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  • Summary: MX vs ATV kicks it up a notch and shifts into high gear as the best selling offroad franchise returns. Rainbow Studios (MX Unleashed, MX vs ATV Unleashed) has evolved their legendary Rhythm Racing engine to include throttle based power slides, near upside down whips and new scrubs at full speed all while retaining the smooth and authentic feel not found in any other game. Attempt to own the offroad by dominating the innovative new "X-Cross Tournament". X-Cross brings together 8 unique racing series like Endurocross, Opencross, Supercross, Waypoint and SuperMoto and then crosses them into one ultimate offroad championship. Brand new styles of racing are born as powerful vehicles tear through treacherous trails in the new Opencross mode, while then shifting gears to navigate boulders, logs, and water pits in Endurocross. Players can take control of the new ORV Sport and multiple other vehicles, including Monster and Trophy Trucks, as they blitz through rough rivers, rip though swampy everglades, and blaze through the desert dunes. Amp up your favourite vehicles power, handling, and acceleration with more than 100 sponsor parts and accessories. The MX vs ATV rivalry explodes as the top professional riders like Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed, and others go bar to bar in Supercross, Outdoor Nationals, Supermoto, and Freestyle showdowns. The top 10 professional MX and ATV riders collide on the same track vying for vehicle supremacy. Be the last vehicle standing as 8 players compete online. [THQ] Expand
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  1. MX Vs. ATV Untamed may not shine like a next-gen star, but it sure plays like one.
  2. 80
    MX vs. ATV Untamed isn't the greatest motocross game ever, but it's so much damn fun that you probably won't care. Note to Rainbow, though: fire that janky, poorly rendered blonde you have carrying the sign before races and insert some live-action shots of two beauties in your commercial. You'll sell way more games.
  3. 74
    MX vs. ATV Untamed is a solid game, but one that will eventually lose its hold on you. If you haven't played an offroad racer in a while, this is the one to get, but don't hold your breath for something that will entertain you for hours and hours on end.
  4. MvA doesn’t do anything wrong per se, it’s just not the game that’s going to bring new fans over to the sport of motocross.
  5. As a motorcross game MX vs. ATV Untamed would have been nice to play. But the quality of the game has really been lowered by adding vehicles like buggies and monstertrucks. These could better have been removed from the game. When it comes to graphics this game can't cope with its competitors. It's a disappointing feeling to have a game in your possession which feels like an oldy.
  6. As for the gameplay, it’s a mixed bag, ranging from the hilariously entertaining to the mind-numbingly boring.
  7. A passionless racing cocktail that’ll fail to start your engine.

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  1. Jun 30, 2012
    This is a fun game. So man up and face it, this is a game which is only for fun. It isnt a serious and its not amazing. I cant say I think its fun for more than couple of hours because that would be a lie. Its ok though. Expand

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