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  1. 80
    Even though Mini Ninjas might not be as in-depth or content heavy as its modern peers, it's still a beautiful, fun game that opens up ninja culture to kids.
  2. Whether you're big or small, there's a lot to like about these little ninjas and their lengthy journey.
  3. Mini Ninjas is about having fun. It might not be the best game on the market but it should provide plenty of fun and enjoyment for almost any gamer.
  4. If you're looking for a good-spirited hack and slash/exploration game or just something to have a fun time playing with a younger gamer, then be sure to give Mini Ninjas a try.
  5. There's no multiplayer or co-op, and little to see outside of the main story mode, but it's something people of any age could pick up and enjoy.
  6. Mini Ninjas is just purely, simply a great video game. Period.
  7. IO Interactive deserves credit for going in such a different direction from their usual shooter fare. Alas, the result is a beautiful game without a soul. Like a piece of gum, everything great about Mini Ninjas can be experienced in the first few minutes. After that, its sweetness is just a quickly fading memory.
  8. 78
    Mini Ninjas is a good action game, entertaining, enjoyable and able to offer some hours of good fun, but far from being one of the great games of the genre.
  9. A nice action/platform, developed for kids but quite funny even for old players who loved Crash Bandicoot and Spyro (long long time ago).
  10. Mini Ninjas is a likeable want to be, but it´s no more than that. It could be an awesome videogame, but IO Interactive didn’t know how to develop its good and innovative premise.
  11. Mini Ninjas is an action-adventure-rpg with simple gameplay mechanics but with a lot of objects, spells and scrolls to be found. The final product is sometimes funny, but never compelling. That makes Mini Ninjas child-oriented; adults may like the visual style, but won't be entertained by its gameplay.
  12. Lack of replay value aside, this is a game that you absolutely should not miss.
  13. The cutscenes are lovely, the dialogue and voice over work stereotypical but fitting, and the soundtrack is a wistful traditional Japanese score that rekindles memories of The Karate Kid. Still, Mini Ninjas will do nothing to quell the growing call from core gamers for IO's "next-gen" Hitman game.
  14. AceGamez
    Be you 6 or 60, IO Interactive have created a game that can be enjoyed by just about anyone, without succumbing to the pitfalls of modern day 'casual game' design, and in doing so have given this gamer hope for the future of family gaming.
  15. 70
    If you are looking for a simple yet highly entertaining game which you can enjoy while relaxing, Mini Ninjas is definitely something for you.
  16. As a result of all the hard work, this is a rewarding game to play and one that everyone should experience.
  17. You don't have to be a child to enjoy this new game from the makers of Hitman - just very undemanding.
  18. The game means well but comes short in many ways. The simple graphics showing off peaceful backdrops combined with some relaxing music are the highlight of the experience, but the combat is too simple and boring and there’s too big of an emphasis on it. Plenty of good ideas that players don’t need to use during the game. A shame, really.
  19. Mini Ninjas is simply wonderful on PS3 and 360. An original break-the-mold adventure filled with tight, constantly evolving action spread across 6 super cool ninja, and more (and better) exploration than the majority of open-worlds. Biggest surprise yet, this year.
  20. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    It's all over pretty quickly. [Oct 2009, p.110]
  21. Mini Ninjas is an extremely charming action/adventure game that should appeal to gamers of all ages and styles. The simple infectious antics of these ninja will appeal to the younger player, while the wide variety of ways to approach combat and stealth should entertain the more seasoned player.
  22. With Mini Ninjas you’ll get an entertaining and entertaining action adventure. I can recommend it to children and adults who are looking for a nonviolent game.
  23. It’s perfectly pleasant and enjoyable brand of cartoon violence will probably see a good few hours of your time fly by as you swipe your way through adorable, glowing-eyed samurai enemies
  24. At the end of the day, Mini Ninjas may not be the most innovative arcade game in terms of play, however it’s a sturdy game that although doesn’t try to be clever, it manages to get the job done.
  25. Play UK
    It might not light the world on fire, but Mini Ninjas is a good, solid game. [Issue#74, p.74]
  26. Mini Ninjas is a rare gem amongst the mediocrity of E-rated rubbish. It probably won't win any awards for its gameplay, but you'll be having so much fun that you won't notice you are only pressing a few buttons.
  27. Despite the disappointment of there being no co-op play in Mini Ninjas' campaign, the game does enough to keep players entertained through well mixed gameplay, loveable characters, stylistically beautiful environments, and good humour. The Japanese story is finely applied and a wide audience will enjoy this title, meaning that it fulfils its remit and then some.
  28. This is one of those productions where there isn’t anything glaringly bad and there’s a healthy gameplay mechanic at its core.
  29. If you don’t put the cute ninjas and animals under a magnifying glass, you can see a great game underneath the happy exterior . The graphics are ok, and you can see IO has tried to put down a Japanese style for the game. The gameplay is throughout the game pretty much the same thing and a lot of challenge you wont find. But in the end Mini Ninjas is a simple and entertaining game.
  30. Although not leave a permanent mark on the player will surely entertain you for a few good hours.
  31. PSM3 Magazine UK
    A massive let down from a once mighty developer. [Oct 2009, p.83]
  32. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    It's clear that Mini Ninjas is meant for a younger audience, one most likely to adore what it has to offer. [Nov 2009, p.84]
  33. Mini Ninjas is not an excellent game, but it's a very recommendable title for all ages.
  34. Mini Ninja’s toybox is generously and imaginatively stuffed but, unfortunately, the same can’t be said of its playground.
  35. Mini Ninjas is an adorable game that will certainly appeal to younger gamers, while more advanced gamers may only play it for a couple of hours.
  36. 83
    Mini Ninjas is for the little gamers. The game has a lot of great humor and a very interesting visual style. But the missing cooperative option is a great miss.
  37. Mini Ninjas offers a colorful and fun glimpse into the culture of ninjas. The game itself is a little bit short but it makes up for it by adding a wonderful mix of charming characters and moments that are suitable for all ages. Simply put, this is a must have if you love ninjas and Japanese culture in any way.
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  1. Nov 27, 2015
    I hesitated a lot between 9 and 8 so think more of this review as an 8.5, now why did I hesitate ?

    Artistically Mini Ninjas is very hard
    I hesitated a lot between 9 and 8 so think more of this review as an 8.5, now why did I hesitate ?

    Artistically Mini Ninjas is very hard not to love with lovely musics and sounds than delight the ears are in perfect harmony with the action, and some of the cutest graphics I've ever seen even if the textures are a little rough on the edge they're okay for a 2009 game, really a great art job IO.

    The story is what you'll expect from a childish ninja game, with little jokes to please the older audience of the game, and if you want to finish the game to the 100% it will take you about 12 hours (with some replay value if you want to try different styles of gameplay), which is again what you'll expect with a game like that.

    Now gameplay wise if some camera issues during the fights is clearly the weak point of the game, the first hours were so awesome you'll be introduce to so many things you can choose to fight like a warrior, a ninja or a wizard using magic, collect ingredients to make potions, etc... That's when you realized that the same developers also did Hitman, you can deal with each situation in different ways, of course it's not as developed as in Hitman but still very nice to have. the issue is that you're given too much at the start and don't get anything new at the end of the game, and that the lack of difficulty, even in the hardest mode, also make those different not very important, no matter what you choose it'll always be easy.

    In conclusion this was a lovely game, especially the first hours that were awesome, but the lack of difficulty, a weak camera and some trouble in game design may ending boring you. Still a must for young players and recommendable for everyone else. A shame they didn't get a chance to sharpen the experience with a sequel.
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  2. Sep 15, 2014
    Ahh, nostalgia... I remember first playing this around the age of 8, an immature little kid who just loved games. Then I played this game,Ahh, nostalgia... I remember first playing this around the age of 8, an immature little kid who just loved games. Then I played this game, though only on one occasion, but the memories clung with me for years. Then about two years ago, around the age of 11, I was browsing the PS Store, looking for something to purchase. Upon seeing the game, I instantly downloaded it. So, after all these years, did it still hold up? Well........I FREAKING LOVE THIS GAME LIKE A SON!!! Even at 13, I still relive the experience regularly. Even with GTA 5 and AC4 in my library, I will always give it go if I'm in the mood. So, what makes this game so good? Two words. Story and gameplay. The story definitely fits for a ninja game based around Japanese culture and mythology. Long story short, an evil samurai warlord has been resurrected and playing as Hiro, Tora and others, you must restore peace to a troubled land. In addition, the gameplay is very open-ended. Do you go in stealthy, with swords, claws, hammers, bows, flutes or spears blazing, or do you possess a bear and RIP DEM TOOH SHREDS!!! As well as that, Kuji magic, though exclusive to Hiro, are a joy to use (with some exceptions...) and can turn the tide of battle. I know the game may be kiddie on the exterior, but what this game truly is is a criminally underappreciated Gem that deserves much more recognition. However, I do have one complaint: It's WAY too easy. I have never died ONCE in this game (maybe due to the overabundance of health potions and ingredients to craft said potions), even on hard. But in all honesty, it doesn't even scratch the game. At all. If you overlook the difficulty, this game is almost flawless and easily deserving of 10/10. Full Review »
  3. Nov 19, 2013
    Un juego muy innovador, no hay ninguno de su categoría en Playstation 3, al menos de este nivel, es entretenido, engancha desde el principio,Un juego muy innovador, no hay ninguno de su categoría en Playstation 3, al menos de este nivel, es entretenido, engancha desde el principio, tiene una trama notable, lógicamente los gráficos y las cámaras cuando luchas dejan mucho que desear, flojea en mas aspectos..pero el caso es que es muy entretenido para niños y jugarlo en familia, lo recomiendo. Saludos y que lo paséis genial con este juego ^^ Full Review »