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  1. Mar 8, 2011
    First off if you have played and enjoyed the best Action titles available such as Bayonetta, the Devil May Cry series and Ninja Gaiden series then you should definitely lower your expectations, as Knights Contract is of a completely different calibre to those games. Knights Contract is mostly a linear adventure with past chapters opening once completed to go back to at any time for collecting items. Combat, while not containing a tremendous amount of depth is extremely fun when combining both Heinrich's melee and Gretchen's magic attacks together. This is one area of Knights Contract where I am confident most will find their satisfaction. Also the story was decent if sometimes a little predictable early on, but it does get better as the game progresses. Bosses are large and are indeed a sight to behold. The fights themselves are almost on the God of War scale but probably not as well executed. There are some very frustrating moments in Knights Contract which detract from the overall experience, such as Gretchen's often suicidal A.I (she just seems to love standing in lava!), Quick Time Events that require near super human timing and the numerous cheap deaths during boss fights that would make even the calmest of gamers irritate. Graphically the game is of a pretty low standard. Enemies and Bosses are nicely designed with plenty of detail but the games surroundings have an overall lack of polish to them and could quite possibly pass for a 360 launch title. Sometimes background textures even take up to 10-15 seconds to load is some areas. Faults aside Knights Contract was an enjoyable experience for the most part. It may not be a top tier action title, but Knights Contract is worthy of at the very least a rental to fans of action games. If you do plan on buying it then I recommend waiting for the inevitable price drop, as flaws in games are easily forgotten when you get them at bargain prices. Expand
  2. May 13, 2011
    Ever had that nightmare? You know, the one where you're trapped in an endless escort mission with a suicidal blonde who insists on being carried everywhere? No, wait, that's not a nightmare - that's this hack-and-slash buddy movie with witch-in-distress Gretchen. She does the magic, and you (witch killer-turned-protector Heinrich) do the slaying with a giant scythe. Heinrich is immortal, so your 'life' is actually Gretchen's, forcing you to protect her in battle as she goes on her mission to free the souls of spell casters. The basic premise grates a little. She's an all-powerful witch who can summon a giant guillotine to decapitate demons - but she still needs a big man to carry her about and open jars and stuff? Excuse me while I apply this lighter fluid to my boxers. That said, it's the slightly wonky gameplay that actually lets Knights Contract down. For one thing, the big burly hero isn't all that in combat. While Heinrich is immortal, he's also quite prone to falling down like an old lady on an icy pavement. There he's reduced to prodding things with his scythe until you hit X 30-40 times (yes, I counted) to get him back up. Or until he explodes into bits. Either way, there's X prodding. And while the design of enemies is actually pretty cool - weird wolves, witches with hollowed out rib cages, giant demons with gazillions of teeth - you start seeing the old familiar faces again and again, like some sort of horrific Groundhog Day. Also, for a game that's basically just one long frenzy, it's weirdly easy to end up following the wrong passageway until you loop back on yourself, especially in the snowy case level. (Wait, that endless expanse of white definitely looks familiar...) There are shades of Bayonetta in Gretchen's many spells - icy spikes that thrust from the floor, traps that grab and hold your enemy's limb so you can take a few cowardly swipes - and some enjoyable combo-filled fights to be had, but overall this is just another half-hearted adventure to leave on the shelf. Then buy Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow instead. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 37
  2. Negative: 14 out of 37
  1. Aug 21, 2011
    An interesting, plague-filled Middle Ages premise and decent combat are let down by some poor presentation and seriously questionable AI issues.
  2. 30
    Far more tedium than fun, flat out.
  3. Another half-hearted adventure to leave on the shelf. [May 2011, p.118]