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  • Summary: BioWare completes the Mass Effect Trilogy with Mass Effect 3. Earth is burning. Striking from beyond known space, a race of terrifying machines have begun their destruction of the human race. As Commander Shepard, an Alliance Marine, the only hope for saving mankind is to rally theBioWare completes the Mass Effect Trilogy with Mass Effect 3. Earth is burning. Striking from beyond known space, a race of terrifying machines have begun their destruction of the human race. As Commander Shepard, an Alliance Marine, the only hope for saving mankind is to rally the civilizations of the galaxy and launch one final mission to take back the Earth. Expand
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  1. Not a lot of games – almost no games, in fact – manage to establish the kind of white-hot emotional connection between player, cast and setting that Mass Effect 3 somehow conjures. That's the reason this story of Earth, the galaxy and Shepard's last stand is so harrowing, and why people will be talking about it for years to come.
  2. 100
    With Mass Effect, Bioware created something really unique. A fascinating universe, that not only rivals Star Wars and Star Trek, but – at least for me – exceeds those. Mass Effect 3 is the crowning achievement for this trilogy. A true masterpiece.
  3. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Apr 10, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an amazing experience in and of itself. It's also the perfect capstone to a true AAA franchise, offering a poignant conclusion that'll stick long after the credits have rolled. You're standing on the precipice of one of the best games Earth money can buy. [April 2012, p.60]
  4. Play UK
    Mar 28, 2012
    Shepard's story ends with a journey that's exhilarating and dramatic, with fantastic moments that beg to be replayed so you can see what other outcomes are available. [Issue#216, p.68]
  5. Mar 12, 2012
    What separates the truly stupendous from the merely amazing is that often elusive je ne sais quoi. Mass Effect 3 burns brightly. But that extra spark would have transformed it from a shining star, into a blazing supernova.
  6. Mar 14, 2012
    Whilst there's some issues with writing, some of the mechanics and various other glitches, the epic scale and relatively strong narrative push these aside, giving Mass Effect 3 its rightful place amongst the great, sci-fi epics of our time and acting as a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.
  7. Mar 7, 2012
    You meet old friends and you feel at home on the Normandy. But this is the weakest and most monotonous episode of a futuristic adventure that went the wrong way over time. The action is not varied enough, relies too heavily on surviving wave after wave and rarely equals the tension of shooters like Killzone or Gears of War. On all levels I missed variety and challenge. If you started this odyssey with Shepherd a few years ago, you'll want to end this nonetheless – and you won't be disappointed. But after the credits I didn't think about a possible sequel but the missing headshot statistics.

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  1. Jul 10, 2013
    the game is cool and fanthe game is cool and fan
  2. Sep 3, 2012
    I love the coolness of a pc game-title o n my ps3. I almost feel like a hardcore gamer when playing this game. It looks and plays almost a sI love the coolness of a pc game-title o n my ps3. I almost feel like a hardcore gamer when playing this game. It looks and plays almost a s good as it does on a real pc system. Crap I don't have 3GB video-memory like they do though. Maybe when I'm good all year I will have a cool system in a year! Expand
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Do not listen to the people rating this game badly. Mass Effect 3 is utterly amazing and if you liked the first 2 this won't change that.Do not listen to the people rating this game badly. Mass Effect 3 is utterly amazing and if you liked the first 2 this won't change that.

    Some of the people writing on here either had completely unrealistic expectations of what Bioware would pull off with the import stuff (although pretty much everything but the end is influenced quite a lot by what you do) or just weren't pleased because the series didn't end exactly as they wanted.

    Get this game, and ignore the haters. They are the same kind of supergeeks that hate on Star Wars etc for tiny little things that really don't matter at all. Honestly. Get. A. Life.
  4. Apr 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I didn't want to bother reviewing this game until I played through it at least one whole play through. I was too into the game I would have given it a 10 just because I was having too much fun. I'll start off by saying there is a lot of bugs. That's what killed it for me. Bugs ranging from fish swimming in the air in shepard's cabin to enemies and allies sliding around motionless with their arms spread out but still can shoot guns. Even some bugs that caused me to have to reload saves like sprinting to cover and getting stuck in my team mates bodies. Also I would run into bugs/glitches not sure what to call this where enemies would get stuck on invisible walls. The good would be the music - I think it's the best soundtrack of any of the mass effects. The story - everything is exciting and epic right until the ending then you're given a kick to the head by someone who decided to end the game in the worst possible manner they possibly could., The gameplay - I wouldn't have minded seeing new skills/more guns/equipment but for what it's worth the RPG elements are always addicting to me, I wish more games had RPG elements like the ME games have it gives me something more to do. I don't know how anyone could deny that this was a good game. I did notice a ton of plot holes between ME2 and ME3 and fortunately I did some research and I think I found out why. The writer decided to incorporate characters and stuff from the Mass Effect books into the game. I never read the books so whenever I'd see a name like Grayson or something else pop up I'd say to myself "who the hell is grayson?" "what the hell is red sand?" Times like that you can be fortunate for google and the ME wiki. I can't tell you about the multiplayer portion of this game as I only played the demo and I didn't think it was anything to write home about. It seemed like survival waves with no story. In closing though I did enjoy this game - it's a good game. It deserves more credit. Expand
  5. Apr 13, 2012
    I think 5 is fair. The ending isn't worse than the rest of the game, to be honest? The first game was very good, but since then the series hasI think 5 is fair. The ending isn't worse than the rest of the game, to be honest? The first game was very good, but since then the series has turned into a mediocre 3rd person shooter for casual gamers. Where are the RPG elements? Gone. Expand
  6. Mar 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I can sum this entire review in three words: f*#k this game. anyway read below for the TLDR

    Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away. There was a game series known as Mass Effect. This game series was unique in the sense that it told a compelling sci fi story and it let you influence the course of the story through your very own character. You made the decisions, and it was essentially YOUR story. Mass Effect 1 was a smash hit back in 2007, gameplay like this was never done on this level before. Mass Effect 2 was released in 2010 (I think), and it was even better than it's predecessor. Granted the story in Mass Effect 2 was a waste of time.. however it did develop the characters and that was great and all, but I digress.

    In steps the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3, I can't tell you how much freaking HYPE there was for this game it was nuts. It gets released, and at first it's everything ME3 was meant to be, it was the freakin' third installment of the mass effect series. Then you start noticing little things... little shortcuts the devs took that progressively stack up as you play your way through the game. Why are the civilians 2D sprites? Why did they use a poorly photoshopped googled stock photo to reveal a major character? Why did they nullify many important choices that you made throughout the series? Why did they restrict dialogue to only 2 choices 90% of the game? who.. what.. why.. then it hits you, this game was rushed. Good old fashioned EA nonsense if you will. What kind of is this?? Why it's EA of course, these guys are the MASTERS of let me tell you. but wait it gets worse. specifically towards the end of the game, during the last 2 or 3 hours or so, the story begins.. well frankly.. to fall apart. Many important plot elements just go completely unexplained, many characters appear in places they shouldn't be with zero explanation at all, large space stations are moved across the galaxy all of a sudden, no explanation at all. but wait, it gets worse! during the final part of the game, the plot starts to look like swiss cheese no joke, disappearing characters, reappearing characters, characters get magic powers all of a sudden. all with zero explanation.

    and the cherry on top of this sunday, and I think you know it... the ending. It honestly can't get much worse than this ending. It makes no god damned sense, it retcons the entire trilogy essentially, it makes you pick your favorite color, and your characters dies in almost all of them. and NONE of your choices mattered. the end. That's seriously the ending, some big red green or blue explosion happens, you either become god of the universe for no reason, turn the galaxy into robots and everyone's happy.. cuz robots are awesome I guess, or shoot a tube and land in a pile of bricks somehow, depends on what your favorite color is. there's also a 4th ending but in this ending, everyone dies the end that's it. Bioware put that ending in JUST TO SPITE ppl that didn't like this trash heap of an ending. Oh don't even get me started on biowarEA's condescending attitude towards this whole situation. They would rather sit back and call everybody a bunch of entitled whiners rather than fix their broke ass game. yeah, that's good customer relations ISN'T IT. They lead people on to believe that something more than meets the eye was going on with this ending, but nope, fooled them again, the ending is just as bad as it looks, nothing more nothing less. If you like it, buy my dlc, if not then EVERYBODY DIES GTFO.. artistic integrity indeed.

    anyway, it also comes with multiplayer for some fuc#$%ing reason. Remember what made Mass Effect 1 and 2 great? the multiplayer right? NO THERE WAS NO MULTIPLAYER wtf are these people thinking. this game was never about multiplayer it was about an awesome singleplayer experience, which they effectively destroyed in the last 10 minutes so scratch that. EA strikes back, avoid them at all costs. They'll take your cash.

    This game gets a 1/10 because as much as a pile of it is, there are some genuinely good parts of it, that's the other writers, you know.. the talented people.. doing their thing. I feel really bad for them, having all their work overshadowed by lazy and retarded executive producers and lead writers. The music is really good so I'll give it a 2/10.

    Don't buy this game. Don't play this game. Don't let your friends play this game. it will leave a very sour taste in your mouth afterwards, particularly if you're a mass effect fan. nearly destroyed my interest in gaming entirely.
  7. May 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Some people would say they wouldn't allow the final 15 minutes to ruin an entire series, I guess they have their point. If you ask me, you just can't snap out of being crazy. Same case for me here. I just can't "snap out of" letting 15 minutes ruin the entire series.

    The game is severely overrated in the first place. The game is extremely linear. For an RPG that prides on options, the options feel largely irrelevant. Throughout the game, you're trying to gain war assets, which would determine the no. of options you'll get when time comes for you to choose an ending. High no. of war assets would mean more options. War assets are gained through making right decisions, performing repetitive fetch quests, and playing the dull, uninspired co-op multiplayer. In contrary to what BioWare tells you, multiplayer is mandatory to obtain all of the endings. A few parts of the story are amazing, while some are flat out lazy writing. Most of the parts are just mediocre. Some romances are nicely written (eg Garrus, or Tali) while some are just horrible (eg Jack, and especially Jacob).

    When it comes to gameplay, which is largely a secondary feature of any BioWare game, it's actually a massive improvement. However, it's still not good enough for you to purchase it merely for gameplay value. A large part of the gameplay overhaul comes from the Weapons vs Skills scale. Powerful weapons are heavier and increases your recharge time, and vice versa. So if you just go out there with the default rifle and pistol, and upgrade your skills accordingly, you can just spam on the skills repeatedly. One good example would be the charge -> Nova combo for those who play as vanguards. This combo is virtually unstoppable. With that said, the gameplay is still not good enough to warrant a buy merely for gameplay value. For more satisfying shooting fun, just go get Max Payne 3, or even 2 if you're broke.

    There's also a day one DLC character which BioWare claims is not mandatory. Don't kid yourself. It adds so much more to the storyline. Another attempt by EA to milk you by taking content out of the game and charging you. It's kind of like buying a new car which comes with a manual gearbox that can only shift to first gear, with an option for a proper, normal gearbox. Technically speaking, the car can still run on first gear, but it's certainly not what you would normally pay for, at least not 10 years ago.

    On to the controversial ending. Everything boils down to three colors. Pick your poison. They have no differences whatsoever. BioWare has recently announced that they will make an extended cut to the ending. I will update with a more formal review then. For now, don't even remotely consider shelling out 40 bucks for such a game. Just don't.

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