Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 23
  2. Negative: 1 out of 23
  1. It delivers new experiences with its gameplay, offers rewarding bonus content (playable minor league teams, and collectable baseball cards), and improves upon its already robust online play with an array of sorting options that will allow players to find the appropriate match-ups. The only area that needs work is Franchise mode.
  2. The new gameplay features, particularly Total Pitch Control, are great, and the franchise and online modes will appeal to baseball fanatics. The graphics and sound could've been better.
  3. 80
    A positive step forward for an already good series.
  4. MLB 2K8 is a game for true fans--it's like being there at the ballpark. There are lots of details that only baseball fans will appreciate. It won't appeal to general gamers or those who don't really like baseball though.
  5. 75
    This year, the game has junked its poorest parts and replaces them with some seriously innovative goodies -- but there are a handful of reasons why we're not jumping for joy and declaring this the must-play baseball title of 2008.
  6. MLB 2K8 accomplishes what it set out to do--giving players more control in every phase of the game. Unfortunately, the changes come at a price that is hard to accept. In addition to the terribly inconsistent frame rate, evidence is everywhere that the game simply isn’t finished.
  7. 72
    It’s the lack of authenticity while on the field that really hurts MLB 2K8. Next-gen simulation sports games are gauged by how closely they emulate the look and feel of the real thing and while the new gameplay mechanics do lend themselves to a more true-to-life experience, the presentation and look of 2K8 in motion really hurts it overall.
  8. Fielding features the sweetest setup in years, with its simple analog-based meter. And baserunning and hitting benefit from less-complex models. Something's still missing. [Apr 2008, p.73]
  9. We were so ready to fall in love with 2K’s take on major league baseball again this year, but we just can’t get past the depressing drop in visual fidelity.
  10. 70
    If you're able to look past the framerate, the pitching and franchise are worth checking out, but if you only have enough money for one baseball game this year, Sony's Show is definitely the one worth attending.
  11. Upper-tier analog batting and pitching make for a unique and enjoyable baseball experience. The rest of the game is average with annoying technical issues and opponent/teammate AI that is, for the most part, dreadful.
  12. MLB 2K8 is one of those games that hurts to play because you just know it could have been so much better.
  13. One very big frustration I have with this game is the music selection. To each his own, but when I play a baseball game I expect to hear the music associated with live baseball games - hip-hop, hard rock, and Latin music. For some reason, this soundtrack is filled with horrendous artsy indie rock, which to me, should not be the soundtrack to a modern baseball game.
  14. The stuttering on the field obscures what can be a very fun, tense and rewarding game of baseball.
  15. MLB 2K8 is full of new ideas; unfortunately, it's also filled with technical problems.
  16. PS3 owners should be grateful that MLB 2K8 is not their only choice.
  17. It's a mediocre offering of baseball that does little to fix the issues that plagued 2K7. A.I. is still questionable, and sliders don't help alleviate the issues. Mode offerings desperately need a rookie-superstar mode of some sort, and the overall feel of the game is in dire need of polish.
  18. It remains a flawed experience, even in the face of its significant upgrades in the depth and gameplay options. [Apr 2008, p.74]
  19. Barring one heck of a patch from 2k Sports, there’s no magic pill to cure all that ails this game. The legacy of developer 2k Los Angeles (formerly Kush Games) continues to be the delivery of high-potential but brutally flawed games that lack considerable polish.
  20. As far as pitching and hitting are concerned, MLB 2K8 is great. But presentation counts, and when a weak presentation is coupled with fielding issues, it's a lot harder to enjoy this game.
  21. While the lag doesn’t technically make MLB 2K8 unplayable online, it’s bad enough to be a severe detriment to enjoying the game.
  22. They're trying by adding new features, but to my mind this energy is misplaced. While you get some changes and add-ons, that's a lot like pruning a tree when its core is rotten, or putting a dress on a pig, or ... well, you get the point.
  23. 40
    While the gameplay remains solid and the features are there in full force, the technical issues and sub-par graphics make it absolutely impossible to recommend over Sony's "MLB 08: The Show."
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 8 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. ShaneLoose
    Mar 17, 2008
    With optimism of the upcoming Patch, this game is great for what it is.

    Baseball Simulation

    If you are a 360 only owner and a baseball
    fan, you will be more than please with this Title.

    You can adjust settings in the meantime to reduce/eliminate hiccups.

    The Card game is surprisingly addictive. The Franchise is fantastic and the new controls (especially Pitching) make every single Pitch, At-Bat and Ball in Play really matter.
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  2. JoanLanzagorta
    Mar 6, 2008
    Altough I very much like the broadcast presentation that 2K Sports generally throw into their games (this not being the exception), they again failed to bring us a true baseball experience. Instead of focusing on the subtleties of the sport and the little details that define baseball, instead of fixing framerate and make the animations more fluid and less robotic, they focused on innovations for the sake of innovations, that would have been welcome if the game was solid enough. It seems that during this year's development, they just realized that they could not deliver a game true to the sport, and thus they desperately threw something new in, to get at least better reviews. I know that many people enjoy this game anyway. However, if you are a playstation user, and a true baseball fan, The Show is a much much better game and experience overall. Full Review »
  3. Timdaley
    Mar 4, 2008
    This game is a big step backwards from 2k7. The new controls are a waste of time and just hinder the fun factor of this game. Basically who wants to fight the controls to have fun in the game. The framerate issues are very annoying and the visuals are very dark and sort of foggy. Over all if your a 360 owner stick with 2k7 but your a PS3 owner like me, get your money back and grab the show. thats what I did and now I am happy. Full Review »