NBA 2K10: Draft Combine PlayStation 3


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  1. The game overall is a good stepping stone to the full title coming out in less than a month and an idea that we hope other future sport releases will adapt. How good this game can turn up to be also depends on how good the career mode is in 2K10.
  2. 70
    Despite leaving me frustrated most of the time, I still enjoyed my time at the Draft Combine. Maybe I'm a masochist but feeling the pressure to play well so I could improve my draft status felt good.
  3. NBA 2K10: Draft Combine is an interesting experiment that would only appeal to a limited audience.
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  1. DavidR.
    Oct 8, 2009
    Its still has a good game play a lil off but i like the my player mode the drills and the added offense and defense.