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  1. May 17, 2011
    Highly overrated. Yes it is a solid game but a severe lack of engaging material ruins it. The story telling is sub par. The gravelly voiceover is terrible and instead of drawing you in to the story it just reminds you that you're not. Bad mechanics and subpar gameplay only enhance its failings. The game is as linear as a game can be. Yes you can roam the streets but the game gives you no reason to do so. It is as simple as drive to point A. and pick up an item. Drive to point B. and show the item to someone. Drive to point C. and interrogate someone. Mission over. Yes the interrogations could be fun but they aren't. Especially when you realize that the game will only let it turn out one way. A complete disappointment. The only reason I can see it getting such good reviews is because of the graphics. I'm actually rating the game much lower than I think I should only to counteract the ridiculous amount of high reviews. Oh and P.S. Don't even think about replay valuse. This game has zero. Expand
  2. May 17, 2011
    I'll start with the game mechanics. They basically ripped the whole feel of the game including driving, walking, brawls, shooting, etcetera from the GTA engine. While this is okay, they didn't add anything new in innovative gameplay. Unless you count having your camera locked in a specific action as your character does something (searching a dead body for evidence). The cases themselves simply aren't very tough. Having played 5 hours on my 360 and 3 hours on the PS3, I can safely assume that I am out of the tutorial section of the game and that this is the difficulty the cases have. You simply gather evidence, and at first I thought this was nice, there was some dummy evidence that was useless and only meant to throw you off, but it was all scripted. It's not like they just littered the scene with things you'd find at a crime scene or a house, they made everything you can pick up there for a reason. So instead of having to cycle through hundreds of pieces of evidence or objects that I could use to extract information out of people, I basically had maybe a dozen or so items that would appear in my notebook when questioning people. I was hoping for the ability to collect thousands of useless things with only a few being of any relevance to the case and leaving me to sit down and actually THINK which piece of evidence I should use for my situation, rather it be questioning a witness or interrogating someone. The consequences are pretty limited too... I know I'm nitpicking, but this is a serious issue. What happens when you fail a case? You get thrown back to the closest check point before you messed up and failed the case. I was hoping failing a case would simply never let you replay it again in that campaign, thus making people be cautious with their actions before making sudden moves. That or they could have at least have you start over again at the beginning of the case. The witnesses and suspects are way too obvious in their emotions. It basically rolls out like this: Is he innocent? Then he'll be rational when you ask him questions. Is he not innocent? Then he'll act hostile and irrational to the slightest question you ask him. There are times when this isn't the case, but it seemed like it was too easy. Intuition points... I am nit picking now, I admit it. They're basically hint cards, and there is nothing wrong with it, but it's just that... the game is so easy. If you have any critical thinking skills, then you won't need the intuition points hardly if at all. The graphics. I know this is the icing on the cake and not anything you should grade the game on (unless it's obviously bad), but the graphics are mediocre. It looks like a game from late 2006. The cut scenes were obsessive. I simply hate cut scenes in games. They remove gameplay and any interaction you have with the scene at all. They could have at least had it scripted, because it was completely unnecessary to take ALL control away from you without letting you at least experience through your controller. They need to stop this, period.

    The sounds were pretty good. There are times in the game where I noticed the sound engineering at work, and I applaud them for it. It's not the greatest in terms of sound engineering, but there is clearly talent in that sector.

    The environment however is lacking. It's very non responsive in general. The civilians don't look up at you when you're chasing a criminal, they don't even make any acknowledgement of you unless you near run them over.

    This is all I can think of for this review, so I'll draw this to an end. The game was certainly a change of heart for Rockstar (they co-developed it and published it, don't you dare tell me this wasn't heavily influenced by Rockstar) and they tried venturing out into unknown territory. I'll give them a "bravo" for going beyond the medium and not simply rehasing GTA over and over, like with GTA 1911, or other wise known as Red Dead Redemption. However, they did not deliver it very well. The cases are too easy, the gameplay mechanics seem very old and not very improved upon, and it just doesn't feel like it's own game. It feels more like an expansion pack or a developers mod for GTA IV. This game will receive 10/10s from many 14 year olds, I assure you, just because it's a Rockstar publication and co-development. I almost feel like giving it a 0 to counteract the perfect scores, but I will not. A 4 seems like an appropriate grade, albeit may be viewed as a bit harsh, for this game. There was so much potential with this game, but it simply failed to bring it out.
  3. Jun 5, 2011
    In what world does a detective game not contain any actual sleuthing gameplay features. This game is completly self working, you have zero input in the solving crimes. Your role is to simply move the character from a to b while the story rolls on. Only stopping to be involved in the pointless monotomy of minigames. These minigames involve picking up clues and interogation but they serve no purpose other get you a good rating when the episode is over. You do not do any detective work, there are no puzzles, no peicing together of evidence and absolutely no deducing killers on your own! The main character does the detective work for you in cutscenes etc So what do you do then? Well, not much to be honest. You drive to locations, sometimes there shootings but only when the game allows. You get to chase criminals across various parts of the map but even that all you do is run, the character auto jumps and dodges obstacles - no skill required. The only thing this game has are graphics and awesome animations but you can only look at a game for so long before you want to play it and be challenged. Sadly, la noire does not offer this. Bland, boring, repetitive, self working awesome looking game. Expand
  4. May 17, 2011
    This isn't a game, it's a C-movie. There's barely any gameplay, and what's there is too easy and boring. If this is the direction gaming is going, I don't want to be there. If you want a game that relies on it's narrative play Planescape: Torment instead.
  5. May 17, 2011
    The hype machine in full effect here. This is a re-skinned GTA with over done face animation that is apparently the only selling point of this game. It is redundant game style as it feels and plays 100% like GTA. The atmosphere is extremely boring as you would expect it to be from GTA: Dick Tracy. Also a game with no sort of multiplayer offered should be half price. 60 dollars for a lame "been there done that" story mode that you have played before is a bit of a rip off. The fact that they need to shill DLC on day one tells you this is a hacky title that can't stand on it's own two legs. The facial animations are impressive but are a shear novelty, so if you are buying for that you might just want to consider watching all the cut scenes on youtube and save your cash. Expand
  6. May 23, 2011
    L.A. Noire could have been a wonderful game, but this game does so much wrong that it's hard to enjoy myself. The whole game feels like a waste of time, considering that I've yet to have any fun while playing it. The interview system is terrible and doesn't add much other than a frustrating mini-game. I wanted the crime-solving aspect of this game to be engaging and interesting, but it just falls flat. I played interactive movies back on the Sega CD, and they weren't any good then either. Rockstar is officially on my 'Rent before Buying' list thanks to L.A. Noire. I wish I could get a refund on this game!!! Expand
  7. May 17, 2011
    dont really like this game,it has really boring gameplay,yeh the graphics are good and the technology behind it is good,but at the end of the day if the game is not fun then its not worth my time and this game was certainly not fun
  8. May 18, 2011
    The awesome thing about games is the sense of freedom and off script action that can happen. I think the acting was great in this game, but that hardy gives it the GotY potential. I want a little more game in my video game and less video. It aint fer me.
  9. May 19, 2011
    Buggy glitched out **** fest this game is. Buyers remorse started setting in hard after the first day or 2. The game is boring, the world is devoid of any emotion or life, It plays exactly like GTAIV only its not fun, the interviewing sucks. Awful game. It bricked my PS3, so I played it on Xbox and it has graphical glitches everywhere. Shame on you rockstar. Never buying another one these titles again. Expand
  10. May 22, 2011
    It's a Police Quest movie for console gamers, obsessed on huge maps and fancy graphics. 'Investigation' games are not new, neither are 'games that play like movies'. Metal Gear Solid, anyone? Rockstar has somehow tapped into a hype pool of people that have apparently never played video games before, and are fascinated by the movie quality of some aspects. Really, would you pay $60 to see a movie? It's not the best movie, but it is decently polished. However, there is this sector of society that believes video games should be movies; high quality, interactive, but always one ending. Because that's how this is. Once you beat it, there's not really an alternate take you can do. Grind through more of the map and collect achievements, and put it back on the shelf. That's not fun. And games, despite what movie fanatics may tell you, are supposed to be fun. Contrary to the belief of many of these hype-fans, many games can provide fun, intelligent action without pushing violence. Metal Gear, Myst, Oddworld, Braid, Portal, Civilization, Lara Croft... that's just a few that come to mind. All games that are far cheaper, and most have more gameplay depth, replayability, and mental challenge. This game will not test your investigative skills, and for that, it's a fraud. It's like singing Karaoke with auto-tune. Expand
  11. Jun 12, 2011
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! A revolution in gaming?? A revolution in tedium. This is without doubt one of the most boring games I have played. The first crime you solve is almost interesting. If you like walking about a room and waiting for the controller to vibrate then this may be the game for you! This game is so samey- Basically- you drive to the crime scene, then move the controller about until it vibrates- Hey presto, you've found a clue! Now imagine doing this for every crime scene that you're sent to. It does not bear thinking unless you have some kind of OCD. Granted the cut scenes have great animation and this may be the games only saving grace- but the story they tell is uninteresting and un-engaging. Until the gaming industry gets good story writers and I mean Wireesque writers, then all this facial animation may as we be etch a sketch.

    Luckily for you I have bit the bullet and tried this game for you, let no other man buy this game and the world will be a happier place. Guaranteed.

    By the way anybody want to buy a copy of L.A Noire?
  12. Aug 16, 2011

    Wow. I can't believe that this game isn't getting trashed a lot worse than it is. I don't mind slow paced games but there is no excitement in this game at all. It's way too easy and there don't seem to be any consequences if you make a mistake. What a waste of a weekend this was...
  13. May 22, 2011
    L.A. Noire can´t live up to all the buzz surrounding it. The game mechanics are solid but if you dindn´t like driving in GTA IV you will probably not like driving through L.A. Luckily you have the choice to have your partner drive but then the game becomes even more like an interactive cutscene which it seems to be most of the time. The interviews, one of the supposed highlights of this game, turn out to be dialogs worse executed than in classic Lucas Arts games like Day of the Tentacle, the Monkey Island series or Zack McCracken. Only the didn´t have the amazing facial animations of L.A. Noire. Even so I can´t tell from them wether the suspect is lying or not. When others argue this is the first time you are supposed to use your wits and brain in a game I´m inclined to refer them back to the nineties and have them play some of titels above mentioned or even Police Quest, which in it´s time was a great game. The Crime solving is extremely repetitive and the whole game is linear to a point where I was reminded of titles like Uncharted. On finishing one assignment the next mission begins seamlessly not a chance to drive around in-between and discover the graphically well executed sandbox of L.A. The whole backdrop feels not like an actual open world and more like a canvas which offers different ways to get from the central station to the crime scenes. The sights are a pity excuse for players to drive around and discover it. The highly anticipated Film noire atmosphere does not engulf the player as one would expect. The game stays entirely on the screen unlike for example heavy Rain or even Red Dead Redemption where the prairie atmosphere struck me like lightning. The overall graphics are solid, the facial animation as mentioned before are truly amazing, nevertheless L.A. Noire lacks the luster other games brought along. The way in which Ezio moves in Assassins Creed looks way more natural than any move Cole Phelps ever does. On the upside the voice over is superb and the overall acting is impressive. One nice touch is the option to play the game in black and white. In the end there´s nothing to save this title and make it exceptional.

    L.A. Noire fails short of deserving more than 5/10 for the voiceover, acting and nice touches on the graphics.
  14. Jul 22, 2011
    CHOO CHOO! Everybody aboard the hype train! I must admit, the hype got me to buy it, but after completing this game.....I feel pretty ripped off.

    The choo choo doesn't stop at the hype station. Nosiree bob. This game is barely a game at all - it's a movie with some small player-controlled segments that have zero impact on the direction the game ends. Zero.

    I couldn't get back to GTA 4
    quickly enough. Expand
  15. May 24, 2011
    VERY PRETTY, unfortuately it is pretty dull, pretty boring, pretty repetitive and pretty predictable. It is , because it is rockstar, also pretty disappointing. the whole thing drags like walking through mud, there is precious little action and the side missions are utterly repetitive. In comparison to Red Dead (yes, thats action based but still sandbox) its a step backwards. Dont get me wrong, i like the use of intuition, i like the thought behind it but in focussing on desperately trying to be different and engaging it has completely missed the fact that it still has to be interesting and fun. Yawn Expand
  16. May 19, 2011
    Worse game ever, no joke, I usually never make a statement like that, however, I am willing to make an exception this time. The good? Fantastic graphics and environment. The bad? Ultra linear gameplay (so linear it sucks all of the fun and emotion out of the game, that is unless you're seeking frustration), Highly limited interactivity, linear, one street responses for the ooh so necessary interviews and interrogation (the type where you constantly need to reference a strategy guide in order to play the game "properly"), and so on. Honestly I could go on and on about everything that disappoints me about this game, but when it really comes down to it, I think that there's no point to go beyond this. What we have here is a perfect, text book example of a game that pretentious critics love that the average consumer hates. Avoid this game unless you're the conceited arthouse type. Expand
  17. Jun 14, 2011
    LA Noire is a game that lures you in with its technology and promise of a good narrative but then becomes a tightly coiled pile on the front lawn. The game revolves, for the most part, around Cole Phelps, a returning war hero and one heck of a stand up guy. The narrative is broken up into five different sections where you work way up thru the ranks and different crime desks (traffic, homicide, vice and arson). The game opens with Cole as a beat cop and this where you learn the mechanics of the game i.e searching for clues, interrogating suspects and using your weapon. This is where the fun ends and the tedium kicks in. The formula for this game is very simple, somewhere in the city of Los Angles a crime has been committed and you must go investigate the scene, collect clues, interrogate suspects drive to a new location, investigate scene, collect clues, interrogate suspectsâ Expand
  18. Jun 1, 2011
    If I can choose 1 word to sum up the game it is 'disappointing'. That's sad for me to say as I am a huge Rockstar fan and have been for a decade since GTA hit the scene. LA Noire does a lot really well but it left a tonne of potential on the table. Like all users I am sure I am not alone with the expectation that this game may have had some resemblance to the game play that we have come to expect from Rockstar. My impression was that we would be getting the most advanced visual brilliance in facial recognition as well as the awesome scenery of LA in the 1940s along with what open features we know from the Red Dead Redemption and GTA Series games. I guess I set myself up for a higher expectation or just assumed too much. LA Noire is visually brilliant and for sure they have done an amazing job but it's frustrating as hell in the interview process, not rewarding and you get the bad guy anyways so whats the point! Why not have made the game in the same style as the GTA games with all the sights of LA and given it a little more of a human face to the cases. It seems to me to be too robotic like in solving crimes in that no matter what way you turn you'll get t here anyways. Is it challenging? No. Is it visually awesome? YES. Would I play it over and over like I do the other Rockstar Games? NO. Sorry guys but you had a captive audience during pre-game and I think you missed an opportunity here. Let's hope the next GTA makes up for it. I'm off now to play Red Dead Redemption. Expand
  19. Jun 11, 2011
    Once you get part way through the 2nd desk, you've seen all this game has to offer. Setups for searching homes, chasing criminals and crime scenes are recycled with very little variation outside of the story. The faces usually look good, but considering they're plastered on below par bodies, it becomes more distracting than engrossing. The world is accurate but largely dead, there's next to no point for the open world. The behavior of characters often makes little sense. I'd rather play Police Quest than this sad excuse for a game. Expand
  20. Aug 7, 2011
    3 out of 10. Persevered with this very weekend for a few weeks. Points for: motion capture (gets 3 points as it kept me at it for longer than otherwise). Points against: Writing and subplot. For a game that relies heavily on interrogation mechanics to keep the game engaging - theirs no consequence for poor choices. For this type of game to work, it needs to have REAL consequences for your actions.

    Wanted to love this game but alas it's time to head to EB games and pre order Uncharted.
  21. May 24, 2011
    Well where do I start with this game. This is going to be a long one. This game is best described as superficial, lacking in both content and any real character. At first it feels like a whole new experience, both creative and original. However after 'X' amount of hours of game play I can tell you it is anything but.

    The whole focus of the game is on the cut-scenes and story; although
    this is it's greatest triumph it is also it's greatest downfall. For all the innovation they put into this, none of it adds to the game play of the game. The story at times feels familiar and predictable, the cinema-tics although superior to other games I have seen, just don't make for a better gaming experience. If it were a movie I would be saying otherwise.

    The cases are way too easy, practically child-like for what is an adult's game. You go from point A to B and back again, essentially clicking a button whenever the controller vibrates alerting you to a clue. The investigative side of the system just doesn't exist. It's as if the game holds your hand and guides you all the way through. The realistic expressions are good outside of interrogations, but ruined by the fact that they all over-act their expressions - the opposite anyone in a real interrogation would do. Some of the missions are at best said to be grueling and tiresome. One particular missions involves finding excerpts from a killer - but you don't figure them out the AI does. You drive round completely and utterly aimless until the game's hidden timer moves the story along with dialogue from the protagonist.

    The combat is not much better, in a game like this it is far from realistic. You simply can take multiple gun shots without flinching, whilst the AI is as daft as ever practically wanting and embracing death. Melee combat is also overly simplistic - Phelps performs like a professional heavyweight boxer, knocking opponents down yet the AI has the demeanor of a drunkard fighter. Button bashing punches at it's finest. I would also like to point out this game lacks a lot of action and when you do reach it, it is few and far between.

    My next problem with this game is content. Beyond the single player experience of this 'sandbox' game there is nothing. Literally nothing. No incentives what so ever to carry on playing once you have completed the game. The developers have created a fantastic world, but there's no reason to explore it. Unlockables are also at a minimum and are purely awful - worse than team fortress 2 or even the call of duty games. A gigantic world that looks beautiful, but has very, very little to do in it.

    It's almost like the developers took everything that made GTA games a like-able sandbox experience and cut all of the content, beyond the single player experience. The game has zero replay value. There is no reason to replay a case outside of perfectionism. And with a complete lack of multiplayer I have to say this game is truly one of the most over-hyped and overrated games I have experienced my whole life. I simply cannot understand how the reviewers scored this in the '90's zone.

    Superficial. Over-hyped. Overrated.
  22. May 25, 2011
    I really wanted to like this game, but then, i didn't. I like all kinds of games, except sports and some simulation games. But no, this is no game for me, sure the graphics were all right on 30 fps, but the game is so damn boring.

    I sure hope Rockstar doesn't mess up Max Payne 3, and please...PRETTY PLEASE...make sure Max Payne 3 runs at 60 fps !!
  23. Jun 17, 2011
    Played and got bored after awhile. Cole has no personality and seems like he is a straight forward cop which is alright but its like he goes through the game with blinders on and isn't aware of what is going around or care
  24. dz9
    Aug 1, 2011
    The Good: Great graphics, and a few cool innovative ideas. The Bad: Irrelevant side quests, outrageous map, bland world, uninteresting combat, repetitive mechanics, disengaging story, and overall...boring. Yes yes yes... the new face tracking is awesome, the way you investigate crimes is neat, and presentation is through the roof. But you can't help but compare this title to GTA, but in reviewing it, it may be easier to (believe me, i know this game isn't GTA). Imagine in GTA, you have that huge map of stores, missions, cops to kill, buildings to blow up, and mayhem to cause. Now imagine your playing L.A Noire, and it still has the huge map but only thing in it is side missions. Side missions? May be fun...Right? WRONG!! They're repetitive and unimportant, and they represent everything that is wrong with this's simply is just bland and repetitive. One may argue, "but what of the collectibles and hidden cars." And I would respond, "why should I care enough to go look for them." Collectibles are pointless, and after each cutscene, you lose your shiny new car, so whats the point of getting it in the first place. Onto the combat, let's face it, shooting alone... GTA is not the best out there, if you've played GTA, the shooting mechanic is the same in this title... but no ammo, hard to keep the guns you've obtained, and the shooting sequences feel more like a disruption rather than a breath taking experience. The investigations are sort of cool, but like everything else, get repetitive. The hypes for this game was that the new face detection would play an important strategic role in the investigation mechanic. However, it does not.. every person in the game (even the ones who are telling the truth) show signs of lying, and this "important strategic role" holds no weight. Another huge flaw in the game, is the linear feel. If you have played immersive games like Heavy Rain, you understand why this game is so linear. You could be a complete idiot, skip all the cutscenes and have no idea whats going on... just tap some buttons, if you get them wrong... the game will just set you up at a checkpoint right before the investigation so you can keep being an idiot. If you are a person who plays this and tries to immersive themselves in the boring story and wants to be strategic to try out their detective skill, you will be rewarded just as much as the idiot who just taps "X" the whole way through... you may "gain a level," but "gaining a level" means nothing in this game, due to the lack of reward. This game is exactly how South Park put it, "What's so fun about running around, watching people talk and tapping the A button" Expand
  25. Jan 14, 2012
    This is honestly the worst game I've ever played. It was the more disappointing since everyone gave it glowing reviews.

    First annoyance, none of the pop-up explanations for what to do lasted long enough for me to read them. (E.g. Not even on the second time of running over a pedestrian and being told 'LAPD is supposed to protect citizens" did I finish reading the pop-up and see if there
    was actually a consequence). Hey developers, let us choose when the pop-ups that tell us what to do go away.

    Second, there is not enough explanation for how to conduct interviews (or maybe I didn't finish reading any of the explanations). Being told I only got 1/4 questions right doesn't mean anything when I didn't know what I was doing in the first place.

    These two things ruined the game. After I got shot to death by 'Mexicans' and after only finishing 2 interviews, I'm ready to move on to other, more entertaining, games.
  26. Jun 7, 2011
    Accidentally set my rating to 10 before. How embarrassing, LA Noire deserves a 1. Hopefully my other review won't be deleted after I write this review. 150 characters blah blah blah.
  27. Aug 26, 2011
    Could not find the FUN of Rockstar games like GTA or Red Dead Redemption. I'm really opend to new genres but too much enery has been put on the universe, cinematics, etc. but not on gameplay. Driving is awful too. The universe and characters are nice anyway, but if I was only looking for that I would have bought a movie.
  28. Apr 4, 2013
    A highly overrated game in my opinion.....I don' think it even needed to be in an open world....It is highly linear, highly repeitive and has almost no replay value........the only plus point to the game are the wonderful facial animations of the characers......As for the free roam aspect it has been completely wasted as there is little you can do in the city.....
  29. May 29, 2011
    A decent game in some respects, and I would have maybe given it a 5 if the game immovated in some way thaty6 actually engaged me. The facial animations are excellent, but it seems that they had this great idea for a new gameplay element, then went searching for a game to slap on it.
    The evidence subgames are just plain wrong sometimes. "You murdered her" (picks up piece of evidence the
    game wants you to to get the right response to a "Lie" accusation. In real life half of this "evidence" doesn't even make sense.In real life the accused would just laugh at this most of the time, It rarely establishes mensrea and for the most part is some flim-flam evidence that even a suspect with retarded IQ would just shrug off as circumstatial at best. Certainly not proving a darn thing. And this happens again and again. With the low (unrealistic) bar for evidence established, it's often hard to pick what piece of barely consequential evidence to present. No wonder the Brady hints book was sold out in my local "Game" store.
    Evidence finding itself, after about the third case is a real CHORE. It's just plain dull. Kneel down, move arm, mutter, yawn, keel over asleep.
    And while we are on actio. WHERE IS ALL THE ACTION. I'm now at the final desk and I don't think I've fired more than a couple of hundred rounds, I go hours without shooting anything, chasing anyone in a car or on foot. Finally the game is painfully linear. Sure you "can" wander about doing stuff. But there is Zero (and I mean flat Zero) stuff to do. No "den" or "crib" to go back to, no spray or repair shops for your vehicles, no clothes retailers. The side quests (street crimes) are the only extra I've found and...they are almost as dull and repetitive as the main story.
    It's not a terrible game.The driving and shooting mechanics work well, the animations are excellent. But for me it's just too darn boring and about the most linear game I've played in many years
  30. May 28, 2011
    It's actually a sad indictment on the professional video game reviewers that this game can score such high reviews when there are 39 users who have written clearly honest reviews who feel the game is boring and thus not worthy of being purchased. Too many times I have read glowing reviews of the 'professionals' and purchased a game and then regretted not paying enough attention to more objective reviews of gamers. Just because Rockstar's name is on this and therefore we have long being looking forward to it doesn't make it a good game Expand
  31. Jun 4, 2011
    This game is overrated sadly. but it is a console so what do you expect? The graphics are very good (+2) but a lot of the other aspects to the game is poor. The controls are ruff/slow to response which I am guessing it hangs on animations. Save points could have been applied better and of course, the DLC's. These companies are in the habit of releasing 80% of the full game, make the buyers pay FULL PRICE, then hand out the rest it through exclusive preorder locations and DLC to pay even more cash for it, which to me is almost like theft. Not worth it IMO, not for that price. Get the game a year down the road is my advice when its at a realistic price range. Expand
  32. May 27, 2011
    L.A. Noire is great...if you have no soul maybe. Red Dead Redemption was OK for the single player feature only (don't even get me started about the multiplayer), but this game is utter garbage. Wow motion captured facial animations? **** They just keep pushing technology in the wrong direction. There's been realer looking faces in video game before. Try Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. It's just an excuse for Rockstar Games to deliver yet another hackneyed turd bucket. But I just wanna play with guns instead of my penis for change!ââ Expand
  33. May 26, 2011
    La Noire on of the best games of 2011 in my books everything about this game is awesome but I agree the driving and chase aspects is really a let down I love how they got the facial expressions so realistic it is some of the best I have ever seen in a game for me when I finish this game I will not play it again this is one of those games you play once and then it collects dirt and eventually you give it to someone else to play or for me I will trade it in. I really loved this game the first 5 days I played it and now I'm getting a little bored the game needed more action and some surprises around every corner and i wish a could have shot people that would have been amazing but overall the game is awesome don't get me wrong but it could have been much better if they took a little more time and used more imagination as well.The game does have a few let down for me and also a few upsides Expand
  34. May 29, 2011
    This game already has a very loyal cult following and I suspect it always will, but I can't say I understand why. It's not much of a game, more like an interactive movie. No matter what you do the plot will progress and you can't change how things turn out. Alot of games manage to make this work by telling a good story, but this is not one of them. The story is like something a child would write. The character development is nonsensical. The twists in the plot are so predictable it'll put you to sleep. There is very little gameplay to speak of. There is no skill involved in the interrogations, you just go through the motions. Getting the correct answers is not necessary, it simply provides you more information. If you get wrong answers you'll still solve the case, but it may not make as much sense to you because a witness would have told you something else if you'd called him on a lie. Searching for evidence is monotonous and unchallenging since the game tells you when you've found it all. The monotony is broken up by action scenes which consist of chases and shootouts. This is kind of entertaining at first until you realize how insanely easy it is to win. Auto aim puts you right on target everytime and you have infinite ammo. Driving is mildly amusing but also insanely easy. They made a big deal out of the ability to explore LA, which you can, but you can't do anything except play out the story. I think the positive reviews are coming from alot of kids and people who've just bought the game. If you want to pretend to be a cop in 1940s LA, it'll do that for you, and maybe thats why people like it. But if you're looking for a good game, this probably ain't for you. People who just want to play cops should check out the old police quest games for the pc. They were alot better. Expand
  35. May 31, 2011
    this game ist so boring. it is so boring, that even boredom will change it´s own name into L.A.Noire.
    sadly the game has everything it needs to be a triple a supergame, but they build such uninspired **** around the exciting stories, it´s a total shame. running around searching for evidence reminds me on 4 year old children looking for eastereggs. and to
    cross-examine the suspects has nothing to do with real policework, but feels like playing "who want´s to be a millionaire.

    the whole game feels like you are shown an over the top piece of cobe-meat, you are hoping for an over the top steak and the chef makes a hamburger out of it. i do not need this!
  36. Dec 18, 2013
    Let's start by saying I'm very bad at this. Investigating, seeing clues, seeing the details and appearently I'm very bad at recognising facial expessions to. There must be something wrong with the game on that last one because in real life I'm pretty good at it. I'm not joking or boasting, it's really true. But I've not once guessed the right response, looking at the face and body of the person being interragated, in this game.
    So that how I found out how linear this game is. However badly I up, I always get further in the story. I always get the bad guy and the story didn't change one bit. I also noticed that I every case is exactly the same: go to crime scène, find clues, interragate people, find clues and guess the outcome.
    I never had anything right, yet the game keeps on going and I keep on moving up in rank. How does that make sense?
    I do comment this game for the animations (motions capture) and graphics which are very good. And also because it's trying to do something new, which is not only a big challenge but a big risk as well seeing as how expensive this game must be.
  37. Aug 4, 2012
    The game with nice graphics and great sound track. And, unfortunately, not much else. And this is surprising in the case of Rockstar.
    The story, soon after the start of the game, no longer interest me. The main character acted on my nerves.
    Boredom. We have no influence on solving crime, because they resolve themselves. Very, very overrated game.
  38. Mar 25, 2012
    The setting of the game is beautifully done. And that's just all I can say if I want to praise this game. The oblem with it is simple. This game is BORING. VERY BORING. Even when the setting is so well done and the premise of a 50s mistery movie is so appealing, this game is actually a morphine shot.
  39. Jun 15, 2012
    The inarguable technical beauty of the this game is the only thing it has going for it. The story is linear and everything important in the investigation of crime is done for you. In fact, at a crime scene the player has very little to do but walk around and press X whenever the controller vibrates. The driving is hard to control, and the combat is really lame. It doesn't help that the story is hard to follow and the acting is sub-par. The characters are all loathsome and seem to all hate each other, too. In all, the developers just seemed to focus on the wrong things. Nutshell? A great concept and a great look, but not a great game. Indeed, not even a good one. Expand
  40. Sep 29, 2012
    Such promise, but massively disappointing. The main problem is that the game is just so dull. Looking for clues at the crime scene should be fun, but it's not. Interviewing witnesses should be new and interesting, but it's not. Fighting crime should be exciting, but it just feels very old hat. Even the main character you play is dull and not someone I want to be. After a few missions I just switched the game off and did not come back. (And it's very rare that I do that.) Expand
  41. Mar 8, 2013
    I grew up loving the hardboiled detective film noire types of movies so when I heard about this I was quite excited since it was right up my alley.

    Sadly though the end product is nothing like it could have been. This is basically a snooze fest disguised as a game. Honestly, if it didn't have Rockstar's name on the box it wouldn't be rated highly as it is or sold as well despite the
    fact Rockstar did not make this game.

    My main dislikes with the game are.......

    1- You never really detect anything. You walk around till you get a little chime meaning you press the x button and pickup the clue. If the clue needs to be examined further the game will tell you so. Once you have the clues your partner will signal you it's time to go somewhere else. The game basically walks you through detecting everything and finding clues. It tells you when you need to hit what buttons and where.

    2- You can't mess up interrogations. This was lauded as a big feature for the game. If you blow the interrogation then you just do it again. Even if you guess wrong when your judging a person's true intentions you can still win the game without ever getting one right. You can go right through the game by guessing everything wrong when its decision time while interviewing someone. The game basically won't let you make mistakes that stop the game play and there are no consequences for anything during interrogations. There is no need to study a person's facial reactions or what they say because it doesn't matter. Guess right? No advantage. Guess wrong? No punishment.

    3- The facial animations while good are just a gimmick. Another big selling point for the game is just a gimmick. Again looking at people's faces during interrogation to guess if they are lying or not doesn't matter since you don't have to be right. The facial animations are nice but it doesn't matter aesthetically because their bodies still move like stiff puppets. And they still aren't lifelike because they are over exaggerated to be noticeable. I personally wish they hadn't wasted all the money on filming actors in a fancy studio with all this high tech equipment and instead used the money to hire better writers for the game and work on making it more fun instead of just being a gateway for their facial animation tech. Honestly the animations felt more like a tech demo they were hoping to get other developers to license the tech for their games.

    4- The game is incredibly linear. Yes a couple times you can chose to shake down a bartender instead of checking up on a drug addict but you never really get to chose anything. The game firmly holds your hand from the start to the finish and never let's go. I felt more like a errand boy out driving from point A to point B and then from C to D.

    5- The storyline while not bad isn't that great. The main storyline starting out builds and builds and builds then suddenly it just stops and comes to a half with a very paper thin plot excuse and then suddenly you thrust off in another direction with no looking back. They just go to all this trouble of building up to something and then suddenly pull the rug out and leave you unsatisfied. The ending is very, very unsatisfying as well.

    6- Team bondi has been saying the game isn't finished and that's easily noticeable just playing through it. They left the game kind of shallow in order to sell more DLC to gamers and that's obvious since they have been releasing DLC since its release and have recently announced more. It's just a shame they would release a 60 dollar game partially gutted so they can sell DLC and turn it into a 100 dollar game.

    7- 60% of the game is still just grand theft auto. Just like in grand theft auto you have to drive a car for hours and hours and hours while you playing doing absolutely nothing but going up and down the same boring streets as a time sink. You can take any car you want like in GTA, you'll waste hours of time driving just like GTA, when you run it's just like in GTA, when you shoot or fight it's just like GTA, in fact everything that isn't investigating or interrogating is just like GTA.

    In the end this game is wasted potential. I really wish I had waited till it eventually drops to 5 bucks or less because that's all it's worth. I had a lot of fun for about 6 hours and after that I find myself playing it just to finish it since I paid for it. I was really disappointed in this game.
  42. Dec 13, 2013
    I can really not understand, how so much ppl (573!) rate that positive. Actually, after i bought a game, i play it through. There only a couple of games, i start playing and can not finish for some different reasons and L.A. Noire is one of them.

    It's not because of the graphics, nor the sound. It's because it's so damn BORING. Every case is the same. Find clues, ask the suspect or the
    eye wittness, after that the case is solved or you have to chase him per foot or car, have a brawl or shootout, and that in every of the story-line cases.

    There are so much cars on the street, that it's no fun to drive by yourself. Just let your partner drive and you get ported automatically to the next location.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 78 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 71 out of 78
  2. Negative: 0 out of 78
  1. Oct 19, 2011
    At first L.A. Noire seems a bit too easy, then it gets interesting and reading people's reactions makes for some of the best gaming this year. The atmosphere is spot on and the late 40's LA really feels like an authentic, living place. [June 2011]
  2. Aug 16, 2011
    Team Bondi created a technical masterpiece with L.A. Noire. The problem is that they didn't create an artistic or even entertaining masterpiece.
  3. Jul 26, 2011
    Look past the glitz of technical achievements, richly designed sets, ostensibly interactive environments, and you will see the real L.A. Noire – a vapid adventure with a hole-ridden plot, a boring unsympathetic hero, and rough stitches in places where content should be.