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  1. BruceBadgley
    Jul 20, 2008
    I have pretty heavy, hands-on NASCAR background, and this game is as close to spot on as anyone has come to date. By far the best effort EA has made in this series. Ignore most reviews, as the reviewers are usually biased because of their dislike for constent oval track racing. Full Review »
  2. ErikJohnson
    Jun 11, 2008
    This game is extremely fun. I bought into last years game, personally I was dissapointed with it. Mainly because the controls were very hard to pick up and play with, without investing alot of practice time. This year provides very easy to pick up controls, its extremely easy and fun to stay with the pack and challenge other drivers. The graphics are very nice, daytona could not look more life like. The online play which features up to 14 players is outstanding. Currently ive partaken in an online race with 5 other players, I experianced no lag and the driving was intense! I'm working through the driver challenges at the moment, and I have to say they are alot of fun thanks to the new controls this year. Last year featured the same sort of challenges. But now when you complete a few challenges a current nascar driver challenges you to beat him on a track. Before the challenge against the driver, a little video clip is provided with the driver throwing down his challenge to you. This is a nice little touch which adds to the overall realism of the experiance. Overall, I highly recommend this game to any fence sitters that were unhappy with last years edition. With refined controls and stellar graphics, this years nascar release is the best I've ever experianced. This game rivals the sprint driving experiance that you can partake in at real life races. Full Review »