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  1. Mar 10, 2012
    As misguided as it might have been I was wooed to the 2K franchise this year by Tiger's Ace Justin Verlander. And having JV on the cover was a great idea for a game that boasts the best pitching mechanics in the baseball videogame world. Pitching is fun and creative but tends to be a bit too effective in the end. The Tigers have a good pitching staff but boasting a sub 2.00 ERA as a staff during franchise play seems over the top. Further disappointments are found in the AI, baserunning, and fielding. Fielding seems "wonky" as opposed to smooth and natural and allows outfielders and middle infielders make impressive defensive plays too often, baserunning (at least for me) seems overly complicated, and most importantly the AI fails to make good baseball decisions by holding runners when it shouldnt. One more insignificant but annoying problem: the Tigers blue is way off. If you're going to have a Tiger on the cover get the colors right. Overall I am having fun with the game and cant wait to use the real time feature once the season starts to play right along with my favorite team. Full Review »