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Generally favorable reviews- based on 75 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 67 out of 75
  2. Negative: 5 out of 75

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  1. Oct 26, 2010
    great combat and many jutsus and characters make this an awesome game graphics are good with different weapons and scrools overall its an awesome game
  2. Feb 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Is it to late that is still cool. Naruto is way much better than bleach no matter what! Hopefully Naruto anime keeps going on hope that they dont stop to soon. Expand
  3. Feb 19, 2014
    I love this game. It's epic & I personally think it's better than Storm 2 and Generations. I don't know about Storm 3 (or even Revolution)
    The game is great & features amazing graphics at an amazing frame rate & it sticks with it's original story perfectly along with exciting combat.
    Here are a few things that only Storm 1 has out of the series:
    Super punches - it's hilarious when
    punching the enemy so hard that the game does a close-up on them as their cheek jiggles and groan and just go flying!
    Clashes - it's what partly makes this game unique from the others and it makes sense because people could use modified controllers for multiplayer in the other Storm games which is cheating. But it builds more excitement & fun in this game!
    Running on walls - send your enemies flying to the walls and you could go join and fight in the walls, it's awesome with the games camera angles, making it look like the Naruto show itself!

    Overall I love this game because of it's combat, cinematic scenes and it's boss fights, it really makes this game awesome despite lack of character selection.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 32
  2. Negative: 0 out of 32
  1. 84
    Ultimate Ninja Storm is fun and the fast-paced battles look and feel very tight. I have to once again reiterate just how incredible this game looks.
  2. CyberConnect2 makes the most impressive use of Cel Shading technique to this day to deliver a fantastic experience for Naruto fans. With its excellent animation and fluidity, Ninja Storm captures the spirit of Naruto even better than the animated series, perfect for an easy going game designed by fans for fans. With some type of online combat mode it would be the perfect experience for the entusiasts of Kishimoto's manga.
  3. No game has come closer to destroying the line between pencil and pixel than Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. But after the honeymoon’s over, the romance doesn’t last. The series is struggling for some new ideas, and this game isn’t going to be the one to provide them.