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  2. Negative: 0 out of 15
  1. NCAA March Madness 08 has a few flaws such as some transitions of animations, easy fast break opportunities, and a few game play quirks, but nothing will distract any college fan from getting excited about the team they love.
  2. 50
    It's almost like congratulating Adonal Foyle for working on a new move in the offseason while completely ignoring the fact that the rest of his game is downright awkward.
  3. All in all, NCAA March Madness 08 is not a bad game, it's just yet another bad PS3 port.
  4. There’s enough new in here to warrant a look at the game even if you played the last one to death. It won’t blow your socks off, but it will any aspiring collegiate hours upon hours of enjoyment.
  5. Basketball fans who want more arcade-like action than the sim-heavy "College Hoops 2K8" may find some fun in March Madness, but serious hoops fans should stick with 2K.
  6. The game feels a little off. For example, at one point I was fouled six or seven times in about 30 seconds as I tried to pass a ball in from the sidelines. Even odder are the game’s television announcers, who range from psychic to clueless.
  7. It’s definitely not the best game on the NCAA court, but it is worthy of a second look.
  8. 70
    This is a classic example of graphics look better but the gameplay isn't as compelling as the competition.
  9. 69
    A solid basketball title and is definitely a step above what we saw from Live 08. The improved fluidity is something that only 360 owners will get to enjoy, much to the dismay of Sony Nation.
  10. March Madness 08 tries to woo new players with new low-post play and classic rosters, but it doesn't quite work. Maybe next year we'll see a real revamp?
  11. Overall, March Madness 08 is a pretty good basketball game. The problem is that it isn't the best basketball game available by far. It can probably easily claim second best, but College Hoops is a much better basketball experience.
  12. March Madness 08 has some new moves, but it's still not ready for the big dance.
  13. What a letdown! I had high hopes for March Madness this year, but this one's all sizzle and very little steak. [Jan 2008, p.90]
  14. 60
    This one has a long way to go to feel like real college basketball on the court, and not just off of it. Even with all its glitter, it's dim when compared to the shiny "College Hoops 2K8."
  15. For our money, though, we'd go with playability and looks and sacrifice a bit of the depth; hence March Madness 08 comes a close second to "College Hoops 2K8". [Feb 2008, p.79]
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  1. BryonF.
    Jan 7, 2008
    It is a pretty good basketball game. Courts and arenas look great. Got tired of playing the 2k basketball and enjoy this one. Commentary is It is a pretty good basketball game. Courts and arenas look great. Got tired of playing the 2k basketball and enjoy this one. Commentary is great and atmosphere is good. If you really like the 2k games you might want to stick with that, but if you are looking for fun faster basketball than you will like March Madness. Full Review »