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  1. Mar 5, 2014
    Not a racing game fan. But I liked NFS undercover. Which made me try this one. Plus it was for free on PS Plus.
    I didn't like the game. Races were ok. But not fun. At least not as fun as it was with Undercover. There was a story, there was cut scenes. You were supposed to feel like a bad ass racer in single player.
    Here in NFS most wanted all races are just repetitive of each other. You
    just need to change the care to feel slightly different.
    I am close to platinum this one. But it wasn't fun at all. I didn't enjoy it
  2. Mar 25, 2013
    Absolutely rubbish. No vehicle customization, terrible game-engine, no realism whatsoever, over saturated filter... Criterion has ruined it and EA is stupid for letting them.
  3. Nov 4, 2012
    Unless you enjoy frustration avoid this game. Everyone has already touched on the lack any sort of customizing and the retarded way of attaining cars. Also the rubber band AI in off line play is horrible. Cops blowing by you when you are driving some of the fastest exotics in the world. Online play is by far the worst disappointment. I loved hot pursuit, and when criterion took over for this game i was very excited. Wow what a letdown. Online sucks. First there is no rhyme or reason to who wins in take downs with other players. Sitting still and they hit you, they get a take down, running wide open and smash them while they sit still..they still get a take down. There is no logic to it at all. I found 90% of the time it didn't matter what the situation was whoever i was involved in a crash with got credit for the take down. Next is the total lack of variety. After about 5 times playing online i was playing the same lame challenges over again already. Racing online and off it is very confusing to keep up with where to go while driving. Some challenges require you to be on different levels of a building and don't make it clear. Retarded king of the hill type challenges when mixed with my earlier complaint about take downs become a real nightmare to your nerves. I swear you could be in a tank and they hit you in ford focus and somehow you will see your tank fly through the air and them get take down credit. I am going to bite the bullet and trade this in fun, and no sense to this game at all. Music was horrible to top it off. Expand
  4. Nov 1, 2012
    Horrible graphics, boring gameplay, absolutely no story, boring soundtrack and too easy to get any car. The handling is weird and heavy / loose, very hard to describe but you crash a lot. Sometimes I go very slow and the car still crash. The races force you to take out opponents and if you race a bit ahead of the other AI they sling shot on the mini map right behind you which is just retarded. The last nfs I loved in the series was NFS Most Wanted the first. Also the graphics are so bad sometimes and jagged at night that you can't see anything ahead and end up crashing. This game is a huge disappointment. All the high ratings like IGN and others are definitely paid reviews as there is no way in hell this game is any good. Expand
  5. Nov 2, 2012
    I was a huge fan of the first release of NFS:MW. Great cars, customizability, a narrative, awesome graphics, etc. That game was great in many ways, but especially because you had to earn your cars or earn money to buy them. They were yours. You could customize them in countless ways. Want to buy a car and make it look like one in your driveway? No problem. Pretty cool. In this version of NFS:MW, all that make-it-yours glory is gone. Now, you just find cars willy-nilly. Hop in and its yours. Don't have to buy them. They're just sitting around in the open for you to "take". Huh? Oh, you want to paint your newly "found" Porsche red because its your favorite color? Ok, well, go to a repair shop and drive through it. Wait, it turned your car a random color? Huh? WTF? No problem, just put it in reverse, back up and drive through again. Keep doing this until you get the color you like. Who the hell thought of that retarded system?! There is NO customizability of cars in this car. Camera views? Only 2. Not even an interior camera view. How lame is that? Graphics are great, but the roads are always wet. Another WTF moment. There is no narrative AT ALL. And the cutscenes before a race are real head-scratchers. Have nothing to do with the race. One cut scene shows you go up the side of a building (presumably in some kind of elevator you can't see) and when it gets to the top, it free falls to the ground. Then you're in your car. WTF? What idiot thought up that as a good cutscene before a car race? Makes zero sense at all. It's as if they took stock footage from the bargain bin of lost games and pasted it in to fill in the lack of creativity here. A real shame and another NFS game down the tubes.... Collapse
  6. Dec 28, 2012
    While this game is good(though in little areas) Lots of it is worse than the original. For example:NFSC(Need for speed Criterion) has much less customization, which I loved before, dropping form 10 to 8. The graphics are ok and all, like in the run, increasing by a .5, and there is little storyline, so 8.5 to 5.5, and honestly, the only good part is multiplayer, increasing by .5, so now a 6. However, I was planning to buy NFS ,as it was on the PS3 store, but on the day i checked, they actually replaced it with ANOTHER NFSC, so now the only way to play NFS is to get a PS2 and the original game, which makes it from 6 to 3, and I absolutely HATE the decision Sony or whoever controls the play station store so it goes down by 3. Biggest misleading title EVER, DO NOT BUY Expand
  7. Nov 1, 2012
    Honestly, this game is pretty mediocre. If you were at all a fan of the older Need for Speed titles, namely, Need for Speed Underground 1 & 2, Most Wanted 1, and aren't particularly a fan of the Burnout series, you'll find yourself pretty disappointed with this game.

    The game shouldn't have the title Need for Speed in it, as it is extremely misleading. As many know, the game was
    developed by Criterion, the same people who brought us the Burnout series, which I'm going to say right out I'm not a particular fan of. I like games that have great customization, and a solid progression base. The open world style is great, but there's no unlocking cars, you just drive around and swap cars whenever you want. But there's no customization, you can swap parts around here and there to get minor boosts, but there's no customization to the actual car (you can't even change the color of your car - unless you drive through a shop which repairs your car/changes the color. I found myself disliking the handling a lot, it's extremely "drift" based where making any turn almost necessitates forcing your car into a drift because the handling is so shoddy. One of the things they imported from Burnout which I disliked the most was the wiping out, even after minor crashes your car would wreck/spin out and you'd have to wait for your car to respawn to play again. This gets extremely frustrating when you're trying to outrun cops and because the handling is so poor you almost can't avoid slamming into a car in front of you. When I saw that this was going to be made by Criterion, I thought, why not give it a go, it has the Need for Speed title afterall. Frankly, it just feels like another Burnout title with cops added in. Almost nothing was imported from what made the Need for Speed titles great, especially Most Wanted 1. If you don't like the Burnout style, don't bother with this game, you'll find yourself extremely disappointed like I did. Expand
  8. Nov 5, 2012
    I'll make it simple: this game is worse than the previous Criterion outing (NFS Hot Pursuit) and it is worse than the original NFS Most Wanted. This is unacceptable. I know that this is a sequel to Burnout but if Burnout was that boring then I wonder why the sequel was even needed.

    Positives: graphics are sumptuous even if slightly blurry at high speeds. Car selection is respectable and
    the handling is arcadey and easy, which is what everyone should have been expecting (all those comparing it to Forza really should not be reviewing anything).

    And here a long list of negatives:

    - Almost every car has to be found in the city, and no unlocks. This effectively removes any porgression system (that MW list is a joke) and honestly without racing, driving around the city is not fun, and therefore collecting cars from garages, sewers and under the bridge is boring. Let's face it: city is not something that's needed in any racing game. NFSU2 introduced a city and was criticised for it because the city makes everything much less streamlined and who wants to drive around a mesh of buildings? Open city is often a bland place where you can just drive around. Leave that stuff for GTA at least in that game you can run over people, steal all cars and do a gazillion of other things.

    The city in this game only works as an open environment during Police chases. But talking about those:

    - Police chases are too hard and at the same time unfulfilling. If you drive a Ford, you can't win. If you drive an Atom, the chase is over in 10 seconds. The city element doesn't matter. The Police are overly tenacious and the cooldown phase doesn't have hiding spots anymore. You get points for the chase as for racing, but you onlybuild up any consistent heat level that would make the police more alert or send more troops during the same chase. After the chase is over, everything is reset. Once again, the chance to make a consistent progression system has been abandoned. - No customization. How come I could choose the color of my car in Hot Pursuit but in MW it's all random? Compared to the original MW it's a disaster. - Just random weird stuff: police helicopter doesn't exist anymore apparently, you can't drive police cars or use any gadgets from Hot Pursuit. Each car can only participate in 4-5 races to get a fixed set of unlockable upgrades.

    Look, if you want a good arcadey NFS game. The Hot Pursuit released 2 years ago is much more fun and is now probably sold for 10-20$. If you want a good game with cop chases in the city, take the original Most Wanted for 0-5$ and despite the older graphics, it still rocks!! This game is a disaster and while I think that it didn't follow up on its predecessors' success as to not to compete with it, well... that made for one hell of a boring and derivative game.
  9. Oct 30, 2012
    do not listen to the press and web site, who are too king with EA ^^ this NFs is a big deception , mainly because criterion didn't make it out well , all their previous games was great, this one is really far from that . pick Forza Horizon wich is 10 times bigger , and looks great. the only good point of this game is multiplayer , but as there is no story mode, nor real solo play ( so short
  10. Gar
    Nov 2, 2012
    This is a half breed for Burnout and Need for Speed. Bad thing is that they picked the worsts parts of both so its really really bad. They use the stupid "always in-game menus" Criterion seems obsessed with. Those menus are both annoying an slow to use. Handling is awful. When your handling has a totally different "mode" for going fast/straight lines and a separate "drift" mechanic, the switch between those has to feel right. Its feels awful which ruins the whole handling. Things are made even worse by bad lightning which sometimes blocks your vision causing you to miss judge your turn-in point. AI is cheap since it uses rubberband so its always close to you. Soundtrack is so bad that the 4th most used button after gas/brake/steering is "skip track". Yeah, cant say anything good about this game expect for the fact that it works and boots up. Please EA, stop making these dumb excuses for a NFS game.

    In short: RIdge Racer Unbouded is a better Burnout expiriecen, Forza Horizon is a better racing game if you want real cars. Blur is also a much much better game.
  11. Nov 2, 2012
    This game is a disgrace to bearing the name Need for Speed Most Wanted. If you have played the original NFS MW, you would really feel angry about this rubbish new one. If you have tried this game and come here to read the reviews just like I do, you would know those who give this game low scores are giving honest opinions, and those who give this game 9 or 10 are so Criterion or EA employee alike.
  12. Nov 9, 2012
    NFS fans like me won't like this game, it has the title "Most Wanted" which reminds us of the awesome 2005 NFS, not some sort of Criterion "good idea" concept. Criterion should just stop making NFS' and go back to Burnout.
  13. Jul 5, 2013
    i give a 2 for the graphism because the rest is a fake burnout style. horrible gameplay, horrible police car
    better to pay 5e for burnout paradise than this awful game
  14. Nov 3, 2012
    Let me start by saying that I'm a big fan of both the NFS and Burnout franchises. And as a fan of both franchises, I was severely disappointed in this game, particularly after reading all the critic reviews that raved about it. I know a company like EA can influence some publications, but this one got pretty ridiculous.

    As many others have said, the graphics are great, but in this case
    they're merely polish on a turd. The game plays like a fusion of Burnout: Paradise and one of the blander NFS games, but with all the fun methodically drained from the experience. The vehicle handling is god-awful--NFS: The Run had issues, but at least the cars were driveable. I'm a fan of both arcade racers and simulators, and this game is neither.

    BP's takedowns were a ton of fun, but without the slo-mo and the terrible wrecks, they seem pretty boring and uninteresting. As many other users pointed out, the cop chases are a huge letdown as well--NFS:MW nearly perfected the cop chase/escape formula--why wouldn't you crib some ideas from that?

    I'm thankful I got this game as a rental from Gamefly and didn't buy it. If you haven't bought it yet, definitely give it a rental before plucking down the $60.
  15. Dec 27, 2012
    Bah This game is heavily Repetitive compared to the 2005 Most wanted. No story which makes the racing pointless. After beating the most wanted which was really easy, The game feels really empty and doesn't really reward much. The multiplayer is quite repetitive as well.
  16. Nov 5, 2012
    I'm a little torn how to rate this. I play with my family and cousins online and we were all very excited about this game. Each of us had differing opinions on games, but we all enjoy playing together when we can. First, why call this Most Wanted? It clearly isn't and the idea they posted it under the NFS franchise suggests they were looking for sales based off the Title alone. NFS:MW was/is one of the better racing games made. It catered to both Sim fans and Arcade fans. This is back when it mattered to EA if they released a good game or not. I personally thought with Criterion involved even EA couldn't mess it up.
    So when my cousin won a copy, we were all pretty excited. We went over expecting to find a great game the rest of us would want to buy and play together. We found some really fun aspects, which could equate to a lot of fun racing online. But after a few days playing, I think we all kind of decided it just wasn't worth the money. It's certainly not a racing Sim, which is fine since a few of us don't really care for racing sims. But the lack of camera views was annoying. I don't care about manual/automatic but my brother did. I do care about fun, and every car had it's unique qualities, which is ok, but they also all were pretty much the same. You could win with a little 4 cyl compact as easily as a super sports car. This is fun, at first, but after awhile it gets annoying. Especially if you get a car you think looks cool, because you're only allowed so many races per car.

    Really, you can read most reviews, aside from the "This is the best game ever, get it now!!!' and the "WTF, no manual transmission? This game sux don't buy" reviews. There are plenty of people who actually spent time to write what's good and bad about this game. Most of the better reviews gave it lower scores, but they explained it. Many of the 9 and 10 reviews seem to write how everyone else is wrong and the game is really good but they don't really go into details why. Just from what I've seen anyway. I strongly recommend you read more than a few reviews to get a better idea of the good and bad points. Because this game definitely has some great features and some not-so-great features.

    From a racing sim fans point of view, this game just isn't worth the money for me. It feels like they went for an over-the-top attempt and glitz and decided that a high production quality makes a good game. And for those who like that kind of racing, it will be a very fun game. Because, even though I won't buy it, it would be fun to play from time-to-time in smaller doses. For me, I don't think this really fits what I would call a racing game. I don't need full out realism, but I do need a challenge when I race and this game isn't challenging. It's a smash-up game, and they could substitute the cars with tractors, bicycles, old people pushing carts, just about anything that moves could be swapped out. My brother said it best "It's Mario kart but with kick butt graphics and very cool cars." And Mario Kart is a very fun arcade game, so maybe EA does have a hit on their hands. Just not with us. I think we all wanted to like this game, but it just is lacking in too many areas. Too bad.
  17. Aug 4, 2013
    Why zero? Because the cars are unresponsive; there is no merit to be found in a racing game where steering is so slow. Graphics and sound, customisation, balance, progression and challenge these all hinge on being able to control the action, and in NFS: MW this is impossible.
  18. Sep 5, 2013
    This game is simply not enjoyable in any way other than the visuals, which are the only reason that it didn't get a lower score. The handling of the cars is truly abysmal even the Ariel Atom handles like a boat. And escaping the police is an exercise in frustration, often escalating to the point where the most you can do is lower your wanted level a little before an eagle-eyed patrolman positively identifies you through a crack in a fence from 2 miles away.

    I want to love this game, but I absolutely cannot stand to play it for another moment.
  19. Sep 28, 2013
    This game is retarded. You can never handle the car. You will crash all the time. You can never win in one go. It's like driving in GTA. How can anybody like this crap?
  20. Oct 30, 2012
    Horrible. I give it a 1 because the graphics are good. Other than that the game is absolute crap. There's no feeling of leveling up. You are handed everything. No buying anything. No customization. Stupid camera angles. The cars feel like you're driving 20 ton dump trucks with cheese for wheels. You can't even pick between an automatic or a manual transmission anymore. The run was a bad blow to NFS. This game has killed the series for me. Time to go back to midnight club where I can at least have some fun and have a personalized car and stuff. Expand
  21. Oct 30, 2012
    A 1 on graphics, they're pretty good. Otherwise the game is just not worth buying. No change in auto or manual and the cars feel ultra clunky. I'm not sure why they even release this, the 1st NFS Most Wanted was way better.
  22. Oct 30, 2012
    Nice graphics, but this is a super cheesy game. I played it for 30 minutes or so before I was so sick of playing it, I turned it off, put it back in the case, and promptly traded it in for Forza Horizon. There are numerous problems with this game, but it starts with the driving mechanics. Never have I driven a game where when you let off the stick in a turn, and the car keeps turning in that direction, even though you're not in a slide. It actually has some sort of mega-over steer. At the very least the car should let up in the turn, but it doesn't. Coming out of most turns you are required to counter-steer just to get the car to straighten out, which results in over-correction. I understand the idea of having to counter steer when the back end of the car is sliding out, but that's not what's happening in this case. It's completely unrealistic, and absolutely no fun. You can get used to it, but it's a terrible way to start out a game. The next thing that drove me NUTS is that every time you smashed into a wall or a car or anything else, the whole screen changes to a 3rd person view and says "CRASHED", all slow motion, but then just drops you back into the car right where you were. What's the point in that? Even if it's a minor enough crash that in most games you could just continue driving, in this game it must make a BIG deal that you crashed, even though you didn't really "crash". Stupid. Next, is how stupid police chases are. There's no reason to get away from the cops, as you don't lose anything by getting caught. There's zero incentive to get away. Next is the lack of manual shifting. This reminds me of Burnout where every car had 847364923 gears, and it just kept shifting and shifting and shifting. Stupid. You can't choose car colors, or make the car special, which is what was so great about the original NFS Most Wanted. The map is the size of a rural crap-hole town with 500 people living in it. I know millionaires with bigger garages than this city (maybe a bit of an embellishment, but you get my point) This is just a barely upgraded version of Burnout, which was another game I played for a few hours, got bored with, and traded in. I play a LOT of driving games, and I'm disappointed I wasted my time with this, and even more disappointed that I didn't just buy Forza Horizon instead. Good riddance, and NEVER again will I purchase a Criterion pile-o-crap driving game. Expand
  23. Oct 31, 2012
    I did not like this game at all. It is not optimized for excellent hardware and it does not follow the formula of the first game. The only think that is "OK" about this game is the graphics but again they are not optimized well.
  24. Nov 1, 2012
    This is the supposed to be a similar game to the original Need for Speed Most Wanted, but it lacks a lot of the most important aspects. There is no car customization, no manual transmission, no in game currency, and the worst part of all is that you can't own a car! Who thought it would be a good idea to remove one of the best parts of the original NFS MW, owning and customizing a garage full of cars? The driving mechanics are mediocre. It feels like they were made for "fun" but it makes driving more repetitive. Another extremely annoying thing about this game is the stupid slow mo- zoom out camera that happens when you crash. I just want to keep driving not waste time looking at my stupid crash without being able to go anywhere. Expand
  25. Nov 1, 2012
    This game is one of the worst driving games in the series of NFS racing with super cheesy adverts. To start with the adverts, all the billboards you smash through are labelled with EA bought companies like DICE, BIOWARE etc... and this is far from a NFS title, its a Burnout title and I want my money back this game is just horrid. First while your driving your constantly blinded by the super whiteout sun 25% of the time and even using the calibration, its subpar after calibration is still used for brightness and contrast, this is unacceptable. Second is the lag with controllers. Your usually hitting a lot of things because the car continues to turn even after you've readjusted your stick on your controller, it just seems to still steer for a second after a lot, not always but a lot which makes driving unpredictable. Having no customization options just sucks, whatever happened to need for speed underground where you could soop up your ride the way you wanted, with the parts you wanted and even the style. This joke of a game you just drive through a gas station and your ride is instantly fixed and colour changed, COME ON can you get any more mickey mouse job of making a game than this? The graphics are decent, nothing spectacular but this game is a MAJOR rush job and just quickly put together with social features nobody uses. The cop chases usually last for an hour because they constantly are on your tail and so many keep respawning, its a joke. I've been parked by the side of the road my first time in the game, no heat on me, while I was setting up the settings and got back to game and BOOM a cop just busted me, this was f**ked! The other annoying thing about this game is while your driving and hitting objects its like a cop's cherries are flashing behind you each time you hit an object, its very distracting and not sure why they are flashing white and blue when you hit any object like a light pole.

    SERIOUS GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK! After these few hours I seriously can't take it no more, this game is in the trash. This game isn't even better than the RUN (the last NFS game) when it first game out and that is VERY BAD. I really miss the games last the old most wanted where it had a story, if this game even had a story it would be something to play for, in its current state I don't ever want to play this game again.

    This game only gets a HURTING 2/10, I gave it 1 extra point cuz I didn't crash to desktop once at least.
  26. Nov 2, 2012
    If you want a driving game....this is not the game for you! This is more like Pinball on wheels! This game has great parts but they just do not mesh together to make a cohesive whole. The story/reason just isn't enough to make you believe in the world they are trying to create and finding cars randomly is how you you get better vehicles?....then you have to get the same upgrades for each damn car! PAINFUL! The original NFSMW does all of these things much better. There is no feeling of progression and therefore lacks the reward of leveling up and robs you of that sense of achievement! Deciding were to spend your hard earned rewards/resources and on which car is essential to identity within the game and this just doesn't happen here. The user reviews are superb on Metacritic and are nearly always right and no more so than in this case. Get Forza Horizons if you have the choice...a much better game were you actually feel like you are in control of how you progress/upgrade. Expand
  27. Nov 3, 2012
    worst game ever for need for speed they just spoil the name of the best series most wanted it a horrible word they give customization to show off in reality there is no customization every looks same...................dnt spoil the name of most wanted if u don't know how to make a better sequel.......
  28. Nov 3, 2012
    Worst racing game ever.Steering forces you to drift since its impossible to just do a decent turn and even you did drift you would end up crashing which get you in a 5 second crash cutscene everytime (that annoys the hell out of me) even if its just a side crash which you did on purpose to get your car straight.The physics aren't right at all , you could end up rolling 10 times from a slow tbone by a police car but you would get a straight jump if you'd hit a ramp with just 2 wheels.Optimization is crap , it gives 20-40 fps in the city and 50 in some areas on my system which gives a stable 60 on any game including BF3.There is no real progression , story or anything , yes you have to work your way through the list if you want a bugatti or a koenigsegg but you can find all the cars around the map except the most wanted ones.I was really excited about this game , I pre-ordered it , couldn't sleep the day before it's release... I was shocked to see what a piece of crap this was. Customization is my favourite thing in racing games and a racing game without customization is not worth to play in my opinion , NFS was the last title for me to expect that situation. I mean WHAT THE HELL?? At least let me choose the paint!? It does let you choose paint in multiplayer but that requires you to do extremely long tasks for a selection between 5 colors.I couldn't believe the crap I was playing so I kept playing for 4 days , I waited for a patch to solve the steering and fps problem , I became the number 1 most wanted in singleplayer (which is the end of the storyline , If you could call that a storyline) and played a few hours on multiplayer.I gave this game too many chances and it failed me every time. I would give it a 0.5 for the good selection of cars but there's no such score in the chart so I give it a 0 and promise not to buy another NFS title made by criterion. Expand
  29. Nov 3, 2012
    Really disappointed with Most wanted, boring easy single player, you are handed everything, just holds your hand through everything
    A RACING GAME DOESNT NEED TO BE OPEN WOLRD, they focused on that too much, No split screen, online police chases, random cut scene before each race whats that about? random paint jobs dont know who thought that was a good idea that you cant chose you color.
    Theres too much focus on online multi player my mates dont play racing games and online i keep playing with people who dont speak the same language.
    Unstructured races miss a checkpoint and game over, races are like GTA races, No helicopter, EMP, Turbo, only 2 camera angles, No manual transmission, bland and boring map
  30. Nov 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The overall driving mechanics and game physics are not too shabby. Although the game can often be very blurry and hard to see even on a 50 inch HD screen. My biggest problem is that I loved Most Wanted for ps2. In fact it is still my favourite need for speed game ever made. If that is what you were hoping for in this game you will be VERY disapointed. There is virtually nothing for customization options. Besides winning new tires or having nos or not. That is the extent of customization, which previous need for speed titles were known for. The fact that you dont start from scratch but actually start the game in a porsche is also a dissapointment. Half the fun of the game was having a worthless car and competing and EARNING your way to better cars and better races. Speaking of earning better races, the autolog racing system is stupid. There are only 5 races for each car. After that you have to abandon your favourite car and drive some peice of crap. There is virtually no structure of progression in place to take you further. You just wander aimlessly untill you earn enough points to race the guy above you. After that, back to wandering aimlessly. Overall as a remake this is a total failure. A piss-poor attempt at customization. No sense of how people like to enjoy video games and progression, or earning something. A measly 10 people on the most wanted list ahead of you compared to 25 from the original. I hope this helps anyone who was considering buying this game because its CALLED "Most Wanted" The name is selling this game, and nothing else. Avoid this game or be disapointed. Expand
  31. Nov 5, 2012
    The game is a bad, bad fail. Do not spend your money on the game, you will regret it. It is however fun and enjoyable for small children or mentally challenged, the same as Mario Kart is. 1. Graphics. This is something positive about the game, it has great graphics..... if you have the hardware to enjoy it. There are severe frame rate drops, it feels chunky in most areas of the map, but, it looks great. 2. Story line: non.
    3. Customization: just above 0.
    4. Handling: horrible, and I mean horrible. Horrible with a racing wheel, horrible with a gaming pad, horrible with a joystick and even more horrible with the keyboard. You can not even adjust the sensibility of the controller to try to compensate for the horrible handling. 5. Races: in case you manage to deal with the handling issues of the game and not crash, you actually can win. If some random car in the traffic does not hit you. The AI of the other racers is ok, but they posses some paranormal ability to jump through space right beneath you, but this rare, most of the time you will crash. 6. Cop chases: the cops have the ability of 360 degrees X-ray vision and, most of the time, can overtake you when you drive a Lambo, have better traction on dirt than you on asphalt, and their cars handle much better than yours.
    7. The playing: well... it is somewhat fun and you get to drive all cars around the small map. With drive I meant crash allover the place. If you plan only to drive around, crash, and deal with super cops in super cars, this game is for you. The rest of the game is worthless. Another positive aspect is that my kids really enjoy the game (age 6 and 8), they are familiar with the start and race style of the game from Mario Kart and do not need any help form grownups. Although I bought the game for myself, which I utterly regret, because my kids play it, only 90% of the price is a waste of money, which is better than 100%. If you do not have kids, are not slow minded of retarded, or have such in your family, do not buy the game! You where warned.
  32. Dec 15, 2012
    I bought this last night so i have less than 24 hours in with it thus far. i do like that it has the open ended world to it. that is somewhat entertaining and the police chases are first. after awhile you just want them to end. now really all that is left is the racing. so here is how racing goes, you click on your race and it starts. that gps type map is mostly useless or it gives misleading info. so you have to wing it. the checkpoint markers aren't always that easy to spot you realize where they are as you are passing the turn. there is nothing more frustrating that coming to one checkpoint, waiting for the next one and coming to a T in the road at 140 mph with still no sign of the next checkpoint. either let us race from point a to b without using checkpoints and letting us pick our own path or actually mark this well enough to actually run a race. if you want something that resembles a race, this is not the game for you. i'm already bored to death with it there should be a few modes where there are no cops and maybe even more of a track or no traffic. i understand that the premise is street racing and i love the idea of racing in cars you may see on the street. but this is a very flawed game.also, multiplayer absolutely sucks when playing with strangers at least. it's nothing but a demolition derby. not to mention that youd' think there would be some sort of clear controls to quiet or mute the other drivers. i dont plunk down my money to listen to someone's faulty mic. this game is a waste of time and money. the only purpose it serves is to be something you can play for 15 minutes to kill time. but after a weekend of playing this is sure to collect dust. there simply isn't much desire for repeated play with this and when you get down to it that is the only criteria that really matters. Expand
  33. Jul 22, 2013
    I have owned and played every NFS game since NFS 2 SE for PC, and I'm probably the biggest racing-junkie out there. I don't come out and write reviews too often, but this game really made me want to come out and express my displeasure.

    When I first heard about Criterion making a "sequel" to the original Need For Speed Most Wanted, I was extremely excited. Criterion made Burnout Paradise
    (Once of the funnest racing games this generation), Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (Another great game), and here they are making the long awaited sequel that fans have been begging for YEARS (Youtube, Facebook. Every video fan asked for a new NFS MW)

    Boy, they really let all of them down.

    Of course, no one knew any better before it came out. Positive reviews were coming out a few days before launch, and I would even check Google news every few hours for any new info on it. I pre-ordered the Limited Edition for $60.

    It came in 2 days after launch, and I immediately put it in. And was immediately disappointed.

    There are examples of the devs being CHEAP everywhere you look. There are only 2 car views (compared to the original: 4 views) The licensed soundtrack is HORRIBLE (I turned it off after about 5 min) The "career mode" is NOTHING. It is far too easy, and didn't make me want to come back to play the game. You just drove around doing random races for not real purpose. Oh and no split-screen! If that isn't cutting corners, I don't know what is. The freaking GAMECUBE ORIGINAL HAD SPLIT/SCREEN! Seven years ago! And they can't do that today!

    Probably biggest letdown though: Overall, it was not fun to play. Cars handled like TANKS. While in Burnout Paradise it took SKILL and good reflexes to get by traffic at blazing speeds, here you will crash out in random situations. MANY TIMES. I consider myself an excellent racer, and when I keep crashing for BS reasons too many times, there is a problem. (There is also too much traffic, as if they want you to continue to keep crashing out.)

    You drive around, "hijacking" whatever car you see. You get no feeling of "accomplishment" and again is extremely boring. No visual customization (but you can change the paint by going through repair shops. Its random too. Common, this is so pathetic that they completely IGNORED the BEST PART about the original game!)

    Cop chases was the best mode in the original MW. It was very dramatic, and was it was fun smashing into cop cars (WITHOUT "CRASHING OUT" YOUR OWN CAR EVERY TIME YOU TOUCH SOMETHING) and knocking donuts shops over, blowing up gas stations. It was very cool. In this game however, it is a total JOKE. There is no dramatic music, no things to knock over. If they replaced those with something else, I would be happy. But no. The cops are SUPER DUMB, and will try to take yo out no matter what (the original, they also tried to spin you out, but again you wouldn't get "crashed out".)This makes for REAL BORING cop chases. I didn't even try in them, because nothing happened to you if you were caught! (The original had cool videos, and you would have to pay with money or impound you're car.)

    Looking at the online stuff, it's obvious Criterion spent most of their time here. And I admit, I give them some credit for making a somewhat decent system. Too bad they ENCOURAGED players to take each other out(Yes, they give you points for this)! I wouldn't go 30 seconds without someone smashing into me. This is not real racing. And no way is fun. Anyone who says otherwise is either brainwashed from all the mediocre games lately, or works for EA.

    In the end, this is more of a "reboot" and new interpretation of the term "Most Wanted". If they tried to make something original that was fun--they failed. If they intended to make a direct sequel--COMPLETE FAIL. This game gave me no enjoyment, and is currently sitting on Craigslist for $30. (Funny fact: the game was $35 everywhere 2 weeks after it came out. Thanks guys!)

    I will never pre-order a NFS game again. EA had every reason in the world to make this a fun, enjoyable game. And failed. They are ANNIHILATING the fans that have been here for them since the beginning. While the original game was fun, and overall a well-polished AAA game, here we have a over-rated CR@P that is a COMPLETE disgrace the Need for Speed series and racing games nowadays. Criterion must be INSANE to think they made a great game. The "professional" critics have not played the earlier NFS games: back when they were well-polished fun, long-lasting experiences to realize that this is total CR@P. They are praising mediocre games that do not have any heart or soul (I guarantee the older NFS games had a bigger budget and had more man-hours into them. That's why they are still great today!)
  34. Oct 30, 2012
    WHAT???????? No manual transmission,serious is racing now been down by Automatic cars.Bought it,played 10 mins and extremely disappointing. Graphics is very well done, and that's about it.
  35. Oct 31, 2012
    Waste of money. I don't understand how EA could allow Criterion to develop such a steaming pile of dung like this. Reading the 10 rated reviews, I'm asking myself if most of them have even played the game, or are they just posting 10s cause of the name. Here's a quick breakdown: Pros: -Graphics are incredible, this is a very pretty game. -Large selection of cars. -Allows you to compare races, events, etc. with friends.

    -Incessant flashing of the speed cameras and transitions gave me a headache.
    -Glaring lack of customization options, and what few are there, don't amount to much.
    -Play camera options are either a bumper position with a slightly upward angle, or your standard close rear overhead.
    -Crash camera is annoying simply because I have no choice but to watch a slow motion video of my car crashing, it was cool the first few times, but now I just want to turn it off.

    Overall this game feels like it's still in beta. EA should have waited another couple of months development before releasing this.
  36. Oct 30, 2012
    I have never written a review in my life, but after seeing some of the reviews here I HAD to write one. It's plain to see that all the positive reviews are written by EA employees or promoters trying to keep the balance in the game. This game is complete garbage and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I can't believe that EA continues to release bad games and steal peoples money with good trailers. You should have called it Need for Speed: We finally ruined the franchise. You can't switch to manual at all and there's no leveling system in the game. There's no story line that drives you to an ending. I played this game for 30 minutes and you would think that the game would at least be fun at the beginning to draw you in. The controls are horrible and each car feels exactly the same with horrible turning. After purchasing this game I went back to the store and exchanged it. I lost money and I am completely disappointed. I was really looking forward to a sequel to the first Most Wanted, which I enjoyed very much. This game gets a 0 from me, because every game has good graphics these days and that's not an exception for a 1. Expand
  37. Nov 2, 2012
    Ничего не понимаю
  38. Nov 3, 2012
    This game was not Need for Speed. I'm not sure why they're trying to achieve similarities with a title that is no longer active (Burnout). The graphics of this game are astounding but other than that the game falls flat. There is no story line, a very lame excuse for a customization system and no heart to the game whatsoever. In single player mode you're essentially racing against a list of numbers and the multiplayer mode can be fun but again, the visual customization to the cars are nonexistent therefore it feels as if you're driving generic cars and that takes all the fun out of it. I miss the good old days of the original Most Wanted and Carbon where one could be completely immersed in the storyline and overwhelmed by the level of unique customization. The majority of the positive reviews you see on this website are from Burnout fans and there is nothing wrong with that but this game isn't Burnout. As fans of the Need for Speed title we continued to support the game due to its unique qualities and completely one of a kind gameplay both of which are completely absent from this title Expand
  39. Nov 2, 2012
    After playing Forza horizon and having loved hot pursuit, I can honestly say that Most wanted is terrible. This game should have been purchased for $20 as a play while waiting for a new release to play. This is the kind of game thats 90% hype 10% fun to play. After 1 hour I was bored.
  40. Nov 3, 2012
    wht a 3rd class game ...wrosted game aver...seen nfs whole series............................................................................................
  41. Nov 3, 2012
    totally disappointed nxt level of gamin fun was xpected
    visual effect r well enough rest its jus a waste of tym
    EA should have work more before realeasing it
    dis game might have work for sum graphics lover but disatisfied many gamers around d globe
  42. Nov 3, 2012
    this game is a horrible abomination of the original. it is not worth half the purchase price and i have never been more disappointed in a game. Hot Pursuit was close, but at least i had no real expectations from that total departure from the success of the earlier versions.

    Why is it so hard to have a game where you can be "naughty", drive a stick, and customize your car? Tuners are
    undoubtedly one of the most popular classes and yet NFS acts as if they don't even exist.

    I am so utterly disappointed.
  43. Nov 6, 2012
    I've never written a game review before and created my account specifically in hopes that I may be able to save someone else the trouble of wasting their money like I did. The graphics of the game are good however everything looks like a cartoon, the cars all seem to handle and drive the same except they just accelerate at slightly different speeds, there is only car customization through performance parts and so many terrible things about this game these aren't even the things that frustrate me the most. The crash cam shows you a slow motion replay of yourself crashing into a wall every time it happens and then when you're in a race it puts you in a rolling start from there so as to keep you from losing too much time. From what I've seen of the cops in the game their cars are made of fine china because one moderately solid hit destroys them and removes that fun aspect where you get to beat up on their car because if it only takes one or two shots you could probably take out their whole police force without much problem. Finally, the game gives you every car from the start which sounds appealing if you want to just find the best car in the game and stick with it however if you want to find every car you end up getting ADD trying to find every car and hit all of the speed traps and smash the signs and the whole thing is just a cluster_____ (you can fill in the blank). All in all this is probably the worst game I've ever bought. Just buy Forza Horizons or Gran Turismo unless you want to destroy cop cars, then wait for GTA: V. Expand
  44. Nov 6, 2012
    Nice graphics,rest CRAPPP.Horrible game,do not listen the press specially PSX extreme pl version and others,boring gameplay,old nfsmw 2005 its very good game,NEW mw crap.Do not buy this game,LOST MONEY
  45. Nov 6, 2012
    This is hands down the best Need For Speed ever. Well sorry to burst your bubble. Graphics for this game are very impressive, however the physics and how the cars handle are horrible. cops blow past you and AI is incredibly aggressive to the point where police and racers stop every positive thing you have in a race. handling is by far the worst part of the game. when braking you continue in the straight forward direction and then finally the car will break loose in to sliding any direction. when driving slow your car will turn sharper than you want regardless of your tilt on the joystick. it seems that all effort was put into the game looking good and was not focused on creating a good and balanced game for gamers. Fans of the NFS series were given the open road again but no longer have the feeling of accomplishment since the developers have essentially put cars around the city for you to find. No customization options for car color, drive through repair shop and hope you get the color you want if not try again. Parts are basic but nothing in terms of building the car how you like it. Options wise there are none for steering sensitivity or AI difficulty which may leave more novice fans or beginners of the series feeling like they wasted their money on this one. The game soundtrack is ok nothing spectacular at all especially given this a racing game. All-in-all I have been a fan of the series but the past 2 games have me questioning if I would get the next title release for the NFS franchise.the in game menu is to much to navigate through when trying to drive to various locations and navigating around the city and in races is not user friendly. They needed to put some sort of turning system in the game to warn you of approaching turns. So much is going on on screen that wrecks happen to frequent and the road bumps move the screen up and down not just the cars. Expand
  46. Nov 7, 2012
    I'm writing this because I see there are more positive reviews than negative ones. I don't believe they had ever played the game. I would rather trust they are some criterion hired morons posting positive reviews to get more people on bait.
    This is the WORST racing game I ever played . I play from NFS1 and I love the NFS5Porsche and NFS9MW. After play 30min of this CRAP I simply want to
    uninstall this piece of **** The speed meter shows 200km/h but it feels like 40km/h and it is struggle to overtake even the street cars. And it feels like you are skating on the ice when taking the turns. And the SUN REALLY MAKES YOU BLIND. YOU CAN SEE NOTHING ON THE ROAD WHEN DRIVING AGAINST THE SUN. DO I NEED TO WEAR SUN GLASSES?
    Makes me wanna puke.
  47. Nov 8, 2012
    I was extremely excited for this game since the original NFSMW was an amazing game! This however was purely and absolutely terrible. The driving mechanics make me feel like I am trying to guide the car where I want it to go instead of controlling it. I'm driving a 1.2+ million dollar car and I have to fight to keep it on the road? I mean, come on. This is not to say that I don't like more difficult racing games that require much more skill (GT, Forza, Etc), but this game is neither fun to drive in or realistic. Overall, I only beat this game because it was short enough that I could finish it without breaking anything. Expand
  48. Nov 9, 2012
    One of the things that saddens us is the lack of a storyline, a plot that accompany us during our progress towards the top of the "blacklist", if its name is still this, of Fairhaven City.
    Only 10 cars, and no more "opponents" or "racers", to beat in a simple race 1 vs 1. All this makes the single player banal because, running in front of a camera and jumping like kangaroos through
    billboards, like in Burnout Paradise, becomes boring after the first 30 minutes of gameplay.
    The handlings are really embarrassing at first, but once you get used becomes "just" horrible! Being able to control a car becomes a mission impossible in certain situations. You can't avoid traffic cars like you want, it's all about being lucky! And, the worst thing is that the difference between the various cars is imperceptible: physics, speed, control, and all the rest are almost identical regardless of the car on which we stand, regardless of the changes that we apply to them.
    Police in Fairhaven will not be so hard as everyone might think. Their only advantage is to have trucks and Corvettes that drop spike strips like in Hot Pursuit, in order to stop your run, however, those vehicles will be available only when you reach heat 6! But even with the heat 6 is still too easy to run away!
    The other things that the Criterion team has taken from his best creation, Burnout, are Takedowns and how to change color and repair your car. The takedowns were a good thing before coming to Need for Speed​​: here, every single hit, even the most trivial, over 60km / h turns into a f**ckin' "takedown moment", and after the first half hour of play they become very annoying! And we can't do anything to disable those takedowns!
    The AI ​​is less involved than the previous titles.
    The multiplayer is well structured and it's very funny, like Burnout Paradise. But even this becomes boring a lot in about 2 days!
    Good things: graphics and sounds.
    Bad things: almost all the rest: handlings, takedowns, no storyline, easy AI, boring, no tuning, etc...
  49. Nov 10, 2012
    Stick with 2005s NFS most wanted try it on PC with new textures and car mods cause criterion should stop making racing games. the promblems with it is there frequent crash cam breaks the flow of the game to a point where it becomes frustrating to play. they also left out what made the original so good, a decent story with progression, customization, drag racing, speed breakers as well as pursuit breakers and choppers. w/o the pursuit breakers the cop chases in this game are lifeless and you have no real way of escaping them especially with the rubber banding. the ps3 version also suffers from longer load times graphics are the only positive thing bout the game Expand
  50. Nov 12, 2012
    First off, I loved both the original NFS:MW and Burnout Paradise, so this amalgam of those two franchises must be truly amazing yes? Unfortunately this is very far from the case. This new NFS:MW is probably the most disappointing game I have played in a long time. It borrows only at a very high level from the above two franchises (Police chases from the former, open world layout of the latter) but fails to implement any of the sense of fun or progression that exist in either of those (superior) titles.

    I'm sure in multi-player this game starts to make sense, but this is also its undoing. It comes across as a game world designed wholly for you to race around with your on-line friends but with absolutely no content for off-line players (bar smashing billboards lifted straight from Burnout Paradise), think Quake:Arena off-line appeal as a point of reference.

    Whilst the graphics and frame rate are excellent, the handling and AI is truly appalling. None of the cars have a natural weight or feel to them and all feel like they have four flat tires, such is the waywardness of their handling. Slightly squiffy handling can be overlooked if the game still manages to be fun (this was the case with Burnout Paradise), but even here NFS:MW fails on this basic requirement. The game just feels aimless with no sense of point or progression. There is no story, just a leaderboard of faceless "Most Wanted" drivers to beat. If you're coming to this game with fond memories of the (intentionally) cheesy rival cut-scenes from the original NFS:MW then you are in for a major disappointment here.

    Probably the biggest crime (ironic, considering the title!) this game commits is the removal of car ownership! Yes that's right, this is probably the only racing game where you don't get to build your own virtual garage of bought / won cars. Sometimes trying something new is the way to reinvigorating a tired genre, but there is a reason why no-one has gone down this route before. If you remove the need to earn money to buy cars (or races where you win cars) then you remove one of the main points for playing a racing game. With the whole game essentially "unlocked" right from the beginning, once you've had a little burn around the map and completed a couple of races your quickly find yourself becoming bored. It's like the developers took on board the "endless grinding" comments about GT5 and thought "we'll do the exact opposite of that", when in fact what is required is a halfway house (as implemented by every other racing game). The fact that the police and competitors fully embrace rubber band physics, even the chases / races aren't very enjoyable.

    This brings me on to my other complaint of this title, the police chases. They're just not very interesting. In the original NFS:MW you would actively search out police and incite them to chase you because the chases (especially as they ramped up in scale) were truly fun and as enjoyable as the races. This is not the case with this latest incarnation where the police chases just act as an annoyance that get in the way of you racing.

    Resident Evil 6 was something of a disappointment (mainly due to clunky AI, controls and camera angles and total lack of scares or puzzles) but at least had a sense of fun. This is just not the case with NFS:MW. It's a racing game with dodgy handling, rubber band AI and absolutely no sense of progression, achievement or fun.

    NFS:MW biggest problem though is that Forza Horizon already does everything (bar the police chases and considering how poorly NFS:MW implemented them this isn't a real issue) that NFS:MW does, but does it much better. Open world environment, CHECK. Fabulous graphics and silky frame rate, CHECK. Wide list of cars both past and present, CHECK. Superb handling that can be tailored to suite, CHECK. Diverse selection of race events, CHECK. On-line racing, CHECK. Ability to purchase / win and customise cars, CHECK.

    With Forza Horizon the developers have taken all the elements from the best racing games, thrown them into a pot and cooked them up into a lovely tasting concoction that satisfies on (almost) every level. With NFS:MW, Criterion have taken Burnout Paradise, stripped out all the offline content, tacked on police chases and ended up with something very underwhelming.

    All that's left to say is that with Black OPS 2 out tomorrow, my copy of NFS:MW is going to help fund its purchase. All I'm hoping is that NFS:MW trade in value hasn't been dented too much yet by other disgruntled players.
  51. Nov 15, 2012
    The game is fun, but compared to what it could be... it's got nothing.

    I was stoked for a new street racing game, I've been looking forward to something in open world street racing since Midnight Club L.A. I have to say Rockstar nailed it with that game. I guess I was hoping for something a bit more like that. A couple main points they missed.

    Customization - half the fun of street
    racing is customizing your car. In NFSMW you can get mods, but they don't do anything to the car. You can't even keep a color. Pretty lame

    Money - The other half of street racing that is fun is starting with an empty wallet and a POS car, and working your way up. NFSMW has Speed Points... but those are pretty worthless, they don't really unlock anything, you can't use them for anything... they just keep stacking up. Like a bank account you can deposit money into, but can't withdraw. All you can do it show people how much "money" you have.

    Cars - I have to admit, driving around in some of those supercars is a lot of fun. But in a street racing game, does it really make sense? I have more fun rolling in a Mitsubishi Evo X than the Bugatti Veyron, just because it makes more sense to me. It would be great if there were more street cars and a bit less supercar weight. Progression - NFSMW is open from the beginning... all the cars are there, you just need to find them... which may sound cool in theory, but it ruins the game for me. There is no game progression. The easiest part of the game was beating the top ten cars... the "MAIN STORY"

    Story - I put Main Story in quotes above, because there is no story at all. Which is fine. I was expecting more of an arcade racer light on the story... but they play with you... just a little hint of a story... and nothing more.

    Cut-Scenes - One thing I thought looked promising was the seamless gameplay... which is done well at points... but then you start a race by squealing you wheels. You think you should just be able to start the race there, right? Nope, you need to wait for a freaking ridiculous cut scene to play. Even when you skip the scene, you are still forced to sit through the end of it. So lame.

    Crash Cam - This is cool for about 2 seconds, and then it gets real old. Especially during multiplayer (which I will get to in a second). Again the seamless quality of the game is completely ruined by this slow motion crash camera... which you can't skip

    Multiplayer - It seems the whole goal to multiplayer is to smash into other people. I think it would be fine if that was a part of it, but you get more points from smashing people constantly than you do from actually winning the events. I just played a multiplayer speedlist, won each event, and then came in 4th overall... How can you win every event and come in 4th? The three people above you decided to crash into people instead of racing. I was done after than one....

    The idea of the game is great. It looks fantastic, the cars are fun to drive, but the racing and overall enjoyment is mediocre (because of the faults listed)... It's like they had this awesome abstract sculpture that they kept filing away at... getting rid of parts... smoothing out any edges... polishing... making sure it made sense to everyone... making sure not to make it to hard... making sure there were not sharp edges... and what they were left with was a polished statue of a little puppy. Cute and all, but the meaning and meat of the work is gone.
  52. Nov 16, 2012
    Criterion haven't reinvented their formula since at least Burnout Paradise. This is obviously just some tweaks since then with some changes to Autolog introduced in Hot Pursuit. Heck, this is a step back in ways, what happened to being able to drop in/drop out for multiplayer action? Why a loading screen? Lost the guys who knew how to do that? Game has some poor collision, how many times have you hit an object at 100+ mph head on and not crashed but stopped dead? Running away from the cops is boring, boring boring. Nothing like spawning into an event wrecked and the AI have a massive racing start, only for the restart option to spawn you like that again. The menus are a bit slow to enter. Why do I have to wait, constantly 15 seconds to see some stupid pointless things about my car before I can set a new checkpoint to drive to the next event, or change the upgrades to my car? I don't care about some stupid little graphic showing the mods on or available to my car, I can see that with the easydrive menu. The messaging for items, is STILL in the middle of the screen, how many criterion game iterations has this been? Nothing like not being able to see ahead of you as you're driving through congested streets at 150mph... The cop detection as you've hidden, or are running away is something of epic legend, they can spot you through walls and over objects without direct line of sight! nothing more fun than having been bored of running away and found a hiding spot, only for the xray cops to catch you and force you to take another 2 mins to try and hide away from them because this town has an unlimited supply of cops so you can't destroy them all. Expand
  53. Dec 1, 2012
    if you are expecting NFS MW from 05 you will be highly disappointed. the name itself is selling this game not its plot. there is literally NO story line, no sence of completion, no customization, or even a drive to win.
    although the graphics are good, the physics are poor. pacman gives this games storyline a run for its money. you can start of with a ford gt or a lambo, so it takes away
    the fun in racing your way up from a junk car to a supercar, to be honest its HARD to find a car from the start with a 0-60 thats slower then 3 seconds. customization is limited to 5 things with 5 races to unlock them for EVERY car. who wants to do the same thing over and over for the same part for a different car... all you ever do is the first race to get nos... finally the is no drive to get away from the police considering if you get caught you don't lose a thing or even inconvienianced in any way. this game truly is a failure and a disgrace to the gaming community. this is quite possibly the worst game i have ever purchased, and seeing as how its such a poor excuse for a game it will probably be on the $20 rack soon. if you want to give 60 bucks to a bum, give it to the alcoholic on the side of the road, not these criterion guys, they're a joke. Expand
  54. Dec 22, 2012
    I haven't found myself frustrated at a NFS game since Prostreet. Trying to mash Burnout mechanics into the game was a **** move and the cam that happens every single time you even touch something is frankly irritating. The focus on the "social" aspect in the game has ruined it. I don't want to compare stupid times with friends, I just want to race clean races without having to restart every event 20 times.

    You can say I suck at the game but I don't remember having this problem with previous titles in the franchise. So far I've spent about 2 hours on it and having to change cars all the time and repeating events in all of them are frankly mind boggling. Climbing the Most Wanted list does not feel like a significant achievement at all.

    Glad I borrowed it from a friend instead of buying this piece of ****
  55. Dec 25, 2012
    Crazy how real racing enthusiast are being criticized because they want "manual transmission" option... the mental capacity required for this game is fit for a 9 year old... with all due respect, no story, few options and the inability to simply choose whether I want manual or automatic is atrocious. On a good note, the graphics are about the best I've seen in any NFS games.
  56. Jan 17, 2013
    I am very disapointed in this game and its developers. I played it 5 min and got shocked by a for this time poor graphic, a unrealistic steering which makes you think that there is somebody else steering your car while you drive, just to make you mad.
    No customization, just a crappy bumper few, no manual transmission, no tuning, no making money, no money needed at all for some strange
    reason. Its all together a big idiotic dissapointment and not worth it 5 $. Why in hell did i buy this? Expand
  57. Apr 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I get myself into a chase by cop, I've found it pretty much impossible, I get out of the circle of sight, but I don't enter Cooldown?
    I've tried running on the highway, no good tip toeing around the construction area, no good hanging around a repair station, turn off engine.... no good!!

    IF I do ever manage to break sight of the cops, they have such a wide area of sight I'm finding it impossible to "hide". There also seems to be an infinite number of cops around?!

    Please tell me I'm doing something wrong as this is not fun at all
  58. Aug 11, 2013
    I'm so happy this was a free game for PlayStation Plus members, because I wouldn't pay a penny for it, it's boring, the cops come from the woodwork, the options for the game are to a minimum. You can't turn off the cut scene's if you crash.

    Bad car handling, no car customization, everything Need For Speed was is chucked out the window. I however admit the graphics are ten times better,
    however that doesn't make a good game. I won't be purchasing a game of NFS again, again thankfully I didn't buy this, I would of sent it back to EA and requested a refund. Expand
  59. Nov 10, 2013
    Worst driving physics of any racing game. I got the game free from PS Plus so can't complain too much, however I'd be gutted if I'd paid for it. When driving you feel as though you only have 50% influence on what happens to the car when doing races, you kind of need to guide the car rather than drive it and hope it lurches and bounces in the right direction.

    Need for speed has never
    been known for realism but this sets the standard for woeful driving experiences. Avoid if you're buying, but if you're getting it for free, don't expect anything close to a driving sim, it's awful. Expand
  60. Dec 15, 2013
    I'm a huge fan of the first NFS Most Wanted, but the 2012 one is just awful. Graphics wise it is great, but the gameplay is horrible. It's almost impossible to win races and there is absolutely no sense of accomplishment in this game. You have all the cars unlocked from the beginning, but that doesn't even matter, since the AI opponents are always right behind you, no matter what car you drive or how many times you crash into them. Expand
  61. Feb 10, 2014
    This is stupid, I had the impression it was a remake of the original PS2 game to be greatly disappointed, the PS2 game is even better than this garbage. Only good if all you care about is graphics and lacks story based reason or motive for becoming most wanted.
  62. Mar 22, 2014
    I bought this game on the PSN & I am royally pissed I can't get my $10 back! That's a pack of smokes with some change I could of bought. Zero visual customization, no manual transmission, extremely low amount of performance modifications, terrible AI, insanely aggressive cops with Crown Victorians (Police Interceptor does 0-60mph in 6 seconds), & the way you get new cars is childish. If your buying this game for a kid, then by all means buy it. If your an adult that goes to the local track as a hobby like myself, then DON'T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY! Cars physics are as far from reality as Criterion could possibly make them. The repair stations are a absolute joke, races are extremely linear and trying to hit the apex of a turn will only lead to frustration as you likely have a head on collision with the average motorist. Graphics are nothing to write home to mom about & the ergonomics are laughable. I have deleted my digital copy from my HDD & wish there was a way to delete it from my downloads list in the PSN store. It is hind sight but I wish I came to this website to be informed of the mistake that is NFS: Most Wanted instead of going off the rating on the PSN store. BE FOR WARNED AND BEHOLD THE DEATH OF THE NFS SERIES. Expand
  63. Sep 23, 2014
    Let me start by saying this is not a "need for speed" game at all. It's a burnout game that they slap the N.F.S title to it. There is no story unlike the original, although this iteration keeps the premise of racing all ten most wanted racers. To obtain cars, they are scatter through out the entire game and you must find them to use them. Also when when you beat any of the most wanted racers to get their car you must crash into them to receive them. I pretty sure am beating a dead horse here but there is no customizations to make your vehicle stand out, just a minor change up in the performance section which all it really is slapping on new tires, nos, and changing the gear ratio. In the original most wanted to escape from the cops you had traps when triggered a giant doughnut would crush any pursuing officers and many more. There was also cooling spot where you would hide from the police which helps to decrease the heat. In this version to escape from the fuzz you have to out run them and no matter where you hide they will always check where you're hiding as well. Not to mention this no incentive to run from the cops anyways since they don't impound your car or fine you. One of my pet peeves within this game is the big crash scene, as you're racing you tend to make mistakes and one of them is crashing into other cars or other immovable objects. Then cue the third person version while watching your car rolling over and over again. Now this feature is cool for the first time but not thousandth which they should've made an option to turn this off or on. The driving mechanics is unbearable you tend to drift most of the time and most races tend to go "off-road" which makes you car really slow and the track is made up half of pavement and half dirt roads. While the A.I. is flying through the dirt section you have the option to put on the off-road tires but it's slides when driving on asphalt (Big catch 22). There are few cars in game and if you want more, what do you know you have buy the DLCs which i am not a big fan of. All am saying is i rather get "grid auto-sport" or "gran turismo" Expand
  64. Nov 2, 2012
    I was a huge fan of the first release of NFS:MW. Great cars, customizability, a narrative, awesome graphics, etc. That game was great in many ways, but especially because you had to earn your cars or earn money to buy them. They were yours. You could customize them in countless ways. Want to buy a car and make it look like one in your driveway? No problem. Pretty cool. In this version of NFS:MW, all that make-it-yours glory is gone. Now, you just find cars willy-nilly. Hop in and its yours. Don't have to buy them. They're just sitting around in the open for you to "take". Huh? Oh, you want to paint your newly "found" Porsche red because its your favorite color? Ok, well, go to a repair shop and drive through it. Wait, it turned your car a random color? Huh? WTF? No problem, just put it in reverse, back up and drive through again. Keep doing this until you get the color you like. Who the hell thought of that retarded system?! There is NO customizability of cars in this car. Camera views? Only 2. Not even an interior camera view. How lame is that? Graphics are great, but the roads are always wet. Another WTF moment. There is no narrative AT ALL. And the cutscenes before a race are real head-scratchers. Have nothing to do with the race. One cut scene shows you go up the side of a building (presumably in some kind of elevator you can't see) and when it gets to the top, it free falls to the ground. Then you're in your car. WTF? What idiot thought up that as a good cutscene before a car race? Makes zero sense at all. It's as if they took stock footage from the bargain bin of lost games and pasted it in to fill in the lack of creativity here. A real shame and another NFS game down the tubes.... Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. Dec 17, 2012
    Great multiplayer and a huge sandbox to play in make this a wild and crazy ride. [Jan 2013, p.64]
  2. Nov 30, 2012
    Easily the best arcade racer of this generation. [Issue#225, p.76]
  3. Take Burnout Paradise's massive open world, strip out the wild, physics-defying, cabin-crushing crashes and insert a generous handful of the world's hottest or most iconic motors. This is Need for Speed that only Criterion could create. [Christmas 2012, p.83]