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  1. Positive: 49 out of 66
  2. Negative: 1 out of 66
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    The thrill of the chase loses all its appeal in Electronic Arts' Parkour-inspired Mirror's Edge. Repetitive, difficult and visually dull, the game is undone by its use of a highly constrained first person viewpoint in a world of high-speed running and jumping where perspective is everything.
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  1. Nov 16, 2010
    Bought recently for 15 dollars and, for that price point, it's excellent (especially if you spend almost all of your time playing triple-A FPS games and need something to cleanse the palette.) An original effort, if shows the world that Dice's superb Frostbite engine does more than just shooters. If you liked Portal, you should look at this one. The original critical reviews seemed mixed partly on account of some bugginess, but I've not encountered anything serious or something that would require a game reload. A couple of things; 1) the main character and her story isn't a good fit - it's unbelievable that a small character like Faith can take on a SWAT. 2) This is not a shooter, but there are situations when you can use a gun and the controls in those situations are awkward and don't really work. Nonetheless, at under 20 bucks, this is a great addition to your library. Full Review »
  2. Aug 26, 2011
    picked this up for $10 at my local pawn shop and was intrested to see if it was any good. well it is abit differnt which isnt a bad thing . its basically a FPS platformer for the most part... well actaully thats all that it is really with some minor shooting elements if you want it to be. it is kinda fun racing off the roof tops evading cops at break neck running speed. the controls are ok i found them to be abit unresponsive some times especially with the wall walking and jumping. the story is eh ... didnt really care or intrest me . the voice acting is solid though . the game is very very short though and only thing thats gona make it long is the trial and error of the platforming. its a ok game but im glad i waited on it and didnt drop $60 on it. its worth a rental if you want some thing to play thats abit differnt or buying it if you can get it dirt cheap. Full Review »
  3. Jul 18, 2011
    Potential to be a great game but drops the ball in many areas which leads to distinctly average and extremely frustrating at time game. You're a runner and you essentially run around, on paper it sounds like a pretty boring game but to my surprise it was actually pretty fun when you got to RUN. The game forces you into confined areas, which wouldn't be so bad the problem arises is that you can't run. These sequences inside turn into some of the most boring moments I've ever experienced in my life, simply because there's no sense of speed which seems to be the game's major concept. Another problem is how draconian the detection system is when interacting with objects, if you're off by a hair. You're dead. This becomes extremely frustrating when you're doing actions correctly time and time again only you didn't orient yourself properly during a jump or before the jump and you end up falling to your death. Another problem is some objects aren't interactable at times in the game. This tends to be very frustrating early on until you realize what can and can't be grabbed onto. The combat system is horrendous and coming from DICE that's a disgrace. For some reason they decided to include a aim assist while that works with gun, it's not so good when you're two or three feet from an enemy and are try to fight multiple enemies at one time. The combat is one of the game's biggest failings and make dealing with enemies one of the most painful portions of the game.

    The graphics/art direction are just horrendous. Whoever decided that making the color white a dominant feature throughout the game whilst turning bloom on full blast should be shot. It at times making lining up jumps difficult because you can't see what you're doing this coupled with the detection system can be troublesome at times. This is one the only game where I felt like putting on sunglasses just to dim the bloom.

    The sound is... pretty much not there. There's nothing really remarkable about it and the only time I realize there was music was during the elevator sessions. The game to me can essentially be summed up pretty simply as this, run around, get lost, get blinded from bloom and get crammed in an elevator. Rinse and repeat, the story is awful, there's not much variety in locales and other then the awful detection system the game has an interesting concept it just really doesn't do much to support it.

    And whoever designed the elevator sequences/loading screens should be fired. There's nothing to do but listen to muzak and read tiny newspaper articles and sit confined for 15-30 seconds while it loads.
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