• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Jan 26, 2010
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  1. May 8, 2014
    So, yeah, MAG is dead. Its servers have been down for a lil' while already so why am I wasting my time typing a review for a game nobody will be able to play? Because MAG was a pioneering, underestimated FPS and it deserves at least a few minutes of my time, for posterity.

    Since this game is now dead, I'll write a review but I'll also add my little story concerning the game and why it
    ultimately failed to find its way in the very tight and ruthless FPS market which is almost under the complete grasp of two gigantic franchises, Battlefield and Call of Duty.

    I got the beta of MAG before its release. I immediately fell in love with a few aspects of the game. The first one was the whole teamwork concept. We're still in the prehistoric age of online gaming. Most players who play shooter games will toss aside the whole teamwork aspect, going in like Rambo. Well, MAG forced you to work with other players in order to achieve victory. That wasn't new for the genre, but the fact that you had squads and platoons, the vast use of headsets and the respawn which had a countdown so that you could reappear with your squadmates all encouraged and enforced teamwork.

    The second thing that really got me interested was the overall difficulty of the game which was due to its realism. Once again, teamwork was essential here if you wanted to survive. Also, you had to aim at the right body area to kill someone effectively. Most shooter games sure will make you deal more damage with head shots, but many will allow you to kill someone with a single sniper bullet in the foot and that's something I always hated - it removed the realism I was looking for.

    MAG was not an ordinary shooter. Heck, I'm not even sure you could see it as a FPS because it was so different from the other FPS at the time. The main reason for this was the vast amount of players who would kill each other in each and every game. With over 200 players simutaneously, this game was more of a war simulation than a video game to me.

    Another thing I loved was the fact that the game didn't really reward you for killing people. Sure, you'd get experience for kills, but in order to win, you had to destroy or conquer objectives which forced you to come up with strategies. You couldn't camp in this game and be part of the victory effort at the same time.

    When the game was released, it faced some harsh criticism. The thing is, many so-called pro reviewers played the beta and hypocritically wrote their review on the real game that they barely played. I've noticed a trend in pro video game reviews ( especially with IGN ) where they want to release their review ASAP ( to get the upper hand against other video game websites ) and they will often base themselves on betas... So yeah that's my opinion for the early and bad reviews of MAG.

    The critics of this game hurt its sells for sure but MAG wasn't perfect either. There were 3 factions in this game and one called SVER was overpowered for a very, very long time. Not only were the weapons better but the maps were strategically easier to defend as a SVER whilst the RAVEN faction was the complete opposite.

    The whole idea of factions was terrible. It split players in 3. If a friend chose to join VALOR and you were in SVER, you couldn't play with him, you were forced to play against him. They should've given up on factions and focused on clans instead.

    Zipper put a lot of effort into improving their game based on the gaming community. I have to give credit to them, because I think they spent a lot of time ( and money ) on patching it up. In the end, they kinda got rid of part of the faction problem by allowing, example, RAVEN players to defend maps of SVER. They did their best to recalibrate overpowered guns - unfortunately, to the point of nerfing some of them.

    The main flaw with this game was not the number of players ( I've rarely seen a laggy game despite playing with people from Japan, Australia, France, Brazil, etc. etc. ), but the size of the maps. They made the maps so huge that even if there were tens and tens of players, you would sometime have to run for an extended period of time before you actually encountered an enemy. All they had to do was to keep the same number of players but reduce the maps. This would've led to more action and less dull moments, especially after you respawned.

    This game was not only a pioneer in the number of players ( I'm sure this will be a norm in the upcoming years ), but also in the whole military hierarchy department. Squad leaders, platoon leaders and officers in command were ordinary players like you and me who had more experience than others and were given some extra power to influence the course of the battle. Once you were one of those, you could really tell that a good leader in this game was often the reason for a victory or a defeat. Battfield 4 recently implemented a similar concept in their game so I think people have noticed the potential of leaders in FPS games.
  2. Jan 15, 2014
    DO NOT BUY! Servers are shutting down the end of january. Plus the game is pretty dead as is, only 1 mode is played and you usually have to wait over 5 minutes for a game. The fact that I'm seeing this game everywhere in retail for a rly good price is kinda sad. This game will probably be sold as a used game even after the servers are down....and this game is absolutely nothing without its servers. This is why fps belong on the pc. Consoles are such money whores it's not even funny. They have this unspoken rule of being the cheaper to play model. Well they aren't. Stores make their money from console games. People return them and they resell them. In comparison you can't return a pc game or trade it in to a large vendor etc.

    The game? So I started playing this in 2012. This is probably the best fps console game for clans. Basically this is for alot of reasons, but one in particular.

    After you die you go into a dying state, and can be revived to full health with the click of a button by a teammate that is even 10m away from you! you can literally be killed....be rezed...be killed.....be rezed....etc etc...in a never ending loop.
    It makes for some interesting gameplay. When you are in this dying state the enemy has to shoot your remaining health to 0...and this usually amounts to more than half a clip from an assault rifle. It takes about a whole clip to kill some1 with heavy armour and 120 health....then you have to reload...and then empty another 12 rounds into the corpse to prevent any nearby enemies from reviving the guy you just killed. It rly doesn't matter how many kills you get in the game, what matters is how many you "finish off" after you kill them. As you might imagine an army of 2 is many times stronger than an army of 1. This is rly a team game and staying with your squad and team is how you win the matches.

    ALot of good cool things about this title though. in sabotage (the only game type with people in it right now) you spawn from an aircraft and parachute in after you succeed in the first 2 objectives. While parachuting in the enemy can shoot and kill you before you even make it to the ground. I like this. I like that a team is rewarded for playing well together. Spawn protection is a rly stupid thing in fps imo. That said, the defending team is always given spawn protection....and so are the attackers up until the final objective. If you run too far into the enemy zone you just die. So I mean..what I'm saying hardly applies to even 1/4 of your gametime.

    Other thoughts: there's 3 factions. you have to pay extra money to unlock more than 1 character profile (lol). I mean this prevents people from just going back and forth between factions (which I get makes sense), but....whatever give them money and you get an edge. 2-3 of the gametypes (it was 2 I think) were locked and you had to buy. They made one of them free a year or 2 ago...so there's 1 locked gametype you have to pay for still....which noone is playing (at all) so is a waste of money. Hell this entire game is a waste of money if you are reading this. You have till about the end of January before your rental expires. Then all you are gonna be left with is a basic basic basic 1 minute training mode.

    I didn't play this game with a clan...or with a buddy or whatever. So take my score however you want to take it.
    Also in each game type the wins per faction are tallied up and the winning faction gets an ingame passive reward. However these rewards are just for show. Were talking 5% increases in leadership range (rofl...useless) and 5% less cooldown on artillery (more rofl). It's a joke rly. If they made them worth something maybe I would take pride in every game I won or thought for a moment that it made a difference if we won or lost a match.

    Other gripes: Heavy machine guns suck in this game big time. game winning strategies sometimes amount to grenade spamming the enemy position so they stay dead when they die and can't be rez'd over and over.

    Oh and 1 more thing. If you want to know why your lovely game is so dead look no further than the community of clans. You do not want to be on a team with clan members on it. If you are, chances are they are going to be jerks and kick you either right before the match is over or half way in or right away. They either do this to make room for another clan member or because they are jerks. Either way they end up being jerks since when you are kicked you lose all exp and money from the match. The kicking system: if 4 members on the squad vote yes you are gone! It is rly easy to get kicked. I mean this is great for kicking team killers and guys abusing their mic. But typically you will have 4 members of the same clan in your squad, and they can boot you anytime they want to. There's no repercussion for kicking an innocent player. So maybe clans should ponder that for a while when they complain that "everyone is a cod or bf noob, that's why there are no players left".
  3. Dec 23, 2013
    This is the best shooter you never played, or didn't give a chance. The objective system and game encouraged team play from all 128 players per team in ways no other FPS has yet to achieve. Is it the most polished game? Nope. Does it have more depth and fun factor than any other FPS in modern times? Absolutely. I could spend all day describing how well an effective squad team commander can change the entire course of the game. I've tried to replace this game with Planetside 2, BF3, and BF4, but nothing stacks up. I do play BF4 a lot but I find myself just wishing MAG looked that good. Expand
  4. Oct 15, 2013
    Quite an adventure, one of the most addicting FPS games in my life. It all started 2 years ago when I saw the trial on the PS store, with the only limit not being able to go over level 10 yet able to play all the game modes and having access to gear to be useful to the team. But that didn't stop me and my brother from putting in over 400+ hours each. So many good and bad memories, from taking MVP awards as a Level 10 trial player, helping your team win, doing those massive killstreaks in tight spots, reviving your team, raging at teammates for not killing that guy or not reviving you, so many different scenarios. Sure, the game was flawed with one faction being better than the other, often hard to get into a certain game mode, but that wasn't such a big deal. Teamwork was crucial, if you're a high level player, don't come to the battlefield without that medical kit or we'll be pissed off at you, don't camp either. Making strategies was also necessary to gain the upper hand. Some of the most satisfying moments in the game were when you developed a strategy that worked wonders for your team (Interdiction :D), taking that 1st place MVP award despite having inferior weaponry thanks to skills and teamwork, knowing that staying out of the battle and repairing assets sometimes was more useful than shooting bullets at the enemy. In my eyes the best FPS ever. Sadly, Sony fired the developers and are shutting down servers in January. Although, on PS4 we will be getting Planetside 2, which might be the spiritual successor to MAG. Expand
  5. Mar 22, 2013
    Some people say MAG stands for Massive Action Game. They are absolutely right! This game is massive. In some modes, there can be as many as 256 players playing together. The action part is spot on too. Many times I found myself in the middle of a huge battle and couldn't decide where to go, because every direction looked dangerous. There are some things it could work on though. One thing is it can take as many as 20 minutes to join a game. The only other thing I can complain about is you can't choose which map to play at. The network chooses for you, which can be really annoying because I once played on the same map 8 times in a row! While it's no where near a perfect game, MAG is an excellent substitute to CoD and Battlefield. Expand
  6. Feb 1, 2013
    This game could have been great, but it relies too much on team-work. For example, many times you have to defend or secure an area. If your fellow squad members ignore you or don't have a mic, you can't win. You find out fast that trying to lock down an area by yourself when 12 people are attacking is impossible. This along with the fact that half of the people playing are around 12 years old and simply try to kill people, makes winning difficult. In order to enjoy playing this game, you need friends to play with you. Expand
  7. Dec 22, 2012
    MAG works well and is fun even to today. The shooting is solid and the graphics are also looking good. This is even more impressive when you consider that you can download the game for £0.00. When it comes to the multiplayer game experience its your standard FPS, this means that it depends on who you're playing against and what map you are on. Thus it must be a 7. As it ticks all the right boxes. But relies on its community to remain a fighting chance against other FPS. Expand
  8. Aug 14, 2012
    What disappoints me most about MAG is how the PS3 hardware is incapable of coping with the 256 player game modes MAG boasts. Game maps are larger than normal but not terribly so, but large enough to separate the players into different hotspots during the 256 player modes. Teams of 128 are split into different segments so initially the game feels like a 32 vs 32 game. As the game mode progresses, more players meet in flashpoints and the framerate tanks under the pressure. My PS3 locked up numerous times during the 256 player game modes, even after cleaning the dust out of it. Because the controls are so sloppy and wonky, people seem to mostly nade spam in the hopes of downing the newbs who blindly rush into the meat grinder. The weapon variety is stale and you'll find yourself grinding for in game currency to get better guns of which there are only a couple meager improvements. You'll also struggle to keep up as you grind for XP to invest in enough skills to increase your survivability and make the game playable. Coordination is essential in this game, and yet so few people have mics. The game had ambition, I'll give it that, but it utterly fails in execution. Expand
  9. Mar 29, 2012
    Bought this game as a sub for Battlefield 3 as I don't own a PS3 copy of BF3.. Honestly? It would've been an awesome concept and execution.. If it were the year 2003. As it stands, you have archaic gameplay wrapped around a great concept. Graphics being dated? Don't mind. Gameplay being that dated? Game breaker. The game was released in 2010 with gameplay flaws not seen in the genre since half a decade before. ANY war shooter that allows players to run directly INTO gunfire and knife the attacker before the ASSAULT RIFLE rounds take them down is awfully dated at best, terribad at worst. If you're a sucker for big battles, RENT this game and try it out. Do NOT make the mistake of BUYING this game based on this or ANY review. Expand
  10. Mar 17, 2012
    I play almost everyday, two years now. Whem you start the game you will be killed a lot. But give it a time and pratice. Humans are not stupid as bots.
  11. Jan 12, 2012
    I'm giving this game a 10 because it is unlike ANY other game out there and in a good way. It may take some getting use to but what game doesn't if your not use to it and finally someone who realizes they can sacrific some grafics for better game play. This game is AWESOME and requires teamwork and really takes things to a whole other level!
  12. Jan 5, 2012
    this game is pretty solid when it comes to the graphics and game play but i did not like it because it is just to hard to play. unless you are a game wizard and can pick up anygame and instantly be good at it you will struggle with this. it is so hard to become good at it because no matter what class you are as soon as you step out into the open you get picked of by a sniper you have almost no health in this game that a stray bullet can and will kill you. as well there is a big emphasis on team play in this game that no one seems to get because unless you use the mic that came with the game there is no way to comunicate with your teammates therefore making the team element disapear since no one uses thier mics there is usually a small group of about 5 people using a mic that will stick together and play the game properly but other than that and when you need to defend a spot (which results in everyone camping around the objective anyway) the teamwork element gets compleatly thrown out the window. i wish there was a story line as well as online play but im trading this in because it is just to hard to play and get good Expand
  13. Dec 28, 2011
    This game is pretty good, but it was a bit boring. Still it is better than playing mw3, and black ops. I thought this game was garbage at first, but i wasn't. It was so much fun.
  14. Nov 15, 2011
    Mag is a great multiplayer shooter. definitely one of my favorites.
    256 players? or my God. above no lag, dedicated servers (not as in other more important, they have lousy servers, ahem ahem cod ...)
    the graphics, though people criticize them, are not so bad, when you get used to and you can play is a pass play.
    you can shoot hours and hours playing and not be tired.
    is perfect for
    playing with friends or clans. no doubt a bomb.
    shame that as I always say ... these games that innovate, go unnoticed, because of other games that are more successful, though more bad ...
    People who innovate, to me the best game developers.
  15. Oct 27, 2011
    Even after a year MAG still remains my favorite shooter on console, I love the focus on squad based infantry combat. With a minimum of 64 players each match (before ragequits) each round in MAG feels more like a full scale assault instead of a 8v8 airsoft arena.
  16. Oct 10, 2011
    I really wanted to love MAG. As in, by now I've devoted a great deal of time to progression and unlocking, just to get a real insight into all three factions. the good news is, its a deep game, progression of sorts is never ending, with a (potentially) constantly evolving conflict. the key word there is potential, and that's where the cracks start to show. MAG felt more like a proof of concept, a taste of something grander in a stale genre. I just hope lessons are learned for the next installment as the combination of 50%+ sniper teams, exploitable spawn points and dart control system make this a hard game to truly enjoy... Expand
  17. Sep 26, 2011
    This was a fantastic experiment in large-scale FPS action. It shines in rewarding team coordination, and in capturing the scale of its largest battles. A fundamental flaw that was never addressed was that MAG locked a player into a faction (one of three), and gave every incentive for the most competitive to gather together in one of them. There was no balancing mechanism, and so SVER became, and remained, the "easy mode" for MAG. The oft cited map and weapon inequity issues are minimal or nonexistent; the fundamentals of this game are excellent, and if they'd added a real incentive to balance factions I would still be playing it. Expand
  18. Aug 29, 2011
    Overall MAG is a much better game now than when it was first released. I got it at launch and I would have initially given it a 6.5. Now I would give it an 8-9. Don't read any of the initial reviews from the release. The game is totally different from then. The skill tree is huge, with so many skills that even with 70 points (level 70, highest level) with each skill worth 1 point, you can't get them all. There is now a currency system that allows buying weapons, equipment, accessories, uniforms, etc. Maps are much more balanced now that any faction can attack or defend any map in any game type. There are 5 game types, with two game types available as DLC. One is free, the other is 4.99. Both are worth it, but they don't normally have high traffic.

    The gameplay is good, lag is non existent. My only gripe would be that SVER seems to have markedly better players. At first I had attributed this to map imbalance, but with the changes this can't be true anymore. The other PMCs (Raven and Valor) seem to have less skilled players and playing with them can be frustrating. The developer has no control over who/how many join which faction. I think that many of the reviewers here started with Raven or Valor, struggled hard, and gave up. Those that stick around will find a game that has good team based gameplay with plenty of skills, weapons, and maps to stay interested. Just be aware, if you join Raven or Valor, be prepared to be challenged. I've played with all three, and am finally with SVER after playing through the other two. SVER wins most matches, and dominates some. If you think you have what it takes, play Raven or Valor, join up with friends and prepare for the largest maps and games ever. Just be aware that its not COD Black Ops with smaller maps and more intense close action. With this many people, you are going to get killed sometime by the fact that you are outnumbered. COD Blops is a game where you can definitely succeed on your own. In MAG, even if you are not communicating (no headset) you can still follow squad objectives to help the team and score more XP. If you start out, with no skills, and try to run in guns blazing all the time you will get frustrated. I don't think all gamers really even want to play team based games, they just want high kills and to "pwn". For those that want more, try MAG. At the price the game is at now, you don't have much to lose.
  19. Aug 10, 2011
    Zipper and Sony Sell this game on PSN in Europe, Australia and Asia. Shame they closed ALL Servers OUT SIDE OF THE USA. Until around June last year I might have given MAG an 8/10, Shame Sony and Zipper Doesn't care to provide the same equal service to those which bought the game in their own countries OUTSIDE of USA to find themselves forced to play on U.S servers with an Average of 200>300+ ms PING! Futhermore Zipper NEVER Commented on this fact on their Official Forums, likewise about the Euro Servers for Socom 4, These DEVS should understand how important it is to have a Dedicated server on a Regional/Local level especially due to the fact that this game is an ONLINE ONLY FPS. Therefore to provide European Players without the same service as US players is ridiculously. FPS games and high pings just don't mix. It's bad enough with P2P games but this game without Dedicated servers in Europe and Australia just takes the piss. Expand
  20. Aug 6, 2011
    Having played the MAG beta to much I never purchased this game at launch. Well here I am now and well this game is really underrated still to this day. However the only good gamemode in this game is the 256 domination matches hence the reason you would want to buy this game to begin wtih for the large scale warfare. Im being serious tho, every other gamemode is complete crap.
  21. May 20, 2011
    after the psn outage i came back to this masterpiece and was moved to write a review on metacritic. other online fps are momentarily cool and exciting but MAG will always be the best. the depth of customization is staggering, and it's awe-inspiring to start off a domination match and see all your teammates piling out onto the battlefield. just so cool. the whole thing is cool- an ongoing war for contracts between factions that stay with you so you really want your team to win. it's amazing to me that this game never took off as it's the most fun you can have with a military shooter. i could go on and on but you can read many of the other reviews here to see all the ways that MAG is the best. Expand
  22. May 12, 2011
    1000 hours. enough said...
  23. Apr 27, 2011
    MAG is a great game with a very steep learning curve. Most will give up because they find it too difficult at a low level and will go back to cod. Those that stay and learn the game will find out how amazing MAG really is. Clans are a really good way to learn the game and level up quickly. Don't play this game solo!

    Valor Coalition
  24. Mar 27, 2011
    This game is probably one of the greatest FPS games out there. It is very different in strategy than CoD. Success relies on how effective you work together, and that is one of the greatest things that you can get in a FPS game. The one issue I have about the game is... it has the stupidest and most retarded music I have EVER heard in a war game.
  25. Mar 19, 2011
    Terrible maps. 256 players is too many, especially since they all have mics. No single player. You're paying full retail price for half a game, if that. The graphics are good but players don't stand out the way they should. You'd think enemies are chameleons. I couldn't find a way to shoot with my trigger. Seriously? We have to shoot with the bumper? That alone can ruin it. The controls just don't feel crisp and tight. This game provides a lot of "line drawn in the sand" battles. It lead to camping, big time. There's only one swan area on each side and it leads to spawn killing. Horrible game. I still own it, just because I don't get rid of games. Expand
  26. Mar 15, 2011
    Purely amazing & currently the best fps in the market.

    MAG is an amazing unique fps, the 'domination' game mode is my personal favourite. This is the game mode with 256 players .However you do not feel lost. You know what your target is. Everything flows perfectly in this game. As with all the game modes. I highly recommend to anyone.
  27. Feb 3, 2011
    Frankly, MAG is an FPS game unlike many others in the world today. What takes me by surprise is the reality of the battles and the intuitive style of gameplay. The main aspect of the MAG is its emphasis on the team rather than the individual, and I say this truly adds to the gameâ
  28. Feb 1, 2011
    MAG's one and only pemise and what made it stand out, was it's 256 player multiplayer. Jaws dropped as soon as people heard that number. But unfortunately MAG fails to deliver the big action it promised. The game never feels BIG OR EPIC as it should be. The game itself is okay. But the fact you never actually have a full scale battle with 256 people was a MASSIVE mistake.
  29. Jan 25, 2011
    This is hands down the best online shooter available on the market but be warned this is a hardcore game so don't expect to casually walk in and be a superstar. Where MAG excels is in the subtleness of the gameplay which forces you to always be aware of basically everything around you at the same time. This is what separates it from all other shooters. You are actually immersed in a real war with a ton of other players and have to earn your own personal greatness slowly. Even once you acheive good loadout equipment there is tons of strategy and teamwork necessary to beat the other team at whatever mode you choose to play. I can't say enough good things ahout this game it is nealy a perfect shooter in my opinion. The only reason I'm taking a point off a perfect 10 is because too many times online you get booted off in the middle of a game and this is inexcusable. Two other complaints that are common is that the game looks washed out and your teammates don't communicate. I find the washed out looks actually adds to the feel of combat and the latter is really a player problem, not a direct problem of the game. It's not hard to form a squad and avoid that problem either. In sum the scale of this game is the next level of gaming for those of us who find Modern Warfare lame and childish. Apart from disconnects the game is fps heaven. It's easy to drop in and play with great controls but also allows you to go all in and be as much of a war trooper as you choose to be. You can play casually or take the role of squad or platoon leader and set the entire strategy and communication of what is going on throughout the game. In turn this is not only a fps game is is also at the same time a real time strategy/tactical game. The brilliance is that you get to decide what you want the game to mean to you each time you play it. It is a shame people are rating the game on their own personal skill. It is hands down one of the best games out there if you take the effort to learn all its subtle aspects. It is not strictly fps, it is more than that and a lot of the negative reviews by people are basically because they couldn't get past the basics and so blame the game for this. Expand
  30. Jan 17, 2011
    I am not used to play multiplayer fps games but I must admit that I have enjoyed this one. But even with that I agree with most people that says that the contents is not enough and besides I find sometimes pretty boring to die so often (but I understand that this is a problem of my lack of skills).
  31. Jan 15, 2011
    I was skeptical about getting MAG at first (I know a lot of people have already said that). I did my research, read plenty of Critic and User reviews, watched trailers, watched gameplay videos on youtube, and waited for the price to drop. I got very interested since the gameplay videos looked rather decent and reviews stated that the games focused on operating as a TEAM. A tactic that CoD has never truly implemented. It was summer vacation in 2010 and I was getting bored playing solo games so I bought the game used for $30. A fair price at the time. I had heard of so many people joining the SVER faction and I, being a non conformist, went and joined Valor since they felt like the were the least liked of the three factions... And their theme music is like hard rock meets the Blues. When I first played a few games I felt a slight disappointment since I had been playing with people who had the game far longer than I had, had gotten well accustomed to the controls and gameplay, and who knew more about teamwork than I. Also I died repeatedly. After a few hours I got more and more into it since I had leveled up a few times giving me access to more skills and weapons. The gameplay is like CoD and also a far cry from CoD. The TEAM and OBJECTIVE focus is what makes MAG unique. By fighting with your teammates, completing objectives, and defending those objectives you get double XP. For example, an enemy kill awards 5 XP. An enemy kill in the vicinity of a prime objective awards the usual 5 XP but with a FRAGO bonus of another 5 XP. This helps encourage team based combat rather than trying to be a CoD/Halo one-man-army, charging to your death. Now it's January 2011. The game has made some incredible changes, from improving the graphical frame rates, to changing the skill and "armory" system, to adding new ways to get LOADS of bonus XP. I downloaded the massive update and Was astonished. The frame rates went from a slightly choppy and inconsistent 24-30fps to a smooth 45-60 fps. And being a later date more people had joined the game giving more people to fight and more opportunities, in general, to fight. There had also been two new games modes that had been added Interdiction and Escalation. Interdiction was like another massive Deathmatch with vehicles, while Escalation gave all three Factions a chance to fight each other at one time since all other modes only allowed two factions at a time. The skill tree and "armory" had been revamped as well so rather than having new weapons unlocked by spending skill points the skill tree has much more skills and there is another supply tab that houses all the weapons plus some new additions, as well as new gadgets and camo colors. The updates have also added new maps some of which look amazing compared to the old ones Now the game is batter than ever. Back in 2010 I would've given the game maybe a 7 because it felt like it was in its experimental stage but now I see that the developers are working to build a better FPS. Breakdown... Sound: 7, The sounds are the only things that haven't improved. Bullets still can sound rather weak. Graphics: 8, Graphics don't make a game but they help, and MAG wasn't groundbreaking, but the improved frame rates do help make the gameplay more functional. Gameplay: 10, The controls handle just like any other FPS, I don't know what the fuss is about. OK maybe a few bits are different from CoD but come on people. Open Minds please. And the fact that I have met some people that want to play as a team makes it more enjoyable with 10,000 bullets flying by my head every minute. I don't feel like some douche is going to spawn camp me every time. But you will die a lot so stop whining CoD lovers. Lasting Appeal: 9, I say 9 because while it does some things greatly it is still an FPS. You play one FPS you have pretty much played them all. But it is perpetually online gameplay with no fee. Unless you are a CoD fanatic you will come back for more. Expand
  32. Jan 12, 2011
    Massive Action Game is exactly what MAG is. It is a little rough getting used to, as there is a steep learning curve. Once you get the hang of things it really changes. Also, Zipper has done a great job of contunually updating MAG to refine every detail. The graphics may not be the best, but that so you can go 128vs128 which is insane! If you like action or FPS's then this is for you.
  33. Dec 30, 2010
    MAG = awesome!....plays great and 256 players is a blast experience that I would recommend to everyone. Now supporting Playstation Move just got even better!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad to own a PS3! :-]
  34. Dec 30, 2010
    Horrible, the game does not have enough content period. There are barley any guns at all and the guns are even very different from each other. Its like they made the the game half way then sold it. Plus if your on SVER it takes 20 min. to get into a match. If you buy this game be ready to get killed by the people who sit around all day and play it. You never get that sense of scale this game just fails everything. DONT BUY Expand
  35. Dec 19, 2010
    This is a great game. You can play with up to 256 players. The game frequently gets patched which fix bugs, improves the gameplay, and add new content. This is a must buy for PS3 owners.
  36. Nov 19, 2010
    Excellent Game. If you are the type of gamer that is easily bored by the small nature and lack of tactics in many of today's online shooters than this game is for you. You have medics, objectives, large battles with 128 players PER TEAM, and the maps make it so you ahve to use tactics. It also takes a while to level all the way up and earn credits to buy all the guns and gear. I personally loved warhawk due to the length of time it took to be a general...now mag doesn't take nearly that long but its longer than your average shooter.

    I would suggest this to any gamer who is looking for a unique and addictive online experience out of a shooter.
  37. Nov 18, 2010
    MAG is the best shooter, if you like strategy and team play.
    NickC says:
    This is really incomparable to games like MW2. If you play call of duty style you will hate this game die a lot. If you at least attempt to work along with your teammates and form strategies it becomes one of the best experiences you can get from a FPS. Even if your not the best FPS player, you can still do decent and
    have fun in this game. Expand
  38. Nov 1, 2010
    The only good thing about this game is the amount of players you can have on a map in one session, other than that the game is slow, has awful graphics and is nothing like the standard the call of duty games have set for online first person shooters
  39. Oct 14, 2010
    This game is actually a team based game. MAG should have promoted this as a team based strategy game but it came across as a FPS that required you to be a straight killer. But you need to help your teammates and also capture objective. It is an objective based game that requires teamwork!

    K/D ratio is for newbs who want to run and gun, well good luck doing that in this game as you will
    get owned. Healing your teammates is much more important than killing someone. Expand
  40. Oct 11, 2010
    Great game. It's not perfect but for what it was trying to accomplish it wasn't far from it. It could've used better graphics but with 256 players in one match rendering in high-def could have introduced some lag (and I find it humorous that MAG has virtually no lag with 256 people whereas highly praised games like CoD virtually always have lag with no more than 20 people). Some critics and others say that not having a campaign held this game back, but really why would you need a campaign in a game like MAG? It's meant to be large-scale, team based battle and it did just that very well. That's where the rest will draw the line. MAG isn't made for casual gamers, it's made for people who want to work as a team to achieve victory (instead of jerking off to their k/d ratio). They did force the players to work as a team in MAG and honestly, I think it was a great choice, because with 256 lonewolves running around doing nothing but worrying about kills would be a terrible game. It's also extremely well balanced, although admittedly you have to look for it sometimes. What I mean by that is, for anything (and I mean literally anything) that your enemy does, there is a counter to it. The weapons, while limited in variety, all have specific bonuses over one another which adds greatly to the balancing. Sniping actually requires you to 1) be a good shot 2)understand how to set up in a good position and 3)move after several kills. That's how sniping is supposed to be if a game is going for any realism at all. This game actually requires you to think. This is getting lengthier than I expected so I'll wrap it up with this. If you're a team or victory oriented player, MAG is a great buy for you. If you're a kill/death oriented player, stay the f*ck away from MAG and stick to the regurgitated profit based games (like CoD), because you won't appreciate anything that varies from what you're used to and I don't want to see or hear some 13 year old douche sitting in one spot trying to snipe complaining about how people can see him and how he can't get one hit kills constantly and call in a nuke to win automatically. Expand
  41. Sep 29, 2010
    i dont play mnay games online longer then a week in the last 4 years . infact if i play some thing longer then 2-3 months im amazed. probibly the only 2 games i have played longer then that in the last 4 years have been gears of War for 3 years and Call of Duty 4. for 3 months. that reason being every thing is recycled its all the same run around like a chicked with your head cut off and shoot every thing that moves with no real point but that. mag tries to change that . the game is one of the most team based games ive played since gears of war . in game modes like Domination where there are multiple objectives to take down and team work is key . having a good sqaud leader , platoon leader and OIC are very important . this game is as fun as the people you play with are at communication . if your team does not talk and the other team is then you will most likely loose your matches . so this game is best played with friends if you dont know any one with any on this game like me when i first got it just keep talking you are bound to find people who do and will invite you into there clan and then the game experiance becomes amazing . ive been playing this game since febuary of 2010 and will probubly keep playing it till socom 4 comes out. zipper hass been updating fairly frequently fixing all the bugs and glitches in this game they are doing a pretty decent job on it but theres still more to go . they add new content at a regualar basis. there are 13 maps if you include intrediction DLC and more coming . the right faction isnt as key as finding the right people to play with . there is a decent gun selection but i wish there was more but they do add new wepons in DLC. the balancing issues with the factions maps have been getting addressed. they now mix the maps up in sabotage for the factions. the knife has alot of issues as it will not work some times you can stab a guy in the head from 1 foot away and nothing then you can get stabbed from 50 yeards away in the body with 120% health boost and still die . i do wish that when you did domination you actaully saw the 128 vs 128 people instead its broken up into sections . so its more like 32 vs 32 . so it never really captures that feeling as you are in this grand war as id hoped it would . more vehicles would have also been nice . i would have loved to see tanks and choppers you could fly . its a thought i guess for the seqeul if they make one. Mag is a very fun game although if you dont want to talk and just want to run around like a chicken with your head cut off go play battlle field 2 and MW2. we dont want you on mag. Expand
  42. Sep 9, 2010
    MAG is a great game that has really got better over the years. Its a shame Day 1 reviews seal the fate of a game as reviews would have been better. Mag is a great team based game where you can play in games with up to 255 other people. Once you have given it some time you can lead, talk to, and do game changing things as the person in charge of the 127 others on your team. The people saying it is confusing have got it all wrong! I advice watching a youtube video explaining each game mode, especially if you want to be a squad leader for the first time. With double XP for 1 hour of play each day, and bonus XP for going in via a scrtain playlist leveling up does not take half as long as some of the reviews state. The game is well worth a buy and I would say a Must if you own a PS3. It is soon to get a massive update making things a bit better. There are still some bugs, this one here ''but the game forgets to re-spawn you. So, for the remainder of this 20 min round you walk around unable to respawn'' Is easy to get around, just press start then R3 to ''kill yourself'' and then you respawn. No big deal it does not happen often. The best thing about MAG is the scale. The domination game mode in which 128 players must either attack of defend a Fuel depo is the best, The game lasts a full 30 mins and is very fun. Balance was an issue at launch, but with updates this has been changed. If you are looking for a FPS, with scale, and not just ''kill people to win'' this is the one for you (tho there is a game mode 32 players VS 32 players) Expand
  43. Sep 4, 2010
    esse jogo só exige uma unica ação companheirismo se você não não for desse tente ser o máximo possível para se dar bem com o jogo.Se você tentar, pelo menos, para trabalhar junto com seus companheiros de equipe e as estratégias de forma que se torna uma das melhores experiências que você pode começar a partir de um FPS. Mesmo que o seu não é o melhor jogador de FPS, você ainda pode fazer decente e se divertir neste jogo. Expand
  44. Aug 23, 2010
    Awesome game. This game really need skill and 256 players domination matches are so awesome and what best there`s no auto-aim like modern warfare 2 + everything are balanced. This is must buy ps3 game if you like FPS games.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 83 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 54 out of 83
  2. Negative: 0 out of 83
  1. Massive Action Game delivers on the promise of its name. It's certainly massive, and there is more than enough action to go around. MAG's biggest draw, however, is that it's perfect for both hardcore multiplayer FPS fans and newcomers alike.
  2. The challenge of branding MAG with a number (much smaller than its trademarked 256 and between 1 and 10) to denote its quality is akin to rating World of Warcraft after a weekend of gold-farming, long before the full majesty of the game has blossomed and shown its true potential. The best we can do is rate our early impressions, undoubtedly influenced by the game’s prospects for the future.
  3. 256 players in the same battlefield is clearly a new step beyond what console online gaming was offering. Spectacular in its size, MAG allows at the same time a deep approach for the hardcore FPS lovers, and also an easier gameplay appealing for those more casual action gamers. The lack of any non-online mode can limit its influence, and the visuals are not over the top, but in the end, MAG achieves success delivering the closest experience to fighting on a living battlefield.