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  1. Dec 15, 2011
    7 year old graphics, flawed game play, and lack of any legitimately progressive content makes madden 12 what madden 11, 10, 9, 8 and 7 were not worth their price a LONG SHOT. The exclusivity deal EA has with the NFL has ruined football video games for nearly the past 10 years and it will remain this way until their is competition in the genre once more. EA is happy to rest on their laurels and rake in cash as they monopolize a very lucrative video game category. This laurel resting is evident in the amount of clipping and awkward player interactions that occur in the game. Interceptions will frustrate and baffle you as you watch the opponent reach through your receiver to make the interception. The blurred edges on all the players when the camera is zoomed out will make you feel like you are playing on a playstation 1. The "3D" grass that has been implemented will make you laugh at how pathetic it looks. Your 10th franchise game in a row where it is raining (glitch EA has decided to leave unfixed) will make you sigh deeply with your head in your hands. The inability of your quarterback to complete deep passes will annoy you. Ultimately, if you end up only wasting 60 bucks on this game you should consider yourself lucky, considering how much it might cost to replace a plasma TV that has had a fist go through it. Expand
  2. Aug 31, 2011
    draft classes do not import properly meaning i have essentially wasted 3 months with ncaa, and that madden franchise is essentially non existent to me. i would have preferred to not buy either game had i known.
  3. Sep 2, 2011
    No real changes made, just the same game with bits and part from the previous ones. Graphics are well below most games made a few years ago. Same errors such as clipping issues, players teleporting.. just a shame.
  4. Jan 5, 2012
    Not buying this again unless 2K sports gets rights to make their game. EA is a bunch of lazy turds. How many glitches can one game have? Commentary sucks (calling players the wrong name). Game physics are terrible (passes caught on the hash register as incomplete). Constant audio pops that made me think my sound system was broken, but then I realized it was just crap Madden.
  5. Jan 21, 2012
    A really poor game. I'd had a lot of fun playing Madden 06 on the PS2 whenever I visited my dad. I'm visiting home again and we decided to split the cost of a PS3 and Madden 12. Such a dissappointing game. There seems a real lack of control over the players when selected, especially on defence. The sound is appalling, the home crowd seem to get quieter as the game progresses, even if they are winning. Despite the full stadium it frequently sounds like you are playing in the park to a crowd of 4 people. There is no excitement during a big play, from either commentators or crowd, turnovers, touchdowns and interceptions are greeted with the same enthusiasm as 3 yards and a cloud of dust. There is no clear signal that you've even lost possession or perhaps managed to stay in bounds. A number of occassions after 4th down plays I've been unsure who even has possession, a simple graphic saying turnover or a commentator saying 'He didn't make it' would be a great help! Selecting plays is a chore, Example, 2 minute warning, 3 points down, just recieved the ball, go to the play selection screen and your formation is automatically showing goalline! Back you go to select another more useful formation. I don't play any of the other game modes, just head to head against my father and one of the things we both liked about Madden 06 was the user head to head records, we could see who ran the most who had the better 3rd %, and more importantly who'd won the most games, unfortunately for some reason this user record feature is absent.. This has been an eye opener, I also play EA's FIFA which has different but similarly significant problems. It seems, with no real competition, that EA is becoming decidedly complacent. I for one will be looking for and supporting alternatives from now on. Expand
  6. Sep 10, 2011
    meh. Pros: NFL is back... Fixed some of the defense issues... and tons of replay value (virtually identical tho if you have last years game) Cons: EVERYTHING else... the commentary is HORRENDOUS, the game mechanics are sketchy at best, and aside from minimal tweaks its the exact same game as 11' ps: The default roster is HORRIBLY outdated (I'm assuming this can be updated but I haven't seen anything yet) Expand
  7. Nov 9, 2011
    I can't believe EA still gets away with this. The SAME GAME every single year. This is worse than CoD games. I wish I could enjoy these games, I love football. But, I'm not spending a $60 a year for a subscription service. If I'm going to spend that much per year I might as well get the NFL Sunday Ticket package. All they do is update line-ups. Change some numbers around on different player's stats, and BAM! You have a new game. I can't even buy this used because of EA's horrible online pass. All they need to do to fix these problems is have a fee, maybe $15-$20 per year, for DLC, to update the rosters. But they have a better plan. Trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of you. Not only is it expensive, it is a waste of plastic. When the new Madden comes out, why play an outdated one? I'm tired of going to used game shops and seeing 2 big shelves full of madden 11, another 2 full of Madden 10, and so on. They are being sold for like $10 used, and no one is going to buy them. Whenever I go to a retro game shop, I also see mountains of used Madden 96 on sale for a quarter each! Please stop supporting this company. EA, just like Activision are what's wrong with the video game industry. Expand
  8. Jan 15, 2013
    Take a look at 2K Sports for play by play, commentary and stats... they're doing somethng right. EA has obviously become compacent when it comes to Madden and it certainly gleens through.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 31
  2. Negative: 0 out of 31
  1. Several new features also make franchise play more rewarding: Madden vets will greatly appreciate the faster free-agent bidding process, which creates more tension between teams and preseason roster cuts also add a more human element. [Nov 2011, p.84]
  2. Oct 4, 2011
    It could - probably should - look better, but it's ridiculously deep and authentic with loads to do, both online and off. [Nov 2011, p.101]
  3. Sep 30, 2011
    It's a solid game but one which bears too many similarities to previous versions for us to wholeheartedly recommend it.