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  1. Sep 28, 2014
    this is the best fighting game in ps3 IMO. the story is **** awesome. i never expected it to be this good. the characters are great and yeah the fatalities are cool and brutal. each character is got unique powers like fire, ice, poison, fist, invisibility, magic etc. the game is also 100% glitch free. so what else do you need? so i give it a perfect score!!
  2. Jun 7, 2014
    Mortal Kombat have always been the best fighting game around and this one is the best chapter in the series, complete reboot with everything you could ever ask for. This is the best MK not just because of tight gameplay and incredible amount of content, but primarily because there is surprisingly very good story here, so the story mode turns into a really catchy and fun ride, that couldn't be achieved in previous titles. This is one of the best fighting packages you can get, even though I'm getting my my ass kicked pretty hard online, but that's life. 9/10 Expand
  3. Jun 2, 2014
    Undoubtedly one of the best fighting games of 2011 and probably the best mortal Kombat to date.

    It's like playing a modern version of the original three games, but with new modern mechanics and visuals. They have included a great character roster and very pleasing fatalities; if not some of the most violent seen to date. You have been warned!

    Not only have they gone to great lengths
    to create a very decent single player campaign but the multi-player will keep you entertained for hours on end, not to mention all the hours you will need to sink into the game in order to unlock all the hidden costumes and secrets.

    If you've never been into fighting games, i suggest now's the time to start.
  4. Apr 16, 2014
    NetherRealm and creator Ed Boon have risen and revitalized the Mortal Kombat franchise and returned it to the gloriously GOREgous heights it once reigned hell upon in the arcade days. Pros? The incorporation of 2.5D and an overall refreshing gameplay experience; one of the deepest -- if not cheesiest -- story modes in fighting game history; returning characters from the classic trilogy; seventh-gen gore and guts, thanks to some of the franchise's most creative fatalities yet; pleasurable multiplayer and online experience. Cons? Lame unlockable content; stupefying AI; replay value stiffens after all the modes are completed in a short time. Expand
  5. Mar 22, 2014
    Story: 7.5 out of 10 Graphics: 9 out of 10 Gameplay: 9.5 out of 10 Fun: 9.5 out of 10 (depending on difficulty) Controls: 9 out of 10 Ease to Learn: 8 out of 10
    Length: 8 out of 10
    Re-play: 10 out of 10
    Audio: 9 out of 10
    Bugs/Glitches: None from my experience
  6. Mar 21, 2014
    This is my favorite MK game of all time great controls graphics and gameplay with balanced characters makes for one hell of a fighting game. The online portion really lets the game down with serious lag in a lot of matches. Other than that It has begun
  7. ERB
    Dec 7, 2013
    The greatest mortal kombat game I have ever played.The graphics in this game is superb and it looks realistic plus the characters in this game looks cool and awesome.The game play is extremely fun especially if you play this game with a friend.The moves in this game is spectacular and even the fatalities in this game is deadly and awesome.I love the action in this game!And there are also new characters in this game like Kenshi,Freddy and krueger and more.But the best and coolest character added in this game is KRATOS!The God Of War is in here.Although Kratos is only present in the PS3.I'm not surprised because God Of War games are only exclusive in the PS3 console.Kratos in this game is so cool and his fatality"Blade Of Olympus"is hell awesome!This game also has a good story.The story in this game started when Raiden had a vision and saw himself and his comrades defeated by the almighty Shao Kahn!And there the story in this game starts.

    This game is incredible and awesome and It gets a bloody score of 10/10.This game is one of the best action or fighting games of all time so you should buy this game now and try playing it.I promise you this game is fun and you will enjoy this game.
  8. Jun 2, 2013
    This is what Mortal Kombat is about! It's great. Gameplay is fantastic. Characters are presented well. Best fighting game out there! Still have the clash between Scorpion (my favorite) and Sub Zero.
  9. Apr 26, 2013
    Well, JapanMan's review sums it all up nicely but I just wanted to add my thoughts on the game anyway.
    I was a Mortal Kombat fan back in the early 90s from 1 through to Trilogy but never liked the rest...Until now.

    The game feels very much like those original MK games, only without the Broken movies, and Cheap AI tactics of pre-empting your button presses.
    On the whole, it's a very
    balanced fighter and of the 20+ characters i feel they each have their uses and none of greatly over-powered. Some are easier to use than others but once you get the buttons down they are all pretty close.
    I also really like the choice of characters. With over 60 to pick from I feel they chose all of the best, and main characters. I'm particularly happy they did add Smoke, as he was always my favourite. Worth noting too that, unlike the originals each character really has their own playing style and move list unlike in the originals were Reptile was basically just a green Sub-Zero. Here, all the main ninjas are in (except Rain) but are all very unique.

    This game is very violent, although you do unlock the option to turn the blood and gore off if you wish.

    Story Mode is a very nice addition and is a lot deeper and more expansive than I expected. I'd estimate it could be about 6-8 hours long depending on how good you are. Not bad for a fighting game!

    4 player offline tag matches are great fun if you have some friends around, or just stick to 2v2 against the Ai or 1v1 etc.
    There are a lot of game modes on offer, and a load of extra content to unlock in the Krypt.
    Again, this is all more than I expected.

    The beauty of this is that these things are all in addition to the actual fighting mechanics being brilliant, rather than fancy features on a poor game.

    The attention to detail in the backgrounds and stages is as good as it comes. The subway level for instance has trains passing by and above you which sends paper flying across the screen and if you have surround sound on it can get quite immersive.
    The stages themselves are mostly the old classic ones with some extras. It's a good idea to play through story mode 1st and you'll see where each stage fits in to the plot.

    1 thing I always loved about MK is the depth in the characters Bios and back stories, all of which is on display here and even played out in hours of cut scenes which are brilliantly done.

    The X-Ray attacks are a nice touch, although learning not to use them is the best way to save for multiple powerful attacks or combo breaking etc. But if you have it ready and you're opponent is nearing death it's a nice way to finish them off!
    Fatalaties are possibly the most brutal I've seen too helped of course by the brilliant graphics.

    Also, 3 of my friends pre-ordered this game just from the demo and neither were MK fans and all think the full game is great. The demo does it no justice really, as always.

    This is the best fighting game I've ever played and as high as my expectations of it were from numerous footage and the demo, it has surpassed them all considerably.
  10. Mar 8, 2013
    Mortal Kombat isn't just for nostalgic purposes, it is, in fact, one of the greatest games the franchise has seen in recent years and is just the reboot it needed. For the pros: it's the most beautiful, bloodiest MK game to date; graphics are glossier than ever, making fatalities (and the newly featured X-Ray moves) gorier than ever; everyone's favorite characters from the original trilogy (Noob, Ermac, Mileena, etc.) are redesigned superbly whilst stories are given more depth (even broken characters such as Kabal and Stryker are, at last, likable); the 2-D mechanics suit gameplay well and are an improvement over the 3-D mechanics introduced in the previous installments; excellent single-player and multi-player value; return of Test Your Might, as well as the newly featured Test Your Strike, Sight, and Luck are nice additions. However, its cons: its "dial-up" kombos and special features can be executed at ease and rob the gameplay of some of its difficulty; Challenge Tower can be "hit-or-miss"; DLCs are overpriced; despite the GOD's franchise similarly violent content, Kratos character just isn't that interesting in the MK series (hell, one of his fatalities lacks any blood whatsoever). But overall, one of the best fighters of 2011 and should be played by anyone who isn't squeamish. Expand
  11. Jan 20, 2013
    This is THE definitive Mortal Kombat and a strong return to form for the series. The combat (kombat?) itself is faster, more fluid, and easy to pick up. Most characters have unique play styles and it is fun to experiment with finding your favorites. It's gory and satisfying, and the story mode is the new standard bearer for all future fighting games. The seamless integration of fights into the story modes cutscene is flawless (see what I did there? ^__^ ) and this is the kind of storytelling I'd love to see in Blazblue, Street Fighter, Tekken, and all other fighting games. Especially with this being the first big fighting since Marvel vs Capcom 3, it is even more obvious how great this game is in comparison, looking at how much MvC3 was lacking in not just story mode, but in extra modes and content. Mortal Kombat has lots of stuff for you to do with the Krypt, challenges, arcade mode, tag matches, tutorials, training, and more. Lots of work was put into this game and it shows. However, there are a few flaws, among them is Shao Kahn's insane cheapness that makes you have to fight like a complete coward in order to win. The Krypt has good stuff in it, but it's all vague and arbitrary...and in order to get everything you really need to grind, grind, grind, and grind through arcade mode and the challenges. It's most advisable to just beat Story Mode (which gives you 100,000+ tokens) and then look at a list online for what number the items you want in the Krypt are. Other than that, I have to praise the roster, the art style, and the combat. It's a job well done and I think this game sets the bar for what other fighters should aspire to offer. This felt like a $60 well spent, unlike Marvel vs Capcom 3 which was the bare minimum and left me feeling ripped off. Expand
  12. Jan 3, 2013
    Great game and great classic and also a great return,Mortal Kombat is the best figthing game ever in my opinion,the story is interesting,the online is not bad at all,now they're working with the "Warner Bros",and they did a great job,the graphics were a great improvement !
  13. Dec 31, 2012
    After the disappointing bore that was MK Vs. DC, I had cautious optimism for this game. Yes, all my favorite characters were there, yes the fatalities looked amazing, but Mortal Kombat had been in a steady nose dive, and with the demise of Midway, I really wasn't sure where this game would go. I have to say it's amazing and probably the best in the series. They FINALLY found the right amount of characters without putting in too many, the fatalities actually crossed the line, and the extras are really really nice. This is the quintessential MK game, and if not for Street Fighter IV, it'd be the best fighting game for the seventh generation of consoles. Expand
  14. Nov 22, 2012
    If it aint broken don't fix it... Exactly! While the gameplay remains pretty much the same as the older the games, the added violent x ray attacks make it even so much more fun.

    Based on how i feel, Mortal Kombat isn't 'perfect', but still back to the roots and better than ever for both story and gameplay department!
  15. Oct 29, 2012
    Its about time we got modern Mortal Kombat, i was tired of having to play street fighter when i had a craving for fighting games. This game has everything that should be in a fighter. Great story, continious damage as the fight goes on, lots of combos and special moves, and best of all, fatalities. The only reason this game isnt a 10 is because of some cheap boss fights, and the damn demon in the graveyard store. Go stand in the graveyard for about 10 minutes, and you will hate him too. All in all, a triumphant return to a great fighter Expand
  16. Oct 16, 2012
    A perfect fighting game. Takes everything we've loved from the Mortal Kombat series and puts it into this game. A great variety of fighters to play with in the arcade ladder, plus many other modes like the challenge tower a great story mode and fun mini games. The multiplayer is perfect and king of the hill is a great and perfectly executed idea. With the price you can buy the game at this point, I really don't see why anyone who enjoys fighting games wouldn't add it to his/her collection. Have fun playing and remember to fatality the sh*t out of your opponents. Mortal Kombat at it's best. Expand
  17. May 26, 2012
    The best fighting in the world ! Great Singleplayer,Fatatity,familiar characters it's fantastic! Marvel vs Capcom is very easy and boring, my choise is MK ! Please buy it and remember it's your mortal kombat !
  18. Mar 20, 2012
    Ever since the demo, it was quite clear to me that Mortal Kombat would be my new favourite fighter. The online menu is the best I've ever seen for a fighting game, while animation is sharp and quick. The story, though at times overacted and a little goofy, is engaging and true to the series and its history. There is absolutely nothing I'd change about this game. I eagerly await the next MK.
  19. Mar 20, 2012
    A lot of people complain about being juggled in this game, or that MK has a block button, but if I'm going to be honest, Mortal Kombat has to be my favorite fighting game BECAUSE of the gameplay. in SF, or Tekken, someone can win the game simply by button mashing, hence why I pissed a lot of my friends off when i beat them at SF without knowing what I'm doing. In MK9, if you button mash or don't know any moves or combos, you get your ass absolutely kicked. A great fighting game, flawless graphics, and showing why 2D fighting still rules. Expand
  20. Mar 13, 2012
    I could sit here & list the many reasons why this game is amazing but it's easier to just say: it's what hardcore Mortal Kombat fans have been waiting for since Mortal Kombat II.
  21. Mar 9, 2012
    This Mortal Kombat is in my opinion in the top 5 games of 2011. Your getting your moneys worth if you like the mortal kombat series. If you are more into street fighters slow confusing gameplay (IMO) id skip this game. It has a fun challenge tower, cheesy but entertaining story mode, and fun tag team action. The big drawback is the extremely difficult boss fights. Shao Kahn is the 2011 most difficult boss (IMO). He will test your patience. This game is at least worth a rent, but id suggest buying it. Expand
  22. Jan 27, 2012
    I'm giving the game a 9/10, I was hesitant to buy the game after reading a few of the reviews here on metacritic that claimed "cheating" boss fights and severe input lag both are which obviously now only claimed by those who have no willingness to learn or strategise. The combo system in this game is as great as all it's early games and easily picked up by those willing to take the time to learn each fighters abilities and combos. The game is matched equally in it's visuals which look great. The story while not flawless, works as it was intended although not being able to skip cinematics can become tedious at times. Which brings me to fatalities.. The only thing wrong with them is that they are a bit too preset things like Kung lao s hat being cut in 2 and still staying on is where the visuals let down, would have been nice to see a bit more attention to detail but overall the fulfill their purpose. Great game for anyone willing to learn at least basic combos, worth the money. Expand
  23. Dec 6, 2011
    Best Mortal Kombat ever.
    It is our dream in 1996.
    All others fightins always sucks.
    Especially I hate Street Fighter.
    Goodbye Teeken, hello again Mortal Kombat!
  24. Nov 26, 2011
    Blood gore violence pain fatalities blood death and more freaking blood!! Isnt that what mortal kombats all about? This game turns all of that up plus its gives you new characters new moves stages endings fatalities music but at the same time being nostalgic!!!!!
  25. MFZ
    Nov 20, 2011
    Solid HD reproduction of a classic old school fighting game. Graphics - 8.5 Sound - 9.0 Gameplay - 9.0 Replay Value - 8.5 I played through the story mode and was surprised how much it sucked me into it. It was more than I expected - even though I shouldn't have been THAT surprised after playing through Deception's story mode ! Test your Luck matches are interesting and sometimes funny. It adds a twist to the game especially when playing with a couple friends - not sure if it's available online though.

    Online is eh. I've experienced a little bit of input lag with half the games I've played. It's not my internet provider or router either.

    If you're a fan of Mortal Kombat, get this game.
  26. Nov 19, 2011
    The best fighting game I've ever played. Shao Kahn is more badass than ever, also all the characters an those amazing Locations. The story is excellent. The quality of Netherrealm studios has grown biggest than ever. Thanks Ed!
  27. Nov 16, 2011
    MORTAL KOMBAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am a huge fan of Mortal Kombat. I have the first movie on Blue-ray, and have even watched the cartoon at some point (I can't remember **** from it, but who cares). This game is everything that I had hoped for. I've played Mortal Kombat 2 and I will admit the game has aged. The game's punch mechanics were incredibly dated and everyone had the same
    moves. There is none of that here. Every character is unique and has their own style of fighting. Even basic moves like uppercuts and sweeps are given different animations and incorporate different fighting styles. For example: Quan-Chi's sweep is a full rotation on one foot, while Cyrax's sweep is only 180 degrees, incorporates his hand for balance, and ends in a slight pause. The gameplay is balanced (now that the patches have gotten through) and the fatalities are awesomely gory. For those of you complaining about Shao Kahn I just have one thing to say: Quit your **** and stop sucking! I don't think I have heard so many people complaining about a fighting game boss since...ever! What were you people expecting? It's not like you can take him online. As for his hammer that can stun you, try forward jumping over it. This is the only complaint that a lot of people have mentioned and I can't understand why. The story mode is all sorts of cheesy awesomeness and the online play is fun as all hell. If there was one thing I have to complain about is the fact that you couldn't play as the villians in the story mode. I love Ermac and Baraka, so not having a chapter for them kind of disappointed me. But dispite that, I can't give this game anything lower than a ten out of ten. It's simply that amazing of a game that deserves more praise than what most critics are giving it. Best Mortal Kombat game ever made. Expand
  28. Nov 9, 2011
    This newest effort in the Mortal Kombat franchise is definitely a welcomed one. The throwback to the early 2d gameplay, with the implementation of dozens of modes and game types make this game chalk full of content that will keep you playing for days on end. The super meter seems quite balanced and adds whole new depth to the game. X-ray moves are brutal, harsh and unforgiving. The only peeve I have with this game is that the netcode isn't as polished as I hoped, but NetherRealm Studios have seemed to done a pretty good job with fixing it recently. The dashing looks quite silly too, I think I may enjoy this game with a dedicated run button as seen in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Expand
  29. Nov 1, 2011
    Toasty!!!!!!! if your a fan of MK this is true game for you. The story mode is fun, challenge tower kinda sucks, but the online is where it's at. The lag in some of this online has pissed many people off though. If you can see past that this game rocks with fatalitys and x-ray bone crushing moves.
  30. Oct 29, 2011
    Definitely a must have for any PS3 owner. They were finally able to carry over every aspect people loves about the earlier MK games and run with it. Nothing fancy or extremely flashy, just lots of action, lots of violence, and lots of blood - just how we like it. I will also add that the inclusion of Kratos for the PS3 version is also a huge plus. Even though he's not at all related to the series, he still just seems to fit in with the rest of the characters. Maybe its just the fact that he enjoys dashing his opponents into bloody bits. I hope that they hang onto him for future games and that they can add other (similarly appropriate) characters to the mix. Expand
  31. Sep 16, 2011
    This game is what every Mortal Kombat fan has been waiting for ! It answers the question of, Did they lose it after all these years? With a resounding NO!

    This game not only proves that MK vs DC was a fluke, but it will win back all the doubters and lost fans with a total throw back to the days of old school MK.

    The controls are very tight and responsive, and you'll have no problem
    jumping right into the heat of battle. There are a few modes to select from, all of which will help build your skills to be a competitor.

    The story mode puts you in most characters shoes to follow a fairly watered down story and pretty much teach you the ropes. It also tells alot of the back story of the whole MK universe.

    The challenge tower is a new spin on training if you ask me, it puts you in random situations you need to overcome. You'll have to fight with no arms, or no special moves, or throws only,etc. This mode becomes close to impossible by the end, but if you made it that far, you'll be well prepared.

    Graphically this is the best looking MK to date, and you'll be chilled to see some of the devastating slow mo attacks. Even clothes become warn throughout the battles, and bruises and cuts become visible the longer fights draw out.

    The Fatalities are back in all their gory glory too! They seem to have doubled down since the weak MK vs DC showing. And the blood and gore has been amped up to 11, which as a long time fan I can say they have come back into their own.

    This game is what a fighting game should be, fun, heart pounding, and intense. If you're a long time fan or a newcomer you'll love this game. With a large roster of characters, plus DLC and online matchmaking, you can't go wrong picking this title up.
  32. Sep 4, 2011
    Get over here!!! and play this, MK definitely is a most own game for fighting fans seriously. I'm a little picky with the MK games because of the huge amount of gore, brutality and violent animations never called me to play ever a game of the series. But this time was the exception , MK is not just a simple knock your friend's goofy face, it offers big awesome content that is not avoidable . And every character ( even Johnny Cage ) have an impossible to not look animations of the fatalities. Expand
  33. Aug 13, 2011
    There has been many Mortal Kombat games in the Mortal Kombat Franchise that sadly failed. But the newly rebooted Mortal Kombat brings us back to the basics and creates something great. The Graphics are nice and pretty. There are plenty of features and replay value, so you will get your money worth. This Mortal Kombat succeeds cause the game focus on the storyline much more than the predecessors. And to be honest, the storyline is actually great! The campaign is takes about 6-8 hours, depending on the difficulty. The Arcade is fun. But the only problem is that there are matches where the opponent fights really cheap and extremely hard on any difficulty. Like, 2 against 1 and Boss Matches. And it frustrates you to a mental breakdown. But aslong as you practice your skills and strategize your attacks, you will be ok. At the end of the day, I recommend Mortal Kombat to anyone... on a certain age though, who are fans of the Franchise or anyone that are new to the Franchise and are on the fence about it. So I give Mortal Kombat a "9". Expand
  34. Jun 26, 2011
    The Return of The Fatality! and the blood. and the gore. and the awesome. This is one of the best fighters ever made. The controls are smooth, the graphics are good, and the PS3 exclusive bonus character (Kratos) is awesome. The best Mortal Kombat game ever.
  35. Jun 14, 2011
    This is what all the other Mortal Kombat games after 3 should have been. It really is a perfect revamp of the series, true to the Mortal Kombat games we grew up on.
  36. Jun 6, 2011
    I have to say i really enjoy new Mortal Kombat. At last we get an entry in the series that is worthy of the name. 2D is definitely where this franchise belongs. I was very pleased with the single player mode, it's hard to find other fighting game that can present this top notch quality in this department. No Tekken, VF, SF or DoA can compete. But multiplayer is where the game shines, especially if you've got friends to play with. I would dare to say that it is the best party game currently available on consoles, who cares about kinect sing move and sheet when you can tear ppl in two and drink their blood. I honestly don't think MK9 can become as big tournament title as Tekken or SF, but it will probably sell lot better and it is worth its price. Expand
  37. Jun 1, 2011
    i dont understand all of these european reviewers who are saaying that this is a horrible gimmicky ame when i just recently got into the series and find myself loving all elements especially the ladder endings. sAnd when they say it is less polished than street fighter i think that street fighter is super boring because some people just cant do all of those stupid hard combos that are 14 button presses. I prefer to think of mk as simply being an average fighting gamer's ame of choice. I personally can not stand how many bad reviews have been given by only european raters who have a reputation of hatin ore which is one of mk's larest elements so if not for them mk would have had at least a 88 not the 84 so horribly given to it Expand
  38. Jun 1, 2011
    I wouldn't say that I'm the biggest fan of Mortal Kombat because i have only played Armagedon and vs. dc universe, but i love Mortal Kombat, im still a newcomer but i was hooked the minute i started playing Armagedon. I don't have to be a long time Mortal Kombat fan to say that vs. dc universe absolutely sucked. One of the main things I love about MK is the gore and fatalities, and thats exactly what dc universe didn't have, but anyways, I absolutely love this new installment. This game is absolutely amazing, I finally bought it last saturday and I haven't stopped playing it since. Im a senior in high school and I have even left school early just to go home and play this game, call me a nerd or whatever but I absolutely love this game. My gf even knows to just hangup the phone when I'm playing this game cuz she knows allllllllllll of my attention is on this game. The story mode is beautiful, the plot is amazing, and the visuals/graphics are mindblowing. This game looks so good on my 1080p flatscreen tv. I have a ps3 and I can't wait till the damn playstation store is back up so i can redeem my online code so I can finally get on and experience the online features. but the story mode is amazing, challenge tower is awesome, and purchasing the krypts is exciting. Overall this game is awesome, i would give it a 15 if i could, its brutal, gory, easy for newcomers and still a challenge to MK veterans. I love this game, 15/10!! Expand
  39. May 31, 2011
    Mortal Kombat 9 is one of the best Mortal Kombat games i have play since Mortal Kombat 1 & 2. It has a pretty decent size character library and has most of the greatest characters i can remember. It also has one of the greatest fighting game story modes for this gen. Challenge tower will also keep you busy while you go a 300 lvl tower doing various interesting battles. It also has the ladder mode which each character has his own special little ending clip. There is only one real problem I have with this game which is how cheap Shao Kan is. Overall I would suggest this to any fan of fighting games. Expand
  40. May 30, 2011
    I'm not a MK fanatic or a fighting game fan, and i can say that this game make me remember the moves from 14 years back in my memory, but showing many new aspects that pleased even the modern player.
  41. May 17, 2011
    As an oldschool Mortal Kombat fan, i have to say this is one of the best MK's to day ! My personal favourite still is Mortal Kombat 1, on the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. The game has loads of content, plays like a charm, and is just so damn fun when you play it with your friends, especially tag mode. The story mode may indeed be a bit hard, but on beginner mode (Don't care about trophies or reputation.) it's quite easy to beat. I see myself as a Hardcore / Casual gamer, i play games for fun, not to be the toughest baddest mf out there :) I Used to be someone like that, but now that i'm 30, fun and game play are all that count for me ! (And a steady frame rate but now i'm getting really off-topic here, 60 fps in a game, is really underrated in this generation.) Anyway, very good game, very fun ! I would recommend this to anyone who likes fighting games ! Thank you Ed Boon, and your team, as i have played every Mortal Kombat that has been released since the first one ! And i liked them all ! Expand
  42. May 17, 2011
    My relationship with fighting games is more of a nostalgia than actual interest. As a youngster i played of course all those editions of Street Fighter 2, lots of Mortal Kombat. But these games sequels lacked something to keep me playing. After years and years I only ventured once into the genre for a few days with Soul Calibur IV... it was nice... than came Street Fighter 4... of course I waited for the SUPER Edition... and guess what... played
    the "ladder" and... well what shall I do now? The online modes weren't very
    interesting for me... the game is indeed far more advanced... and
    somehow... well... I won't resell it... but it is on the shelf for some
    time now...


    It is so easy to start playing, using special attacks and combos... of
    course the learning curve isn't that way up to the top... which I probably
    will never reach... but I see a lot o potential for new comers, as well as
    veterans. I will not talk about fatalities and gore... because it is simply
    awesome... as is written in every review on this planet.

    What I consider a major update to the fighting genre is the
    story-mode,which retells the events of the first 3 MK games. It is done
    beautifully... B-movie style... it is so corny and over the top... a guilty
    pleasure! And I don't know how Legacy will be reviewed once it is done (so far I am not a fan), but
    this story-mode is the best motion picture experience of all times,
    regarding the MK franchise of course!

    I don't see the need to write about the insane amount of unlock-ables,
    modes, tag-team specific combos, challenge towers, and all this stuff that
    amounts to an unbelievable amount of content... You may argue which is the best fighter out there... but no doubt, MK9 is
    the biggest (content-wise) fighter... and for me - not being a
    tournament-profi-gamer - this accounts for far more than the supposed
    little bit better fighting system in SSF4...

    A must play... for all the wrong and right reasons!
  43. May 15, 2011
    This is one of the Best Fighting Games of all time! everything from the Graphics to the Gameplay and to the amount of variety is seriously masterful. I can easily recommend this Game to Anyone who has a passion for Games and they might be even more impressed with the result they get in this package! 10/10
  44. May 12, 2011
    I never thought I'd care about Mortal Kombat's story, but the story mode in this did exactly that. This game by far sets the standard for other fighting games to follow.
  45. May 10, 2011
    FINALLY! A mortal Kombat I've been waiting for since the arcade cabinets of yore. Totally fun and exciting in its old school way. Even some of the animations were blocky and weird like int he cabinets, which to me is endearing, and put a grin on my face. Even the toasty guy is in there!

    I also really liked the fact that the majority of characters are available right off the bat. Story
    mode was entertaining, and served as a means to an end I suppose. I laughed through most of it at how ridiculous it was but hey, I was enjoying myself. I wasn't playing MK for the story, so it's nice to see they didn't take themselves too seriously here.

    The challenge tower is a pretty great idea, but some of the challenges seem crammed in there for the sake of having 300. It could have been 200 probably, but oh well it's still fun.

    Totally get this if you're an old school MK fan, it really nails it on the head!
  46. May 10, 2011
    Easily one of the best fighters to be put out in a long time, next to Street Fighter. Not too bad of a learning curve, unless you want to be a master. It's fun, addictive, and oh-so nostalgic for those old MK fans out there. Not to mention the huge amount of content in the Krypt that can be unlocked. The character models look great, the fighting is smooth, and my only problem? The damn PSN is still down. Expand
  47. May 9, 2011
    Mortal Kombat 9 is like everything great Neatherrealm Studios has put in their games over the years put into one content filled game. If your a long time fan you'll love this one, or even if your just a newcomer its still fun. There are around twenty six long time Mk characters to chose from, and even a couple new ones including Cyber Sub Zero, and Kratos(PS3 Exclusive). There are lots of modes to choose from also including classic ladder, story mode, practice, challenge tower, test your might/strike/sight, online and more, The story is decent length and pretty entertaining, but some of the dialog is kinda corny. Another problem is the online, its extremely fun but its sometimes hard to finish a match without someone lagging out(especially in King Of The Hill). But the most irritating thing is the krypt, most of the unlockables you buy are kind of pointless, most of it is useless bonus art and stuff the only thing decently valuable are the secret fatalities but you could just search them up online. Other than those couple of flaws, Mortal Kombat 9 is great and highly recommended to fighting game fans, long time Mk fans, or even newcomers, 9 out of 10! Expand
  48. May 9, 2011
    Awsome. There's not much else to say about Mortal Kombat. As soon as I started playing it felt just like it did back in the 90's, when we would gather around a small screen tv to play infinite rounds of MK on the SNES. Great cast, tons of stuff to do and unlock and rewarding gameplay. Vicious and violent; I just can't get enough out of it. If only it had slightly better graphics (and I emphasize: slightly). Mortal Kombat is almost perfect. It's not as deep as Super Street Fighter IV, but it definetely secures its place in the pantheon of great fighting games. Awsome. Awsome. Awsome. Expand
  49. May 8, 2011
    Mortal Kombat (2011) PS3 Demo Review:

    Last week it was announced that the demo for the upcoming Mortal Kombat (2011) would hit the Playstation network for PSN Plus subscribers on March 8th. Having subscribed to it upon hearing this annoucement, I had the honor and privilege to be amongst the first to test it out. But before I delve into the review, here's a little backstory on the game's

    After Ed Boon (creative director) and the design team finished up the tame, Teen-Rated Mortal Kombat vs. DC, they decided to revisit the roots of what made this franchise so great... pure gore and over-the-top violence. Boon launched NetherRealm Studios and set to work on creating the most brutal Mortal Kombat game yet."People want an M-rated MK....dammit we will give them an M-rated MK," Boon wrote. He previously pondered "I hope we aren't taking these too far." Then, a few weeks ago it was announced that the game had been banned from sale in Australia, so I knew they were off to a great start.

    Gone is the dial-a-button combo system from MK3, as well as the 3D plane of fighting from the last few entries. This fighter is a 3D game on a 2D plane, there is no side-stepping here. Added to the game are an extensive amount of familiar characters and levels from the older games rendered in glorious 3D graphics.

    One new feature that has drawn much attention and keeps very well the climate of brutality is the introduction of X-Ray Attacks. The player must wait until their special meter is full before they can use the X-ray moves for their fighter. Once pulled-off, the player is treated to an x-ray view of the internal damage caused by the blows on the opponent. There is also distinct damage done to the characters (scars, missing teeth, ripped clothes, etc) that carry until the match ends.

    The demo allows you to choose between four fighters: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena and Johnny Cage. After choosing my character (I went with my favorite, Sub-Zero) I was brought to the first match in the Living Forest arena. My first impression was one of extreme excitement. The classic music from the level was used as the characters make their way into the arena with short intros. The first addition to the game I got to try was the X-Ray attack. These attacks are a spectacle to watch, as Sub-Zero grabbed the opponent and jammed his fist into their stomach, freezing and shattering it. I am also happy to say that the Fatalities have returned to all their brutal glory.

    One thing I did want to mention were the controls. The front attacks are Square and X and the back attacks are Triangle and Circle. Which would seem sort of awkward and unintuitive, but it works. You just have to think of it more as left and right attacks rather than front and back. A lot of the special moves are still the same, Scorpion's spear is still Back, Back, Punch; Sub-Zero's freeze is still Down, Forward, Punch. Why change what we've been accustomed to for so many years, right? Overall, it still "feels" like Mortal Kombat controls, just with a few additions (throw canceling, breakers, etc). For those that fear change, they are going to be offering an arcade stick, with purchase of the Tournament Edition ($149.99 retail).

    So, after facing all four characters in the single player demo, I was shown a brief glimpse of what's to come. Including a stage fatality that involved an opponents head being hurled up against a moving train, then being thrown across the subway and onto the path of another on-coming train. Another one included Liu Kang being hit by an oncoming car!

    All in all, this game reminded me why I loved Mortal Kombat for so long. As a huge fan of the franchise for over 15 years, this is probably the most fun I had playing MK since back in the days of pumping quarters into the arcade machine. And to think, I haven't even got my hands on the full game yet!

    Mortal Kombat is scheduled for release April 19, 2011 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.
  50. May 8, 2011
    Nostalgia central. Mortal Kombat 9 brings the bang. I barely enjoy any fighters, but this sucker I love! Best fighting game in my opinion. Loaded with lots of value including the really decent story mode. MK has brought myself and friends many hours of play. My only crit has to be, when unlocking new costumes, the updated art does not appear on the character selection menu :/ Other than that, awesome game! Expand
  51. May 5, 2011
    I'm sorry but there is just no reason to trash this game. This is the best looking, most playable, deepest fighting game in existance. Some call this a reboot, I think it's a rehash but done to perfection. I'm not against Japanese Fighting games, I really liked MVC3 when it came out, and geniunely thought that Super Street Fighter 4 was the best modern fighting game to date, but then this gem came out. I've seen people trash the graphics and I just don't see it. The voice acting is great, it's colorful, and the women, damn the women. The controls are spot on and are not overly complicated. The PS3 version is clearly the better version because of Kratos and the option for 3D. It's very convenient that you can access the pause menu and the move list at any time that you would like. Another great perk is the code for accessing the original state music in multiplayer, really makes the multiplayer experience awesome. The amount of unlockables rivals the best of all time, not to mention the old school cheats. The fatalities are the best thing in the history of games to hit games. So gruesome and detailed, the babalities are laughable, and hopefuly friendship will be DLC. The story mode is the deepest of any fighting game and sure as hell beats out some of these high profile FPS out there. But it comes down to the gameplay and it's perfect. It's not some super fast, flashy light, game that's catered to 13 year olds with ADHD. This is simply put the best fighting game of all time. Collapse
  52. May 4, 2011
    I lost interest in MK once the series jumped to 3d, somewhat unsuccessfully. This is, without a doubt, one of the best fighting games to come out on current-gen consoles. It is right up there with SFIV in the dynamics and depth department, but provides a much better single-player experience. The story mode gives players an actual, decent plot (a rarity in a fighting game) as well as giving people a reason to get proficient with each character as they progress the story, something that I think is sorely lacking from Capcom fighters.

    Classic settings and stages from the first three games of the franchise have been reimagined in great detail, breathing new life into a universe that had so much unrealized potential. Animations, art, models, and character designs are top notch, as well as the Fatalities and X-Ray moves being sufficiently brutal and gory to match the franchise's roots.

    If you like fighting games, this is a must-buy. If you're a veteran of the old 2d Mortal Kombats? This is a must-buy. With on-the-fly balancing of characters as well via updates, the game can only get better.
  53. May 1, 2011
    Growing up, I was one of those kids that played Super Street Fighter II all day and sneered at anyone that didn't herald it as the greatest fighting game of all time. I thought Mortal Kombat was bloody, over-the-top, and only successful because of its shock value. The later incarnations of the series didn't help my opinion, especially since Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe was my first official MK game. I was thoroughly unimpressed. With Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition looming in the distance, I thought I'd pass the time with another game to fill the void. So I bought Mortal Kombat and played it over a weekend. Unfortunately, now I have no void to fill. Mortal Kombat is a great, great game. It has so much more to offer than most standard fighters. The Challenge Tower is an excellent addition to the game, pumping in well over a dozen hours of play time. And it's actually a challenge. And more importantly, it's actually fun. The game doesn't baby you around on the higher levels, and it really shows. It acts as a tutorial at first, but exponentially rises in difficulty the further you get. They're fun, unique, hard, and reward you greatly for doing them. I mean, who doesn't like racking up coins? Now as for the combat, I was really skeptical about it at first. I thought it'd just be a button-mashing frenzy like DoA, but I was actually really surprised to see that it was, in a way, kind of like Street Fighter! I didn't do any research on the game before I picked it up, so I just dived right in without knowing what I'd see. The combat is stellar. Awesome animations, very fluid movements, and infinite possibilities for combos as well as partner combos. I never had any problems with performing moves, except for online. It's the one glaring flaw in the game. It's a bit biased, but for some reason, Mortal Kombat becomes Lag Kombat when I play on the PSN. It works just fine when I play Super Street Fighter IV though. It might just be me, but it bothers me so much when I can't deliver Johnny's crotch punch and instead just get a weak forward punch.

    But the one thing I absolutely loved about Mortal Kombat the inclusion of four players. For Super Street Fighter IV my friends and I have to do a 'loser swaps out' play scheme. But with Mortal Kombat, we can all play at once. Awesome, awesome, awesome idea. It makes the game so much more fun for parties where a group of guys like my friends and I huddle around a T.V. and scream for our characters to win.

    As for the Story Mode, I actually loved that too. It was so much better than I thought it'd be. I thought it'd have as much of a story as the Street Fighter franchise (ie. none), but it actually had a well thought out, interesting, and well-played plot. It's got an easy mode for beginners and a hard mode for experts. But even on the easiest difficulty, it packs a pretty decent challenge. Don't expect to spam your way through it.

    And then there's the fatalities. Easily the most anticipated and memorable part of each battle, the fatality is to Mortal Kombat as an Ultra Combo is to Street Fighter. Only way, way cooler. Fatalities are all bloody, intense, and awesome. They range from relatively mild (eg. Kitana) to HOLY @#%! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! (eg. Noob Saibot) First time I saw his fatality... God. I still have nightmares about it. And what's even more awesome about fatalities is the fatality theater mode, where you can basically try out every fatality, save for the babalities. Great idea to add that in!

    The only bone I have with the game is the basic combat system. There are combos, of course, but it's not exactly on the same level as Street Fighter. But that's the whole point. It's not supposed to be. Mortal Kombat knows exactly what it is: a bloody, over-the-top, action-pumped game. And it delivers. It's only my personal opinion that the combat system should be more advanced and allow for more diverse game play. But if you're looking for an insanely fun and awesome fighting game that you can pick up and play with your friends for hours and hours on end, Mortal Kombat is what you need. Cheaply priced at $38.00, Mortal Kombat is worth well more than its weight in cash. And blood.
  54. May 1, 2011
    It's a love letter to fans of the first three Mortal Kombat games. Has all the combos, gore and secrets that have made this franchise a fan favorite. Best MK since the third installment by far.
  55. May 1, 2011
    For anyone and everyone, MK9 is the best installment in the Mortal Kombat franchise. And for a lot of gamers, MK9 just might be the fighting game of the year. With four modes, re-imagined mini-games, a 25+ fighter cast, and new combat mechanics built from the ground up, Mortal Kombat is the value meal of fighting games. Graphically the game is stunning, powered by the Unreal engine MK9 is one of the few games that convinces the player you are actually hurting your opponents. Every character is rendered in stunning detail and each on feels unique and plays differently. The attention to detail really shines through in the arena and as costumes tear, bruises, cuts, and sometimes gaping wounds will populate the character in proportion to the damage they receive. The game pays its homage to gratuitous gore, and its cringe-worthy, but what has really excelled the game up to the level of other fighters is the new fighting mechanics. Gone are the cross-fighting style juggle combos of Deception and Armageddon, MK9 keeps combos short and simple, rarely exceeding three buttons, and makes them easy to string with other combos and special moves. Easy to learn, hard to master, MK9 found and appeal to veterans and newbies alike. The new supermeter is also inspired genius. Enhanced specials open new windows in devastating combos and breakers can turn the tide of a match, and nothing is more satisfying than watching your opponents skull fracture in X-ray combos. The smartest move made by the franchise, was its return to the 2d plane which speeds up combat, balances the effectiveness of projectiles, and eliminates the insta-kill death traps of the previous games. The three main modes of the game are the ladder (classic arcade style), story, and challenge tower and all are thought out and well executed. The story was surprisingly much better than previous games, and while it wasn't stunning, it was satisfying, which is a step in the right direction considering some fighting games don't even have a story. The challenge tower introduces several unique scenarios and most of them are entertaining and clever. MK9 has finally returned to its unique style, and now armed with its more focused and developed gameplay, this franchise may have finally earned the right to compete for best fighting game. Expand
  56. Apr 30, 2011
    Mortal Kombat in it's Klassic form. The graphics are crisp and the models look absolutely great. The revamped maps are reminiscent of my childhood days while still looking very clean and and up-to-date. The series brings back what it was known for, gory and bloody fun. The fatalities are gruesome, detailed, and hilarious; just the way they should be. With a new focus on balance in gameplay, fighting feels fast-paced and rewarding. The 2v2 is flawless and great to play with a buddy. The matchmaking however is horrible and should be avoided when possible, a good connection is almost impossible to find when using the automated matchmaking. Overall, MK9 is one of the most solid games in the series and deserves a definite pick-up. Expand
  57. Apr 29, 2011
    Mortal Kombat combines the novelty of extreme violence with a great fighting engine. My favorite moments with Mortal Kombat were always playing against a friend (Gamespyâ
  58. Apr 27, 2011
    Fantastic game play, terrific graphics with an overall enjoyable single player story in this ninth revision (and reboot) of the Mortal Kombat series.
  59. Apr 26, 2011
    I remember 1992 when Mortal Kombat had first come out, my 7 year old mind was dazzled by the gore. 19 years later, after so many other bloody titles in the subsequent time, this incarnation of MK is impressive to say the least. Aside from the creative violence, MKâ
  60. Apr 25, 2011
    Beyond amazing. Decent sized roster, brutal fatalities, challenge tower, and an actual story mode. And when I say a Story Mode, I mean it; cut scenes, voice acting, everything; I mean sure, it may be a little corny at times, and you can't skip the cut scenes the first time through, but we're talking about a whole chunk of content most fighting games completely skip over. In short, if you like fighting games, check it out; if you like Mortal Kombat, stop reading this and go buy it. Defiantly one of the better games I've boughten in awhile. Expand
  61. Apr 25, 2011
    this game is just awesome dont listen to the bad reviews, the only negatives about this game are the insanely tough boss fights in story mode and the computer sometimes reads your controller inputs to dodge but you can always fix the difficulty. The game has plenty of kontent such as challenge tower which gives you koins to spend on alternate costumes and theres even a training mode to help you with the learning curve. Trust me when i say it has enough to satisfy your purchase for a long time Expand
  62. Apr 25, 2011
    This is definitely THE BEST game in the entire MK series. It's a perfect balance of everything. They went back to the M-rating, it's on a 2D plane, and the fatalities are so much better. The mechanics are really good as well. This is possibly the best fighting game ever!
  63. Apr 24, 2011
    As many have said before me. If your a fan of the first 3 mortal kombats, this one blows those away. Great job, the true comeback of this generation!!
  64. Apr 24, 2011
    The game outshines itself and brings back a deep nostalgia not found in prior MK titles. Ed Boon hits a home run with this one, as the game is rich in kontent, packing well a short story, a long Tower of 300 challenges, a brand new krypt and so much more. Due to the recent hacking aimed at Sony, it has become utterly stressful not being able to play this title online with your buddies. Nonetheless, the game does have a few drawbacks worth mentioning: some fatalities have been rehashed and simply remade with a newer engine (lazy or lack of budget). Also I hate that some body parts sometimes fall stiff during certain fatalities e.g. Kung Lao's first fatality. Also, during the story - there are too many bugs and shows a serious lack of effort from the creators towards graphics. The X-Rays additionally become dull after some time. Otherwise Mortal Kombat is a great game, lots of fun, bringing back the "Test" mini games, and of coarse the core gameplay is there. Although sometimes like any other fighting game, things happen that don't always make sense. I give this game a solid 9. Now let's just wait until PSN goes up again. Expand
  65. Apr 23, 2011
    A great experience that takes you back to the good days of Mortal Kombat. I was very skeptical when I heard about a new Mortal Kombat, but this time the developers have truly delivered a game worthy of it's name. all of that coupled with all the great modes and features makes this game a must buy for fans of the series and fighting games in general.
  66. Apr 23, 2011
    All I can say is welcome back Mortal Kombat. After years of absolutely dreadful 3d games Mortal Kombat is back with the fury of a thousand suns. If you liked the older Mortal Kombat titles you will feel a sense of nostalgia yet freshness when playing this title. Giving it a 9 because nothing is worth a 10.
  67. Apr 23, 2011
    This game takes MK back to its roots while improving and adding depth to the gamplay. The single player components alone give you a ton of gameplay, and the addition of up to four player playing tag team makes this a great game for game night (if you and your friends are into fighting games). Hardcore MK fans, this is the game you have most likely been waiting for. Casual MK fans, you certainly enjoy this rebirth of classic MK. Casual fighting game fans, you will enjoy its accessibility. Non fighting game fans, give it a try before you buy it, it may or may not be your cup of tea. Expand
  68. Apr 23, 2011
    All in all Mortal Kombat is an excellent reboot of the franchise, a game carefully and lovingly crafted. As someone who have spent a minor fortune during my teens playing Mortal Kombat 1-3 at the local arcade, it's good to see Mortal Kombat embracing it's roots and delivering a fast. furious, ultra-violent and blood-soaked fighting game.


    + Excellent fighting game for newcomers and
    veterans alike.
    + Easy to learn while at the same time deep enough for experienced players.
    + Tons of stuff to see and do: Story Mode, Challenge Tower, Online play and tons of collectibles. + The system for Tag Team play is excellent and a very innovative way of fighting.
    + Online play is fun, I really like the King of the Hill mode.
    + Superb characters and animation. The characters are truly unique looking and wickedly cool.
    + The stages are beautiful and evocative with lots of details and nice background animations.
    + Bloody, meaty and bone-crunching sound effects. It really sound gory to the max.
    + Lots and lots of fatalities and secret stuff.


    - At Normal difficulty I found the game really, really hard.
    - Some of the bosses are super cheesy and will drive you utterly furious with their lame, cheap moves.
    - No way to skip cut scenes. Being able to skip long X-Ray moves would be nice as well.
  69. Apr 22, 2011
    The game is based on the events of MK1, MK2 and MK3, but with a storyline that differs from the original games. If you enjoyed the early Mortal Kombat games, this new one is well worth looking into. Story Mode is lengthy, but introduces you to every character and shows you all the character relationships as the time line progresses. Challenge Tower is akin to the 'Tower of Lost Souls' from Soul Calibur; beat 300 varying challenges to earn Koins. The challenges start off very easy but get difficult the further up the tower you get. Then there's the 'Test Your Might/Sight/Strike/Luck' minigames. Test Your Might is a button-masher from the first game, Test Your Strike is the same but requires precision, Test Your Sight is the old 'ball under a cup' game (but you die if you get it wrong!), and Test Your Luck is fights with slot reels that influence the battle. For example, Player 1 might be Narcoleptic, which makes them fall asleep randomly, but Player 2 might be Poisoned and lose health over time. There are so many combinations that it makes the mode very entertaining (and nauseating if the screen gets flipped upside down).

    Ladder is the typical mode from older MKs, where you fight 10 kombatants (8, 9, and 10 all being bosses), except now there is also a Tag Ladder so you can play either 1 player in a 2vs2, or use two players to control one character each. My only criticism with Ladder is that I feel the difficulty doesn't scale well; you'll generally decimate everyone upto the bosses, and then get completely humiliated.

    The fighting is a lot more in-depth than previous MK games, using a Super Meter which can be used for Enhanced Special Attacks, breakers to interrupt enemy combos, or for an X-Ray move which does high damage and shows internal damage. Word of warning though; X-Rays use all of your meter and can be usually blocked with relative ease.

    The Krypt and Nekropolis are where you'll get all your unlocks by spending Koins. These range from minor things like concept art, up to alternate costumes and secret fatalities.

    Speaking of fatalities, this MK has gone back to the gore in a big way. X-Ray moves show breaking bones, ruptured organs and so on, and the fatalities are mostly gruesome while not necessarily believable. Stage Fatalities also make a return, such as the Dead Pool's acid bath and the Pit's spikes.

    Finally, if you get the PS3 version, you also get Kratos from God of War as a playable character, as well as a stage based on the GoW series.

    Overall, MK 2011 is a huge return to form, and fans of the series will love it. While it's not the most refined fighter going, there's so much to do that you'll be busy for hours. Absolutely brilliant.
  70. Apr 22, 2011
    Blows my mind. Awesome story mode. Way better than SF4. Forget all about the convoluted storylines that don't quite line up from the previous titles. This game irons everything out in the outstanding story mode which also forces you to try everyone
  71. Apr 22, 2011
    I was not a big fan of Deadly Alliance/Deception/Armageddon and there hasn't been a decent new character or storyline since the original creator Tobias (the Saibot of NoobSaibot) left the series. He was the guy who actually created the characters and stories of the original games. Ed Boone (the Noob of NoobSaibot) is an amazing programmer/designer, but I don't think he had anything to do with the characters/story and they really fumbled things with the 3D versions of MK. That's one of the reasons why this one works so well for me. They went back to all of the original characters and based the storyline on Tobias' original storylines -- you know, all of the good ones. That's why this new one is awesome!!! What a throwback to the originals... I loved playing MK3 in the arcade when I was a kid and Trilogy on the PS1 was incredible fun. This game stacks up to the originals like none of the other 3D versions ever have and I would say even surpasses the originals. Netherrealm Studios did a great job and this is the most fun I've had playing a fighting game since... well I guess since Street Fighter 4, but that's not to knock MK. I mean that as a compliment. Not only do we get all of the original favorite characters and stories (with some twists), but it is incredible fun to play and really for a fighting game that is what counts most of all! I don't know what they plan on doing with the next one, but I hope they don't try to re-tell the stories or bring back all of the god-awful characters from the post-Tobias games (maybe except for Kenshi). I'd take Liu Kang/Sub-Zero/Scorpion/Sonya/Goro/ Shang Tsung over Daegon/Taven/Mavado/Li Mei/Darious/Nitara any day.Even though he hasn't worked on MK in a long time, Tobias should create the characters and stories for the next one. Expand
  72. Apr 22, 2011
    Great reboot of the series. I personally think it's the best since MK2. The amount of content is staggering and theres plenty of game modes for single and multiplayer. The fight engine has been refined but still feels old school. Great roster and of course fatalities are back.
    Oh and challenge mode will take a while. Not 20 minutes like some other idiot posted.
  73. Apr 21, 2011
    Gameplay is flawless, fast paced fighting engine, and the return of the fatality. The best modern fighting game to be released. BlazBlu can't compete with the fast paced action of this game. 10/10.
  74. Apr 21, 2011
    One of the best fighting games ever and by far the best Mortal Kombat game, this is a must buy no matter what!! There's a TON of content in here especially on the ps3(KRATOS FTW!)
  75. Apr 20, 2011
    Exceeded my expectations. Graphically above average. I enjoy the change of pace in "kombat" from Street Fighter. I like the unlocks so far. No complaints, thoroughly enjoying myself.
  76. Apr 20, 2011
    I'm in my 30's and remember vividly going to the arcades to play MK1, then MK2. Talk about a blast, with 20 people putting their quarters on the machine to get in line to play, everyone stoked about the game, crowding around, getting into it. God those were good times. Those may never be brought back due to everyone playing from their households now, but let me tell you, this MK is BEYOND anything I could have hoped for. The line-up of characters is perfect, the attention to detail in the graphics is unreal as you can see in the stage backgrounds, Krypt, fatalities, etc. And if you wanted brutal, this game is EASILY the most extreme and gory MK so far. There is a TON of single player content to go through with story modes, challenge tower, regular old school fight ladder with specific endings for each character like the old days, etc etc etc. The fighting engine is pretty fast paced and I'm working on getting used to that, it is definitely much deeper than old MK games with the power bar and options you have with that. Literally every special move comes in two forms due to the power bar and they all affect the opponent differently so there is endless combo options. Tag team is kick ass and easy to learn also. Seriously, this is a game for the ages. DO NOT PASS THIS ONE UP. Expand
  77. Apr 20, 2011
    Brutally violent and throughly addicting, Mortal Kombat, is back and at its best!! The difficulty is as hard as ever and even on easy it becomes a challenge at times. I got the deluxe "tournament edition" and i can honestly say its the best $150 i've spent in a while. The fact that i got to play it all day long on 420 makes the whole experience completely fulfilling!
  78. Apr 20, 2011
    Best MK ever. I got it at a midnight release and have been playing just about non-stop since. I really couldn't ask for more other than to include an updated, current-gen Konquest mode, but there is more than enough single player content to make up for it. Graphically the game looks great. Although some of the character models look a little strange (Smoke, what's up with the fro?) they all look really detailed and cool. The arenas look great and the fact that this PS3 game actually takes advantage of my TV and is displayed in full 1080p is awesome as most PS3 games don't. Sound is great as always, the evil announcer returns and all of the quirky character voices are in there. The soundtrack also rocks. There are a ton of game modes and unlockable content unlike any of Capcom's recent fighters (Stop nickle and diming your customers!). Standard arcade, tag matches, versus, and online multiplayer are all here, as well as many others. Test your sight, might, and luck also are thrown in. There is a new mode reminiscent of how it used to be in the arcade with a group of people standing around a cabinet waiting to play the winner or just watch the gore and talk trash, this is really cool. There is a story mode where you'll be playing through several chapters, changing out fighters every 4 or 5 fights and the plot is easily the best yet as it isn't as goofy as usual and seemed to me like watching the first movie. In story mode you'll unlock 2 things, one of which is really cool but I won't spoil it. Challenge Tower, if you are like me, is where you'll spend a lot of time. There are 300 challenges that range from straight-forward matches to fighting off hoards of zombies, matches where you can only damage your opponent in the light, in a few matches Johnny Cage just beats up his stunt-double and director, what a jerk. They get really tough but you can pay some Koins and bypass them. You win currency for just about anything you do and spend it once again in the Krypt, though this time it is a 3D space you can explore. There are costumes, fatalities, artwork and various other things to unlock, lots of things actually. This MK takes place between MK1 and MK3, so most of the characters and environments come from that period, although they have been updated. The fighting engine is back in the 2D plane and while simplified from the overly-complex style of Deception, Deadly Alliance, and Armageddon (no more stances or multiple fighting styles), the game retains the classic depth from the good old days. Old school gore is back and has been turned up to 11, no more PG-13 fatalities like MK vs DC Universe, and now there are gruesome x-ray moves. Other than Smoke's goofy character model (which can be swapped out for one unlocked later) I really don't have anything to complain about. Netherrealm poured their heart and souls into this game and it really shows, and the fan service is everywhere to be seen. Between the lengthy Challenge Tower (depending on your skill) and the lengthy story mode, there is plenty of single player content to keep you going for a while. And then there is the local versus and online play so you'll be playing this for a long time. I recommend this to any fighting game fan and if you like MK you probably already have it. If you don't, go out and buy it right now. Expand
  79. Apr 20, 2011
    WOW! I love this game. So glad they went back to the 2D fighting and fatalities. It is easy enough to play for a beginner yet still complex enough for the Hardcore MK fan. I also love all the original maps remastered in 3D HD. They look great. And KRATOS on the PS3 version is a really amazing idea. Sorry XBox guys, He's all ours!!!! lol
  80. Apr 19, 2011
    Amazing. Beautiful graphics and loads of content to unlock in the Krypt. I would love for the game to add newer characters in the DLC though. It just doesn't feel right without the entire roster from MK 4, Deadly Alliance and Deception.
  81. Apr 19, 2011
    One of the greatest Mortal Kombat games in the series. This really does take you back to the original games with its 2D gameplay and gory fatalities. If you are a veteran of the series, this is a must have. The levels are greatly detailed, and the character models are pretty cool. Each character has several fatalities, and casual gameplay is rewarded by a point system generated by combos, wins, and fatalities. The game runs smooth, the online is fun, and the fatalities are gruesome. Pick this game up now. Expand
  82. Apr 19, 2011
    Now I've been a fan of fighting games since I can remember. I used to run to the arcade and spend gobs and gobs of quarters on SF and the OG MK. Over the years though, I found myself enjoying MK only for the nostalgia it brought to me rather than the game itself. It just wasn't the same game anymore. Now, I understand things change in time, and games progress and evolve, but for MK, it wasn't going in a good direction IMO. Then comes 2011. The demo I had waited for since MK was announced drops on PSN, and of course I DL. Holy sh*t. Now I didnt want to get my hopes up through the demo, and I avoided all videos I could on Youtube and the internet. I secluded myself. So glad I did. This is by far the most fun I've had with a fighter since the 90's. Their is so much going on from the Story mode, to Ladder and Tag Team. The engine is flawless, the collision is 50x better than MKvsDC, and the look and feel of the game just make you want to, well I got moist. :) Go buy it. New. Support it and enjoy it. Expand
  83. Apr 19, 2011
    To me the best fighting game ever made... Great graphics, not to bad of a story, awesome characters, great fight engine... If you'r a MK fan this is a must buy if not still get it because its awesome...
  84. Apr 19, 2011
    I am a hardcore fighting game enthusiast, it's my favorite genre of videogame and I'm very quick to pass harsh judgement when it's due but after spending a comfortable amount of time with MK9 I can honestly say my faith in the series is restored. A breath of fresh air from Japanese fighting game (which I adore btw) and DEFINITELY the best in the series. No need to hesitate on this one, definite buy... Expand
  85. Apr 19, 2011
    Mortal Kombat is an awesome fighter. The graphics in this game and the sheer brutality in this game go beyond most fighters ever created. Brutality especially, Mortal Kombat IS the most brutal fighter on the market today. When playing locally with two players, the experience is the best, no lag, and maintaining a solid 60fps, yes 60fps. Online mode is a bit rough with noticeable lag, it somewhat detracts from the experience, but not by much (also note that you have to have an Online pass to play MK online). Single player is extremely rough. The battles are really difficult, and 2 on 1 battles (guess who is the 1), are difficult to the point that you might just chuck your game controller across the room. The lack of ability to skip or even pause mid-cutscene is annoying, and I would hope gets patched sometime after this review date. But thats just rambling, if you need a good fighter, get Mortal Kombat, you will not be disappointed. Expand
  86. Apr 19, 2011
    A fighting game that can everyone enjoy,good balanced,great graphics,awesome roster,a very long replay value,online is great,a lot of stages,its bloody and gory then ever. 10/10
  87. Apr 19, 2011
    If you are a fan of the old MK, you should love this. A great cast of characters from the classic games, great graphics, satisfying fight engine, and the return of the fatality the way it was meant to be.
  88. Apr 19, 2011
    if ur a mortal kombat addict like me, then the latest edition of this bloody fighter will blow ur mind. Forget about MK vs DC, this game has a far more deeper combat system, a bigger roster to choose from, and most of all, more replay value uve than ever dreamed of. A few problems exist, such as imbalances in difficilty in the single player story, and the fact tht the graphics arent as top notch as they cudve been. (Im looking at u character models) Expand
  89. May 5, 2011
    I'm sorry but there is just no reason to trash this game. This is the best looking, most playable, deepest fighting game in existance. Some call this a reboot, I think it's a rehash but done to perfection. I'm not against Japanese Fighting games, I really liked MVC3 when it came out, and geniunely thought that Super Street Fighter 4 was the best modern fighting game to date, but then this gem came out. I've seen people trash the graphics and I just don't see it. The voice acting is great, it's colorful, and the women, damn the women. The controls are spot on and are not overly complicated. The PS3 version is clearly the better version because of Kratos and the option for 3D. It's very convenient that you can access the pause menu and the move list at any time that you would like. Another great perk is the code for accessing the original state music in multiplayer, really makes the multiplayer experience awesome. The amount of unlockables rivals the best of all time, not to mention the old school cheats. The fatalities are the best thing in the history of games to hit games. So gruesome and detailed, the babalities are laughable, and hopefuly friendship will be DLC. The story mode is the deepest of any fighting game and sure as hell beats out some of these high profile FPS out there. But it comes down to the gameplay and it's perfect. It's not some super fast, flashy light, game that's catered to 13 year olds with ADHD. This is simply put the best fighting game of all time. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 60 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 54 out of 60
  2. Negative: 0 out of 60
  1. Dec 12, 2011
    The silky smooth combat combined with the classic twists on the fatalities in the game, of which there are at least two per character not including stage specific ones, and naturally some hidden things that I don't want to spoil here.
  2. Oct 20, 2011
    A very good reboot for the series. 3D-arenas have been axed, so the combat system is simpler and at the same time more refined. [May 2011]
  3. 90
    Mortal Kombat is a great service to fans, but not only fans. It's also a great proposal for anyone who is interested in fighting games.