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  1. Dec 22, 2010
    For a psn game that cost like 10 bucks is great. definitely one of the best games i've downloaded from the ps store, it is the perfect strategy game for the ps3 or any other console because it managed to keep me entertained and challenged for a very long time. the game is simple you control some little creatures, you start with a particular number of buildings that you can upgrade or transform into other kinds of buildings: houses, towers and some kind of building that increases your warrior's strenght. the point of the game is to achieve certain goals, like to capture all the buildings in a map, to defeat your enemy, to capture your enemy's marked buildings etc. There different game modes: campaign, skirmish and multiplayer, the campaign is not too long, but very challenging and has a wide variety of levels. the smirmish is basically a free play mode where you choose your map and the mode you want and you can choose to compete with up to 4 different enemies. At last there is the multiplayer option, sadly there's no online in this game so that keeps the game from being a truly genius experience but if you have friends to play with locally you will have some fun. Overall this is a game that surprised me for all the time i ended putting on it even when I had several more expensive games waiting to be played, so if you are thinking in spending some money on the ps store this might be worth checking out. Expand