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  • Summary: MLB Front Office Manager lets gamers do everything a real-life baseball GM can do to develop a team from Spring Training through a full MLB season, into the playoffs and the World Series. Using Major League teams and players, gamers create their own fictional baseball universe and build their reputation into elite status. Gamers can replace aging veterans with rookies, scout the Minor Leagues, make blockbuster trades, and even participate in bidding wars for posted players from Japan as they make their way to the Hall of Fame. A true baseball general manager also acts as a mentor in MLB Front Office Manager. Legendary Oakland Athletics' GM Billy Beane offers advice, encouragement and guidance as gamers steer a team through the intense competition that is Major League Baseball. Billy Beane is considered one of the most talented GM’s in baseball today and has turned the Athletics into a consistent postseason contender since being named GM in 1997. Now, in MLB Front Office Manager, he passes that knowledge on to gamers. MLB Front Office Manager offers two distinct game modes. Become the GM in Career Mode, and manage a team through a 30 year career that hopefully leads to the Hall of Fame. As the gamer’s knowledge and skill progresses over time, gamers gain points to improve various areas and help the team win games as a result. With Online Fantasy Mode, create an online head-to-head management experience. With up to 30 Managers in the league, gamers can compete against friends to see who has what it takes to be the best. [2K Sports] Expand
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  1. 66
    There are a considerable number of issues holding MLB Front Office Manager back. Lack of three-team deals, a mediocre interface, and questionable AI logic are unacceptable even from a new IP. I hope 2K gives Front Office another go next year, because with some fixes to very obvious issues, this could be a great game.
  2. We'll hope that this either gets improved and rolled into the main "MLB 2K" game, or fully revamped for its sophomore effort. [Mar 2009, p.76]
  3. A lethal combination of clunky menus, lack of guidance, and general tedium combine to make Front Office Manager a dud.
  4. An obtuse interface makes MLB Front Office Manager bewildering even to baseball-sim veterans.
  5. The menus are cumbersome. [May 2009, p.99]
  6. To say MLB Front Office Manager was a good attempt at a console management simulation is like spitting on your dirty dishes and saying they’re washed.
  7. The nuts and bolts of gameplay are apocalyptic failures, but the awfulness doesn't stop there. Managing games is utterly pointless. [Feb 2009, p.85]

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  1. Feb 21, 2011
    Horrific, horrendous and unplayable at every turn. Menus are clunky, which really subtracts from the game, considering that 90% of the time, you're looking at menus. And the actual baseball is horrid, too. Your starting pitcher, no matter what their stamina, will always last only three to five innings. MLB: The Show is a better baseball front office simulation. Front Office Manager is terrible. It's sad, too, because FOM had a real chance of being a great franchise. Expand