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  2. Negative: 18 out of 31
  1. The biggest problem with Naughty Bear is, while it's subversive, unique and wildly imaginative, it's flawed in a few crucial areas. The camera is the worse offender. It isn't beyond managing, but it could've been more cooperative. [August 2010 p74]
  2. 64
    It's just a rudimentary Grand Theft Auto in bear suits. [Issue#195, p.98]
  3. Had the core gameplay been better polished then Naughty Bear would have been able to get away with having only a few solitary environments to explore, but as it stands it's a hell of a lot of fun for a couple of hours, but that's your lot.
  4. Naughty Bear is an amazing character in an average game. Some technical flaw and some dull mechanic ruins the appeal of the game.
  5. The naughty bear entertains – but only for a short while. There isn't much in this game besides comic violence.
  6. This flaky action game falls short of the darkly funny teddy-bear rampage promised by the concept.
  7. In the end, Naughty Teddy had the character, premise and even the story, however the gameplay needed some more polishing.
  8. The developers deserve some praise for the originality of the game, but ultimately it doesn't work as it becomes boring too early.
  9. Naughty Bear wanted to be so much more, and possibly could have been with a little more variety and tightening up of the core mechanics.
  10. Naughty Bear should burn in the flames of videogame hell. The funny-but-trivial idea of a sociopath teddy bear is spoiled by a noxious gameplay and an evil look. Don't buy it.
  11. Lacking in depth and diversity but not completely devoid of charm, the game is a playable yet troubled effort that warrants little more than a one-night rent.
  12. Naughty Bear certainly isn't a sweatshop import with lead shot for eyes and asbestos filling, but it's no Steiff original either. [Aug 2010, p.116]
  13. I'm really disappointed. I had expected a cool and funny game, but all I got, was a game with lame gameplay, bad graphics and nearly no variety. Very average, but no better.
  14. The game is fun for the first hour, perhaps two, but after that, you've already done everything there is to do besides repeating the process many more times.
  15. 42
    The game is like Manhunt, except with adorable teddy bears. Wait -- can you compel your victims to kill themselves in Manhunt? No? OK, maybe Naughty Bear's actions are slightly worse.
  16. Messing around and being violent in a bear infested game world is fun, for a while. The same thing goes for the game's humor. When the initial wave of entertainment is over you're left with bad gameplay mechanics and repetitive content. Despite an initially entertaining tone this content is not worth the asking price.
  17. Despite quite competently capturing the feel of a slasher flick and possessing a solid sense of humor, Naughty Bear is repetitious and clunky, and constantly feels like it's working to keep you separated from the parts of the game that are genuinely fun - that is, the hunting down and murder of adorable stuffed animals.
  18. It had everything to be fun and hilarious, but Naughty Bear is tiresome in its mechanics and has a lot of technical flaws.
  19. Naughty Bear is just another game that features a great concept but fails miserably in execution, which is why you really shouldn't bother paying full pop for this one.
  20. 33
    The location feels claustrophobic, the camera system is atrocious and the act of torturing cuddly bears is simply not as enjoyable as it should be. The game suffers what I like to call "Fairytale Fights Syndrome" or "FFS" for short, where the idea is brilliant on paper, but fails miserably in execution.
  21. Technically inept and morally desolate. [Sept 2010, p.94]
  22. After 20 minutes of gameplay, you will have fully exhausted what the game has to show you.
  23. It's no picnic being a psychopathic teddy bear in this shallow and repetitive 12-rated murder sim.
  24. Truly awful games, especially full-price retail releases, are thin on the ground these days. Sure, games can sometimes be far too generic or suffer from some iffy design decisions, but they're rarely as poor as Naughty Bear. How the game got released in this state is a mystery.
  25. Neither really irreverent or very funny, Naughty Bear remains a stupid and malicious action game, as moth-eaten as its hero's fur.
  26. After about an hour of play you've probably seen just about all there is to see. If the variety was there or the price was that of download title then you could probably overlook some of the technical faults. In the end its biggest crime is that it just isn't fun to play.
  27. Though you'll often be angry at it, Naughty Bear finds a way to make you smile at least once each level, even if you are reloading it for the third or fourth time. It's an example for every game design classroom of what not to do, but almost in spite of the developers, somehow, there's an entertaining game here that you'll inexplicably come back to.
  28. 30
    Naughty Bear had all the ingredients to become a great game but somewhere things went wrong. The game has a great concept but will only keep you amused for about two hours. After that, you'll be hitting yourself on the head for buying this game at full price.
  29. Worst of all, any "fun" inherent in teddy bear-offing only lasts as long as it takes to commit every heinous act in the game: about an hour-and-a-half. [Oct 2010, p.83]
  30. Easily the worst game I've played so far this year. Easily.
  31. 25
    Naughty Bear could've been cool, but it isn't. It's a terrible game. You shouldn't play it.
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  1. Aug 31, 2010
    In my gaming years I have never come across a game where you play as a teddy bear who kills other teddy bears, this makes Naughty Bear
    In my gaming years I have never come across a game where you play as a teddy bear who kills other teddy bears, this makes Naughty Bear a very original idea.

    In Naughty Bear the story starts off with Naughty not getting invited to Daddles' birthday party, so he goes and takes a present anyway, so he does that and gets laughed at. He has had enough of being bullied by the other bears, so he decides to go on a rampage. After this more things start to happen, like Army Bears attack you, Robots attack you, ninja's attack you and aliens attack you. You can tell it is an eventful game.

    Naughty bears gameplay is a dream come true, there is special moves like, sticking bears in fridges, brutally axing them and much more. There is a fairly big selection of weapons to use, from simple twigs to uzi's. You can also press L2/LT to roar, which will usually cause bears to run away in fear and if you scare them enough you can cause them to go insane and they will end up killing themselves. The only downsides I found with the gameplay is that you can't jump and it has afew lag problems, other than that its really impressive.

    For 2010 Naughty Bear's graphic's are pretty basic. Although the graphics are nothing special, they don't look horrible, they actually go with the game. The cartoony style of this game fits in well. The bears and the environment are very colourful and nice to look at. The presentation of the menu was a big highlight for me because it looked way better than most other menu's, like the boring menu of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

    Although the bears only make squeaky noises, there is a commentator that is sort of the voice in Naughty's head that sounds great. He has an English accent and in my opinion deserves an award for his awesome voice acting. The guns and weapons make good sound when they hit a bear. There is one noise you will get used to, ROAR! You will get used to this because you will have to scare bears quite a lot in this game. The music in the game is like the music in a young children's TV show, but the music changes to a more serious tune when you start to cause loads of chaos.

    Finding a game on Naughty Bear online can be hard sometimes, but when you do you will have a lot of fun. There are four game types, which are,
    Assault: In this mode There is two teams, one being red bears, one being blue bears. In this game mode, you will be trying to either destroy the other teams statue or protect your own one with your other team member. If a statue gets destroyed, the round ends and you will switch from Attack to Defence or Defence to attack.
    Cake Walk: In this mode, one player will have a cake and will have to hold it for as long as possible, while other players will try to kill that player for it.
    Golden Uzi: In this mode there is a powerful uzi(which is golden), that has infinite ammo and is very powerful. Players will have to try and retrieve the golden uzi, by either simply picking it up or just killing the player that has it in there possession and then picking it up.
    Jelly Wars: In this mode, you will either play as a normal bear or Naughty Bear. Three players will be normal bears and one player will be Naughty Bear. In this mode the normal bears objective is to find jelly and put it in a giant mixer, to make one giant jelly. The player that is playing as Naughty Bear will have to try and stop and kill these innocent bears who are just making jelly.

    Life-Span: Naughty Bear will last you a long time if you go back to levels and try and beat your score. You can also play the very addictive multiplayer, which will last you a while if you enjoy it as much as I do.

    Overall: This is a great game with some minor flaws that don't ruin it at all.

    Rating: 10/10
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  2. Aug 30, 2010
    Wow. don't do it. Really. The premise is awesome, as someone with a seriously messed up sense of humor I thought I would be all over thisWow. don't do it. Really. The premise is awesome, as someone with a seriously messed up sense of humor I thought I would be all over this game. But it just doesn't deliver as well as it's promise. I like the sick humor, but the game plays like trying to drive a truck through a 4 foot deep pool of molasses, and the bugs and glitches are out of control. They also didn't add nearly enough variety to this game. A pro review said that you end up doing everything in the first 1 or 2 hours of the game and the rest is repeat, repeat, repeat. They were not lying. This game had so much promise and it just tanked. Full Review »
  3. Apr 24, 2014
    Everyone hates this game. for me, it's hard to see why. a game which has a storyline of: you don't get invited to a party, so you get revengeEveryone hates this game. for me, it's hard to see why. a game which has a storyline of: you don't get invited to a party, so you get revenge instead. i was playing this game for ages, and i could never seem to stop having fun while killing teddy bears. you can either kill bears or scare them, killing gets you some points and is also really funny. there are special kills as well, like sticking a bear into a fridge until he becomes an ice block and my personal favourite: choking a bear with a telephone. if you scare a bear enough, they will kill themselves with whatever object they are carrying. if they have no object, they will pop. there is also some really good multiplayer, which is saying something because i mainly hate multiplayer and love single player. multiplayer has a lot more glitches, though. there are 4 multiplayer modes: Assault, Cake Walk, Golden Oozy and Jelly Wars. The only problem is the occasionally glitchy camera controls. overall, Naughty Bear is a game that i enjoyed, but you may not enjoy. Full Review »