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  1. For the hardcore fan, the new additions are more than worth the price of admission whether you are utilizing batting practice, adjusting your now expanded roster, or just enjoying new graphical touches such as post game highlight reels. MLB 09 The Show is a significant improvement over last years fantastic effort, and I can just wonder what the boys have up their sleeves for next season. I'm sure it'll be a hit.
  2. 100
    There is something here for everyone who has a connection to the sport, and I get giddy with anticipation to see what Sony can deliver for next year's iteration.
  3. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Once you've fallen into the arms of The Show, no other sports game you own will ever feel quite the same again. [May 2009, p.106]
  4. Without any doubt, MLB 09 The Show is a great improvement over last year’s version. Sony’s baseball franchise is setting its stronghold as the real deal in terms of baseball simulations as the gap between them and 2K keeps getting bigger year after year.
  5. Yet another incredible entry into Sony's baseball sim franchise. The amount of modes to play through, the amount of options you have to sort through, the amount of depth, quality, and intricacy there is to experience is simply unrivaled not by just MLB 2K, but by any other sports game in general.
  6. Despite a few flaws, this game is quite possibly the best baseball video game to ever grace a living room.
  7. With a ton of varied game modes, authenticity galore, near-perfect gameplay, and extensive yet somewhat glitchy online play, there's at a year's worth of content for you to swing through!
  8. 92
    The bottom line is that every PS3 owning baseball fan should reserve a spot on their shelf for this no doubt first ballot Hall of Famer.
  9. Sony just made a baseball game that has something for everyone. It's fun, competitive, detailed and can even help you teach baseball to your kids.
  10. A sports game must, above all else, stay unpredictable. If things start to get stale or if you start losing faith in the design because you’ve seen everything there is to see then a game can quickly lose its appeal. And that‘s what makes The Show special. Things happen.
  11. Much like the baseball season, fans are going to look back on this title as one of the best in recent memory. The experience it brings is rich and genuine, and -- as corny as this sounds -- it feels like you're right there in the ballpark. MLB 09: The Show will go down as a classic envisioning of American's favorite pastime.
  12. Like this year’s New York Yankees team, MLB 09: The Show is stacked with unrivaled gameplay, simulation, online, and presentation. With "Major League Baseball 2K9" underperforming this year, the choice for baseball fans is easy. The only logical choice is MLB 09: The Show.
  13. We dare you to find a better baseball video game than Sony's MLB 09: The Show. Instead of resting on its laurels, the company took an already excellent sports game and make it sweeter than the New York Yankees' starting lineup.
  14. While not a lot has been changed drastically from last year’s game, MLB 09: The Show doesn’t mess with the great foundation and just focuses on fleshing everything out to go after the small things that can make good sports games great ones.
  15. Tight, gorgeous and virtually bursting at the seams. It’s the crown jewel of this generation’s baseball games, proving that follow-ups can indeed meet (or beat) their superstar predecessors.
  16. This superb video game adaptation of baseball knocks authenticity and realism out of the park.
  17. Sony is truly on a roll with its baseball franchise, it is hands down the best baseball game in the land right now.
  18. MLB 09: The Show is the undisputed champion of gaming; hands down this is the best baseball experiences you can get.
  19. Sony’s MLB franchise continues to deliver, and as it stands it remains the undisputed champion of baseball games in this in this next-generation era with the recent release of the 09’ edition.
  20. MLB 09 The Show adheres to the age-old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and that is its greatest strength. Rather than implementing changes in the name of innovation or back-of-the-box bullet points, Sony San Diego has refined the winning formula of MLB 08 in nearly every imaginable way, and they’ve delivered the best version of The Show yet.
  21. MLB 09's choppy online play is an unfortunate blemish on an otherwise stellar game. For those hoping to enjoy the multiplayer leagues, chat system, and live drafts, this is a big problem. Of course, you can always brush up on your skills offline while the development team gets to work on improving the net code. In terms of realism, challenge, and sheer enjoyment, MLB 09's brand of single-player virtual hardball easily takes home the pennant this season.
  22. MLB ’09: The Show is a leap forward from ’08 on several fronts.
  23. 87
    While there are some updates to fielding and some enhancements to Franchise, Road to the Show and Online, some of issues cropped up within the game and kept it from becoming truly phenomenal. However, as a intermediate step towards MLB 10: The Show, this is definitely a game that baseball fans should buy.
  24. While Sony has achieved its goal of making the most realistic baseball game to date, they seem to have done so at the expense of one very important thing: fun.
  25. Ultimately, MLB 09 walks a fine line, catering to both hardcore baseball fans and more casual players. There are a lot of deep game play elements and features to be explored, some complex and intricate.
  26. 80
    SCEA has made enough visual tweaks to keep its already-authentic representation of baseball atop the heap for another year. With a few more tweaks to the Franchise mode and an expansion to the surprisingly enjoyable new practice mode, I see no reason why this baseball series won't sit on top for the foreseeable future.
  27. 80
    For such an all-star season last year, The Show is more about maintaining what worked so well with 2008's edition than rocking the world with massive changes.
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  1. ScottErickson
    Oct 16, 2009
    I have been playing this game for months now almost daily and I still cannot hit the ball very well. This game is impossible to get good aI have been playing this game for months now almost daily and I still cannot hit the ball very well. This game is impossible to get good a batting. I seems to me that the only way to be somewhat good is to create a player that has full 99 ratings, and it still is hard to hit. I have been playing on ROOKIE also, and it is still BS how hard it is to bat. Full Review »
  2. CreativeKhaos
    Sep 11, 2009
    The best baseball game ever. Can it be improved? Sure, baseball is complex, but this game gets the play done perfectly. The Road to the ShowThe best baseball game ever. Can it be improved? Sure, baseball is complex, but this game gets the play done perfectly. The Road to the Show is a blast and the pitcher-batter interface is the best there's ever been. All thi ans unbelievable graphics too. I loved the addition of practice mode. I really wanted to be able to work on being able to pick up certain pitches better. This is a game that will suck up a lot of my life, and i'll love every minute if it! Full Review »
  3. EnzoP.
    Aug 21, 2009
    MLB 09 the Show is super fun, very addicting but like every sports game it has errors. Like a foul ball in the dugout it just rolls on them.MLB 09 the Show is super fun, very addicting but like every sports game it has errors. Like a foul ball in the dugout it just rolls on them. When you hit a home run it hits the people and bounces away, and they have no reaction. But franchise play in MLB 09 the Show is so much fun and realistic. You have to sign billboards, don't get into debt, raise or lower the tickets, schedule promotions, and much much more. The graphics are very good and gameplay controls are great. Overall MLB 09 the Show is "the best baseball game I have ever played." But I loved because I am a sports fan. But I am not sure if someone thats not a baseball fan will like this game. Almost no sport's games please everyone. Full Review »