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  1. The improvements that Madden 10 offers over Madden NFL 09 are vast. In fact, aside from a new console generation, Madden 10 might provide the most significant year-over-year upgrade in the 21-year history of the series. Even gamers who have been wishing for a sequel to ESPN NFL 2K5 will be impressed, and for a football fan, buying this year’s Madden is a no-brainer.
  2. 94
    A fantastic addition to the series, and quite possibly the best football game ever created.
  3. In the end Madden 10 is the kind of game that I am willing to look past the shortcomings because what’s good is really, really good. It’s worth putting up with the faults in order to experience what works.
  4. So whether you’ve played Madden year after year, or have been a hold out since the 2K franchise’s demise, all fans of the pigskin will be happy to hear that this is the Madden to own no matter who you are. Not only is this the best representation of the franchise to date, but is quite possibly the best football title to date.
  5. 90
    Being able to focus on finding an open receiver without worrying as much about the split-second paranoia of protecting my player was a welcome relief.
  6. If you rarely play online or have a slow Internet connection and hate micro-managing, stop reading now and go buy last year's game instead. If you don't fit into either of those molds, then this will be the most satisfying experience playing virtual sports ever.
  7. It seems that Madden has finally caught up to the new generation. Madden NFL 10 is a hit, and football fans everywhere will rejoice at what it has to offer.
  8. An outstanding game - the best the series has ever seen. A great technical foundation has been laid with this year's outing, and true Madden fans will appreciate the package EA has put together.
  9. 90
    More than ever before, Madden looks, feels and plays like any given Sunday. If you purchase one football game this decade, this is it.
  10. There’s no such game as “Perfect” but Madden NFL 10 and the development team over at EA Tiburon continues to offer the greatest football experience year after year. The Online Franchise and the possibility to play with a friend online are welcomed additions and the overall product is a must have for any Madden hardcore fan out there.
  11. Madden NFL 10 doesn’t leave anything to chance. All NFL fans will most certainly appreciate the work done in developing such a feast of graphics, gameplay, statistics, and presentations. The game is fun to play throughout, thanks to the easy to master but thorough tactics system.
  12. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Immersive, addictive, and authentic, it's a sensational return to form for the series. [Oct 2009, p.118]
  13. It just misses being the football messiah many Maddenites are claiming it to be, but Tiburon has found a way to take their successful formula to the next level, creating a football experience that’s not only incredibly satisfying now, but has me looking forward to where they go from here.
  14. An impressive all around performance from Madden this year makes it the best Madden recently released if not of all time.
  15. If you are a fan of the series, this is a no-brainer to pick up, but even if you are even a mild sports fan, you cannot go wrong with Madden NFL 10.
  16. Madden NFL 10 may well be the best Madden game. This is a great pickup for any football fan. Franchise mode is great this year. A lot more features added to give you a more in depth look at your team, and what is happening around the league. Online franchise is a great addition.
  17. 89
    Madden NFL 10 doesn’t redefine the series or innovate in any monumental way, but that doesn’t stop it from being a truly great football game.
  18. We're sure you've already got your copy of the game, but in case you don't...just go and buy it.
  19. A real standout is the game’s gang tackles, which allow some control in moving the pile, but at the same time is not too powerful.
  20. I'm pleased to say that this year's Madden is one of the best entries into the franchise in several years
  21. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Excellent value and another step forward. [Oct 2009, p.82]
  22. Would you have thought of this? This year’s EA football game is not just the next part, it is the best part of the Madden series! Nearly perfect!
  23. There are a few moments where you might be left scratching your head about AI decisions, and the audio can be off target, on occasion, but this is the best looking Madden game to date and the new elements really give players the opportunity to learn and grow in the game.
  24. 86
    Madden NFL 10 is the best American Football game out there and knows to improve on it's predecessor. It's clear to say that this is a must have for all the fans of the sport.
  25. 84
    A great game which is better than the last version. It has even more gameplay and modes in comparison with last year. It also has outstanding and deep gameplay.
  26. 83
    Football fundamentals matter now. Successful plays come from knowing the situation, calling the right play, making a good pre-snap read, and then executing -- the same criteria that determines the outcome in a real game.
  27. Spit and polish have taken the series far over the last two decades, but this is the first sign that maybe a more substantial revision is due.
  28. 83
    Madden 10 is still, in almost every way, a quality title. It’s a game packed with detail, drama and fun. So don’t be surprised if it’s around for another twenty years.
  29. If you have a solid internet connection and have the time to dedicate to the game’s impressive franchise mode, Madden NFL 10 is a must-buy. But if you’re a more casual gamer just wanting to play this game for a bit, you might be better pressed to get last year’s version of the game.
  30. Will Madden NFL 10 change your mind about the franchise as a whole, and get you to buy it if you don't normally do so? Probably not. Like most NFL teams, this game is not quite ready for the Super Bowl.
  31. Play UK
    Feels even meatier and more believable than ever. [Issue#184, p.81]
  32. While Madden 10 is our favorite football game of this generation, it suffers from trying to do too much. We love the new gameplay engine (more, please!) but could’ve happily done without most of the presentation “improvements” that get more irritating with each game.
  33. It’s no doubt the most authentic. The biggest problem is how inaccessible it is. As a Brit who understands how the sport works, and who played Madden back in 2000, the game can still be a mind-bending, frustrating exercise in trial and error.
  34. EA should take a page out of FIFA's book here: focus on the game. Every iteration - pre-alpha onwards - sit down and play a full game, 15-minute quarters. If it feels 'right', then you're on the right path.
  35. Madden NFL 10 may not have taken huge leaps and bounds forward, but the game does build on last years solid instalment. Tweaks in a few key areas, most notably the games AI mean the game provides a more realistic and fluid experience of the NFL.
  36. AceGamez
    To be fair to them its not like they Plaxico Burressed themselves, and it's tribute to the solid product Madden has become over the years that 10 is held together by its depiction of the nuts and bolts of real football and the Online Franchise mode.
  37. Despite the issues Madden NFL 10 has, the bottom line is the gameplay is as tight as it has ever been, with the new tweaks adding to an already accurate American Football experience. A few niggles here and there prevent this from being an essential crossover sports title, so for now, Madden NFL 10 will satisfy the current fanbase rather than appeal to a new one.
  38. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    The potential is staggering in a variety of ways. [Nov 2009, p.70]
  39. 80
    Madden 10 is a solid entry into the long-standing sports franchise that proves to be a fun way to pass the time for new and experienced players alike.
  40. A number of features make Madden NFL 10 a more realistic and enjoyable portrayal of football, but a few problems--both old and new--continue to trouble the series.
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  1. Peaches
    Oct 6, 2009
    Were the reviewers playing the version of Madden 10 we got? I wouldn't think so reading their reviews, when it shows players on theWere the reviewers playing the version of Madden 10 we got? I wouldn't think so reading their reviews, when it shows players on the sidelines there numbers often show up as 00 for 6 different guys! The game itself is decent but the superstar mode SUCKS! No interviews, no movie deals, no progression nothing that would make you want to play it. I think people get paid to give games good scores Full Review »
  2. Oct 6, 2015
    The modeling for this game was weak, nothing appeared realistic and after a while the game became dull. This has to be the worst sportsThe modeling for this game was weak, nothing appeared realistic and after a while the game became dull. This has to be the worst sports related game I have ever played. Full Review »
  3. Feb 25, 2015
    The IQ test is really fun to do. The graphics are a great improvement from the PS2, this was my first game I ever bought for the PS3. GameplayThe IQ test is really fun to do. The graphics are a great improvement from the PS2, this was my first game I ever bought for the PS3. Gameplay wise, its Madden, its fun! Full Review »