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  1. Feb 14, 2013
    Before saying anything bad about this game, I want to be perfectly clear: this is a good game, it's detailed, it's cured, it's a great JRPG, one of the fewest of this generation, and almost everything works perfectly. Almost, because there was one thing that really put me off during the entire game: the combat. While everything is fantastic in the game, it's probably the combat the part where it basically fails in some parts (and partially, also the story). Anyway, the best parts of this game, are the graphics which are godly and really reeks of the mark of Studio Ghibli (their movies are some of the best japan animations ever), and with also some fantastic cel-shaded graphics that literally destroys the photo-realistic graphics of the latest games. The music is also great and it really becomes remarkable unlike many other games, with bland music and forgettable tunes (and reminds of Studio Ghibli too). The story, while nothing special, is pretty good too...but some characters aren't that great and the last part of the game is obviously a needless filler (since this game was supposed to come from the Nintendo DS version...and it shows). Finally we also get a world map that's FULLY explorable, by sailing and by flying, after a long time of linear JRPGs and similar, and that alone is a great addition for the game since it basically brings back one of the most important detail of a roleplaying game: exploration. And like I said, this game is great, but it's the combat that's basically a bit of a disappointment: you click a command (attack, spells, etc) and during that time you see your monsters (or yourself) fighting for a period of time (you'll see a clock) and then you click again to do the same thing again, while your compagnions are lead by the (CRAPPY) AI...but you still have to give orders everytime and while you can move (and actually avoid damage) you'll still have to give constant orders whenever the clock runs out...again, this is one of those JRPGs that attempts to make an hybrid between a turn-based system and an action based system...and it fails hard., although it's still better than most of recent JRPGs...but after all this time from the nintendo DS release, where the game WAS turn-based,, we get a clearly rushed battle system that was supposed to be a turn-based one (and again, it shows!) and tried to make it more action...and while it doesn't have particular flaws, the AI is still bad and you'll basically do most of the skills and spell, while you'll let your compagnions do the most basic jobs (like healing). This just bothers me because they could've just gone for complete action based, with just one button to attack and such, but instead we still NEED to give orders and wait to give more. Just like a normal turn-based rpg...except it's not. Ok, the fights let you also control by having an all-out attack and all-out defense, since bosses can do attacks that can be dangerous, and the guard is strong. But it still begs the quest "why didn't it turn into a complete action-base combat"...and that's why I'll give it a 9, because everything else works greatly (with just the story having some "hiccups"), but it's the combat the part that highly disappointed me. But even that, it's a great JRPG after all and one of those who finally exploits the power of ps3 by giving us great graphics (and not necessarily realistic), a good story to follow, which seems more like a Studio Ghibli production indeed, and the possibility to explore the game again like old JRPGs used to. If you love JRPGs, you will love this one, and I highly suggest to give it a try. Expand
  2. Mar 6, 2013
    We are 15 again (well, us 30 year olds), we are playing a game which lets us JUST PLAY. Thats it. I hit buttons, my chars develop. I look at a great bid land ahead of me and just walk. KNowing a simple something is there. I am young again.
  3. Feb 3, 2013
    It's just the beginning of the year and I'm already considering this a Game of the Year contender. Ni No Kuni is a love letter to the legendary traditional JRPGs like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Secret of Mana from the SNES days and probably one of the best games on the Playstation 3. From it's breathtaking visuals courtesy of Studio Ghibli, the satisfyingly lengthy playtime, the simple yet compelling story to its traditional yet deep gameplay, it was like the SNES never really went away. If you want to experience the glory days of the JRPG's, then look no further than Ni No Kuni. Expand
  4. Feb 28, 2013
    Ni No Kuni is a gorgeous, warmhearted tale about a boy who departs on a great adventure with the sole purpose of saving his Mom and finds himself engulfed in a mission to save a kingdom. The graphics are beautiful, the characters very lovable and it plays like a (old school) Final Fantasy meets Pokémon (in a good way). You need to kind animals (called "familiars"), tame them, train them and equip them so that they are your champions in the field (but you get to battle, as well, like a wizard-puppeteer of some sort). The map is expanding and, although clearly a game that a younger audience could relate to, this does not mean the game is easy; it can be quite challenging sometimes, requiring some though and strategy as you progress. Throw in a lot of side-quests, funny dialogue and you get yourself a solid jRPG to keep you hook for weeks. I totally recommend it. Expand
  5. Dec 20, 2013
    One of the best RPGs that I have ever played. Ni no Kuni is a beautiful mixture of the traditional JRPG combined with gorgeous graphics, a wonderful story, interesting cast of characters and thoughtful gameplay.
  6. Mar 24, 2014
    It's just so perfect, pretty much to PS3 what Dragon Quest VIII was to PS2. Exploration, catching monsters, gorgeous graphics, charming, brilliant story. Studio Ghibli makes awe inspiring films, I hope they'll make many more gems such as this game, as the line between movies and interactive games continues to blur.
  7. Feb 6, 2013
    FIRST IMPRESSIONS I shall return to review this upon completion. Well I'm 9 hours in have only two familiars and am thoroughly enjoying this impressive JRPG. I'm still currently having my hand held through gameplay with new spells, responsibilities and tools being unlocked as I go which really contributes to the depth on offer here. Ni No Kuni IS an important JRPG because it demonstrates to the Japanese what western players love about the genre and this is being shown in sales and acclaim (though some western critics still stubbornly dismiss the gameplay and combat as dull). Personally I have always loved turn-based combat, and whilst the FF series lost this when square soft merged to become square-enix through awful ATB, Level-5 bring it back via Pokemon and form something that's fast, fluid and not a chore. Battles come and go so quickly that there's no tsk when an enemy forces you to engage. What's even better is the fact that if you grind for a while enemy encounters will generally lessen because the enemies no longer attack and instead will attempt to flee from a confrontation. This is a much welcomed move which really refines the combat and any qualms modern gamers may have with it. In terms of story, Ghibli has not been watered down that much, providing a fantastic coming-of-age tale that comes off as touching and mature. The cutesy animation may put players off, but for those who have always enjoyed Ghibli's output (myself included) there is really no excuse not to pick this up. The characters of Oliver and Mr Drippy are fresh, vivid and more importantly relatable, and the dialogue exchanges are humorous as well as informative if you're getting overwhelmed with the gameplay information. You're even provided with a pokedex type journal which allows you to view all the creatures you'll come across in the game, which includes video animations and information which can aid you in defeating them. Couple this with side quests aplenty, a beautiful world map to explore, towns with talkative inhabitants and some the gorgeous animated cutscenes and you have the recipe for the finest JRPG since Disgaea (just my opinion). Expand
  8. May 4, 2013
    This is a great jrpg. Took me 55hrs to complete. This is a Pokemon style game. Don't play if you don't like jrpg or Pokemon. But if you do this is worth any amount you pay for. Don't let the childish art fool you. This is a hard core jrpg. Fair warning you need 40+ 70mp pots before you enter the Ivory Tower or you will not beat the game.
  9. May 2, 2014
    This game gets bonus points for not having every single character being a spiky haired whiny little b*tch. Kudos there, I guess. Starts off a bit slow as far as opening up the combat, but once it does it is a fun ride. The cartoon graphics are sharp and the writing is better and more touching than your standard cliche' and/or nonsensical sh*tty RPG affair. If you like RPGs, certainly give it a shot. 8.75 rounded up 9. Expand
  10. Dec 5, 2013
    When you pick up ni no kuni for the first time you don't know what to expect, a childish pokemon remake?, a repetitive Jrpg?, Or a generation defining game with depth and beauty to spare?
    Well if you haven't already played it, it's the latter.
    I Loved this game, I wish i could give it a higher rating then 10 to set it apart from the other tens I've given.

    Prepare yourself to be
    immersed In ni no kuni's rich story and game play, as this game takes you to worlds you could never imagine.

    The length of this game is nothing to scoff at with the main story easily taken upward of 40 hours and with side quests bringing that upwards of 100.
    If you have patience and appreciate story and artistic design ni no kuni is a game that you'll regret to miss.
    And now only $10 Usd on the psn store you have no excuse to delay playing this wonderful game!
  11. Oct 20, 2013
    The best RPG I've played in a long time. Really well done, storyline was excellent. Worth a try. Never get bored with so much to do in the game with sidequests etc.
  12. Feb 4, 2013
    Ni No Kuni is one of the best JRPG'S I have ever played. Combining Studio Ghibli's incredible imagination with Level 5's polished and fun gameplay mechanics, Ni No Kuni feels like the JRPG'S of old while revitalizing a dying genre. It feels like Dragon Quest VIII (a personal favorite), mixing elements of Tales, Star Ocean, and Pokemon into one pot of pure bliss. And man, how I've missed an overworld!

    The story and world sucks you in right quick, creating a sense of charm and wonder right from the get go. The opening is a tear-jerker, creating a sense of desperation and sympathy for our hero, Oliver. More than anything, Studio Ghibli's incredible ability to create such unique and real emotion in such with their animation is one of their strengths, and combining that with Level 5's sincere approach to the story, it works like magic. Right away, you meet Drippy, one of the most incredibly charismatic and lovable characters to ever grace a video game. The writing and script is top notch, filled with hilarious dialogue and wonderful characters (that feature some of the best English Dubs of any JRPG translation that I've played).

    Battles play out like a synthesis of Tales meets Pokemon. You gain control of familiars, small creates that have attributes (sword and shield, tank, fire, etc.) that do your fighting in battles. You can also take control of Oliver to command him to use various tools such as the ability to use items, heal, and run. Battles begin fairly simple with you fighting one to two monsters, but the progression exponentially increases and by no time battles become chaotic affairs that will test your wit and reflexes. The combat is incredibly addicting, rewarding constant interaction and movement on the battlefield. One of the best features is the real time aspect of the battle system. If you command your familiars to attack, defend, and use tricks (or special abilities) at the right time HP and MP orbs fall from your enemies, offering a quick heal. It sounds like a simple mechanic, but it keeps you constantly engaged while in combat, offering a fun, fast paced and exciting tug of war against your enemies.

    Story telling is, to put it simply, reminiscent of Studio Ghibli. A hero going on an epic adventure to save his kingdom, healing the people of the land of their broken-heartedness, all while trying to save your mother sounds, walks, and talks just a Ghibli presentation shoud. NNK can be enjoyed by a younger audience, but the elements here are consistently dark and mature, which comes as a major relief. Keeping it spoiler free, the game engages you quite well. It's a simple yet emotionally effective story that grabs you right away.

    Also of note is Joe Hisaishi's majestic, sweeping, and beautiful original score. Frequent collaborator with Studio Ghibli, Joe was (gladly) offered to compose the score, and man is it incredible. The overworld theme is still reverberating in my head as I write this. It captures the moods with gorgeous melodies and memorable themes. It allows you to explore and enjoy an already tremendous achievement all the more. They seriously need to release the PS3 soundtrack, because this is as good as JRPG and video game scores get.

    And speaking of outside influence, Studio Ghibli made a significant contribution in the art department. There are original animated cut scenes produced by Ghibli themselves (namely Momose) which are wonderful (especially in HD!), the monsters are original and cute, and the gorgeous colors used in the backdrops provoke the imagination. Everything is here, and it feels like Ghibli production combined with Level 5's JRPG mastery in full force.

    If there are any complaints (and these are minor grievances) it's that the draw distance is nothing to write home about. On the world map you'll see mountains "peel" in in the distance, and foliage in more graphically intensive areas obviously pops in as you walk through the areas. I also have experienced one or two werid glitches in which I had to restart the game. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is sincere, wholesome, and most importantly FUN entertainment that might just be the last push the JRPG genre needs to get its legs again in a predominantly "bald-space-dude-marine-bro" controlled market.

    Part homage to JRPG's and part fan service for Studio Ghibli lovers, it's hard not to like Ni No Kuni. If you love RPG's/JRPG's, this is a no brainer. If you love Studio Ghibli, this is a no brainer. If you've been looking to jump into the genre, you won't get a better chance. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a steroid shot to the imagination, giving players freedom to explore one of the best adventures this console generation. It's a masterpiece that won't soon be forgotten.
  13. Feb 12, 2013
    Awesome game if ever there was a perfect game for our time it is this one. I for one am so sick of FPS, as I imagine most other people are right now, that this beautiful JRPG seems even more new and vibrant than it might actually be. The story is good and did I mention the art design is beautiful? Wow, enjoy everybody this is 40 to 100 plus hours of pure heaven for gamers.
  14. Dec 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have played it for about 6-8hours, something like that, and I must say, this is one great RPG. I have a few issues with it though: The respawning of enemies will end up sending you into a lot of fights you would rather not have, especially in the beginning, and it can be quite tedious, they should either remove the respawn or lengthen it considerably, for my taste. The abilities you use in the world, outside combat, are all cool and I like the ideas behind the spells and abilities, but, at this point, it feels like they are too coincidental (oh this dude needs some enthusiasm, oh look there is someone right next to the person with alot of it), and that kind of diminish the feel of it a bit.
    Also the Gateway spell seems weird, in the beginning it is stated that it needs a lot of space to be cast, but after the first time you can pretty much cast it anywhere you want (haven't cast it anywhere yet where I was told it wouldn't work).
    Could do with some more voice acting, the ticking sound of the letters being typed in accordance with the characters mimicking the words is annoying, would be preferrable if it all was voice acted. The voice acting when it is there, is excellent.
    The graphics are good technically, it is definitely not an ugly gem, but the true pleasure comes from the games aesthetics. If you miss the old hand drawn cartoons and would like to play a game that look hand drawn, this is it. I for one find this very charming, and very different.
    I hear that it is very long, and I dont think im even 10% through it yet, so you will definitely get your moneys worth of entertainment. Story wise it seems, so far, to be a pearl, so that will keep you entertained throughout.
  15. Dec 8, 2013
    For RPG fans this game is a must. Superb visuals and music, very charming and special. The characters are fun and the main character is just cute. Only drawback, like every RPG game, is the combat grinding. But that's the whole point, so get this game if you like games like Persona 4.
    Oh, and the British accent is weird but at least humorous.
  16. Jan 22, 2014
    Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch brings back the old and familiar elements of the RPG genre and puts a coat of new and refreshing paint on it. The story of Oliver going to another world to find a way to bring his mom back to life is a touching and inspiring story for the game. You meet a lot of interesting characters on the way, but the most interesting of the bunch is the first one you meet in the game, Drippy. The game play is 100% a turned-based RPG with a little Pokemon mixed in. You go around the world doing missions, fighting enemies, and collecting familiars to fight along side you on your journey. The game might seem easy at first, but you might need to level grind every once in a while. The game is also really long, if you want to see everything the game has to offer, it is around 60 hours of RPG goodness. The graphics and art style of the game are its unique qualities and stand out against the other RPGs that come out today. Especially the animated cut scenes are beautiful and I wish there were more in the game. Ni No Kuni brought me back to my younger self when I played games and all the joys of just exploring a wonderfully crafted world and having fun. Expand
  17. Mar 23, 2014
    Really addictive JRPG. However the story and sidequests are really childish but everything else is top notch. The combat feels great and the monster capture will keep you playing for a while !
  18. Feb 5, 2013
    I'll try to help to those gamers that are thinking about getting it. And excuse my english, please. All about graphics and atmosphere it's already said, but you really have to consider this game as a gift for the old school RPG players.
    The game starts slowly, even a little boring for me, but it increases the pace little by little the same way you take care about the characters and story
    and fall in love with the world around you. The game proposes a lot of interesting bosses, secondary missions and some situations which aren't common nowadays. For example, how many years have passed since you play a game where in a new city you can't buy every new weapon and item from the shops. I even died a couple of times agains the same boss and I use to grind a lot, that was a nice surprise for someone who hates the actual tendency of game's difficulty, challenge-reward values.
    My point is, the game looks simple and easy due to its graphic style, but is an absolute masterpiece that can be enjoyable for a ton of hours, and you should!
  19. Feb 6, 2013
    So far I really like this game. Im not a fan of a JRPG genre so I must agree with some complains here especially the repetitiveness or strange controls of the combats (three buttons to use defend? Come on...). But otherwise it is a great game. It has beautifull graphics with amazing atmosphere (just the 2D cutscenes could use bigger framerate). The story is heartwarming. And I love the attention of the details (Wizards Compantion book, etc). This game is like definition of a term "High production details". There is so much executed so well, you will gladly forgive few shortcomings. Expand
  20. Jan 23, 2013
    Ready for the perfect review? Beautiful art, amazing score, wonderful story, extremely deep battle system and an overall level or charm that is unmatched. I went to bed thinking about the characters, woke up thinking about my "familiars" and I have spent the day counting every moment till I can go home to play some more. If you like RPG's this is a perfect game.
  21. Jan 22, 2013
    Like playing DQ8 all over again, but even better. Such an excellent game. Nice story, balanced battle system, open-world exploration, and classic JRPG feeling (and the option for original Japanese voice acting is always a plus). Highly recommended for every JRPG aficionado.
  22. Mar 30, 2013
    Wish there was a 9.5 rating. This game is just like one of hayao mits movies. Its like playing one of his movies. This game doesnt sell out with a season pass or little micro transactions. No. This game stays true to jrpg criteria. They keep the action there, it really never gets slow, the story is amazing and the music /backgrounds are breath taking. They found a way to inadvertently put Pokemon into this game and it was fun as hell till the end. This game deserves the credit for the amount of work put into this game. A definite buy to all lovers of his movies and a amazing experience for someone who loves a traditional jrpg. Expand
  23. Feb 1, 2013
    After playing this game for what I feel a sufficient amount of time, I can say that while not perfect, Ni No Kuni is easily one of the best JRPG's to come out during this generation, and will likely stand as a classic in the same vein as the earlier Final Fantasy's or Dragon Quest games. I won't go into heavy detail about the graphics: in short they are beautiful. Anyone who looks at a screenshot can easily see that. For me the single greatest acheivement of Ni No Kuni is the story and the way it is presented. I'm the first to admit that I'm a heartless cynic, and I started this game with no small amount of eye rolling and groaning in regards to the dialogue and direction that this game seemed to be heading in. That changed very quickly however, and while this games story is presented in a similar way a childrens movie might be, it is done intellegently and so masterfully that my blackened heart had no choice but to care and sympathize with Oliver on his travels. I legitimately cared for the characters in this game, something that I rarely do. The gameplay may seem simple and repetitive to start, but once you allow the game to open up you will find a highly polished and refined battle system and find yourself intentionally getting into battles just to experience. The soundtrack is well produced, but fair warning: the battle theme will begin to grate on you after some time. Overall, this is truly a great game and fans of JRPG's or just good games in general should check it out. Expand
  24. Feb 1, 2014
    I had never really been a fan of JRPG's until I played Ni No Kuni. I was interested in the game due to the affiliation with Studio Ghibli (who I am a massive fan of). From the moment the game loads up and the title screen appears accompanied by the magical soundtrack composed by Studio Ghibli composer Joe Hisaishi , you can tell this game is going to be special.

    The story follows Oliver
    who along with his Fairy companion Mr Drippy (a creature with a lantern attached to his long nose and a Welsh accent) as they travel to Mr Drippy’s world on a quest to save Oliver’s Mother from the White Witch and her second in command Shadar. Along the way they meet a cast of colourful characters, allies and enemies across a massive world, towns and many challenging dungeons. The combat is tight and works perfectly. The battles are fun and at times extremely challenging. They play out kind of like Pokemon battles as you collect creatures called familiars who you can level up and use in battle. There are many to find and tame across the world.

    The game has a terrific story quest which is exciting, funny and sometimes extremely moving. The end had me and my seven year old Daughter in tears. The bosses are imaginative and really fun to beat. And the cut scenes are beautifully drawn.

    The biggest joy for me was wondering around a world straight out of a Studio Ghibli film. The graphics are absolutely beautiful. The attention to detail makes you feel as if you really are in another world. The soundtrack throughout is stunning. The game takes around 100 plus hours to complete and do all side quests and bounty hunts. By completing these you are heavily rewarded. And even after the main story is completed you still have tons to do.

    I could go on and on about how genius this game is. Just play it, you will not be disappointed. I really hope there is a follow up or a re-release on the PS4. This game is truly magical. It is a great memory to share with my daughter and we still go back and play hunting for Toko Toko and levelling up familiars even though we have beaten the whole game.

    A true masterpiece.
  25. Jan 28, 2013
    I wasn't too sure about this game. I got 4 hours into it and wondered if I had made a mistake dropping 60 bones and not waiting for a price drop. I pushed through it for a few more hours based off of story alone. About the 9th hour, I was hooked. I learned the benefits and rewards of countering and defending. This game has it all! Story, graphics, and gameplay! I hate JRPGs, but this should be given a chance by anyone who even casually considers themselves a gamer. Don't be fooled by the nature of the game. This is NOT for kids when it comes to difficulty. The game is deep and takes some thought. If you try to rush through it (like I did at first) the game will punish you. If you pick this game up, dedicate yourself to experiencing it fully. This game gave me a reason again to use my PS3 for something other than a bluray player. Would I recommend buying a PS3 for this game alone... Yes! (Because you get a great bluray player as well as one of the best games ever made.) IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY PLAYING IT and you are bored, give it a few more hours and you will love it! Expand
  26. Apr 7, 2013
    Well, I finally played it, and it is hands down my favorite game I've played this year. I thought Bioshock Infinite would be the high wtarer mark of the year, but NNK just became my favorite. Really takes me back to that sense of wonder and discovery that I havent experienced in many, many years. Wonderful, simple, complex, beautiful, deep, fulfilling.
  27. Jan 24, 2013
    I was not entirely fond of the demo for this game. I feel it wasn't very well explained, and I felt I didn't get a good enough taste for the story. When the game came out I decided to give it a whirl on a whim since I was always a fan of jrpg's as a kid. It was one of the best video game decisions I've ever made. This game is amazing. If you own a PS3, buy it. Support more games like this coming out. Great story, great graphics/cinematics, fluid gameplay and controls. Intense battle sequences. Great orchestral score. No complaints at all. Masterpiece. Expand
  28. Jan 29, 2013
    Just an amazing title. It plays to the strength of what JRPGs used to be. It used to be about exploration and incredible characters, not linear wannabe movies. Ni no Kuni is an exceptional game for the PS3, and if you're on the fence, you should be ashamed of yourself.
  29. Feb 13, 2013
    Bought this for my wife, and she seems to really like it. Aside from an annoying tutorial, if you love any classics like Princess Mononoke, or Howl's, you'll love the direction and story in this game.
  30. Feb 10, 2013
    Just finished it, and without giving spoilers I can safely say that you'd never feel stuck doing the same in this game. It constantly changes and will always feel fresh, with a paste and mechanisms that throw away that grinding feeling you get from other games from time to time. It starts off as rather strange "child-like" game, and gradually become more complex and appealing to adults as well, with beautiful music worthy its name. The improvement curve continues through the entire game. This is the best game in JRPG genre since Final Fantasy 7 in my view, and could in short be called a mix of FF, Pokémon and Harry Potter, and I for one have no love for the last one mentioned making the top score even more impressive. Expand
  31. Jan 28, 2013
    This is my grandson's first RPG, and ,of course, he delights in the traditional elements of exploration,
    discovery, combat, progression,etc. Yes, it's enchanting; the art direction is stellar! For me though, the virtues of love, courage, enthusiasm, kindness,etc. that Ni No Kuni instill are so humane and wise in their teaching. This is too rare in any form of entertainment, but because
    gaming is uniquely
    interactive, the experience becomes even more memorable and profound. Indisputably, this is art
    in its most exemplary and sublime form. Too often, gaming is dismissed as mindless violence, but it
    is capable of soaring to so much more.
  32. Aug 30, 2013
    I got the collector's edition with the Drippy plushie. This is a really good game, it's like Pokemon mixed with one of the "Tales of" games. Combat is fun, the collecting aspect will drive many completionists. My only issue with the game is that the story is somewhat predictable (though still enjoyable).
  33. Feb 18, 2013
    Ni No Kuni combines the talents of Level 5 and Studio Ghibli to create one of the most interesting JRPGs in years. The story revolves around (our hero) Oliver who enters another world with his companion Mr. Drippy. The two worlds are connected, so if Oliver doesn't save the day in Mr. Drippy's world, then both worlds will parish. The gameplay is mostly standard JRPG fare, you'll meet interesting people, gather allies, go to different places and resolve different problems. The game takes classic JRPG elements, adds in a touch of Pokemon-esque monster catching evolving. The combat is live action and relies on a combination of cool-down and MP for magic. Each character shares their HP and MP with their familiar. It's an interesting system and with over 250 familiars to catch, provides a lot of depth. There are a lot of small facets to the combat and the familiars that really add depth to the game. Visually, there's little to be said of the game. The game looks just like an animated film and the hand drawn scenes done by Studio Ghibli are simply stunning. Musical score (besides the battle theme) perfectly compliment the game and the voice work is amazing. The game is well done but is plagued by a number of poor decision on the developer's part. You only control one character while the other two are controlled by the AI, which is terrible. You have minimal options to dictate what the AI does but regardless of what you select, the AI is almost always irrational and often becomes a huge burden during most battles. The game also offers a huge world and lots of quest, but the slow travel rate make most of the quests very tedious. After 22 hours (just past the half-way point), you get a quick travel and flight ability back-to-back. ARG!! They should have given you quick travel much earlier (like after 10 hours)!! There are also parts of the story that feel tacked on... because they were. The PS3 version of this game added on a lot of story element's to the original (Japanese only) DS release of this game. These additions to the story definitely stick out and results in an really poor "real" ending. Post-game, you get a lot of additional quests but they're very tedious (back tracking, item farming), give lackluster rewards, and do not add anything to the story. These are just some of the more notable issues but the others are not as annoying. However... with all of that said, I couldn't help but enjoy the game for the most part. It will test you patience at times and irritate you, but Ni No Kuni is a visually stunning game and provides for a deep JPRG experience. Expand
  34. Feb 14, 2013
    Finally! I have waited a very long time through all this generation for a true JRPG! It took so long, but now Ni No Kuni makes me feel like when i played Chrono Cross back in PSOne. It's truly awesome, the gameplay, the plot, the characters, all fits right in place! I'm very happy, there's still hope for the JRPG style!
  35. Feb 25, 2013
    An awesome JRPG that gets its inspiration from old classics like the "Pokemon"-series and the "Final Fantasy"-series. The Game is about a boy named Oliver whose mother dies, leaving Oliver all alone. As he grievs over his mother's death, a fairy named Drippy is awakened after having lived with Oliver for several years as a stuffed toy. Drippy is from another world where everybody from Oliver's world has a person that they are connected to, som sort of soulmate. Drippy tells Oliver that he might be able to resurrect his mother by rescuing her soulmate, a Great Sage known as Alicia, from the Dark Djinn Shadar over in the other world. They set out on a marvelous quest that takes Oliver from one magical place to another. I can start by that this is a game of really high quality. I have to say that I had really low expectations of this game at first, but after having played it for a couple of hours I could not let it go. The story, the characters and the gameplay in the game is very well-developed and likeable. Its beautifully animated graphics also deserves to be mentioned and praised. If you enjoy RPGs, this is a game that you should not miss out on. Expand
  36. Jan 28, 2013
    Rouge Galaxy was one of the best RPGs I ever played which was made by Level 5 and they have done it again .. What a fantastic game! This is clearly the best Jrpg beside Xenoblade .
  37. Aug 25, 2013
    Ni No Kuni...Where were you when I needed you most?
    It's months after months of nothing but a mindless now-unbalanced glitchy Battlefield 3 syndrome ruining my health both physically and mentally.
    Always been waiting for a game to widen my gaming perspective than just Shooters and fast cars then here comes Ni No Kuni to the rescue 7 months after the release i finally found you...
    get to point then...NI No Kuni is an awesome JRPG game that is beautiful,compelling,fun,touching,super lengthy (as any JRPG should be) surprisingly accessible yes it not what you call no-brainer from the get-go but it's accessible enough for anyone new to the genre that willing to try something new and out of their comfort zone.
    And yes i'm completely new to Role playing genre let alone a sacred JRPG genre so i'm not gonna comment on the gameplay turn based RPG stuff but i can tell you i thought i'm gonna get bored but i wasn't i just want to keep playing it!
    Soundtrack is simply epic and beautiful goes nothing dull nothing over dramatic.
    I'm not gonna spoil you with any characters or story i'll just say that if you're into something that is simple,effective and down right cute then this is game is for you!
    I can go on and on how good this game is despite it's my first JRPG game let's just say this game simply "Give Heart" to me and the hope to the Japanese gaming scene and even give the faith in the hope of a brighter future of gaming without too much "guns in your face"
  38. Feb 9, 2013
    The game is not for everybody (though I think it has far wider appeal than most games, nowadays--I mean, what percent of the general population would like to sit down and play a "murder simulator" [and I say this as someone who plays FPS games]). Having said this, you will love this game, if the following applies to you:
    - you like the trailer you like JRPGs (when done well),
    especially: if you admire Studio Ghibli and enjoy their works. It also helps if you don't like playing the same game, over and over, but rather believe that novelty has a value all its own. This game is unlike anything you've played. It's like a game adaptation of a Studio Ghibli production, while keeping the best aspects (great voice acting, production values, an orchestral score featuring the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, etc.), and "gamifying" the rest. This game is, for those who are likely to appreciate it, magnificent. Expand
  39. Jan 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is a wonderfull game with only 1 glaring weakness so ill get that part out of the way first. I love the main character and his awesome sidekick. The cute childlike art to themand the townsfolk as well.HOWEVER tge enemies being cute and lovable looking steals from the concept of tge story. You are a young boy thrown into another world forced to fight evil in order to both save the world and hopefully your mother. With that in mind making him young with childlike art really drives home the idea that your doing something extreme for a young boy. But then you see these monsters thats supposed to illustrate just what leangths hes going to aths age to do something good and them being super happy and ultimately childish looking enemies steals away that feeling that your doing somethong amazing and brave and replaces it with all the tones of a disney junior show for toddlers. The enemies are often goify looking with big smiles and other features that make you wonder if there going to fight you or cuddle up to you at night and it kills the epic feeling of your journey and replaces it with the feeling that youre lost in a 5 year olds dream. This game coukd have easily kept the childlike art for everything else but made a darker more sinister look for the enemies trying to stop you.

    Now on to the good. Presentation- this game is beautiful. Fantastic traditional style anime cutscenes give life to the already wonderfull and colorfull world. The voice acting is never cheesy or overdone and the story gives you all the justification you need to play as a child desperately trying to fix something important to him. Gameplay-this is a true rpg that will make all fans of the rpg riddled 90 go crazy for. World map towns npcs items gear stores and a more traditional combat system reminding you a little of pokemon mixed with classics lije chrono trigger help turn this game into a dream come true for all those who where horribky dissapointed in what recent final fantasy titles did to remove rpg from there rpg title.Ni no kuni is an rpg with all the elements we loved from those games brought back in full glory. Story-not going to ruin it but its full of fantasy and good enough that noone should have a complaint Combat- you are in a time based attack system allowing you to run around cast spells on your turn or just attack but using your familier is the key. They are summonable creatures who fight for you. They lvl up gain new moves and so forth. Some are melee experts and somehave other usefull skills. All in all its a traditional combat system with a sprinkle of the pokemon aspect to add depth and it does so very well. Verdict- this is a must own for all those who love the traditional rpgs of the past. Wonderfull graphics great voice acting good story great combat system and all the rpg element the ff13 stole from you are all here and better than ever. Dont let the cute monsters hold you back its only 1 retarded aspect of an itherwise perfect return of jrpg to those of us who waited so long for a new one. Ni no kuni is a must own
  40. Jan 22, 2013
    I picked this up at midnight and I was amazed by nearly every aspect of the game so far. The story is beautiful and heartbreaking so far. I am really enjoying something that square enix forgot about and that is EXPLORATION!!!!!!!!! New gen RPGS are just hallways or sandbox games. This really brings back memories of psone style RPGS when you can explore a world map. I have 100s of games across psone, ps2, ps3, psp, dreamcast, saturn and wii. And even though I've only played Ni No Kuni for a few hours. It is by far the best jrpg NO best of any rpg this gen for sure. Doesn't matter how it ends I've had more fun with the first few hours of this game then 100s of hours spent on others. This game needs to be a best seller so game designers will stop making every game with guns. Don't get me wrong I love killzone but FPS is getting OLD!!!! I hope this brings new life into the game industry that has been costing on crap for too long. Expand
  41. Jan 23, 2013
    Did you miss the epic Japanese RPGS of the PS1 PS2 and snes days? then this game is for you, this along whit Xenoblade, valkyria chornicles and Last story are on par whit the best JRPGs of the past and the best WRPGs of today like skyrim or mass effect.
  42. Feb 19, 2013
    This has got to be the best PS3 JRPG. Story, Graphics, Gameplay, and Voice are all spot on. I hope developers learn something from this and try a little bit more on how things should be done.
  43. Jan 25, 2013
    This is the best RPG of this generation! Simple saying, it's more than incredible, from the art style, to the combat and story, it's simple amazing and one can put it side-by-side with the most loved RPGs of all time, like Final Fantasy VII and Chrono Trigger. Yes, it's that good!
  44. Mar 16, 2013
    This is the RPG I've been waiting ages to sink my teeth into. Great story, gorgeously rendered landscape with a fully explorable world map, and fun things for you to go back to once you've finished up the main story. The characters in this game are all memorable, even if one of two of them run the risk of being slightly two dimensional. You capture monsters and evolve them to assist you in battle, and there is a HUGE variety of them. Sick of other games that give you auto-combat, and maybe 10 total items per game? Yes, this will remind you of 'the good old days'. I would easily call this the best console RPG in years. Expand
  45. Nov 10, 2013
    I just bought this game from psn, and played a few hours, but i can certainly tell you that this is the best jrpg, of this gen, magical and emotional history, super graphic quality, and you always want to play more and more, not like other new games that if you finish a chapter wanna go to sleep, the sense of magic with the magisterial music of japan symphony, if you love the true feeling of games this is your true election Expand
  46. Jan 25, 2013
    Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch could possibly be the Chrono Trigger of this generation. In the sense of being memorable and as a classic. Great all around.
  47. Jan 22, 2013
    if you had a mild interest in RPG's, this game is a MUST PLAY [and even if you dont, this is a game that almost anyone can pick up and enjoy]. Story? Fantastic. Gameplay? Familiar [no pun intended] but still fresh and fun. Animation? GREAT. You havent seen something dedicated so honestly and well done in a long while. If you are even slightly curios to play this, please PICK THIS UP. You will have a great time :) Expand
  48. Dec 7, 2013
    A masterpiece of story telling. It provides a dash of unique gameplay with a solid base rpg we all know and love. When i started playing this my mind went wild as if i was a kid again exploring a new land with new people. The only things I can see them improving is adding a skip battle scenes and victory dances because it can be annoying if you just like to kill stuff. All that aside it still is better than any game i've played this year... The artwork/graphics is just simply amazing and such a pleasure to watch I do not know how many people have walked by and are like what are you watching. It's very hard to bring cartoons into gaming but Ni no kuni seems to do it flawlessly and to that it deserves a perfect score. Expand
  49. Mar 6, 2013
    Ni No Kuni is one of the finest RPGs I've played in some time it's fun and challenging and really draws you into its big, beautiful world. The story is simple and moving and the artwork, from Studio Ghibli, is breathtaking. The real-time combat is reminiscent of the Star Ocean series, while the exploration reminds of of Dragon Quest or vintage Final Fantasy. There haven't been a lot of great console RPGs this generation Eternal Sonata is the only one that comes to mind and Ni No Kuni is just the game I've been waiting for. Much like Chrono Trigger, I can see myself coming back to this game every year or two and playing it through again just for the sheer pleasure of it. Expand
  50. Jan 25, 2013
    This game is great if you loved Level 5's white knight chronicles there are a lot of similarities in side questing. However the art direction and character design is excellent very Ghibli. The story can best be described as heartwarming. I know what your thinking...lame but this is coming from someone who enjoyed prototype 2 and just throwing people off roofs TMI? If you miss the glory days of RPG's checking this one out is a must. Expand
  51. Feb 21, 2013
    You know that feeling when you listen to the intro theme and you think „Let's get it on!!“?! So I felt playing Ni No Kuni. Ni No Kuni is a superb RPG and even the best one of the PS3 era. The game's world is harmonious, the music wonderful, the game is designed lovely, the characters make you smile and the dialogues couldn't have been more cuddly (Examble: „If the brain sleeps, the legs gotta work“) and there is even a lot to explore. You simply see the influence of former „Level 5“ Games, such as Dark Cloud Chronicles, Rogue Galaxy and Dragon Quest VIII. It has some flaws though, the NPCs could've been a bit deeper and the Quests are somewhat repetetive. But after all Ni No Kuni is the last year's best J-RPG and was just a joy! Expand
  52. Jan 27, 2013
    Wonderful. I don't understand how any website could give this a bad review. This game is gorgeous, emotional, challenging, addictive, and satisfying. I think people have been pampered by easy games and don't understand the concept of a "real hardcore" RPG. If you have even the slightest interest in RPGs or Miyazaki, buy this now dude!
  53. Feb 4, 2013
    I don't usually throw out 10s, infact this is the first ten im giving, and im proud to say that this game definitely deserves so!! Its so good that im surprised everytime I look at the metascore to see 86 out of 100, for this game does so little wrong. It basically is perfect in every aspect, from graphics to story and should of gotten a higher rating for I feel that it should be a game that competes for goty!! even with titles such as god of war, bioshock, the last of us, sly cooper, dead space, crisis 3, fifa 14 and more, I feel that it would take a miracle for this game to be beaten for game of the year!! Then again, all these titles are more then capable of doing so, yet I feel that this game is special for its storytelling and gameplay bring a different view on how games should be played, and it is the epitamy of legendary gaming!! I really hope this game is remembered for a long time for it is a wopper!! and I highly recommend everybody to buy this game for you almost certainly will enjoy it!! Expand
  54. Jun 14, 2013
    Absolutely amazing game. I have never played a jrpg before but this game was amazing. Great story and lots of stuff to do after u beat the game. Easily got overt 100 hours in it.
  55. Apr 20, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's been a while since I've played game I've enjoyed so much. I put this in my gamefly just based on ratings. It wasn't even one of my higher rated games but they sent it to me anyways. I wasn't too happy when I first started playing it but as I progressed, I fell in love rather quickly.

    The game play is phenomenal from the battles, to the errands, to capturing different familiars. Each area is varied with different familiars to collect and different bosses to fight. I can't really put to words how amazing this game is. The story makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and the characters keep you entertained. Classic, old school JRPG. The game has a pokemon type feel to it where you can explore many different areas and capture different monsters.

    There is one thing I found annoying, however, in this game. When you are in a battle and cast a spell, it can get canceled if an opponent or one of your teammates cast a quicker spell (spells with cutscenes). Very annoying when you are trying to steal items. Otherwise this game is as close to perfect and polished as any game you will play. PICK IT UP AND ENJOY!
  56. Jan 28, 2013
    This game is outstanding. It's an RPG that stands out more than any other to date on this current gen., and even rivals the old greats from the SNES/PSX eras. This game's story, visuals, characters, and all in all depth is insanely detailed and polished. Well worth the $60, almost a steal at that. The combat is a cross of what feels to me, FF 12 meets Dragon's Quest and Pokemon. Which is in no way a bad thing. Expand
  57. Jan 22, 2013
    AMAZING GAME!!! First game in a while I actually feel IS WORTH THE 60 BUCKS!!! THANK YOU STUDIO GHIBLI AND LEVEL-5!!!!!! If you have a PS3 BUY THIS GAME if you don't have a PS3 get one and BUY THIS GAME!
  58. Feb 4, 2013
    Ni No Kuni has some faults, but its visual display, its actual child like sincerity, and unexpected quirks have a firm grip on my unexpecting heart. It’s a world where children can save the world, not everything necessarily needs to be stated, and magic is not only powerful but visually beautiful.

    Following the usual rounds of the hero’s path we find a young boy named Oliver sitting in
    small city America acting all cute and adorable to everyone in town. He’ll pick up food for his mother, help his best friend mess around with strange secret contraptions in the hopes of achieving some simple childhood dream, and will find ways to not tell lies while still doing things he probably shouldn’t. Disaster strikes, Oliver almost dies, and his mother saves him at the cost of her own life. Oliver finds himself alone, miserable, close to broken hearted when his best friend Mr. Drippy a doll) is suddenly brought to life and exclaims that Oliver is a wizard. Only the pure hearted could have undone the curse that Mr. Drippy was apparently entrapped in, then asks Oliver to enter his world to hopefully save everyone because he is now the chosen one.”Ollie-boy” is then sent on a journey, a journey that if the cards are played right will save Mr. Drippy’s friends and hopefully save Oliver’s mother with magic to spare. With wand in hand Oliver casts a magic spell to enter a world filled with wonder and whimsy. The world of Ni No Kuni.

    Before I started my magical adventure I decided I would need an army or a really good team. With “Ken Grify Jr.“ in hand along with “Hulk“ I began scouring the Kingdom of Ding Dong Dell for any items or monsters that could help me attain my perfect magician destiny. Sadly I lacked the ability to capture any monster I fought, but a lemur was given to me before I entered the first dungeon… I decided to call him “Wesley Snipes”. So with Ken, Wes, and Hulk in hand I set about saving the world. Ding Dong Dell’s King, a delightfully over sized cat has sadly been cursed in a similar fashion to Mr. Drippy, he has become “broken hearted” as in a piece of his heart has been stolen by the great Dark Djinn Shadar. Ollie-boy whips out his wand with spell book in hand and does a quick spell to take the overabundance of heart in one of the kings subjects to repair the damage done to his holy meow-ness. The king then stands up immediately and decrees he has a gift for Oliver a wand, which was the reason as to why we came here to begin with) but will need to fight the Mouse King in order to obtain it.

    This is a game that was made for children, we are just lucky enough to enjoy the ride. The more complicated tones of any modern RPG have been confusing us all for years. We can never truly understand why any of it is going on or why it is that everyone is talking about lightness, darkness, or their overabundance of weird crystals. Ni No Kuni I think chose to skip all of that nonsense and decided to focus more on making sure that the game itself actually works. We travel the world, watch Ollie-boy heal some hearts, play a few fun hands of platoon, face some great evil that is harming the land, then hope everything will turn out alright for Oliver and his new found friends. While I wish some of these more subtle details had been further explained or stated because I guarantee they have them written down somewhere it is not a game breaker when compared to how much in this game Level 5 managed to do right. Ni No Kuni is an actual world filled with hilarious characters, memorable quests, and actual moments of excitement. Perhaps Studio Ghibli next time around should be given control over the story along with the animation, but none the less Ni No Kuni is the best Modern Day JRPG.

    For the full review check us out at :
  59. Mar 20, 2013
    "Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a masterpiece of art, music & story. It beautifully flows with stellar production values, terrific voice acting & one of the most addictive gameplay structures I’ve had in recent years.

    The characters are memorable, the villains are flawed & relatable but best of all is this is an adventure that celebrates the JRPG genre unlike anything this HD
    Generation. It’s the perfect storm of a game, I haven’t had this much fun with a JRPG since the golden years of Final Fantasy VII, IX & IV. If you’re looking for an adventure in gaming, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is for you.

    It’s perfect in almost every way, I adore it."

    Read my full review:
  60. Jun 24, 2014
    I picked up this game just on a hope that LEVEL 5 was back to making good games and that Studio Ghibli's involvement was a blessing. I was completely correct.

    As soon as I started playing and watching the cutscenes I noticed the Ghibli flare. Everything about it screamed Ghibli from the art style to the voice acting, but I didn't think that could keep up in the gameplay. Boy did it
    ever, everything from the buildings to the ground to the sky looks hand drawn and onderful. Especially when you are exploring the hometown and cities throughout the game.

    Once I delved into gameplay I noticed it was similar to Pokemon, but an added twist. It was more complex to me in a way, but also very relaxing. I spent almost a hundred hours playing this game and not for one second did it feel repetitive or boring.

    The story is pretty unique, I mean the characters are very set and standard but the way it unfolds is entirely it's own. This game was never too hard either, there was only one time I felt a little baffled as to why I couldn't beat someone and that was one of the hardest enemies in the game.

    The game doesn't feel childish either, just like Ghibli films, it evokes a sense of wonder and awe. I really don't know what else to say about this game, the gameplay, style, atmosphere, art, story, characters are all just great! It reminds me of my childhood as well, which is extremely inviting because not many things can. Buy this if you are open to new concepts, but in at the same time familiar that are set in a wonderful world!
  61. Jan 22, 2013
    I must say it is a wonderful storytelling with a nice gameplay never seen in a J-RPG from playstation 3, it makes rememeber the golden era of the J-RPG from psone.
  62. Apr 11, 2013
    As soon as I found out that this was a collaboration between Level 5 and Studio Ghibili, two of the greatest designers in their respective fields, I assumed this would be a fantastic game, and I was not wrong. I only have two minor gripes with this game. The first is that this game is basically Dragon Quest. I genuinely don't see any major differences whatsoever between Ni No Kuni and Dragon Quest. Ni No Kuni is simply a better version of Dragon Quest. My other gripe is that the English-speaking voice actors are UNBEARABLE. I had to play the game in Japanese with English subtitles it was that bad. But aside from those minor issues, this game has wonderful soundtracks, overworld designs, cutscenes and I quite enjoyed the battle system in this game, despite what most other people seem to be saying. An easy 9/10. Expand
  63. Apr 27, 2013
    Not just a good JRPG, a great RPG. Even though the game's combat system take a bit of work to get used to it's fairly simple (like a more slightly complex Pokemon game). I'm about 10.5 hours into the game and I have enjoyed 95% of it. PROS: The story is great (not my favorite). The English voice acting is well done (could be a little better). Graphics are good. SO much to do. CONS: The translation for the text seems a little off (not sure if done on purpose or not). I don't know why/when it decides to be text that you have to read, them speaking but in gameplay mode, or a just a smooth, well put together cutscene. These cons are very minor and should NOT prevent you from getting this game. If you have a PS3 and love JRPGs (or RPGs in general) GET THIS GAME! Expand
  64. Jun 11, 2013
    Ni No Kuni made up for the latest surge of nasty final fantasy games i usually prefer turn based rpg like FF9 and FF7 however this game manage to make real time strategy work for me and to put the game into terms for people wondering what it is welsh guy pokemon good story replayability def worth 10 and tbh more if i could
  65. Jan 27, 2014
    Although I haven't played this game to the end, I must say that this is an extremely good game! So far I have played a little over seven hours, and that time has just passed by as if it was only an hour. Firstly, the graphics are perhaps not over the top, but the artistic value of this game makes everything worthwhile. Second, the story and the lore of the game is something that I fall deep into every time I open the in-game book and I can easily use 30 minutes in there. Thirdly, the gameplay in itself is perhaps not as original as one could hope for. But, if you like Pokemon and Spirited Away you're gonna love this game.
    All this together makes an experience that is so extremely refreshing and entertaining. I can't stop playing this game and I actually have to set an alarm for when I need to stop playing (sic!). I would recommend this game to everyone; kids as well as adults!!!
  66. Oct 20, 2013
    Ni no Kuni is an example of fine art, there a lot of things to do in the vast universe of this game. 80 hours of adventures, with amazing music and sensibility. Presentation: A amazing story, full of emotive moments, excellent interface and a great menu. Graphics: Stunning, the art is incredible, highly detailed landscapes, cities and characters well designed. Gameplay: the great feature is the liberty of the combats with a tons of customization and options, however there are some little problems with the allies, but nothing important.

    Sound: Nice music form Tokyo's philharmonic orchestra, great voices and sound effects

    Endless appeal: A true masterpiece, this game is amazing, You don't get wrong, this game is not only for youngest people, is for adults too. I have 29 and I enjoy the game.

    Ni No Kuni is a masterpiece with 80+ hours of gameplay and at the PSN store is available only 20 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you have a PS3, then you must play it, What are you waiting for?
  67. Jan 29, 2013
    This game is a treat, it is like a wonderful blend of Pokemon and DragonQuest IX. It has the familiar collecting and evolving of pokemon and the wonderfully campy humor and exploration aspects of DragonQuest IX....wrapped up in a lovely anime movie.
  68. Jan 22, 2013
    amazing! ni no kuni is a true JRPG of new times that gives the genre justice. it gives you a beautiful story and gorgeous visuals all the while giving you a depth game play system. if JRPG's have been on the low as of late, then ni no kuni is one you will want to play to ignite the JRPG flame!
  69. Jan 15, 2014
    The only thing keeping this game from being a perfect 10 is the fact that your party AI is atrocious, and will get you killed through means outside of your control. That's the most frustrating experience in the game, but fortunately, you can usually solo your way through tough fights if you're good enough, making the problem negligible in the grand scheme of things.

    Otherwise, it's a
    modern masterpiece. Far superior to the Final Fantasies of today--it's as though the torch has been passed, and all it took was a fresh set of eyes and hands to produce the kinds of games that we thought could never be again. Expand
  70. Oct 14, 2013
    In the wise words of Yukko, "Super ultra great delicious wonderful." Is everything that describes this game. The amount of detail put into the animation can be seen from every aspect. Running to walking up and down stairs. The hidden codes in the games own lettering system. The incredible story that had me crying 30 minutes in already. Studio Ghibli is beyond incredible. Best 20$ I have ever spent. An extraordinary battling system. Amazing voice acting. This game is a great reason for owning a PS3. Expand
  71. Dec 27, 2013
    Amazing game! Beautiful graphics, great music and interesting storyline. I'm really happy that you can choose original voice acting in japanese. Love it~!
  72. Mar 6, 2013
    This game is real tidy like, flippen heck mun anyone who eint like it must be broken hearted. Don't worry Ollie-boy will sort em out, but not without the help of the lord high lord of the fairies o' course.
  73. Jan 23, 2013
    Normally I don't play a game all the way into the night on a workday but I did for Ni No Kuni. The story, polish, combat, difficulty, mechanics are all very well executed. The game also introduces all its mechanics as part of the natural logical story progression and as the mechanics and story expands the game is very engaging. With the the Studio Ghibli art direction and music Ni no Kuni is a top notch game. Expand
  74. Mar 2, 2013
    A real masterpiece. I love JRPGs, but this one is truly a gem. The story is wonderful, touching, masterfully written and beautifully told. The game is great, ever changing, with a fantastic world to live in. If you love JRPGs or manga/anime you really can't lose this gem. I bought the PS3 only for this. It's gorgeous, it's poetic, it's an unforgettable masterpiece. Thanks Level 5.
  75. Mar 18, 2013
    Arguably the best JRPG this generation. The inventive mix of real-time and turb-based battle is engaging enough to keep you going through the 50+ hour story (which is surprisingly tragic but very well executed). The soundtrack is amazing, the art style is on par with classics like Wind Waker, and the locales are beautiful. The biggest fault I have with Ni no Kuni is the slow trickle of gameplay mechanics it introduces. Expect at least 10 hours before you're given full freedom. Otherwise, it's hard to pinpoint many flaws with the game. Expand
  76. Jan 23, 2013
    Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch has been the sole reason I bought a PlayStation 3 again. I had very nasty spat with Sony's warranty department, and I cut all my ties with the company product wise. However, after see the demo of Ni no Kuni at a friends house I could not stay way the visuals, sound, and story and gameplay were nothing short of amazing. Being an avid jRPG gamer I thought this was going to be one of those soulless run of the mill jRPGs but I was never so wrong in my life. Call me shallow, narrow minded, or plain American but this is one of the most beautiful games you will come across any platform. I would describe this game as a mixture of Zelda/TheWhitcher2/DarkCloud2/DragonQuestVIII/FinalFantasy9. I know that may sound a little bit on the crazy and broad side, but its not a simple Tales style game where its all Japanese anamai with flat flat textures. This games simplest environments are so rich I spent 20 minutes in the first segment watching the shadow transitions I know I have a problem. A close friend of my who is in the industry says that is a very strong singe of quality at least in the visual department, and thereafter I saw nothing that wasn't just better than the thing before it. Sound... well its on par with FF3,FF7, and FF8 need I say more?

    Story has been an utter surprise for me to be honest. It starts with a strong visual the loss of a young boys mother, and not to spoil whats ahead it is truly a instrument that will drive you to battle your way through boss battle after boss battle. To me the game play has never been so well blended with the Story the sidekick Drippy is the best videogame side kick ever, and I mean it he is the Robin to Batman the Biden to Obama you can not go with out him. When ever there is a portion of story delivered there is a mechanic involved, and its not a silly one time use and move on, but rather its a tool for the entire adventure. Needless to say they do not just keep throwing stuff at you but rather spread it out well. I highly recommend this game to any jRPG, Zelda, The Whitcher, or heck story/plot driven fan. Combat, crafting, and everything in between it explain very clearly and you wont feel lost or overwhelming. I had only a few minutes to write this review and my poor writing shows, but I hope you can see my passion, love, and desire to share this game with as many as I can and to Level 5 thank you, thank you very much.
  77. Mar 15, 2013
    I had become calloused and cold-hearted towards JRPG's over the years where the last time I remember enjoying the genre was FF6 and Chrono Trigger back on the SNES. Ni No Kuni is defiantly in my top five favorite JRPG's of all time and potentially takes the top spot in my heart. While the combat is real time turn basted it mixes up the formula in a way that makes combat fun so even grinding never feels like a chore. The story is well written and the characters are lovable. Also while the game dose a fair bit of hand holding I found some of the puzzles to be actually engaging. I could go on, but if any part of you ever at any point enjoyed a JRPG then pick up Ni No Kuni because it's a classic and probably one of the best in years. Expand
  78. Jan 30, 2013
    Ni No Kuni is a triumphant in the modern state of gaming. Gone is any shoehorned in online or dlc, you get the complete package from the start. The game is simply gorgeous, with superb ingame graphics, stellar audio, tip tier voice acting (english and japanese) and high quality ghibli goodness cinematics. The game is just fun to play, igniting a sense of happiness and wonder while playing. You could just leave the menu running to hear the music. This is a game worthy of buying a ps3 for, its just simply flawless. If you like rpgs you need to own this game, if you like the game journey you need to own this game, if you love studio ghibli you need to own this game, if you love orchestral scores you need to own this game. Just buy it! Expand
  79. Jul 8, 2013
    Having played this game through and being an enormous fan of the genre, I rate this game a 10 because it is a marvel. I'm an enormous fan of Studio Ghibli, and the artwork was spectacular. The story was definitely fun, and all of the tasks were rather enjoyable. However, the reason I give this game a 10 is because it REALLY gets going once you finish the main story-line. I absolutely love it when games have fulfilling "after-game" aspects, and Ni No Kuni really did a good job here. I won't give anything away, but what I can say is it is very worth it to play this game out, I enjoyed every single minute of it. Expand
  80. Jun 22, 2014
    Despite the controversy with Namco and the wizards edition scandal, and having to wait two years for a proper English port of the game, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch arrives! The game came out early in 2013, finally got the time to actually sit down and put in 50 hours of time to beat the game, which is standard at this point for JRPGs. Ni No Kuni has a mixture of emotions from gamers. Seems to vary between people loving the game naming it one of the best JRPGs they have ever played, or others just thinking it is an okay game. Haven’t come across anyone who passionately despises the game yet though.

    Ni No Kuni is based on a story where a young lad name Oliver comes across a pretty serious tragedy that changes his life. Oliver then goes to another world in which he hopes to reverse the tragedy that has happened in his world there, while also helping this other world with the perils it is going through. Pretty standard for JRPGs if you ask me, boy has to save the world from big bad evil and spoiler alert, he needs to have some big bad weapon to do it. However, there isn’t anything wrong with staying with the standards set of blueprints of typical JRPGs, and in fact Ni No Kuni’s story is one of thee best if not thee best part of the game. The story is a story we can all relate to, and may even give some nostalgic memories of childhood with dare I use the word “cute”. Despite Ni No Kuni being cute, it is no kids game. In fact, the story is actually rather dark and sinister. In addition, the story has some interesting twists, some that I didn’t really fully suspect until right before the end. The side stories of the various side characters “Drippy, Swaine, and Esther” are also very well written, and there are even more side stories than that! The voice acting dialog and writing of the game are top-notch, and at points funny with characters like Drippy and Swaine.

    So the story is good, it should be something you expect from a solid RPG honestly. How about the gameplay? It is very similar, if not an extensive rip off of Pokemon. You catch familiars “Pokemon” train them and evolve them with large amounts of sweets and then fight with them. It is quite surprising that all my familiars did not end up with type two diabetes by the end of the game, because holy **** eating 10 sundaes, chocolate bars, ice creams, pies, or cakes will never end well. Not to mention, the whole concept of leveling your characters with these damn sweets is awfully tedious and time-consuming to give them the treats one by one. Course, you could just give them the sweets that have more fullness, but I have other things to buy then just making these sweets to evolve them. It got to a point where I just stopped evolving them because the whole task just got so cumbersome and took forever. Despite barely evolving them, the game was very easy. I only had some troubles with about one to three of the regular bosses, and then had quite some trouble with the very last boss. Other than that, I played the entire game on normal and had no problems doing much of anything. About half way through the game, you get a spell called travel that makes matters only worst for the games difficulty. Essentially, travel is the fast travel of Ni No Kuni. Once I got travel, the game went so much faster, which was something it didn’t need because it was pretty damn easy already. Others have claimed they never had enough MP or always ran out, and for some reason caffeine must be scarce because Coffee costs a fortune at 1,000G or so eventually. I never really used the spells, and still had no problem. The one I did was Oliver’s healing touch, and that only took 3 MP per cast. There is a whole thought out system of weaknesses and strategy and all set for you, but didn’t use any of it as I didn’t need to. Many people I have seen complain about the battle system and the battle UI. I had no problem with it, and quite frankly liked the battle UI.

    The second complaint I had with the game was the whole concept of errands. All the errands and such are repetitive, to the point where they use the same characters. Most of them involve finding someone with a broken heart and then mending their heart. I don’t really want to explain the whole concept of the hearts, but essentially it is a “take this from this person to this person” type of situation. At first, they had some variety in Ding Dong Dell with errands, and then post-completion they had the variety they needed during the game all along! Errands however, are still worth doing despite being awfully linear and boring, as they remove the grind from the game “for the most part, I still did some grinding at the end”, give you the majority of your funds, and supply you with neat bonus attributes by turning in your merit cards you earn from doing errands for a reward of attributes that may boost the xp gained per battle to boost the loot of battles and much more.
  81. Feb 11, 2013
    One of the most amazing and refreshing gaming experiences I've had in years, just such a joy to play.
  82. Feb 15, 2013
    The game is awesome I can't think any bad about this game, maybe the some of the quests are boring (as was in Xenoblade as well) but overall 10/10. This is one of the rare games which made me almost cry and I am 28 years old! The game make me feel like I am back in the good old 90's! Highly recommended for everyone especially for JRPG fans.
  83. Jul 15, 2013
    One of the best games I've played in a long time. Excellent story, dynamic battle mechanics, AMAZING art style, and PLENTY to do. I'm 65 hours in and the time has flown by. Only reason it doesn't get a 10 from me is because of the grinding that is often necessary to advance through some parts of the story. Aside from that though, it's by far my favorite game of 2013.
  84. Mar 21, 2013
    Must get this game, it is kewllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  85. Feb 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. *Warning: SPOILERS* Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the Witch is the greatest RPG I have played in a while. One problem i have with the story is how Shadar just severs his connection with Oliver's soul in the end. There is no hint to this at all and thus it never occurred into my mind. What I expected after was another appearance from Shadar and assists Oliver against Cassiopeia or against the Zodiarchy. Expand
  86. Jan 22, 2013
    The ultimate collaboration between two of the most loved JRPGs, Pokemon and Final Fantasy. Explore till you can't explore anymore; capture more than 300 Familiars (similar to Pokemon); take on the hours and hours of side-quests; fall in love with a story that's sure to warm even the darkest of hearts; gaze at graphics and scenes that will stop anyone in their tracks that manages to glance at the screen; and best of all, throw yourself into a battle system that will feel like a breath of fresh air (reminiscent of a Tales game).

    Truly a game that should not be missed by anyone that considers themselves a fan of video games and RPGs.
  87. Jan 23, 2013
    Slow start but picks up nicely. The visuals are so beautiful. I entered a zone and the music had my hair stand up and a shiver ran up my spine. The voice acting could be more professional but overall it is still pretty good. The dialog had me laughing - video games rarely make me laugh.
  88. May 5, 2013
    I tend to avoid JRPGs nowadays because they tend to be boring and very tedious. This wonderful game changes that completely. Very solid writing, the best graphics this generation and great gameplay does all the difference.
  89. Jan 2, 2014
    I'd give this a 9 but thought I should balance out the 0's. The game is great. Like many have stated, the main downside is the terrible human companion AI, but really, it only bothered me slightly.

    Love the story, the art style, and the gameplay. Easily in my top 5 JRPG's.
  90. Jan 27, 2014
    Okay, to start off, Ni No Kuni is an amazing game...for the genre. It's one of those games that is really hit or miss depending on your gameplay preference. For a JRPG, it's visually stunning and truly brings what. Studio Ghibli has generously offered for years, which is a little special attachment you feel with the characters . The story is well written, though some aspects of it are childish and the game seems childish . For example, your main partner pretty much walks you through the same things (only some things ) endlessly. As for some who say they don't like the gameplay, it is not a fast paced action FPS. It's a JRPG, like FF. If you liked Final Fantasy or still do, this games play style will really speak to you. On to the actual game play review : It's an enclosed area that throws you and an opponent into a fight and it really has no super hard tactics. You can have up to three Familiars, which are beasts who you can eventually collect. Your human partners are not the brightest and as stated before, do not defend. Your MP ( magic or mana points and HP (health points) are critically the heart of all battle systems. If you play as the main character and run out of MP against a hard boss and you're done. But I think this adds to the difficulty and satisfaction of finally beating that one boss you're stuck on. Most games today are missing that feeling of childhood innocence and some difficulty. The music and monsters alone are enough for anyone to fall in love , and with anime cutscenes you can't really get much more Ghibli in a game. All in all , this may seem like a game for around ten and under, but it really can be enjoyed by anyone. With some minor profanity in the Japanese subtitles, it may seem offensive to some parents. It isn't bad though, and I doubt the English dubbed version has swearing . But this game doesn't need blood or swearing to make it fun, and I love it . So for any. JRpG fans or newcomers, I highly recommend this and for its in depth story, soundtrack , traditional gameplay , and moving characters . Expand
  91. Feb 8, 2014
    Ideal para jugar con un pequeño a tu lado, es como una pelicula de los estudios ghibli, no hace falta casi subir de nivel, farmear, que no lo soporto, todo radica en tu habilidad para combinar tus personajes, hechizos... Y bueno, es que es precioso, para llorar.
  92. Jan 22, 2013
    I had huge expectations for this game and I was not disappointed, I have not played my Playstation 3 in about 1 year now because recently every console game has been really awful. Thank you level-5 for giving me hope in console gaming again. Beautiful game, everything is polished you can tell great minds worked on this piece. I wish more games like this would come out, I absolutely love JRPGs and this game is exactly why. Everything is simply perfect, the animation, music, absolutely beautiful. Thank you Level-5 and Studio Ghibli for this masterpiece. Expand
  93. Jan 22, 2013
    Don't listen to the naysayers this game is not just for a child. It is quite possibly the best jrpg of this generation and more entertaining than anything squareenix has dished out lately. The graphics are top notch. Prob the best celshaded game I've seen on ps3. The music is also nice and the cg is in a class of its own. I wont get too much into the story but that is also nicely done. The battle system is like tales of and pokemon mixed. Switching the monsters in and out of battle also reminds me of 13-2 a little. Familiars can evolve twice was they get to a certain level and you have great mobility in battles. This game seemlessly blends turnbased and realtime combat into what is nothing short of a masterpiece. The world map is similiar to the playstation final fantasy games and is highly detailed. You can cast spells later in game that build bridges and other things to get to areas you previously couldn't go. If you love jrpgs you owe it to yourself to try this. Expand
  94. Jan 27, 2013
    not a fan of these types of games but gave this a shot and so far great game. mature story, simple yet challenging gameplay starts easy but definitely becomes more difficult. 15 hours in. honestly this game will have me try out other games in this genre with out being bias towards them. i say give it a shot and hopefully you enjoy it like i'm doing
  95. Jan 31, 2013
    Game is awesome. It borrows many properties from great jrpg games and invents new ones.This game is a great to play. Story is good and goes on in great speed. Battle system has good variety and tempo. Monster collecting is one of many great addicting qualities. If you like long jrpgs, good stories, great and vibrant graphics and smooth battle systems, you will love this game. It is really the best jrpgs of this generation. Drippy is fun character 4 real Expand
  96. Jan 22, 2013
    Part of me wants to say that what Level-5 has done in Ni No Kuni is innovative. That it's an entirely new and unprecedented concept. However another part of me knows that this is the game that Square was supposed to make one day. It has everything that made me fall in love with video games in the heydays of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, plus all the right elements of a modern day rpg. The relatability of this game's simple and heart warming story vividly throw into focus everything that is wrong with the convoluted and downright bazaar themes of other modern JRPGs. There are no spiky hair cuts, feminine men, or ridiculous costumes to be found here. Just good old fashioned fun and narration wrapped in a visually striking bow. Expand
  97. Jan 23, 2013
    If ever there was a perfect game for our time it is this one. I for one am so sick of FPS, as I imagine most other people are right now, that this beautiful JRPG seems even more new and vibrant than it might actually be. The story is good and did I mention the art design is beautiful? Wow, enjoy everybody this is 40 to 100 plus hours of pure heaven for gamers.
  98. Feb 16, 2013
    When Studio Ghibli teams up with a game studio, you know that an unprecedented masterpiece is about to unfold. And Ni No Kuni is without a doubt the sole game that has touched me, made me laugh, drove me to tears, filled my heart with warmth and awe, and contains just a speck of that power you feel. I have searched, amongst the bombastic and formulaic sequels and fluff today, for something cathartic and special. Never have I had an experience so perfectly crafted. The characters are endearing, the aesthetics wonderfully enthralling, the soundtrack mesmerising and beautiful (Joe Hisaishi guys!), the storyline epic, the combat potent and satisfying. As with any game, there will be the occasional niggle and bug (I got stuck in a bush for three seconds), but none are game-breaking. This is a game to be remembered in the game annals. This is something truly special. And in our current state of the video game industry, the word special really does find its place in every gamer's heart. Expand
  99. Feb 5, 2013
    [This review was completed at 55 hours into the game) WHO SHOULD PLAY THIS: Story lovers. JRPG Fans. Miyazaki Fans. Children. Emotional Gamers. WHO SHOULD NOT PLAY THIS: Fast Paced Gamers. Those with a low tolerance for rote tasks. THE DOWNSIDE: Ni no Kuni is a slow paced, highly repetitive menu system, real time combat RPG. It is slow, methodical, and requires hours of extra effort (grinding) in order to get the whole experience. THE UPSIDE: This game is a masterpiece. It uses 20 years of tried and true gaming concepts to create a web of clever systems. There is Crafting, Grinding, Character Growth, Collectable-Evolvable monsters, Side quests, vehicle travel, targeted shooting, puzzles, cyphers, and a half dozen other systems to fill your time. For a game that is child friendly (and can be beaten, top to bottom, by a child, on easy, with no bells and whistles) Ni no Kuni offers a wealth of depth to the seasoned gamer. It is beautiful, emotional, clever, funny, and deep. It is the finest RPG to see public hands in a decade. And anyone who says the JRPG is dead should be watching Level-5 with anticipation for theory myriad of other titles, (hopefully) soon to come stateside. Play it, love it, and be willing to put 100+ hours into it. It's worth it. Expand
  100. May 3, 2013
    Back to my childhood games, where the games were magical, for all ages, I never felt that feeling since many years ago. Now Ni no Kuni has captured that feeling.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 89 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 89
  2. Negative: 0 out of 89
  1. Ni No Kuni offers players an experience unlike almost any other RPG. At once, you are transported back to the innocence of a childhood filled with monsters, magic, and mysticism; but at the same time you find yourself immersed in an emotional story about a protagonist dealing with his innermost emotions.
  2. Apr 11, 2013
    The entertaining battles and the resolutions of plot threads as the game progressed toward the final credits were worth paying the cost of a slow start to the gameplay. This is a game that we'll be talking about for years to come, and I'm happy to have played it.
  3. Apr 1, 2013
    Despite the delayed journey to the West, Ni No Kuni is definitely a title you should at least give a chance. There is a demo up on PSN that you can go ahead and download, and once you get used to the combat system and mechanics of the game, you’ll be treated to an adventure like no other.