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  • Summary: NHL 12 has players try to become the next legend in hockey.
Score distribution:
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  1. Sep 28, 2011
    NHL 12 somehow was able to take what NHL 11 did so well, improve upon, then completely run away with it. The best hockey title of this console generation.
  2. Sep 6, 2011
    To be honest, I'm usually in the camp that skips every second NHL title because it's hard to justify what seems like a few enhancements and a roster update for the price of a AAA game, but this time they've done a fantastic job with improvements that are very hard to resist. Damn fine way to celebrate your 20th title.
  3. Sep 29, 2011
    The steps forward for NHL 12 might not be as monumental as NHL 11 was, but at the same time they didn't have to be. NHL 12 is a must purchase for hockey fans or even those who have passing interest in the sport.
  4. Sep 15, 2011
    NHL 12 is a huge game completely jam-packed with modes and gameplay features.
  5. Oct 9, 2011
    NHL 12 excels in many aspects and is filled with a lot of content. Great for hockey fans, despite the few disappointing updates to the series.
  6. You also now get the Winter Classic. [Nov 2011, p.109]
  7. Nov 27, 2011
    Absolutely not worth getting if you have any earlier iterations. [Issue#210, p.93]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 17
  2. Negative: 2 out of 17
  1. Oct 24, 2011
    I don't really play the online features so I cannot rate those but the offline features are great in my mind. I love hitting other players in this game because the hitting mechanics are just great in this game. I also love the graphics and the goalie improvements that they made. Just awesome NHL game!!! Expand
  2. Sep 6, 2012
    I really enjoyed this game and think that EA Sports did a great job with the improvements. I really like the full hit physics engine that makes the game so realisitic. I also really enjoy the goalie improvements because they make the game more realisitic also. I can't wait to see how EA can make NHL' 13 even better. Expand
  3. Nov 8, 2011
    I LOVE the "Be a Pro" mode in this game. Focusing on one player allows you to think about positioning and movement, rather than just trying to make the next pass when you're playing as everyone. It is intensely gratifying to score or get a pretty assist, but it's even satisfying to be on the ice for a simple +. Have played hours and plan to play many more.

    Shot aiming still doesn't jive with me. Maybe it's just the way my thumbs work, but using the same stick that controls skating to aim my shot-- I just end up shooting in the same direction I'm travelling. I turn on auto-aim, but it feels like cheating. I wish there was some third option...

  4. Jun 25, 2012
    NHL '11 was only better because it didn't have the failed "manual passing" set to on. NHL '12 is still a great game with a few option tweeks, I hope NHL '13 can live up to the standards that this and '11 have set. Expand
  5. Sep 17, 2011
    NHL 12 is still on top. For those, like me, who played NHL 11 there a few significant adding, but not enough.
    But for somebody who buys ones
    in a while, this is pretty good game.
    Easports add physics on goalies and goals. In the same way, hits are not always huge hit, it depends most of all with which type of player you doing it (small, tall...). Also skating has been a lot improved, and now I might say that I see the difference between an Ovechkin and Hal Gill. Goalie fights are kind of useless. But now having a boy in front of the goalie really matters, unlike last year which was pretty random, here if you one big Getzlaf in front of you, shoot from the blue line, you don't have much too lose.
    Winter classic is quiet appreciate, but I find Legends pretty much uninteresting, it's only fun in HUT which is pretty much the same as last year.
    The huge difference we can find in modes is the new be a pro, you can start it whenever you want from the first year in CHL to your last year in NHL. Also you can simulate between your shifts which is really appreciate.
    Finally the simulation engine is more realistic.
    I just regret that there is no improvement in the Be a GM mode. The game is still heavy (loading, loading,saving,loading...). But still the same than last year (which was ans still is really good) but very well improved.
  6. Oct 27, 2011
    I've given lots of thought as to why I rate this game only 6 when it's presentation is so stunning. But to sum up that is its best feature as there are countless problems associated with the gameplay itself. If you have not picked up an NHL game for 5 to 10 years sure I highly recommend this game for a year or two,but if you are familiar with the NHL series than you will find some entertainment here but more than likely become turned off and frustrated by many gameplay features that are not well implemented. My complaint with this game is it isn't tuned by the statistics of each player as one would deduce. Instead it is tuned by momentum which pretty much for the most part negates the true statistics of the players. In single player mode it is more often the case that a 65-70 rated team will play better than a 85-90 rated team. The reason for this is there are multiple levels of adjustments to make a fair game both online and offline but this degrades the whole realism of the simulation. Further there are tons of glitches and freezing problems with this game. In addition too much focus has been put into animation and artificial fantasy moves your players make such as falling to the ice or having sticks break which you have no control over. If momentum is set high your entire team acts like Gretzky and shots go in despite your skill. If your momentum is low your entire team can fall to the ice endlessly. When momentum is high shots go in pretty much no matter what because your shot accuracy goes through the roof negating your own player skill and whether you deserve the goal based on your own player accuracy. Likewise when your momentum is low you can have pretty much 5-10 % shot accuracy even if as a player you nailed the accuracy of the shot. Even in front of open nets you can whiff a shot with a silly animation or nail a slapshot over the net in a low momentum situation. So, in sum this game is a toggle of momentum rather than a decent similation of individual player skills. To a new person playing this game I would highly recommend this disc but for those who already played NHL i do not recommend. The focus is too high on presentation and selling consumables and not enough on the actual tactical nature of hockey that is left in the player full control. I want to reiterate full control. Just way too much fantasy stuff controlling the big picture. Further with the momentum engine in place it is easily able to be pimped by those online who want to play cheap and take advantage of engaging the momentum features of this game in their favor. EA has done a very poor job balancing the game and so online play is extremely cheap. Players play a few of the weaker aspects of the game and control momentum and of course destroy you. This is all fine if you are that style of player but for those of us like myself who want to play a game of hockey by position and tactics solely this game is a complete bust in that respect. It's strictly video game in that respect, expect immature people taking advantage of the game then trying to persuade you that you know nothing about hockey. Also, It seems like the online and EA forums are a boys club. All around the presentation of the game is stunning but the rest of this games features screams immaturity. Expand
  7. Jul 1, 2013
    I had the exact same experience as KeirDevou. It's a case of too many features taking away from the joy of the game. For hardcore NHL gamers with great twitch reflexes, who've played all the earlier versions of this game, this is likely as good as it's 86%. For those of you who just like to pop a game in after a day of work and tune out for an hour or so without having to spend half an hour tweaking the physics, or figuring out why the computer keeps deciding to send your passes in front of your net instead of up the sides to your forwards, I wouldn't waste your money on this game. Honestly, I have more fun playing the 99 version on my PS2. But for those who like the double stick feature, then 2008 might just do. Or just buy the cheapest, oldest version they have in the store, and avoid this one at all costs. And for crying out loud, you'd figure they would have cleaned up the kinks with goalie passes by now! Expand

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