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  • Summary: NHL 2K10 redefines the sports gaming experience with a new emphasis on social gaming. Whether you're a die-hard NHL fan or a casual player, NHL 2K10's pick-up-and-play controls, true-to-life authenticity and variety of on- and off-line multiplayer modes promise hours of entertainment for any gamer. Among the new features that will make this the must-have hockey game of the season include: New Gameplay Mechanics - Completely rewritten AI, enhanced defensive controls and stick lifts, stumble shots, a new defensive skating model and new incidental contact and small animation systems. Enhanced Presentation - All-new rink intros for each arena, improved goal celebrations, enhanced visuals, and greatly improved, true-to-life character models, with San Jose Sharks commentators Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda returning with new broadcast commentary. Improved Franchise Mode - NHL 2K10 features a new contract/free agency system, improved roster management, an updated financial model, dynamic player progression, and fantasy drafts. New Franchise Co-op Play - Play a franchise season game with or against a friend on- or offline, or play a traditional game against the CPU. Franchise Blog / Integration - Publish your franchise stats and standings, and upload game highlights and screenshots to your personal page at Enhanced Online Modes - New seamless online integration connects players in Team Up games, tracks your progress with My Player Card, and offers full league, leaderboard, tournament and 2K Share support. Create Team Mode - Create a persistent team with friends by designing your uniforms, developing a unique team identity, and then competing against other created teams online, offline and in Franchise mode. [2K Sports] Expand
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  1. EA's game has grown into the role of the hockey simulation, while NHL 2K has become a better and better version of what hard core hockey fans see as a casual game - lots of scoring. This year is no different, and NHL 2K10 has made some of the most needed improvements while staying consistent to its identity - as a welcoming game that gives us the chance to play like the Ovechkins and Crosbys.
  2. All the usual trimmings are there. [Nov 2009, p.85]
  3. Too many times, it just feels as if you don’t have total control over what’s going on during a match, and the AI is questionable.
  4. 68
    While it does bring some good things to the table, NHL 2K10 unfortunately stumbles on the most important aspects of a good hockey game. Sluggish game speed, unreliable controls, and bland game modes leave the game several steps behind its competition.
  5. 65
    Are you fond of hockey and do you want to play a match once in a while? Then NHL 2K10 is a good title for you. But if you're looking for a more serious game, EA's NHL 10 will be a better choice.
  6. 63
    NHL 2K10 isn't a bad game, but lacks depth. The Franchise Mode isn't developed well enough and it all feels a bit too arcade-ish, which probably wasn't 2K Sports' goal. Slow action on the ice degrades the sense of speed. Graphically it looks good, but the gameplay needs work. Luckily, the online and offline multiplayer helps it a bit.
  7. NHL 2K10 is a great arcade game if you just want to play a around with your friends, but once you get deeper into the different playing modes the flaws really start to show.

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  1. Dec 27, 2013
    I have 2k8 for ps2 despite the glitches and few bugs i love it. The passing in the 2k series is electric. Checking opponents into the middle of next week is fun too. I love this series. Expand
  2. XIIIKsenz
    Sep 16, 2009
    I will attempt to review the game without referencing other reviewers. I have played about 5 30 minute games since picking the game up on 15-SEP-09. Gameplay: 8.5 Graphics: 9 The players look very good and move just as well AI (with default sliders): 8.5 They play as real hockey players do, positioning themselves where they should and even covering for an out of position teammate. Controls: 8 ( allowing for the fact that they are configurable) The only issue I can state i have is occasionally a slapshot will not go off as soon as I wish. Although from what I can tell this may be due to different player rankings. A number of reviewers complain about the style of controls. This is a very subjective aspect of any game. But I will go into what I like about the controls. First and foremost I enjoy the fact that I can use a style of control that suits my style of play and my youngest daughter can do the same. I use Pro controls and the right stick. My daughter uses the lowest settings and buttons to shoot. I love the stick control both with and without the puck. With the above noted delay that occurs occasional when taking a slapshot. I LOVE the fact that the speedburst remains, regardless of what anyone would like to think, hockey players do occasionally change up speeds. The fact that I can also decide when to turn around and skate backwards is also a plus. Too many times when being turned around in other games, I did not want to turn at that point. So overall I have thoroughly enjoyed the game so far. No game stopping bugs like in NHL 2k9 and I hope none surface. Will be giving online a try this weekend and hope it lives up to the hype. Expand