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  1. Apr 19, 2011
    One of the greatest Mortal Kombat games in the series. This really does take you back to the original games with its 2D gameplay and gory fatalities. If you are a veteran of the series, this is a must have. The levels are greatly detailed, and the character models are pretty cool. Each character has several fatalities, and casual gameplay is rewarded by a point system generated by combos, wins, and fatalities. The game runs smooth, the online is fun, and the fatalities are gruesome. Pick this game up now. Expand
  2. Apr 20, 2011
    WOW! I love this game. So glad they went back to the 2D fighting and fatalities. It is easy enough to play for a beginner yet still complex enough for the Hardcore MK fan. I also love all the original maps remastered in 3D HD. They look great. And KRATOS on the PS3 version is a really amazing idea. Sorry XBox guys, He's all ours!!!! lol
  3. Apr 20, 2011
    I'm in my 30's and remember vividly going to the arcades to play MK1, then MK2. Talk about a blast, with 20 people putting their quarters on the machine to get in line to play, everyone stoked about the game, crowding around, getting into it. God those were good times. Those may never be brought back due to everyone playing from their households now, but let me tell you, this MK is BEYOND anything I could have hoped for. The line-up of characters is perfect, the attention to detail in the graphics is unreal as you can see in the stage backgrounds, Krypt, fatalities, etc. And if you wanted brutal, this game is EASILY the most extreme and gory MK so far. There is a TON of single player content to go through with story modes, challenge tower, regular old school fight ladder with specific endings for each character like the old days, etc etc etc. The fighting engine is pretty fast paced and I'm working on getting used to that, it is definitely much deeper than old MK games with the power bar and options you have with that. Literally every special move comes in two forms due to the power bar and they all affect the opponent differently so there is endless combo options. Tag team is kick ass and easy to learn also. Seriously, this is a game for the ages. DO NOT PASS THIS ONE UP. Expand
  4. Apr 24, 2011
    Growing up, I spent tons of quarters - and later dollars - on Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 in the arcade and for consoles. Couldn't get enough of it. When Mortal Kombat 3 came out, however, the entire method of the game switched from one of mastering special moves to learning how to cheese with unblockable combo chains, with or without special moves, that would juggle your opponent to the point where they COULDN'T do anything. They spend a quarter and maybe get one button press before they were down and out. I adapted and got pretty decent at it, but I didn't have fun. Not like the past. Afterwards, Mortal Kombat just went on a downhill skid. And that's the biggest problem with the Mortal Kombat reboot - it goes back to the Mortal Kombat 3 style of play, not Mortal Kombat 1 or 2 where timing and skill mattered as opposed to picking a character with the cheesiest juggle combo. And that's all the new MK is about - juggling your opponent(s) into combos that can't be blocked and can't be broken and then unleashing a 9-10 hit string that takes down their life to near dead.

    Sure, giving the beat down is fun (at first), but if you're constantly being beaten on simply because someone chose a specific character, it's not fun. I was hoping for a return to timing and skill, not a return to the MK3 combo cheesefest.

    Story mode is OK, not really the greatest but probably the best in a recent fighting game, however the game loves putting you in 2v1 situations that are disgustingly hard (see combo cheesefest) even on Medium difficulty. The voice over work is some of the worst in recent game memory. X-Ray mode is interesting, but it gets old after the first few times while the characters' signature special moves are less powerful than many of the simple two-button combos themselves. Graphically, the game is OK, but nothing to shout about and looks dated by a few years.

    I'm sure people who only started playing MK when MK3 or UMK3 were out will be in love with this game. But as someone who grew up with MK, who remembers learning the moves, the skill and timing of how to deploy them, this game is an utter disappointment. Just another bland fighter where people are rewarded for learning how to play at the cheesiest, cheapest level.
  5. Apr 19, 2011
    Amazing. Beautiful graphics and loads of content to unlock in the Krypt. I would love for the game to add newer characters in the DLC though. It just doesn't feel right without the entire roster from MK 4, Deadly Alliance and Deception.
  6. Mar 9, 2012
    This Mortal Kombat is in my opinion in the top 5 games of 2011. Your getting your moneys worth if you like the mortal kombat series. If you are more into street fighters slow confusing gameplay (IMO) id skip this game. It has a fun challenge tower, cheesy but entertaining story mode, and fun tag team action. The big drawback is the extremely difficult boss fights. Shao Kahn is the 2011 most difficult boss (IMO). He will test your patience. This game is at least worth a rent, but id suggest buying it. Expand
  7. Apr 19, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. the best Mortal Kom-bat ever and the best fighting game ever.Super graphics,game play unbelievable and a very very filled story.Thank you Ed Boon and your team. Expand
  8. Apr 20, 2011
    Best MK ever. I got it at a midnight release and have been playing just about non-stop since. I really couldn't ask for more other than to include an updated, current-gen Konquest mode, but there is more than enough single player content to make up for it. Graphically the game looks great. Although some of the character models look a little strange (Smoke, what's up with the fro?) they all look really detailed and cool. The arenas look great and the fact that this PS3 game actually takes advantage of my TV and is displayed in full 1080p is awesome as most PS3 games don't. Sound is great as always, the evil announcer returns and all of the quirky character voices are in there. The soundtrack also rocks. There are a ton of game modes and unlockable content unlike any of Capcom's recent fighters (Stop nickle and diming your customers!). Standard arcade, tag matches, versus, and online multiplayer are all here, as well as many others. Test your sight, might, and luck also are thrown in. There is a new mode reminiscent of how it used to be in the arcade with a group of people standing around a cabinet waiting to play the winner or just watch the gore and talk trash, this is really cool. There is a story mode where you'll be playing through several chapters, changing out fighters every 4 or 5 fights and the plot is easily the best yet as it isn't as goofy as usual and seemed to me like watching the first movie. In story mode you'll unlock 2 things, one of which is really cool but I won't spoil it. Challenge Tower, if you are like me, is where you'll spend a lot of time. There are 300 challenges that range from straight-forward matches to fighting off hoards of zombies, matches where you can only damage your opponent in the light, in a few matches Johnny Cage just beats up his stunt-double and director, what a jerk. They get really tough but you can pay some Koins and bypass them. You win currency for just about anything you do and spend it once again in the Krypt, though this time it is a 3D space you can explore. There are costumes, fatalities, artwork and various other things to unlock, lots of things actually. This MK takes place between MK1 and MK3, so most of the characters and environments come from that period, although they have been updated. The fighting engine is back in the 2D plane and while simplified from the overly-complex style of Deception, Deadly Alliance, and Armageddon (no more stances or multiple fighting styles), the game retains the classic depth from the good old days. Old school gore is back and has been turned up to 11, no more PG-13 fatalities like MK vs DC Universe, and now there are gruesome x-ray moves. Other than Smoke's goofy character model (which can be swapped out for one unlocked later) I really don't have anything to complain about. Netherrealm poured their heart and souls into this game and it really shows, and the fan service is everywhere to be seen. Between the lengthy Challenge Tower (depending on your skill) and the lengthy story mode, there is plenty of single player content to keep you going for a while. And then there is the local versus and online play so you'll be playing this for a long time. I recommend this to any fighting game fan and if you like MK you probably already have it. If you don't, go out and buy it right now. Expand
  9. Apr 20, 2011
    Brutally violent and throughly addicting, Mortal Kombat, is back and at its best!! The difficulty is as hard as ever and even on easy it becomes a challenge at times. I got the deluxe "tournament edition" and i can honestly say its the best $150 i've spent in a while. The fact that i got to play it all day long on 420 makes the whole experience completely fulfilling!
  10. May 23, 2011
    Great game spoiled completely by the cheapest most cheating boss in fighting game history. I thought sf4's Seth boss was a pain but it's nothing compared to shoakhan. Most annoyingly if you fail to beat him in story mode you have to sit through a 5 minute long cutscene EVERY TIME you load the game up. There is no way to skip it. Would have been a solid 8-9 score if the game hadn't been ruined by such a bad ending in story. Sound design is fantastic as are visuals and fight mechanics. Too bad it came to such a frustrating and disappointing conclusion. Expand
  11. Apr 19, 2011
    if ur a mortal kombat addict like me, then the latest edition of this bloody fighter will blow ur mind. Forget about MK vs DC, this game has a far more deeper combat system, a bigger roster to choose from, and most of all, more replay value uve than ever dreamed of. A few problems exist, such as imbalances in difficilty in the single player story, and the fact tht the graphics arent as top notch as they cudve been. (Im looking at u character models) Collapse
  12. Apr 19, 2011
    If you are a fan of the old MK, you should love this. A great cast of characters from the classic games, great graphics, satisfying fight engine, and the return of the fatality the way it was meant to be.
  13. Apr 19, 2011
    Mortal Kombat is an awesome fighter. The graphics in this game and the sheer brutality in this game go beyond most fighters ever created. Brutality especially, Mortal Kombat IS the most brutal fighter on the market today. When playing locally with two players, the experience is the best, no lag, and maintaining a solid 60fps, yes 60fps. Online mode is a bit rough with noticeable lag, it somewhat detracts from the experience, but not by much (also note that you have to have an Online pass to play MK online). Single player is extremely rough. The battles are really difficult, and 2 on 1 battles (guess who is the 1), are difficult to the point that you might just chuck your game controller across the room. The lack of ability to skip or even pause mid-cutscene is annoying, and I would hope gets patched sometime after this review date. But thats just rambling, if you need a good fighter, get Mortal Kombat, you will not be disappointed. Expand
  14. Apr 21, 2011
    One of the best fighting games ever and by far the best Mortal Kombat game, this is a must buy no matter what!! There's a TON of content in here especially on the ps3(KRATOS FTW!)
  15. nop
    Apr 27, 2011
    Unplayable because of two very serious problems:
    Terrible input lag and low overall speed.
    Ugly art and 3d models. Woman characters are especially hideous.

    Seriously, you call this game "mature"? No mature person will tolerate this level of artistic/technical impotence for more than ten minutes.
  16. May 1, 2011
    For anyone and everyone, MK9 is the best installment in the Mortal Kombat franchise. And for a lot of gamers, MK9 just might be the fighting game of the year. With four modes, re-imagined mini-games, a 25+ fighter cast, and new combat mechanics built from the ground up, Mortal Kombat is the value meal of fighting games. Graphically the game is stunning, powered by the Unreal engine MK9 is one of the few games that convinces the player you are actually hurting your opponents. Every character is rendered in stunning detail and each on feels unique and plays differently. The attention to detail really shines through in the arena and as costumes tear, bruises, cuts, and sometimes gaping wounds will populate the character in proportion to the damage they receive. The game pays its homage to gratuitous gore, and its cringe-worthy, but what has really excelled the game up to the level of other fighters is the new fighting mechanics. Gone are the cross-fighting style juggle combos of Deception and Armageddon, MK9 keeps combos short and simple, rarely exceeding three buttons, and makes them easy to string with other combos and special moves. Easy to learn, hard to master, MK9 found and appeal to veterans and newbies alike. The new supermeter is also inspired genius. Enhanced specials open new windows in devastating combos and breakers can turn the tide of a match, and nothing is more satisfying than watching your opponents skull fracture in X-ray combos. The smartest move made by the franchise, was its return to the 2d plane which speeds up combat, balances the effectiveness of projectiles, and eliminates the insta-kill death traps of the previous games. The three main modes of the game are the ladder (classic arcade style), story, and challenge tower and all are thought out and well executed. The story was surprisingly much better than previous games, and while it wasn't stunning, it was satisfying, which is a step in the right direction considering some fighting games don't even have a story. The challenge tower introduces several unique scenarios and most of them are entertaining and clever. MK9 has finally returned to its unique style, and now armed with its more focused and developed gameplay, this franchise may have finally earned the right to compete for best fighting game. Expand
  17. Apr 19, 2011
    A fighting game that can everyone enjoy,good balanced,great graphics,awesome roster,a very long replay value,online is great,a lot of stages,its bloody and gory then ever. 10/10
  18. Apr 19, 2011
    Glad to see this series return to it's roots and fixing a lot of the issues plaguing the last few games. If you have ever liked a MK game (especially the first few) then you will most likely enjoy this.
  19. Apr 19, 2011
    To me the best fighting game ever made... Great graphics, not to bad of a story, awesome characters, great fight engine... If you'r a MK fan this is a must buy if not still get it because its awesome...
  20. Apr 19, 2011
    Now I've been a fan of fighting games since I can remember. I used to run to the arcade and spend gobs and gobs of quarters on SF and the OG MK. Over the years though, I found myself enjoying MK only for the nostalgia it brought to me rather than the game itself. It just wasn't the same game anymore. Now, I understand things change in time, and games progress and evolve, but for MK, it wasn't going in a good direction IMO. Then comes 2011. The demo I had waited for since MK was announced drops on PSN, and of course I DL. Holy sh*t. Now I didnt want to get my hopes up through the demo, and I avoided all videos I could on Youtube and the internet. I secluded myself. So glad I did. This is by far the most fun I've had with a fighter since the 90's. Their is so much going on from the Story mode, to Ladder and Tag Team. The engine is flawless, the collision is 50x better than MKvsDC, and the look and feel of the game just make you want to, well I got moist. :) Go buy it. New. Support it and enjoy it. Expand
  21. Apr 20, 2011
    Exceeded my expectations. Graphically above average. I enjoy the change of pace in "kombat" from Street Fighter. I like the unlocks so far. No complaints, thoroughly enjoying myself.
  22. Apr 22, 2011
    No doubt this would be a 10 game for all the MK fan boys. From the perspective of a non-MK fanatic, this game is decent but definitely not deserve a perfect score. Please note that my review does not apply to the fan boys because I understand why they would get all pumped up for it. The things I love about this game - bloody, fast paced, AWESOME single player story mode (Best story mode for a fighting game I've ever played), a lot of playable characters.The things I don't like - special moves of most characters look gay & animation is sub-par, x-ray attack animation takes too long (they are exciting to watch for the first couple of times, but after that, it just drags the pace of the battle), graphic is ok (looks like a 2009 game). To sum up, a decent fighting game that would be appreciated by its fans and accepted by most. Expand
  23. Dec 6, 2011
    Best Mortal Kombat ever.
    It is our dream in 1996.
    All others fightins always sucks.
    Especially I hate Street Fighter.
    Goodbye Teeken, hello again Mortal Kombat!
  24. Mar 10, 2012
    this game is one of the best fighting games i have ever played but it does have some problems for example a few bosses are overpowered and the story does feature some 2 or 1 battles. however the x-rays and fatality's are still amazing with good detail added in to them. then again when you see some one float in the air and there neck snap but still phone god and just get up again still confuses me. Finlay this game is great for co-op and just for fun but only do the story when you know your way around every character BECAUSE YOU DON'T PICK WHO TO PLAY AS. this did annoy me if you didn't notice by the big bold letters. Expand
  25. Apr 19, 2011
    I am a hardcore fighting game enthusiast, it's my favorite genre of videogame and I'm very quick to pass harsh judgement when it's due but after spending a comfortable amount of time with MK9 I can honestly say my faith in the series is restored. A breath of fresh air from Japanese fighting game (which I adore btw) and DEFINITELY the best in the series. No need to hesitate on this one, definite buy... Expand
  26. Apr 19, 2011
    Somewhat better than the last offering against the DC Universe which really didn't have much brutality at all. This MK dishes blood out in pails. And the X-ray mode is a great addition. Graphics are great but some of the models are downright ugly (even with Sonia). Every female character has the requisite DD cup up top of course. With the MK pedigree, I was hoping they'd go back to the photo-realistic style and costumed actors that set the arcade console above the rest back in the day. At least throw in some of the original voicework for old times' sake... Anyway there at least seems to be continuity as the story builds on the mythology that's been going on through the PS2 titles Deadly Alliance, Annihilation, Deception, and Armageddon. I explored the various options: Krypt, gallery, tutorial. Typical fare and it was good to see help with fatalities. I couldn't get the social messaging to work very well though. The game's associated website may be swamped with all the new sign-on's. The fighting is smooth and deep. Some of the control timing is challenging and casual players like myself will find even beginner mode isn't a walk in the park. The original rosters from MK1, 2, and 3 are fully included along with some select choices from newer MK's. However, the characters seem to be limited to a single intro which gets old real quick. At least story mode looks well written for as far as I've gotten. Rumors of being able to use your own soundtrack in-game (a la the MK movies) are untrue, unfortunately. Still, the game will see replay value with purchases from the Krypt and of course online. Finally, bringing the God of War into the MK universe not only rewards us PS3 owners but also reminds us of the awesomeness of Kratos. Not so sure I should have paid full price but it does also buy you the online pass. A must-buy for true MK fans. Expand
  27. Apr 21, 2011
    Gameplay is flawless, fast paced fighting engine, and the return of the fatality. The best modern fighting game to be released. BlazBlu can't compete with the fast paced action of this game. 10/10.
  28. Apr 22, 2011
    Great reboot of the series. I personally think it's the best since MK2. The amount of content is staggering and theres plenty of game modes for single and multiplayer. The fight engine has been refined but still feels old school. Great roster and of course fatalities are back.
    Oh and challenge mode will take a while. Not 20 minutes like some other idiot posted.
  29. Apr 22, 2011
    I was not a big fan of Deadly Alliance/Deception/Armageddon and there hasn't been a decent new character or storyline since the original creator Tobias (the Saibot of NoobSaibot) left the series. He was the guy who actually created the characters and stories of the original games. Ed Boone (the Noob of NoobSaibot) is an amazing programmer/designer, but I don't think he had anything to do with the characters/story and they really fumbled things with the 3D versions of MK. That's one of the reasons why this one works so well for me. They went back to all of the original characters and based the storyline on Tobias' original storylines -- you know, all of the good ones. That's why this new one is awesome!!! What a throwback to the originals... I loved playing MK3 in the arcade when I was a kid and Trilogy on the PS1 was incredible fun. This game stacks up to the originals like none of the other 3D versions ever have and I would say even surpasses the originals. Netherrealm Studios did a great job and this is the most fun I've had playing a fighting game since... well I guess since Street Fighter 4, but that's not to knock MK. I mean that as a compliment. Not only do we get all of the original favorite characters and stories (with some twists), but it is incredible fun to play and really for a fighting game that is what counts most of all! I don't know what they plan on doing with the next one, but I hope they don't try to re-tell the stories or bring back all of the god-awful characters from the post-Tobias games (maybe except for Kenshi). I'd take Liu Kang/Sub-Zero/Scorpion/Sonya/Goro/ Shang Tsung over Daegon/Taven/Mavado/Li Mei/Darious/Nitara any day.Even though he hasn't worked on MK in a long time, Tobias should create the characters and stories for the next one. Expand
  30. Apr 22, 2011
    Blows my mind. Awesome story mode. Way better than SF4. Forget all about the convoluted storylines that don't quite line up from the previous titles. This game irons everything out in the outstanding story mode which also forces you to try everyone
  31. Apr 19, 2011
    if ur a mortal kombat addict like me, then the latest edition of this bloody fighter will blow ur mind. Forget about MK vs DC, this game has a far more deeper combat system, a bigger roster to choose from, and most of all, more replay value uve than ever dreamed of. A few problems exist, such as imbalances in difficilty in the single player story, and the fact tht the graphics arent as top notch as they cudve been. (Im looking at u character models) Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 60 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. Dec 12, 2011
    The silky smooth combat combined with the classic twists on the fatalities in the game, of which there are at least two per character not including stage specific ones, and naturally some hidden things that I don't want to spoil here.
  2. Oct 20, 2011
    A very good reboot for the series. 3D-arenas have been axed, so the combat system is simpler and at the same time more refined. [May 2011]
  3. 90
    Mortal Kombat is a great service to fans, but not only fans. It's also a great proposal for anyone who is interested in fighting games.