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  1. Mar 30, 2013
    ME1 and ME2 are great. They set an exiting setting for ME3. Unfortunately BioWare completely butchered ME3 and personally ruined the ME franchise for me. The ending of the trilogy was so important and boy was I looking forward to an epic clash between the allied forces and the mysteries Reapers. In order not to spoil I'll leave it with this: After playing the horrible ending of ME3 the entire series was castrated. The excitement I felt toward it dropped. Even days after finishing ME3 I was bummed out. Really bummed. I have lost all will to replay any of the ME games. You put in a lot of hours and money to finish these games and in the end BioWare returns the favour by taking an unfairly huge dump on your forehead. Even worse the trilogy contains very little DLC. One could expect to at least get the majority of the DLC for the games with such a box set. But the will to make money is greater than pleasing loyal fans. Which is also shown not just in the DLC department but also in the mutilated ending of the franchise. Expand

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  1. If you've never sampled the delights of the Shepard saga before, this is as essential as PS3 purchases come. [Feb 2013, p.114]
  2. Dec 22, 2012
    No matter if you're a fan of action games or RPG, the Mass Effect trilogy is something you've got to play in this generation.
  3. Dec 18, 2012
    A good value compilation for what remains a stunningly ambitious mix of interactive storytelling, compelling action, and sci-fi spectacle.