid'' as it does almost everything right. The problem is that the only thing that's beyond solid is the online and graphics. Being one of the most hyped games on the ps3 anything other then perfection would have brought endless criticism and hate, but this game deserves some of it's praise. As a FPS Killzone 2 is one of the best on the ps3, and I usually don't like FPS controlls on consoles, and Killzone 2 does it well enough. I liked the shooting elements and the arsenal of weapons. Shooting off helghast hemets with a pistol is allways awsome. The flamethrower, shotgun and sniper rifle also break up the usual action. The graphics in the game are incredible in a way that few other FPS's could do but it still lacks something. The characters movement is stiff at times and the transitions between cutscenes and gameplay are way too obvious. The dialog is absolutely terrible, the worst part of the game. The story is like world war 2 in the future where the helghast are some kind of space natzis. The online is where the game shines the most, as the core gameplay is at it's best online. The maps aren't huge but they are smartly built. Every part of the map is usefull for tactics and you'l find yourself enjoying these maps a long time. As the third game came out, being almost identical to it's predecessor, it's allways nice to remember this game. Killzone 2 is truly great, it's not incredible nor anything unique, but it does it's job well enough and in the end of the day, I'm not complaining. Expand
  40. Nov 26, 2010
    This game is not very good at all, and is generic as hell. I'm not even a Halo fan but any of those games are far better than this for an FPS, not even to mention Battlefield, Call of Duty, Team Fortress, Metroid, Half-Life, etc... There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this game. The story/characters SUCK, and there is far better multiplayer experiences out there, and the controls are AWFULLL. Expand
  41. Feb 19, 2011
    killzone 2 is a good game but there is some room for improvement. You can see the designers put a lot of effort into the enemies movement and AI, but they sometimes go overboard when the helghast die, some even jumping and doing a full 360 degree spin. the graphics are good but not the best I've seen in a PS3 game. the allies are very judging, miss one shot and they start saying stuff like "C'mon, start shooting them, why do i have to kill them all?" the storyline is a major downfall, they don't explain the war with the helghast enough for people who haven't played the first killzone. good game but could still be a lot better Expand
  42. May 9, 2012
    Unfortunately that game isn't even as good as its prequel. It is a dumb enemy-respawn-action-failure with no mentionable story and the simple quintessence: it needs more than some outstanding graphics to create a good game.
    But after all, it fits... in these times it seems only games with a lot boom boom and permanent thill can bring kids to the screen. Must be some concession to the
    attention deficit hyperactivity disorder age... Expand
  43. Feb 4, 2011
    One thing I do hate about this website is that spotty teenage Xbox fanboys who did not get enough pocket money from their mommy to buy a proper console for grown ups, spend their time slagging off Killzone. Get a PS3, get a life, grow some balls and hair on them, before you both to comment on ANYTHING in life, let alone a proven AAA game like Killzone 2 ... !!! Muppets !!!
  44. Feb 10, 2011
    I know it's a bit late to review this game especially with the release of killzone 3 being very soon, but when i played this in 2009 it was outstanding. The graphics, campaign and multiplayer were some of the best I have ever encountered. If you love the FPS genre you will want to play this game because it's a refreshing change from other shooters. Don't think it's just Call of duty otherwise you'll hate this game. Players need to give this game a chance and see how other developers make a FPS. My complaints that stop this game getting a perfect 10/10 is the slightly simple and generic storyline, no party system and the outdated lobby system. But these things are easy to forgive especially when you consider how well this game does the important things. But don't buy this because Killzone 3 is nearly here! Expand
  45. Jun 26, 2013
    Although I'm playing this game 4 years after it's release I am gobsmacked that it got such stellar reviews. It's so generic that it hurts. I could best describe this game as a Call of Duty clone. It could probably make it as a Black Ops title if the controls weren't so and slow. So what makes it's so terrible you say? The level design is uninspiring to say the least shades of brown and grey, claustrophobic, & repetitive. Checkpoints that lead you forward to yet another wave of enemies. Bland weaponry. The voice acting is cringe worthy, and the lip syncing looks like something you'd see in a game pre-2000. Maybe I'm spoiled by recent releases, but this PS3 exclusive has been a let down. Expand
  46. Oct 24, 2012
    When I first played this game at launch, I stuck the game in played for 20 mins, got sick of it and put it away for over a year. I then was bored one day so I figured I would try it out again. It took me awhile to get into it but I did and it wasn't that bad after all. The people saying that the graphics are the best......hmm no I don't think so. The game is ugly, it only uses a few colors and it's actually very dull to me. The controls were dog crap when I first played this game, but they patched it and that is no longer an issue. The story is as generic as they come. There is nothing unique about this game and there are bigger and better games out there. The game however is quite fun when you get into it, but like I said, been there,done that. Atleast it's better than Call of Duty, I won't go into why Call of Duty sucks, but it does.. Once you finish Killzone 2 you may want to get the trophies, but the campaign has no replayabilty. Multiplayer is alright but nothing that will engage you for too long. But like I said earlier, it's still better than Call of Duty.. Expand
  47. May 10, 2011
    only 1 word required: EPIC.

    it's just fantastic, the MP is that addictive it's crazy, everything about this game is beautiful, except the COD fanboys that find it too hard and cry so loud...
  48. May 11, 2011
    32 player Warzone maddness! This FPS is the greatest game I've ever played. Even now over 2 years later it's still the king in my book. Even better then Kz 3, which took a huge step back. Every game I play never gets old. Love the custom games! You want to play pistols only match? Check, 30 min warzone mission objectives? Check. Hate rocket launchers and want them removed? Check. The list is endless. Even now I can jump online and find plently of full Warzone matches. Some people complained about the controls but I never found them to be a problem at all. I just played around with the sensitivity and turned HP on, problem solved. Kz 2 in game squad feature is great. Clan system is great. In game music, prox chat, spawn nades, class ability mixing, balanced diverse maps, I could go on. Most people actually go for the mission objectives and this has to be one of the most anti camping shooters I've ever played aswell. Expand
  49. Jun 16, 2011
    Great PS3 game absolutly beautiful short but intense and fun single player that will make you want more with some of my favorite multiplayer some of the best classes in a multiplayer with the great graphics makes this a must play
  50. Mar 23, 2014
    First, I'd like to say that the graphics of this game are just phenomenal. Even though released in 2009, it can still hold up to today's games. Plus, it has so much attention to detail. Gunshot wounds are near-realistic, and AI is actually intelligent (enemy soldiers can and will flank you). But I really hated the story. It could have been great, they just needed to develop the characters more. Instead, characters drop the f-bomb every 5 seconds. Multiplayer is awesome, but vanilla maps are lacking (only 8). Try get the Killzone bundle though, you'll get the first 3 KZ games and all their DLC. Expand
  51. Oct 22, 2012
    Coming from well over a decade of FPS experience on PC, I found Killzone 2's controls to be horrible, the AI stupid and annoying and the environments (although nice to look at) just as stupid. Example: Being unable to shoot through cracks in rubble, grenades bounce off the most ridiculous parts of the scenery and your comrades constantly wander into your line of fire or stand behind you preventing you from taking cover. That said, for some reason I enjoyed it, though I did restart the game on its easiest difficulty due to my control pad handicap. There's realism (but little enjoyment) in the dark environments it's difficult to see who's shooting you or what you're supposed to be shooting at, however the game is well designed and looks great and kept me playing until I finished it, not sure whether that's down to OCD on my part though. Expand
  52. Aug 27, 2011
    Rent it for 7 days but definitely I'll buy it. Great FPS! It's not a difficult game, final boss is a joke (in normal mode), it's short and a bit repetitive but you'll still get a great experience. Among greatest FPS. Multiplayer game is excellent. Story is ok and graphics are pretty nice. Buy it!
  53. Sep 16, 2011
    It's definitely gorgeous show od PS3 power, but not only - despite of weak storytelling and heroes, you can find fantastic mechanism of shooting and large mulitplayer.
  54. Feb 20, 2012
    LMFAO @ xbox fanboys rating this AMAZING game 0 , This is an Amazing game.. The BEST FPS game this gen, A little underrated too, i mean how can a game like this get an 7 or 8 while a **** game like call of duty gets a 9 or 10 , believe me.. you MUST buy this game.. Its really fun, the story is also AMAZING! You will really like this game, I highly recommend this game to everyone with PS3!
  55. Dec 28, 2011
    Killzone 2 is pretty good and now have a very cheap price, its must have for every user PS3. Graphic is good and available to use a 1080p - but still worser than KZ3. Campaign i'ts ok, with very good history. I found for me one negative is booring.
    SinglePlayer - Yes. / Multiplayer - No.
    Finally score: 7
  56. Feb 18, 2012
    This game is great. I am not sure if I like killzone 2 or 3 better. The graphics look amazing for an early title and I feel the story keeps you going. Great atmosphere and set pecies leave this as a great package and a must own for ps3 owners. Just remember that the controls do take a little getting used to but once you get it down you won't put this down till its complete.
  57. Jan 25, 2012
    Well you know this game is considered as best game in the series of Killzone and it is the most improved sequel ever because of its graphics, intelligent A.I, cover system, sound and the return of Templar but however he died but the gameplay is was its best and the control are not clunky but a bit sluggish and the cover system allow you to "lean and peak" and pop up fire to the enemies are one of the best cover system i ever seen and the character with not the same voice and same faces like its predecessor gets me hyped up because i don't like to see the bald guy with same voices and the multiplayer is a good way to hype you up too! Expand
  58. Dec 27, 2011
    -Excellent tech (animation, AI, renderer) and visual elements (textures, models). Music: excellent. Sound: some good & bad. Story: mediocre. Gameplay: somewhat bland and repetitive (there are some good sequences though). Difficulty: some very frustrating sequences in the latter half (even on "easy"). Your weapons are underpowered. The controls feel sluggish (probably due to perceptible input latency) and the cover system works but is too clunky. My campaign clocked at just under 8 hours. Includes multiplayer offline bots which is a bonus. Multiplayer: not played. I finished it only to see all the visuals--they are that good. This could have been a great single-player game with some needed changes. For its 2011 price, I'd call it a good value. Expand
  59. Sep 6, 2012
    Very good game, though I have not played the first Killzone, but I guess it should not be a problem for FPS. This game gave me many "Whoa!" and "fxck yeah" moments. All I can say is, this is a very well-crafted game. I prefer this more than resistance. PS3 owners should play this!
  60. Feb 10, 2012
    it's brilliant . doesn't have a deep story , or super smooth gameplay , but there are other games that do , KZ2 is different , Killzone 2 gives you a gun , gives a few hard enemies and tells you to unleash hell . it's fun , it's raw , it's on the money and it's the best Killzone game and one of the best ps3 exclusive . this game defines the soul of gaming to the point
  61. Feb 26, 2012
    This game was nothing more than sparkling graphics and realistic guns. The game play eventually become boring and all too familiar. The story is not engaging, and neither are the characters. I was disappointed to see Jan Templar be replaced by this "Sev" character. Everything good about the plot and characters of Killzone 1 vanished as the entire focus came down to graphics and gameplay. Although those are greatly important, if I am not engaged by a story I won't play the game. The plot seemed predictable and even cliche. It very much felt like I was playing a cheap rip off of what Killzone should have been. This game is simply overrated. Killzone 1 was much better. The game overall is very dark and blan, not very motivating, and not worth a second playthough. Expand
  62. Mar 6, 2012
    BES FPS EVER!!! , I CANT believe how some people gave this game such low scores! Its a **** AWESOME! game.. I recommend this game to every "REAL" gamer out there.
  63. Mar 10, 2012
    the only standout feature in K2 is the beautiful graphics and atmosphere. other than that the story is meh and the controls are hard to get used to through the whole game.
  64. Dec 11, 2012
    almost gave this game a 10, and I probably would have if they had fixed one thing which was seamlessness. What I mean is not having levels but just a continuation of game. Like uncharted with chapters and know loading. But this definitely has levels and then a cut scene and then loading. I actually can't believe this game actually lived up to the ridiculous hype that the old e3 trailer built back in 2007. This game actually changed some things with the FPS and had amazing graphics, lighting, physics and animations, especially when you shot someone i loved how they reacted, Awesome art, I love the city of helghan going through the alleys and seeing amazing detail a lighting and thunder and sound and debris and shadows. They even threw in some innovative ways to kill mini bosses. The multiplayer was awesome. This was an amazing game, and had it been a little more seamless, with better bosses, and better story this would have been a 10. Another thing that was impressive was the destruction of environments that it had. I was absolutely amazed at this game, I felt like it almost had it all. One point that was distracting though now that i remember was the animation when you hit something like a button or whatever, the camera would jerk you and it didn't feel very fluid. Expand
  65. Oct 18, 2014
    Action packed FPS sci-fi shooter, but less tactical than the original in the story campaign. Enjoyed it, but not as much as the first Killzone and I missed the old characters. The new characters just didn't do it for me at all and the story was forgettable.
  66. Oct 19, 2012
    Not only is Killzone 2 one of the best ps3 exclusives, it is one of the BEST first-person shooters ever made. It is creative, has an amazing story and graphics, and is just a BLAST to play! This is a must-buy for Playstation 3 users.
  67. Feb 23, 2013
    This is the best FPS game I've ever played online. It's so perfect!... Some people may complain about "heavy" controls but I have never had any problems what so ever and I think it has to do with that I came from the Xbox to the PS3 where on the xbox and 360 the analog sticks are heavy/slower. This game is the most balanced FPS game I've ever played online and it's so fun.
  68. Oct 13, 2012
    Great looking game. Better than the look is the sound. Honestly no fps comes near it in terms of sound. The characters are kind of forgetfull (Natko and Rico are douche bags). The story isn't that great either. All of this is a minor issue when you dig in the action which is kind of unforgiving in higher difficulty.
  69. Oct 29, 2012
    I enjoyed playing Killzone 2, the graphics are really good and the multiplayer online is awesome, I do however, dislike them fact that some players glitch into the surroundings, and can kill you, but, you not them :/ that aside as I don't cheat, I enjoy it :p

    Story mode is great as well, just a good shooter up :D
  70. Jan 6, 2013
    Good game by the way. Worth the wait those 4 years. The graphics are good and the story too. But what I'm wondering is where are hacka and Luger, and also because **** killed Templar
  71. Oct 21, 2014
    One of the first if not the first game for PS3. In the beginning of the "new generation" this was the first FPS and the hype was very high. Sadly we were and we are disappointed. The graphic is not so good and there are a lot of "loading" moment, where the screen freeze for a couple of second. They are in some strategic point, so there is no real problem during combat, but they are still annoying. Also you can see a many freeze (for less than a second). The music and the sound effects are also poor. The plot is very thin and there are too many things left out, nothing is explained about the first episode just some hints...
    And the end game? Ahhh... It's better not to speak about it!
  72. May 20, 2013
    This game deserves to be considered as the best fps on the PlayStation 3. The graphics are really great, the sounds are good too, the single player is not too short, and it has good atmosphere. As most fps games, this build on the multiplayer very much, and it does great in this aspect too. The 32 player matches are fun to play, but unfortunately nowadays sometimes you can't find a game with more than 15 players. As a part of the Killzone Trilogy this is one of the best offers you can find. Expand
  73. Sep 5, 2013
    Disappointing, Mediocre and repetitive, those are the emotions and feelings that Killzone 2 evoke on my conscious mind while playing it.

    It amazes me how some people can foolishly get hyped for just a couple of nice graphical effects, i said it before and i said it again, graphics, don't make a game, good.
    It's the combination of the different departments that work in the game itself
    in a well thought way, with heart, and intelligence put into it.

    Killzone 2 it's you running around in a wide and repetitive stage while shooting the exact same model of a "Helghast" over, and over, and over again, there's no stop into it and when finally is, it can just be summed up into you as the player getting on a mech and shooting the exact same models once again, it's an endless loop of repetition that i can't stand, there where several different times where i felt like i was being forced into played the game.

    The worst problem of the game itself is the incredible lost of potential that "SCEA" demonstrates in this game. the "Helghast" could possibly be one of the most intriguing and interesting characters that someone might play against in a video game, but they get such a poor and mediocre treatment, that you just get upset there isn't a lot more information of them in the game, it's a huge waste of opportunity when it happen.

    The characters that carry along with you throughout the "joyful ride" that "Killzone 2" offers, are one of the most uninteresting, and annoying characters that any game can share to the player, once again, this game just manages to shine when a huge waste of potential shows up.
    But that's not the worst part of "Killzone 2", oh no, it gets much, much worse.
    The gameplay of this game is extremely repetitive, there wasn't even one thing that i can recall being memorable or interesting, or that even shined throughout my boring, and dull experience with it.

    It is disgusting that a game like "KIllzone 2" can be praised so much at a point of being considered, "one of the best shooters for the ps3", pathetic, shallow, uninteresting, boring, repetitive, it's the experience that you're more that likely are going to have while playing "Killzone 2".

    Don't get fooled by the naive and ignorant reviews, of some people that can get surprised with a couple of nice graphical effects, and shadows that pop out, and cover the awful failure that this game is.
    Even then, the cover up doesn't last for a while.
  74. May 30, 2013
    An absolutely fantastic game with the best atmosphere in a war-based shooter that I've ever played.

    The conflict between Vekta and Helghan feels real. It's dark, horrible, scary, and yet so utterly fantastic. Killzone 2 feels realistic due to the controls which on purpose are a bit slow and hard maneuvered. You have to take cover, flank, in short use a strategy to survive. Like it
    should be in a war.

    One of the best games of the entire generation.
  75. Sep 17, 2013
    An excellent shooter, one of the best games I've played on ps3, for its graphics, its dark and gloomy environments, for its realism, for its addictive multiplayer gameplay, I only to criticize that there are quests that are repetitive.
  76. Oct 2, 2013
    Killzone 2....Highly hyped and highly anticipated. Does not disappoint either. From the moment you start this game up it makes you feel like it's a real war going on. The game looks beautiful, but it has an awful lot of brown and orange. The controls are loyal to Killzone but it does take some getting used to especially the melee. The story is very well written and shows that the Helgast aren't just alien they're also human. The voice acting is very well done and the sound effects will shatter glass with surround sound on. Shooting gets a little annoying since the crossair dissapears the longer you shoot and your bullets become more inaccuarte but you'll get used to it and that's not a problem in multiplayer. Oh yeah, the multiplayer. When I had my choice of Call of Duty or Killzone 2, I chose Killzone 2. It is just THAT much fun and easy to get into. It has a lot of traditional FPS MP modes only renamed and retweeked. An overall incredible package that no shooter/ps3 fan should dare miss out. Expand
  77. Oct 17, 2013
    The game is interesting, but more suitable for hardcore fans of shooters. The game is somewhat similar to Quake 2 in style. In my opinion, the game has some serious flaws: not a good storyline, bad settings of aiming, too high complexity of the passage. Sometimes you just can not pass the level. The final battle with Radek became the talk of the town.
  78. Oct 19, 2013
    I came late to the party on this game. I'll admit I did enjoy it a little bit. The graphics are cool, gameplay is solid even though the controls are a bit clunky.

    I got about half-way through and just ended up bored so I never finished it. To me it's just an average FPS, nothing special about it. There seemed to be more focus on the graphics than fun game play.
  79. Nov 5, 2013
    I can't believe this game has earned such high rankings. The story is a catastrophe and the campaign is boring. I give a six because the multiplayer is better.
  80. Nov 16, 2013
    killzone 2 was so great because it had that authentic vibe to it. It was that one out of 100 games that feel like it was already a classic even though you first got it. cant believe i sold mines. need to get another copy asap.
  81. Nov 22, 2013
    I'm really disappointed with the second game in this series. I loved the 1st killzone, in particular because the settings looks both realistic and futuristic, and because the story was engaging. Frankly, I can't tell you what the story in number 2 is like, because I can't get over how mediocre the game mechanics are. Firstly, the aiming is slow and clunky, the crosshairs are near invisible, the particle effects (whilst pretty) make spotting anything in the entirely brown grey environment a pain, death happens randomly, enemies fluctuate between insane bullet sponges, to flimsy cardboard cutouts, the AI is a bit special, and the combat is just not fun. I put the aiming sensitivity to full, and it still takes several seconds to pan from one side of the screen to the other, which in a game where enemies can essentially one shot you, and the hit indicator is non-existent, makes surviving each fire fight tedious at best.

    I really wanted to enjoy this game, but Its one of the few games where I cannot stand to play it because the mechanics of it are terrible.
  82. Feb 8, 2014
    "Killzone 2" is definitely a major step up from "Killzone 1". The graphics are really good, and the enemy AI provides one heck of a challenge. Unfortunately, the ally AI is so terrible that it made the last boss fight ridiculously unfair. I watched in horror as the final boss riddled Rico with bullets repeatedly, while Rico just stood there facing the opposite direction. Did he run? Did he return fire? No, he stood there, apparently so entranced by the palace architecture that he barely noticed the blood spewing from himself. This happened so often during the course of the game that the only reason I continued playing was I'm OCD and a glutton for punishment. Also, the dialog was terrible, the voice acting was terrible, and the plot had so many points that lacked common sense it was difficult to suspend disbelief. Further, why would you ever put someone as dumb and as wholly worthless as Rico in charge of a squad? Further, the enemy, the Helghast, were far more interesting--well, actually interesting--than the people on your own side. Nothing irritates me more about a video game than when it starts off amazing and slides down the garbage chute the further in you go. It was wholly frustrating and rage-inducing to watch. Expand
  83. Jul 19, 2014
    the 7 goes only for the single player, Im not into online play, so I dont know how it performs in multiplayer. What I do know is, that while the controls ,characters, voice acting, graphics and almost anything is great in this game one thing bothered me : the level design id awfully repetitive and boring, with the same colorsheme trough-out the entire game. The levels didnt seemed to end, they just kind of extend. only once in a while comes a breath of fresh air, when you get to drive a vechicle. but other than that, the game is really monotone after a while. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 94 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 90 out of 94
  2. Negative: 0 out of 94
  1. It's true that Killzone 2 is filled with moments that can handily be described as inspiring awe. Each scene is incredibly well detailed, from the gaps in jerry-rigged cover points letting you sneak in a killing headshot to scarred and scratched textures, the planet feels entirely believable... Without a doubt Killzone fans, action and shooter fans of any stripe will instantly tag this sequel as a powerful contender for best game of 2009. [Feb 2009, p.38]
  2. Killzone 2’s secret ingredient is the fluidity in gameplay that we have come to enjoy more than its graphical prowess or jaw-dropping visuals. And that’s what games have always been about... We're surprised to see Killzone 2 blows our expectations out of the water with a memorable SP campaign and a stellar MP component. To put it short, this game makes "Gears of War 2" look like a high school attempt at gaming and that is a HUGE compliment!
  3. Visually it's so far ahead of anything else out there it shatters your expectations...This is a PS3 showing what it's truly capable of and delivering a landmark piece of explosive entertainment you can't afford to miss. [Feb 2009, p.88]