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  1. Apr 21, 2012
    This was my first time playing a Ninja Gaiden game and I think the series has a new fan especially if the other games stories are this fantastic, as a person who was just recently deciding whether to get back into anime or not this game helped my decision as it brought back all sorts of memories of some of my favorite ones mostly do to the plot and characters, the game is constantly throwing insane moments at you that will have you saying OMG THAT WAS SO COOL!!!!!, the gameplay kinda reminded me of the PS2 Devil May Cry games but with less polish and a lot more repetition, throughout it's story you'll mostly be doing the same thing throughout, clear out room climb wall, clear out room jump off building, clear out room slide under something, ect. ect. it's still fun but I wish there was more variety, and it also packs some surprisingly fun multiplayer, and some ok co-op missions, and features Playstation Move controls, in the end it's good but not great, but I do still recommend it even with it's flaws, but there are better options out there, maybe you should rent it instead of going out and buying it right away, still it's a fun albeit flawed experience. Expand
  2. Mar 27, 2012
    With a new development team and a few plenty of changes, I think Tecmo eventually killed Ryu Hayabusa, seriously. I thought this was going to be the best Ninja Gaiden yet until I haven't heard anything about why the gameplay and the controls just aren't improving that much. I want a real Ninja Gaiden game like a third Sigma game, although I've played the best Sigma 2 game in the series. No items, no story-based campaign through past games, and no upgraded weapons. I think it's about time for a reboot and let the fans know who Ryu Hayabusa is. Sure, he's from the Dead or Alive series. But I don't want to see him unmasked in a bad way. I don't know when Dead or Alive 5 will be coming out soon, but I'll probably wait till E3 this June. Ninja Gaiden III is a forgotten game and one of the worst hack n' slash games of this year, so far. Fans will be so disappointed and probably still I'm saving some money for Lollipop Chainsaw on June 12th. Expand
  3. Mar 28, 2012
    Not as bad as what people says..but I do agree with some of the reviews out there about the game losing a lot of its mojo. Ninja Gaiden 3 feels off somehow.The first two are great because they transplanted fighting game aesthetics and controls to what is essentially a 'brawler'. Mash any buttons in Gaiden 3 and you will always get impressive results. Yet it has the best camera control of all the 3, with no confusing blind spots. Nevertheless, while not necessarily a bad game, Itagaki's gaidens are so much better and cooler. Expand
  4. Apr 12, 2012
    I have played ALL Ninja Gaiden games, even on the NES. Coincedentally the 3rd installment for the Nes was the worse one out of the 3. The reason why the 3rd version of the NES sucked was they changed things like the jumping etc... And it was wayyyyyy too hard, not hard in the good way, but cheap hard. Now the 3rd Ninja Gaiden for this gen is the total opposite, the game is TOO easy and more for casual gamers. All of us hardcore gamers are getting shoved into a corner. Next gen systems will probably be even more for casual gamers. Think I'm crazy, but I blame all this on the Wii. The Wii is for casual gamers, and almost everyone bought one, and is selling more than X360 and PS3, so now Sony and Microsoft notice that there is more money in casual gaming as opposed to hardcore and even gaming developpers picked up on this so they are trying to be more casual. Now WTF is up with this QTE stuff? QTE hasn't been cool since Shenmue, why use it in this game? Every game I play these days insults my GD intelligence, why not just have the games play itself? It's a slap in the face to all the hardcore Ninja Gaiden fans, that paid money to have a Ninja Gaiden experience, but instead got a game like duck tales. Casual gaming is getting horrible, it' getting to the point where you just have to start up your system, and you get an achievement for it. I guess it's to make the retards feel like they accomplished something. Another thing is a lot of games are trying to be like CoD, and I'm sorry but CoD sucks too, and takes no skill. I always thought games were suppose to be a challenge, why play a game if it will not challenge you in anyway? There is no such thing as gaming anymore, it's just all about money now. What the devellopers dont realize is, is it's the hardcore gamers who got them where they are today,and how do they repay us? With crap like Ninja Gaiden 3.

    F-U Gaming...
  5. Mar 23, 2012
    Ryu talks too much, was my first complaint, and from there things just continued to snowball in a never ending series of barely enjoyable adventures. Granted Ninja Gaiden 3 is a much more accessible entry than usual, and the added multiplayer is a step up from Sigma's Co Op, but in its journey to gain national acceptance it has lost much of the charm that made Ninja Gaiden so enjoyable in the first place. So lets summarise; the plot is daft, the gameplay is basic but very functional despite the obvious lack of weapons, the game itself is just long enough but lacks the challenge it is known for. If it was any other game I would have enjoyed it, but this is Ninja Gaiden and I expected much more. The most disappointing thing is that, at select moments, there are signs of the Ninja Gaiden of old. Unfortunately those moments are lost in the sea of 'meh' this game drowns you in. Rent it or skip it, I doubt you'll be impressed with it. Expand
  6. Sep 11, 2012
    Ninja Gaiden 3 is nowhere near as bad as the earlier reviews made it out to be. Graphically its as detailed as it ever was and looks every bit a triple A title. The new combat which is what disgruntled a lot of the series fans while nowhere near as good as the original sword play is a change and works in places and makes for a good playable game. in other places things like the kunai climb are that clumsy to pull off it really doesn't belong in a game of ninja gaidens previous quality . For the main part its a highly enjoyable vicious slasher that no longer requires as much skill to play. Bosses are now a mix of hack and slash plus QTE moves. there is no longer a proper upgrade system or any treasure boxes ,store or for that any collect-able pick ups to find. And there fore you have a limited choice of weapons . Multiplayer was added but already the servers are empty apart from the random ninja encounter. there are online solo or co op challenges which are good enough. keeping the choice of Japanese or English voice over was good. as is the ninja cinema (replay viewer). Over-all not great but still a good game. Worth playing if you missed it. Expand
  7. Apr 8, 2012
    WHOA, Ok, dont take my word for it, but this is probably going to be in the running for the worst and most disappointing game of 2012.The title on the box says Ninja Gaiden 3, but this is just a huge step down. Somewhere Itagaki is sitting in his chair sippin Champagne and Laughing at the poor reviews this game has gotten, and it rightfully deserves them. Team ninja without Itagaki is just lost. This game is repetitive as hell, and there are Quick Time Events everywhere. And did i mention only one weapon, like is this real cause the Ninja Gaiden i know supplied us with new weapons, FOR FREE. Dont play this there is sooooo much better out there. Play the other games in the serires and you'll be satisfied Expand
  8. Apr 9, 2012
    This is a game I rented after the many negative reviews, I'm glad I did, such a disappointing experience here, decent graphics, decency hack and slash, button mashing pad wrecking game, here lies a flimsily created game, theirs little skill here, lack of moves, and a repetitive dragon special. Annoying enemies, no exploration, no weapons apart from a sword, and a bow. Multiplayer hmmmm ok let's not go their. Expand
  9. Apr 3, 2012
    Not sure why everyone hates this game so much. It had better locations than all previous NG games and the additions of slo-mo kills and a better save system make this a much better experience than games past. It does NOT have a lot of replay value if any, but it was good--it was easy though... Maybe too easy to be given the NG name. Even though it was less ninja and more button masher, the game still was a blast and kept me playing to the end. Quit hating! Expand
  10. Apr 1, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. You may notice that Ryu is a lot slower and clunkier than previous which takes game play a hudge step back. The vast array of enemies that NG2 and Black boasts is gone, as is the uniqueness that comes with each level. Boss fights are also an embarrassment, ranging from generic robot spiders to probably the most laughable T-Rex I have ever seen in a game. There is also one point where the game literally rips off God of War, having you fight waves of enemies on the arm of a giant boss fight whilst looking for weak spots, although unlike God of War said boss fight is an untextured, lackluster encounter. A stripped down arsenal only heightens repetition, as when you clear an area of enemies the game throws the same bunch of enemies at you before you can advance, as if it is saying "Here, now do it again!", this breaks the flow of the game as you find yourself in the same area for lengthy period of time. Not that people flock to Ninja Gaiden for the most riveting story but, the plot, cut scenes and dialogue are all so embarrassingly written and the back stabbing that surfaces from one of the characters would only of been shocking if it hadn't happen. Moments where Ryu clutches his arm in pain and slowly attacks each enemy feel suffocating and leave you open to severe blind-siding. All in all the game is a trashy step back from the table which previous installments set. Expand
  11. Mar 20, 2013
    DECEPICIONANTE: toda aquela violência forte, sangrenta, toda aquela dificuldade, morte a cada 3 minutos, totalmente esquecida em NG3. Um jogo fraco, ruim, porém não o pior jogo do mundo, só mais um e bem fácil.
  12. Mar 26, 2012
    While Ninja Gaiden 3 maintains good quality action hack'n slash game mechanics, fairly ejoyable cenimatic action and design, it lacks the sense of progression its predecessors had, like the upgradable and variaty of weapons. Yet, the addictive button smash combos are a lot of fun to go around. Plot twists are predictive, AI is annoying to the point that suicidal actions towards you might occur from time to time and the level of rediculousness might not really surprise you as much as how fluid its gameplay is. Expand
  13. Mar 26, 2012
    If you like the Ninja Gaiden series there's a good chance you will like this game and an even better one you will spend all your time whining about what it's not (the original) rather than what it is (a passable attempt at a action-heavy reboot). The combat is especially solid and I have yet to grow tired of slicing my through legions of sobbing enemies. Sure, it's a step down from NG1 and 2 but I give it points for trying something different. How many different game franchises today can we say that about? Certainly not Mass Effect, Modern Warfare, Assassin's Creed, Halo, God of War, Uncharted etc. If this game was called Ninja Destruction or something similarly random I think it would be considered a cool if excusably flawed action experience on par with something like Ninja Blade more than the first two classic Ninja Gaidens. Bottom line: underrated. Ninja Gaiden 3 is a fun if not deep experience. Expand
  14. Sep 8, 2012
    No decapitations, DLC weapons, easy combat and overall **** graphics. And thats just the start, i wouldn't even pay 1 dollar for this mess of a game if i knew what i was inn for ! They totally raped and shafted this series with Ninja Gaiden 3 "We want you to feel how it is to cut someone" they said. Yea cant say the feeling is there when you cant even **** decapitate anybody!! The only feeling i have is disgust, bring back Itagaki and make him make a proper game like Ninja Gaiden game next time or consider this series dead! Expand
  15. Mar 20, 2012
    So awful! I don't know how or why this happened, Tecmo really screwed up beyond belief on this one, which comes as a major disappointment to me considering the fact that I have always been a fan of the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden fan. No joke, stay with the old Ninja Gaiden, Amazingly even the original is a better looking game if you get the PS3 version. If you've already played through that, get Ninja Gaiden 2. If you have played through that, then tough luck, as Ninja Gaiden 3 is a broken mess of a game. I can't get over how bad this thing is, I thought for sure there's no way it could disappoint considering how much I enjoyed the original 2, but sure enough they found a way to screw everything up. Avoid by all cost unless you want to be disappointed. Expand
  16. Jan 28, 2013
    So the makers of Dynasty Warriors decided to make a Ninja Gaiden game....No. Just No.
    The game's design feels like they took an unfinished Dynasty Warriors game, added better glossier graphics, cliche-ridden writing (though it SCREAMS 80s, which I approve), and profoundly dumb AI (which is why I refuse to purchase Warriors Orochi to this day).
    Get it if you can find it cheap, but other
    than that, its not really worth it. Especially since a superior version just came out on the Wii U (and even though the "superiority" is questionable) Expand
  17. Mar 30, 2012
    A complete and pathetic failure. - No gameplay from the original two games. Think Dynasty Warriors. REPETETIVE button mashing combat. - No weapons - Enemies are cannon fodder - Normal = Easy - With so much violence there is no dismemberment. Just doesn't feel right. (This is minor but it does DETRACT from the feel of the game) - ridiculous and convoluted story. - Average online play. MOVE support = Why??
    - $60 bucks day one price tag.

    Doesn't even deserve a 1 rating.
    Nuff' said.
  18. Sep 1, 2012
    Friends, this is a Ninja Gaiden game. That means it's hard. That means it's spotty. Just like the other ones. What this installment does NOT share with the other Ninja Gaiden entries is The other games kick you right in the mouth right in the first level. So does this one. What the other entries also do is promise you that if you keep going, you're going to have a great time. This one does not. I can't believe I'm saying that. It looks great. It sounds great. The gameplay is good. Not great. It tries to improve on everything established in Ninja Gaiden 2. Yet everything that was good about "2" doesn't actually need improvement...or, it does, just not in the way that "3" does it. I wanted to like it. I dropped it for a few weeks, came back to it, expecting to prove myself wrong, and still, nothing. It felt like kissing someone that you know you're not into. It's still a kiss. It's just not the kind of kiss that has you saying, let's keep going, let's see where this takes us. In this game, you're kissing someone that you are only obliging to be nice. He's just not that into you. That's how I'd characterize my view on this game. You know what? It's not terrible. It's just not my type. I know these developers tried. Probably tried to meet some hasty deadlines. And you can feel the rushed work in this one. I like this game.............but only as a friend. Expand
  19. Mar 20, 2012
    As a Ninja gaiden fan this is a major disappointment. I am so angry and sad they killed this game. Everything what made NG and NG2 good games is removed, and what they have added is dull, like stupid kunai climbs (30 or more), QTE and a dull stupid non ninja story. I was really bored when playing this game. I was glad when I finished it. I will never pop it in my console again.
  20. Mar 20, 2012
    I'm a fan of action games. I love games like God of War and Devil May Cry were your given a budging weapon, like a sword or duel-wielding daggers, and force you to kill X amount of enemies in the most bloody, over-the-top violence that only video games can do. One of my favorite action franchises has to be Ninja Gaiden. Now Ninja Gaiden 3 has been released and it's the first in the series to not be any fun at all. The story of Ninja Gaiden 3 has Ninja-badass-extraordinaire, Ryu Hayabusa, as he joins the Japan Self-Defense Force to save London from an unknown terrorist group. While there, he's confronted by someone calling himself "the Regent of the Mask," who forces Ryu's trusty Sword, The Dragon Sword, to be absorbed into his arm, cursing him to feel the anger, pain, and suffering it's dished out over the years. Ryu must now go on a quest to find the Regent of the Mask to undo the curse and save the world from him. Ninja Gaiden games have always had plots so ridiculous, they're fun to experience, but the plot here is so ridiculous it's just downright bad. It tries to play itself straight and serious, rather than accepting the goofy camp, and the results are poor. The story is so badly written, you'll want to skip every cutscene as it goes off into generic and poorly done action movie story plots. It shame, as the idea of Ryu feeling the suffering of his enemies could have been interesting, but it sadly comes off as a missed opportunity as he just goes off and kills more enemies. The game looks decent enough. The game runs on the same engine that powered Ninja Gaiden 2 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma, but somehow looks dated. Animations are fluid and fast passed and there's a lot of blood being spewed by enemies, but the frame rate drops here and there, the environments are bland and uncreative, and invisible walls are abound. Enemy variety is also lacking as you'll mostly be facing the same enemy types over and over again. Yeah, they may look different, but most fall in the same pattern of weak enemy soldier or ninja to enemy soldier or ninja with something like a gun, rocket launcher, jet pack, shield, and magic. Some of the bosses look cool, but you'll be fighting Robot Spiders, T-Rexes, and Helicopter to the point where you'll be sick of them. The audio fares a little better, but not that much. The music is your typical techno punk rock and it's completely forgettable. One the positive side, the voice acting is decent, but enemies will constantly yelling at you to the point where you'll want an option to mute them, which there isn't. Ninja Gaiden has always been about razor sharp, fast passed combat with difficult enemy A.I that could take out 2/3's of your health bar in mere seconds. Here, the developers took out the difficult A.I, and replaced it with dumb as all hell A.I. Enemies try to attack you, but you can dodge and counterattack so easy it's not even funny. You also have so much health, and when you use your magic attack, your health regenerates. In past games, you could switch up your weapons by purchasing new ones at a shop or get them on the way, weapons like Talons, nun chucks, battle staffs, scythes and more. But no, all you get is a sword and an auto-targeting bow and arrow. You also can use your Magic attack, which is just a dragon is made of fire that eats most enemies. It's cool at first, but loses its appeal as you're forced to use it multiple times. Outside of that, that's it for weapons. Nothing more, nothing less. There are weapons coming in the form of DLC at the time this is being written, but there's no excuse to have like that. Either give me the weapons through game progression, or don't at all. It's insulting that new weapons aren't in the finished product, and even more insulting that you have to wait to download them. Level design is even worse, as all you'll be doing for 8 hours is walk down a path, get stuck in area till you kill x number of enemies, and boss fights that are just "hit the glowing weak point x amount of times." Ninja Gaiden 3 has all but lost the essence of the series in an attempt to streamline the gameplay to make things more accessible for the casual audience. However, the creators streamlined too much for its own good, and have created a soulless, repetitive, and just plain boring action game. Expand
  21. Mar 20, 2012
    Series fans will be surprised at how talky Ryu and friends are. It's not to the point where I think he'd ninja off to the mall foodcourt to gossip with his girlfriends, but the chatter ever-present, and markedly different than what fans are used to. In his journey in this early code through London and later Dubai, he flaps his yap in cutscenes, in between battles, and even as he moves through these locales. Sometimes he's talking to himself, others he's chatting with a remote agent via headset, and in one scene he blows off his blue-haired student, Ayane. But, for as talky as he is, know that Ryu hasn't lost that dark killer vibe. Some of the talk is directive, helping Ryu set a path through these levels, but most of it is story development, as Team Ninja is focused on telling you a real story this time around. It's a bit too early to know where the story is going, but take comfort in knowing that scenario writer Masato Kato has been brought on board to help with that. You've seen Kato's work in the original Ninja Gaiden, as well as in Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII. I don't mind that Ryu thinks about his killing a bit more now, and that there's a deeper narrative this time around, but I hope they don't make him soft. We love Ninja Gaiden because Ryu is a badass killer. I hope he stays that way.

    When Ryu isn't running his mouth, he's cutting **** and it''s glorious! Coming off working on reviews of multiple Japanese role-playing games, playing Ninja Gaiden 3 is like a well-deserved, bloody vacation. Thrashing buttons to jam swords into flesh has never felt so good, and it also looks pretty fantastic with the dark red sprays of blood fountaining up from piles of still-standing victims that should have been dead a long time ago. It only took about three minutes of play for me to find myself laughing maniacally at my ridiculously long-lasting chains of kills. The game's new cinematic kills only served to increase the volume of my laughing as they zoom in on the action and prompt you with what button you should be mashing to make your kills even more gory.

    The game eased me into the killing with fewer enemies that were just asking to be cut up and juggled, but quickly moved me into situations where I was surrounded on all sides by soldiers, gunmen, guys with swords, other ninja, and even **** with rocket launchers. In those times I couldn't cut fast enough, which let me know that the developers have not forgot their roots. As always, combat centers being able to quickly attack and watch your back to evade or block at the same time, mixing up the two to make it through bouts of relentless attacks. Feels good, man.

    Of course, it's not all cutting. Later in the game, escalating the challenge, Ryu gets a crossbow that has the player trying to pick off distant attackers while watching his back. Another new weapon, Ryu's cursed arm, builds up attack power from consecutive kills. When it glows red it can be charged up for an ultimate attack that kills all surrounding enemies in one hit. Finally, ninja magic is a bit different this time around. In the only example the demo provided, kills fill up a Ninpo meter that will let you unleash a flaming dragon into the sky to burn all enemies and fill your lifebar back up at the same time. It's still early, but Ninja Gaiden 3 is on the right track. The game is looking great, with a liquid smooth frame rate and some slick lighting. The camera needs more polish in tight areas, but it shows promise in the open ones. It is still too early to make a call on where the story is headed, but there's hints of something interesting brewing with Ryu's cursed arm and his occasional hesitance to kill. Yes, Ryu talks more and now seems to at least give pause before killing some people, but the action fans love is still in there.
  22. Mar 26, 2012
    Ninja Gaiden 1-2 hardcore game and this moments very interested in series. Blood in Ninja Gaiden 1-2 very cinematic and funny. Nice story for Ninja and his friends very interested too. What on Ninja Gaiden 3?
    Hero stupid and bad story. Casual gameplay and bad level. QTE very, very bad, camera horrible and light AI kill this game. What Tecmo do with great series? Your are crazy studios!
    All game with slogan "Die, stupid,Die". Oh my god... Expand
  23. Apr 5, 2012
    NG 1-2 were two fine console games that didn't remind you that you were playing console games! NG3 demonstrates that the rise in casual and indy gaming is just dumbing down for the masses.
  24. Mar 20, 2012
    As a long time Ninja Gaiden fan this game is a let down. I pre ordered both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions months ago, it shows how much i love this franchise. I own all other version of ninja gaiden on Xbox, Xbox 360, and PS3 and played the hell out of them. The controls are unresponsive and feel detached from the action on screen compared to previous NG games. I hate the zoom in that the camera does when a "Steel on Bone" Technique randomly triggers it's disorienting also slows down the momentum.

    The finisher move are way too long to execute and trigger randomly, they can be 4-5 seconds long.

    There's no more Health bar in BOSS fights, and they are now loaded whit QTE.

    Dismemberments are gone, it would have been awesome to have dismemberment after a finisher move and/or a Steel on bone.

    I also encountered many slowdowns when there's lot of action on the screen.

    The only good thing about NG3 that I can think of are the Graphics, they are very good compared to previous NG. I hope that these issue can be fixed in the Wii U version or maybe in a Ninja Gaiden 3 Sigma release if that ever happened.

    20th March 2012 is a very sad day for a Ninja Gaiden fan.

    Marc-Etienne Fournier
    Quebec, Canada
  25. Apr 20, 2012
    As a successor to Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2 this is a tragedy. I am extremely disappointed with this purchase. Note: I started playing the story after the claw and scythe were made available, but while they definitely do add to the game it's simply not enough. This is not a Ninja Gaiden sequel. This is Call of Duty: Ninja Gaiden. The game plays like this. Walk forward, respond to quicktime event (QTE), walk forward, mash the X button to defeat wave of enemies, climb wall, mash X some more, jump down, mash X even more,defeat boss, watch uninteresting cutscene, repeat ad nauseum.
    At no point did I feel like I was truly in control of Ryu. The combat has been extremely dumbed down. It's almost impossible to pull away from a group and target a single enemy since the game pretty much decides that for you. Seriously, all you have to do is hammer X repeatedly for 8 hours with a few slides thrown in here and there- there's absolutely no challenge. On the higher difficulties I found myself dying constantly, but only because of my inability to triage thanks to the games autotarget taking nearly all of the control out of my hands. I have no idea how many times I would go out of my way to rush the guy with the rocket launcher only to have Ryu spin on his heels and the attack the dude chasing directly behind me as soon as I made an attack input simply because the game decreed it so.The skilled and tactical approach to each encounter from the previous games has been entirely erased. Slam on the X button, if you get surrounded slide out of the huddle, then slam X even more. When your arm glows red hit Y. You just beat the game. There's no need to jump off of walls for more powerful strikes, no need to memorize combos, no need to know what weapons work best in what scenarios - just beat the living hell out of the X button.
    There are WAY too many QTEs and they seriously break the game's flow, and even a few hours in the game constantly reminds you to press LT to block/X for light attack/Y for heavy. If you turn these off in the menus it also turns off the QTE prompts leading to you having to guess whenever one pops up (every 2-3min). Kunai climbing is annoying, rope climbing is entirely pointless, I could go for days.
    On top of all of this the framerate is horrible, the camera is way too close making it worse than it ever was, some parts of the game are extremely underlit and it took forever to get the brightness settings correct, the game is so easy the only way you'll really die is from enemies with cheap and unblockable throw attacks, there isn't much variety to the enemies, etc etc.
    It's obvious this game was simplified and streamlined to attract the casual crowd which was a failed attempt unless you're looking for a completely mindless action game, and a ton of emphasis was placed on actually telling a story. Unfortunately that doesn't bode well either as this one, like the previous two, is nonsensical and forgettable.
    This game sucks and doesn't deserve to bear the Ninja Gaiden name. What little fun to be had here is marred by extremely shallow combat, technical shortcomings, an asinine attempt at a story, and complete lack of legitimate challenge. The first 2 NGs were deep, challenging games that I initially sucked at only because I wasn't good enough... yet. As the games went on they seemed to get easier, but the truth was that I was just getting better. NG3 lays down and spreads its legs for you as soon as you put the disk in the tray without making you earn it. Just keep pressing X. I want my money back.
  26. Mar 20, 2012
    I think the XBOX game looks better than the PS3 edition, although both are excellent. This game is drastically different than the previous 2, BUT, on its own merits it is a real gem. I almost wish they would have avoided naming it Ninja Gaiden 3, because in reality, he changes take it in such a different direction it is not a true sequel. Maybe something like Ninja Gaiden "Sword on Bone". Yea, I too wanted it to be just like Ninja Gaiden 2, but if you can overlook that, it really is great. Expand
  27. Mar 21, 2012
    Don't beleave the hate,people that love ninja gaiden games will feel right at home,IGN gave it a 3! You mean to tell me that ign think this game is worse than Duke Nukem witch they gave a 5.5..come on IGN.Ninja Gaiden has a good story that,amazing combat, and is a great game..Is it game of the,does that make it a bad it it...
  28. Mar 21, 2012
    Do I really feel like this game deserves a 10? No, not at all, but it most definitely doesn't deserve the 0-3 rating so many users are giving it. For the sake of trying to balance out it's overall score, I'm giving it a 10. Here is Ninja Gaiden 3: -Take Ninja Gaiden 2 -Remove some of the better aspects of Ninja Gaiden 2 -Replace some of the other aspects of Ninja Gaiden 2 -Rework the difficulty curve -Add QTEs. BAM. You have Ninja Gaiden 3. Personally I feel like Gametrailers has done the most accurate and honest review thus far. The story is no worse than the other games, though it is focused on a little more, and the lack of weapons is being addressed by DLC. Hard mode is still "hard" just in a very different way. I haven't started Master Ninja yet, but I imagine I'll still get frustrated by it as I make my way through it. If you've never played Ninja Gaiden, I'd suggest 2 or Sigma 2 over this one... but if you have played those and are just looking for a solid action game that you haven't already played, Ninja Gaiden 3 is worth a rental or used copy. Expand
  29. Mar 29, 2012
    I know, I know, this is not an Itagaki Ninja Gaiden! So what? This is by no means as bad a game as people are making it out to be. In fact it is a pretty good hack 'n' slasher - though a bit heavy on the button mashing - and quite accessible, especially for people who couldn't get past the first boss in the previous installments. So, yeah, this is not an Itagaki Ninja Gaiden, but it still is a fun game... Expand
  30. Mar 25, 2012
    This game is definitely not as bad as everyone is making out to be, it just depends on your expectations going into it. If you are looking for a pure sequel with more weapons and cleavage to ogle then this is not the game for you. However if you just want an action packed no nonsense killing spree then this is the game for you. Sure there are only three weapons in the story mode(sword, bow, and shuriken) and no items to pick up but the streamlined approach is kind of refreshing. Gone are the lame find the lever or place the stone to progress segments from the previous games that did nothing more than slow the pace and take away from what you were really looking forward to (the killing). Also gone is the constant inventory management and weapon switching, one of my least favorite parts of the previous games.As far as the action is concerned there are far too many QTE interruptions however after western audiences buy games like God of War like they are going out of style it's only natural to think that eastern developers would jump on the bandwagon. That being said it would have been nice to turn off the in combat QTE's. In the end I do agree with many of the other reviewers in that this game would have been better received had it been a stand alone game and not a supposed sequel to the first two games. If your going to change a game so dramatically don't imply that it's what people are looking forward to by naming it as the next in the series. Expand
  31. Mar 20, 2012
    Poorly designed casual trash. This is the Cars 2 of Team Ninja. Ninja Gaiden is terrible without Itagaki, let's hope Nu-Team Ninja doesn't do the same to the Dead or Alive franchise.
  32. Mar 20, 2012
    This game is great fun, on its own merits. I actually thought the story was quite touching, and the action, while simpler than past games, is still incredibly enjoyable. I think people upset about the lack of Ninpo spells or weapons, or difficulty, may be missing the point of what this gam eis trying to do. It really is trying to flesh out Hayabusa's world, and in that regard it certainly succeeds. For what past games were, it isn't, but judged for it is fairly, its a very good action title. Don't pass it up, just don't expect the Ninja Gaiden you know when playing it. Fans of other series, like Devil May Cry or God of War, may enjoy this title a lot more than the hardcore NG fans (although I'm both, so maybe that is why I can see it both ways). Expand
  33. Mar 23, 2012
    So for the best Ninja Gaiden of the modern days, people keep ******** about the lack of weapons which makes no sense. In the classic Ninja Gaiden all you had was a katana ,Ninpo and shurikens, Not a damn nun-chuck, claws and a claymore!!! The story really caught my attention and kept me going, yeah it had its flaws which I will admit are annoying. for example the hooded enemies were a pain to kill, but none the less it was a great game to play. Expand
  34. Mar 20, 2012
    Along with the rest here, I too am disappointed how this game turned out. Team Ninja, please... get a clue! Don't strip something that works and replace it with something that doesn't work... If you want to follow the western style game development, take a cue from Cliffy B and the Gears of War franchise, Jade Raymond and the Assassin's Creed series, the Uncharted series, Metal Gear series, Rocksteady's Batman games and of course, from your old mentor and the original Team Ninja which brought back the Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 for the Xbox 360... All these games stayed true to what works and improved upon what worked and sprinkled in new game mechanics... not tear it down and discard the things which made these games fun to play with in the first place. I did like the Sigma games a little bit, but I didn't appreciate how the Sigma series ruined the flow of the series by alternating characters in the story mode and eliminating the dismemberment, the gore, and the number of enemies you fight on screen.

    Tecmo/KOEI: Take this as a lesson. Don't alienate the fans and expect to appeal to newer audience. Ninja Gaiden is a great franchise. Still, I won't rate it as low as the others... I will give Yosuke Hayashi and his crew some credit for improved visuals, great level design and the attempt for trying something new... but the mediocre score of "5" is deserving for reasons I had mentioned above. But do please remember the trademarks of what made the Ninja Gaiden series great:
    Fast-fluid-non-stop action, level progression, enemy and level variation, blood and dismemberment, brutal, relentless, weapon variation...

    Just bring Itagaki back for God's sake, Tecmo!
  35. Mar 26, 2012
    A good game reviewer critiques a game based on its own merits and does not draw its score based on comparisons to past iterations, self expectations, and certainly not because of who the game's director is or, in this case, is not.
    That said, Ninja Gaiden 3 is certainly not a broken game. The combat is good, the AI is good. The animations and cutscenes are striking. The camera can be
    frustrating here and there, but it does not ruin the game. The story at times feels disjointed as if it's been created by different writers then thrown together. It sometimes seems to forget or scrap previous events. Online multiplayer has a decent foundation to build on, but know it can be brutal if you're entering it for the first time and are up against other players at much higher levels.
    The lack of weapons and upgrades in single player did not bother me at all here. This is a much slimmer Ninja Gaiden than what fans of the series may be used to, but that does not make it a bad game on its own. Ninja Gaiden 3 does feel more like Michael Bay's Ninja Gaiden. It's not deep, but it does make for an enjoyable ride.
  36. Mar 27, 2012
    I understand why many people may feel cheated by the core changes Team Ninja made to the Game but there are some pretty solid aspects of the game to add to the fun. It all depends on what you're looking for in a game, sure story ain't that great but it never was, NG was always about the bloody, fast paced action you expect from a game with Ninja in it's name. What they've taken away by removing the upgrades and weapon variety they more than make up with endless slaughter and a surprisingly fun multiplayer aspect of the game. Bottom line is, the hardcore NG player may find it lacking but for all the fans of hardcore slaughter is a great choice. Expand
  37. Mar 31, 2012
    Note to everyone that reads this, I've played Ninja Gaiden Black,2, Sigma and Sigma 2. Nothing or no where near like the old ones and everyone who thinks this is better clearly never beat any of the games or fully understood them. This is dumbed down polished piece of trash. Was a huge fan of the series and this game made me lose all respect for it. I had to make an account just to say not a whole lot. Dull and repetitive combat. No use of even looking up the move list when most of it is just spamming square or X depending which system. One ninpo. Story is ok. Ryu is soft. The unmasking and "sword to bone" gimmick gets old. It seems like you obliterate technique enemies in every single fight and the dumb idea of not having items and depending on wash, rinse and repeat gimmick of getting ninpo to heal and kills enemies gets really old. Most of the game is fighting almost never ending humanoids stuck in rooms full of them seems like more of a chore than playing a game. Glad I rented this instead of buying it. Expand
  38. Apr 1, 2012
    Okay this game fails on too many levels to mention please do not bash me.. Check my psn trophy list - psn - glasscut. The reason i gave it a zero is because, for 4 days now i haven't been able to play clan battles the game just gets stuck on - joining lobby screen. I have time warner cable 50Mbps connection. with a Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 router. So i know its not my connection. Furthermore, The level design seemed like they didn't know what to do they added the kunai climb. and Steel and bone and stripped the other great things from Ryu Hayabusa. Took his weapons, no healing items, When you can use the ultimate technique is determined by the computer now ( roughly after about killing 5 enemies if that ). Your Ki gauge makes no sense really. Then the you only have one ninpo. So the variations of combos you can use are gone. i found myself only using the Basic izuna drop and the air - blade of the mind looking izuna drop.. not only that i mean did they forget that Ryu Hayabusa was a ninja ??.. no Kusari gama ?? I mean i can go on about how terrible this game is your are supposed to add on to a game no strip it of what makes it a game.. God of Wars - kratos was no stripped the developers added on. I hope the developers learned from this seriously i really want my money back for purchasing this game. I mean on disc its only about 3gb if that then you game an option in the in game menu to install it. But whats the point ?? reason i say this is even after you install it.. you can't play the game without the disc ??? the game seems like they just copied it from the xbox360 and changed a few file and extensions and gave us a ps3 game at 720P with framerate issues sliding enemies.. NGS2 was 1080P looked beautiful i rarely experienced any framerate issues.. So bad combat, repetitive combat, lack of weapons, bad stage design, too many QTE's.. Cmon he's a ninja. its almost they tried to copy from God of War 3 and failed.. Reason they took away everything that made Hayabusa.. The legendary ninja he is.. Adding on is better than taking away.. I hope they remember this.. i am done i am selling this piece of trash.. Please to everyone that bought the game do the survey on the first page of the manual - Expand
  39. Dec 6, 2013
    what is with all the hate??!! I don't think it's a perfect game but i'm being a clear jerk and giving it a ten because it doesn't include an average score below 5! or below 7 for that matter. sure it has its flaws like no collectibles and generic enemies, but the question I ask myself is did I have fun. and yes I did. The bosses are quite hard to fight... at least for me (sorry for all you nerds who seek to find the hardest games out there so you can drown out your miserable lives in these games ahem dead souls), but that's also because I'm a casual gamer who just want to have fun in a game being a ninja, and that's what this game allows me to do. I already have enough stress in my life and I don't need a game like dead souls to give me more! no offense to all you dead soul fans I'm simply stating my own feelings towards games like these. sure the story is just there to somewhat justify the gameplay, but you know they're not taking themselves seriously when you saw the beginning QTE where you're flying onto what I believe to be a giant demon and killing him with a tiny sword!!
    so is it worth the full price? absolutely not! should you pick it up on ebay below $15? you would be out of your mind not to!
  40. Mar 23, 2012
    I am a Ninja Gaiden fan since the first Nintendo release in 1989. Now I can talk about the game. I have beaten Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3 now. Of this latter three no game has given me more satisfaction than Ninja Gaiden 3. Finally, Ninja Gaiden has a story, is not the best of the best but it isn't bad either, made me feel sad at times, that isn't easy for a game to accomplish.

    Now, for the ones saying this is not Ninja Gaiden, well, yes, this is far more true to Ninja Gaiden NES roots. In that it has a story that isn't nonsense as Ninja Gaiden Sigma and 2.

    And for the ones saying this one isn't as difficult, I don't know what game you played, because I beat Ninja Gaiden sigma and 2 dying far less times than in Ninja Gaiden 3 in Normal. I didn't even believed how difficult my time with Ninja Gaiden 3 was in Normal compared to Sigma and 2.
  41. Mar 21, 2012
    This game is not Ninja Gaiden. Its garbage.
    You will become absorbed in a world filled with easy kills and profuse QTE events which don't belong in Ninja Gaiden.
    This is betrayal to any true fan and a quick buck on Team Ninja's part. That explains the gimmicky and bland multiplayer mode added here in this installment.
  42. Mar 21, 2012
    Does this game deserve a zero based on quality? Heck no. Does this game deserve a zero based on its betrayal of longtime fans' trust? ABSOLUTELY.

    If this were any other fighting game, i would've given it a 5 or 6, but the fact that they had the audacity to call it Ninja Gaiden 3 astounds me. Fans, this is NOT a Ninja Gaiden game. The Tecmo team had a chance to prove they could excel, free
    from the chains of Itagaki. Instead, they've proven what a genius and asset he was to the company. I'm sure I'm not the only fan who'll wish Itagaki would make a true Ninja Gaiden sequel. Whatever they call it, I'll buy it. Because we've all been cheated of the genius that was Ninja Gaiden. Now, if only there was some way to get my $70 back.... Expand
  43. Mar 23, 2012
    I'm rating 10 because of the large amount of really negative reviews. I understand what a lot of these people are thinking, but I don't think the game deserves to be scored so low. I agree with ryanfrye , maybe Team Ninja should have named the game something like "Ninja Gaiden: Sword on Bone", like some sort of semi spin-off. I have a feeling that would change many peoples' views on the game, because if you really look at it, Ninja Gaiden 3 is a very high quality game, and is better than most recent action games. The art is fantastic, with very detailed environments, realistic characters, and good lighting. The animation is fast and smooth. There's good voice acting and a pretty interesting story. I was worried about the QTEs in the game but was glad to find out you can turn them off and they just disappear on their own the better you perform anyway, so they end up not really being QTEs, but just regular combat elements. The combat is very fun, there may be even more sticky friction than the last games. It's a little simplified, when compared to the other Ninja Gaiden titles, but still very satisfying. Currently, Ryu only uses a few certain katana that are pretty much the same, but there is free DLC coming out soon including the Falcon Talons and Eclipse Scythe from NG2, which seems pretty cool. I see people complaining about the difficulty , but I don't know, I felt the difficulty seemed pretty similar to the others. There's also some really fun co op and competitive multiplayer, something I've wanted to see in Ninja Gaiden since fighting Evil Ryu in Ninja Gaiden Black. I'd say that it works very well, and I haven't experienced very much lag. Now the bad: The game is a slightly more linear than NG2; linearity isn't always bad but it can be fun to explore a bit in a game where you can maneuver yourself like you can. Some fights just seem to be really long, it can get a little repetitive having like 20 guys spawn 3 at a time in a single area. In a couple areas, I experienced a little slowdown. It wasn't too bad, but it's noticeable in a game that runs at 60 fps.

    I don't think Ninja Gaiden 3 is the best in the series, and I was hoping it was going to be a game with the pacing and storytelling style of Ninja Gaiden with the combat of Ninja Gaiden 2(that would probably be a truly perfect game), but I think there is a lot of fun to be had with Ninja Gaiden 3, and you should try to play it on its own merits.
  44. Mar 24, 2012
    I have enjoyed this game a lot I just ignored the bad critic reviews and bought the game anyway. I am happy I did cause I would have missed a great game. I am tired of trolls who give games 0/10 they probably never even played the games and just give that rating cause they wanna be cool and hip to hate good games when in reality they are just losers.
  45. Mar 24, 2012
    i played all ninja gaiden, i bought both consoles' ninja gaiden as well. i finished all ninja gaiden even in NES version. and this is no doubt the worst game I have ever played. wtf is with those quick time **** and the walking omfg. what were they smoking when they developed the game. 0 progression, boring enemies. they even cut the combos. you only get 3 weapons with DLC and multiplayer sucks. come on Team ninja, you just lost a loyal customer. Expand
  46. Mar 27, 2012
    i don't care what anyone else says, i really enjoyed this game. ok. it is not as similar to the ninja gaidens of the past but it's still very nice to go through and i like the fact that it's more accessible to new players. also love kicking my brother's *** online!
  47. Mar 27, 2012
    i understand people's frustration but does this game really deserve a 0? i don't think's interesting to play through and how fun is the multiplayer stuff? loving it. can't wait for the extra weapons to come out so i can deal some pain Ryu style
  48. Mar 27, 2012
    Well I only play this game to satisfy my need of slashing off people's limbs and slaughtering hordes of enemies. Its all about that and since this game delivers on that aspect im good. If I wanted something else I 'd just go to a different game. It might have upset some people but I d rather see a company try out new things than just stick to an age old formula.
  49. Plo
    Mar 27, 2012
    regardless of the lack of boobs (missing kudos for the effort. not as good as previous Ninja Gaidens but still violent and difficult enough to carry the name around. i'd like to see how it works with more weapons though. the talons are my favourite one, hope they bring them back in a dlc or something
  50. Mar 27, 2012
    I am giving this game a 10, not because it deserves a ten, but rather because I believe it does deserve a 6-7 and the reaction at the moment is very extreme. Ninja Gaiden 3: is like Take Ninja Gaiden 2 but a bit more focused. I believe that with the DLC it will get the extra weapons people have been crying for and become a very very good game.
  51. Mar 27, 2012
    Good game! You get to slaughter your enemies, fight monsters and try to save the world, which is my type of game! Maybe not the most original idea but then again it was well made and I really enjoyed it! It definitely deserved a go! :)
  52. Mar 27, 2012
    I've always been a fan of the series and I don't think the changes have "killed" the game. I really loved the concept of Ryu fighting against robots. I also like the Katana focus. Every game has to evolve!
  53. Mar 27, 2012
    per conpensare gli zero di bimbominkia do sol per permettere di far raggiungere la sufficenza a un gioco che di più preso come Ninja Gaiden, non merità. Resta un buon action
  54. Mar 29, 2012
    No this game doesn't deserve a 10, but i have to offset the nonsensical scores of anything under a 5... the game is an 8 to me, it's at 60 frames, it offers new concepts, some of them are a great change (like no more sucking in orbs), some of them are take it or leave it (kunai climbing and button prompts) but there are very few new features that actually detract from the experience... none that i can think of off hand. The art is as good as the previous one if not better (tons more enemies on screen) . etc...

    Most reviewers complain about the difficulty but don't play it on hard mode which is unlocked at the start... this baffles the mind, because after reading about the low challenge i started my 1st play through on hard and immediately died in the 1st wave several times... make no mistakes, this is a challenging game, and it actually plays different than previous NG's and you have to PLAY IT differently, that is different tactics than previous versions... IGN reviewer admits playing it on normal and claims to have played a little of the start on hard (a claim which i feel is false)...

    The more I play the game the more i like the game, it's probably my favorite NG. Most of the complaints i've been reading have been in NG all along, poor camera, poor story (though this one is somewhat more legible than the last debacle... i mean a bunch of were-men take over venice???? then hold an gladiator match in the parthenon??? which is no where near venice??? hmm ok)... The hate on the "QTEs" is very overblown, most of them are just button prompts for buttons do exactly what you expect them to do, they are not random button sequences like a god of war, or knight's contract...

    I'm actually pretty amazed at the hate group-think that has occurred amongst pro-reviewers, and has continued into the real gamer reviews (i question how many actually bought and played a game that they give a zero to)...

    Let me conclude with, mainstream critics are not the place to find reviews on hardcore games, instead go to the places where the communities gather and read the discussions... any one who loves action games and plays this game on HARD will not give it a 3 - that's irresponsible journalism...
  55. May 13, 2012
    When I first heard about this game I was really excited because the ninja gaiden series always annoyed the sh** out of me. Problem now is the poor execution. The game seems to be all about running into an area, killing some dudes, rinse and repeat with an occasional boss or quick time event shoehorned in. The biggest complaint I had and the point at which I became nervous the this game would fail was when the Dev's said they were taking out the gore because it wasn't realistic (when a sword goes through someone's body they should not remain intact) and the "our fans don't want to see this anymore" load of sh**. Another giant piss-off was the multiplayer that felt completely forced and out of place, but I must sadly admit that this was probably the most enjoying mode in this lousy game. Overall this game sounded like it would be a nice introduction to those who were turned off by the massive difficulty of the original ninja gaidens but it took too many wrong turns and was not able to successfully deliver a ninja gaiden experience for the longtime fans and the newcomers alike. Expand
  56. May 29, 2012
    I can not believe how this game turned out! You don't get any new weapons, search for secrets, build up your weapons, all this slow motion arm thing, no new magic moves, just button mashing, story sucks, too much climbing, too much soaring through the air. I had it for four days and im taking it back, #2 WAY BETTER!
  57. Oct 2, 2012
    A very good game with much cinematic scenes and very beautyful graphics, but could be a best game, because don' t have much weapons and don't have dismember, but is a excellent game.
  58. Aug 10, 2013
    This is possibly the worst game I have ever played. The game mechanics are clunky the movement of the character are that of a Novice karate not even close to being considered a ninja let alone a ninja master or what is suppose to be veteran ninja master renowned for his skills. He can side step an attack he can't jump over a railing that is maybe 2-3 feet high his ability to fluidically pass from one weapon to another is nonexistent over all, If Hayabusa Ryu were a real ninja in the real world he would be taken to a back room and given a dagger to prevent any further disgrace on his family's name. The game itself is a joke and should never have even been allowed to be published/distributed. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 43 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 43
  2. Negative: 11 out of 43
  1. May 15, 2012
    Boy, this game is a big disappointment. When an established franchise like Ninja Gaiden sinks this deep, it would be wise for the developer to turn off its life support. The game is graphically strong, but fails on every other level. An absolute shame.
  2. May 11, 2012
    Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 were impressive displays from Team Ninja. The third instalment in the series is not cut from the same cloth. The combat system has been dumbed down and the enemies do not pose the threat they used to. Ninja Gaiden 3 is a big letdown. [May 2012]
  3. May 7, 2012
    Overall not a bad game, if you are a fan or just curious about this game you should like it but otherwise you will most likely not favour this game.