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  1. Feb 25, 2011
    This is a great game. The graphics are good sound us cool too (and includes remixes of 'wanna take you for a ride from mvc2). The characters are great and I think it was a good idea of using more unknown characters instead of bog standard marvel and capcom ones (e.g has zero instead of megaman). My only problem is that dlc characters have already been announced 2 months before the games release meaning they could have easily been fitted into the game ( and the game already has 20 less characters then mvc2). But that's just capcom being greedy and shouldn't put people of buying the game. Overall a excellent game! Expand
  2. Feb 15, 2011
    Attention all: Disregard weege's review, unless you never play fighting games, as he clearly has no idea what he's talking about. If you opt to use the one button simple control scheme, you will get slaughtered by anyone who is even decent at the game--I repeat SLAUGHTERED. The one button control scheme is aimed at folks who just want to mash around with friends and who do not get into fighting games that much. Anyone who plays fighting games moderately, and especially high-level players would annihilate anyone using this watered down control scheme.

    Anyway, the game has great visuals, great roster (in my opinion), and the additions and tweaks to the fighting engine make for an quickly engaging, yet deep fighting experience. Sure, it can get crazy, and button mashers may frustrate you the first couple of matches, but just a small amount of time in practice mode will give you the upper hand and you can dismantle such strategies. This is a great follow up to one of the best 2D fighting games of all time--if you are a fan of the series it is a must buy. If you are a huge fighting game fan, it is a must buy. For casual fighting game fans, I strongly recommend it. Anyone else may want to rent/gamefly or play at your local game store before making the purchase.
  3. Feb 23, 2011
    MvsC3 is a very bright and brash, slick, fast and even simplified to a degree its appeal is more online than the single player offline mode. That's not to say you should not bother with the single player though Capcom have worked hard to made the AI more challenging on the hardest difficulty, usually on the hardest he game is still relatively easy and un challenging but not this time round, bravo Capcom a more challenging experience awaits. The single player also has missions for all the characters much like the ones found in the SSF4 series, enough to keep you busy for a couple of hours with some devious timings required for some of the tougher missions. Online is an interesting affair once you understand how to start a game the gameplay online works well but be warned if the opponent or yourself has a poor connection the lag is terrible, when characters are at a distance all seems well but get in close and the lag kicks in making it practically unplayable which leaves Capcom something to work on. Cacpom has worked hard to try to bring more people to the series with simplified controls and moves with one button commands allowing even the most ham fisted player a chance to look good,, overall Capcom has made a great game here and the only real competition it will have is its previous outing MvsC2 this is definitely a worthy purchase for any 2D beat em-up fan. Collapse
  4. Feb 15, 2011
    Though I believe that the newer control scheme is not the best choice the game play is solid. Yes it might disappoint some of the old MVC2 players control wise, but it still makes for a great fighting game. The controls are simplified from LK, MK, HK, LP, MP, HP to Light Attack, Medium Attack and Heavy Attack. At first it was aggravating when you wanted to do a forward kick and end up doing a punch, but I found it became less frequent once I got used to the control scheme and the timing. If you're an old school MVC2 player, you might want to rent or play a friend's copy first to see if the controls will make or break it. The lineup of character is done well. Though there are a few characters I wish were still there (Capt. Commando, Hayato, Megaman) some of the new additions are great (Deadpool, Phoenix, Amaterasu). Pick up a regular copy unless you are a hard core fan of Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine (most likely DLC characters in a month) and a shiny hard game cover, though the 1 month subscription to the digital comics is a nice bonus. Expand
  5. Feb 17, 2011
    After years of waiting MvC3 finally arrives. Comics style graphics is really fun but can be eye distracting at times bit not much of a problem. Stages are pretty neat and pretty well designed. The roster is a bit smaller than MvC2 but its compensated with new faces like Dante (A dream come true XD), Zero (yet another dream come true), Amaterasu, Spencer, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, Deadpool, M.O.D.O.K. and a few more. Some old familiar faces returns back but too bad, some didn't made it like Megaman and Strider Hiryu. Sounds are better than the previous installment but at intense gameplay, you might not want to bother with it. It's a bit shocking with the control scheme changed although adapting can be done in minutes. Heck I even managed to adapt into the game within minutes. The game has two game styles: Normal and Simple. Normal, like what it says and Simple has simplified actions and commands. Combos are fluid and easy to chain strings and cheap attacks are not that of greatness anymore (although some still proves some cheapness in them). There's some goodies to unlock as well and future DLCs coming in the future. Overall the game's great and if you're not sure whether to buy it or not, rent it first. It's highly a recommended buy for MvC fans out there. Expand
  6. Feb 18, 2011
    Not perfect , but a pretty darn good game.Graphics are pretty good.It's a fighting game so it shouldn't have an amazing story , but because it's a fighting game I didn't really took count of the story.It has pretty good fighters with great abilities.It has a pretty good sound.It's a great game on conclusion.I recommend you buy this game
  7. Mar 22, 2011
    This game is solid. The only reason why I don't give it a 10 is because of Capcom's DLC holding our characters hostage. This practice is not ideal, but I understand the need for them to make money, but at the expensive of the users...well that is the reason it is a 9.
  8. Feb 20, 2011
    very good game for beat em fans great fun,how differant from streetfighter?alot its a completely differant game massive combination attacks and alot faster meaning its not at the thinking pace of streetfighter i love it!my one gripe why capcom oh why i you bieng so greedy with your add ons?streetfighter costumes allready on disc that you pay for?and now downloadable characters for marvel vs capcom allready on disc that you have to pay for?come on guys we have payed 40 pounds for the game.sort it out. Expand
  9. Feb 17, 2011
    I'll keep this brief and to the point. It is Capcom vs. Tatsonoku for the playstation with more recognisable characters and the nicest 2d animation I've seen in a fighting game. It is a fantastic fighter, but doesn't play like a direct follow up to MVC2. Don't play it on novice, unless you are five, and you might enjoy it. For those that didn't play Capcom vs. Tatsunoku, it did the same thing, depending on whether you held a Wii remote or a classic controller. Just because the game is easier with novice controls, doesn't mean that is how it is supposed to be played, it's like games that offer unlockable cheats, sure, you can turn them on, but it will kill a lot of the challenge. A great social game, Capcom have hit the mark yet again with what they are famous for, traditional style fighting games. Expand
  10. Feb 17, 2011
    Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is a great fighting game. The characters and environments pop with life and color and the match up combinations seem endless. I've been playing it since its release and I find it difficult to put down. This is the most extravagant, candy colored fighting game, I've ever seen. The game mechanics are completely different from MvC 2 and SFIV. Instead of traditional punch and kick buttons, there are three attacks (Low, Medium and High) as well as a special attack which launches opponents vertically, perfect for air combos. This is true hyper fighting. MvC 3 operates using different priorities than past Capcom fighting games, yet it remains a welcome addition to the family. I personally prefer Street Fighter IV to this game, because it seems more focused and more confident in its style and presentation. The only downside to MvC 3 would be the in-game menus and presentation. Everything in between the actual matches themselves feels lackluster and clumsy. The game doesn't feel truly polished as it should. Another problem is that the game pays no homage to the MvC titles that have come before it. The game's creators seem very preoccupied with the idea of moving the series forward, so it eventually feels like we're playing a brand new franchise. These negative points, however, don't really affect the core gameplay: the fighting. The game moves at a blisteringly fast speed and it is deep and varied. And that's really the bread and butter of all fighting games. Expand
  11. Feb 17, 2011
    This would honestly be a 9 if online hadn't obviously been so rushed. I realize later down the line things will be fixed but right now the fact that this game launched without a spectator's mode is inexcusable. Waiting in an 8 person lobby watching cards bump into each other while listening to elevator music is so awful that it's laughable. I know this will be patched in later but by then the interest in the game will probably be halved at least.

    The game itself is pretty solid though. It's a fast a furious games that truly lives up to the MVC name. Sure it's not balanced and you can get wasted in a single combo, but that's kind of what MVC is about. The simplified controls work well to make the game even more fast and furious than ever. It's also nice that there's so few repeats in the roster.

    Still, the game is fairly bare bones. You just got the basic arcade mode, two types of training mode and an online that needs alot of work (along with the previously mentioned lack of spectator mode the net code is just kind of...not good). I honestly wouldn't have minded if this game was delayed another month if it meant it would have been released more complete. This mindset hat you can release incomplete games and patch them later is really starting to get out of hand. Still it's a fantastic game and in a few months this review won't even be accurate. So I recommend it, but you can also wait a bit.
  12. Feb 18, 2011
    Rather than a traditional review I will say this: Game is phenomenal if you are a beginner who is looking for a fun button masher to satisfy your marvel vs capcom fantasies. If your a little too geeky about comics, like me, you may have to suspend disbelief at times. Example: Hulk vs Ryu. Pretty sure Hulk should have the edge, but in this universe, not so much. Despite the talk of accessibility for newcomers, if your really green, don't expect to do any better online than you have in any other fighting game of the past. For the hard core gamer? Simply put, whether you think capcom made the right decisions or not, buy this game! It's not perfect, you already know that, but what else are you going to do until Mortal Combat comes out? Keep playing Street Fighter IV? Let it go for just a moment, ignore some of MVC3's quirkiness, and you just might find that you are smiling again rather than frustrated at how, if your honest, like all of us, your street fighter IV skills have officially plateaued. Expand
  13. Apr 26, 2011
    Gorgeous graphics, intense combat and great gameplay make this an instant classic. MvsC3 is perfect to gather a bunch of friends and have countless hours of pure fun. I myself don't like fighting games very much, but this one is different. I have tons of fun with it even alone. My only complaint goes to the roaster of fighters; I think it is rather too small. I wished there were more variety of characters and I really don't understand some of the developer's choices. I wish I could add Cyclops, Rogue, Bishop, Nightcrawler, Megaman...That being said, MvcC3 is a game to be remembered. Expand
  14. Mar 1, 2011
    Marvel and Capcom characters such as: Ryu, Iron Man, Chun-Li, and the Hulk are ready to slam fists and throw projectiles once more after a long, gregarious 10-year hiatus. MVC3 is a hardcore, tag-team fighter that pits three of your chosen Marvel and/or Capcom characters against another three in a battle of vibrancy and madness. Itâ
  15. Feb 28, 2011
    i put together a team of amutersu wolf dog, arthur ghost n goblins, and pheonix xmen, and i shine my butt off, freek the new controls its a better control scheme.... i feel MY POWER, my rage! i fail to see were the flaws are in this game...i been playing video games all my life...including mvc and mvc2 for dreamcast, plus downloaded mvc2 for ps3. naturally i bought mvc3 and so did a lot of my friends...the game is awesome ....period ...well done Expand
  16. Apr 23, 2011
    I am giving this game a 10 but I do this not because it's perfect but because the Pros greatly outweighs the Cons. This game is fantastic, the combos, effects and the sheer craziness we love this series for is here. My only problem with it is that they could have added a couple more modes to the game.
  17. Apr 7, 2011
    I have been playing fighting videogames since i was a little kid, my fav titles were during the PS1 era.But somehow by the time i bought my PS2 i had lost interest in fighting games, developers focused more on the graphics that they did on the fighting system/mechanics.Still i kept on buying/renting these games hoping i would be able to get into and enjoy them like i used to,but i never did, well at least not until i played MVC3, which is obviously my fav fighting game this gen.What MVC3 lacks in the character roster, it makes up in the fighting system and quite frankly i can't remember the last time i had sooooo much fun playing a fighting game.A Definite buy. Expand
  18. Mar 16, 2011
    [This review might contain grotesque English errors; I apologize in advance for this] This is it. After 10 years of long waiting, the Marvel VS Capcom franchise finally got its new installment. Personally, canâ
  19. May 5, 2011
    I was very much hyped for this game. I enjoyed MVC2 ungodly and the idea of 3 with updated graphics was awesome. Then as time grew on, I discovered the cast of characters wasn't great. Then the DLC, which initially thought to be more, was only 2 characters, albeit important characters. So going in I was still hyped. The game played fast and I enjoyed it at first, then you play online and it just gets way too fast. Out of a dozen matches, I won zero. So I gave that up. Unlocking characters and getting trophies is where the addiction is in this game, especially the trophies. Is good to play friends in this game. It is playable for everyone, but there is an advanced degree of difficulty is actually trying to be good. I'm not a fan of fighting games where juggling occurs. But the game has wolverine and deadpool. There also is clearly a lack of balance in this game in the overall spectrum. But if you can match up the right people, you can have some good fights. The biggest perk I like is the voice acting honestly. The little things people say against their rivals or as a team is really awesome. They have released some costumes, but honestly Capcom hasn't done enough to support this game, especially when you see what WB did with MK. I still think it initially falls below SSF4 had is on the podium of best fighting games this generation. Expand
  20. Mar 7, 2011
    To start off I'm proud they took out the palette swaping in this game and gave all chars there own move sets, which gave this game an even better feel than mvc2 which don't get me wrong i still loved. mvc3 took the great things from 2 and smashed epicness into it. i love how this side scrolling 2d game has progressed. yes noobs can just pick up a controller and spam moves, but that will only get them so far. A great player ( a person who memorizes moves) can put a stop to that. so after you ranked up you dont run into dumb noobs who spam or button smash. which adds a great feel since i loved blaz blue in the fact that you couldn't button smash you had to combo to win which i loved, which showed true skill. so overall mvc3 got a 8 for a few short comings. on-line play was great (once ranked up a bit), the char selection was amazing (since they all had there own move set), and the many unlocks. the problems lied in the camp as the story mode was way to short, you had to beat the final boss with the char you wanted so if he/she died you had to start all over to get that unlock, and mission mode was a joke. misson mode ranged from to easy to accomplish to wtf ....can this move be done? but at the end the great aspects of this game out weigh its shortcomings. great game Expand
  21. Mar 20, 2011
    The game is all around fantastic. It' has a great fighting system, strong presentation values, some nice extra modes, and a terrific online component. It's a bit lacking in modes when compared to something like Super Street Fighter IV, but it's still a terrific game all around. Yes the roster is smaller than it was in MvC2, but with that comes better balance. If you can't have fun in this game, you might just be dead inside. Expand
  22. Mar 26, 2011
    If I was forced to review MvC3 a week after its release, I would have given it a 10. Now that 6 weeks have passed, the new-game-high has passed and players are starting to stick to their teams. The game is ridiculously unbalanced. Almost everybody online has a combination of these characters as their team: Sentinel, Wesker, Phoenix, Dante, akuma. All of these people play with the exact same extremely effective strategy: spam sentinel/dante's assist while rampantly teleporting with wesker. Its extremely frustrating to play online because of this. Unlike street fighter 4, where winning matches requires smart and skillful play, winning in mvc3 requires picking the strongest characters and spamming the hell out of assist/hyper combo chains. Don't expect thoughtful matches with clever mindgames.

    Other problems with the game include the ridiculous power of X-Factor, where akuma/dark phoenix's hyper combos will kill you with chip damage alone, and the fact that the default 99 seconds is often too short to finish the match fair and square.

    Overall the game is still incredible fun granted you find someone to play who doesnt use sentinel.
    SSF4 is a better game.
  23. Mar 28, 2011
    Great game. Very open ended with a endless amount of possible combos and team formations. i like the character endings and most of the choices for characters. Except the exclusion of cyclops and the inclusion of modok. But i can always hope for more dlc.
  24. Apr 19, 2011
    I can tell this is a very solid fighting game. Those that enjoy competing in fighting games will enjoy the balance of this game but I just couldn't find anything about it to interest me. No real story even for a fighting game and the learning curve is pretty steep for someone that mostly just likes single player games. The score is what I give it, but as I said a more "hardcore" fan would find it better. Expand
  25. Apr 19, 2011
    Very light on the single player content and with questionable online features (unreliable matchmaking a lacking features such as being able to spectate matches in progress) it never the less is a very fun and well made game where it counts - the game play. Very enjoyable and without the haphazard imbalance of it's predecessor.
  26. Apr 24, 2011
    I'll start off by saying that this game is easy to pick up for anyone trying a taste for a good fighting game. Eventually though, if you think you're good enough, you will find the need to master the characters you love, this is difficult; not per say as hard as SSF4, but difficult nonetheless. It requires constant practice and devotion, otherwise you will be destroyed in a ranked match against someone who knows his stuff! The only downfall to this game is not being able to watch live online matches; all we see is two player cards having sex? Anyways there's too much going on at once to do so, and it would literally collapse if we had full lobby watching and two players fighting it out. I give the game a solid 8, personally I am not amazing at it, but if you keep trying, the game has something for everyone. Buy it only if you know you're willing to dedicate hours of your time to it. The reward is just destroying noobs online and having a good laugh. Expand
  27. May 10, 2011
    The character roster is a little confusing at times, like how characters like MODOK made the cut, and how Megaman didn't even though Tron is in there. But overall the game plays really well, it's lots of fun, and simple mode makes it great for parties, allowing new players to compete with players who are normally out of their league. I bought it, I recommend at least giving it a rent (If you're not up to buying) Expand
  28. May 23, 2011
    I recommend this game to anyone who has ever wanted to kick Captain America's ass using Dante {I can say I've wanted that}. The game looks great, flashes and colors flying all over the place. I wish there would have been more to do besides arcade and online, but besides that itâ
  29. Jun 15, 2011
    Pow! Thwip! Snikt! The wait is over true believers! After ten long years and a few very japanese â
  30. Jul 10, 2011
    Pros: decent graphics, fun gameplay, deep and fun gameplay. Cons: taskmaster sucks, there aren't enough modes (single-player, multiplayer and online), the interface is lazy, boring and rushed, not enough stages. Other: the roster of characters is good but there should have been twice as many in the complete package. OVERALL: disappointing and has zero lasting appeal.
  31. Jul 19, 2011
    This game is EXTREMELY difficult. At first i thought i was bad because i was just beginning but after hours and hours of yelling and sheer frustration, i kinda just gave up, i have no idea how to grasp all of the button and analog stick combinations or how to use them in sequence with my two other characters, i was completely and utterly destroyed like 20 matches in a row without a single win by people that were rank one, I've been playing for hours on end and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel what so ever, just endless fail...i mean im god at games like cod but i guess i should try a less serious fighter Expand
  32. dz9
    Aug 12, 2011
    Yes I do know that this game is geared toward more hardcore fighting genre fans, but I judge it unbiased and what the game actually contains. The main problem with the game, is that it still feels like a game you enjoy at the local arcade for 50 cents a run through and not a full priced title. The story is COMPLETELY irrelevant, there is no side content worth mentioning, and no side content really at all. Here is the games options: Play online; Play offline; Play tutorials. Unlike games like Mortal Kombat 9, where there is: Story Mode; Challenge Tower; The Krypt; Two Player; King of the Hill; Online Mode; Single Player; Arcade mode.... My point is that unlike a fulfiling title like Mortal Kombat, MvC3 only really appeals to hardcore fans of Marvel vs Capcom. I'll admit that i'm not a HUGE fighting game fan, but I love Mortal Kombat, and the Tekken series, I would just never call myself a hardcore fan. Don'tget me wrong though, this game has cool art styles, each character in the roster is unique, excellent fighting mechanics...But at the end of the day, this game feels like it belongs at Dave and Busters or maybe off the PSN network or Xbox Arcade...not at a full priced title. This game is only worth picking up if A: Your a huge MvC fan, or if you can get the game for under 20 bucks. The Good: Amazing art style, good voice work, the roster is fulfilling and each fighter plays unique, and great battle mechanics. The Bad: No content outside of the traditional arcade fighter. I rate the game a 5 out of 10 because it just feels only half finished. Expand
  33. Nov 17, 2011
    has good graphics and good characters overall agood fighting game. good action ,moves, powers characters, some problems- should have way more characters.and should let you do like a 1 on 1 or 2 on 3 u know stuff like that more customization but other than that good game, matchmaking is awsome when searching for matches online
  34. Jan 8, 2012
    I remember playing the earlier games in my youth. Just like the cartoons we watch, we tend to view things differently as we get older. This game was fine for a few weeks, but I wanted something more. Graphics are a slick 2d style. Overall a decent game. Controlling your characters and unlocking everything takes time to master. Something I don't have. Decent game nontheless.
  35. Aug 13, 2012
    I have mixed feelings for this game because capcom rushed out this game and this doesn't even feel that worth buying for.

    Story- like other fighting games you have an arcade mode, several stages and reach the final boss and beat him you get an ending but its not in a cutscene only in comic versions....typical.

    Graphic- Comic cartoonish style that almosts looks like something that
    came out of KOF XII's butt.

    Gameplay- vastly improved since MvC2 which adds several features too it. For example X-Factoring can change your game depending on the amount of players in your team. The less players you have, the more powerful, and lasting X-Factor can maintain.

    Multiplayer- By far the stupidest matchmaking capcom has done.literally searching for a match but you can't tell what the opponent's connection bar is like and if you can't find 1 they boot you back in the main menu wow just amazing.

    Overall- it retains its good posture but MvC3 fails to meet my expectation for an enjoyable online and single player as well as having extra content to good look for 10 seconds and possibily never look at it again
  36. Apr 3, 2013
    No, NOOOOOOOOOO I hate this game and you should to. This game is so horrible that I am going to sell it. If your a noob at fighters (I'll admit I am one) does not help at all. I just hope TO GOD that Injustice is a good, because if it turns out like this hunk of crap did, then I will SCREAM like a 15 year old girl reacting over 1D
  37. Dec 18, 2013
    Marvel Vs Capcom 3 has to be one of the most unfinished games i have come across of. Now don't get me me wrong, this game fighting and animations are top notch. Along with great voice acting and lines that never feel out of place for the character. Now that being said the Arcade mode feels so watered down and each character ending are two i know they did this back in MVC2 which is fine but you would think after having multiple other games before hand doing actual ending cutscenes but no i guess they figure "Eh we can shovel the same crap we did last time and the players will still buy it". Not to mention these two panels aren't even engaging or worth while to see. They're all just "x" character causally talking to "Insert B-List opposite Franchise". They had Dante fighting Deadpool or Magento and Wesker fighting X-23 and Chris in the trailers, but they couldn't expand on that at all. Anyway out of Arcade mode you only have "Versus" which is a two player match which should be given. A "Training mode" which is you playing against a bot or what i like to call a punching bag and lastly "Mission mode" which is a horrible done "How to play the game mode". So in this mode you pick a character from a panel that separates Marvel and Capcom characters,nothing to bad but then you get to the stage and it's just a indicator saying attack with "The attack name". It doesnt tell you how to do the attack like in so many and i mean so many fighting games before it just says attack with "Attack Name". Of course this forces you to constantly pause the game look back and check through the command list and search for the moves, something that will get so aggravating once you pass maybe the second or third mission of most characters.

    Now let me tell you the most aggravation part of this whole game. It''s not the poorly done Acrade and Mission mode, nor is it the lack of stages, the lack fan favorite characters for barely known and disliked characters (Who the wanted MODOK). It wasn't even the most lackluster gallery mode. It's Online, online. Nothing in my lifetime so far has pissed me off like the online in this game. Not only does its "fail join a game" comes up nearly every time you hit ranked match and kicks you back to the main menu screen instead trying to auto search again like in many games before, but the rank match itself should come with an Ironic tag to it. Not only do you constantly get ranked with people way higher/lower than your rank but it's also filled with Sentinel spamming noobs (press down and "Hard button" to win while constantly calling your partners). Now of course there's that or player match which takes forever to match me up with someone, so if you need to do your taxes/homework/ or balance your life savings you got that. Lastly they have a lobby mode where its just you waiting in "line" to fight one person and get kicked back in the back and wait again once you realized the is using Sentinel. And that's tournament mode, no spectate mode just nothing else....nothing. Thanks for wasting your money

    Overall: This game is a fun fighting game at times and the animation and the effect will have you entertain until you realized how broken and unfinished/pololish this game really is. My gripe with Capcom is that they had purposely made this game so half baked so you would by the 40 dollar patch, oh i mean expansion that is Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.
  38. Feb 23, 2011
    MvsC3 is a very bright and brash, slick, fast and even simplified to a degree its appeal is more online than the single player offline mode. That's not to say you should not bother with the single player though Capcom have worked hard to made the AI more challenging on the hardest difficulty, usually on the hardest he game is still relatively easy and un challenging but not this time round, bravo Capcom a more challenging experience awaits. The single player also has missions for all the characters much like the ones found in the SSF4 series, enough to keep you busy for a couple of hours with some devious timings required for some of the tougher missions. Online is an interesting affair once you understand how to start a game the gameplay online works well but be warned if the opponent or yourself has a poor connection the lag is terrible, when characters are at a distance all seems well but get in close and the lag kicks in making it practically unplayable which leaves Capcom something to work on. Cacpom has worked hard to try to bring more people to the series with simplified controls and moves with one button commands allowing even the most ham fisted player a chance to look good,, overall Capcom has made a great game here and the only real competition it will have is its previous outing MvsC2 this is definitely a worthy purchase for any 2D beat em-up fan. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 56 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 52 out of 56
  2. Negative: 0 out of 56
  1. May 24, 2011
    The fluid and intuitive controls in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 feel great. The graphic effects and the versus mode are truly great too. A wonderful game.
  2. 70
    Whacking frantic battle frenzy in which you can build yourself against the computer and comic book heroes. Fun guaranteed only in multiplayer mode! [Mar 2011]
  3. Apr 4, 2011
    All in all, MVC 3 is a highly enjoyable game with plenty of replay value. While some Capcom characters are noticeably absent from this title, the ones you do get to play with are a blast and only enhance the Marvel vs. Capcom experience.