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  1. For LEGO and Indy fans, this game is a revelation! The funny scenes, in which Traveller’s Tales make fun of themselves, are one of the best parts of LEGO Indiana Jones.
  2. Doesn't quite live up to its Star Wars cousins, mainly due to the fact that Star Wars is simply a more memorable series, but it's still a brilliant adventure and great fun.
  3. This is great, but expect repetitive block smashing and item collecting that, in this third LEGO game, has overstayed its welcome.
  4. In LEGO Star Wars you were mostly doing power attacks on your enemies, in Indiana Jones the adventure and puzzle elements are more important.
  5. Sure, it's too easy, very similar to Star Wars, and once completed doesn't offer a huge amount of replayability, but what there is represents good value for money.
  6. Lego Indiana Jones has met if not surpassed what Lego Start Wars achieved. The story is wonderful, the cut scenes are funny while still keeping to the story, and the gameplay makes you play nonstop.
  7. If you're looking for an entirely new gameplay experience from the folks at LucasArts, then you won't find it in LEGO Indiana Jones. However, this is the most polished and enjoyable entry in the LEGO series of games.
  8. 84
    This is not a title that will change your life or change the industry. It is, however, a heap of fun – a light-hearted reinterpretation of three iconic films that’s at its best with friends.
  9. Lego Indiana Jones’s success comes from keeping the fun gameplay of the Lego Star Wars games, but injecting the classic Indy moments, music, and characters
  10. 80
    Traveller's Tales has once again delivered an experience that boils down to smashing stuff over and over again while searching for secrets, while also managing to make that formula fun and addictive.
  11. The third time is the charm for Traveller's Tales--logical puzzles and great offline co-op play make this the best Lego game yet.
  12. Despite the lack of online play and the humdrum combat system, LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures is a lot fun to play.
  13. The gameplay is simple enough for anyone to pick up--making it a great title to play with friends or family—but those who go beyond casual will find it a little too simple. It’s another coat of paint slathered on the LEGO Star Wars template, but at least it’s a pretty color.
  14. LEGO Indy is a step above the Star Wars titles, and is a must-get for any fans of the whip-cracking archeologist.
  15. With an FPS around every corner, LEGO Indiana Jones offers up some pure comedic, platforming entertainment that will keep you busy for hours on end or for fifteen minutes at a time.
  16. Do not let the childish coat this game is covered in (I mean it is LEGO after all!) scare you away because this game is worth the time and effort you will put in while solving puzzles, exploring levels and collecting everything the game has to offer.
  17. This simple gameplay is appropriate to the game’s primary target audience, children. But it is notable just how much fun adults can have with it.
  18. 75
    LEGO Indiana Jones sticks to an almost identical formula to the LEGO Star Wars games before it, but with its adventure-themed gameplay and incredibly entertaining cooperative features, the game is a solid purchase for anyone who wants to have some pure, uncomplicated fun.
  19. Traveller's Tales has done a good job with the Lego license, and this Indiana Jones is no exception.
  20. The magic just isn’t here. Repeating the success of Star Wars with a radically different license requires more than Star Wars as a foundation. It really never finds Indiana Jones’ pulse, and ends up being somewhat of a mess, albeit a moderately fun one.
  21. While not a bad game, our overriding feeling while playing Lego Indiana Jones was that we really wanted to play through Lego Star Wars again. The game works, for all its glitches, and will undoubtedly provide a good few hours of co-op fun with a like-minded second player. Nevertheless, the painful fact is that Lego fatigue has set in far sooner than we had expected it to.
  22. The platforming and combat are both pretty straightforward; the game’s main challenge is its puzzles, of which there are plenty.
  23. Perhaps the worst thing you can say about Lego Indy is that it is not as instantly likeable as the Lego Star Wars games, and that it’s more of a relationship you’ll have to work at instead of being the love at first sight Travellers Tales' previous efforts were.
  24. 80
    LEGO Indiana Jones may not be quite as engaging as LEGO Star Wars, but it’s still a lot of fun to play through. That’s doubly true with a friend. The quest isn’t particularly long, but there’s plenty of incentive for a second run-through (or a third …), and Indy fans will definitely have a blast re-living the original films -- LEGO-style.
  25. 80
    Even if you make only one trip through LEGO Indiana Jones, it'll be a great ride.
  26. After Lego Batman comes out, though, I hope Traveller’s Tales takes a good look at where its Lego games are going and makes the tweaks and additions necessary to keep the franchise relevant.
  27. The addictive gameplay, well-rendered graphics (even on an aged system), easy control scheme, innovative cooperative features and tons of replay value make for a winner.
  28. 75
    Lego Indy's main quest isn't terribly expansive -- you can finish it in a weekend, and that's if you take your time -- but the game's unquestionably built for completists, with a ton of hidden treasure and extra characters (you can unlock pretty much every character in the films, right down to Last Crusade's castle butler).
  29. 90
    LEGO Indiana Jones isn't without its flaws-the lack of online co-op is almost criminal-but it so beautifully mixes the spirit of a beloved adventure series with the playful heart of cherished childhood toys that it feels like much more than the sum of its angular parts.
  30. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    There's also a vast amount of replay value in the secrets. [July 2008, p.98]
  31. Yeah, the game can be more frustrating than we would’ve liked, and the control is just a touch less solid than it has been in recent LEGO entries, but LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures still fits the bill.
  32. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Prepare for some frustrating deaths. [July 2008, p.79]
  33. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    It doesn’t have the greatness of George Lucas space saga, but the implicit exploration of the movies allows for a better exploitation of the puzzle element. A fun proposition for all audiences. [July 2008]
  34. Play UK
    It's certainly a lot of fun, but TT Games is able to churn out this sort of game with its eyes closed and sadly it's beginning to show. [Issue#167, p.84]
  35. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Dull levels and characters, but the Lego block puzzles are as unique as ever. [July 2008, p.74]
  36. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    This is a game that definitely rewards exploration. [July 2008, p.76]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 31 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. JoshuaB
    Jul 20, 2008
    Ok, before i start, adam R who gave it a 3 was obvioulst a xbox fan. There's nothing wrong with it. It's fun and funny, the puzzles Ok, before i start, adam R who gave it a 3 was obvioulst a xbox fan. There's nothing wrong with it. It's fun and funny, the puzzles hav improved and so has the combat. I haven't finished it yet or evn gone online, but I can say this: This is the best lego game experience you'll ever have. Full Review »
  2. Bret
    Jun 6, 2008
    Great game. I picked this up last night as my wife and I loved playing Lego Star Wars Complete together (we made it to 95% complete on that). Great game. I picked this up last night as my wife and I loved playing Lego Star Wars Complete together (we made it to 95% complete on that). I was worried at first as there is less fighting in this (no lightsabers, not a lot of guns, etc.), no force powers, etc. and it is more puzzle driven. Rest assured nothing to worry about! The puzzles are fun (true puzzles or just avoiding all the various temple traps), there is still fighting (can pick up environmental things to fight with like spears on the ground, grab enemy guns, etc), and the graphics are amazing. You can now SWING on ropes, wood-plank bridges bob when you walk on them, vehicles are better (a wood raft sinks slightly in the water when you get on, and you paddle with a shovel), you can SWIM now, use an awning as a trampoline, and probably several things I have not seen yet. All in all it's a great game. If you liked Lego:SW you will like this game. Full Review »
  3. Aug 15, 2015
    Humourous take on the movie franchise. Fun and easy to complete. The puzzles take a bit of attention but not much and I would highly recommendHumourous take on the movie franchise. Fun and easy to complete. The puzzles take a bit of attention but not much and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a laugh. Full Review »