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  • Summary: Metro: Last Light immerses the player in the haunting, desolate ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow. Developer 4A Games promises to deliver a terrifying, atmospheric single-player adventure that fuses combat with exploration and survival horror to create a unique, memorable experience.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. May 15, 2013
    Last Light is notably superior to its predecessor, merging storytelling, shooting, and sneaking into a remarkable and cohesive whole. And through this harmony of game design comes the caustic dissonance of a world so torn asunder that a single possibility can bring with it endless hope.
  2. This is - at pretty much all times - entertaining, stylish and hugely enjoyable. There are tightly scripted blasts of action one minute, more open, pensive situations the next...There are individual parts of Metro: Last Light that are easily the equal of Bioshock Infinite, and sections that are better than COD. [June 2013, p.95]
  3. May 24, 2013
    For the first time, the Metro franchise arrives at the PS3. It's a cruel and often terrifying experience, with an intriguing story, atmospheric visuals and great gameplay. The AI is questionable at times and there's some bugs to deal with, but other than that, Metro: Last Light is a strong shooter.
  4. May 13, 2013
    Did I mention it has the creepiest spiders since Deadly Creatures? By its very nature of being a sequel, Last Light doesn’t feel as fresh as Metro 2033 did, but there’s still nothing else like it.
  5. Jun 4, 2013
    A really good experience. There’s enough here for fans of action, stealth and survival to enjoy. Though the series seems to have moved on from being scary the majority of the time, it does this progression in a way that feels natural.
  6. May 19, 2013
    4A Games’ followup to the remarkable Metro 2033 doesn’t quite hit the high watermark of its predecessor. At times the story and experience feel too constricted and too safe in comparison, but 4A eventually hits the perfect balance of action and atmosphere.
  7. May 27, 2013
    Wonderfully realised, atmospheric environments and uninspired, slightly dull shooting combine to create a game just above average. [Issue#231, p.62]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 55
  2. Negative: 6 out of 55
  1. May 14, 2013
    A HUGE improvement over Metro 2033 back in 2010. Almost all of the negative aspects of that game have been fixed here. Mainly the stealth and shooting mechanics. Superb atmosphere that immerses you completely, with tons of creepy noises and stunning sights. The shooting actually feels great now and can compete with the best FPS's out there. The story is also interesting. DO NOT listen to the people that rate it 1's 2's and 3's etc bashing the game. They are talking complete nonsense. Most of these negative reviews will no doubt come from the "angryjoe ranger mode DLC debacle" band wagon jumpers. That is not a reason to bash the game, at all, end of. The publishers are to blame. Expand
  2. May 25, 2013
    Apocalipse mood everywhere.
    Great implementation from Ukrainian programmers.
    First game I want to buy for the last years.
    I havn't seen any
    bugs while I'm playing. Expand
  3. May 14, 2013
    Every once in a while, a little known developer pops up on the radar and delivers something GREAT '4A Games' is this type of developer. This game exceeds all expectations and rightly so, from the super fine polish, wonderfully detailed graphics (extra kudos here to the character modelers), truly beautiful environments, to the superb voice acting, impressive engaging & responsive game-play concepts and a story you would actually be interested in following; With little presence on the PS3 console, 4A Games delivers a breathtaking experience that you will not soon forget....that i guarantee. Expand
  4. Feb 10, 2014
    Metro: Last Light (MLL) is a shooter that delivers both satisfying gameplay and realistic, virbrant environment. After a nuclear warfare that completely destroyed Moscow, mankind now dwells underground as the surface is completely inhabitable. To make things worse animals have mutated into monsters due to the nuclear radiation. That is why in this world civilization made the Moscow metro system their home, stations now cities, but beyond that tunnels are still occupied by monsters. What is impressive is that Deep Silver managed to make the surface of Moscow even scarier than the dark underground. Up there, gas mask is a must and debris and corpses of the old Moscow are everywhere. The world of Metro is simply realistic, fascinating and easily the best part of the game.
    Levels are somewhat linear, but that is not a problem since they are so realistic and carefully designed: just walking in them is a thrill. Different parts of the level, however, are awkwardly connected together. You jump onto ledges instead of climbing onto them; after you fall into water instead of start swimming you will first struggle for a few seconds then automatically teleport to the nearest ground--even if they are a few meters from you.
    MLL is a solid shooter. You can feel the weight and precision of your weapon, which is well designed and can be customized to your needs. Just everything you expect in a fps.
    As is many other post-apocalyptic games nowadays, in MLL survivors are divided into factions that compete with each other for the scarce supply of necessities. You will often run into soldiers of opposing factions, which is when stealth comes into play. Whereas it is satisfying to hide in the shadow of the underground, stealth in MLL is very easy. You have a gadget that conveniently shows if you are in the light (that is, if you are in the brightest of light; you are still considered hidden if the light is not strong enough), and when it indicates you are hidden, human enemies will never see you. And I mean it. You can crouch and walk right into their face and you can bet if they will spot you. (hint: they won't.) You also don't need to do it slowly as you never make any sound. Indeed, not even when people are talking to you. (the protagonist never speaks in the campaign)
    The first half of MLL is by far the better half. This is when you mainly sneak around the tunnels struggling to survive everything there are. In the second half, however, Deep Silver somehow decided that they want to change MLL into a fantasy game. I won't spoil anything important, but you will be given super powers such as seeing through walls and mind reading. Why? While they didn't completely screw it up and at some points I even found myself liking this setting, I'd still prefer it if they kept MLL a pure apocalypse game.
    MLL is a fairly easy game. Although I am on the highest difficulty of hardcore, I hardly need to use any item, which is very, very abundant in the levels. Since around 4 hours into the game I had been fully stocked on everything and never used more than tenth of my money. It will take around 7 hits for enemies to kill you in this highest difficulty, but thankfully human enemies in MLL are pretty good shots and your health regeneration is very slow which evens this up.
    Even with all these issues, MLL is still an overall good game. If you are interested in fascinating worlds of post apocalypse worlds or post-apocalyptic genre in general, MLL is definitely a game to go for.
    Disclaimer: I have noticed that this review is bugged and might appear multiple times in the same list with different ratings in certain occasions. If that is that case please overlook any other version of this review; my rating for Metro is 8.
  5. Aug 19, 2013
    I played this game when it came out and i had not played metro 2033, expecting to not know what i was suppose to be doing or how the character ended up in the situation he was in but one of the good things about this game i found is that it helps to fill in the gaps by recapping back to metro 2033 for people who had just jumped strait in like i did. the overall game play i thought was very thrilling and fun, the creeping of the monsters and the reaction of the enemy npc's i thought where very well thought out and some of the best AI i have seen from a game in a long time. the characters of the game i thought where well thought out it seems like a lot of thought had gone into the backgrounds of the characters which you don't often find in many sequel games. the story of the game i think is rather interesting following the back story from metro 2033 it all comes together when the gaps are being filled in as you go on through your journey. the graphics of the game i think are really nice and well thought out environments adding to the ambiance of the game play which adds to the spooky atmosphere really well. overall i give this fps an 8/10 and would recommend it to anyone from a person new to fps games as its really interesting to an experienced fps player as it is very fun to play. Expand
  6. Sep 25, 2013
    Good first person shooters are rare lately, some of the stealth sections rival TLOU, and the metro has so much character. The gas mask countdown doesn't work for me though, and it feels rushed and is way too short for the money. However except from the usual military Sims it's all we got. Expand
  7. May 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think too much wrong review abt this game and they must be haven't try Fallout 3 and New Vegas
    Every single aspect is 2 levels below Fallout:
    Weapon choice limited only 3 but love the customization, poor interaction with other character, duel/fight with enemies is not fear as of Fallout, there is no enemy health status, atmosphere not good as Fallout, no karma and not much Artificial Intelligence involve during the game
    I bought this game based on fake reviews and fell like wasting money for S$65

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