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  1. Mar 5, 2013
    Quite simply the greatest naruto experience to date. From the refined gameplay to the beautiful graphics this game never fails to capture your attention. If you are a fan of anime or even fighting games this is a must buy
  2. Mar 6, 2013
    Its really average. They have nice graphics, improved battle system, and a okay but totally off from the real anime/manga storyline. Now the bad is no edo-kages/others (I really wanted to play as the Edo-2nd Mizukage) slow travelling(It takes forever to do things, a sprinting option would be cool), and many characters still have the same moveset from generations. Like many others are saying, If you are a hardcore-naruto fan you should buy it. If not, you could buy a better game. But if a DLC for new characters are added, it would be a 8.5 in my opinion. Also this is coming from a naruto fan whose been following the series for awhile now. Expand
  3. Mar 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Totally unworthy for the "Naruto" Manga: few character, few stage, same characters "copy-pasted" from Storm2 with not even a modify, story mode totally wrong.. as a Fan of the Manga i'm really disappointed. Expand
  4. Mar 6, 2013
    Very quickly. The game has remained faithful to the gameplay promised and so far much appreciated, the battle system is certainly the highlight of NUNS. The boss battles are spectacular as expected giving the player an unforgettable actions typical of the series. As far as spectacle can not be criticized at all, in fact it is one of the best games of the genre for both versatility and fun. The story continues from the events following the saga of Pain lasting until the fourth ninja war. The exploration is certainly not the strong point of the game but excellent side dish to make during the story. I also believe enough property to a phase musou to vary the gameplay. There are no substantial changes from Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 but the game proves to be valid, however, consists of a high technical level, improved animations and more. The roster of characters is in my opinion the only real flaw of the game, I would have expected something significantly different, such as the presence of the 4 kage and the 7 swordsmen, I hope it will soon add as DLC. As I said before, the strong point of UNS3 is the battle system accompanied by a compelling story that captures the players carrying them in the world of ninja. This is a title not only appreciated by fans of Naruto but also from other players, I highly recommend it. Expand
  5. Mar 10, 2013
    this game is amazing looking with a very cinematic story mode and a well made roster of characters. so why the mediocre review score? I have a very good reason actually. The series like the dragon ball game series has been known to be overly simple. Smashing 1 button is how to combo is unacceptable. I understand there not trying to make this a die hard fighting game but it IS a game based off a series about ninja hand to hand combat and inteligent use of special moves which meens there should be more to the fighting mechanics than there are now and this many ga,mes into the series its a bad sign that they havent done anything to make it better yet.

    My next big issue goes for huge fans of the show as well. having only 2 jutsu per character when replicating a show where some use 10 or more even steals the fun of feeling like your reliving battles. Why not allow for a button that when pressed allows you to toggle anywhere up to 5? some could be character specific and others can be picked from a list like in some of the older naruto games. Theres nothing worse than watching the show being amped up about playing and finding that there is no inteligent way to use jutsu. There all for damage but i sometimes want to use a mist jutsu to temporarily blind and enemy or one of itachis genjutsu to have them attacking a fake enemy for a second or so. something ANYTHING to make it feel like the series. This game while very good looking is so simple and so badly lacking in the combat and jutsu use that the show is based on that it gets boring and becomes a backshelf game far to quickly. a little work on combo use and some smart jutsu that arent all just dmg based (and of course more than just 2 per character) and this game will be one you can play on and off all year vs a month or 2 before your done.
  6. Mar 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game tottaly sucks, no Edo Kages,no Gin and Kin, so they only care about the main characters like naruto and sasuke, for example Konan and juugo who realy need some updates like new ultimate and new awakenning dont get nothing!! So they copy and paste, it is exaclty like generations and storm 2, it lacks inovation in gameplay and the story its not like the manga. So dont you get fooled by the good comentaries about this game because for someone who follows this franchise since storm 1 i can say in my humble opinion this game TOTALLY SUCKS. Dont waist money in something like this, so if they invest poorly in the game they shall get no money from us Expand
  7. Mar 5, 2013
    the greatest naruto experience to date. From the refined gameplay to the beautiful graphics this game never fails to capture your attention. If you are a fan of anime or even fighting games this is a must buy
  8. Mar 17, 2013
    This game sucks! Is a bad copy past from naruto generations, with 10 new characters and a history mode that destroys the original Naruto`s story. The edo kages are all designed but are not playable. The swordsmen with exception of Zabuza are not playable to. If you didn`t play storm 1, buy storm 1, but not this game. If you had already played every ps3 naruto`s games stay with generation, but please, don`t spend your money with this. Collapse
  9. Mar 6, 2013
    I agree with this: This game sucks, cc2 and namco bandai only copy and paste, besides that only important characters get updates, no edo kages nothing realy new its only stuff that was already there, no update on the characters that realy need it like konan or juugo, the story its not like the anime or the manga they just changed it, we have been deceived by namco bandai and cc2. They are very lazy and only think about the money, well think again we fans are not stupid Expand
  10. Mar 9, 2013
    The game is a breath of fresh air for those who have skipped playing naruto ninja storm generations.Even if you have played all the previous installments in the series, you will still enjoy the addition of new characters and fighting features in this game which make the fighting more intense and diversifying. The story mode has a long lasting appeal that would make players want to experience it over and over. The graphics of this game is the best one out of all the naruto games that have been made so far which makes the fights more realistic and stay true to the anime. I am a fan of the naruto series and I believe this game portrays the manga/anime very well. Expand
  11. Mar 13, 2013
    This game only confirms to me that CyberConnect2 truly no longer cares about the fighter aspect of this game, and are willing to throw out any piece of crap into the marketplace with Naruto in the title, just to make money. While I did enjoy the story aspect of the game, with it's beautiful visuals and representation, this game is still a fighter at it's core, and unfortunately it's a very bad one at that. You still have your boring, one-dimensional, repetitive one button mashable combos which apparently got even nerfed further in Storm 3 by CC2 removing a combo string (In older Storm games, there were 4 different strings: Neutral, Left/Right, Up, and Down. In Storm 3 Neutral and Left/Right pull off the same combo string.) This goes to show that CC2 is apparently too lazy to do a simple copypaste job, of which the game ultimately already is. The dreaded substitution, or KnJing gauge also makes a return in Storm 3, which shows CC2 would rather listen to whiny casuals and simplify the game beyond it's already simplistic, yet repetitive nature, instead of expanding the game to draw in a wider audience of players. The Storm series for some reason, seems to become more and more repetitive with each new release in the series, instead of adding change and new fighting mechanics to breathe new life into it. I understand that CC2 wants to cater to a younger audience to have them properly enjoy the Naruto series and have something easy to get into, but if you're going to do that, don't release this game as a fighter. Maybe an action/adventure type, but definitely not a fighter. And if CC2 wants this to be a better fighting game so that it caters to a larger audience and potentially make a bigger profit on this title, then they should follow an example from MvC3 and Blazblue and create a Simple Mode and a Normal Mode. The simple mode being what the gameplay is now currently, and the normal mode expanding on different combo strings and button inputs, multiple special attack jutsus, the removal of the substitution gauge and actually requiring precise timing and skill in order to successfully KnJ, as well as expanding what support/assist characters can do. The sad thing about this game is that I'm a GameStop employee and it's only been one week since this game was launched, and already there have been multiple copies of this game traded back in. All of them said that the story was great, but once you finish the story there is absolutely no reason to keep the game, nor is the fighter aspect decent enough to merit keeping the game. If CC2 wants to not lose out on potential customers, they need to consider not only the younger, casual gamers, but also the more enthusiastic gamers that enjoy fighters, and add in new elements to the mechanics in order to revive this game from the droll, one dimensional gameplay that is slowly dragging this game 6 feet under. But as long as CC2's mindset is set on the younger Naruto fans, don't expect it to happen. Such a shame. Expand
  12. Mar 18, 2013
    If you liked previous games from the franchize and are a fan of the anime/manga, then you should buy this game. Just dont be fooled by the gameplay trailer that shows the Edo Kages, Ginkaku, Kinkaku and the swordsmen of the mist. None of them are playable or unlocked. Also cyber connect said that there will be no downloable content for those. Only for cloths or other nonsense stuff that adds nothing to the gameplay.

    I would gladly throw away all the fantastic singleplayer in game cinematic battles for one extra jutsu for each character plus the mentioned characters above since that at the end of the day its all about a fighting game.

    Dammit I just wish I could play with the old kages! So disapointed!
  13. Mar 30, 2013
    As a huge fan of the Naruto manga and anime I was very disappointed with this game. The developers have actually managed to make a worse game than NUNSG which came before it. The problems are many.
    1) A disappointing roster. CC2 continue their 'copy-paste' style and a huge part of the cast are literally the same as in both UNS2 and UNSG. Similarly the game lacks so many new and vital
    2) The online section of this game is the worst it has ever been. With massive frame rate problems and poor net-coding the online part of the game has terrible replay value. This is very bad considering that the bulk of your hours playing this game will mostly be online. Why? The offline has very little challenge and low replay value.
    3) The story mode was dull. It dragged out for what felt like an eternity and I feel like they spent to much of the budget making a very easy and unfulfilling story mode rather than a full innovative roster and a good online mode. 4) The DLC concept is a bad turn. CC2 have decided to give us DLC costumes rather than just putting them in the game like they should have been. I guess they follow the trend of wanting to make more money of their costumers. These costumes should have been in the 60 dollar game that we already paid for and it's in very bad taste to charge people for this.
    Overall CC2 have made their worst Naruto game as of yet, and they have lost at least one costumer.
  14. Apr 28, 2013
    As a huge fan of Naruto I have read all the manga all the way up to the most recent chapter and played all the ultimate ninja games sense the early PS2 days. I can say this game is very disappointing. The story was quite lackluster and very restricted from previous games in the series. It seems to take different elements from the previous storm games. You navigate the world like you did in Storm 2 with limited roaming sequences, except they seem to be tacked on in this game and are short and usually very tedious. The other part of the story are the cut scenes and there are a lot. I usually don't mind theses cut scenes but some of them are extremely long and just tiring luckily you can skip these if you want. There are also the battles which are fun most of the time but there are some that seem to be tacked on to the story just to make it longer. The highlight to the story is defiantly the return of boss battles. They are extremely fun and look spectacular, like scenes straight out the anime.

    Perhaps the most important part of the storm games is the roster of characters. Even though Storm 3 has the largest roster of characters in a storm game to date don't be fooled most of theses characters are exactly the as they were in Storm 2. Same look, same combo and same Ultimate. I don't expect for them to drastically change every character but some characters that are important should have different ultimantes.

    Also oddly enough there are characters in the story that you fight that are clearly programmed but yet you cant play as them. This includes the seven ninja swordsman barring Zabuza and the Edo kages. The multiplayer is the same as generations, very fun and addicting to play but is often lagging and can get very frustrating. All in all this Naruto storm fails to make any changes to the series and is in need of a some character changes. I would not advice anyone to buy this game unless you are a die hard Naruto fan.
  15. Mar 9, 2013
    Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 can be a fun game if you're a fan of the show or manga, but it doesn't offer much to those who aren't. The combat is simplistic but works and allows new players to the series to jump straight into the game. The story whilst changing a lot of key points still tells the journey of Naruto and the Ninja War. The game hasn't really been tuned up the way you'd expect from a sequel and feels a lot like Ninja Storm 2, whilst this isn't a bad thing as it still has plenty of new playable characters and continues the story, you instantly feel that you've played this game before. The online battles are still a mess, with people being encouraged to repeatedly use the same attack to win and no real incentive to try any of the lesser characters, it gets dull quickly. On top of that you have massive connection issues with most matches you join having some sort of delay. This can be side stepped if you host a match but then the other player will be in your shoes. So don't expect this game to have a strong playerbase for long. All in all I'd say this is a rental or buy when it's around $30. There is no need to play this game immediately and it doesn't bring enough new features to the table to warrant a full price purchase. Expand
  16. Apr 29, 2013
    Zero improvement over the last games, cool ting is the story progression, but quirky and feels like playing the old games yet AGAIN.
    Online mode is Laggy as and the removal of several SUPERS is a thing to miss, still, PS2's Naruto games are vastly better.
  17. Mar 9, 2013
    Quite simply the greatest naruto experience to date. From the refined gameplay to the beautiful graphics this game never fails to capture your attention. If you are a fan of anime or even fighting games this is a must buy
  18. Mar 10, 2013
    Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is a great game, but misses many important moments in history with simple battles, excessive dialogues and few Quick Time Events with spectacular scenes. Chapter 1 and Chapter Final are impressive and memorable, and help a lot to the game's rating. Multiplayer is very addictive and there are many unlockable items throughout the game. If you're a fan of Naruto is a must buy.
  19. Mar 11, 2013
    Im a huge Naruto fan. I've been following up the entire Naruto Storm franchise from top to bottom. Playing every game (Storm 1, Storm 2, Storm Generations) was a blast as it offered fresh new experiences and gave me such a joy that i was very anticipated for Storm 3. Usually when you hear the number 3, it sounds like the big number... The grand number of the franchise.

    So naturally,
    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 was supposed to be the biggest and most awesome Naruto Storm experience for both loyal Naruto fans and Naruto Storm fans... But for someone who played them all... For me, This wasn't really the case...

    From the get-go, every Naruto Ninja Storm fan clearly says it right from the bottom of their heart that it literally feels like the same game and most of the content is reused. This is in a matter of fact true. Only 25% of the roster feels new and the stage roster has been cut massively in comparison to Storm Generations. Characters brought back have no modifications to them. Characters and costumes that are refined and new to the franchise however have actually been modified. Stage choices were really questionable. A perfect example is how there's two of the same stages (Hidden Leaf Village) but the only difference is that one of them has boxes in it. Another example is how the great ninja war Battlefield and the site of Planetary Devastation look practically the same. Some New/Old stages have been given a Ring-out modification. You cannot toggle it on/off and it's a forced mechanic in 4-5 stages. The substitution system and the awakening system has been improved but not really as to calling it an entirely brand new experience because only some can instant awaken. It does however set up a new element to the game and i think those that are very competitive with the game will enjoy that improvement in particular.

    What felt disappointing the most to me is the campaign (And a Non-Canon ending for Naruto fans which feels like a slap to the face). I'm not here to entirely bash on the game but when you break it down to the main core of the game: It didn't gave me a brand new Ninja Storm experience i was quite expecting and i was kind of disappointed. Though, i will honestly mention what i like and what i didn't like about it and the rest is up for you to decide as always. Now i am going to say that the boss battle parts are very exciting and enjoyable... However, that isn't enough to really hold the campaign and entirely call it "satisfactory". Most of the time, you'll be facing dialogue-based cutscenes and walking sections over and over again. It first displays a cutscene then you have a section where you can walk around freely. When you get to the destination, it triggers another cutscene. It repeats constantly slapped in with random normal battles and some boss battles like previous Storm games and it doesn't feel much like a brand new experience to the Storm Franchise. The new Hack and Slash sections don't last very long and are very short. There's only like four parts in the game where it's all hack and slash and that's about it.

    The ultimate decision system had no impact on the main story but it only slightly modified the battle depending on which path you selected. Regardless of whether you pick Hero or Legend, you'll find out that it's not really all that difficult until the few last missions of the game. Also, the tool sets are very restrictive and you can't mix and match together. You'll be selecting a legends tool set or a hero tool set every time before a match begins. The hero tool set because all the healing/chakra recovery potions are only in the hero tool set so unless you're macho enough to try being a legend the entire game, you'll pretty much stick to the hero set for it's benefits.

    The new characters are a welcome addition with about some that you won't like as much. It still follows the traditional Ryo-unlockables system so it's okay. The Jinchuriki and Butterfly Choji are very fun to play with and are probably the best additions to the game. Being able to play the tailed beasts for the first time made me very happy. Though... There was no trace of the one tailed beast that the young Gaara had or the Naruto Tailed beast mode it promised. (Hopefully, the DLC can fix that).

    To wrap the review nicely, those who owned all the Naruto Storm games or some of it are going to be somewhat displeased with lack of innovation this game has. Those who are new to the Storm franchise or those who are huge fan of the Naruto franchise: This is a Naruto game i guarantee you'll have alot of fun with. It's just really hard to give it a 10/10 because while i'm a really huge fan of the Naruto Storm games: This one didn't really give me a WOW factor. I really felt like it's more of the same.

    Storm 3 is a game that brings in newcomers easily but leaves old storm players with a same game and a topping of fanboyish content to try and win them back over. The potential was washed off
  20. Mar 16, 2013
    Just finished the game and its about 15-20 hours long, feels like you are playing a 20 hour anime session. The gameplay is varied and combat is very good, and the story is very emotional and very well-crafted.
    A big upgrade to the single player from all the past games!
    Definitely worth the purchase for me
  21. Jun 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is really disappointing. There is more storytelling then the gameplay itself. On top of that, the story in the game is totally different from the manga. They should have waited at least a few months for the anime to show the end of the 4th great ninja war. But NO, instead they remake the original story with there own. But, I agree that the battles and graphics are nice. All in all its a solid game for the fans who love the fighting part and don't care about the story at all. Expand
  22. Apr 28, 2014
    First of all I have never seen a single episode of Naruto anime or manga , if there is one (yeah I know , I don't care ) . I got it only cause I like fighting games and it was really cheep from where I bought it , and I have to say that this game is really good ! Animation of characters is just beautiful . Game is really fast paced and you have to learn a lot to master it but each fight just looks spectacular . It's really hard to go back to slow Street Fighter after that heh . Story mode is like one big movie . Good game Expand
  23. Mar 11, 2013
    This game is phenomenal, and i freaking love madara in this game! he's amazing. the story, and gameplay is flawless. This is a must buy to non- naruto fans and naruto fans!
  24. Nov 30, 2013
    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is fourth entry in the Ultimate Ninja series. If you are not familiar with the game series or even the anime series I would suggest to pass on this game. The story starts off right where the last left off and continues the story of Naruto. You will be completely lost if you do not know who characters are and what they do. The game play has not changed much from the previous game. The fighting is still flashy but simple when you delve deeper into the game. During the story mode you will be watching a lot of cutscenes and fighting 4 or 5 times in each chapter. But the sections in between the fighting and cutscenes are tact on and feel unnecessary. The multiplayer is runs well and seems to have a decent community. In the end Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is a great game for Naruto fans but if you are not familiar with the with these characters, I would stay away. Expand
  25. Mar 13, 2013
    This game is amazing!! great story, compelling characters, and beautiful graphics mix to make a superb fighting game that a naruto fan must play. Those not familiar with the series could enjoy it as well since the gameplay is solid and easy to learn. my only complaint with the game was a since of deja' vu in the character roster as most of the characters in uns generations seem like they were copy and pasted into this game. Not a big minus but still worth noting. Overall this is a fantastic fighting game and an excellent Naruto game that can be pretty much enjoyed by any fan of fighting games. Expand
  26. Mar 8, 2013
    The game is absolutely fantastic the story mode contains great storytelling and breathtaking battles the ending is a great cover of the original since it's not finished on free battle and online the new 14 characters are great but they could put more inside so.... if you are a fan of naruto series definitely pick this game it's amazing!
  27. Mar 11, 2013
    I actually followed news about the game from about 2 weeks before launch and was really disappointed about all the stuff that was leaked but as a die hard Naruto fan i still couldn't resist giving this game at least a chance and what can I say? It's totally worth it! Game was released on Friday over here and i actually did nothing but playing the game all weekend long and I definitely didn't have that much fun in a good while! the story mode is really awesome if your a bit into the story, it's basicly a 8 hour movie through the last few chapters of the series with a few battles which sometimes could be a little more difficult but overall I'm fine with it, If u didn't enjoy the story too much u still got Post-Game and in the Post-Game u got another 12 hours or missions to accomplish, some are quite equal to ninja storm 2, some are new and overall it's nothing brand new but if u liked that kinda stuff in 2 why wouldn't you like it in 3 as well? even tournaments and survival from generations make a comeback although survival must be opened through a mission in the story mode and they actually balanced it way more then it was in generations (where the latter survivals were almost impossible without cheating).

    all in all i would say it takes about 25 hours to play through pretty much everything in the game (which i did) and after that there's still the online battle which is quite a let down as usual thanks to the crappy Spammkid community but i guess that's not Namcos fault. but if you actually got a few mates who got the game as well your in for a lot of good time which the game as i do the new roster actually isn't as bad as everybody is complaining about, ofc quite some stuff was copy-pasted and the PTS chars really don't fit in the game while others should be in (edo kages but overall especially the new awakening system makes a LOT of chars way more fun to play now! if u you think about it how it was in the former games: about 20 chars were interesting, rest was crap anyway and nobody played them like ever and i would be actually more annoyed if they would have simply built 30 more chars which are pretty much all Copys of each other with minor tweeks and boring UJs then making a few good ones and making older chars more interesting and fun to play....i actually really never felt like playing chars like e.g. Hinata ever but now she became quite decent and it feels like a brand new char simply because i never played her in the former games 0.o

    and on top of it all was a really awesome and well made Artbook which alone is probably worth about 10-20 euros. ofc the game isn't perfect and it isn't for everyone, it's really easy, online it's still unbalanced as hell, a lot of balance issues were copied over from generations and there certainly are some chars who wont be that interesting to play but i personally don't care. i had 25 great hours with the game so far in the story and i know that i will have 100 more with my friends online and i guess 60 euros for that is quite fair. if you're a Naruto fan and like Beat 'em up action games you can't do wrong with this game and even the ending isn't as bad as everybody says, it simply closes the story of the game where the manga continues and I actually like to have a real ending after a long story mode instead of an open end which forces me to buy the next game (which i will do probably anyway but still :-P I hope this review helps a few people to decide whether they buy the game or not and I'm sorry for my bad English
  28. Mar 12, 2013
    O melhor jogo da franquia ate agora. muita gente acha mesmice mas realmente esse game e para fans ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  29. Apr 18, 2013
    I really don't care much about the other characters. Truely the only one that I care much about is Rock Lee, so please if you can update more skill for Lee it is not that hard I will gurantee that if you take your time making the game you will make more money then you will ever image make it happen trust me.
  30. Aug 15, 2013
    I love Naruto, its my absolute Favorite Manga/Anime.

    I've been playing the Ninja Storm series since Storm 2 and have loved every minute of it. It takes the Anime and Manga and turns it into something you can control and fight for yourself as your favorite Naruto Characters. However, this game seems to have taken the cake for the best Ninja Storm game out there. The story is amazing
    compared to Ninja Storm 2's. Better in depth and very movie like.

    The new dodge system from Gen has also been kept, making dodging more strategic in keeping yourself alive. Ninjutsu casting time has been lowered to prevent as much spam online from the other games, and the new ults are amazing.

    With an Anime game, comes flaws. This is the first Ninja Storm game to not be as close to the Manga and Anime as the others. The ending, actually, is the only part that stands off from the rest. In my own opinion, this was the worst part of the game was the crappy ending that was not like the manga's ending. They should have left the ending off as a "To Be Continued" ending instead of what was given seeing how the war did not end after that battle.

    The only other real problem with this game is that, on current gen consoles, console lag can cause you to mess up or even end up dead. Susano' and water tends to lag the 360 and PS3 so bad you're not sure whats happening. This is said to be fixed with the upcoming Full Burst update, however.

    So if you're looking for an awesome, epic game to play Online or Off, for Story or Free battle. Then this game is for you. You do need to ignore the ending, as it is nothing like how it should be. But the characters we all know and love are waiting to be pitted against others from this epic series. This game is the only reason I own an XboX, as I am a PC gamer.

    However, this Winter it will be making its way to PC and Steam for the first time!
  31. Mar 17, 2013
    This game sucks! Is a bad copy past from naruto generations, with 10 new characters and a history mode that destroys the original Naruto`s story. The edo kages are all designed but are not playable. The swordsmen with exception of Zabuza are not playable to. If you didn`t play storm 1, buy storm 1, but not this game. If you had already played every ps3 naruto`s games stay with generation, but please, don`t spend your money with this. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 32
  2. Negative: 0 out of 32
  1. Delivers a visually exciting experience. [May 2013, p.107]
  2. Apr 23, 2013
    The best Naruto game yet. [Issue#230, p.77]
  3. Anyone who has watched more than one episode of Naruto, Bleach or any of the Dragon Balls, knows that the pre-fight exposition/tea party can drag on for quite a while. So prepare to sit through some pretty lengthy and non-interactive cutscenes. [April 2013, p.84]