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  1. Jan 29, 2013
    I don't understand why everybody is complaining about this game. I bought the CE last year and never played the game. So 2 weeks ago the ME3 CE box stared at me me and said: "You bought me to stand around here or are you going to play me?". So I started playing ME 3 and I liked it, I liked it a lot. The second day of playing I went to PSN and bought all DLC because I really had a good time. I would give it a 9 but now i give it a 10 to somewhat correct the absurd low scores. Expand
  2. Mar 18, 2012
    Macnificent game the other people just have no taste!!!! One of my top 3 best games ever played!Graphically superb! Great story line! Loved it!!!!:-) I hope the movie is close I as good as this!
  3. Mar 23, 2012
    Still the same great mass effect story and characters and gamplay we have come to know in the previous games. Game is more story focused as bioware did away with tedious planet scanning etc. and the firefight gameplay is complimented with great level design. But i agree that a top tier game/story/world maker like BIOWARE should have made a better ending. Such a bad-ass game/trilogy deserves a bad-ass ending, its not for sure dumb weak sauce stuff the last 15 minutes. BUT GAME IS 40 hours long ending is 15 minutes so still a 10 Expand
  4. Apr 3, 2012
    Simply brilliant. Great action, sense of suspense. Has everything, strongly recommended. Have played all the Mass Effect games and was initially nervous about the Multiplayer, but its excellent. PSN: jstevo.
  5. Apr 28, 2012
    When this happened to cod3, at least I could say 'it makes some sense, it's kinda the same thing again'. Even though I was still wrong. But this game? You whining crybabies, this is an amazing piece of entertainment. METACRITIC, why are you letting this happen? You will lose ALL CREDIBILITY. This kind of stuff will destroy all great developers. People giving this a zero? That shows people want this industry to collapse. Expand
  6. May 15, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 has some notable bumps on it's road; It has limited freedom when compared to it's predecessors, some technical instabilities (mostly glitches & framerate issues) and a confusingly muddled ending that has stirred up a hornet's nest of internet trolls. That said, these are all moot points in the face of what Mass Effect 3 delivers to the player, which is the best Sci-Fi action game ever made. The things you get to see and experience in ME3 are totally amazing! There are so many unforgettable moments to be had. The plot is excellent and the script keeps the emotional connections fixed in the spotlight. The result is an action game with a true sense of meaning and consequence. The afore mentioned ending is both blunt and strange, but it's mystery's beg for debate just like all classic Sci-Fi should (2001: A space Odyssey springs to mind). Mass Effect 3 is a series high and one of the best games I have ever played in my 20+ years of gaming. Expand
  7. Mar 31, 2012
    Do not listen to the people rating this game badly. Mass Effect 3 is utterly amazing and if you liked the first 2 this won't change that.

    Some of the people writing on here either had completely unrealistic expectations of what Bioware would pull off with the import stuff (although pretty much everything but the end is influenced quite a lot by what you do) or just weren't pleased because
    the series didn't end exactly as they wanted.

    Get this game, and ignore the haters. They are the same kind of supergeeks that hate on Star Wars etc for tiny little things that really don't matter at all. Honestly. Get. A. Life.
  8. Mar 13, 2012
    Haven't played it but I know it doesn't deserve a 3.6, and I only played the demo. I guess I'm only putting this up here because I see so many children crying about their beloved franchise going to s**t with the ending this game supposedly had. God you people are lame.
  9. Mar 17, 2012
    this game was awesome, no other game keeps you as emotioally attached the story, and i felt the ending was quite fitting despite all these protests. The action was improved and the multiplayer was surprisingly fun, if a little unnecessary
  10. Mar 12, 2012
    It's great. More of ME2, which is what I wanted. The ending may be disappointing to a certain extent -- but how can it not be? It's the end of ME! Very fun game.

    Giving a low score because of day 1 DLC or Origin is dumb.
  11. Mar 8, 2012
    I love it, gotten goosebumps playing this game more than I can ever recall from a video game. Seeing how so many characters that I care about have grown, is fantastic. I love the job the writers did with many of the characters. Certain ones that I felt lacked emotion early on in the series and didn't like as much as others, really seem to have evolved. Very pleased with Mass Effect 3.
  12. Mar 7, 2012
    Do yourself a favor and ignore the negative reviews that come from angry haters who have not played this game. The User score has more to do with anger about DLC and does not fairly reflect what this game has to offer. I picked up this game yesterday morning, put it in my system and spent the entire day with a giant smile on my face. The game is that good! It felt wonderful to be back in the Normandy, surrounded by old friends as well as new faces. If you enjoyed the first two games, you will have a hard time not enjoying this game... well... unless you are one of those gamers who can't handle change, and if that is the case enjoy your bitterness.

    Things to know that might help you decide if you want this game: 1) A lot of the negativity comes from the Day1 DLC ($10 cost), fans feel the DLC was pulled from the full game and sold separately to unfairly make a profit. After playing the DLC mission I have to agree that the DLC should have been part of the game, or at the very least it should have been cheaper. This was one of the first missions I played, and although I suppose you can do without it, I really felt it was an important part of the story. On the other hand after getting the Prothean character I have yet to be able to bring him along on a mission, for some reason he is blacked out every time. Not sure why that is, but I suppose he will unlock later on in the game, like Sebastian did in DA2, but after paying $10 extra for a character I would kinda like the option to bring him along on every mission if I should so chose.

    2) The game feels more combat focused with less focus on exploration. One of the great things about the first 2 ME games was the feeling that you were on an amazing adventure and the whole galaxy was yours to discover. So far ME3 seems very limited in exploration, but I am still early into the story, so perhaps that will change. I really hope that will change, but I am starting to wonder.

    3) Weapon system... kinda confusing. They keep changing this, and I am never really sure why. I was lost the first few times that I tried to equip a new weapon, maybe it is just me, but I found it very confusing and ended up accidentally missing out on opportunities to equip new weapons during the first mission. Once you get control of the ship though you are able to play with this and figure out what you need to know, but I was somewhat put off by this.

    4) No more hacking. ME 1 & 2 had you doing little puzzles to hack doors and safes, and ME3 has done away with that chore. I think this was a good move, since hacking got boring after a while, but if you are someone who likes the hacking this might be missed. 5) For those people who have not played the first two games, I would recommend playing them first. I suppose you can jump into the story with ME3, but I think much of the story will be lost on you. Plus the wow moments would probably be a lot less wow if I didn't know the back story.
  13. Mar 9, 2012
    Incredible game, I find that their is a lot of fanboys who are just out to hate, sure you loved the first ME but games change over time.. deal with it. This is a beautiful game with a really intense story line. Ginger Shepard FTW
  14. Mar 9, 2012
    Incredible game. Filled with excitement. Great graphics, incredible story. People shouldn't play Mass Effect 3. They should live it. It's incredible, more than we could have hoped for.
  15. Jul 14, 2012
    Woah. Have just completed the best game I've ever played. (I didn't anything would take the title from the circa 1994 System Shock). An evolutionary progression that somehow results in a game a generation on from anything else I've played. Emotionally engaging in a way few films or books and even fewer games manage. Gameplay mechanics are both harder and vastly improved on ME2's (which were almost embarrassingly bad) and have evolved into a rock solid shooter, while keeping the same richness of story. The narrative is much tighter than ME2's and can feel more limited but the trade off is some truly amazing substories. The ending is a little 'thin' but is interesting enough and can hardly be described as 'disappointing'. Expand
  16. Mar 13, 2012
    I've never played a game this suspenseful, cinematic or beautifully told. Mass Effect 3 clearly defines the games-as-storytelling genre. At times it feels like you're watching a movie, with the superb score and carefully selected shots, then you're thrown right back into the action. If you pay careful attention to the story from Mass Effect 1 all the way through to the final moments of Mass Effect 3, and how Shepherd behaves in all those situations, it's clear how it will end. Despite the complaints, I think the story's conclusion is quite poetic. Expand
  17. Oct 28, 2012
    Loved it loved it.... LOVED IT. MASS EFFECT 3 IS THE BEST GAME OF ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME! ALL TIME! TIME! IME. ME. MASS EFFECT. M. MMM. THIS GAME MAKES ME GO 'MMM'. Miranda's ass alone is a enough reason to buy this game.
  18. Feb 22, 2013
    Despite alot of criticism, Mass Effect 3 remains one of the greatest rpg/fps games available, the ending really angered me, but after Bioware dlc was released for an extended ending i believe it to be better. Not perfect but better. As a hardcore fan of the franchise i have played each game several times with different outcomes and the choices you make have huge impact on the story. Despite alot of criticism this is a personal favourite. 8.5/10 Expand
  19. Aug 2, 2012
    ARE YOU SERIOUS PEOPLE! You can't give a game a terrible score just because you didn't like how it ended. I will agree that overall it isn't as good as Mass Effect 2. But, there is not excuse for giving zeroes to this game. I'm going to give it a ten to try to balance it out. It really deserves an 8.5, which is a solid score. All of these reviews are just angry people who reviewed the game 5 minutes after finishing it and are full of emotion. The amount of zeroes shows how much emotion the game brought out. It is very rare to see a game that has this much of an effect on people, which is a tribute to the writing of the game. I would say this game is definitely a must have for anyone who has played and finished Mass Effect 2. Also, the new ending DLC is out now, so you can pretty much disregard over half of the reviews on metacritic. Expand
  20. Apr 5, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 definitely brings a whole new meaning to the words "final chapter." I don't know why some users at Metacritic doesn't even like the game, but can't you see it has a 92 out of 100? Can't you even read what the critics are saying? Although the ending needs a little fixture and BioWare has to solve this problem and fast. I know some fans aren't happy about the ending (Warning: Don't even read the spoilers or you're dead), but I hope they'll make a DLC to the ending sometime soon to get this right and finally Commander Sheppard (Male or Female) couldn't be any more proud than the ladies. Commander Sheppard's romance scenes looked identical than Kratos's kinky side in the God of War series where they featured Mini Sex games. Not bad for a geek who drools over the TV and staring at naked women! Anyway, Mass Effect 3 is perfect. The entire cast, the action, gameplay, life-changing decisions, and everything is fine and dandy except the ending. So I'm still waiting for a low price on the game just the same as Mass Effect 2 and when I buy the game, hopefully I can still get more updates on the ending if there's a DLC or an Expansion Pack in the works. But "Mass Effect 3" is no biggie. Just pick up the game, if not, download it on the PS3 Store. Hopefully, I wonder if they could make a XXX parody of the game without the "M" on it. Hustler, Vivid, anything! Miranda and FemShep still looks H-O-T! Expand
  21. Mar 18, 2012
    After completing the game one has to wonder whether Bioware diverted all their resources to Star Wars - The Old Republic. One can only hope that is the excuse for this ending to the series. Regardless of the excuses or, perish the thought these "endings" were actually planned out, the Nihilistic ending made me regret having spent time even bothering to develop a character. Perhaps it's a joke. Or a calculated business move to offer DLC that lets you have an ending where you actually have some impact. As such this mess is such a shame for what had been such a promising series. In my humble opinion it is that bad. And it's sad. Not the sadness of any ending but the saddest thing in the world: Wasted potential. The wasted potential from a sloppy meaningless ending to an otherwise previously well executed series. I have lost the will to replay Mass Effect due to the ending. If that was Bioware's (and/or EA's) intentions, then well played EA/Bioware. I won't bother to return. If this is the same attention they plan for other games then I wish them well. I will not be playing them. Expand
  22. Jun 27, 2012
    I originally gave this game a 9, but now that the DLC is out that fixed the endings, I have to change my score!

    In my opinion, this is the best game ever made. The characters are all well developed, the music helps immerse you in the game, the story's themes run deep, and the gameplay is fun and perfectly balanced between combat, side quests, and RPG-type talking and such.

    The Mass
    Effect series is a crowning achievement of gaming. It lets the player choose how the main character acts, so they can fully put themselves in his or her shoes. All of this without sacrificing gameplay or story. This is the most immersive game I've ever played. I hope this game influences the gaming industry for years to come. Expand
  23. Apr 3, 2012
    I just do not get all these 0 scores. The game is just great. If you love Mass Effect 2 you will love Mass Effect 3. 3rd installment is just as good if not better than Mass Effect 2. I've been playing the game for about 4 hours now and I just started ! There is so much to do in this game. Reportedly there is 40 hours of game play in Mass Effect 3 plus multiplayer that i frankly do not care much about. I've heard that many have problem with the game ending but this is not the reason to give this game 0 score. Graphics are solid, animations are solid. Bioware put a lot of effort into this game. Once I started playing the game i could not stop. I got hooked up on it instantaneously. Controls are pretty much the same as in ME2 so the learning curve was short for me. Overall great title. 10 out of 10. Do not listen to all these 0 reviews. Just pick up the game and you will love it. Expand
  24. May 15, 2012
    First off, I'm not going to comment on the low scores & brain farts that the wise ol' tweens left to tarnish the user review score. That would be just silly. What I will comment on however, pertains to one of the best titles I've yet to encounter in my 30 years of gaming.. period. For those familiar the series, ME isn't a game, it's an experience unlike anything out there. Yes, high praise should go out to titles like GTA4, MGS4 and RED Dead, but in terms of a series, (and I rarely use this word).. Epic best sums up what you should expect from the final chapter with Shepard and crew. It's as close to perfect as perfect gets and even if you've yet to touch the franchise, you owe it to yourself to pick up this title today. (I'd also highly recommend playing the first instalments if possible) as the story will carry much more weight in doing so. In a world where the single player campaign and story is being overlooked by the ADD multiplayer shooters, Mass Effect 3 is marvellous and is up the in my top 10 games of all time. Do yourself a favour and borrow, buy or 'whatever' this gem of a game. Yes, it's that good. Expand
  25. May 16, 2013
    An absolute masterpiece. You may have heard some people are upset at the ending, but nothing can ruin what an thrill it was to go through the game, catch up with old characters, and have some inspirational moments I will never forget. Don't just play Mass Effect 3, play ME1, ME2, AND ME3. It definitely the most impressive gaming experience I've ever had.
  26. Mar 9, 2012
    This game is absolutely amazing, it combines the things i loved about the first 2 games into a highly entertaining experience. Some hardcore RPG fans may be put off because of the higher emphasis on action but most of the things that made the first 2 great are here. The game doesn't deserve this user rating i dont get what people could possibly complain about, it is the conclusion to one of the greatest franchises of all time. Stop spamming and **** about this game cause it doesn't deserve it. Expand
  27. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Game was great don't care about fps or some other minor bull**** but please change the ending because the way it is now it's like all our actions from ME1 and ME2 and ME3 didn't matter at all because they don't have an impact on the ending. That was the main point of the series, you make a decision and then you have to live with it but now whatever decision we make we still get the same results. Expand
  28. May 2, 2012
    Haters are always going to hate. Yes the ending was bad but the whole game is still in my top three of my favorite games ever, its a classic and I hope the ending DLC will make the ending awesome so that this game can take the deserved place of my favorite game of all time.
  29. Mar 12, 2012
    Its obvious the xbox fanboys come on here and give the ps3 and pc versoins of games bad scores because they dont want to affect their beloved sad platform. This game is near on a masterpiece and no one gives a crap about day 1 dlc its nothing to do with the game itself which is completely outstanding. I swear everyone just bashes on everything these days.
  30. Mar 20, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 took the best elements of ME 2 and combined them with better encounters, stronger performances, a vastly better AI system and a larger feeling of accomplishment. The final fights are much tougher than ME 2, and Shepherd's new abilities while moving around are well received and really add to the experience. As far as the ending, personally I enjoyed it (even after being with the series since ME 1, which I completed on PC), and left the game feeling both sad for the characters I watched grow and sad that the trilogy has at last come to a close. Hopefully more games are in the works, because this is one series that I just can't get enough of. Maybe a prequel? Expand
  31. Mar 21, 2012
    Bioware has once again provided a excelent game with mass effect 3. From the amazing storyline, to the perfected shooter experience, the new customizable weapons, and the multiplayer that to be honest i was a little worried about they have came through once again and provided a great game that I would recommend to anyone.
  32. Mar 7, 2012
    As usual, every single butthurt moron who calls themselves "fans" is complaining and shredding this game to pieces, much like the other Bioware games, but the fact is this. This is one of the best games to come out in this console generation. I've seen people comparing it to Skyrim, and saying that Skyrim is better, but it isn't. In Mass Effect 3, everything feels important. Everything you do has some end goal. In Skyrim, your side quests feel like nothing but filler, to make the game appear "grand" in scale. Bioware has done it again. They remain one of the top developers to ever bless our consoles, and Mass Effect 3 is not only GOTY contender, but GOTD (decade). Expand
  33. Mar 31, 2012
    The game plays pretty much exactly like ME2- so if you liked ME2 you'll like this one just as much. The bunch of zeros by the way were planned by **** in their plan to punish BW for having first day DLC- the only realistic scores are from the critics. It's a great game, not as good as ME- but neither was ME2- I prefered the first game's openness, more random combat in more areas, the lack of cover and the heat mechanic (that said- thank goodness for no more Mako). This game's a 9/10, very well presented and put together, plenty of cameos for fans, decently fast paced. But, still not ME. Expand
  34. Mar 8, 2014
    I'm playing the Mass Effect series quite a long time after release, but I've just completed the trilogy.

    Don't listen to the haters. If you liked ME 1 and 2, I think you'll like 3. The story is good with another darkening of the mood. You build your team again and care about them again. The mechanics are good with a return to the weapon customisation of ME1. The follow through from one
    game to the next (you import your character to the next game) is good. The Sound, music and voice acting is good. The graphics and controller responsiveness are a lot better in ME 3.

    Admittedly I played with the DLC and the ' extended/alternate ending option', but ME 3 is a classic and right up there with Skyrim as an epic RPG.
  35. Mar 12, 2012
    Seems like there is alot of trollers here on metacritic.. giving the game a 0 is not fair by any means.. i am a true fan of the game and has been since ME 1 and seeing it from a "player eyes" of view i see, Great Graph, Great Storyline where hard choices HAS to bee made, great characters and some of the most heartbreaking, fun, sad and epic cut scenes and conversations.. the game is not perfect, with an ending witch seems hurried and unfinished you dont get the feeling of havin achieved something great.. but despite the ending, this game is an epic one and a game of witch competes for the Game Of The Year 2012 Expand
  36. Mar 6, 2012
    A terrific game.Bioware has really outdone itself in this final installment.Everything including the game play, the story and the music has been improved. This has got to be the most emotionally compelling experience in video game history. The ending though was depressing and I would would have preferred a happier ending. If anyone deserved a happy ending it was Shepard but it was still beautiful. My favorite Mass Effect game and deserves a perfect 10. Expand
  37. Jul 19, 2013
    First of all I've never actually played the game. BUT! Since its release I've had so much fun reading the reviews I honestly believes it DESERVES a 10/10 score. Every time I feel down or bored I come on Metacritic and feel alive again! I think Bioware never realised it but they invented the Mass Comedy genre in a night. Some of the reviews here are pure gold. Seek for the "fistula" one, it's left-hemospheric exo-plasmatic. To all the reviewers here, a HUGE thank you! You made this game awesome! :D Expand
  38. Mar 9, 2012
    Best series/game/narrative/story I've ever had the pleasure of playing. The way Bioware has been able to connect the strings throughout this complicated trilogy is amazing. Every mission has something that people who have played the whole series will love, some are so minuscule you might not even notice or remember. It should be illegal to play this game without playing the previous entries. I'm not here to give a full review, I just came here to give it a 10 to combat all these kids who read the ending and can't handle it. This is easlily the BEST GAME I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Thank you Bioware! Expand
  39. Mar 20, 2012
    I love this game. Even with 0-day DLC, even with some glitches and slowdowns. I love it. Although, I didn't get to the end, I believe that I will stay in love with Mass Effect anyway, no matter of what ending Bioware writers have chosen.
    Cause ME3 is the most intriguing and intensive game with fun shooting :). I also think the story and how we make choices in this game can really open our
    eyes on what is doing in our world. It's a great useful experience for me. Expand
  40. Jun 27, 2012
    Once you have the Extended Cut the nonsense of how we got from point A to point C and then to Z goes away. It would have been better if the game had not created major plot holes originally, but the added detail goes a long way to correct the ambiguity. I like what Christopher Nolan said about ambiguity.
  41. Apr 29, 2012
    Everybody reviewing this and giving it a bad rating are plainly stupid.They are all hardcore fans of this series.If fact,i am one too.BUT,i never expected from BioWare to just make EXACTLY what i wanted,in exactly the way i wanted it.Also,most people give this game a 0-3 just because of the ending.Really?So,you do not rate the game,you just rate the ending and that is it.You don't rate the fantastic gameplay,the customization,the powers and everything else.You just rate the ending?I agree,there are some flaws such as the fact that the characters seem to be ok with one big friend of their dying and there are some dumb deaths is this game too.The dialogues some times are dumb too but i don't really care.I have picked the RPG style of gameplay,which yes,had been dumbed down.Also,another thing i did not expect with the most annoying being the unexplained FPS drops on Ps3(haven't seen any on the XBOX).BUT,all this does not matter to me,a hardcore fan.The gameplay is excellent and the powers are also a good addition to the game.Also,i like how i can be emotionally connected with a character,the way the game makes that happen is great.Also,there are many decisions to be made,for example,with who will you make a romance or whether you will chose the ''good guy'' path or the ''bad guy'' path(decided by the dialogues).The side missions are a bit annoying,with the majority of them(after some time)being in the Citadel.I will not talk about the multiplayer since i don't really play it.
    This game deserves an 8+ rating,BioWare did a good job.The ending could be better yes,BUT a game is NEVER judge by its ending only.
  42. Mar 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This has been some ride, since Mass Effect first grabbed my attention. I have played through every bit of the first two games, and loved every minute. Now the final comes, and I feel equal parts excited and sad. Sad that it will have to end, but thrilled to get a chance to play it. And it does not disappoint. The emotion - always the strong point of Mass Effect - is brought to another level. The characters that I have come to care so much about are even more fleshed out. And the goosebumps at certain points of the game...well, I won't spoil. Just get it. Expand
  43. Jun 15, 2012
    There are 2 reasons why most people hate this game or gave it such a low score. 1: The ending, although its not a great ending. This is not burger king. You cant always have things your away. Its still a great game overall. If you gave it such a low score cause of the ending..You need to stop being full of yourself. Still a great game. 2: Gay scenes..If you get offended because of that there's an easy solution. Its simple..Don't get in a gay romance. Avoid it. You don't have to be in the gay relationship. Don't be ignorant and hate on this game for silly non important things. In life you cant always have things your way. Its a great game which is what matters. Lots of movies, lots of games have really horrible ending and you know what that's okay. The developers wanted that ending so they gave us that ending. We cant be spoil and want everything to be perfect cause nothing in life is perfect. Even if the ending was different people would still find ways to critique this game. i said..This is a great game. Im new to the mass effect franchise and this is the first one that i played and i love it. Nothing is wrong with it. Don't let little things or silly things, non important things change your opinion. The game play the overall feel of the game is great. Which is what matters at the end of the day. Expand
  44. Mar 6, 2012
    The reapers are here and commander shepard is ready to kick ass and save earth! Remember when this game orginally came out and it was relatively unknown with little to no expectations. Well now it has grown to the biggest and most respected game of this generation. Don't let the demo fool you with its framerate issues, graphicial problems and awkward mechanics. The full game is spectacular and not to be missed by any fan of the series from day one or PS3 gamers that picked up at ME2. From the storytelling, to the graphical improvements and overall gameplay mechanics. This game is what everyone expected after finishing ME2 and doesnt disappoint in any category. The Star Wars of the video games is prepared to suck you in once again and not let you go until you completed the quest to end reapers. Please don't let others mislead you on its overall quality, if you played the first or the second you'll definitely enjoy this and want to relive it all over again. Move over Luke skywalker, captain kirk, and hon solo Commander Shepard is the new man in town. Greatest sci fi story ever told and marks a new standard for what we come to expect from video games. Beautiful game all aroujnd. No need for the collectors edition either just purchase the standard 60dollar game and be prepared to never leave your seat. Normandy is back!! Expand
  45. Mar 6, 2012
    A 10 from me since it doesn't deserve the negative reviews its getting, I don't want this to turn out just like Modern Warfare 3 did an this is a game i actually like.
  46. Mar 6, 2012
    Bioware retrurns to the stage to provide a magnificent end to an epic series!

    Mass Effect 3 provides beautiful scenery, invigorating combat, heart wrenching stories and an all around immersive experience. Bioware has once again proven that they are one of the greatest developers around!

    Check out Mass Effect 3 available on EA Origin alongside other great hits such as: Battlefield 3, The
    Sims 3, annd Star Wars - The Old Republic! Expand
  47. Mar 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Not just "a game" This is the best virtual entertainment you will ever play. I love Sci-fi and I love shooters, so naturally this franchise has always caught my attention with its striking images and tales of a great story mixed with intense action however one thing always scared me for whatever reason, that being the term "RPG" I have always been an impatient gamer, attracted to heavy action such as the Uncharted series, God of War and Killzone but recent games like Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect have started to change me. I'm now completing side quests, Mining planets for materials and going through every option in a conversation to see where it leads. I say all this to hopefully help any other gamer out there that's on the fence about this game or intimidated by the Role Playing aspect. Mass Effect is worth your time and money and I'm positive that it will blow you away. Expand
  48. Mar 6, 2012
    Instead of just complaining because of day 1 DLC and not helping readers actually get a sense of what this game is about, here's an ACTUAL review! First off, if you loved the first two games, odds are that you'll enjoy this one as well. Wraps up the series nicely, with closure on all ends. You can customize your weapons more so than the previous game, and shooting bad guys feels much more satisfying in this game than in the past games. Heart breaking decisions, your squad could be gone at any moment. The writing is as good as ever. Take a chance on this game. Expand
  49. Mar 6, 2012
    Looking forward to playing out the final part of this trilogy. Judging by the demo, it's gonna be great.

    You might just find that the majority off the people criticizing the game and scoring it a big fat 0 are Staff from GAME and GAME-STATION in the UK.
  50. Mar 6, 2012
    I guess sometimes there are no absolutes. I've seen enough player reviews on this game, on this site, to assume that there are MANY players who didn't play this game prior to writing a review. They simply assumed how it would be, even down to the graphics. You know, I told myself many times that I would never point out differences between casual gamers and original gamers. But, i find myself having to do just that. Casual gamers will say: "it has terrible animations and an outdated storyline". Gamers who have been around for a while (say, 20+ years), will focus on gameplay, knowing the visuals are just cake icing. Bottom line: intense plot, stunning visuals for a game this size, and a gameplay mechanism that weaves into the story perfectly make ME3 the perfect sci-fi rpg. Blizzard couldn't even do better than this, and that is something special. Perfect 10, just like I gave Skyrim. Expand
  51. Mar 7, 2012
    Loved the game. I have played Mass Effect 1 and 2 each 8 times. I just beat part 3 today and loved it. Sure it has a bunch of issues.....but I think that everyone was expecting an 11/10 and since they didn't get it they are giving it a 0.

    Also, people need to get over the whole DLC thing. It will be a good story but it is NOT needed to get the full story of Mass Effect 3.
  52. Mar 9, 2012
    This game is a great game, tis very sad that people are complaining about it being dumbed down; when in fact they are complaining about the very things they wanted gone. Like the mining and how it took so long. Now they say they do not like the whole send a probe down on a planet.... Also the graphics are much better than 2, either people just want to give this a bad review, because it is not like the first 2 or they have an SDTV or just being a troll. Of course all games are going to change, yes I dislike Skyrim very much, and love Morrowind much more, but it does not mean other people think Skyrim is good. The only peeve I have with Skyrim, is lack of spellcrafting, and little to non black soul gems, because you cannot make them now.... Expand
  53. Mar 10, 2012
    What a bunch of whining babies. The idiots complaining about the RPG aspect being stripped away either never played 2 which had little to none of that or never played the series at all and are just bulls*%$^g because they believe every flame and lie they read on a message board. Don't even get me started on the people tanking the score because of the option for a gay story line! THIS IS 2012 YOU IGNORANT PEABRAINS! You're a disgrace, and people have been asking for this option to be included since the first game!

    I really love the PS# but I have to admit that most of these scores are probably coming from PS3 users who never bothered to play 2 after it was released for the system and bought the game based on hype alone, not knowing anything about it or it's history. A bunch of idiot meatheads who should just wait for the next COD or Madden piece o' crud and in the meantime keep their heads up their asses where they belong.

    As far as the day one DLC, this content was fully available to those who per-ordered and got collector's editions of the game. I personally just traded in a few games and got everything FOR FREE. Extra content like this has been a staple of video games for years now. Arkham City had a ton of day one DLC that was only available through per-order and no-one **** about that because it wasn't EA.

    This game is great, like I said- it continues the story and the game truthfully and faithfully. If you're tanking the reviews of this game just out of spite or homophobia then you deserve to be miserable.
  54. Mar 10, 2012
    Hate the player not the game. 
    I was expecting product placement, weak writing, and an ending where Shepherd says awe sucks, we did  it.  I can understand the hate people may have for the creators of this game. But you must stick with it. The ending, my ending due to my choices, makes it all worth while. 
    I understand not wanted to buy dlc,
    then don't. It's not necessary, just background story that probably should have came out later as an addition.  
    It's a 9.6 Not perfect by far. If had been perfect, where every single decision you made over three games counted precisely...
    this game would have cost more than any console every made. 
  55. Mar 11, 2012
    I have enjoyed Mass Effect 3 a lot. It's nice to see so many of my decisions in 1 and 2 show up again, even if it's just a character referred to in a news broadcast. I fail to see the basis for a lot of the dialogue and plot complaints. Though the dialogue trees in conversation are mostly "choose either paragon or renegade", only 2 optoins, which is annoying. The storytelling is good as usual, and some of the scenes are very well done.

    Normally I don't give 10s, but looking at the scores, a binary "0 or 10" seems to be the way to go. So, since I liked this game, 10 it is.
  56. Mar 12, 2012
    One of the greatest games of all time and i believe it will definetly win game of the year with awesome action/story and everything good about a game. Don't listen to the bad reviews they are all wrong listen to the positive ones cause they are the awesome reviews. At the end it was a bit un satisfactory but only a bit. I really look forward to a Mass Effect 4 if they do make one which I really, really, REALLY hope they do. This game is a must play essential game which you HAVE TO PLAY. It is hard to say much without spoiling things and because im not the most descriptive person, but I will leave you with these words BEST GAME EVER!!!! Expand
  57. Mar 12, 2012
    Brilliant game, I love the storyline the gameplay, the cutscenes. It was everything I wanted in the game. The fact that you can choose between male and female characters to be with is a significant advancement in the games like these. Thank you BioWare -- 10/10!
  58. Mar 13, 2012
    It was a fantastic ride right up until the last 15 or so minutes, when Bioware must have decided we had been given 2 happy ending in a row, so now we have to pay. It was kind of like having the best Christmas morning of your childhood ruined by the Manson Family busting down the door after the last present is opened, and then stabbing your mom and dad to death in front of your eyes with the kitchen utensils. Given the horrible feeling this game left me with, I can not in good conscience give it anything like a high rating. Sorry. Expand
  59. Mar 12, 2012
    Terrible animations, graphics, and gameplay. All wrapped together in the first game that allows you to skip the game. The clear worst in the series, and everything wrong with modern videogames.
  60. Mar 13, 2012
    Too good to miss. Ignore the user negative reviews. They have nothing to do with the game. This trilogy is one of the best gaming experiences I've had. There are some quibbles, but it's hard to complain about a game who's story makes me care.
  61. Mar 13, 2012
    Phenominal game. It's great to see all those desisions you made in the first two games come to fruition. The animations are fluid. The shooting is better than ever. To top it all off they even expanded the RPG elements. Great job Bioware.
  62. Mar 13, 2012

    Geezz gamers in this day are stupid -___-
    SHM,did people expect? 20+ vastly different endings?

    And loyal fans?Please.I adore Mass Effect, I'm just as loyal as others, but I'm not crying over the endings. I personally don't see what the big problem is.
  63. Mar 22, 2012
    Nothing less then perfection. I managed to get a copy a few days early and I never thought the story and game could top what the last two games have delivered, but this keeps getting better and better! You really do feel the weight of those decisions you made. Its great to finally see the outcome of these shaping after waiting for 5 years in curiosity as to what would happen.
  64. Mar 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T READ THE REVIEW UNLESS YOU FINISHED THE GAME: Though I feel the developers are trying for a more cinematic approach to the cutscenes and add less of an interaction and more answers and end-game conclusions to all prior interaction in the series, I do miss the more detailed dialogue options of the Mass Effect 2. The overall gameplay seems a balanced hybrid of the first 2 games, as far the stripped down shooter methodology of ME2 and the more expansive RPG elements of the first. The graphics are astounding, with Jordan Cronenweth worthy lighting environments, the ME@ did begin this favorite film-ic technique of mine. All heil the return of lens flare to modern film and games! Thank you J.J. Abrams and thank you, Bioware! The obviously homophobic reactions leveled against the same sex options are ridiculous, because, guess what, if you don't like them, dont pick them! It's absolutely the most childish commentary I've ever seen on this site, and would like to add that metacritic should do a little more in judging the validity of multi-post users responses who are merely "attacking" this game on this ground almost exclusively. There are 3 versions of the game to play and it seems that some users responses on this site also are ignorant of this option and they may have inadvertently chosen the action play through. Oh, it's so hard to read sometimes, isn't it? I don't understand the issue of conclusion options either. it does not truly vary from the ME2 formula where only body count was the difference with loyalty missions. "Its not the destination its the journey." The Catalyst was a little too, "Deus Ex Machina" for my taste, but it didn't really take from the overall magnificence of this game experience. I thought the endings were subtle, but they made sense in the context of the game. My take away is that Shepard's Fate was to some extent inevitable, but his approach to that final decision contained options as to how the user approached his gameplay with Shepard, and Bioware actually gave you the option to decide that final choice rather than have it play out, with control, synthesize, and destroy. If you really pay attention to your dialogue options in PRIOR games, the payoff is hear if your willing to open your eyes. Oh, the blind homo-phobic racist tween gamer, you should not be playing this game. It is not for you. Great games and great job Bioware!

    PS I love that metacritic's own spell check doesn't recognize metacritic as a word. Awesome.
  65. Mar 14, 2012
    I thought the game was awesome up until the end. I hating the ending and I think BW can do much better. That said, the triology was still one of the most awesome gaming experiences that I've ever had and will be much better if they change the ending. While I think the real score I would rate this is about a 7 or 8 I am giving it a 10 based on the rest of the game and previous games and to try and offset the other people trolling on here that are obviously marking the score low because of the ending. I think BW deserves a fair score.â Expand
  66. Mar 16, 2012
    No other game gives you the ability to make choices that their consequences or rewards would expand over multiple games... Mass Effect Saga does that, and that was what was most appealing to me about it. It truly has replay value written across all 3 games, and that is something that is not showcased in any other game I have played. The story in ME3 is massive, and when you take into account the full plotline from the time you stepped down on Eden Prime to destroying the Collecters... it's truly a Saga that should honestly be considered an instant classic! Aside from the story, the gameplay is fantastic. Much better than ME1 and an improvement over ME2. The Soundtrack feels a bit old, but it's the tone of the music that intensifies during combat that really makes you feel helpless while being overwhelmed by husks! Loved every minute. Definitely a worthy purchase and worth all $60. Go get it! Expand
  67. Mar 20, 2012
    What a masterpiece. This about as much as you can expect out of a video game. Worth at least the 60 bucks. This game, along with games like uncharted, threaten to take video games into a direction where the medium delivers a type of interactive entertainment than no other medium can compete with. People will look back at this game as a tipping point, a game that took the industry in a direction where the term "game" just does not do the product justice. The product is top notch, quality entertainment, and somewhere in this massive package of entertainment there is also a video game. Expand
  68. Mar 20, 2012
    Nothing but hatred on these reviews so far it looks like. All I have to say is that I've dropped hours and hours into the multiplayer coop and see no signs of stopping. People need to get off their high horse and actually have fun with games. I haven't dabbled into the single player story yet but my assumption is the low score is due to fan-boys getting all bent out of shape due to unrealistic expectations. I'll get around to the single player campaign at some point but for those of you who love coop based coordination and surprisingly deep strategy laced online play with tons and tons of unlockables, the multiplayer alone is worth the asking price. Expand
  69. Mar 28, 2012
    Everyone has pretty much already said everything there is about wether the ending is good or bad so i wont talk about that. All i say is keep an open mind and you might enjoy it. I thought overall it was a pretty good game game with interesting features such as how you can customize your weapons more to your fighting style. This game does a good job at telling you what everyone is up to and concludes the small endings pretty well. I think my biggest complaint was how there was not as many team members to choose from as there was in the last game and not as many speech options and situations were you could choose the speech. I don't really care that the ending might not be that diverse and am kinda glad too because it makes the ending more finite. The real reason i play this game is not for the big story of saving the universe but the small story of the people you deal with and the interactions with them. That part of the game makes it more real, knowing your fighting to save your lover is more important than saving strangers. I feel this game may have some small flaws but it more than makes up for it by the deep story it tells along the way. If you enjoyed LOST, then you will absolutely love this game. My biggest gripe and recommendation for the next Mass Effect game if there ever is one is more lesbian relationships, not really a complaint but something I personally would like. This is a great experience with great relationships both friends and lovers of either sex alike. This is a epic tail that I would recommend for anyone who enjoys a good story. Expand
  70. Mar 22, 2012
    Excellent game. The story is superior and the voice acting sets the standard for other games. I'm not thrilled with the way it ends, but Bioware is apparently addressing that very soon. Otherwise, it's very enjoyable, with excellent graphics and good pacing. Commander Shepard remains one of the most fully realized characters in gaming and Mass Effect 3 is a joy to play.
  71. Apr 12, 2012
    Ending & day 1 DLC aside, why has no one mentioned how bland the core gameplay is? Its soo boring, it feels like a generic shooter that has plagued this modern generation of gaming :/. Sure some of the biotic powers are cool but this doesn't mean **** when most of the time is spent cowering behind a wall with ur weak sounding space invader assault rifle. It doesnt feel satisfying to kill someone, it feels simplistic (except when u melee some1 from cover which is rare). This coupled with the boring story & tedious fetch quests is whats wrong with this game & doesn't do justice to its concept & slick presentation. Expand
  72. Apr 16, 2012
  73. Aug 21, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 manages to reach the greatness of its predecessors, and surpass it.
    All in all, the culmination of the Mass Effect trilogy is not only the pinnacle of the series, but the best game of all time.
  74. Apr 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm not just giving this a "10" to attempt to combat all the "0"s out there, I honestly think this game is a 10 and it is probably the best game I've played in the last 7-8 years. I was genuinely astounded... as to how WONDERFUL the ending was. The controversy is ridiculous. It basically boils down to unintelligent individuals who need to have everything explained to them very slowly to be satisfied, and intelligent people who are capable of inferring their own ideas for the future of the galaxy. Shepard did his job, he sacrificed himself not only for the galaxy, but every single life that will ever come into existence in the future. That is amazing. The specifics of what happened after his death are no longer his concern. Please DO NOT change the ending Bioware. Don't give in to the lowest common denominator. People were expecting a Michael Bay ending and instead were introduced to Andrei Tarkovsky. It's unfortunate that people don't have a far enough reaching intellectual grasp. Expand
  75. Apr 18, 2012
    First, I want to warn you who didn't play this game, that it is not a good movement to trust the user reviews (and I will include myself in this). This is because this game is so controversial, that have made a lot of people enrage about it. This people, which didn't like the ending of the game, and therefore the ending of the franchise, are so frustrated that will easily give this title a 0/10 just because of its ending, which represents just the last minute of gameplay. In my opinion, this is very unfair, and can lead people to believe this game is actually bad, when it isn't. In fact, this game is probably one of the bests RPG you will have this year. Graphics: 9/10. With better graphics than its predecessors, ME3 meets perfectly what its expected for a science-fiction title of this generation. Sound: 9/10. This game will probably make you care about the music. Some of the songs really fit the critical moments, making them even more epic and memorable. Of course and as expected, Bioware also made a brilliant work dubbing the game. Gameplay: 10/10. If you though ME was a brilliant mixture of RPG and shooter playstyle, then you will simply love ME3, being even more dynamic and intuitive than its predecesors. The cover system will make u enrage sometimes, but you will be having so much fun that you will easily forget about this. As a negative, ME3 has more "autodialog" than previous bioware titles, which makes you get less involved in conversations, but don't worry, you will still be able to make pretty big choices through the game. Oh and good news for naughty players, ME3 allows same-sex romances, yum! Also, there's a quite addictive multiplayer mode. Story: 8/10. ME3 feels more linear than its predecessors, and it is. It also has less secondary missions and the main quest is probably shorter. Story is still immersive and the narrative is great, becoming quite emotional in some moments and portraying very good a stressed Sheppard, which will show the signs of pressure through the game and have a pretty hard time making some important decisions. It is satisfying to see what the characters of the previous games have become and most of them will return and make u feel the strong friendship they have with the protagonist. As a negative, ME3 story, while still good, fails to exceed that of ME2. The final stage could also have been larger and you will get a very unexpected ending that u may not like at all (I did like it, anyway). If you have played the previous games, then for sure you have to play this one and expect to have your own strong opinion about the end of the saga. If, on the contrary, you haven't playing the previous games, then... What are u doing here? Go to your nearest store and buy this three must-have! Expand
  76. Apr 21, 2012
    Ah yes "Mass Effect is an awful game series", I have dismissed that claim. ME3 brings in quite a few innovations to the table since ME2, and I think that it brings in almost all of your major choices from previous games amazingly. The combat is quite similar to the untrained eye, and, even though that would be a good thing anyway (ME2's combat system was sublime) it's not true. Combat it ME3 is much more brutal, difficult and it forces you to make use of its environments (which are a much more 3-dimensional setting than previous games. One mission in it particular forces you to pull out every trick you have in an attempt to survive long enough to finish (immensely difficult on insanity). The combat it also much more cinematic, being able to pull enemies over cover near you at either stab them, crush them, or a variety of other things much to my humor. The story (ending excluded, is one of, if not the best writing in games I have ever played, pulling at emotional heart strings, but with enough witty dialogue to keep it from being depressing. In response to the ending controversy, is the ending good, god no, does it makes sense, again no, but does it ruin the entire series, or even the game? No, do you know what I did when I finished ME3? I sat down and played it again. Then I went out and bought the "From Ashes" DLC, (not necessary, but I would recommend it, it adds to the story and adds some interesting dialogue) got that onto the game, but I didn't play it as soon as I got that. I went back the ME1 comic and started the whole series again (that's about 40 hours a game, 50 if your going for everything like I was). And I still loved the journey as Commander Shepard, even though the ending was lack luster. The multiplayer is surprisingly good, and I found myself surprised at how much I was enjoying it, though it is harder than the single player campaign, and with the free "Resensurgence" DLC that was released earlier, its only getting better, the only fault is it doesn't show your total play time, but I can forgive that. So, in the end Mass Effect 3 is a modern triumph in games, with some faults (ending, and loss of SOME dialogue options (though you still retain most of them)). Take this review from a fan who has put over a thousand hours into Mass Effect, over a thousand hours into EACH Mass Effect and that isn't including the multiplayer, this game is great, perfect? No, but still a modern miracle in the gaming. As a side note, all of these awful reviews (the 0, and 1's) are from fans who feel cheated by the ending, and are so angry that they cant see that the journey there is magnificent. Some of them are right about it, but they have far to harshly judged it. e.g. the ending is awful, I can never play Mass Effect again 0/10; which I proved wasn't always true in this review. All I can do now is urge you to buy this game (and the others as well, they make it better, especially if you choose save a guy called Wrex from the first game, his dialogue is amazing) Expand
  77. Jan 1, 2013
    The game is awesome!!! If you really want to feel the game, you have to start from the first or second Mass Effect. If you only buy Masss Effect 3 and make an SLOPPY walkthrough you will not like he ending.
    All the game trilogy is awesome. The people that says the ending sucks are kids or ignorant, because they really didn't try to understand how DEEP the game actually is, they just
    played the game and made decisions they didn't understand and got a **** ending. Expand
  78. May 5, 2012
    This game does not deserve such a low rating. To me this series stands out as the greatest Sci-Fi creation since Star Wars. The story and character development, combined with tight game-play make the Mass Effect series the greatest gaming experience I have ever had. I see a bunch of gaming-elitist whiners in these negative reviews. Sure ME3 had some flaws, the RPG elements were toned way down and the ending was abrupt and left me wanting more. But I had to speak up, lest one person be discouraged from trying out this amazing series. Expand
  79. May 15, 2012
    Great game, and an excellent conclusion to the trilogy. If you haven't played it yet, do yourself a favor and ignore all the overblown reactions of others and judge the quality of the game for yourself. I deliberately ignored all the hype/complaints, played through the game, and loved every minute of it, including the ending and the from ashes dlc. Afterwards, I read through the crazed fan reactions and was surprised with all the hate.

    This game is a great example of when the professional critics have it right for a change - this game is one of the best releases of this generation, and it would be a mistake to miss it.
  80. May 24, 2012
    This game was amazing. The gameplay mechanics were better than its predecessors, the graphics look amazing, and it is extremely fun. Most negative reviews come from self-entitled gamers who get angry at the ending or the DLC and give it a 0.
  81. Jun 17, 2012
    I loved this game!!! I can't understand why people hated the ending. I thought the ending was pretty good because of the choices you can make. Plus, there is so much replayability that i want to go through the game again and again to get a different EMS and pick different choices. Plus, great graphics and amazing gameplay. Overall I just loved this game!!!
  82. Jun 28, 2012
    Do not believe the negative trolls that have taken over this review site. This is one of the best sci-fi games ever produced and comes to an excellent conclusion. The new extended cut makes it that much better. If you pass this game up because of the negative idiots, you have no one to blame but yourself. Try the game and come to your own conclusion...
  83. Jul 1, 2012
    The problems that everyone had with the ending have been fixed with the Extended Cut and additional closure and clarification was added making this game the ideal choice for purchase if you haven't already. :)
  84. Jul 25, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is possibly the greatest game I have had the pleasure of playing. The story line is outstanding, best I've ever seen in a game. Game play is great as well but what's really amazing is the story, I just loved it from beginning to end; especially the end, it was great! It is an addictive game, I enjoyed playing it and it was easy to adapt to the controls. I also loved it's features and the interruption ability half way though some of the conversation or game play, very nice. My rating was a 10 without hesitation. Expand
  85. Sep 3, 2012
    I love the coolness of a pc game-title o n my ps3. I almost feel like a hardcore gamer when playing this game. It looks and plays almost a s good as it does on a real pc system. Crap I don't have 3GB video-memory like they do though. Maybe when I'm good all year I will have a cool system in a year!
  86. Sep 30, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an amazing game, the narrative is deep and the rpg elements are rewarding.. The game is easy to sink hours into and will quickly become your go to game for quite awhile. This is a great game, I would highly recommend buying it.
  87. Sep 5, 2012
    I really love this game, the single player was so awesome and mind blowing, that in the end it really, really made cry for the first time in 12 years, it sucked me into the game's story, and it didn't let me go.

    Despite what other people say, this is really a game for Bioware to be proud of, I'm going to stay loyal to this series, they tried new things, and thats what they need to do,
    some people just cant stand changes or new thing, Deal with it, the time is still ticking, and you cannot expect company's to stop experimenting on new features. I really saw the game tech evolve into something more nice and powerful, and it apparently did because i got blown away by not only the story, but also by the awesome effects, the awesome game play, and the awesome, voice acting!

    In short this i a must have, you need to like that the games will *Evolve* to be able get more and more awesome then it is now.

    If you don't like new stuff, sorry but then your really out dated..
    The added the extended cut to make you able to make more choices, and they did, so stop whining, or GTFO.

    10/10 Cant wait for the next related game!

    @ bioware: Great job, i'm still a fan, and i always will, just ignore the whining people, think the ending sucked, that makes it a invalid statement, because you really make be cry, and I'm not even kidding..
  88. Oct 10, 2012
    Macnificent game the other people just have no taste!!!! One of my top 3 best games ever played!Graphically superb! Great story line! Loved it!!!!:-) I hope the movie is close I as good as this!
  89. Jan 6, 2013
    Well for me the Mass Effect Trilogy is an absolute triumph despite all the fuss about the end. If you ask me the end is suited to a great story and it doesn't came bad at all by the contrary. It makes you choose and live with that decision. Bioware made a master piece which i sincerely hope to see it portrayed in film. It's a first class story and a first class game. Oh and i'm totally engaged in this multiplayer. Original and addictive. Expand
  90. Oct 28, 2012
    Despite everyone **** about the ending. This game, stand-alone, is an awesome game. I've never played through a more rich universe, only enhanced by the previous games. Even without the Extended Cut, this game is worth every penny.
  91. Oct 30, 2012
    Simple the best video game of the history! Improved graphics (both for characters and environment), the music absolutely match to the game. The action part of the game well balanced. It is good to see Shepard and his/her old friends in action and in interaction. The atmosphere of the game also reflects how big burden is on Shepard's shoulder. But the best part for me is the Story again. There are a lot of critics because of the ending of the game. Considering the extended cut DLC the ending is Ok for me. Maybe not so strong than the whole game but it is still good. I recommend the ME trilogy for those who likes the sci-fi and wants more than a simple action game. Expand
  92. Nov 8, 2012
    One of the best games ever released. The combat, the interaction, the decision making that changed the game, the story, and even the ability to develop modern relationships made this my personal all-time favorite video game. For the group of people who are giving this game a low rating based only on the last 5 minutes of the game: Seriously? Numerous hours of incredible game play, and you're whining about the last 5 minutes? It's not a movie, people. I can respect everyone's opinion, but these posts are the equivalent of saying, "I'm divorcing my wife after 10 incredibly wonderful years because she pissed me off yesterday." Expand
  93. May 17, 2013
    This game is great. One of the best games ive ever played. You guys are just mad at the ending. This game does not deserves all the hate it is getting. Easily a ten in my book.
  94. Mar 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm glad critics judged this game. It was great in every aspect. the combat was refined, the faces looked more lively. The ending had maybe two explainable plot holes, but they are minor and are easily over sought. Some complaints were the ending was too dark. The ending killed Shepherd, but his actions saved the galaxy, which leads to complaint two. People feel their actions just make no difference from the previous games. But point one, if specific characters are dead from me2, than that adds a different character we haven't seen in their place. Point two, your choices will not matter, why? because this isn't ultimately about Commander Shepard, it is about galactic safety. Whether you saved the citadel or not, will not matter at the end of the game because the whole plot of getting the reapers is bigger than that. Overall the game play is way better, there are more weapons and suit upgrades, and many emotional turns, had you played the game the whole series. Expand
  95. Jun 14, 2013
    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Look at all these haters for hating on a game. If you hate the ending, I doubt that this game is scores 0 because of that. Man, these people are retards.
  96. Feb 19, 2013
    Sorry to join one of the two extremist camps, but this game is absolutely brilliant, and much of that is due to what the majority of haters...well, hate. The ending is, in fact, BRILLIANT, which is because, as many of your know, the Indoctrination Theory is true. The Extended Cut DLC supports it. Go watch any of Julian Kluk's thoughtful documentaries on YouTube or; he has 4 1/2 hours of footage supporting it, and it's incredibly convincing and makes disbelieving the Theory more illogical and ignorant than ANY "wrong" endings critics think Bioware made.

    Therefore, with a risky, smart, and artistic ending, on TOP of the best story, emotion, and mechanics in the series yet, how can you have anything but a masterpiece?
  97. Feb 19, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 was an amazing game and an excellent ending to the trilogy. At first the ending was a little disappointing but not enough to ruin the game for me, and with the Ending Content DLC it was improved significantly. I look forward to the next game to see where Bioware takes it.
  98. Mar 5, 2013
    People need to get over ending and stop trashing a game that is clearly 9 out of 10. Great Suspense, and great story, ending could have been better but when factoring that the ending contained cut scenes and not just screen caps with text, i think it is well worth it. Honestly if you want the full experience, buy the trilogy and wait for all the DLC to be released. It is a fun ride, well worth the purchase... Expand
  99. Mar 19, 2013
    OK, so the ending isn't "omg ur awesome here trophy." That doesn't change the fact that this is one of the most immersive, emotionally demanding games ever produced. There are 2 minute snips of overheard dialogue on the Citadel that carry more emotional weight than 95% of games produced today. If you play games for their story this game simply cannot be matched. If you play games for action there are some very demanding fights and the bellow of the Reapers as they do their best to annihilate you is straight up terrifying. Considering how easy it is to get this game for $15 or so right now, you'd be insane to let the people who didn't like the ending keep you from playing it. Expand
  100. Jul 10, 2013
    the game is cool and fan

Universal acclaim - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 30 out of 30
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 30
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  1. Mass Effect 3 is an amazing experience in and of itself. It's also the perfect capstone to a true AAA franchise, offering a poignant conclusion that'll stick long after the credits have rolled. You're standing on the precipice of one of the best games Earth money can buy. [April 2012, p.60]
  2. If ever a game was more about the journey than the destination, it's Mass Effect 3. And what a journey it is. [May 2012, p.71]
  3. The RGP elements have been toned down considerably in favour of more action. For some this will sound like a bad thing, but trust us when we say that Bioware has thought this through. With the Reapers invading, it would be kind off silly to go on a shopping spree on the citadel. [April 2012, p.60]